D&K - Former Sec. of State John Kerry joins Dale and Keefe for the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

Former Sec. of State John Kerry calls into the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to donate and discuss his new book about his experience with cancer.

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Happy right now to be joined by a former secretary of state John Kerry he's got a brand new book coming out September 4 that's called every day is extra. And he's got a chapter in their particular that we wanna talk to him about the mr. secretary it's dale and rich and in Boston at Fenway Park thank you for being with us. They'll rest my privilege thank you for. Putting all the effort and do raises money to us obviously works while. You were I said your book comes out September 4 I had a chance to read. In particular Chapter Eleven it's called cancer and comebacks. And and you go through great detail talking about how sixteen days after you announced your presidency your candidacy for president of the United States. You get dealt the news that UN fact kept prostate cancer. And and tell me a little bit about about how that knocked Japan's up for Monday for a little bit. Or you can imagine and there are times sixteen days and two. Planning a major. Initiative which obviously running for president doesn't are so well here. You have cancer and that is correct your life let alone a campaign. You know it as I write in the book a lot of different emotions 01 of them sort of you know like I just wanted to attack the cancer wanted to go latter. Get rid of it get it out of my body and figured there probably it was a way to try to do that source urged. Those coping all the different doctors in getting on the Internet talking to people getting advice and I've found one I was lucky it is one of the things that remind me and I'll. Absolutely fortunate members of the United States congress are given themselves to repair. Healthcare plan that so many people in the country have or don't have the options. Of finding the best surgeon other you know hostile or even care. The a lot of people are lucky enough to detect it early enough for job was. And frankly almost by accident was my life to notice the object. Indeed PSA which was not noticed likelihood. That the people just doesn't let. Bottom line we caught it got to biopsies. Realized what was happening then. Went to work and I think within a month or so I was under the nice having. Yeah you know. Prostate operation and the blast and blasted lessons. Two. You know under zero hours erode negligible. Recordings so after this period of time now. They say a year cured but you always have a lingering question and yours checkered. Now you mentioned in the book as well how you lost your father to the same your prostate cancer so you must have had some knowledge about it in and sort of what you were gonna be in store for. What I didn't I didn't quote my dad. For reasons like god I wish I could ask him. Didn't. Have an operation and he did the watch and wait retained. And his doctors told a news older and I was that let you got a doctors told them what I mean I diet something else because. Prostate cancers. Usually. Slow moving. And and that's what he saw that that's what you believe. So he had system radiation and at other you know approaches. When any and it came back and came back with a vengeance. That is costly club which. Noodles secession it was large motivation to me. To attack it differently it is here that I obviously thought about it they're great like some context might let us pause experience. Guys I say to people who we visit with over the course of these two days nobody wants to have to deal with a cancer diagnosis. But I guess the good news is if you live around here there may not be a better place on the planet to deal with a then then the medical facilities available here in Boston. Where where it was just incredibly. Lucky here as such as lock me in fast as we work ethic we've had. An enormous so alliance between. Private sector government and gospels. So we're lucky to have one of the greatest hostel that works anywhere in the world people come from all over the world. Benefits are. But. You're still have a problem of cost today. That access and availability to too many people. One of the greatest things about where we are now all of Farber. And and DH and other fossils that are. Engaged in major cancer research initiatives. We're making progress and it's hard to say that somebody who's. Just gotten. Terrible announced. They're struggling. By. Because of the genome. Findings. Accomplishments. That came with us. Partly as a significant government commit. We now have a mapping capacity to be able to. Specialized certain kinds of cancers. Approaches so. Yeah we have individualized. Entirely. Custom made. Cancer. Treatments for people based on. They're DNA based on the particular cancer they have the mattresses that are. They're doing just been using things people live longer. Wears which cancers there are cured today is that work for. So we were all of these. Very grateful it is extraordinary amount of effort work that goes in that search and obviously all of the support. The researcher and you know a lot of different efforts do it your radio there's one PNC other things. I we should be very proud of the commitment. And our state and beyond. It shut out people are secure and I'm convinced you know my friend Joseph Biden. Navigation is moved shot catcher because tragedy. Partly because of the tragedy of losing and so on both. And I think here's. There's there's just certain larger awareness too many families now almost don't know if I'm. That somebody hasn't it price concerns subway. There are areas you know my wife Theresa right now is going to treat them as such they're proud of breast cancer. And as having this specialized kind of corruption work. So there's there's a lot of with a round. We have. Be even more competitive than they are today it was. More concerned about exposure to toxins. And the food we all of these kinds of things are critical. What do you think of the job that president trump has done so far. Are you or your political in this close that I hope I. I'll let me just let me just ask this though mr. secretary. As you gaze at the political landscape in the country do you ever think about maybe dipping your toe on the presidential waters again. Well what I am thinking about doing and are committed to it is it is helping to elect the more responsive and responsible congress. I think that's the first step. It in any recovery from where we are today. On what was coming you know person's specific or otherwise. I'm just stated we have huge challenges that we are not facing up to in the country and one of them will pertain to cancer that's climate change. Because of what happened to water. And food products and so forth. People need to understand the connection of these things stood at the spread of disease. So. You know to walk away from that is responsible by anybody's standard when you have 38% of scientists in the world. All telling you unequivocal plea. Human beings are contributing to have a responsibility to do something about it. So I wanna find people we're gonna help. Restore people's stories and democracy is that simple but that's where we are. Former secretary of state John Kerry we sincerely appreciate you taken the time to join us and support this cause. And I hope things go well for your wife Theresa and I'm so happy it went well for you as well thank you. Bomb bomb delighted and I'll make my own contribution to your radio. Thank you so much thank mr. secretary take care better care. I care that is utter thanks former secretary of state John Kerry joining us.