D&K - Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy, former Bruin Shawn Thornton join the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy and former Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton join Dale and Keefe at Fenway Park. The guys talk about Zdeno Chara's longevity, the NHL this season and Thornton's time in Florida working with the Panthers.

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On court now locked into agreement hog of course not but yeah. The headset on right there. We your masters golf shirt on if you do one charity golf event yesterday night where master floating around a cup play there did you. Nineties that. Anything you'd expect better now Raymond told me when he played it it was so much sillier than he expect yeah yeah solutions that TV doesn't do justice at what time did you feel badly it did during the color that take every. I don't ever let it back restaurants coffee shop layout and if that I was able apps America former Rhodes show on parties in the house and it's great to see. You as you had your you're charity golf event yesterday. And it looked like it gigantic turnout. It was awesome again we're very lucky I think. A lot of the same people keep coming back but we sell quick. I think you're 26. Or some say usually cap with point 617. Recent time on im not sure of the exact numbers are yet books. Yeah they're very lucky that I've been gone for months or years down. People still won't vote and I don't play golf in. Nixon money for charity. Garbage around. So come back off that vote as well let's hear as much like yes. Not as much like. Or equity if at and that's where it way to get what you TV to argument here is. He was that the act act let's be taller guys sport and that means here Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy joins us like votes in the minors way way back now which team. Or vote. That was a little while ago. Here are gonna turn and Bruce's headset on you guys. There Leo Sola so was he the same player back then proves that he once with the rose. And that I. Fifth. Know what a tally of votes on it. And never that your had some opportunities to score now that that's a good score goals that don't overlook those I was not eat it and sure enough I think that was ten. Double digits in Boston years layers so. It was the Pope made its worst it was. There's a great Big Brother who we have audio players you don't survive are those type. Leadership. Guys on your team and that's why the market opens on Johnson. Note to new winner and Boston and Anaheim so he goes champion program. Do you think players likes on face the game now there's still room for of terrorists if you can play and was able to do that matter they'll take. I saw that little double. Skills that the only complaint revealed. Played 55 probably contribute to a special teams is. Only kill me in Africa and the power play but the end of the day to believe that 55 important you do to help your team. And and which did make it. Really is on the U treaties. Let's back skate. You have to put weight on if you make a living the way you make that work but if you're one of the people who then and Bruce talked about it. It mattered to you you you will you wanted to accountability from your teammates you demanded accountability from your teammates. Is that hard lined. Sort of straddle air about being a good teammate but also demanding eight we need some from here. I think if you demand the most yourself that you're able to have a conversation with other people out here you know. Package it and just go through the motions you can't call people out but I think if you. Put on yourself to you know give everything you have every day and you put your face on the line some situations and you have. Maybe cart your back pocket you can of course issuance of this that are hockey clearly knew that maybe hasn't given everything they need to enough instance but. The site I think I've always been. You always know where you stand with me there's no real gray area and I. In the walker my wife at that it's the same thing right you just be real have a conversation out the company expects. Personally the offseason particularly in New York division some of the moves those teams and answers straight. That is about to say I think I actually agree with that I think they're one of the beer definitely one colonel surprises are outwardly they finish last year but. Be on the lookout for them obviously Tampa returns based on the walk votes are there going to be strong trauma that's taveras. It does attract a few players before I forget boundaries staples those are the colors for. Comes but I assume that the you know create a world class player. Just force us to view more focused every night so don't think it's about the very good internal competition division. Pass me again Federer differently in the I think we'll be better just from our growth or younger players and so many new players pictures on automatic announcements we have to get across to me you know better your your first but. What the character of those guys so lightly welcome Bach and Stan Hixon and I still believe our chorus ought to do so she should be exciting. Here for division specifically. John you played in Boston where hockey really matters and I you're working for the Florida Panthers. Is that it shorted rolled that same sort of hockey interest in a nontraditional hockey market yeah Florida's and it's on east market that's for sure in any sport and you look at. Washers University of Miami had let him musing on and then there's all those every single night. There's a lot to do for others beaches that sun has golf courses you have to put a product on the ice that people want to. Watched to get the bloat and I think for their now on that as an organization we've. Kind of an inflection point that we were turning the corner and I think our young core is really ready to remove them pills and be tough conversations in the Boston talking about it but I think where. A really good team I think we went people shall all the I think that's all in dues as. I'm curious yeah I guess feel about Bret marsh at Yahoo! Music fan favorite here but yet the sort of put up with some of the stuff that goes on them you're the coach in the view that teammates are different sort of you know ways of looking at it but that's it he can't take all of the the hijinks that like out of his game and halves of the same player or is is that wrong. Well from my perspective. We we loved the performance on the ice. We're working on bride be little more focused on not part of it. With her conversations with a BC you're older you're more mature. And we we feel we'll take steps in the right direction I truly believe that in the last year. He reflected on. Some of the stuff that was talked opponent once put that out of this game behind him but bride like you said hijinks whatever you want to lose if he'll always be a little bit in that his team and I think that helps them we just got to try to make sure that we temperate. And try to get him on that exact just on the edge of that I am and that's that's a difficult chore but that's the task at hand and he asked me first and foremost accepting of that yesterday right I think he's recognized not so. That he's a world class player talent and great teammate. So those are the parts we love a bottom and that those apart from four position for me. Histories players Trojan. Yes Aaliyah that when the winds buckets as people say or do whatever takes to win but will night. I think those same cloth like nothing's off side at all matter and yes that attitude so called high school they are you'll ever to win and that's more Portman and Al's mind. Stan. Can speak with the dealer in every part of Iraq as long as the culprits of the exact I don't I. I look at whatever he's doing he's doing it his heart is in I'm gonna win at all costs. Not everybody's cup law so I respectfully. Bruce there's Seau 41 year old quarterback playing in Foxborough who's the pretty good job and was MVP of the league if they forty year old quarterback. You've got to forty year old defenseman and talk to him about it and he really likes what Brady's doing in and tries to emulated. There are people in this town who say Zdeno Chara is washed up B can't play anymore what is his coach said. Well obviously I think correct he's whatever it's not our best defenseman. Shutdown role. Big part of the penalty kill I think he's still play on the power play we've kind of used other players he would tell you differently he's ready to help protect but it's worked out for us or denotes. It's corporate other people's so there shared responsibility throughout the lineup. But he's got a lot of hockey left now. I know that for a fact he trains. It's hard harder than anybody I know as. It's conditioning through the roof he's trying to stay current with the scheme in the way it's played in workarounds puck skills and getting back on parks those little things that maybe average person doesn't see every night that he's working on. Probably three or four games after we lost though so he wants to have his legacy runs on longer than. Just one more year. Wouldn't put some place for five more years in this league but again that's speculation but we're looking for you not agree here from when these are these early. John I had just to follow up on that. Could you and I've talked about Z is well I saw him this past season. Play an entire two minute penalty killing shift couldn't get off the ice got challenged. For a fight but three minutes into a shift by a guy who's like 67. And he said okay and you gotta do what you gotta do it. It that's not even human now conditions never while athletes here that's for sure he's he's a spokesman for me people. Yeah it's forty ones this image. What has or is that I don't think there's anybody that can do what he does and he's six foot 9255. Pounds. Solid as a rock heats of Smart hockey players well. People who simply want the there's nobody on we'd be happy problem there's nobody believes it can do what he does. On a consistent basis and do for twelve years and you can't take away from them. Ever update yesterday and Patrice Bergeron thing in your own. Way yeah as far as you know we know that he's he's on schedule to start the year with a us. You know of course have some good out between now and then but he's doing great all the guys that were injured frost in the year goes along lists and you progress while we don't anticipate. Anybody been behind. To start the season. Some guys that get more worker pre season and others that that's that's part of the process. The rehab process for right now we're looking to be fully heal theory. Guys the hockey community always steps up and helps out and you guys are are emblematic of that it's great to see both of you. It's Selig once a year and well I guess it gross a lot but I guess that you volunteer down not up here enough. Itself. Real real world and office include applied they burnished shirt and tie and I think us on this and act that guys thank you so much we really appreciate it good to see her phones for his Cassidy head coach of the Bruins former Bruin Shawn Orton.