D&K - Carmen Hale, 35, metastatic breast cancer, Epsom, NH with Dr. James Tulsky, chair, Department of Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care, Dana-Farber 8-22-18

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Wednesday, August 22nd

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A couple of gas carbon hail as well that's from at some New Hampshire. At a Qaeda which one is Carmen network and it out here for a phone and got back to James told ski is what this is well who is a chair of the department of psychological oncology. And Haley it's that care at Dana Farber. That's awfully official sounding title isn't it doctor. Its service and a lot of people don't know palliative carries but it might Kiewit. Certain. Books on Ian yeah absolutely so you know but health care our focus is. The quality of life and relief of suffering for patients who are living with cancer. And Joseph the ecologist at data for over to a fabulous job of focusing on treating the cancer itself. And that's really their mission. Our goals how people. Live their lives even when they're being treated with cancer for cancer and be able to go on and do things they want to do to help him with pain. Nausea. Fatigue just from coping with it. So Carmen breast cancer you were diagnosed at age thirty but prior to that. States the great lymphoma at the age of fifteen. He and again and I had in mind. Fair share of brands could I mean unbelievable so would you when you're a teenager how did you first come to know that that's. Actually. Back then I was in Miami. Freshman year faithful and it's just. Harder for me to three. And I didn't think anything and I went to buying primary doctor and he sent it's just as you're rallying link. I've been fighting since that is the that leaves us click OK that makes. Planet it's been one lane I finally complaints many Thai names and then Melanie act humor actually schema. It had been ripped heat schema and popped up happens. Past my class vehicles and that's how old coming cancerous initially found. And then fifteen years later yes fifteen I mean how do you go into view you know something was up with a term physical outage that. This'll soundly can eat he's. All yours okay well I just when I turned thirty I. I mean. I ultimately strongly that there was something wrong with mean it to us. And ice a couple of doctors. And it's perfectly healthy and I just kept pushing. And I finally it's. He collagen speeches that's that's excellent tight end oncologist EC Byrd. Like cancers. And so those. The apologists. Tell CN every mine and he did that pets. And that's how mind breast cancer isn't actually sounds sound. Trees. Doctor told ski Carmen says that at one point. With her second bout with cancer she was told by an oncologist is nothing more we can do for. And she ended up at Dana Farber I don't imagine anybody in a par percent percent those words and then we never since ever have covered this. Always something to do. And we can first of all there beating treatments so we can often treat the cancer and how people for just for long periods of time and even if we can't treat the cancer itself we can always treat the person. We can always be there with them is gonna without the pain to counsel them live better. There's never. Current as someone who is very familiar with hospitals and doctors and nurses what was the difference going to Dana Farber. It was at night and day difference there's really no comparison I mean plan. As students a keen to bankers and Dina partners I immediately noticed that even like. Don't like the small eat meals to people help each and replacements. You know we'll allotments you'd take your client eight. Every line is just so caring only. They care about you it's just above and beyond can normal late. Generic friendliness it's like they change here pre that you know yeah and then acts. It's I mean it's been huge for scene ends between lane and quality team and doctor tells. Played when I was initially diagnosed with my speech where key concern and like I can I can barely. And now late. I'm able to do you all kinds of things I never thought that I would be able to Q and Sam. And you probably never realized we're gonna go to Dana Farber learned how to make jewelry. Perfect perfect but I had fluid and food gas play I mean I they have a little art art center. And it between my appointments like the echo and I feel like Al east of where their next opponent if like I make earrings and necklaces and that's really finally sick and get your head out of just like cancer and a doctor she should. On an oral chemotherapy alone what what what is that it went well how does that. Differ from other team they're well you know one of the great things a lot of the drugs. I don't require future. So you don't have to actually come in go to that are TO and view the journal that and so comments been able to do that which just allows her to. Actually the drugs is taking is the same drug that they. Can also get by teacher that is being given orally so. She can go about a liberal like I mean she just came back for me in for a couple of weeks and took a trip to Japan. And I you know. Harder to get to the native with a little and that's. Yeah and actually doctor told ski Hulk mean when I was into CNN's. As soon as I landed it. I made. My eat all my teen medication get. It was from the Japanese. All of my customers began and we got this email from Carmen freaked out. Yeah that she just arrived Japan Oliver pain medicine. Which is you know openly. Was taken away and she was either going she was going to be horrible pains this trip she's been dreaming about he actually like dream chance. Like I've been looking forward its own match. And her friends all got. The sender. And and so that it took this away who's going to be paying to withdraw. Its with a like oh my god we can't let this happen. So. By fortune and and emergency medicine physician who works at the Brigham. Which is you know the inpatient hospital for Dana Farber. Is Japanese and works with me and I immediately called them up. His happens to these guys are gonna offer. Where ocean wise. He had happened to meet a palliative care physician at the annual meeting of kind of care here in Boston three months before. We contacted him and with in twelve hours I think it is. His mom picks up at a hotel takes a competitor doctor fill the prescription on my request. And and. And she spent the next two days and showing my cousin in iron around the I guess you are like Oprah asked. 'cause like yeah totally that's twelve hours must of felt like twelve years not knowing if you rodeo get it was scary like I I mean it was either. If something didn't account in a partner I wouldn't putts meaning. Because it was east. Lake. Symptoms of term along or your network and to just to leave office doesn't mean things yeah. I mean. Trip of lifetime illness. I asked. Or Pletcher able to. Enjoy things like the dream trip of a lifetime and and living your life the way you are and we wish you nothing but the best going forward and doctor told the thank you so much hurled with. The care you take in and try to take care these folks it's great that we think this is he's got elected environment after exercise.