D&K - Liza Litzow, 53, ovarian cancer, Southborough with Dr. Ursula Matulonis, Chief of the Division of Gynecologic Oncology, Dana-Farber 8-21-18

Liza began suffering from bloating, fullness, and pelvic pain around July 2015. When she went to the doctor to get her discomfort checked out, Liza was diagnosed with Stage IIIC ovarian cancer.

Liza’s treatment has consisted of three weekly rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and a clinical trial when her cancer reappeared in March 2016. Her treatment is ongoing and began just over two years ago.

Despite her battle, Liza has been fortunate to have her family by her side. She is supported by her husband John, daughters, Cara and Peri, 25 and 20, and son, Johnny, 13. Liza speaks about how the nurses at Dana-Farber love when John comes with her to appointments!

Liza works in marketing for Citizens Bank Wealth Management, but in her spare time, loves going to the Cape with her family, wandering the Museum of Fine Arts, walking through Audubon Parks, and exploring downtown Boston.

Liza is incredibly grateful for her team at Dana-Faber, who have helped her and her family get through the hiccups that she has faced. They have made it easier for the family to live out a “new normal” life.

Dr. Ursula Matulonis

She can talk about the recent research in ovarian cancer and the importance of new combination therapies that have shown promising signs in treating ovarian cancer.

Dr. Matulonis has led several clinical trials that have resulted in new drug approvals by the Food and Drug Administration for patients with ovarian cancer.

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Joining us in our broadcast location right now is life so let's now they say right. Thank goodness I'm about one way or how are you I was gonna screw it up and I don't blame yet and out here's where the real test it and also doctor. Ursula metal onus and now we're happy to have both of you guys with us right now. Lies that your and ovarian cancer patient from south Borough with with your doctor tell us your particular story. I'll well it started about three years ago and I was turning fifty so like any other person wanted to be absolutely fat at fifty starter can now. My ballot kept growing so what do I do. It doubled down on the apps right and it just kept gunning gallon. And finally. Little switches sixteens and started the path of trying to figure out what happened and I am terrific pass it right into digging fire currently. Between my primary it was all just wonderfully linked and finally. A few months later I was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer. Doctor where is the research right now or ovarian cancer even compared to a few years ago. I think they're making tremendous strides in it really comes down to the understanding that having cancer is not just with cancer. And then it's public or at least five of them in each of those five which is based upon with the cancer the second microscope. Has different molecular features. Insert Achilles heels that we can target. Now my understanding news and all three your kids are here and it's great to have them all support here has been here. But I was told that the nurses really like when John comes by the visited that. They jail it's you know that's the wonderful thing about coming right and I comment. Before. Three years guys coming in every week. Now I'm coming in every month. Couple times a month. And it's a great event. Should it get shot but we'll talk about restaurants and nurses in every now and then to have to match as a apple though hey hello to me talk about me either got stuff going on over there. So we'll talk about whatever force every fun adventure. And then every now and then we'll talk about what we need data continue to treatment. And but it it's a great atmosphere when your first diagnosed how much did you share. And how much did you kind of keep away from your children did you let them know right away earth out of network. As a static now having. Fat fifty celebrations are REIT we did the fat fifty celebration at the beach and then came home and one of the resource is Barbara houses had talked to your kids about it now. We got quite spread rate we've got a 2520. In a thirteen year old so had you talked about it. And they are really helpful in us messaging to each of them. The right way so our oldest one's getting a Ph.D. at a university Michigan and so. We talked about the actual physical molecular what's going on. Perry is just a big. She's my second in command of my second mom rate so from that caring. Way and in Johnny is on a dead now I was doing I'd be okay in. And it was funny because even when I lost my hearing was awake. And I was really nervous when he Simi that a my wig and so as to the stump and in the bed but last night which would not I had it right that's not my bad. One day and get some time and he just like well I just went about its way so. There's coping skills talk to each one of them. Doctor we've just met lies in here today so I am not gonna pretend that I know or the way you do but what I do cents is a great attitude. And a great sense of of just attacking this thing. How much does that contribute in the success of well to treatment protocol. It's really important I think them places overall health care. Fabulous fifty's on and and and and a little bit beyond but that too much. They are really important welcome. Keeping fit having a really positive attitude. Home and usually this this necessity to to attack to be proactive. To keep one step ahead of eerie thing. Both in terms of playing in the cancer talking in Texas cities of the different treatments so I think it's really important. How normal or you're able to keep relies upon is it's a major change in this there's things yet to do differently but how normal we're able to keep if that's important. It's very normal. Even. Even seem out of surgery addict bring my stuff than we thought for the day it's the start dimensional that I had a series of pick ups and everything he could happen my treatment must hit it and we prefer it that way by. Kept working through the whole time still marking we just bring a laptop and for the day in and did Diop went. I hope you artwork are an estimated at one. Very normal wiese was we still do things. My husband's great about modifying like Batiste it to you every agency Batista to. Like ten can't Conaty statement al-Qaeda. But I get that tennis courts and in Naples mean to be as normal as possible. We love visiting with folks who we love getting to know people and thank you both for taking the time to command it's great Cyril family lined up here with Israel it's great to have you lies and thank you thanks and doctor thank you prince for joining us as well.