D&K - Harry Clark, 18, craniopharyngioma, Wellesley with Martha Young, program manager for patient and family education at Dana-Farber 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd

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Joining us right now is not Harry Clark Lula just got his picture taken with with Ryan we're gonna get ahead not on of their we have it. Take a moment and they get a picture taken and also mark the young with the program manager for patient and family education at Dana Farber. And slipped that three there we go now or ready or you Martha think I'm doing great thanks very thank you for joining us how are you. Do you think you have this I'm doing very well it's great to have you guys here. Perry you're gonna have to help me because some of these names I can't pronounce you tell me tell me exactly what your issue was that that you been treated for. And so for the past thirteen years. And in battling ever into Winston a circus had an island paying for it you know. That's the word uttered that Ellen and I had to have a he's I don't well I think that probably had some practice. The what is what is your day to day like Terry. So I am in the has she meant mean. A human being and everything is different and it's her. And it's definitely hired. So for me I can't can we legally blind actually. And so I have to it's a little higher and maneuvering and sometimes. And so for me at the hospital my people at my. How me and still support me and I love scenes from the case that question. And I pops. He kind of a veteran you were on the radio fun with a swept back in 2005 I think yeah I think. On a little while ago and mark the U known Harry. Well basically since 2005 ranked yet. We figured out recently at his first. Date with almost my first working there. So we kind of grown up together. Yeah yeah that's very good you've been through all fears like you title a lot of surgery even know how many surgeries you pat. Have. Analysts fifteen pounds. It's pretty incredible that revenue that really that when you see some of them like that yet goes to work with. What he's capable of and out tough he would that's got to be I mean just remarkable. It's remarkable to watch. He comes and we meet every Monday morning before his treatment and he's like excited to be there kick if you can believe that that's just kind isn't consumer. Are you excited as they are about to play cards and all usually lose on so that's how we have a choice well argued decline. Well my team has a monopoly deal. Complete monopoly but with carts I want and he's really good about it because I think it but it. So other than card playing tell me about your time I see here it that you attend what's called a flashes group. Yes soon. That's a century of the commercial runs. And it's actually. It's how it's my favorite. Things went into the hospital or get to participate in that hospital. And it's the so it's kind of decision to play. You close target he had different I think that's. Uniquely designed teachers. That is one of my favorites. Another week. We now. The groups are are greatly for hairy in other patients to get to know each other. And the offer something that like we can't offer staff they know what it's like a cat and new equipment roomed together. And they currently lead the group and I'm just sort of there. But that's what they need and if you're coming to group for the first time you're gonna economy hairy because he says hello he's so welcoming he make people feel comfortable. He's basically like the front here hoping and me of when you when you come to flash its. Think pastor and your big Red Sox at their right. The fair player. Probably saying others. Gene or tennis or McKee that's. To go to club I asterisk this so you were first diagnosed at the age of five so basically. Most of your life has been battling some medical issue rather. Yeah I Shannon. Because in my agent in two and number I haven't. That she sent. And how do you keep such positive attitude. His time as you well whenever an event though when I was I was of you know Harry could be worse. Because you're so. You know Martha was then now yeah you'll talk to everybody who comes in there ability those are there a lot of kids that come up to you in and ask you what you're going through and you give them advice yeah China and China us to. Now I also read mark that he's a bit of the jokes here it's me. Yeah well half a minute that crashed are all Lohan case if you want it known it. Perry how did you pull your trash talking game. How did you learn. He actually teen yeah I. Came naturally. There's generally future shop. My sister and I. But but but but but it's like trash talk the whole card game and then you know I win 5% of the time and seek my hand gradually yes so. It's also so sweet that it's more. Apply at the end yet look at that as long as winning. Yeah I would say granted you're hitting it out of my depth and they think give us a younger sister how how pushy then when you're going to the hospital with and doing everything. Yes it's not so I think it's definitely men tough for her mother she's election and she's learned. And she didn't she learn how to cope with it and how. Get through it but to tell from the heart center where when I have a stroke in 2009. Usually turns. And so. I was really hurt her because she. She is. Sharon was somethings were at school. Nationally. And so I think it was really injured her first and scan your parents forever home or is it possible. So those who really hurt her too. You're our good luck charm we've been we've been begging people to get us to the two million dollar mark and while you were sitting here. That's very well over the two million dollars the salary job though you are are good luck to our Mary 2046215. Dollars. Perry Clark. Mark that young it was great to see both of you thank you guys both for coming here today and and I hope we get to see another one of these some time. Have certain things yeah.