D&K - Boston Mayor Marty Walsh joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd

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I joining us on the line right now is the mayor the city of Boston mayor Marty Walsh mr. mayor how Oreo. Good eye opener we're doing great thank you you know mayor I said this all the years that that I've been doing this not and there's not a voice among us who doesn't. Have a connection with cancer in some way shape or form not only do you have up a connection with cancer you have a connection with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Could you were treated there as a seven year old back in the day. I lives that that last seven I support on all my. A childhood cancer and Barack have fallen I have it. The survival rate wasn't that high. You know is you know our orbits at case against bird beginning at. Data file which you besides that my lights were long children's hospital and prayers and had a connection that's great servers absent. I meet in the work that you did not every one story like mine where it turned out to be a good one. Put it it's amazing that it actually the are so many people are treated. Back in Robertson and so much of the progress that's been made fighting cancer has made right here in the scope and so Eric. I Clark thank all the people don't make. Years never know. I'll need it in robberies ever acknowledge that people where they treat everybody and what the you know. A millionaire billionaire all you you don't have great they treat everyone the same people there are incredible. Can you believe the advancements that have been made you know not just the seventies because if you take the early 2000 in in knowing what that what the doctors knew then. Compared to what they know now it's of that dale an hour talking about. There's a lot more success stories now we we have a lot of you know happy stories that we're talking about where that really wasn't the case not that long ago. Don't actually mean. What I had acted as a battery was set 30%. Avert a all of which are cancer back in the day I want to say are sold snag today. What I would dare even they even bit at the medics and our arch street that sad fact of the matter senator pregnant and radiation peculiar view all reality that happened. It's just amazing what they can bill and it's you know our arts and match of the day and Robert that listens to it to them it wouldn't work at quirky auditor shot as mine about. Mind boggling. Immediate exit trying to help people listen and try and isolate its cell and obviously. Not just tried to open eliminate cancer mean our staple. And it's just amazing and so many people you know that. The Red Sox are year yeah the year yet supporting this great organization that somebody listening today that's probably cry. Because the date they are likely affected by the in arbor. You know whether yet. I'm not all cheeks that awesome. But unfortunately. I'm not sad cases but you know basic Stiller dancing a law needed trying to find out what went wrong. And it. As the mayor of Boston your in a unique position to understand this better than most but. A common theme among many of our guess is nobody wants to have to go through any of this but if you do have to go through it. The city of Boston might be the best place on the planet to have to go through it. I talk to bears all the time in what they talked about it and a lot of ways. Obviously our college university with a TARP what hospital. They talked about you know that so what else fortunate that we are here this city in this region to have out such an incredible place they can Robert here. That's accessible so many people actually in the woodlands that it did that can literally drag or beat it askew. Amid into treatments. You know we are less about it and a lot of place in this country as well. Is it noted Cabrera in it is obviously hospital. Intrigued but not saint and you know we are very fortunate. Back to live in the city I am I'm blessed to be the mayor city. Such an incredible. Medical facility in lake in about. Well you know of anybody not everybody's gonna agree on on every topic but it got to be impressive to see. No matter what your politics are no matter what anything is the city really comes together especially for these two days and into support this great cause. I actually and it got another government on yesterday Rhode Island Democrat. That you know can't regarded camp wouldn't discriminate. It there and hit Republicans Democrat the Democrats are that they have been Green Party or no I did roll world saying that. And yet we have differences aside and and you know to support an organization like this is to work on its mentally would do and how are today. By every day year packages offered support anyway speakers except in I've known it in the last in the last much past couple months here. I'd be free of poor people I don't personally. That have been diagnosed cancer and it was a shock. And it is shock and the first instinct is always very bad we think that something like that and then. In Taba normally treat people buy that helps them. He worked with a psychologically and advocate sort. And in it's it's a big deal I mean it's that they feel. You know who we thought well I certainly gave me obstacles on the outs and get all eight of how fortunate if you pick out the up or you are when that day comes we need you know. Check out or something in his right arm to have a place like the Jimmy Fund. Are you able to go really explore understand your stocks probably not the first time. That they experience. This form of cancer or well all we you have your body. And they have a plan are are out of work on it it in the back that's amazing these talks about lists those. The show law and there you expect the amazing. What we know you break a leg something you wanna talk to get hurt they they they the Baptist and they got there and it starts to grow our topic. On. I'd ask you what is going on with the boycott of Sam Adams. Are some that don't make gamma. I did. I came out the other day and said that now on the boy could not stop it it is it is a slippery slope from me. I think we all got in the summer and providers to get bigger so personal I know that the owner. You know Adams or actual depends with the president. And I don't know peace order threatening one tournament they needed it. And I didn't emote sharing our. Marijuana is always that that would be different now. Yeah I prefer the bare walls we we always appreciate the support and the time thank you very much for being with us here today and we'll look forward talking to you again soon. I'll bet yeah yeah currency Debbie I think you can do that. Equity you've usually shatter here yet they keep or bringing awareness and has itself in such an incredible organization it did you have a lot of it's completely art studio and old acts. I think Utah public embraced it that do that they're amazing they're meeting people. Thanks thank you so much are wrecked.