D&K - BR+A Consulting donates to the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

BR+A Consulting joins Dale and Keefe and donates $5,000 to the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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We mentioned earlier on by the way. That there it's a very generous matching challenge from BR plus they consulting engineers. And they offered to match all gifts this hour up to 5000 dollars. We've done 52000 dollars since the our began pretty so other matching gift of 5000 dollars has been made and we're very happy to welcome and Alan names from. The thank you bill it's a pleasure to be tell me a little bit of electric company and and what it is you guys do. We're consulting engineering company that designs. Mechanical electrical plumbing and fire protection low voltage systems for buildings. And specialty is geared towards. Health care research facilities. Academic facilities in to Ullman. Projects. And you know we're fortunate enough to be. Working in this environment with Dana Farber. We're currently working on the Children's Hospital in new building that's coming up on the ground we did just finished the long and senate projects with for Dana Farber. And we have a lot of projects in that local air including with yeah I deaconess in town on outs emergency department. In other projects suffering wounds hospital and pretty much work. Both locally and nationally and internationally on that type of project so. You know it's part of our. Culture and we're very fortunate to be able to be in the position we're in with a great practice that we have. And being able to give back. We try to do that as an office making sure the wearable. You know give back socially through two different programs and things what did you guys start working with Dana Farber that how that relationship. She's. In a fire who don't work and probably for twenty years we did the yucky sent over there. Those with an architect out of Baltimore. And would that work with them of the sense Wii tennis a planted the act the engineers are working their before. And I would continue that relationship for quite some time so. It's been a great relationship. You know as they said we just finished the they took over on a lot of space in along with senate which is a brand new building down along without. And that's where all the research facilities that have gone in including. Spaces to you know test all different types of things so you know obviously we're in that market we understand. Cancer and and and hospitals and things like that so how to. Helped them. Create space for it to be able to tell accurate and that's who rule book. Alan Ames is the president and principal of BR plus and and other iPad and one attitudes that I can't thank you again for your generosity thank you so much for being a part of this hole and honestly think it is great to see. I've check here. Well for time off I'm athletic and they elect to take money we like to take months so lump in the woods in order to raise this week at several fundraisers in the office. O'Keefe I'm spearheaded that initially and we have a whole team peoples that we. The bowling tournament we have you know social. You know hockey tournament and this is the proceeds from all that so I appreciate you have missed on bullet and before I go to great Earnhardt we will make sure that it to the right hand Allan thank you it's great to meet again thanks so much.