Dickerson and James - Fake Patriotism and the national anthem 7-21-18

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Saturday, July 21st
Hour 2. Dickerson and James continue their dicussion on the kneeling during the national anthem. The conversation turns to people and their fake patriotism.

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Excuse. On W. I love that morale. I love it though I got Robin here today is David Greg Dickerson is IMAP. And a half ago. What have you weekend producer to EI for the rest of your career has is that what you want because I got to I don't a lot of powerful people on the president's guide you meet at I know a lot yeah. With key fingerprints that we keep and they'll what they'll look and act like decent rock season removed in the present on offense will be able oh. And how it's gonna work all my goal is. Somebody needs to replace Paul Sharia rule out rights sold and by the way it's huge loss Paul is really good genome. Paul was altering its right or good so it kind of got wrapped up a great job that great job I think it's. I disrespectful. Slap in the First Amendment and yeah. I know I wanted to I don't my orange I don't mind being called George when the it's on us well just place the mark jeans open I mean. Bart James and George Dickerson Maradona a guy that's close I am this close to pulling a a curtain at hand and just. Fraud outline headsets aid and whining and crying and taking my ball and running home and frightening to leave a map on the natural to be correct that Mark Martin with no luck hey here's the thing. On the edges guess I don't know if these suits here would respond to do it himself Kirk collapse because you are probably you know I think Turkey equals a lot of big number is your morning and I don't think I ask you Carlo Erica I don't know George figures in carries the casts you because may have does a guy 617 studies says Greg Greg or Georgetown Kentucky three separate. I heard it said Leonard in Mostar Europe next go what's up letters. I'll by the way it's not working get go ahead that there you go ahead letter. Yeah 800 or guys don't run. Like one at great personal wall on that I'm going to be down there and when I came back to the United States it was predominant call me a baby killer. I. Oh Leonard I don't know how you guys dealt without backed out of the obvious remodeled an offer for that Arab writer of I've done my homework and learned about it I a II a I can't imagine what so many you guys went through. After you did what you did to defend the country or 22 through to support the country and a lot of people were against that war but. Now you were doing what you were told you yet you removed UN military or the and I editors and we and I think you and Gerry Callahan for serving his country during non. You're welcome you're welcome my point he did not wanna do a different spin on it is I'll look in the NFL in the association accepted what Miami had put in the play. And then we'll and we twelve dollar and in my Dolan decides to take Indiana quarterback at a Miami did I take in the senate. The patriots in Miami excited at or hatred deleted and all the and the NFL callebs is. You gotta discredit our guys for the next four weeks. I think you'd imagine media outcry on the radio hall why you do win that Ollie didn't take a knee so all these people want to call and complain about them digging deeper look flag what kind how hard they're gonna happen when when their players are getting suspended. That's true it's a great point Leonard and dot obviously is this enough though Greg and I talked about this just enough to deter you from stopping to watch NFL games. No it's not the I mean I'm. What I what I am glad I came back and I was you'll be ready union guy and 36 years. I would do in no bid contracts for union and you know he. The company policy that they put into it actually illegal the negotiate with yellow union because it's. It's you lateral Cingular contract yet. Our company policy cannot duplicate contacts so now the enemy is doing now what would you know what he's a good. But I'm all I'm saying is that these people who are. Quiet about dvd quality better watch out what did their act immediately get me get it and it's going to be ward get that quality goes through it now all are gonna get gonna get suspended now nobody. Well here's the thing Tom Brady Aaron Rodgers had received a phone call uttered they're not going to Neil. We are breaking news. Yeah this Celtics have released Abd Al nadir. And now the Abdullah Nader era is over in Boston there's an open roster spot. The Celtics have released Abd Al meter I don't know what do you think of the Abd Al nadir error. What will come to mind you I'm I'm I'm sort you can you vandalism and just the board on Twitter or okay yeah tweet it out action about it Brent. All applies here TNT bag of rocks near Kyle Draper isn't lockyer. I don't know I object okay why exactly has anything to do with it and he probably OK after. And that's why I like obviously right. Find Celtic fans near and dear to my apartment but they already. Lunatic bunch quite a bit of them yet V. I couldn't say how many people I haven't heard or read didn't different blogs are different places on the ol' interwebs who. Down all out elementary through this right at me right now over in Turkey or all Ellie was I don't there's got to get to let go I don't edit it for Herbert or shot I. Relax some of these pushed my Larkin timid right Nader's on the justice like I'm surprise like Patrick Gilroy into four hours and have no I have a feeling that if Gilroy is on tonight doing all right let's Expos game it will be all about right Abdullah made it right. Because he he had his finger on the pulse the city as he said Kirk many hand does not because you wouldn't hear it out oh yeah are not here are out and then that he we was on the morning shell. The Kirk you don't know that I'd full lies about Kershaw on Yahoo! sell we're talking about summer league basketball. And the moment I leave the topic figures John yeah it was only diet by apple lines. And six. 60. I'm Heidi I don't. Care is that I liked a chance and I trained him but I think I I. Probably sets like kind of mentored him all he was watching certain he was it was a producer of mine in western many years soil IE IE I'd I'd like him I'd like after very much and right after quietly now dear god Pacquiao what they. No you no doubt and I what we thought Patrick you know Patrick just for what it's worth I would never call out the host of the morning show whose ratings are at the apex of all of talk radio not only in Boston throughout the country and say he doesn't know what the pulse of the city. It's all about I think he I think Kirk midi and Qaeda knows what he's doing when it comes to morning drive I don't think people wanna talk about Kershaw on yet to sell. Alana Delmon that are now though well Clark at delta is close is Mark James and Jerry Della Abdel that are five lines yeah bill Nader Abdallah I don't donated about donated. 6177797. ID 37. Jane. Was calling hello Jay. Hi Jen I guarantee you doing in the complaint he had at the same. All the people that are so vocal against the and a cup player. They couldn't hold the standard when it comes on yeah it's the only one I haven't done when it's in front of the public. Yeah I'm glad I don't ever remember putting out awful lot of leagues and people standing for announced in a degree why JJ somebody hack. Somebody brought out of earlier and I and I thought about it and I personalize it to myself. You know my nine year old son and I watch football every Sunday. And my son he gets bodies at that age he stands for the National Anthem and puts in process. I'm sick Merrill might don't. Formally big fat ass on the couch. Unsealed ago. No I got a mud slugger with my gut it was in Iraq okay but I I would ons on the couch might don't alleged cross look at my fantasy team I'm not standard. Jerry your absolutely right maybe the hypocrisy. Of some people is never ran. And that he ended can't stand up when he's at home watching it in on ending the one that's how vocal about. Saying Donald Trump. And I've you decide neither of the Democrat nor Republican I'm strict on the middle but I think the man is a dummy. I think that Donald Trump for years ago. Could not give two craps. About. The National Anthem and and you know big and being being patriotic didn't care noise and the only reason he does now is because he plays to his base. To get reelected in three years and for the mid term elections in November. By waiting by early evening appreciate your phone call. Weenie wean the did more. Intelligent. Call especially to female demographic to call this actually would want to know why because I want them all they're loose I liked all the well I just want a league yet yet you wanna I wanna I just wondered that there would order that you look good or bad but you never want what's on the metal that you never want to let them pay a guy's. Do you think go budget plumber it's coming back off the DL I think they'll listen I don't want that we don't want 6177. And in my view be good were you be sure that's it. God awful accident but George guys earlier on yet I don't judge I read you these numbers we will let go I've been a bit try to go through well. Off and finding different things and I I just picked up some numbers from last year turns protest. We. To. All of the NFL season. Week two last year there were fewer than ten players who knew Mel or two were would do whatever their fears less than to be lessened. I. We flurry was when truck came out and duties famous sons of bitches Byron get a body here and are about 200 players. Protested in different ways. But oh I completely reactionary totally rest rest. The idea of the week before I and I don't have week one after week one was was. What's been ten it was in 0456. Out weak shot and it was 22. I'm not sure when exactly veterans day weekend was last year. Oh what do we corresponding NFL week it was but veterans day weekend. Week seventeen the last week of the season seven. Week thirteen there were 23. So the point that I was bringing up before was. He is such a small. Percentage and small. Minority. Compared to be about all of players that actually stand on the sidelines and play in the game. Let's go back to. Matt. What trump said. Take those SOBs off the field played that class job. OK now not after that how many people milled about 200. OK or or or put a fierce and I are locked on right on that we got so. It spoke that rally in front of the match the crowd for a lot of players. To kneel or put a fist up in the air to me. That alludes to the caller that we had last segment. Fake patriots answered it but that we. 200 or so players. Who do what they did. In week three. That was more of a shot or reaction at the president on screen that's what I'm sitting. So this fake ransom okay so in the worst of the mall was on Sunday football. When Jerry Jones. Was in her locked with his players ever reflect I don't know but they did it both. For the National Anthem I want to say back then and then the National Anthem played and they stood up from that to me was go that that was the ultimate facade. I just I'm just like OK guys here's the thing we're talking about something. That obviously has no correlation in residual effects on the actual game itself. Got to meet is what gets me more than anything to do it's really. Eight just any. Affect significant impact all the three plus hours a big game itself and as you talked about the caller last hour. They patriotism. Period you will we or should we are still waiting asks a question at the at the last hour still waiting to hear from somebody. Who says. I don't watch the NFL anymore or I only watch the patriots because I am so disgusted. Whiff. Those players kneeling in the protests. Are odd. In but I wanna know why. Why eight. You if you love the NFL so much if you look the game so so much why do. 2% 1%. Of the NFL players. Why does that take away from your love of the game so much and a guy and and you know what I'm sure there are some people that are telling the truth and the majority. I'd I'd pick their pick patriots and their line. We don't mean that the football team in Foxborough 6177797937. Your thoughts on fake patriotism any anthem issues with the NFL. And yes she mean G. Decent points are or you're just you are he's just a dirty old man you know Jimmy Joseph Lieberman has gone to deny us a narrower spread yesterday registered sanity during the recruitment points or two more yet are we how we can talk about it we got a lot of calls the guy he just. God to view a weekend and we will on Dickerson injects. Guys Sports Radio. 93 point seven FM. If you don't respect the flag if you don't like the country or whatever it is. Just college. She's going to look I think getting ready respect that buyers. Yeah orthodox then. That's worse so they say go much. Locker room subject and that he's getting ready to play they run into the locker room that they come back out you know lack. I doesn't. That suit was the president of the United States Donald Trump at a rally last week in Montana. And I do what I am saying and believe me I will tell you personally professionally Greg Dickerson. IE hates politics I am I I I'm apolitical. I apolitical I don't like to get you know I don't want to. I just don't it's me it's like like now I understand that. And Jerry to a great job they have basically engendered in built a huge following in it works for them that's because they are. Consummate all pros at what they do it works for them making it they are one of those it it's like there's certain people who like. Like Charles Barkley has that likes to see where every once Howard Stern Rush Limbaugh and Jerry. They have a license state they've earned that. I don't get to politics however when it comes over into the world of sports. This is win the OK your face it that's fine that's fun elect but should meet. One of the things that we deduced on the show today in the hour and 37 minutes have we been on is that there's a lot of fake patriotism going out there. Whether it's with NFL players with the roots with people threatening that they're gonna boycott the product gonna stop watching because to do guy he's kneeling during that actually at the I don't know. I hate hypocrisy I can't stand hypocrisy. And if those numbers that you brought up Tammy. Conveyed an illustrated the ultimate hypocrisy that after a rally like that I believe it was in somewhere in Alabama maybe Birmingham want them no not right there Nevada Montana wanna talk about the one we're calls Nestle peace out of that Mississippi maybe it was quite a bouncer it's an SEC television it was right or it was all right stick it exactly red state. That to. You mentioned over 200 players needled that week or put the fists in the air for the National Anthem that's and he is fake patriotism. Fake patriotism be outraged the outrage against the players is the ferry patriots well I just mean dense stand up like it took the president's rally for you could become an annual the national it got a major dual. I see your direct and players only see I'm not I don't know. I have a little bit because the players the players and what's fake patriotism from the players the players were doing it. Are against the president put it over react and twice the president to elicit that sort of re just in the report. I'm that they before I know they are going to have knowledge African players Eric re doing it the previous season. And you know what players that door because they didn't feel like they wanted to do it paid or maybe they didn't feel like it was their place or it was the right place to do what. Aside it is not fake patriotism. A bit dead over around 200 players ended up. Doing some some form of protest during national happened. After Donald Trump said what he said players were basically standing up for themselves. Were yelling for themselves and for their for their Brothers. Would they play with the National Football League because they were saying social so OK okay. All right so bye week fake patriotism. Is John in section 311 who says. Why did that guy needed their goals for guys. Dates stand in for the National Anthem and so when. Sons of bitches on what I want them to what I think the occasional. It happened between weeks three weeks seventeen win the number of starts is actually go to the truck because the all this at all why you get there are people can make statements. And then they move and and they made their statement and then they moved on what happens all the time aren't well to me if you truly believe in what you believe you should do it into every single game not just how would you go to Asia and you make your statement and you move on about these players themselves okay. Gonna make this one statement and then. You know a lot. I'm gonna fall in other places but this is my place of work to focus on the game. My 100% focus is going to be on the game are made my once they have all the time. People make statements. To protest something or make statements out against something all the time. And then they move on they don't want to something else so they continue one with their lives it happens all the time. It's a normal thing up from my standpoint all saying is this if you believe in what you believe you do it all the time that's it that's it that's what I'm saying is that. If it till present trump should to a rally. And get these guys 200 dead in week three to stand up if that's what it took. Then to meet its a little bit dis in general so so it's just a little disingenuous so if there is a rally in downtown Boston. On today's war. Whatever women's rights of some sort of cause. Then I go to a I'm them a fraud no I don't go to one every single week no no no one asked her what what is left and what I'm saying is he's saying shouldn't take president's trauma. Whole rising. Rhetoric at a rally to make you patriotic. And more patriotic. Talk. The president but that they were standing up against the president what he said he had it really wasn't patriotic. It was about the standing up for themselves and what they believe there are other teammates believe it or not but venue how of it on silent majority of people's perception is you're disrespecting the National Anthem but in bit and OK you know what I'd probably most people okay today and it targets that I'd I'd prob the holes I just wish to hold the in thing. Go well I'd welcome mark in the end the president. Is to blame and I also wholeheartedly blame the National Football League. And the big dot admitted that the other dumb do him the other dum dum besides the president. Being Roger Goodell if Roger Goodell in the NFL had any stones whatsoever mark you'll know as well as I do that trump. Cannot stand the NFL he's gonna hear crosses us the National Football League. Don't back to the days of the USFL. And the antitrust do what he can't set out to get up and shut out of the Buffalo Bills a few years ago is well yup he is now president of the United States is not just Donald Trump. Billionaire Celebrity Apprentice he can do something a lottery can tree he he's got the stage to trying and do something into trying or the National Football League. And that is what do you think that Donald Trump gates to. Freaking wraps. He doesn't. He's trying to get and her the National Football League in if Roger Goodell. An African brain cell in these head and that any stones whatsoever he would come out. And don't fan these players. Defend himself and Duff fans only but you know why against him right that would help he's Lee and he would. Won't do when Roger Goodell is yell low spineless. Coward acts we all notice in you know why he won't to a because a lot of the magaw sponsors the people to make America great again. Those there's are some big time big time donors are giving money millions of dollars to the NFL and so. Roger Goodell is trying to play this like oddsmakers in Vegas when they said allied. I want happen the action on the favorite only to have the action on the underdog and I'm gonna collected big in the middle. Got Rodriguez doesn't have to alienate any business now appeared it even pay a dead rat and nobody boxed. The worst thing that could ever seen domestic violence situation more than Roger could well when he compiled. Multiple times when he swept underneath. The rug. The tape from the Atlantic City casino Alton Ray Rice knocking out his then fiancee today. And Roger Goodell completely the NFL it was a tracking number on it got to his office and they said they never got so we know Roger Goodell is a logger in it how. Period do you think there'd. Adam silver unit Adam silver I love words what all it's as a lot. He's the only commissioner who gets applause yeah actually got involved he could get it if he gets do you think that Adam silver. Would allow belts things with these things that do you think that Adam felt older. Would keep his mouth shot I will tell you beat that the president of the United States said the same things about these players in his league. Now Adam silver. Two days before the Donald Sterling king became public when that tape got out there I had him on it. I was doing afternoon drive in Charlotte. Two days later the Donald Sterling thing blew up. Adam silver. Got rid of that piece of trash Donald Sterling that racist piece of trash got him on the lead he studied it for years it was a comb it and we know we Didi was a slum lord in each it was awful. That Sammy. I said at that moment. Adam silver two more in the first four months of commissioner. And Roger Goodell had done at that point in his first. Yours and you racist people committed a book of the heap praise on man Roger Goodell all they want for the millions and millions of doll you know the teams just got the TV check for whatever was 240 million of 500 know whatever number was. A bit of people comprised Roger Goodell for bat since it's you know what it's and that's yeah any other Harvard Business School grad who's got experience. The port at the same position make you do the same thing right place right time all right 61777. I 7937 we apologize because we we know with the lines are loaded once that's that's that's fake apology on the that you're right don't you all don't know we don't we don't we don't we are we like you're both callers you don't well I do care about callers Jon and a truck I care about you John track. Hey I appreciate you cared about me or do as. They are area. Agree with you guys a 1000000%. Start little bio below where you set that you know consider Obama a question and the east and the national I am not nobody doubts. I would say maybe one in three million people actually comes into. And the other factors. You know if you watched. And Bogans all year. I would stated we showed a National Anthem about 10% of the time in big games yet player in its all time opening night is they do so we'll all. They thought they started showing them our early on last year because of programming that was going on in their merry decided this option and I cannot wage on a good point what if the NFL in every network can only talk in CBS the NFL network was the NFL owns. ESPN. And fox would if they don't decide don't show the nationally in the middle and it does this problems go away. I would say yeah and the and unless it were taken pictures like you know that I'm Getty images that you know all the all the political photographers and sure they were in their hands on photos a on other and that it would it would be non newsroom. Turn off there you go John thanks for the call. I sit there you go AEG stop showing the National Anthem there's one wedded to that but here's a failure it's that you'd still get plenty of live. I but are completed most of ram and whatnot but but again in the end it would be okay there's eleven players and while we've seen kneeling between the 226177797. Named V 37 continue to take your calls on this Jimmy G. And we'll get to the Red Sox who promised to consider jets. Yeah I Sports Radio. 93 point seven FA. Dickerson and James. Not to be confused with a hall announced that DN WL as you hear this music. My favorite ring music of all time ID Generation X. is great. This is my favorite this changed. The rest sleep visual right particularly note really did it really got at last year rates out wrestle con in Orlando. On actually dude the did this thing called one night only with the click and afterwards. I get to hang which on Michael's ex pock hall Nash. It was great editor regrets on your life it was one of them on for market as well I think that's a bit and nothing like hanging around with four washed up professional blessed with a pitching on his abilities down from steroids in the hi I'm I'm jealous. Sales of its all right Dickerson George Dickerson had some like ivory does your apparently you don't regret this acts that are. I'm sergeant in. We decided to Miller I thought he introduced his story that was in. Bloomberg News I read an indictment. File Thursday against Miami dole a businessman. Philip as performance. Eight basketball coach of Philadelphia colleges mention for allegedly taking money in gas from a and its form is so he's sung more arrests. Would be able to attend the school this according to three writers of Bloomberg. But trio of writers reports that the coach is described the as the head coach at ten from 2009 to 2015. This coach in the school and not mention by name in the indictment. I know he's this he's insisting coach we've. The report claims that beat coach was asked to label more arrests. As they quote recruited basketball player to increase his chances of admission admit. On May 31 2013 as form is allegedly played 2000 dollars to fly coach from. Philadelphia to Miami to see Maurice play after that. The dad allegedly wired 53000. Dollars over the course of three payments. You're gonna do what I resent 40000 on a flight any private jet from Philly. To my name for himself his son of an ally in the what we spent 74000 dollars trying to get to what any particular coach a coach at the Q do you get more of an apparent you gave you gave his last annual regarding develop because the judges and Alan. He did. A drummer Alan yes assistant coach yes yes so coaching so. Yeah I mean what if you want more if you want more news on this. I would suggest going on Twitter. TV Abby act TV abbey on our tour that she will all on link to his story discuss this story okay and have a lot more all LA Torre said just. Check that out myself existing coach. He's being accused of accepting a bribe while he was a head coach. Out the University of Pennsylvania. We will have more. She doesn't block me so I will check it out I guess I don't know what I the like. I say father I'm not sure that Jerome is gonna get a meets on the wars in daughters I think could stop the nonpartisan drums future. Sits on 7779793. Cent increase in fair hated hello Chris. Are you doing this you know I appreciate you very strong and Pargo. What capital immediately initiated in the end result in Asia are ill and sick it's our while to get political at all. The argument would it will connect you might I don't know hold you guys. I'm 47 years old. On you'll all want god trusting old and outlet mall over you don't know argue. It is open that had. We're talking about. The difference in the Generation X. had urgency or I continued mr. nice as well vote our president trump. Is the age bracket then their in the what's important talk. Because they'll teach our old bulls eye to all the peers says he has. Ten years old and continued younger which most of the season ticket holders late and it almost speed yet. And our grandparents had you know ticket as well it is. The generation won't collapse want to actually be grass. I shouldn't awards and it at an altitude of people think patriotism. Is important to them. I do you want forty adults go to probably choose to block public tickets if you look of people making itself means that not to all. Why it's JK Chris I I I I disagree without notion because I I I think their. There are plenty of thirty and forty something. A bit of a die hard trump supporters out there who never served in the military or were never drafted so. Items although I would I'm not saying why why why that age bracket is is angry about. Is because that's how they look at some the orbit. Light and well I I think there are not a great brackets prison number of age brackets are ups are are upset about it who were on the council. Are are angry but I understand that signaled the one's a little bit. Check out the most I can look at some important achievements and 888. During that ink devices include Google you insult them. It's a it's not against their ignored an at risk and know what exit so you know it shouldn't go and I just I didn't have to our idea get drafted. On the type I I'd heard that I don't think your pain. A big brush over everybody I don't think it's an insult to everybody vanity hatred everybody who got drafted like I did. It is the Solomon and it is and to others and I always like to remind people. Vac. Big guy who told calling cannot predict to Neil as opposed to sitting down. Was a marine. And former NFL player he was a marine in our present me. I'm not much changed. A lot so no one site that's right more than the other under singing. It's the people that that irony read about it too lenient. Because of political reasons they were to leave because they. Are they really got an 88 they've been met later which. Which by the way Chris to mean that's real patriotism that's OK that's fine. I what we TE XT and ages fake patriotism and and I go back and I hate to say it is by vividly remember. Right after 9/11 this complete. Unadulterated. A proliferation of patriotism. Flags on the back of our car on trucks on the back you know bumper stickers a fumble and I know a federal and then all of a sudden six months later. Crickets. Nothing. But mark was auto but mark and I and the way they grow I think was longer than probably a little long but but. That's all the time it happens with a everything mark. Right now. The good the look on line or or listen to load of a talk show on your way home it is in sports talk show. Comedy stories a pair. Opt in falls school shootings in full on outrage about school shootings. Non. Because there's nothing recent that happened hasn't got one partly why Parkland was like five months also reasonable there was another one right. But it is about two months ago whenever but. It's it's same thing rice's school shooting right. Gigantic outrage a fire starter like reactionary a month later we gold on our goal on our business sense and it's we move on we move on until. The next trash that's issued its just the way we arts we've waited his life. John in New Hampshire. I job. It now I'd like I might. We got a won't tell us real quick I love you guys still refreshing the other crew that's there not an insult to them which are very refreshing what's. What other what the crew exactly John just yours we'll get food deal. You can't see. It's ready tomorrow also the local knowledge yeah yeah yeah. Anyway I digress. Real quick 23 years in the united states army. I get this blown the company to market uptake patriotism. I know what you say and with three gas would that interest because of flash in the pan. Both in 2000 walk on. I mean. When your country is attack OK in we attacked. There is a it's more of a knee jerk reaction. OK I think I agree with you were three cats two what I put all the pink hat and patriotism. That's it that's what I'm talking about John the big cat. Patriotism big dog about what you expected able to react after a no no no no so. Phenomenon not waste all the I totally defending what might we should are as patriotism. At denied the event because as it struck a cool I'd like it's not an instructor in this country a gentleman called early who look Vietnam era veteran. The spat on came home I enlisted in 74. I list holes at that basic training. And then after aired on school not to Wear my uniform poll. Now I'm telling you something. That hurt. That hurt that I can come home town and probably in my. Boots and my khakis. And everything else to act in areas that. To I have traveled civilians and I had to travel. You know and in a regular. So so John John John. John as much of John as much does that hurt. It's probably gonna make you feel pretty damn good. Vet things or complete 180 right now. Matt if it's insane how is it NC a soldier walking through the airport whether duffel bag how many people say hey thank you hate thank you. And it's act I'm one of the peace could disappear. Agreed to come on once every quarter but anyway. I'm getting back to think patriotism. The knee jerk reaction out of people. Scenes of football players immediately actually exports mostly football I can't live ball took to be against a president's statement. Because as a teaching you would attack. The leader in this country I may not like the man. But at the sole applicable to defend the office so I don't I you know I find it I find I walked a fine line but a football and a I was so what now taking eight. That was the only time I support hasn't taken any because I believe what was said about them as a collective group was wrong. And what I see happening with cap nick and his efforts to bring attention in life. To an issue which is real. I'm in it it is to mixes a crossover people. Are trying to land it can be gathered and not nothing against the media. But. I watched a couple of TV shows and a couple of games this past season at home and I just want to point out. Yeah not more quiet in analysts were served as saying type of at least soldiers. Two observed the same type. A patriot I mean. Standing up for attention so let's pretend you don't salute inside things of that nature. So I told everybody to music caveat that rituals in our own. Now you don't have to. More than one on one about Arenas. Are there indoors. OK okay you're absolutely correct it's an indoor because of the type of game. That's being played. You hugest thing of that that that might be is a bad idea soldiers thing not a civilian. Which hit. Where the leg is publicly display. At the caveat that says OK we must now. All of that doctor. Turn to John and John when you when you see this reflects that said it was the US likes to install that's protocol. Love to concedes John listen man where we are generally up against it appreciate the phone call 617. 7797937. Yes we continues also next I promise Jim EG. We have to get to it it's it's been 900 pound pink elephant in the room. On Dickerson James.