D&K - David Muscatelli, 60, stage 4 lung cancer, Johnston, RI with Dr. Khanh Do, medical oncology, Dana-Farber 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
In May 2014, after having pneumonia symptoms that wouldn’t go away, tests finally showed David had lung cancer.

David's hobbies include cycling and playing softball.

David is supported by his wife, a brother; a sister; 2 step-children, and a step-granddaughter.

He works as a constable.

David says of his cancer, "It was a very difficult time in my life, but now that I’ve had such great success with this drug trial, life is very good again. Dana-Farber has been very good to me, and especially Dr. Khanh Do and Andrew Wolanski NP. They are very special to me and my family."

David was one of Dr. Do’s first patients at Dana-Farber. He is one of the EDDC success stories where the doctor and his team were able to match the right drug to the right patient at the right time.

His tumor had a rare mutation that Dr. Do and his team were able to identify and match to a trial drug that was specifically being developed just for that mutation.

The effects of the drug were almost immediate, and he was able to wean off oxygen in a few days after starting the drug.

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Back here Fenway Park the seventeenth annual WEEI nest and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. I feel welcome in right now David musket tally from Johnston Rhode Island. And I and his doctor doctor Condo it's great to both of you thank you yes. Pleasure beaten David let's start with and I hear this so often when people learn initially that they've got lung cancer. They think our got pneumonia and that's how was with you right. Yes it was an ammonia and until it was in the typical what sense. And they found no I'm not smoke in the tone of the smoked in my life. And was one of those things where from it was cancer. And you know it was pretty rough and went to you know some tough times with that the chemo which didn't really work well formed. And it got to get a lot of good friends that you know helped me you know there was informed me in. To which she's things being a father. I tell my friends if you know if something bad does happen you have to. You know come collecting club it is a great people in beautiful people. And you'll do the best they can fully which. A tea. I was very close to you know really very patchy. But as an oxygen inequities seat street. On the bed I had to let this it just like this. You know speak that way you. Took awhile but. You know tool is you know. The trial took them on now that's working side that's forming. When you look to my normal stuff police sports. And please soulful. Love Freddie said he'll help me out to all this time. It's it's those who would have been able to do. The you know and keeps. Right now it's. Obviously going. You know in his soup through relation. And doctor or stage four lung cancer and he says that the chemotherapy didn't really work at first so we do you go from there what do you do. Thanks so armed. Did it is actually the perfect example love the Mattison on precision medicine approach and Dana Farber is particularly in the early drug development. Where patients. Present to us and we. Proforma molecular profile in part to a genetic mutations are found their team owners and are able to match them up T clinical trials. I'm going at Dana Farber. And fast forward three years later. On you know it it's David is able to myself all in on this is just a fantastic. On response to. Targeted therapies. And David you found when you started taking this new drug. You felt the effects almost immediately there was quite unbelievable and I went up to Dana father. I was on oxygen. And peeking into the new pill boasts several pills. But that first night that I took it. The next day. It was unbelievable I was able the next night I was able to sleep normal. Piece battle within. Forty days. I was like path going I was like exclusively I was writing my flights of seven miles of the other day. It was unbelievable. You. After going through chemo. She goes through tough. A couple of times I was in the hospital for pneumonia. I had a CT skiing once that right after Thanksgiving of two when he fourteen when. And I am. What happened was and wants to skiing in the current ticket scam it couldn't do it because I couldn't lay flat. Had collapsed lung at that time. That's that was loose and I want to hostile to me with one of the hospitals in violent because it won't be here. And they had to stick it to me and at least one half les applause from the key Mo was just my immune system. Totally the wrong. It was pretty pretty rough shape. At that time men. After that we'll take a little more healthier. A cynical when a team flop. Today on. Like I feel my lungs feel like I'm sixty years old. It's just on the news. I can't imagine that when they came view and today we want to try something new. After everything that you went through a trillion to have a good job media yeah. So I jumped at giants and my wife is a little skeptical when she's in nursing field also. But was asses don't know yet whatever it is I'm doing it. If they can help someone else that's why I'm here right now because I wanna help someone else that'll be. Little hole and Tina father's influence so that's the place. It must telling a doctor bill thank you both for committing it thanks for sharing your story I am so happy things are working out for you as well as they thank you and I can't ride my bike seven months. Atlantis is here. Great to see both of you thank you very much thank it.