D&K - Kindy Pichardo, 22, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Lawrence with Dr. Robert Soiffer, Chief Hematologic Malignancies Program, Co-Chief Adult Stem Cell Transplantation Program, Dana- Farber 8-21-18

In April 2017, Kindy ended up in the hospital with what doctors thought was the flu. It was not until her hospital release check-up that doctors realized that she had leukemia.

Her treatment consisted of chemotherapy, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. Kindy is no longer undergoing treatment, and just came up on her one-year anniversary of her marrow transplant.

At the time of her diagnosis, Kindy was six months pregnant. Her OB-GYN recommended that she be treated at Dana-Farber.

Kindy is an artist—she spends her time doing make-up, writing and drawing. She loves any activity that uses her creativity.

Prior to her diagnosis, Kindy was finishing up cosmetology school. She is now enrolling in classes to study entertainment business and management.

Dr. Soiffer is world-renowned in the field of bone marrow and stem cell transplant procedures.

Throughout her treatment, Kindy has been supported by her daughter, mother, step-mother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmothers.

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Gerry Callahan said you know back when when we were young when we were kids if you knew somebody who was diagnosed with leukemia. No I mean that was the end of things for them and it isn't anymore in fact most people. Thrive and survive after that and and it's it's been one of the beauties of what we do here. Well that and people commit with rocket attacks. I mean I have never seen it had that is not one in the courts that are better at but I mean look at that how we can get your headset on it's going to be tough you know lawsuit that's got to Ali this two night ago there doesn't. We are not disrupt and that luck right now. It chart it's as well that's. And you don't show up wearing an outfit like that have a screw it up with a set headphones and Gloria or you do very well I think it's great to see. Well and up also witnesses doctor Robert soy for Tiki that followed he that the logic malignancy program. That the State Department the Mighty Ducks. Kidney let's talk about a Q Limbaugh blast to leukemia was just saying if you were sitting down. Back when I was a kid. If you knew somebody who was diagnosed with leukemia. They didn't last very long yen and thank god that's not the case in the very very very painful. I would use my investment yeah. That's right now but you have the flows that would actually what. That's so initially what had happened knows about my four and a half months pregnant. Around February and I went to the hospital with the flu fever. But not really done enough. Though they checked me they didn't see anything. Different other than the flu. And later on. And that the physical risk as are within the. Doctor and and we were talking about the advances in and just in your lifetime. Of treating people and helping people. The difference must be monumental to you back when you started as opposed to now. Tremendous differences over the past thirty years actually over the past couple of years. The difference is really accelerate weird in me what he's with golden age of therapy for four blood cancers but things really well. Thanks to that the changes in diagnosis. Genetic testing genomics. As well as technological advances. So we've been able to do well lots of different view things that we hadn't done before in fact QDC great example of someone who. Is as far as her bone marrow transplant goes she did not happen donors a batch donor family. She did not having matched donor in the un related registry and we went to one of our parents. Two to be don't know which is something we could never have done. Years ago and directs safety with this kind of with this kind of result of that kind of delta and a lot of it. That's right so it's you know the addictive but it. And kick he's been through. It to a lot it's just very young age. Two. Handled. All this adversity. And maybe. We. Such maturity. It's really. Really hard to see him. Candy you're the second person we visited with today. Who found out that they had cancer while they were pregnant. And and we got to visit with with the cutest little three month old baby earlier in life who just lit up this whole place. It's got to be such an emotional time for you is as an expectant smothered it then be dealt that as well yeah it's honestly. It's more emotional now home for me then it was when house right now. Because when I was pregnant I felt like OK I have control over your house if I keep her you know I mean sold my fighting is the kind of fueled her ears. But now mean being separated from her and thinking like I have a lot of time I don't have a lot of times I think every game you know. Very very. What's the word content. I just I'm very grateful. Doctors for treatment changed because she's pregnant or commute do the same things. So the treatments have modified. And I should say that you can't be just. Prefer to be apart a whole team of doctors and nurses who. Who take care of Cain the end doctor Luskin is actually on vacation this week was the first keep the doctor to care for that fantastic job. Getting through to need to transplant which is such transplant. But there are some medications that you can't do it. Oh you shouldn't give while soaked pregnant but there are a number that you can't particulates it was a little bit later on in their pregnancy. And and that that is thank god it did that we've done safely. We're not only for the mom Betsy feet with a yet to chapels. We talked to so many people and indeed what I hear over and over and over again couldn't do this without a support system. And you had a great support system and people your whole family who has helped you in this definitely. Support system although we've gone from my mom my my grandparents uncles cousins and and anybody can possibly think but also old mine. In a statement. That's currently a big part until you know have to keep yourself batteries. Just positive and optimistic and think about tomorrow and then right now. It was a lot of speeches that I was going through and then with doctor Luskin. The paint temporary at a class the next five minutes on the line. Somebody give me medicine. Well the course of the risks involved Boehner. Well that's it fortunately there are a lot of potential risks there there're there are simple risks that side effects that everyone experiences that. GI side effects nausea vomiting diarrhea hair apparent loss. Feel crappy but that. They usually get over Baxter. But then there are risks that can. That can occur at that affect you or so long for the very acute heart. That kind of damage him section not only what you're in the hospital. After year out of hospital he knows well but getting back getting effective here at the hospital and it theoretically. Cured but he's still at risk protection. At that in the biggest risk to patients had simple references whose disease week we've EG PH we don't herself to do it's it is about all things. The donor cells are actually help in the fight leukemia but it can also react with Europe. Wait he's such signs of inflammation so we have to juggle those things to get them through. Was great to meet you can be. And and thank you for bringing. Him. It may ultimately that they make changes and eggs and things continue to go well for doctor thank you as well.