D&K - Celtics coach Brad Stevens joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to talk about the Celtics' upcoming season and his experience with the Jimmy Fund 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens joins Dale and Keefe for the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon, and talks about the Celtics' challenges this upcoming season and how he got involved with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund.

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And joining us right now is the head coach of the Boston Celtics Brad Stevens who has by the way. Participated in this event for a couple of years now Ret thank you very much for joining us how are you today. I'm great guys you. We're doing great thank you and thank you very much for again lending your support your voice to this quick growth spec was on yesterday representing the Celtics as well. And I he sounded pretty excited about your basketball team this year. Yeah I think obviously. You know everybody is excited to get back and get started I always say this about. At the start of every year all thirty teams in the first meeting have nothing but good odds in your feelings. And obviously in the game's start and then you your you separate yourself that you play well. Obviously we've got a lot of young good players. Guys that is accomplished something. Before. Better all shoot for more teams so we should comment. Plenty motivated. The work the right way and you're ourselves is we knew it. Have you felt the expectations grow each year you've been here or you been able to come block that out. Well I think you know from my standpoint that's a good thing. You know we we wanted to improve. You know I think. The number one thing that you talk about on a day to day basis there. Basis or you're you're bases. Continuous growth and so. The nice part about this is that the expectations are where they are because of what. These players have accomplished thus far and I think that that's. That is that as a testament to them. And it's a challenge to all of us but. You know ultimately. You know they've been responsible for the work at the growth of of why we're where we are right now it. And you know. So I guess when you have expectations. And Packard thing because you've done something. Have people talk about what. What one of the biggest changes for your organization going into the season Brad as. You know I now have what I think is the Todd small hall of practice facility sits right next order. To where we work the hour back facility is up and running your players just must be dazzled by this. Yet special army and I said. That this multiple times now they. You know you've. It it feels like so much it is so beautiful they did not give any steps. And you know from our offices to. The kitchen and the dining area where the guys are all the obscenities at in the street to training it cools their. Obsolete. Just amazing let alone two beautiful courts side by side so we're very very lucky and I think it'll be something that. Not only. You know helps us to attract and retain. You know free agents but then also. And probably. Just as importantly it guys will want police action recently urged that kinda get law. The end in its report late. Now last year you never had your full roster together and I think going into this season one of the questions is. Not just they're not minutes is there enough shots the archives and be willing it to give up. Maybe some of their stats for the success of the team from the outside got that dale and I can tell it's a good problem to have but it it's your problem to have rather have you thought about how. Yet these guys are going to be able you know all worked together and and go in the same direction even if it means sacrificing a few individuals that. Well we don't we won't get what we want so obviously ultimately. We bring guys back like gore and Tyreke. That play a lot of minutes. You know you have to utilize our depth has a real positives and not make that something where. It can be misconstrued the other way I think at the end of the day we got a lot of guys play. We got a lot of guys that have proven that they can play it. You know doesn't mean it's going to be easy. Her for guys to play. You know a little bit less here or there or they'd be great 20/20. Nine minutes one night. Nineteenth according to an expert. That's part of what you know nicotine is all about it and you know it's one of those things that if four people. As a group to all keep our focus on the main prize. You know that those things will be those things will be very casual because weddings the most important thing. Brad I've mentioned you don't have to be in town very long to understand what the Jimmy Fund at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute are all about him. You have helped us out on this event for a couple of years now. When did you become aware how soon after you arrived in town to do become aware of it. Yeah very that we do are we do our annual trek to the hospitals. Over that area certainly. Dated. Spent a lot of time over Boston children's. But the great work that they do it that. And it also obviously it in carver and you know one of our first trips Tracy and I was over at Dana Farber a school distort look forward at all what you guys but. He had we had a close Stanley credit my son's. That's Fred you know that was going through. A clinical trial for his second bout with Merrill last don't want. Eleven years old and so he. And we took that Dana Farber. Two or don't order locals what are some holes which are scores. And we went to the basement all the research labs they were. They were basically saying that you gave sponsor a brokerage. Because they did all of their testing. I'm on the procession and one of the tests that they were running was on Darryl Blackstone so the first time that we participated. With the Jimmy Fund last Dana Farber loose and sponsoring it workers and and you know a few years later. You know. Or happy to say it it it and I'm great partnership or us were excited about opening rate at which you know let. Com or portrait that pre party is doing great and it's amazing all the strides interviewed make NATO across the country of cancer research. Brad we can't thank you enough for taken the time to lend your voice and lend your support to this cause. You've done it yet since it came to town and best of luck in the upcoming season we're looking forward to watching your team play again. Our guys outplayed Brett thanks Fred.