D&K - Laurie H. Glimcher, MD, President and CEO, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Director of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center and the Richard and Susan Smith Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Dr. Glimcher is a distinguished immunologist, widely renowned for her work in one of the most promising areas of cancer research

Dr. Glimcher speaks nationally and internationally on cancer, immunology, and translational medicine and has contributed more than 350 scholarly articles and papers to the medical literature.

Aside from her research efforts, Dr. Glimcher has been a staunch proponent of improved access to care, health policy, and medical education, while simultaneously serving as a pioneering mentor and role model for cancer research trainees and for all women in science.

She was the first female to be appointed as Dean of Weill Cornell Medicine in New York and is the first female President and Chief Executive Officer of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

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Happy to be joined now by doctor Lawrie glimcher who is the president and CEO of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute we have never met before but it's great to me to thank you for being in here. Happy to be here. This is I said I've been thankful enough to been part of all seventeen of these so far. This is the most upbeat positive version of this I've ever been a part of their. So many great success stories it's amazing it is truly an amazing time for cancer. And Dana Farber has been on the cutting edge of virtually all the new treatments for cancer. So were the really optimistic. We're seeing that cures where we never stop them before infertility and wonderful stories. And on the last day and a half. People who have really. Overcome cancer because of these therapies. And you know what to summit would become. Rich let me just interrupt requests for. Because the 492 to showed up on the told port other update the total bill 2706626. Dollars crumble. I'm grateful but greedy so please for the flip of a people lighting up those that are Bellic teleport. Were what do you think would you see. The Red Sox players interacting with the kid we're just talking about it and they have always different events that cubicle with a clinical laden visit with them what what does that mean via. Well I mean Bruck cultists are superstar right now and that guy is not only a fantastic ballplayer but he's really champion off field goes over he brings it kids' gifts. You know. One thing about Dana Farber that has impressed me so much the last couple years is the quality of care we give our patients. And that isn't just the doctors and nurses it is social workers is the parking attendants. It's the volunteers. And in which people like Brock holt and the Red Sox. Team who really. You know that the slogan is Kate cancer this year and I think it's really appropriate because with everybody's help. We're gonna strike accounts. We go over there to visit and it's such a happy place in the kids there. On their ipads are playing games or I was playing catch with a little girl over there it's it it is such a positive happy place that has to help in their pre. I think it does I think you know our mission at Dana Farber is to provide complete care. And that doesn't mean just treating cancer means treating it. The patient as an important human being who we all want to hill and the patient's family. And I've just I've never seen it done in the way the vicinity if art arena I give it. Healthy two to three letters a week or emails for patients with their families saying I just want you to know that. You know my family member can such exceptional care we feel like we were part of the family by being taken from her parents are proud of that. If someone who does you know cancer research it must be that the success stories I've got to help push even further rate BC that it and it still there at their heartbreaking stories to be sure. But this year bow out it's working out for so many people that's just got to push you've got to do even more. It really does and I mean everybody has you know drinks the coolant at Dana Farber everybody does everybody's committed to this mission of making cancer. Go away. And look I'm I'm really optimistic because of the huge strides have been made just the last decade or two immunotherapy. Cart T cells in cancer genomics. All the new drugs that have come out Dana Farber has their fingerprints all over as drugs. How common is that we had a couple of guests on that were chemotherapy didn't really work form and then they started these new trials and they both seemed to take very wealth of that how how common is that story. It's getting more and more calm that it is I think now the rule rather than the exception so. Chemotherapy still has its place and of course Sydney Farber was the father of chemotherapy first person to cure childhood leukemia. But these other treatments can now be layered on top of that or instant. And that's you know certainly considerations. So for these diseases like hodgkin's lymphoma. Which can be cured and most patient chemotherapy. The 5% of patients that don't respond to chemotherapy. Now are responding to immunotherapy that activates the patient's own immune system to kill off the timber sales. Pretty young lady in here earlier today and she said her oncologists from somewhere else said there there's nothing more we can do free. And her Doctor Who was sitting beside her said we never say that at Dana far you ever. Well you know I have a third of the patients that we see roughly a third of the patients that we see have gotten. This diagnoses elsewhere. And I think one of the benefits of going to Dana Farber is that you have. Experts in every single kind of cancer whether it's a common cancer rare cancer we have experts there. And you know we don't give up on people. We also hear some resources similar to that where they've gone to another hospital or two and they didn't have the answers in the in the end about Dana Farber. But not only that not only did the advancements there but. How they're welcome to end it seems like right away there's that family atmosphere which much how to put on the other places that this thing that seems to be very different there. It is really different at Dana Farber I've never seen it myself. You know I was talking to one of the security guards at a reception. Last month and he said you know aren't sometimes the first person to greet the patience and patience with the diagnosis of cancer they're scared. They're fearful. And I try to calm them down tonight. I bring them to resistance to the end it just and he was in tears as he was telling you this that state fiber. What's the what's on the horizon what's what's the thing we can't even imagine right now that's coming down the pike. I think it's going to be combining. Different news therapies. To cure cancers that we never could treat for. So we've done really well for example with immunotherapy. About eight different kinds of tumors. But that's only about 20%. All patients respond to immunotherapy. But there's so much more that we're discovering Dana Farber so many new targets to develop drugs against. That we'll hopefully get those other 80% of patients to respond to and you know therapy. I'm looking forward to the time we have cancer vaccine. To everything that's realistic I think that he is. In its early stages but it Dana Farber what effect acting members made the first successful. The vaccine against. End stage melanoma which is skin cancer. And she treated just a few patients as it was a small study all six of those patients who had really no other options respond to his cancer vaccine. That is. A field that's gonna burst onto the scene and I'd love to see today. When my grandchildren. Get immunized against cancer like they get immunized against measles mumps. Now we we often talk about you know what it was like twenty years ago or ten years ago but what about even last year at this time like there than advancements that. Happening you know that quickly at. Salute is a I'm astonished at the discoveries that are made within the course of even a few months at Dana Farber. I hear one unbelievable story after the other of a new target identified that can't serve for drug development against that target. And new ways to look at the immune system new ways to look at how he target specific. Mutations. In tumors genes. So it's it's changing so rapidly it's hard to keep up. Doctor glimcher it's it's a pleasure to get to meet you in and have you visit whether it's. We just love doing this every year and it's it's great to have you here with us as well. Well thank you all so much sense WEE. It Essen and Red Sox Nation. The whole team we just couldn't we couldn't do affectionate notes you're seventy years so thanks so somewhat stale. Thank you so much courtesy of deceit to doctor Lawrie glimcher joining us here from fat white light from Fenway Park.