D&K - Ray Bourque joins the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to talk about the Bruins' upcoming season and his personal experiences with cancer 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Former Bruins defenseman Ray Bourque donates $5,000 to the Jimmy Fund and talks some Bruins with Dale and Keefe from the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Joining us right off the bat is former Boston Bruins defenseman hall of Famer ray Bork who joins us right now Ramon good morning. Doing great thank you Ramon reached out to me yesterday and he said dale wanna do something I wanna help out here. And Ramon UN I have talked about this in the past but your family like every other family out there has had unfortunately a connection to cancer. Well everybody's got expect touched by cancer one way or the other for me it was. My you know my mom at a young age. You classical captured 1972. Into the portable personal. And I was just turning out that just turned twelve stroke. I experienced at a young age and home. And there haven't been eight years will be eight years and in medical staff have to one cancer shall. Our home then drew at a young Asian that a little later life's work. You know washed my daddy years ago that was I think we Trout mask Da'Sean and the British French special thing. So are you don't back negate. I'm almost we want it wasn't called back much going on Lucia. And we grew up in Montreal where about cancer and researcher Angela Dawson. It seemed to crumble under the stories that. You're having now regardless Jeter's traditional. Yes and sort spiral in terms of what's going on with researching and stuff that went wrong with Dana Farber. Truly truly inspiring and then really there's hope there are actually people that are affected what this people won't through the assembly shall. Purveyor of the typical rhetoric that can. And we started our own Family Foundation. A couple of musical group or Family Foundation in. So cubicle yesterday you would like to make donation. Fortunately before. Election console. Home which is certainly think it was that kind of this is attached to let somehow some way control apparently a forum so close. I'm not very practical to. Well thank you very much the donation rate and you know at the hockey player you were around all a lot of tough guys below what you see and hear these stories of these kids in what they're battling through. It's sort of a whole new level of toughness isn't a. It really has. And and these kids are basing whatever you've gone you don't got to hospitals are. Just that's. In your runner to these kids. I mean it's you walk out of there or you're just won't you know. What are gratitude and then there's so positive and are so strong and you walk out of there and really feel different. And it is true protection and so you know back nicknames should Clinton visits to quash coup as troops in the church heard. Let me ask you a hockey questioner to hear while we've got chew on you were very high last year. On young defenseman Charlie Mack a boy I assume that enthusiasm hasn't waned and. Not all he was and you'll want. And Chris let really came along really well or get an opportunity at. You know through injuries happen really hot this place so. A young core offense with the Bruins are pretty polishing and marketable and obviously in as a player has very good chance you are structural one channel. A lot of foreign auction. Really look forward to it this season you know last year that he. They will retreated somewhat different stake in terms of what he thought he might do tradition is thought to be playing actually but never thought it Japan through the president strolled and that's what he'd do actual. I'm looking forward to this season. Now on the other end of the age spectrum from McIlroy is that they don't Chara who's getting it done into his forties I mean as sort of a long career you've got to be very impressed what he's been able to do. Well. If you don't want to pick it's it's not surprising in terms you know. You know how full Nadal help determine and learn and how passionate he is book game of arm still to this day I would not want to play gotcha bulky anymore these are big guys that. Competes very horror than you know to shop laser. It is it is so tough to. Most crucial content to play action. I would wanna do that true for all game long and actually a lot of fun machine have kind of taken you know Charlie because ludicrously under their wings. All as a young guy coming and I remember Brett are really. Being somebody that really took me under his wing and just by watching and listening to happen and see how things are done. These great pros. You really learn from Iowa. And I'm sure. She's not only Jamie but somewhat how. I have a coach. In some ways just by you know how much else about the game and how hard he works and how he prepares them. When you have your best players will have to apparent right way to do the right change it's just she'll could trigger got guys just to share launch it to be round. Before we let you go let's talk a little bit about the Bork Family Foundation an organization that you and your wife and your kids have put together. I know you've had a number of events already and have many more planned. You know we don't truth shall. We kind of created. Technical terms for many years by. That's continuing. Match next week in August 30. He really have a lot (%expletive) I want my daughter. And we created. Iran and this year it was held that the current cross country club with a seven point seven kilometers. I wonder how you came up with that number I think and I kind of vertical Mario which quote ratio should fortune actually I can actually bullet. The ideologues. They the greatest player that I went in terms of war. But. And it was a great success we had done a close to 300 letters of course you're. I'm a great sponsorship. We had a blast was a great setting of acute mountain stage was that music can applause and hamburgers afterwards so the people around budget per child to each for a in terms of the courses are little Italy. But people stuck around had a good time it is really and I found it essential to going to be too loose to India and Russia were hacker you are trying to create a dirt on I think it might picture around fervor. Can work powerful. That my wife would like to put on them. And a nice place downtown Boston have a treat similar ratchet you're to create. I'm good momentum in terms of how raising it to give out too shall be different charities that. We've already helped out so well for us it's something that you know spiritually and apparently trying to create something we're. On the phone for me and my wife prefer cute credential so they couldn't keep given how to reduce structural things here in the New England area. Paul Raman has made a very generous 5000 dollar donation to the Jimmy Fund radio telethon this morning. And and ray and I were talking this morning we may have something else up our sleeves here over the next weaker too we make. We may come up with something else special as well raven I can't thank you enough for reaching out yesterday and and for being so generous today always good to talk to you know we appreciate it. We'll keep our network to actually have gone. Thanks Brenda extract Boston Bruins hall of fame defenseman Raymond for joining us and it kick start things here with a good start 5000 dollar donation which we appreciate Berry Berry.