D&K - Bruins CEO Charlie Jacobs joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Owner and CEO of the Boston Bruins Charlie Jacobs joins Dale and Keefe at the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to donate and discuss the Bruins and state of the NHL.

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Charlie Jacobs the CEO of Delaware north's Boston holdings including the Boston Bruins of course the Boston Garden to a to deceive him. Over we got it there we go we got it might gone now. We go there yeah yeah it sound good to see again and you guys have been part of this thing I think. Forever and been so much of this that I think it's a seventeen year this is seventy we've been here all night. And we appreciate it sincerely at it I it's telling Richard earlier about how all the sports teams in this town all. Gravitate to a cause his greatest this one of course of course senses. Special timing here and it's not. It's not for the faint of heart and it's heavy subject but absolutely touches. Lines. Could not be here so. But yet been a part of this for years right at me. Yeah I am I'm at a C 2002. Meeting 2001. Our first year we participated and I've been here since its. I I've got to ask you budget about realistic. Because I'd drive by of the TD garden. And I see this shot him Dick expanse. Going up next door it is an amazing project you guys are working dad no thank you listen it's been. It's been years in the making what you see today it. Live listen there's still a lot of work to be done. But. You know visitors event goers to the TD garden now chassis different experience than say. Erica. And we've had sparking it actually spinning the TD garden itself and an athlete who. Wear the real space is being developed rate card so so lots of new way. I'm some will be done this October for for upgrading of Bruins and Celtics seasons. And and the majority of the work will actually. The complete. During during the season itself by next October. But so be easy to get in and out for people all the games yes so. You know if you've been to a garden of antlers Celtic Brunner concert you usually walks or entered the card if you will from. For me to the east and west side of the building and that never really was the intention was built a vigil was supposed right now on the house. And that will become reality is that to you he'll walk right into our station collapsed and he earned weren't real right from. For costly street have to walk back. To that. Yours icing the artist renderings the clubs and a half and the nightclubs the restaurants and end all of the things that are going to be available to people. He you know it's. We really we have a whole project inside the guard itself whole team shoots it as work project delivering call. Best in class point one. And them. What we do internally and talk about it who sets the bar in terms of the game arena experience. I've heard few real in in the week so there's this talk yet they open their new building. As perhaps the best experience in meet her for Q basketball. At Detroit with little Caesars were reset the mark this last summer and we aspire to sort changed that. High bar if you we'll all our different concepts. How do you feel player team Perry you guys have a nice mix of experienced players but all so a lot of youth on the team as well. He's a great mix personally so I feel really good about it. You know we've cuts got interesting pre season coming up again via averaging Gortat and African state year. On Saturday tough for us today it accurately gauge it entirely who's who's now what path back. For the observations of the feedback I've gotten about kids in Providence last year. Or maybe played a few games of province that season is over. We've got some really really really good young kids to him and and I can't emphasize enough and today sprinkle that in with a Ryan those kids that got it tasted it last year. And wonderful where the trees march costs. Of course captain Zdeno scripts juice left in the tank it. Carlo and McEnroe well I'm really dale line I hope you share that sentiment we've we've got angry young team coming. We've won fifty games last year. Like I hate to put pressure I don't know which that are lesson here before you know I think we got something that. In our pot back pocket like that coming up this seat. You mentioned China this was the second straight year the Bruins have. Visited China in the offseason yeah taken players over end and not begun an initiative. You posted teens here. Who have visited. Tell me how this whole thing got started because you guys are really at the forefront of this yellow we were fortunate to have the a big fan. Mr. Joseph who's the chairman and CEO of ORG packing. Who happens to have a residence here in Lexington mass and he is a big hockey fan it's only. And he's been a big supporter of ours were activated here. When I see here talking about what when he NHL they get upset if you talk about actually write that's their territory. But we can talk about Boston they Elsie that's that we talk about China we are planning go to China. And promote the Pruitt Brandon and the national I can easily. You know that's actually in Munich chills market so. There were two teams that went over last year on. At the request of ORG and and mr. Joseph Louis that does not want the brewers come a lot of Rosa Brooks and so we're gonna go we've had some youth clinics there. We've had. Simpson different exercise and fitness programs and from associates that are to come over. And this year were actually playing CC games both sentient in Beijing so. The degree to ten days or in and out but of the fifties culture and I hope. You know much like it too that's the Tenet your caller went to Prague right before. That season at ten elevenths and what happened and I don't know how many good so let's make this a bonding experience let's make this one let's try to rewrite. I should say take it feet playbook now right after what happened when he. I don't know who else to talk to about this I don't like the playoff format and it took a pass that on you I don't like how I feed the division early content to go back to that any chance there which does have that down the road. I just feels like special would that division being loaded at that is. The conference cheated finals. Will really be the semifinals. That's what it feels like the you know. That's an excellent point it's one has been. Let's go talk to carry gather get this done because I feel the same way. It I'd like that one's in eighth seed. I'm I I do feel like you know we we ended up. I'm. This week that Ronald with iron what two more points won't report to us. But it was entirely. In my opinion needs to be reached so. You know I agree one and he in the wild card one disgust about how that goes let's do one day. And and and two at cent for it but that's let's recede afterwards and so highest remaining seat that's where low whisper that's not do this. It. You've got the venerable Bill Belichick down in Foxboro who is the dean but the other three franchises in this town. Have young up and coming coaches slash managers Alex Cora here at Fenway. Brad Stevens with the Celtics and you've got Bruce Cassidy who I think really open semis last year I hate it you know Bruce is. Music it's quite a coach I might think he took a lot from from what this experience was in DC. And it prop and I can't discount of course what he did. Providence at what he's done associate coach here but I tell you what happened the other team that we do I think that the players really aligned with his messaging. And that is so important is when you've got to a young roster like we do you know it's not. And I'm not disparaging and their coaches but he's just it that that sort of messaging that you let's go go go that's quick outs quick that kind of game that. That we want to play and the young guys want plain and I think city to borrow a phrase from my. From one of our over the air podcasters it's that the cardiac kids right and I think we're back and forth back split up and Downey nice. And I can't guess that means if guys if I kept you know I used to a comment about. About some of our broadcasters but hitting base. We it's it's inside joke that's supposed to help but anyways where it's going to be a fun team and I think what's really doesn't line and message well with the kids again. Is that motivation from the other teams in the city if you click for a long time now all fourteen has been really competitive and I guess the data patriots are with a Super Bowl contender the Red Sox have the best record the Celtics. Are the team to beat at least in the east right now it may have had a resurgence the last couple years. It is there any kind of keeping up with the other teams of that motivation at all. You know on tests every year geez everybody's doing so well how much you is that what they of course this mode of speech in town come on where and con petition that discretionary entertainment dollar but. Mean we're always in top I'd like to measure ourselves against you know thirty. Plus other series 31 of the national accurate editing soon to be 31. Only yet another expansion team out west but. Again I mean I but I was so I think people asked who would you do you I don't really watch that matches the other sports I watch. Question at a hockey right now let's shift at time on the East Coast and we're double our game I usually turn outs of the on the West Coast of for a go to bed. I'm I appreciate it the Celtics are wonderful partners the card tonight I love basketball but. Honestly hockey consume most of the money my time during the season as it should Bryant somehow march and April as planned trying to measure how we hear. Against maybe similar club there so I focus on national hockey. Well we've sincerely appreciate your your help here again as always you guys have always been a big part of this and we thank you so much for coming by and and lending your support as you always do absolutely in this I'd be remiss to fight in two if I did mention a few things we are gonna support as we have passed. Level of 25000. Dollar thing. Right and it is here with like to donate to we just lost Stan Lee over the weekend went. I'm Bob Beers. For breast cancer. So we'd like to use donations here in earnings view note in on this. They're probably misses a second day and a gap on this first day 32 via it touches everybody in shapes forms so well with that so. Regard we liked to make this division this year. Thank you so much we appreciated model except it and and our condolences to Bobby and his family as well okay good to see Charlie thank if you don't I'll see you soon. I'll see you in a Orioles right react get away I Charlie ticket CEO of Delaware north's Boston holdings including of course the Boston Bruins and the TD garden joining us here were.