D&K - Marlin Welcome, 9, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, Gloucester with her mother, Erika Baert and her boyfriend Scott Costa 8-21-18

Marlin was diagnosed with ALL in December 2017. She was having pain in her hips, knees, shoulders and elbows. The doctors did a blood test and a bone marrow biopsy that determined she had cancer. The doctors at Dana-Farber put her on a two-year treatment plan. Marlin is currently undergoing treatment and has had several hospital admissions, weekly outpatient and home therapies.

Marlin's family consists of her mother, Erika Baert, and her father, Kevin Welcome. Marlin also has grandparents and several cousins. Marlin's maternal grandmother passed away from multiple myeloma when Marlin was almost 2 years old.

Marlin has hosted yard sales and a lemonade stand this spring where she raised $160 for a local animal shelter and $1,000 for Dana-Farber. She is always thinking of others and wants to help anyone who might be suffering in any way. She enjoys life and is a joyful, positive person who you rarely see without a smile on her face!

Marlin enjoys swimming, skiing, and especially surfing. She hopes to be cancer-free and travel with her family.

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And we continue on here I just wanna hit those are telephone numbers for you again 8777381234. Is the is the number called make the 877738. 1234. You can text. K cancer the letter K and cancer. And you'd text it to 0222. And that will make an automatic 25 dollar donation. Or if it's easier for you sit network and listening to us are watching on NASA and you can you can voted to www. Jimmy Fund dot four and you and you can make it gift various well. And that we've shuffled our our. Group around here we're we're happy to have our pinch hitter command a little earlier than we expected but we are really happy. To see. Marlon welcomed here in marlin Gloria. In nine years old I'm told him he seemed much more mature than that. You seem like you may be ten or eleven and Marlon is joining us right now along with her mom Erica it's great to see guys nice to see this morning. Marlon you have been neo. A patient for acute limpopo blast stick leukemia. X that you ever heard any of those words before. You know them now. And how are you doing well. Us. You look great. Kitty sort of what you're shoes or boots what do you have going on here look at piece like that converse chuck Taylor's but there. What works get those high top chuck another great. I have no idea. But we actually got them on line and it was funny because we are sitting at the Jimmy Fund clinic. With you know you come in now with iPad to your iPhone everybody's got ads goal so there so we're doing some shoe shopping she saw those simple those I have to have so. We had them not mail order to us. When it looked great. So what what was going on review how did you know that something wasn't right and you're paying what happened. Yanked out pain in my hand offs and many say going to or did that really has spent all my agent and I know he's going and so. My friend's mom actually suggest you go to the Boston children's and when he found out that he can't sing sound. It did when you're in Jews complain about it's I can't. Now that I can't believe you ever would've thought this would be one of not at all and we were we were basically chasing around it's different pain and symptoms so. It started off with 1 morning she couldn't block because that pain here in swear so bad. So you know but it went away over the course today associate at the top silt there the night before we figured I you know probably probably you know one of the rides kind of injured yourself. We went to Beverly hospital we've gotten some tests done there and they couldn't find anything we went pediatrician another time but. We kept getting phantom pains that we go in go into an elbow oracle their shoulders and say you know like my knees hurt today. So eventually. We it was within a few weeks faint of heart from the Marlins who she met sailing last summer. Her mother happens to be pediatric that it position in Brooklyn and they were up for the holiday and they spent some time together in the months said you don't. I think you might want it just go right into Boston children's and make street getting the right kinds of blood tests and so within within thirty hours we were at the Boston children's ER and and that was nine months ago now. Let me tell people what kind of kid Marlon Marlon was diagnosed last December. This past spring. You were hosting yard sales and lemonade stands. To raise money for a local animal shelter and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute yeah. Tell me about your your lemonade stand. James T mean he didn't even. Thinking I've that we do and. At but. What's what was the lemonade not good. Why is solid and I was actually a pat. So it and you wanted to donate money to the animal shelter as well like animals the less you have animal fifteen point change. Want to I would get them to gather by the way I keep them separated my fish have names in the long weeks. Yes it's six it's politics at Saint Louis on to an. What a facility DuPont. To France right smack it and certain. Cancers found doing son. Me. Take. You're a great kid. And I'm very impressed by Marlon it's nice to visit with you. Among America it's great to see you here as well they make it look very much for coming by and good luck with that next lemonade stand okay. If guys later. We're happy to have them join us we're broadcasting live from Fenway Park but again I wanted to make the our ballot tote board light up were currently at. 461826. Dollars. But please call 8777381234. 8777381234. We're live from Fenway Park this is the WEEI nest and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. It presented by the our ballot insurance foundation.