D&K - Marc Reiss, 64, polycythaemia vera, Newark, NJ with Dr. David Steensma, senior physician, Adult Leukemia Program, Dana-Farber 8-21-18

Marc was diagnosed with polycythaemia vera after doctors thought he had atypical congestive heart failure. He had several vague, but culminating symptoms that led to his initial hospitalization.

While Marc’s cancer has been progressing slowly, his treatment includes on-going, therapeutic phlebotomy. The secondary symptoms that stem from the thickening of his blood have given him the most trouble throughout his diagnosis.

Marc previously worked as a nurse for many years. His patients were the first ones to notice that something wasn’t right with Marc’s health and encouraged him to see a doctor.

Throughout his treatment, Marc has been supported by his wife, JoAnne.

Dana-Farber seemed to be the obvious choice for Marc’s treatment. He says that everyone he knew suggested he go to the Institute as they are the “A-Team” for cancer care. Marc is so grateful for Dr. Steensma’s care and attention.

Dr. Steensma joined Dana-Farber in 2009. He is an internationally recognized expert in myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative neoplasms, and marrow failure syndromes. He is actively engaged in clinical and translational research and has contributed many oft-cited educational materials in these diseases.

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Joining us right now is Mark Grace and I knew we were gonna hit one of these that I couldn't pronounce and I think I think mark you you give me the one I can't pronounce. I can't count on Kenya you hear me now yes EU you've given me the first one of the day that I can't pronounce the esteem sort. Each others eye type our name out there what I can't pronounce it like that point here policy team. Eyewitness had a chance I mean I had no chance doctor David Steen is here as well senior position adult leukemia program at the Dana Farber. And and market from New York. Brooklyn new countries. And gritty look now Gloucester. It's easier to get to Dana Farber from Gloucester than it is from new to. I ice and I couldn't pronounce it tell me what it is that you guys are fighting here. So police say three punch pollutants and doctor Ali too many rippled so success. So. Basically. They too food bottoming. But once every five weeks and removed upon upon. And how did you know that something was up. Long three or four years ago I was pretty cramped I don't know or Clinton medical complications. And they could really diagnose them. And up to Dan Farber and talked distinction for. So it's less. Let's its interests Amy sue we see a lot of patients in whom the Romero whose job is to me let's ounces under active designated. And enough blood cells and then some in which. It's overactive and makes too many and that's mark's problem is his bone marrow makes more red cells that it shook me. And you know Dana Farber is all about cutting its therapies and moving the bar forward and improving outcomes for patients by the latest and greatest. But earmarked as a condition in which the best therapy is something that's been done in Minnesota for over 2000 years and that's it's replied laughing there he goes in thinking that's what. Like the blood red everybody vs we will use leaders is not a not for this saga there's a lot of us that are good. With the vampire stream so so basically if he said sometimes it's the older modalities that make the most sense that's right you know we want to do the right thing. For the patient whether that's therapy that's been with this for a long time or something that was just figured out last year and in the laboratory and markets has one of the things for which bloodletting there we'll bottom the works well. And mark was true you're you're a nurse for many years it was actually your patience that said yeah something was wrong. Pretty much loose to prisoners and time man. The patient was doing the treatment foreign troops Terrell went really well to. Attach to it and I don't know eight. Well at the point across to a school where you know sort of a few more patience and human. Race we want to talk to earn some mental hospital. The content on the court congestive heart failure and muscle stuff. And one I found that the obamas came in to accuse draw blood she should do we using to listen in college office. So called traditional and missed it. So why don't I looked at all pressing so basically the post and went to pay for fortune if you enter the distinctions here. Doctor you've been with Dana Farber since 2009 what brought you the Boston why did you wanna do what you do here. It's such an exciting place to working to practice medicine we have such deep mansion. Scientists that we can collaborate and you know the community is incredibly supportive. Through the Jimmy Fund through all sorts event things like to pan mass challenge that we saw a few weeks ago I mean there's just incredible spirit here. And you know there's there's lots of cancer centers open date this is just a very exciting and fun. Place to work we see patients live. Very sad conditions. We can help everybody obviously can't cure everybody that we can help in some way everybody comes through the door and so it was that combination of the patient care and the cutting edge research that brought me here. Just over nine years ago this being the seventeenth. And you'll you know radio telethon where where where some of the research. Back then you know seventy years ago compared to now what have advancements have seen yeah I think. The biggest advancements at least in blood disorders is that we really understand a word aren't genetic changes that make these diseases. Behave the way they do. And we can use that in the clinic we get information from gene testing panels within a few days. That even five years ago we didn't get that information on it then tells us which tried. To match went which patient's condition. What the prognosis is better with the biology at the diseases so it's really. That's been the sea change and that's let to a lot of new targeted agents as well that it improved outcomes for patients but sometimes markets that case where. Targeted agent isn't the right thing for him it's just the old fashioned the what gets real thick like Motorola if you don't. Take the extra Al and so he comes periodically for this keeps him. Out of trouble and it's it's one of the simplest and least expensive they're a news. Do you feel right now mark. Good news for government work and north of that just the usual blog he is the guy who wrote the book and everybody to uniform for really true true. Went to a story in looking on the team song. On Yeltsin's health care professional is the hardest thing to do was. Mysterious things like him so. Mark it's great to see it thank you come on by doctor steam but good to visit with you as well thanks to both of you and you and best of luck today. Is that with that vampire treat it that yeah Mexico Nevada great to see you guys yeah it.