D&K - Carley Adams, 8, ganglioglioma, Princeton with Amanda Dean, CCLS, MS, Jimmy Fund Clinic, Dana-Farber 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Carley was diagnosed in July 2010 after having seizures.

Her treatment has included surgery and chemotherapy.

Her hobbies include swimming, science experiments, arts & crafts, and playing with dolls.

She attends the Thomas Prince School in Princeton.

Her family includes her parents, Cheryl and Michael; twin brother, Jonas, and little brother, Kyle

About her friendship with Amanda: They like to party, laugh, and have fun. Her favorite memories are playing in the photo booth and their dance parties.

When Carley grows up, she wants to be a florist.

Amanda has been at the Jimmy Fund Clinic for about 3 ½ years, but within the oncology “family” for 6 ½.

Amanda and Carley have had some pretty epic dance parties (she loves rock n’ roll), lots of silly times in photo booths, and countless laughs during arts and crafts, eating lunch and games. Carley makes Amanda laugh every single time she sees her. Carley's mom and dad have also been spectacular to Amanda throughout the years. Cheryl, Carley’s mom, is always up for talking travels and always asks about Amanda and her family. The Adams’ are just a great family who love each other very much. And whenever they’re at the Clinic, Amanda feels like an extended member of their family.

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Rich I'm very happy while men will lamented being she's closest to you yes he's actually. This is Vicki out of that see me. And it Arlen walked Lauren said I'm sticky plaque next up. Well at the I totally misunderstood. It. It's hardly Adams I apologized. Carly Guardia. Did we get the headset out right she she was like given orders around usually hurt residents the apple. Got to the bush wants that now everything okay now currently the head that's the only one sentence. Here. Okay. And goodness are back next week after that I meant to tell me. About Carly here. That car million and one of the most silly fun girl let government. She's a very stronger and I'll. And we have economic. And artwork on radio got clocked. That's just silly. A big big Adam. That involves the most manic. We do a lot of fun stuff it down right dance parties. It's never Carly Simon and everybody axle the life of the party with a bit. I think you'd think. And here. You're not. Phil I mean as an. And iron under the collectors books and partly factory currently. Chickens things she points she's Irish are also virus that helps. I don't know I don't know if it doesn't not woody that Amanda. I. Tell them. What do you that are. Potential votes in his Telus. And. It's. Conditions such barriers. It out and limitless ability and there. And Lawrence Taylor that. Yeah. Are you done I and I hate late at night here in Atlanta there nine years now. You like that microphones there. We might arrange it to just take it home I have recently been battling back and. I think if it did I tell him about some of the fun things in that clinic. There's a science experience to a science. We'll have things you do. Volcano. Now what else what is there. You made slime. Without excellent players a sticky. Read sticky doesn't. Know Larry. He. At Fenway patiently Cracker Jacks. Its lobsters on. If you'd like to sing you can feel predictable bug. You go to the game tonight. Although you don't that's pretty good. It. All we're talking about celebrity here. It is pretty impressive. At alleys and on the sap it's your face. Your billboard. On the highway. What would you think when you go by the highway in NC based on the billboard. He. No I am I don't I don't I thought our network equipment and what what do you think when you go by on the highway in the based on the billboard. Oh. The general luxury and all I know what you're smile on tightening. It's good at the. It's that not your your movement here and I understand from what I'm told. You guys have some some epic dance battles and pro. Am. Woody did to. Certain songs but the pistons. Like with your favorite thing. All right I can only got another. Active I don't know I don't know that Phelps. Let's see that the in the and that man. How to spell the great one and tired of because well like I. Well I think Arnold a lot of let's say hello spells. Yeah. I think and got a load dump out of some of the that ever happened yeah on the telephone. I don't know so tell me and then in all the time that you've been going to the Dana Farber go to the Jimmy on one. Who's your best friend of is that how she got to commit with you today that she's your best friend. She added she had him win the vote in your the only person gets the vote. That's at a bit of what was it like the first time you guys. Yeah and in what was that I can't even remember the last the first time in that he's that athletic clients. And. We're traffic news and it out to be all of us the rest of the day. I had actually gotten any now about currently from a coworker Spalding saying she's gonna be coming over you keep an eye out. And Jimmy I'm very busy just because you are just. A wonderful institute on. Yen as an awful lot like the chance to really need seeking men and she incidents. A force to be reckoned cents in one. You content. You know over the last probably. Applauded not. The a lot. Now yeah yeah. That's decently. But not enough. Condit and now we've been dancing and slime and out there isn't. And it's hurt. Eight year old girl with a recurring brain tumor that how it should be able to keep this positive out she seemed very positive he's seen you seem very happy Ellis. Ted excuse me ten years it'll. So they're very positive yours you're very upbeat points. Could do that but I don't think it would work yeah. If I really there hasn't been mom and dad how little it different. Not yet state. We have to come up at all it they're not your supported you now. Using. Let's see positive. Dance partners I am AC DC. But at that day. Special. I'll never forget that one first in our ever happens around during winter wonder that we have. To weeklong celebration. And we are all these crazy outfits and food yet yes very lion and a currency. A photo and a Carly and looked aimlessly. And will stay. At. You're well that is better you keep your kidney in prison sentence and agree. So you can do ballerina moves now. After I have a higher at the now I it's I understand it when you grow lot if you ever grow while at the union recently senior it and I hope you're instantly when you're at the but you wanna be a war summed it. You like to work with flowers. Well that part of the electorate now. Especially there are certain flower that you like the most out at all. It is thing you learn the. Hours mean. To be at your own boss. They're a pretty. Well. It's. A yes. You have a favorite Red Sox player that's your goal of the game tonight and sitting in the private suite. All thought they we are alive that you met rocket that Jimmy Fund haven't. He he seems to be friends with everybody. Okay. Houston does that force timeout but at the oh I Christmas and now. The good on the rock hall in Chris sailer your two favorite players yeah. Well Chris sales not gonna pitch tonight but I bet you might rob all like I think you might see him to an uncle all of us yesterday and increased sales on this afternoon. These guys walking around any moment now. In my. Yeah. Partly we come back and visit with us again some time. How good heads I get a feeling it's tied it up to you right now Carolina. If I don't think it's the only athlete oracle. It. When I left at about Carly you're already on build words you're never stop shop but right now you're on the radio you were also on television. You could say anything you want right now what you want at well and be ready got a place to buy. I think it back you could almost say anybody want Carly you cannot swear. I don't think I guess. What do you got save whatever you want them they quote anybody what are we wanted to do. Think our neighbors or anybody wants him to. Pretty got to cover that well they'll have to critic well done Carly. Good job could see it grow up those billboards around for a couple Stop & Shop justice your base critic. And flag. At a great to see it thank you for coming in Europe and it was nice to meet you. Are that you sticky. Governor faced a lot better that's good. Night's Carly that you Somalis in ain't unit thing you think you.