DHK - Zachary Callahan, 3, acute b-cell lymphoblastic leukemia (b-cell ALL – a blood cancer), Ashburnham, with his parents Anthony and Erica 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Zachary was diagnosed in May 2016 after having pain in his leg that caused him to limp. His treatment now includes 3-week cycles of chemotherapy. At home, his cycles include 5 days of steroids14 days of chemo, and 2 Visiting Nurse Association visits for chemo through his port. Zachary has spent countless hours in the hospital watching Red Sox games. Instead of watching cartoons, he would tune in to watch the recaps of the previous night games during the day when they weren't playing. Because of the Jimmy Fund Clinic, Zachary got to see his first baseball game last summer and it was wonderful. He has such a love for the Red Sox and Wally. Zachary loves sports, and has an older brother Ryan and a younger sister, Emma.


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We're gonna welcome in the end of the Callahan and from Ashburn man. Now. Guys of course nobody in the American their parents but we've got Ryan over here he's the older brother. We've got Zachary over there he's the younger brother I Zachary Harry you. That's what I was afraid we were gonna get let me it's mild day as this gracious about it smiling and he's been visiting. Zachary is is the young man who's. Been fighting acute B cell limbo plastic leukemia. It's taken several years we able to announce all of that but you know what does that mean EU. Eric I'm sorry all of that. I'm. Notes. Are last year. And he. Had to. It's. Not. Going since it costs. Fast actually I. Luckily I have had RL and it's. Hi there so. She and it's. Act lots of them we didn't bring him today to yeah. Running around had to miss a block. House. It's not easy. You know entity can you. Just share with us over here you know some of the some of the challenges. For your family have a young family yet. Two young boys and some in your daughter so many things going on what what's it been like these guys. Yeah I mean it's it's really busy you know especially in the beginning when me at the hospital for. A couple of months or over two months. We have a lot of health America's and different family members taking Ryan and taking Emma. While we civic state hospitals. Super busy time even now you know we we don't live that close to Boston so we have to travel. That's about an hour to get to the clinic but you know it's worth every minute edit. When you get there. But every stay busy. He still doing treatments but what we have a home openers commends. We're managing it pretty well. Pat could you both explain to you to Ryan what's going on Zachary. Or do you or we don't be too you know just that doctors put that takes us back expressed. Believe also the clinic. At the beginning to act it was actually just wanted to keep obsolete. The clinic shots this week for weeks. It was never really. I. Always go play fine. Everybody helped out my new line angst in ams and it music insist. It's not. All of our user Andre. So they relate to the kids busy tick in my and a treatments so it remains. Obviously not how you expected to be spending your your summer. But how exact redone over these last few months now if you take. She's well. This year yes absolutely right before. Tactic. He was. So huge. Job back. He finally got the coast this past. All of them vote on all the kids currently meant little kiddie pools that are from the shore for splashing. Yeah this December's. Us. And if you. If it happens in my I think I'll run it and microphones Michael gave met Michael gave up his headphones so that Ryan could listen in that. Bryant got shorted a microphone in this whole thing. Would you guys know it's apprehend an issue to find out. Luckily we caught it pretty early. Exactly been a few times. And we went to play on Saturday. And then next day. Act by the end of the playground today he was tough and it got kind harmless. I took them to our pediatrician. Where he had it to be the first blood tests and exactly are there for our police three hours I kind of details on. And he told me it was going on. And she gave us kind of. Claus of course street is. There something new well on the show you guys and there's a monitor over your right shoulder. Because a little while ago Zachary was was part of the Red Sox team picture. And Zachary had a view of the team picture that probably nobody else would have. He is he is on toppled the shoulders of manager John Farrell it's pressed. FF now that's a long way up that's a big man there and and I'm very worried at all the little nervous he was actually a well he had a chance to to be in the team picture and everybody else that and now you've seen himself well and now I think they go about your theory. I it is. You guys can hear an answer for him. If you Erica. Who do you think exactly to schoolers John Ferrell or Wally. All for your wallet thing. That is respective. It happened while I tell them that you guys had a chance to see the first Red Sox game. Four for exactly who's at it and then what happened making. Those last year it was in that span forget who we played but yours yours creek in France. 1415 months. A lot of fun game that was actually done. They want to score if scored a bunch of us there Wally come over and talk with you guys that don't at a greasy well yeah. Yeah learn to Wally out of me. Christmas party but. That's. On the but he's just. Exactly by the way Michael is an old soul you know who is favorite one of his favorite players is all I'm Jim writes well as well it. Williams how did that happen and get a lefty swing if you you know he can go both of those answers. We have a book that means it's all yeah yeah us. Yes or game tonight. And little time between now and then but you know but for the the Red Sox. Maybe they'll let you use it actually. Sleep room. So you're here. I got my I wanted to unit. And I've got to give the kids about you know particular map before a game so. The solitude. Is definitely news. Well Anthony and Erika Callahan and Zachary and Ryan and who's not witness today. Only because you guys would bring your she wanted to be here. Lisa's a lot of highly likely there. When you guys that have a great time at the game tonight it was fun to meet you guys and let's Africa be in the team pictures well yes thank you guys I appreciate it. The Callahan family joining us from Ashburn hand we hope is you hear these stories it entice you to pick up the phone and dial 877. 7381234. That's 877738. 1234. Or you can text the letter K in the word cancer cake cancer 220222. To donate. 25 dollars were broadcasting live from Fenway Park. This is the sixteenth annual WEEI nest and Jimmy Fund radio telethon presented by the.