D&K - Kyle Lynch, 8, Hodgkin lymphoma, Norwood, with his parents, Jennifer and Scott, and older brother Scott Jr. 8-21-18

Kyle was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma in March 2018. He was experiencing pain in his neck and shoulders for several months. After abnormal blood work results and masses found on an x-ray, Kyle was diagnosed with cancer.

His treatment included aggressive chemotherapy. He finished active treatment last month.

In his spare time, Kyle likes to play NASCAR, wrestling and football video games, especially on his Wii.

While the cancer diagnosis is challenging, Kyle’s family says the Jimmy Fund Clinic makes the experience as smooth as possible. They appreciate how welcoming and friendly everyone at the Clinic has been during Kyle’s treatment.

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This is probably in the law the real real ID just a chance based on these little time we met already with Kyle lynch in its older brother Scott Scott junior. And Scott Jennifer the parents were here Kyle. Tell me how much of the New England Patriots. And. How are you think he's got to Seattle Seahawks out of jail which are favorite player. Russell Wilson. And and got junior your favorite team is and her hot water you do when where guys on a from Norwood. What do they say it's going to root for the Seahawks and the Broncos. Yeah not much about they don't like that I got also brought in some NASCAR's well NASCAR fans. Our eyes got out Kyle I heard your big video game guys that true. Also mind what what games you play. Trust IO. Moody's in NASCAR. And pretty good bills that we are down to a NASCAR minute I think we kind of dialogue. Their dad's got it here as well and yet and Scott Kyle was diagnosed with. Hodgkin's lymphoma aggressive chemotherapy and active therapy last month. It doesn't look like it's slowed him down much now that. In fact I'll let you keep up with these two just a couple of them that. When did you know that that something was off with Kyle yet to bring him in there. Back in February he wore bye mom yeah at some kind of took into pediatric. Count out the bent over at the Jimmy Fund. Ya feel me a lot of people. That I can pretty easy would it going there right that's what your friends thought of all of this you got to talk to them about it. Now mr. kerik effort yourself have a clear fairway. A failure prettier tough kid without a fair is that yeah. Scott do you go to the Jimmy Fund with Kyle now and then yet I do I find that Brothers and sisters don't mind gold over there and play in a lot. Yep for your favorite people there. Now they're locked into that Lisa. Yeah I'll Cloris you know Lisa. So tell me what you guys do when you're over their Kyle when era hanging around at the Jimmy Fund. I can't smoke and pee on my way injury waiting room playing with my cat and I eating at recess and doing other stuff. Yeah. Have you met other kids are there so. You make friends. Watch the hawks fan I don't an artifact that is part of our problem there. Which you guys like football fans at the idea football and NASCAR guesses the Russell all of that out radar about he does is at a Roman rains. Yeah. I. Gutsy summer slam. Pretty. Well Vince in Tripoli it's definitely an. Your lateness. It's a accurately. It. Got what it does but my expert for the family first got the diagnosis. And then. Explaining it to them that process was a lot yet. Domestic and did they make it chirps that they make it a little easier for you at the Jimmy Fund with how they handle it they are in process every important yeah. While especially at the end the on how does that. Make you comfortable you know comfortable with him. It so kind of you guys go to the game tonight. At least your dad's wearing Red Sox that. At least and your mom's Werner rats not sure. I actually cheered through together at least Red Sox fans routes out our that's our thank you good. The right out of the. Made. That you're he's the bill you got the strangest more and I just pick a team that rhythm what are you looking. You pulled names out of my had a company that's. I mean it's the strangest thing you like it like the Seahawks and the Broncos and the Phillies and the Braves and and Roman rains nobody likes Roman Reagan and eight. That's true. Of Michael. Okay well we've got all the wrestlers names and that's it and virtually every team in professional sport but that's a half valuable there agree on that went there. Jimmie Johnson then says. This isn't anything. She might lunch time winning. Okay go ahead if the governor thought that our NASCAR knowledge you guys are about the New Hampshire about the speed where there and yeah yes that's. Too far away it's about guys thank you very much for coming in I'm Jennifer and Scott junior and Kyle wrapped up the all you guys enjoy the game tonight and a fun to have an last year when the Red Sox do something that okay. I think you know on its humble little worried about the Canadian fans do well I don't know about at a guys thank you and Jennifer thank I it's great to see all of it that is Kyle lynch and its older brother Scott junior and mom and dad. Scott and Jennifer who were here as well.