Did the Celtics give up too much for Kyrie Irving?

Dale & Keefe
Friday, August 25th

Michael Holley and Rich Keefe debate whether or not the Celtics gave up too much for Kyrie Irving in sending Cleveland Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zicic and the 2018 unprotected Brooklyn Nets' pick.


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This week's episode of evergreen is gonna be just a little bit different first of all were actually get called by its name evergreen. Because rich decides he would Dick at the beginning of every single episode. But instead of having Michael and rich come into this studio and talk about the trade and debate the merits of the trade. I wanna bring you a segment from the show on Thursday afternoon. For me it's kind of the definitive argument between whether or not the traders good or the trade was bad at what he should like it or hate. We couldn't possibly replicate the argument they had because it was very. Passionate and spirited and in the moment so instead of trying to do that we're gonna bring you this segment here's that's gonna hear dale being in this episode and you're gonna hear collar TJ and far river that kind of sets up the fight. If you enjoy the episode easily they rating and a review on iTunes that would really help us to continue to bring these podcasts to you for Fareed. Michael holly and Ritchie sees he's ever green team ever going podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took birdman. And parish to pierce everything CE. So let's get to Michael holly and Ritchie and the evergreen podcast. TJ ball replicate seagate. The whole. Once led his promises hit got hurt in the playoffs. That was sort of the red flag in my opinion now. Things are gonna change I don't know how we're gonna change exactly what we're gonna change but I don't feel real comfortable with Isiah Thomas. Playing out but the final year contract and seeing what he had before they. Talk well you know a new contract with them off on what Wayne white tiger here and became available. You were guests and their global sport out many people and younger probably side by either of them require. Got a lot of upside at current primary night in Britain prime. And I I'd think that they had their eyes set on him when he became available. And they can get away from the question marks about their promise to hit it can get away from the Brinks truck commentary. They you know I don't think that it looked out at night if I'm in any way it should all ought. They looked at a better opportunity and nom because the question market and they've had to cope with the group you know. Something good nick that package goes to the local picnic sites electric picnic that's what may be one of those picnic and expect because they had the other pit. I really think that could've gotten away troop it's old and they're right you senate. And he did. Use of Brooklyn pick to get our our I mean presumably back in it got to get it Danny wouldn't give up what he didn't have to give up what he. All of it and they say they unit they're gonna have to give up either the Brooklyn pick that lakers tennis swing pick or Jason Taylor and they needed one of those three things and the Celtics chose that I think they're probably right here probably is at least dollar Cleveland needed to trade carrier ring. They needed to trade book do you need to turn to Boston no well I in Boston that need to acquire on up. While Leonard wondered what his ball that's up to be much better OK but but you don't love your team onslaught of egregious thing. Cleveland didn't need to trade in the Boston so they could have traded him to somewhere yes some some other tips and it would have been fine. Boston would have been just fine probably the same record this year with or without carrier SA today losing five senate the couch and things. Yeah but I so you don't homeless you know it you know need to do what you get caught on wanna improve your you don't should it come to school with your point and said why don't. That they don't need to do it. You said they don't they don't need to trade in the Boston. Don't you if you go somewhere else that I usually don't call George Smith on Jimmy Butler missed out to Vargas 'cause I don't carrier and kind of got you don't probe into that you've got to say yeah. Pop hired celebrity you ginger blah bite sitting on picked out Barney improved the team and having Heyward got James Brown has signed popular. It's not an improvement over what I asked her so let's stop right there aren't remarks let's not stop right there guys how their program could. We got Gordon Hayward that's that that's why you wanted to kind of deal that I know I think I just had a Anderson I that you're you're putting your words. That you are you so they could not have been through and they never go ahead and ever again. The truth. Perhaps equally little bulletins and don't. On the don't you ever lets you guys I hired Mike again and we'll pick this up and I don't know what they improved or not as directly into the stop talking about it and I'm telling you don't want whatever whatever you say whatever I say we can't find out the truth until October so I'm pretty if the play along you can still use them an opinion on it now. And opinions that job or you're so that we don't know that and that's fine but you're sale date. And cavs needed to trade sedation they don't want ultimate deal without the net effect. Could know everything don't want any idea atomic crowd yeah I think it is China. Had a team over the barrel look I didn't go about how slippage if they get somebody else they wouldn't have to get a piece of equipment that note teams want higher Irving they would have gotten the deal that they want it might they have on at a time on the right in any I don't Rao well I've had a draft a wrap of rapids to choose from. And they made the Celtics feel like they had but the Brooklyn pick. But have you if if you say to Cleveland I'm gonna give you met this they give you a first round pick does not give you Brooklyn I think you still have carrier. I don't think so I think TJ's point was valid that there was a couple of other things involved here that you guys are are are leaving out. I think Guinea was concerned about the hip he's already said he cited injuries going to be healthy enough start season. I think that the Max contract at the end of the season was a major factor because I only did he thought he was worth it. This guy's already talking about backing up the Brinks truck. I'm not gonna be able to sign him so what he's worth more these are not worth as much as he thinks and I think he is. This isn't gonna work at the end of the animated tabs look at it they symbolize their talents probably won't re sign with us after next year anyway so we're really trading at. Carrier ring for the nets peck. That's basically what they're trading them for so they're not gonna accept the Memphis pick or the Celtics picker something worse sure they would. I'm sure they were he had he had to go into my uncle I don't think had to be trek I that we think traitor to any any really good at this. Which is gonna give up something you didn't have to give up to get the deal done but he could because you know it it war have to adult wouldn't want war. Maybe he just got taken on this one. Maybe just maybe they don't pull Altman and I don't job for a lot maybe. Q when you get the best player in the deal how do you get taken can you give up the Brooklyn pick didn't give up a hole and on the front page going to be they've ever really picked up. First round they got a big regular trade first round pick I don't know it's going to be given up I don't know that you are going to be really really all of what is going to be I don't know that. And it's one of the pick of the players and really good about is that what you said I don't know what the ticket's gonna know we don't the ticket's going to be there's going to be a tough work it. That's again the Michael Holley guarantee us again this Brooklyn yet not only because of Aachen the other bad teams this year Brooklyn nobody has won't be about sales won't be back lakers got to play the lakers won't be back you've got a plan. Turner might opt. Play along so I plan and we don't know. What the lottery we don't know who we're not a Julia so you can only if you get top OPEC I am giving you it prediction they're giving you write an opinion right that's what sports talk radio is I don't wanna hit a lot of fun day but I don't and so you're guaranteeing at the top where I am great and we don't know crap that halo around they can draft this we won't know I'm wrong until June and off and headed the independent now battle they gonna come back and remind if they got better or not. I think they did. I think they're better yeah and I don't think that Danny would have given up the Brooklyn picket included given up another. I think that that ultimately what it came down to what's this. Had what'd you get it in fact he had a human a vulnerable position he had a guy who didn't want to play with LeBron James LeBron James after he found that out didn't wanna play with him. And there are not a lot of teams you could move carry Irving to and get a satisfactory return. You had him in a vulnerable position he gave him one of your most valuable asset. Get your acceded the next day it is more valuable and Tatum gave him to get your two most valuable lessons. I Isiah Thomas. I sit on its more about adjacent and I had Thomas and the Brooklyn so you'd sit down round you don't like Jason I don't know like Beckham might like them both very much so one year of Isaiah Thomas on a bomb hit is is more valuable than. Jason Tatum or Jalen brown on an hundred million and went under I wonder if Isiah Thomas will ever walk again. Let's stop with the hips at the break it didn't quite hear the complaint that he got by the open is have played 65 games this year. Gosh I don't to the question we don't know I mean you're talking about the possibility of hip surgery I silently past. Michael I think you'll play I think the play basketball here at the can be a pretty good play the one year of Isiah Thomas out more than the number three to try and it would take a number one overall. So funny because before before Calgary Irving was on the table. We're talking about the celtics' season people are excited about Isiah Thomas who worked. Talk about the hip and how he was gonna play this year. Who's excited about Isaiah and Hayward and Horford. Now Isaiah Thomas just some broken down just a broken down guy whose basketball career is over now is 32 years old. Whose pedigree that operation just exaggerate any of that we talk qualities. At any point that I mentioned is it's sort you have onshore over the court just now amid you're listening you know that I didn't. I think age right now not right now but I'm sure he's older than carrier has the fact. You about it and dealing I think it's I brought up is engaged yet and I've I've gotten it wrong. I'm. So maybe not hey I'm twenty years old. Terrorist point five result of that carrier ring gains clearly rather have the courage but you can order how it. But who would you rather have the next five years I know it neither one side contracts yet but you'll be better next five years Irving or Thomas. Tom's. I don't believe that no city no I didn't I don't look at home with everything that was involved I would rather have Thomas and how about this. House it's a rather have tell you hate this trade on the right district more than anything I would rather see once again that's it. You should sell you should say that it's not bad that I thought hey. On top of the net again right now you just said for the holidays isn't just said to me you know Crowder. Consistent here American sister's enemy correctly yesterday I mentioned page and and and you get. So I'd I know that I didn't really answer I don't hate. I imagine hate industry I I don't think what I say I I don't you know it. Hate this trade must really hate that I made it and so why not take that I didn't say that why can't hit the trade Michael you're rich and I don't feel the way you think I should feel about why you hate I don't. Paid eight according yeah. Hi this is better the verdict for the next five years I want top that nets pick which by the way out into the greatest player of all time high draft the next year IP then. You definitely should might Detroit well. I'm glad that you see it that way this is the way I see obviously I would rather have Isiah Thomas in the Brooklyn pick. Then carrier. That's what I would rather have. Now you are just that your brother have Isiah Isaak Harry hurt so few at the Brooklyn picked to it how do you not hate the trade hated it why. I think they ought not to hate it and I don't get it out like you sound like a caller before we didn't like this that's that. And I altered reality eye disease I'm like like you know line is I don't see things where you see that's fine I think that's fine and very nice the way I made if I can just learn to see things the way I don't know do reorganize. I think I can do what it what might you have. Why don't I don't aid I want it I bought the trade under thing you should heed. Based off all your logic what you said about how much you about in the next thing I got a better idea Thomas is the carrier ring. What I will do. Aisles in the next ninety minutes just trying to see see the world the way why you. And then I'm maybe they may want to have a better conversation one of the tribes in the way you as a great commerce and so we can and why don't I want you isn't it the same idea I figured why. Like that you should hater well. Because I'm just talk baseball and we are logical having a sports discussion about. Which got like better so you like Detroit I hate I feel like hey trade I hate how you are afraid I don't hate. Every Irving do you get much in love with Isiah Thomas and saying that you like it I would wrap inland where it is entirely. They were that. In the middle but he Phillips straight. I do feel about it give an opinion on the trade and a few days now I probably don't. That's sort of what are getting on probably its editorial on gather where there is don't talk about Isiah Thomas Wright I don't know you don't you don't talk about it about the trade. You like it you dislike him don't lie that if it that until he would rather have Isiah Thomas the carrier ring. So you hate it and it betrayed. Just say anybody or anything. I think you hit it right what do you think I think you hate the trade if I'm telling you I'd rather have Isiah Thomas is the whole argument was about if you would I'd better I'd rather have Isiah Thomas and the Brooklyn pick a carrier so you hate the straight no I don't. He'd. I don't hit it it's great I'm not that that's good that's a really good guy on our unit. The kitchen like partner and I on the bank and that's the spot so you don't pay you don't want it. I've actually got them in the middle name or they'll wait till June to hire an all out. Degrade it a month yeah. It or hated those only human emotions. Hatred and love you out yet feels welcome to predict how would let those emotions can help me I didn't really Connecticut is coming up than it. One word how digital that they gave up too much. I'm pretty sure that is how lost federal mine and I don't ever restarted after. But I think that's sort of saint anywhere in the chest protector of that I think I said that to you the first day we were talking about it I think that gave up too much. Either Brittany clarify that I think I kept saying that over and over. So I don't have if my kids that's like it I think did did I don't dislike you don't understand. Don't hate you don't pay it right it basically just like it I don't guys I'm player final drive it's coming up next round and as I just wasn't that we got it dale in Hollywood style exotic Sports Radio W media.