D&K - Jennifer McCann-Black, 33, angiosarcoma, Pawtucket, RI with Dr. Katie Thornton, Clinical Director, Center for Sarcoma and Bone Oncology, Dana-Farber 8-21-18

Jen was expecting her first child earlier this year when she began feeling very tired and weak. She was in the 31st week of her pregnancy and thought of nothing but her baby’s health. Within two days, doctors located two embolisms, one in Jen’s heart and one in her lung, as well as a “mass” in her heart. The “mass” turned out to be angiosarcoma, a very rare form of cancer.

Given the seriousness of her diagnosis, Jen started chemotherapy right away and underwent three weeks of treatment before she delivered a healthy baby boy at 37 weeks by c-section.

She is currently on a 21-day cycle of chemotherapy. She has also undergone radiation treatments on her heart and lungs.  Her tumors have been responding to therapy and Jen is feeling good. Her son Michael is a happy and healthy 3-month old.

Jen teaches history and psychology at King Phillip Regional High School in Wrentham. All her students have been very supportive and have started fundraisers to support Jen and her family.  She loves to cook and travel and has already taken her son on a few road trips.

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But I'm pretty sure that Michael. At the age of three months as the youngest guests we've ever happened. He's also the best three page yet we've ever had here at best dressed as well one out that's a Red Sox ones in there with the theme. Break Michael is here up with a mom by the way he's not sitting here I'm not out of it quite a feat Jennifer McCann black is with us and and her doctor doctor Katie Norton. And just the fact that Jennifer sitting here. With the three month old son Michael who's the coolest Cuba duplicate effort. And all of this happened while you were being treated for cancer. Yes I was diagnosed and when it was just and third almost 31. And so that means eagles' attack occurred was Steve is Steve lightning keep Michael in night means it's possible that jeopardizing open. As you can see six. It's you know some that was not because obviously when you're pregnant and street got all kinds of things going on how did you say oh let's just meeting pregnant or I get a Jenna I. I am in. People's eyes to I think it's easier it. So I eventually had a pulmonary and I was kind of there. From my team in them. Where acted differently for it is not knowing that pregnancy. I mean Islam. Frames that we're seeing your shirt it's totally normal. Ahead and OB appointment. And they got peppered. Him to treat Asian and met doctor third couple days later everything happened. Really hurts. When it is really one night and breathe and that. I. Need something more we'll. Doctor Thornton treating cancer is not enough. Treating cancer in a woman who's 31 weeks pregnant has got to be exponentially tougher what special problems to that pose for. Well wanted to keep that Jennifer healthy and he wanted to keep future Michael's movie and so. You know he would do a lot of Reading and I'm just looking at the literature to see what was seats to give her to fight her tumor. As well as safe for the TV. And so I think I had some sleepless night ahead during. The initial. Mr. sanction. Analysts had thought up after a check cubicles. But it was it was it was really an amazing getting to know Jennifer and seeing her strength and optimism and and really having not only the goal of treating her in keeping her. Feeling well but also. Getting this prize at the end of what we are struggling with at the end and everything I mean it that teamwork that went on was incredible between. Yeah Dana Farber and the break and Jennifer and her husband and it was just really really wonderful process I wish he never had to go through it obviously. It but things went pretty smoothly and. Ngo sarcoma but current day. One for one that's gonna kill devils I don't know let us know at this. I don't know about but so how do you how do you process Ari this is what I'm going through that at the same time like you guys are saying that help your child has got to be well isn't. Take a few steps and processing now done the first on this night and it's not something. And that's what is it and just because as pregnant. And the diagnosing. Dean and we had to do was very different and involved more so than some house just a regular pregnancy through. Different and her. Into thinking. And so. And that first sequence was Butler processing honestly and then I start treatment pretty immediately. And since then the goal is Michaels at that I kind of have this whole another week of processing. For myself once Michael is that right now it's just about. And I lightning keeping me healthy and form Michaels so the goal and changed after. Michael's point which is shared birthday widely used literally rip current minor ankle you arrange that yeah. A little early about it but we got he got stuck it means. So yeah a lot of different. I think that doctor Norton you're probably sitting by the phone waiting for that phone call that the process had begun as much as anybody. Yeah we we had a lot of pre meetings. It's to you know. Plot out exactly. You know the best case scenarios and and the more emergency types of things so that there were no surprises that day at the delivery. You know it it in some ways my it as we get closer to the of the delivery my job got a little bit easier because. I was that we were in active Cuba aired we were sort of backing off to let everything wash out a little bit. But I certainly. You know when when we heard that the delivery it happens. The good news that everything had gone well. Was music to my ears so it's really happy day. Did you figure teacher can fill power power of your students rallied Albanians. Meeting these. Amazing almost like embarrassing. And my students know way more about my personal life and he's stare at. And adding Ian they add fundraising is and you know students sent me. Hide and email thing and eighty and Dan the whole community in the three towns in Iran and north he can't say. Thank you now. To them and that opened the boy and just the school districts are. Totally supporting me and telling me to forget about school because then. Little excessive but my class and but it could easily adjust and and have it yes the fifth. Happening and and it had a great substitute and back at and use Keenan for me. Magically they found him over the weekend in EP US history and he agreed to either for the rest the year and now from me for the offer out to use and everything kind of silent pleas and then tennis is really green and Mike and I actually got to go to graduation you're both hot and and that's about it graduation scene seniors. If it's just a suggestion as we let go there and I'd put up until lights on the seat yeah I. Know I don't really like. Huge and it ends and it's so the guys are making this morning and I'm reasoning has been watching these low. He has the best behaved little if I ever seen but you know my husband unfortunately stared at school today and can mean in the eyes huge. Many of these and had nothing to see the some Brittany and and I'm with us today and he's. And lost and Tina. And planned on. I was telling Jennifer my husband at the same thing I said this morning as I was leaving on that beyond a telethon today with one of my patients and from going down at Fenway Park my husband says. And you're just telling you this now I'm happy that it. I got to get some hands and it's all very very yeah I. And I. Well it was great to meet all three of you and it happening thank you so much in the in the past that doing this thanks guys great to see Richardson Michael. About Michael Michael that is Red Sox outfit though he's got a Red Sox Berkeley clock for crying out Ari is ready to go.