Did Robert Kraft force Belichick to trade Jimmy Garoppolo? 12-28-17

Mut at Night
Thursday, December 28th

Hour 1: K&C Producer Ken Laird is in for Mut and discusses whether Kraft forced Belichick to trade Jimmy Garoppolo.


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Please please Monday night. The world cares about John Dennis and yes a lot of guys greener and disposable income is in people want to admit that it was growing. I think we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it usually. Not. It strikes me that there is a tremendous amount of people talking over one another. At. The unpardonable sin in my estimation is people talking over one another to the people at home have no idea what you're talking about. So baffling him with my. Carey night on next week you need are they are full they wanted to Thursday. Buck free heart Freddie Bradford DO Ford and these are anyway this they can get worse if they just send them to anything else that David Keller civil and this too which this pathetic I think that's sock puppet so candidate would how to lose producing title the worst lap I've ever heard ever I there and any station ever in my life that is on that perfectly bad now. Here's my. Talk Sports Radio telling you we. I getting the day the eighty perfectly that indeed nothing going on around these parts today Afghan Laird and for the ball and I'll be back tomorrow at 6 AM. Unsure of veto will be we had a little look handshake on Dino is way out. I'm Tito says he hates at least 1 member of the morning crew that's in tomorrow he said I didn't specify do that could mean me. We shall find out a couple of disclaimers before we start as is my lot in the young life I am a divided a man. Part of course producer for keynesian morning in the band for noted submitting it sock puppet. Senior producer though I am part management which means I get that pushed some people around here just the underlings. But as part on air guy I've got to take orders from people balmy as wells a long story short here's what's been decided. We are going to table for the most part the deal reaction until 8 PM tonight when my buddy Chris Curtis joins me. For the real Cain NC a real radio will be on for eight tonight tonight we'll go through the last couple days of all things John Dennis the locked out to show this afternoon we'll Ford shell. And that mostly because. Let's face it curses afraid of Dino and did well when a committee here at 6 o'clock so kill us strolling near eight. And you know the rookie at C is pretty hot pretty hot for prime time this is the prime time. So I promise you hang around you come back in eight partisan battle died in an ideal experience this week it'll play some of the its from the fall ball on the number one. No road show the market day the nation he Kirk in Cali and morning Sheila speaking of that how does it Mike quick reaction in muted the normal get a quick reaction. I'll why he walked out of the mossy Bradford Dino 2 o'clock today went into it in depth. Multiple characters as you point out why he walked out. The words and phrases do you look at coming back to describing a debate in the morning show Wednesday were garbled mess and valueless. Best meaning the audio because people were talking over one another in the audience couldn't understand editing valueless I think because. He said it was a political debate when nobody would Blige. I personally couldn't disagree more with the all those two fundamental points we'll talk more about this tomorrow on short. I'm dean was on a ton more radio and that that I haven't been in the business of course a long time I just disagree I thought the over talk was fine very mild in comparison. To our normal and Kirk and Kelly and apart from the mossy busting chops a little bit which the mossy does he is an expert that the mossy can deal with the best of them. And the debate I thought was pretty good I didn't think it was valueless at all I thought it had quite a bit of value energy intention to show went up. From the first hour hour two when they got to the politics not everybody can do that and do well I thought it was entertaining. Personally. I can't Laird political talk is not great so we stick in the sport bubble when I'm on. Pretty much forty McKenzie or out champ O'Toole. When I'm on this program for might ignite but it's a Dino disagrees the show I'd value he lefty was back today. I think he's back in this tomorrow. To use Jerry's favorite word fascinating I think that's what will be myself trainee and Roemer in als for curtain Khaled tomorrow. As has been decided we talked patriots first year on hold for sports WEEI on Mott at night's. This has been a pretty interesting week in patriots. Talked from the standpoint of I think the height of Jeannie G trade remorse at stake in the week he was traded before talked a lot about the deal and the parameters that. But we've got to see him get to see Jimmy G play on multiple times down including the win over Jacksonville Sunday. It really wants something when you kind of look at the rubble performance. Opening drive touchdown against that tough jags. QB sneak in Brady fashion gated in. And then the raw apple started to take command of that game the quick release which everybody talked about when he was drafted. Pretty good running ability elusive in the pocket. Deception with some fake pitchfork so I don't touchdown on the Ron might not showing the leadership the Brady out mannerisms did throw a pick. On eight hit the ball in the end zone but the numbers for hurrah apple Sunday 21 of 3242. Yards. A 102 point four quarterback rating to passing touchdowns one rushing the niners were dead lifeless now they have 25 points or more in three weeks in a row. And drop lonely you know for no. Who would know sort of last year. One and a half now anyways who's like six you know it is and it's the Korea as a starter looks to be the real deal for sure. So. Now you've seen it for a large chunk. The reality that the October 31 trade of GBG. From New England to San Francisco being pretty bad deal terms straight value of that realities it started set it he looks like he saw the if not. You know people thrown out when a top ten top fifteen quarterback already in the league. More interesting note to be perhaps. The scuttlebutt behind the scenes at patriot place that there was a disagreement in direction. Of where things were going out of get a chance to pull this. Greg Bedard from the Boston sports journals on brand X yesterday. And he had a couple weeks ago he had a report. That others later doubled down on in terms of the Guerrero stuff. As far as bear hall for Barack below parents say this without getting in trouble while Parker we gonna get a get a couple of may you know. Let's just say that I think. More things are gonna come out about this tree in the circumstances around it after the season. And that was there him talking about. The hall for GBG cell. We're gonna find out more in the offseason he wouldn't go any further which is. I guess means Greg and have a totally buttoned down but enough to throw it out there is little carrot more going on behind it we're gonna find out more about this trade. And why they only got a second round pick from San Francisco the offseason. Which means a couple of things that he could mean. Something in the rubble as background or off the field incident locker room incident I doubt I would take that to mean. Disagreement. On top. High reaches of management AKA Robert Kraft got involved. That's my guess. For one of like yeah I guess the few times in the Belichick era ever been a guy came in wanna Super Bowl and you're two Roland. It was very much different then ideally if that adds up the trailers for the two bills thirty for thirty series that Belichick Parcells stuff. And we start compare that to ourselves a hole error was defined by meddling from Kraft much different Robert Kraft. God it was in debt. New owner. Ought to groceries Parcells didn't like it they came to a disagreement. The Belichick era he runs the show craft does not get involved he's just happy guy behind the scenes. But in this case. What shocked you. What it if Robert Kraft said bill this time I'll put my foot down Brady is staying. We're trading a problem we can't have it both ways to get what you can now October 31 moved again. Robert Kraft made the decision to trade you DJ. And maybe Belichick was dead against it or maybe he was only half against that I don't suggest but this would explain a couple things if true liberal. No doubt the trade appeared rushed. Right it was panicked. Was on prepared by Belichick Ian standards which he he never reasoning I got poor value in return after all the first and fourth. And she after stuff it was strange. Number two telecheck gushed about the rubble after the trade. Right. Like. We have the audio I think I'll vote Belichick. In talking about a great person Jimmy is replace. A time of little clip but often does this happen or Belichick is just that rambling on about. A lost lover that got away he'd need beats how much he appreciated rumpled stability and it was off the stuffed him. I followed that up for your remote but you know an a topic that. They had already traded Jacoby percent. Who wants earlier so how could that possibly have been the plant something obviously change behind the scenes. Or other field I guess you'd say Brady just depressed and and they they switched his organization. But you don't trade both your backup quarterbacks the entire wolf pack two months apart something happened. More evidence to craft was responsible. Well maybe the Guerrero stuff I mean telecheck is possibly acting irrationally after the deal you can make a case he's being vindictive now. Brady. You know with this guy Guerrero OK Brady one. So Ahmet take Guerrero away from the road trips as a punishment I don't necessarily buy that was might but to a lesser extent. You can't see Belichick trading Jimmie to San Francisco out of the conference. Because he knows. He's good beat it wanna face and any time soon idiocy. All this goes into evidence as to why Belichick was forced to make this go. Let's see any crap to each other there's you know it's it's a huge blow out but let me ask you this. It's the point. If you find out this is the case if the dart is hinting at this was a Robert Kraft trade. I ask you patriots fans at 6177 tonight 7937 here on mark and night. Would you be OK with it with Belichick being overruled in scrap metal. They want you to cook the dinner at least they'll let you shop for some of the groceries. Right in finding this would India like the only I can't even think of another time where Kraft really medal but whose side would you be on. Crafts or Belichick if that's what the dart is hinting at and that's what comes out. There's been enough Jimmy G remorse this week on the station after the trade I know I've heard from some fans in the station that would take. Belichick's side or at least it appears they would matured it was presented in quite that way. But in terms of people saying how could you let the next great when you go how could you let the raw apple logo that position in this sport for so little in return. I suspect the average fan I think we put up pull outs when the show put Paula about this. You know what in hi so what should they have done. A lot of people vote for keep the bulk but they couldn't keep the ball. So factor that they could not keep them both it was not possible talent it was dead rattled that a year and a half ago. We started discussing this last offseason did you see it coming. And everybody tried to bend over backwards to make case yeah you could franchiser for 45 billion from one year they'll find a way to do they couldn't they could not do. So they had to choose. If Belichick didn't wanna trade drop below that meant he was. I think seriously considering trading Brady at the end of the year. We've already got the sound clips of you know when they drafted drop will we know hold the agent. Status of forty wrote quarterbacks told Tom is eccentric centrist you know was on his mind it's been honest. And then of course you get into the Belichick legacy stuff did bill wanna show he can win without Brady my theory has been. Like Belichick said several years ago I'm not gonna be Marv Levy coaching in my seventies that actually Belichick's thinking more about his son's. In giving them a great quarterback to start their legacy but either way. Pretty pretty clear bill love Jimmy he's gone somehow he was convinced to do it he acquiesced. Kraft one if indeed he was at the Helm making that decision. Personally. I would back Robert craft a 100% there. If that's the case even though he metal and you trust bill. He doesn't interfere often ultimately this is the crafts team and legacy is well and I got to think craft and Brady with the importance now you factor in. Amplified by the perception he didn't have his back during the fleet gate you can understand why Kraft would say Belichick forget it keep a break. This guy was just super one PP eight the came back from 25 points down you think Iraq was gonna do that. Brady is gonna be the regular season MVP this year how can I possibly come back in 2018 adding traded disguise. This is Michael Jordan that we had I am not gonna be Jerry Reinsdorf. Breaking up the dynasty too soon that is not going on migration. I would got a little further if they're gonna go all in here as it seems they you have. To win now. You protect the dynasty furthered you keep garrote blow through the end of the year. For insurance that traded in the off season in to get a little bit less. But dragon and trade and you'll get something for that would got less. But now there's still a chance you see Brady go down in the first playoff game and Brian lawyers coming out to finish it out. And that would be a bloody scene I would wager Jimmy G right now the waste played as if the Cisco looks like he could take this team. And he would crawl Cologne to win the AFC. Jimmy G as an emergency for a team built to win now would have made more sense to me than continually. I was in look into the future but this is a second round pick now that's got a sinking by the way to cure to a sift Cisco keeps winning self. They got to pick though that ultimately they can replace the quarterback they're gonna have to use a quarterback to help them. Draft the next guy as well followed craft side in a nutshell. Forego the at the calls on this though 617 sevenths and 97937. To argue with myself for a second. Here's the possible doomsday scenario. The passer on buying. They come off the bye week. And like last year against Houston Brady is lawful status as a bad game. I don't know who they would you know faced this year looks like Kansas cities the favorite right could be Baltimore though. Also those teams have shown they can win come to Foxboro win. Do I see on January 13 not a server but let's play this out would say Brady like last year is that eighteen of 38 in a candy is the Texans at first playoff game. QB rating was 68. So. That would be reminiscent 2010. If it happens that loss to the jets. With the jets cannot confuse them. And it's a Brady few quarters you're going and now this year course no adamant to bail them out and help make adjustments. Eighty raucous start taken away kudos. If that they lose you know what you know exactly how this has been good to appear in terms of the Jimmy G remorse. Then Brady will have a five game. Sample word he's been. Good. But a little off by his standards. He's got what picks out five straight games. And that it will be. All of what five games on a decline he's gonna be 41 next year. Even last year he would play a full season. Lot of people criticize the first half of the Super Bowl. He was heart. Guerrero is on the outs craft intervened in blood Belichick he is is guy Jimmy drop well I mean that that will then reach fever pitch. So what appears like now. The drop lower remorse is that it's nice but it will be even worse if that's the case. But bottom line if it happens are you going to be ripping Robert Kraft for getting in Belichick's way if indeed that is what's. Been going on as the dart hits and it certainly would make sense if that was the case. They had a difference in vision and they had to hit it midstream and say we're just taken a week and get all of a sudden now garrote low. Is alleging the end the Bay Area. On fire 61777. I seven I 37 at ten Larry this is much at night. Full recap of the veto stuff coming up at eight with a Chris Curtis also going to be checking in with Jerry do lack of Pittsburgh post gazette at seven he talked to James Harrison. In the Steelers. I'm on the stills locker room on over the phone and nobody else has talked to Harrison yet he got some quotes about. Remorse perhaps or why he left eccentric centrist so was itching conversational talk to Jerry it's an insight on that. And at 7 o'clock couple calls in your quick for the break Joseph the car starts us off tonight on muck at night I jumped. Hey guys hey listen don't cut short sweet I think that the plan. I think this kind of plan that. Kraft and Belichick out there again thinking they want to. Rob Lowe. Working as a starting quarterback. Probably another year to you know brazen daylight you know what I'm done it yet assertion we win the Super Bowl this year. And if that occasion and you could want to leave. Bigotry and the hometown kid back home on the back in the segregated. And then waited heading we're gonna get to we're gonna get grow up will backed. You really believe that you know obviously he's got that data for other cynical about three weeks now and I truly believe that what the plans will be. Brady you'll get another suitable. Maybe you'll get MVP. You know no between him Belichick or break a few more records so you know project could be yelled currently at court a coach. And then actually know they're gonna go up the sense that you'll get one chore you know it gave this ghostly player's hometown. He's already godlike. So we'll go to war hometown. Be treated more like regard retired. You know and and god knows what he'll do. Well I mean it's a theory that I've heard. I can't seeger that's real promise for drop to make a Miguel and animate come back it up we can actually become stars at the Disco what's your parcel and you and you haven't success. And if if the niners offered him the money to date you know. They could easily absorb match would what the patriots and offer an it course Carcillo Brady this will be played at two or three years that's. The odd part about this whole thing I just had to disagree Robin Quincy here on Monday night with ten layer filling in are out. You can went up on the polo torque so far he's but he. Tiger you're Tiger Woods look crap and influence the you know them especially in a move that they had to make I think. No you go with the horse has I think these I think we're not gonna back to come through. Come to an end and in the next couple years then he got he got a big piece Brady you can act real low after Brady. Grapple goes too far. Included. Career where he wanted to stick around that long and I I think you just move them accidentally get sick in which he can rebuild the great. Thanks the call Robby out and I just thought you gotta be a year too late on this when you cannot be that the franchise that lets Brady Gil. Even though it's it's tough for you know last three weeks have been tough they have it from a value point of view they got hosed on the deal. And they just gotta have to eat it. And a bad thing to eat the watch Tom Brady go for number six the tie Jordan. What you can't be run store he can't break a dynasty too soon I wholeheartedly agree maybe this body to debate I don't know. It just seems to me that. If this is what happens and for the first hog unit Kraft committed a sand. Belichick take a backseat if it's going to be a big story. Maybe it's more 9010 in favor of Kraft old people back and we'll find out I guess. They support calls as coming up on moderately six or seven senate tonight seven and 37 talk about the James Harrison signing as well debt. And more quotes from. San Francisco they're just continually gushing about how good. Rob Lowe is on her prayer wrote a piece today Sports Illustrated interview geology who brought some of those quotes well what I continues here on Sports Radio W yeah. It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We EI. Not a lot of respect Jennings needs I've been yeah. Perhaps they give us an important thing he'd get about. 49ers get a good player. It's a good person. And I get great teammate. I hit the court that can get a good coach his career moving forward and talented individuals. Great person a hotel that was completely. Again have a tremendous amount of respect for him. That's sound still remains unbelievable unbelievable. From Bill Belichick alerted for months at night ugly. Like about the trade drop lol how good he looks six and analysis starter and whenever Jacksonville this weekend in the theory. Got a ticket is back at Kraft stepped it. Greg Bedard hinted at that I think yesterday a brand X I'm just put the piece together. This was a craft production he stepped in and made that I'd Bill Belichick trade he is future Jimmy drop low or son's future. In the gushing continued I Albert prayer wrote a piece in Sports Illustrated SI dot com interview with John Lynch the niners GM. And this is what Belichick holds it at three that would take ten minutes to get the deal done or something lynch said. Lynch elaborates on what Belichick told before the trade was consummated quote. Bill beyond thinking this it was a special football player's body was a special person and he's just said you're gotta love the player guys respond to and quote. So this is Belichick is they decide James Harrison you get like three words of errors all seem to try and out. Which is ending about anybody but for this this hurt him to the course at all. So I'd be on if he came down to Odyssey craft one Belichick I don't know if he felt. The conviction he had to be seen Brady doing like what do we do actually trade Brady after the year. It sounds insane. Ball with the way. The way Belichick talks about a minute and and it the performance on the field they obviously like a very very going to wait do you side with Kraft for stepping in this case if that's the what action doubts excellent seven cents and 9737. Will real quick in honor of my. Who built this empire. Or some would say sold a simpler but adding we need to watermark. I think I just need to mention this headline distrust. Quick story out of England. Atlanta reads quote. Study shows alcohol makes people more racist by acting as an in nighter to prejudice. People to games all becoming clear here and when he seventeenth when he said the team wants them. Well let's go to where is next year chemicals go to Neil in Connecticut next apparently an ideal. And to go guys are you. I just want to talk and all grown up orbiting Iowa I have to agree with the last caller. I think Kraft and Belichick wanted him to get some starting time. The knowledge he let them work out as cause. And when Brady is ready to hang up the cleats. Are gonna go back and get Jimmy back. Well what does she what if Brady doesn't hang up the cleats for like 23 years you're saying they're gonna finally a trade forum. I mean I depending on who well is out there I mean who. If you think about it all going to be entering the draft out of college in two per year. Yet he knows he. Route all route all hopefully by vanity explain the way then about a week. I mean. We're probably be the next best thing out there on the market. The report near there was a report that he sprinted to the airport after the trade right that he didn't see I mean. I think it impression he hated it here but and certainly didn't feel like he was gonna make a promise that I'm coming back I no matter what success I have up there you really believe that. I I honestly do I I honestly do I think. I mean I'm not saying that garrote all sat down live crab in bella checked and said you know trade you eight or two or three years and I'll be back. Life. I I don't know I did double Boni bill now we'll see Jimmy G back in a patriot. Go to great summer listener and a great. Candidate on that get up in the morning anyway. Think that it probably crazy eerie but that probably just created those guys thinking that brought closed gonna come back but that. Could it be any chance that. You know crap all fell checked it betrayed brought low. And Belichick said screw it I'll trade and he's my guy let mom and follow on after this season I'm gonna go out and you know try to take that job and then there's got. Which sounds crazy but you not I know a lot of people that. They'll check Wyatt says cement his legacy after Brady Rockwell and you know what better way to US. Than acute go to different team and win while Brady's the only cat. Self rule out create nods not to be honest I agree Greg is not as crazies TBG coming back here I don't think either that lightly but I would I could see that especially if he's ticked off that. That Kraft forgetting for meddling for some reason or Guerrero for taking over eccentric. Right to bring I don't understand that you know they've been talking about the last couple it did. Like E*Trade emperor for pennies on the dollar economic needs to call gotten a few other you know probably better options by by clients and other teams not each other out. You know. The weird thing is just that you said screw it I'll I'll I'll send them herb you know. Practically nothing and you know that that's in any chances that he's not totally worried about his future in New England. In other could be something else played by. Well not yet it. Hey Belichick's on some odd things like resigning from the Jetsons you know they asked taken the job it would it would be such a heel turn. Like Harrison thing and Harris is pretty much washed up as a player he's it would talk about it and it will. Come into the Steelers like Pittsburgh's going crazy about losing James Harrison one to grades if Belichick went to San Francisco to coach a problem. Well the reaction here be like getting. Picture I guess in ruinous legacy that's probably stretch. Maybe some people would feel like he had cause to go but yeah I bid. Be Smart thing to do if you're gonna trade Rob Lowe and fallen did it add value forty point he pulled off. Andrew renewed interest coming up next here on them Dieter. And got denied embodied the well there are narcotic Craig period McGwire and I've been watching a lot of trick or eat it and. He's kind of buried Peyton Manning act again. I think if you let him study under Tom Brady after studying under Peyton Manning it is for a few years all Brady. Our jackets Kenyan I'd do a good that it can do. A lot of great things in the week just by watching them play got Smart guy aren't you got the mobility kind of just like awful. I don't know I when I watch I UCL more than I had a sure injury looks panel big clunky and a streak and Ronald that the drop blows. More shifty mobile quick release that doesn't seem like simian to me I don't know. My own opinion jerks like that and the alert morbid big and clunky tab. Senior laden go all out he loved to play action patent and he had a mind of Payton man you would. Eat out the audible to the checked out Doug Beaumont and all those things you couldn't study under Brady and Belichick. I think that you can do great things out there was he free agent let's let's. Yeah he's got a year left on the contract and create an acrobat well. Odd look at Denver radio and all they've been saying that to try to dump it out and it is here because Denver. Crappy show right now when it comes every nerd so I. We'll keep an eye on like it's say that that's sciele moderator but. At some what they've got to get a quarterback whether it's the second round pick they got back they need to draft one I suppose Belichick could go for the next crop of I eat kind of know after a couple years old you Trevor seen in from what I've seen them look fine. John in Maine next here on Monday night with Ken Laird in Fulham man I jot. Marion won't all I think it notes and on our site in the our on our backs. Are they hearing you know about tech's stated great quarterback you only on one. Equity securities they are ready ready. And got it you know what a locker room and bad about him RT declare early and that they're right there the hour and. Apparently the Montana I mean he sees it he's an old account maybe doesn't ready I don't know. Right and and you know I'd back. Craft a 100% if they lent his call I mean. A bad Tom Brady still better to have that we you know I would affair and love to see him eight years retired in England so that's where the fire because on me. Even even if he's won a done so it's egos out looks bad the playoffs you're still not in a call and in much over the Summers and change your mind. We're ready. Rock blues numbers right now 1268. Yards passing. 98 point nine quarterback rating 69%. Completion percentage. I don't see him sign the deal though he would had to have tagged him for 45 million. Guests traded Brady. Gotten would you for Brady I don't know. First and fourth similar to. Which could've got for Barack apple. If you'd defeat done last off season. And then you would have hoped that you could have signed Jimmy G here for a long term deals that little bit of problem that theories while. I'm more on this Kirk blows like run through the college that lined up David Pete that mark will get he would hang in there one line opened at 617 cents and 9797. We Bogut the Pittsburgh perspective on James Harrison busy editing left in the tank Jerry do like to talk to on the phone last night. But the Pittsburgh post gazette joins us top of the hour I gently ever going all sports chapel pool was in tonight for Monday night on sports rated the media. Recapping their. Yeah. It's the bills tend to show. You're crazy things with the jets on the way here and on the way out whose strategy here. I'll check immediately established through new head coach of the jets. I decided she resigned as. You got to know this room is useful. Like you don't. Together together in this. Bill for a moment and really aren't that. I got some of the trailer for us to build something. That's coming up I think he. In January much or socialist and air looks pretty good. And some of the background there of legal back to the giants Lawrence Taylor saying nation and emotional Belichick gulp talking tonight on Keller by the way inform and night. Here until 9 o'clock Chris Curtis joins me for the real can't see it eight's. We will address in full the Dino situation. Last couple days here but we're talking patriots and what appears to be a developing story I mean I guess I'm reaching here I'm I'm assuming it's the story that Robert crafts. Ordered the code red you'd trade Jeannie E*Trade and now we're keeping Brady. Putting. A lot of are trying to get the tea leaves here that this was you know out of character of the lack of value you have. Greg Bedard saying there's more to restore order to find out soon. It would make a lot of sense if this with the case and it'll Parcells and Belichick there heiress sort of defined by meddling and not Natalie actually it's interesting if that would indeed be the case and just ask the question. If indeed crack gun fall would you support him. And one of the collars adolescent suggested may be Belichick would leave and go to sipped his go to coach Jimmy geez so dodger of their leading the jets. And that's ancient history at this point but. On. Is still the most interesting patriot story of the year has been nick rumpled trade at this point passed the course the comeback in the super bull. And operating winning another ring but. This week teams Harrison's been adequately to the calls Ramon we're gonna talk to Jerry do lack the top of the hour from the post gazette he spoke to James Harrison yesterday. The former steeler linebacker another mercenary coming into the fold of we cared a lot of bullets and Martellus Bennett's. And that Pittsburgh is I know from. Some of my former colleagues are used to work there and covered Harrison basically covered the entire. Piquant Harrison error I was on the full time Steelers beat the 0620 fourteens and a pretty well but the Pittsburgh is lit up like a Christmas tree with them. This departure in the turncoat and I'm sure it's an extra delicious for pats fans the watch. He really started take off and 07. I I know pretty well as a player in those days not as well lately but. Any help I definitely think on a short term basis he. He can keep at least ten snaps a game help her pass rush and set the edge he he lost a step for sure the other part of bringing an end they'll. Is so I can't say I don't well that well personally and interviewed abolish the years but never get a good sense of guy. The off the field stuff he's no Angel he was accused of hitting his girlfriend after an argument in 2008 James Harrison. Broke down the door Stoller cellphone that they were guarding I guess about that sizing their son at the time Dan Rooney the elder mr. Rooney defendant bizarrely. Said that what he does tried to do was well worth it but it it kind of ties you know last year we had the Michael Floyd siding. Mr. do you Lionel initiative bring Harrison and so. I don't see much of a downside to bringing Harrison and except if you believe the character issues that still a concern the domestic violence which is ten years ago at this point. I guess there's a bit of risk there are a lot of people product of people stuff. But he's got to come in and I mean I think he's just gonna be a bit player it's overblown a little bit but the more fascinating part of errors in stories just fallen Pittsburgh guy we're talking about. The legacy in Belichick's legacy in Pittsburgh this is Paul Famer potentially. Who as it's according to some of those players trashed his legacy is former teammates. Policy and others into its percent it's been a bizarre tweets of the week. Was ripped through some callers they'll before being Jerry do elect on David in the car talking about the craft involved and if there was some I did it. I don't think they can call god I'm glad this is such a story about Jim legal lawful because. Happened yet quote your physical and I mentioned this is they make sure that a lot or they get trade in the east and Eastern Conference. You what I'll do to the west initial Belichick wanted. This kid needed playing time before it comes in the morning and welcome to New England guys. Brady get every he went and others who bubble that's given braves got a lot of talk on the firm believer that if Brady would support all this year which. I believe 99.9 percent Betty well. Q well retired. Incredibly accurate in 1 thing I am what went Lynn. You're saying Brady if he wins is retiring this year despite everything he's said in the broad goals coming back. He wants a lot of thought Brady won't mark a lot without winning a super ball he. You want to have one up on pink mini and employment outlook by the way you win a Super Bowl this year at the basics Super Bowl. Eight appearances so well nobody else has done it. This guy is not stupid as market says he wants to play for another four I hit let's be realistic raise a very Smart guy and well. I Gisele is got to Zell to that would be the stronger argument but I might counter that would be. He can't retired now he's got TB twelve he's got to be the guy that plays the 45. I don't I don't see him gone out this year I guess that's the third caller who said. Garrote was coming back a I just don't see that people delusional that he dropped wheels coming back here that that's the consensus. That is not happening Pete is he stated IP. Going on a warrior excellent. Welcome back mr. that this it's got a ton of vacation I think January 3 on the shore. What circuit full authority should via ambulance takes the ice backing on Sundays and it also you know back. Love that guy who's a little bit Sunday. Hey you know I just you know people it's great people are looking. Public power brink he's got no we talked about it. But it utility Grady. On the morning that boycott to cook. 15 rubles notebook class act all the way to you can kind of reflecting pink O o'clock Iraq. Never ever govern the new Dick you're the market across all right let's. Get your gun off my back and I don't want and you can also. You wouldn't you it would have been quite. It just ordered that'll do the job yet writer for the patriot what are you guys only get out of the public I would get the job or nickel let's look at our. Think the dark never looked behind me he doesn't like that. And you know welcome grapple with. Bill I don't know probably one of what I would pay any pertinent pictured in cricket update that I wouldn't pick one or two Opel. What cadre. And I would hate groups of rebels for giving problem that three. Right where I'd go so that also went six. It will not support he could talk you look for double helix. They went six with six it was six with two different quarterbacks and want what they'll likely yeah and we all want OK now what he's here he's coming and coming. Not to mention Brett not to mention Pete Brady becomes Jordan he's all time best player ever ready sport. It is in like an and I take a look at what you can edit many greens and Michael Jordan's. Well what are welcome ball. NFL support championships. And it makes it just didn't get your ticket to look back at your superstar. The puppet you you're you're different Marie Cuban or you might win or luck and welcome local Olympic ice we'll look at the pinnacle work. Thanks for the call Nat and all little necks that you're on. They've been pursuing that. So my my point that I. I'm kind of questioning the whole premise of this discussion in the fact that Russia in your thinking that second round pick for a backup quarterback. Is that value. And so in the last time that any protection and backup quarterback first second round pick I think we've lived. In that area of the correctly for warily circle around a lot of good picks there. It is just a draft pick. I think of the courts and shock heard reports and put equity give good value and in order to get a good player and dress. What do think they did the deal and ten minutes that. That until you just just on its face value they could have got more than it did called one team and got the deal done in ten minutes. I think that obviously you know you're gonna have to do. Contact a lot of different teams in their situation interpret that that in the offseason. I think they had to work on in terms of what they could cut it could get her rock loans in the different form I mean. I don't know what the reality was we is on the phones only Belichick I guess we'll know that but. If this goes down in history is grapples tent pop and quarterback for the next ten years nobody's gonna look back in the trades in second round pick was fair value no matter what or who they drafts in around two or more in for a the atop the Al markets in New Hampshire I'm mark. My god everybody's smoking crafts. Chrome probe that guy just talked about all that's good by duke. Don't really get awarded a three hour an chapter it in aren't being so notes. You got to take that I did that guy dubbed Trevor suited for the Broncos don't. Oh my god what an idiot and this is talking about all grew up close coming back would not. He's not coming back. They wouldn't let him go don't franchise tag and all of lit the first six year deal I didn't want people smoking tonight I like god I like the sixteenth is considered a year. Everything else is great. All right supposed to go back to two on the evidence the evidence is yet. Kraft put the quad he's on Belichick got it checked what I want to keep proper role. Period that's why they were entertaining indeed any was gonna trade Brady that he was gonna treat me. Well it was going to be ready to retire. If he didn't think he would get retrieved. Lisa I agree yes that's gonna happen Kraft stepped in and I'm not a date did you end up beyond brilliant I'm happy yeah. And holed that one guy all wanted one more Brady's super ball to the general possibly racial grapple forget that guide our crack. And and he's like he's lightly. They kill me because they're gonna take all we want one more but yet it. And for years we've all will be you'll have a quarterback and your looting and it got where should have never. My god. Brought you patriot energy kill me. Mark in New Hampshire I can't Larry this is my night we roll on we'll get some Harrison perspective keep these calls going London Jimmy gee you know after we talked to Gerri do elect does James Harrison had any luck in the tank. Did he quit in Pittsburgh some bizarre. Reports from his old teammates there he'll talk to New England media tomorrow. The only guys socked him the last couple days that was our next guest that's Jerry do like Taylor trending and it'll bring Jerry on this is my night on Sports Radio to be.