Did the Patriots actually take a lesser offer for Jimmy Garoppolo to keep him out of Cleveland?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 2nd

Mut is talking about the report by ESPN's Adam Schefter about the Patriots taking a lesser offer from the San Francisco 49ers for backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo in order to provide Jimmy G a softer landing spot than the Cleveland Browns.


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It's. Mother's side. And I believe we establish simple vocal that they area what gender couple of yeah yeah okay can joke okay. The end of contract negotiation or trade discussions. Jimmy grew up looking at sordid subject quarterback for the best players in the league and within their ships to the forty others are for a long time. And I think if you have questions or are now without drop below the hole. My nasty BYU has shut the hell up and I'm talking a lot athletes get out and you know I'm not gonna I'm gonna keep doing a lot of stuff disposable income is in people who want to admit that it was in the world. I didn't know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin and I and that is that so why don't you without you I'm done weak numbers that show without Arctic what Evan he's 77910. In my right. I can I can do this we can finish this all the today this is. Is still baffling to me now. Here's my back night on Sports Radio W we. And a happy new year to you wherever you walk on this January 2 now. First workday of the earth but at night Sports Radio WVU I pack a day along once again we say happy. Fear to pat our producer Rick gradually Jason Rossi still sticking around here he's been taking taking over. As the new producer of the dale and Holley show. I he's on the phones patios on the phone your phone calls all night long here as expected 617. 77979837. Is the phone a beer the voices of John the mossy. And John Dennis there in the open that of course because they were these story last week. On this station I will say this there is no sports station in the country will do a very small modest when mossy comes in here. There is no other station in the country. That would span three days. Talking about a former host of A station coming back to host during the holidays. And then that host and walking out there was three. Days of that on this station released two and a half. Without exaggerating. Not not FAA and not WIP. Not the ticket in Dallas not one of the three or four big station down California. Nobody. Does what this station did on John Dennis I could not turn this crap off I wish I was listening to the edit I'm a loser I understand that. But I was locked loaded beginning to land. And no show would have done what. Happen on Friday with Kirk Callahan where it was hours of people calling and saying how great you know is and how bad that show was a Cilic at the number one station. In the morning in Boston. The higher fall book took a poll after calls saying we love you Dino. Perkins Jerry so that would not happen any oral but I digress the bus you'll be here I played out in the open is B I try to make our way towards a patriots playoff game. A week from Friday a week from Saturday. Had to let states the titans chiefs or bills all things we'll talk about. At some point over the next four hours by the start with this that the continuing. Call revisionist history. But but thinking that the role a rolling rally of opinion. On Jay Beagle rumpled this does not end. Sun rises and sunsets. NFL expert gives take on Jimmy grapple. Does about the patriots win the or loans with a gonna play in the post season and the topic continues to be hotter Gruntal and opened San Francisco. How was it only for a second round pick. We have done all we did it Sunday at NFL Sunday with current hoosiers tied it is anybody. On this topic are Peter King talked about it today a plea Schechter here in a minute. But it's gotten to the point now where people are the conspiracy theories are insane. Kraft said no cell bill got bad and it's as it was a slight trade I trade a modest white. To separate Cisco or this was a way of trying to light a fire and her Brady's NASA's next couple years. That there was no more security blanket Melbourne neck under Brady. I was gonna make a refocus his quarterback duties as the coach the quarterback of the patriots. But somehow Alex Guerrero. Was tied into this this was his way of saying our fallen and making wholesale changes no more Guerrero no more raw apple screw. People are losing their minds and the reason is is cropped close look so good in those five games and end of the ball 49ers uniform he. Looked Austin's like get it can't help get the idea that being good enough for. But it's day after day show after show guest after guest. Hey how did you Biggio Jimmy gee go for so little in back Adam Schechter has been on this station talking about. Judy drop. But he is back at it again on The Dan Patrick Show and this Q what made this quick back before just that a couple of minutes here. This whole setup my theory that and a standby. Till I'm blue in the face. And this sort of sets up the rest of the grapple talks to wanna get too over the course of the next couple hours with your calls here at 617. 7797937. In addition to the patriots coaches likely leaving in addition to the playoff field and a bunch of other stuff. But this was Shia after today he. Adding I guess his final layer of what happened in his mind between the hatred the 49ers Jimmy drop. This was not in negotiation. This should not something where. The patriots were back and forth and showcase your options go. If you will give us what we want. Then. We're gonna go. To Cleveland which would have paid whatever it took to go get Jimmy grapple look they were willing to give up between the refrigerator cared what should we drop lower. And I think that they woke up that morning. That Monday morning the day before the trade deadline October 30. And made the decision however they did. That. They're gonna trade Jimmy grapple. And I believe the leadership was as simple old COLT the Bay Area eulogy to drop oh yeah. OK to kill. Okay and contract negotiation or trade discussion. Deal agreed to let's work it out. So let's let it appropriate mean people not so. I don't think it was something that they wanted to do. I think that it was so that they felt like they had to do. And Jimmy grow up looking the majority adopting quarterback one of the best players in the league. And within their objections to the forty others share for a long time. And that that invitation to a question torture now without grapple with a full. Man picked it feels like the cleavage because when I was told Cleveland. It was done and yet they were offering more and they were gonna offer first round pick and then some. And that part of the arrangement was that he was not going to be traded to Cleveland. You bleed I don't. In addition I act I do not believe. This really personal. Vendetta Cleveland fired me I'll knock in a trade my guy to Cleveland I do think. That the relationship. And the belief and trust that that Bill Belichick had in geology and Kyle Shanahan. Played apart and where would they know that they're gonna trade him. That we wanna put him in this spot because we like just got. Where we believe he's that flies out of our conference away from our division. It would have put him in a spot where we think that. He's with good people. Who given the chance to look. They can retreated Cleveland. Should think he would fire which GM broader in new GM. Questions about the coach. They weren't sending him to a spot that they can trust in their seeing conference. Let's just about less freaked out about late lord John Lynch great bad. Respect Kyle Shannon and great play caller Jimmy got a chance of surviving right there. And that's I think a big part of I think it was shipped it there you know what we'd like despotic sort of like. Hitting its spot on the map and a little bit and that's how they did it put that pin in the map that you were sitting Jimmy here would you like you should show. You know was calling around to get out to a sort of like eight you'd sort of million dollars you wanna play that. Yet so don't let. I'd fetish after today with the and Patrick just stick really couple hours ago and there's a lot to one pack there. And there are some parts wish chapter says I completely. And and a 1000% buying into. Specifically what he says out of the division. Out of the conference. I believe that was definitely a factor in the price the 49ers paid for Rob Lowe being sold little. Tells you all you need to know about where they wanted to sky they didn't put a pin in the map they pick separate Cisco but. That's the part I completely. Think that chapter is being. Either disingenuous about or revisionist history or is just lying about. That Bill Belichick sent in the air because he was concerned about Iraq almost futuristic quarterback. Absolutely positively. I cannot believe that. 12. I'd we would bill gel Belichick was worried about. Was go Rob Lowe going to wait team. Where they head coaching vacancy or a looming likely head coaching vacancy. And watching a rumpled go through that team the giants. The Cleveland Browns specifically. He goes to that team. And Josh McDaniels is offensive coach the guy who groomed. Garrote apple all of rating he leads the team. Any goes immediately go coach rappel. And Belichick has to watch as his protege. Josh against guys brought back in the fall after he flame down Denver. Yes the watch that guy succeed with the quarterback. And again this part of grew chapter a quarterback that Bill Belichick did not wanna trade. But the salary cap ramifications. The roster issues next year we're franchise tag him and trading him. It just got to a point or for them it didn't make sense anymore. I'd make the argun if you thought so much of them this year you hold on the insurance policy you look at the after the season but. Clearly financials. Played a factor here. Though the idea franchise tagging him and then have an ideal Brady's agent who was also grapples agent saying boy get pain and then this much at least for now. What do you do for my guy when it comes to contract. And then also other teams then saying you know a campaign to quarterbacks they'll screen you will not gonna give you X. And then maybe you are is an dragging your feet situation where you waiting for other teams now out. To get your level what you want for drop blow meanwhile he cost 45 million dollars in your salary cap that becomes a pain in the ass. When it comes to roster construction. So I would try to live final way to do it I guess that they did and decided they could not do it. And Bill Belichick looked like Rob Lowe knew what he had pretty clear now he knew the type players trading. And said I don't want this guy blossoming. First of all the AFC and number two I wanted to spot with a coach Mike up at quarter can go there and coaches guy the next 5810 years. I'm not gonna deal that. So why did you put a pin in the map for San Francisco not easy like John Lynch not just Kyle Shanahan has Mike Shanahan son. And it Mike Shanahan is one of Belichick's buddies in NFL circles he does it because there's security in knowing he goes to San Fran. Kyle Shanahan is gonna be their for a couple years may be Kyle Channing gets blown out in three or four years at I can't project that far but I can't predict the next couple. And they're not gonna fire house candidate is hire the guy. And so I sent to San Francisco all right fighting shop the pick adding call Cleveland and he called the giant Teddy get the most I could. I did not maximize the ascent you know what I did. I protected my team's ass from Mac guy go to some team when my coaching staff and lighten up and like puppets next five or six years. And I kill bella check this trade out for two months didn't get enough should traded him earlier should try to last year at the draft. Should I shop them around after you watch crumpled play. Unless harsh on Belichick now. Is a patriots fan in my options are maximized the assets and get let's say a first and a second. But he goes to Cleveland. He's in my conference and oh by the way Josh might follow on huge action out after one and 31 the last two year jump in the Lake Erie here comes jockey coach in Cleveland. With my quarterback. I take the second for the security of him not letting that happen in the AFC. I killed them for the trade the video watching for five weeks and he looks like Brady sounds like Brady moves like Brady throws like pre. You want that guy in your conference with your coach no what do I do Shanahan. Insulation in San Francisco. Call ten minutes but night. Actually makes some sense to me. Makes complete sense they cared about his growth. That he cared about they putting them the seeds and place for Jimmy to thrive and NFL quarterback. Elbow to probably a great guy an awesome guy he's Cheney at a caring about that now I as a football value later as GM no way. I just can't believe that I believe that chapter was told that. I believe that's part of the spin out of this because what is it you don't want to sort of be afraid of the guy. We're afraid of him going somewhere and oh by the way our offensive minor league could go coach that guy that sounds like your posts. That makes you look weak saying you wanna send him to a team that. Is gonna help them grow that makes you look for full and caring. And nurturing. Both sound like Belichick thinks he's shipping Drew Bledsoe all the buffalo. Are dump and lawyer Malloy. Trading Tom Brady's best friend Deion Branch to Seattle or dealing off Richard Seymour did care about those guys to where they went all. How we talk about it. Didn't wanna deal with the player or the coach and that potential in his backyard. That seems pretty clear to me that is my steering it theory I'm sticking to what folks. You take your Guerrero theories in your craft conspiracies. I they're all garbage. This should be makes sense as to why he only got a second forum why it was San Francisco why depict wasn't shot. Like came together so quickly. They add some idea their head that. Grapple might sign a team friendly deal and so they gamble on am or they work. They kept them around for an extra year at penetrating the last year the trap because there was. It was Brady insurance right they didn't trust Brady to be the player forty be was at 39 I said they Belichick Belichick did. And guess what Brady was. Ready should have probably will win the MVP. You not trade knack I've for a million reasons too sure we'll get into over the next couple hours here. This was about protecting the patriots. This wasn't about rob Lowe's legacy. Or doing a favor for Shannon the chanting hands. I gotta have the chance to Christmas card this year build on some would you be a problem that's an access stop. This was about protecting. The loss of the quarterback which are really really really liked but had to trade. And the lost your coach or your culture on anyway. When it's that fear is setting them up now with the quarterback. You'd want tree so that's my theory it's it's I act I'd change my tune on I'm being super critical. A bell check the weather term because the way grapples played. In these last five weeks they still should try to last year the draft. They shows still should've gotten more for second. But they screw up the timing of it and in the end they said no thanks AFC you're going to separate Cisco that was the reason the pin was in that done map. Schechter said Dan Patrick today. So we're gonna start there and you guys have theories on this as well 61777979370. Is your phone number jumped to mossy. Will be a studio at 8 o'clock on talk with the patriots coaches they appear headed for the hills. On the possible playoff opponents for the patriots Dan Shaughnessy is a weird tweet about radio wanna get into. I Isiah Thomas. Is apparently (%expletive) people off again. This is not gonna play it's the Celtics tomorrow night dual us up with the guys at 61777979237. At your calls and Jimmy G theories next. Jimmy can go out there running everything that Tom can home. We'll get into all the next three and a half hours left until 10 o'clock. It's what it night's Sports Radio W the iPad or they are producer taking your phone 617779. 7937. Johnson also join us here in studio. At 8 o'clock as promised your phone calls we start with. The feed Jimmy G revisionist history conspiracy theory talk that just will not and Alex in a car. Waiting patiently here on Mott at night's Sports Radio WEEI good evening Alex. Alex. We are all for 11 call of the new year on the show January 2 2018. Callers not ready. We expect more. Expect to be good to go to wait that long I think I'd Jake in Maine on Jimmy drop logic. They Alito and Jay what do you got mad. I don't want to talk what I mean. I think which are awful it was I really do have our big guys sort of soccer's. Straight a now accrued. But I definitely has its crude on the a little bit. You there. Yeah here yeah I mean at what they get enough I heard they they get enough for trading him Jake I would say that the timing of it. Odd doesn't make a lot of sense. And it's gonna be who's gonna would be it can look back and you're gonna say. It got in and out as one of the worst trades bills made because he didn't get enough for players gonna gonna have a looks like a pretty damn good NFL career. Convinced especially when there was talks. I know might have been a little farfetched but the 21 round picks earlier on looked I don't think it's simple ceremonies coach. Like Cleveland is the all those Jake a lot IE say talks that are a there there was so much buzz from people covered the the Cleveland Browns like Mary Kay Cabot unconvinced the browns are gonna deal at least a first plus something else at the draft last. You're the first maybe third or fourth I just didn't date to where are about a little Steve so this showcase that it did well without trying to get that is. They think it's be all end all but they can't get him on a second round pick you know and this year's class. It's not really talk. But I do think that there's there's a vacant mayfield with the jets don't think about maybe you'd Josh out there maybe if Donald cities. Mice look terrible with the ball game we have no lack of so the lack of cuts about the completion clause. He's seen and Jake he sucked me in the USC. That if you come out last year he would have been the number one pick overall. There's no shot Eagles number one now. Based theory had factor city might not even come out. At this point right he's not decide accuses its stock has fallen so much he's not sure what the best thing to do is any pile so once stood. That price of on the top ten. He's not gonna go number one. And Josh Allen and Josh Rosen and Donald are all getting on that top grouping and you brought up baker mayfield. He's probably getting all that first round now to uzis looked as a second round pick for awhile. On by you'd probably put himself in that first round group. They look good. But they go you've gotten grapple for a second round pick. You've got a guy who had shown even before the final stretch in San Francisco this year. He could play quarterback in the and it felt like that that was not going to be an issue with these guys there are still the chance the attracting the Sean cognizant of the Cleveland Browns. But it aroused drafted a quarterback last year they go back in again. I don't think they saw from John Kaiser rescind or block the quarterback. They missed out on. Watson in the homes they went Kaiser and his coach is screw with them all year he's Danny's out we have confidence we don't. A weird spot for him. To go back in again another quarterback there. So a second round pick was well worth the investment. If you were Cleveland or certainly if you were Sampras Cisco you have nobody had after the acute from Iowa. And that was it made sense for them I don't would have been if they shot the pick they would have gotten more. Market Boston at 6177797937. Beauty mark. Good evening and attacking it and you two X 6623. Let's go averages go and mark. OK in my area on the emphasis or that it originated. By calling above our quarterback. And I think they've won it all quarterback. Apple Brady has flights intimated that he'd play it like to play in front of stroke grew up blah blah and they looked again. The Brady. They give up for us from Pitt and bill was probably thinking let's say we can write a rock below what they go to gradient say you want to go to San shortly diplomat. It and go. And that they call Sampras go back but it has start that number one pick became what boardwalk. Slot below work less well. You think the crafts would have traded Tom Brady during this season marketing that was an actual possibility. Why would it why are allowed me out like so this is this the sound the people to only grapple with sign eighteen currently discount why would Tom Brady was born free six Super Bowl. We said he cares more about winning naming outs this team is heading why would he go into what a whole lot of flat while it eagle mark during the season. On a San probably go to rebuild a brand new coach a brand new system and not beast is a favorite to win need the Super Bowl game this year. Oh. And I think that bit of light event for the end of the year and out and Grady and that's what gave bill the idea that maybe trying to rubble. Yeah I I don't mark thanks for the call your phone was cut in and out there I don't buy an island that's. That's as wacky theories have heard on this Brady. Has never suggested he wants to play in San Francisco. He suggested. And it's father is on the same the last couple years. That never ends well for quarterbacks never ends well for players than it in the east can eat resigned himself to the idea. That might not and well. Embrace said that did to us last week. Ian Aline for the guys he said it before I know why I wanna play as big bird beta we can bright finance at ten times. Beset ones. I wanna be here my whole career but. The reality is I might now be. That is not he wants to play for Sampras Cisco. It would make zero cents for Brady either before this year or during this year. To say yet you know what I'm good. I'm all set I got five when a sixty year the FC sucks applied that they nobody else being allowed to go back home. We go back to serves as a blood mark he's gonna win. And George Kindle. Be coached by Kyle Shanahan that ballot doesn't pass the test markets are our Chris in a car Chris. Anybody that rest call and what's up man. And I really appreciate it. Give me yeah it was a what out of college because we have the best to block like Ollie says early in Devin but it probably ought to be any. He's like five games as a starter since Fred. Albert won five Super Bowl. So you'd get rid of who's a sacred gently for a five year. I I I I I agree and that's is that based on what he's done this year Chris you could say if he wants to play at least forty based on what I saw this year. And most major fans would agree. You could envision seeing Brady play next year at 41. And certainly the year after that a 43. Those feel pretty solid. If he stays in shape why couldn't there be two more after that but that's just sort of secondary there's there's this other part of it. We should talk about we come back at 6177797937. And it's the reality that even a bill want to trade. Tom Brady. Even a Tom Brady said at some point you know what I. Yeah I I I'm okay for I'm okay being traded. As a caller said earlier. Bob Kraft Jonathan Kraft the crowds are never ever going to trade Tom Brady went to that with your calls what it night's Sports Radio WB yeah. I. Didn't think Tom there was ever any internal organizational discussion. Prior to the great if you need. She did at least briefly considered trade and use the San Francisco and keeping Jimmy Rob Lowe and the patriots quarterback of the future. And on I had no idea and I don't entertain those things and those things are not in my control and that you know. I guess Q anybody you've treated any point in any time coaches or players traded. You know everyone in the NFL you know Joseph more character Joseph Montana which part of the team is Randy Moss has betrayed many times and Brett Favre there's just so many great players of another team I don't think anything surprises me just you know it's it's certainly a business. We as players all understand that the F down. You know things happened in in over the course of all the years and I've been here from our first year up until now it shifts. Do you do best you can do when you're on when you're on the team you played out the team and and and you let the situation they carry themselves so I've been fortunate there's so many great players and learned from a lot of those great players who have moved on different teams and they still remained friends you know we build some really laughing relationships and I think that's one of the most gratifying things about playing pro sports. I was already on Kirk and Callahan last week in fact he's scheduled to be all the guys early tomorrow morning that your wartime but two minutes six. For Brady with Kirk in cherry in Alex streamer that was. Brady about the inevitability that he may actually get traded at some point you can say that. It is not going to happen I think there's probably. A scenario which Bill Belichick would want to trade Tom Brady. If he got injected with some truth serum he would say that invited if I went energy to grapple going forward. And not the deal with the PR ramifications in the idea of trading Tom Brady in the reality to ought to be successful some routes for the fans might backlash against me yacht the idea of just. If it or fantasy football or Madden. And the fans weren't a part of it PR wasn't a part of it I could see Bill Belichick wanting to trade and Tom Brady that makes no sense. But that next level lot Bob Kraft Jonathan Kraft the Kraft family absolutely positively now. Is not going to happen. And did not happen knock at the Kraft said no. Because Bill Belichick knows that the crass would say now. He doesn't have to fly the flag pole and and in patriots. When it comes to sorting through your patriots information appear patriots fan I think you have to pick and choose who you believe and who you. When you're reading the stuff that people in this town are writing in saying. I GAAP to be careful. And you have to know there are some people that are pretty damn tied him. And when they say they think they know something or they say for fact XY or Z happened or did not happen you can feel pretty confident that it did. There are plenty that you can you know onshore but there are some people when the coach the patriots and I think a pretty tight end Tony Curtis one of those guys. And admittedly we do work with Tom on Sundays and I've done a lot of radio work with all over the years. And I like Tom buy I I would say this I'd like him more I didn't like him. He's been right over and over again when it comes to getting sort of insider patriot information. And it was during a holiday week last week in some eighty people did not see the story be ready lengthy piece about. In his opinion. The finality to this patriots season how I had a final field with Wright and coordinators Mike goal. The Guerrero braced up ballots checked Guerrero stopped all of it. Had a field to him like 2005 on Cornell left and and Charlie Weis left and it was a reset of the organization. And the midst of all that Tom also wrote that. It never got to crafts level. Did bill bella check how the right to go trait Tom Brady he never got to the level we asked the crass if he could. Well the response be. And what Tom Curran said Austin NFL Sunday. On New Year's Eve morning. He said he felt pretty confident that he knows what the answer would it be an edit got a level the answer would have been now. And what Tom Curran says that I don't have the fall I I didn't I feel pretty confident Tom talked to the people. Veteran all the people at the highest level this. And so on Tom says that they would've said no I believe. And it makes a lot of sense. Tom Brady helped build if not Gillette Stadium certainly patriot place. Certainly helped build the patriots brand. He's been joked as the without that extra crafts on. They've done multiple business dealings in and around outside the patriots including TB twelve by the way. Tom Brady's not just the quarterback superstar once in a generation best player of all time for Bob Kraft he's a business partner. On not just TB twelve the other stuff you want celebrated be in his life for years to come he eight trade that guy folks. You get mad at him for doing now but it makes perfect sense. If Kraft AB it braided for Kraft would yell if somebody for you you'd probably do the same thing if you're Bob Kraft. He's not dealing in business parties too much there. So these theories of Belichick is hissed. The Kraft said Nell. He got harassed Kraft has Bill Belichick knows you stupid person it's open executives in the NFL which will get to just after 7 o'clock your. None dumber the what's going on in Cincinnati. Today OK there are plenty damme teams. The patriots make mistakes they're perfect they are not dom. And so Bill Belichick knows that the answer is going to be even if we sit brownies. I had a couple pops and he's talking to nick this area hours talking to Charlie Weis in the fall are talking machine and it was ever does NFL circles AG's. I love Jimmy gee who did just trade Brady. He knows that the fun conversation out months is place. Maybe even when Linda but he eat but he's also Smart upheld the answer when asked if he ever brought the flag pulled the crafts. Thanks but no thanks back guys on tradable he's gonna be a patriot till the end. He means to much of the organization he needs to what to craft he was never getting traits that part of that we all he wanted trays is Matt. Belichick you know the reality on the par. Ed Purdy had not played well this year. Any added bench Brady for drop lol that's a different story. While thinking and talking to Tom on the air Sunday about this I don't think trading Brady. Ever got the craft but I think the we all the answer would have been would not trade number twelve. Freddie is an east long medal at 6177797937. Freddy go it. Got Freddie. Hear what you do it looks undermines. Belichick is brought in a book or. It. Ready I brought the epic it looked at it now and it from. Up there. I. Apple site it were. Not. Wild had a couple. He got hurt again. Great great great Cranium treating trading at per sec Freddie called on I. What's the genius part of trading drop low per second round pick based on what you soft from Rob Lowe in the five games in San Francisco how is that genius. Each other. Lady what are you all didn't. Get it out. I. Expect apple were to play. If I had to let it didn't help. To make a play. It gets say that you're here it there's a scenario at least in your mind Friday sit and it may be disagree but it rob blower here in the playoffs and Brady went down. I could still make the case the patriots Lee's get to the super bowl of Brian Hoyer is the back up they're not make it around a pretty gets hurt next week against the chiefs titans are bills on happening. Upbeat it is the ball. Or are generally got. So we've got up but it does it ought to act. It. But that's not genius spreading that that is being back into a corner and that is. Trading him for a lesson you could have gotten genius to me Fred because we have different words we have different meanings of the word genius. You wanna call Belichick coaching genius to Jia out advice you could do that. The genius will this case would have been trading Rob Lowe the motion could last year at the draft. Get a one loss shop around Cleveland New York. Arizona lost their quarterback today are routed around around get the most you can't that would be genius. Or closer to genius even that and pillaging it's taken an asset in your maximize the football. Genius to me is not trading of for a second round pick. The data for the trade deadline not shopping him around and not getting the most from the outset. And based on the five games he's played Sampras Cisco. It's the exact opposite of genius. Valley people wanna give Belichick the credit the Freddy wants to improve the trade that will feel unite and you can talk about. You'll why they did it. And Mike here as well what they did it to separate Cisco life's not Cleveland was not eighties other places that's fine. I we all agree on this part. Trainer for second round pick was not genius there were plenty teams needed a quarterback they were buried there are teams are very interested Cleveland specifically. And when you factor in how he looked. Holy smokes I would not. PG he's he's the best coach in the NFL. He might be the best coach of all time. I'm not going genius level. When it comes trading of for a second topic. All of you need to talk about would you would 6177797937. Here's worry is a genius though with a great on make her. When you compare him to other executives in the NFL. Compared to other moves teams are making keys Albert Einstein. Ben Franklin. He's Thomas Edison level brain react to parted teams like on all these Cincinnati Bengals. We'll get to that with your phone calls coming up at Mott at night's Sports Radio WE yeah.