D&K - Red Sox Brock Holt, David Price join the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-21-18

David Price and Brock Holt join Dale and Rich to discuss the Sox' history with the Jimmy Fund as well as the emotional attachment the two have developed for the cause. 

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The relationship between the Jimmy bought the Boston Red Sox goes back to the days of Ted Williams. I and it was his visit with the original Jimi that brought about the Jimmy Fund. And that relationship has continued to this day and we're very happy and proud to be joined by two members of the Boston Red Sox right now. Both sporting their cake cancer T shirt which I like a lot. Rock called the Boston Red Sox David Price of the Red Sox as well it's great to see guys thank you very much yet they perhaps on yeah rock you've been involved. With the Dana Farber and the Jimmy fund for a number of years now and and I know you've spent a lot of time over their visiting those kids. Yeah it's you know it's something that you know obviously become a Red Sox to learn. On instantly about about the Jimmy Fund and what it means to to those kids in the standings it's it's a big part of the Red Sox organization. To be part of of what they've got going on over there bombs so you learn about it. You know fairly quickly once he once you come over here on the it was just something that I you know took took. To go like liking to and and and means a lot to me it's to be a part in and play and play a little part in Vietnam. You know helping those kids in and in those families and you know some of the most most difficult times of their lives so. Tom it's it's a special place that that does really could work. But out for you David what you signed here how quickly was it that you embrace the Jimmy Fund a new what do connection there was between the team. And the clinic. Probably industry trend you know they have tickets come out. And just I think on the picnic area and that has its we go over this thing house on grass take pictures and than just talk so that's. Something we've done every single year since I've been here and know what's going on you know a lot longer than three years and I've been here you know those days are very special and it. It kind of starts friendships that you that you hold onto for real time. One of the events that Lisa sure reports on every year's fifteen weekend and that was this past weekend here at Fenway Park. Because I saw a lot of pictures a lot of kids taken self he's with you David and obviously with YouTube Brock I mean the kids just wanted to hang out with you guys didn't that in the. Yes you know it's just too to have an impact on somebody's this is very special and for us to. To be able to impact these kids positively I think. That's the main goal though we're trying to do it's we have to do that is is a very good. How emotionally invested you guys and getting maybe don't think it's gonna happen that way of Brock I know certainly there's an at least one example there with you how old. Quickly Agassi do you see that that was an obese people now are really a part of my life. Yeah it's. I've gotten pretty emotionally. You know attached. A lot of these kids and families and on you see him. You know when Iraq over it to be fun Massey you know Osce in almost every time you walk over there and when they come here and and now every Tuesday outpost. Kit. For BP. They come there in them and their families come to BP into the game. Gay and that they've become you know really a really big part of of me not on my album my watch live com and you know we've we've kind of you know jumped. Jumped at first and and down. You know we've we've become you know like family to some of these to some of these gazans and these families and you know it's you know I mean David are both need new. Parents. You know what must now be two in December and you know he is on his. Sixteen months out enough that something. But you know. You know that that makes it at home even more. As I can't even begin to imagine. While it you know what these families go through. You'll see in their kids like that Newton no hit no person in general should ever have to deal with. With these kids are in with but. To see young kid now go through some of the so they're going through their there there's tough as they comment on the they become pretty special. Parts of our lives I was thinking about it David that the kids get such a kick out of seeing you seeing Brock senior teammates taking pictures getting autographs. But sometimes I think the players get as much out of the out of the interaction is that as the kids to. Yet just two to step away from baseball. You know just to. To be humans to these kids were that's. They view this more as more than just a baseball player and Nolan and you can see that whatever you're interacting with a and you can see their faces just their reactions. You know we can. The little bit of time though it to spin move you can do different see how much they cherish that time so for for us to see how much we impact them I think it is. It's just good for us is this for them. Does that give you guys the opportunity to see another side of your teammates because that he played with each other in the minors is played against each other or governor just east of what's going on baseball laws but then you get to do something like this and say I didn't realize. The other does this person is capable of batter it's just a completely different thing that you used to. You know I think we spend so much time with each other on the as a is that we we pretty much know. The type person everybody is and you know we've got to we've got a really good group of guys in the clubhouse to. It's obviously year. You know. Very talented on the baseball field but but but great people off of it and down. You know it's you we're not surprised I think by. By anything that you know our teammates do off the field anything like that I think you know we we spent so much time with each other like we're with each other more than with the famous and so on so. Com it's you know it's special to special group to be a part of them and them to do things like this. Along with the guys that that we Golan play with every days is pretty cool. Wanna go back to something you said about the emotional connection rock during the commercial break I had a chance to visit with Gayle Williams whose son Danny. Was the first kid. That I was involved with the Jimmy Fund radio telephone who I lost and his funeral was the first one of those that that I attended. And I've been. At all seventeen of these and thank god they're more success stories than that. What were you prepared for what would happen in your case Matty might have been the first one that you lost who you care that much about. Yeah I. Yeah Matt Matty Willis was the first one that you know that lost the battle but. You know I I I try to. Try to think about all of the positives. And get things that that. You know our relationship had as opposed to. You know what she was going through. I never saw her without a small face. Which was it's huge but she did ask you for your phone number she ended OK yes yes yeah it's it was successful she got she got my phone number. Now we are friends a snatch cats though. Com yet out that was tough day when I found that out and Tom. In our seat you know. It's a close their family as well it's. You know it's and again to match. They went through what they're still on. Their lives completely turned upside down on their pizza is you know she's not here. I but you know that don't like it she brought to the world while she was fearless. Something that that the people who work cluster and knew her. New promotes. You know them now or forget it. She you know she is on. August mr. today. She's definitely she's definitely better place and she's no more pain and you know we keep. Terrorists he's seen in. Have a peace knowing that. You know she she did her job shoes down here. She made us all your options here. At that make it tougher for you go back and visit more kids in Britain for kids and your wife ordered that makes you wanna do more. Yeah I think it made it tougher Tom could you build those relationships and and them obviously you know we. You know we won. We want every story to be successful and you expected to be cheered and be better. On yet that that made it tougher for me and you know obviously haven't. And then it myself now. That makes it tough to go see. It's going through that song so. It was tough it was tough you know losing Mattie was in doubt now like you said Ellis Ellis the first one she was she was probably. It. That got the closest with Thompson's been part of him on so. You know when she passed it was it was tough to. Take it back you know. It back over there and you know try to build relationships but. Com you know like it's that are clear winner when every Google there EC impact your making. You see it's bases. On you that that's what makes it a little easier known that. You're you're doing some good. You know obviously we're not. Going over their security thing here her. You know making one better but. Now to put smiles on faces and let kids can get away and forget about what they're what they're being with. You see the smiles and the laughter and the fun that there happen. Makes you know we're here tried. It raised money to beat cancer and especially cancer in kids. It I don't know anybody I mean no one on the planet who hasn't been touched in one way shape or form by cancer who doesn't know somebody related to somebody. All of us have been connected to this at one time or another in our lives. Yet you know it's. Feel like it's it's something that has impacted everybody's life and in some way home. You know just to. Have a friend that's it's gone to move this can not make it through you know that's. It definitely makes it tough but it. You know cancer is there's an ugly battle scene you know everybody that. That goes through it certainly has been through it has beaten it you know to true survivors and to know a couple of those people who. That's to get those text message is that the weather's they're done in there either overall or treatments everything you know that is. Listeners as. On the field this year you've got men on record pace a franchise record pace last year division winner generally good team this year it seems to be an even better. What's been a big difference or two from last year and this year. FF I don't know that at. Today a lot of yours. Movies and he's at which it's it's. Back. No I think I think. For the most part we've been we'll stay healthy. On which has been a big thing on the you keep your guys in the field. You know that's obvious human and help it. We've got a lot of players whoever you haven't really is seasons com. And Alex's as angry with us. The keys he agrees. You know while were illegal. Played. It keeps me loose. Talked to communicate that as well. Balls go on players. Guys special thanks. Euro your teammate and fellow pitcher Chris sales said. He might be part of the best baseball teams that ever walked the planet for a fact that I don't know if you're quite as optimistic intimidated but how do you feel about your team. Very good you know. We said in spring training you know we we didn't know what we wouldn't do well and you know to this point to monitor and twenty games I still you know we we do everything extremely well you know others on the base us. Defensively offensively you know starting pitching amble to you know we do everything. Very well over and every darn it seems that. You know doesn't have a glaring weakness. Can you stay consistent stay healthy for the remainder of the season you can you can do some special things so I think we all understand how good the team we have in that clubhouse and which one continual play the weather we. They're misunderstood in Boston a feeling it's. You seem like such a nice guy sit here I'm. I think it's I think he's yeah this one is one of the best teammates. People out there. But yet date it Stanley O. Not a friendly battle on the so at some pictures some pictures mandate a completely changed on basic it's he's blow you want to do week viewers yet one. That he you'll. You laughing and hang out with him for you know the days and it's carried interest away. But that's it's now it's locked in. It's it's been working forms so calm you know if I if I can have a friend for success. Smith. As they and today that's pretty good Celtic. If this if this stretch David. At least in my mind look and added his district you're in right now as well as you throw the ball member of the Red Sox. Yes. For sure on and I'm sure it is I don't I don't know the numbers are anything but. You know for the amount of time as long as it's vigna always say so. Just. Staying consistent you know every everything is there whatever whatever day it is someone amounts you know it's it's been a lot better. You know right after. For after the all star break so on. Being good it's been a long overdue home hope we can just continue on placement. That health is that the biggest factor obviously Renault and apple over the last year yet then you know pitch out of the bullpen late is that the biggest thing for you. And it's that is a big big factor. Really start in Detroit Tigers got to start there and in Kansas City. Even though Kansas City didn't go. It's as planned but. Was. Palestine of the starting blocks from the getting back to it's in the way that. Artist ever sentence in home prices about 2002011. For about the sixers. Was the way that I pitched. And to get away from that in order right in here trying to. Kind of reinvent myself. In the lead in the news just. I registered to Obama known. Into it to give back to. What that may be successful in on the pitcher's mound and to be able to to get back to that fairly quickly it's. I. Rock from your perspective do you like the term utility man which you prefer to be second baseman rock hole or third baseman tropical whatever would be. I don't care. The gap here. It's just like in brothel. Care has its third baseman. Here. At the F fired up planet. Dodgers just like playing baseball it is you know what are needed to help us out. You know that's. You know place secondly third outfield seats. Up. For. Most of them yeah. We. So. Com but not that it's been a year since this is most on number at playing baseball. Or it's O. The parties. Now so I think maybe just answered right there you guys are able to enjoy the season in the in the record which is through the roof and you know significantly better than everybody else in baseball. Or is in the back your mind hey in two months ago at the playoffs in the playoffs didn't go the way we wanted to see the last couple years is is that on your mind or you would join the day today. We're I think we're joined the date yet and that's why we've been able to be. Bomb as successful us we have. On regardless if we lose or win and you know we win we get in enjoy it and we come you know we forget about it we come to the took the next day expected when he in. We lose we we lose and we come back and we expect to win so on ya think is that dated date mentality that that is has kept us so consistent. Com you know obviously we know it you know what happened in the playoffs last year's but Tom now we're not worried about that right now we're just enjoying. You know. Winning games and you know hopefully we can see you at the rest of season and then that carries on into into the post season. David Brock mentioned Alex Cora what is Alex Cora is term is manager of this team and free of he's doing great you know starting. Before spring training you know reaching out to guys said not to. You know launches. The course saying the Jacqui rarely myself we all went to. To be days brew house and Fort Myers and we had lunch there or just. Here everything had to talk about at that point you know him being his first time manager it's his first spring training. After him to us to kind of fire off some of the ideas and he fired off the kind of caught us all off corporate when he said it light. This Australian. So that's something we've talked about for quite awhile now and for you and just stepping your first years. You know you're you're hitting some pretty big points right on the nothing to Rome. He really grabbing all of our attention all or respect from the very first meeting you know he's held it. Ever since north his ability to communicate. Just. Always being around you know just. Talking to us about. A lot of other southern baseball you know merely see. Talk on a daily basis didn't. Maybe three times are always about baseball you know we have you know Lotta comment. He has is to twins you know there. They just turned a year old not too long ago you know my sons is fifteen months also won't do that. The parent that thing again for Alex and for the first time for myself. You know we just. Talk. Like France and that's just the stupid. Now you'd platelet Judy Martinez and Detroit in scenery is good but did you have any idea this is cable this kind of season. I mean. From what needed from the time that dollars and Detroit until. August in the last year I think everybody kind of solid JD was capable of doing you know whenever he got hurt the team missed. A little over a month last year and still put out the numbers that he put and what he was able to four the Diamondbacks after the trade deadline that Ireland's. Those were the most special things seen from a baseball players vs second half like that so I think we all. Do you kind of understand what JD to duke and for him to. It's coming in Fenway for 81 games although it doesn't hit a whole lot of balls left field but for him to you know it's played nine games in candid games. Yankee Stadium and Toronto was well so we knew that you deal put up soon. Some Nintendo numbers and he's done. Guys thank you so much for lending your voices and lending your support to this cause as I said the connection between the Red Sox. And the Jimmy Fund goes back to Ted williams' days and you guys continue that tradition. Best of luck in the rest of the season congratulations on how it's gone so far thank you again for being with us thank yes I think Brock called David Price joining us live from Fenway Park.