DHK's Final Drive 06-15-17

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, June 15th

We close out today's show with the best soundbites of the day.


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Final drive cosponsored by any RS restoration specialists regardless of the season. A disaster in mr. commercial residential or medical facility at any time. Get an IRS disaster plan in place make your client's employees or tenants are protected. Learn more at an RS served dot com before we start and he more family planning information and vice doing about Michael. I know now and I'll I'll probably go for the day. There are you guys are about something different I was talking about this Mayweather. RR IR AI share aka once again. Failing kids take in a blue cesspool mind's I we mentioned earlier that dream on dream was trolling LeBron James in the cavs at this afternoon's championship parade. By wearing a T shirt that looked like that Quicken Loans Arena logo that said quickie instead of quicken. Fremont explained Richard after the parade. I hear from its new orders last year from the runners. We sort of threw one tombstone cookies and all of that sold well we're known as hope it doesn't look up. Let us. When Kansas on Halloween there. In other words what a lot of us Toto I do that discouraged the idea is for sure. And how waited too long to shut yourself why did you. There was no good motion. Closet while less how we sell something to do with the one thing whereas men and Muslim world that yeah that might be a even. Point two or three months standards. I would get to bring this up the other day turns out the ball boys get a Lavar and its online seller actually marketing genius. Take a listen Alonso and his Father's Day yet for foot locker it features him at other potential NBA first round picks with. Father's Day and it just so close together. Fuller asked us to reflect on everything destined for us on our journeys to India. That's suspension so many memories of those games of one on one in the driveway where you let me win. It's just just never listened again. Of course there's a big day weighted average are glucose. In front of our entire crowd frog in your enough touches. We can ever lead to jobs almost always on and it's on a special moment when you debts is who down. And those who are you on clothes copyrights and aims to make it a part of a fan of our Barbara went off first take. I shouted back and forth with Stephen A Smith are you already better than the reigning league MVP. All those interviews from the stands are caused games of his best withdraws hunger as somebody if somebody to the national media convince us one out of thirty teams a number of adjusting. An official who is blown. I get I I guess this is a reminder. I like lines up. If levoir I don't like and I gotta I gotta stop rooting against Alonso beat it that that was very funny you know again though I'm just glad he's a person out there. Certainly isn't shorted until. I can't say yeah. It yeah inference out it down I might be your next to them because it is in contention for the number one pick is me. Out it. You doubt it you know and I'm very content to its number two what if that's Albion mistake he is fantastic. To see that the narrative today wise you know when he worked out for the lakers. He was out you have no halting U. All penguins won the cup this week celebrations been on in Pittsburgh since then didn't go so well for one TV reporter after the game. Who was tasked with doing live shots amidst the celebratory crowd. Well I'm still originally it was three. Yeah for a fair ball like you get any good. It's Comcast sports necessarily what happened was a guy jump and prominent bra shots. And show began we've wasted it's a hole. Unlike the job. In the loop with that that was Casey Smith and do that now kiss it and I mean as for the predators had a great season ultimately lost the big prize. But at least they have the absolute Cuba's been in the world stolen their corner to get all big pep talk. For him. And apparently it was. Yeah. Yeah. Well yeah. Don't know the yeah yeah yeah it. She couldn't beat Q oh I love you guys go Fred's. All of the players feel about that remains rather yeah there and I are all over it now by the prior good. You might remember during the 2011 NBA lockout reporter Bryant Gumbel said this about then NBA commissioner David Stern. Serves version of what's been going on behind closed doors has of course been disputed. What is efforts were typical of a commissioner who has always seemed eager. To be viewed as some kind of modern plantation overseer. Treating NBA men as if they were Hizbul. It's part of Stearns have up his moves are intended to do little more than show how he's the one keeping hired hands in their place. Little harsh well. Meant taking a few years that happened but recent podcast. David Stern finally responded reaction wounds. And from them. Is it the and consider the image of him repeating something that the players' representatives. Says that local law. Over with you was like just keep your shoes. Listen in guys that in the future leaders and tried to. Sensationalized. And nightlife and you know you know he happens to be black. So you guys in the room and they hang out with its him. I have no respect. Well if it's a little different compliment because of who he is in the platinum well my response was I have done more. People. Code. Well. I don't like their response either though matters at the bad response you know. He can just ended and yet either. But he can have and I thought it was unfair when when Gumbel said that initially I remember that man Gumbel that's taken way too far. Within David Stern took it way too far you know David you were better off that thing you think he fits the it was something here's a guy that does not horrible response. ESPN's David Stern ESPN's thirty for thirty film about Mike and the mad dog the Sports Radio show in New York isn't set to debut until I think it's July 13. But in the meantime we've got a new trailer to tide us over there were nearly twenty years they were the gold standard. Status yeah. I all of them thousands. And sports book over there are some might and my princess and absolutely everything. Who I would want the ball to give it a pretty broad I was slow ambitious and so driven out of school. And everybody. Parishioners stand down but spirits. People from all over the country flying in to listen to it might include us. Do you give credence. In the world as you released it I think you get a little possible. Imagine. Then you anything's a guy does taxpayers. It's vision was so you get so finally maybe it's time away. You here we didn't this start and subtle self important the only real artists. And the New York executive there from the end zone and look for you bull won't be put through to lose all of what you please shut up you're lying idle listening now. York at the drive that added bonus your New York if the listener but to be a great guy altered food for global with the the content free shot. We're we're going today you're. At that that's right yeah. I've been out of and I. I'll be escorted loser loser and a half. Accent at all Andre M clone a partisan thing this is a bucket type I can't imagine. My presidency without giving Michael affects the IQ thanks to our friend at sports fun house here's might. From today. Completely forgetting to be broadcast on an audible medium. Not a visual media. No that's not that so many guys are on the ball is not like he's gonna do work to make the club. You know there's a lot of doesn't want right now and he's closely speaks gonna finish up close one. Almighty god. All of what do you see dead in live from life. No. And that's what the three inches. Unbelievable. It's. An unbelievable by. Oh my god I've never seen anybody and exhibiting mr. Le close ever bow. I had. I as Adams got I have never seen as Dallas Kapanen. And he missed the seventh and media at a Vienna low he literally had it happen and he missed any actually missed that I was anybody do that. Is this event. Now now all all my god is here now now I didn't either we did not insert those pauses that's grew up lies when you. Now final drive also cosponsored by cards for kids donate car help the child today. Schedule your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com ever keen. Will not believe in golf and yes but others special guest appearance by much that's right on his shelf that's great guys that the governor fly into New York tomorrow. This with me princess is that OK I don't blame them or it could teach you know report back to a I don't know how it got everybody invented audio streaming just some people that was in the month the bank that your. Fire pulpit or. We'll see you tomorrow.