D&K - Red Sox J.D. Martinez joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
The Sox' DH/OF joins Dale and Rich at Fenway on the second day of the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Happy to be join Andy he's rushing from work I mean the guy's got a job that other guy here and besides size that I thought oh don't worry about it Judy Martinez joins us. I there's no pressure on you or anything but Brock COLT and David Price when they sat here yesterday said you're the whole difference in the team this year I. I don't know about that. You know end. They key really rock he looked into the camp at least it JD you're watching in the clubhouse you're the difference in the now price thousands of views it does so price at that you're the team MVP that Nokia is the league MVP does that make it accessible to you. Makes. Nervousness and ultimately get BP to I don't know I'm only look at that stuff. Knows just worried about us were about our team in helping us Lannan. You know I take pride it is domestic and then. Company guys around mean as much as I can mom. Telemar thomas'. So you guys like when I think gently as but I think you should work honor. Stuff like that. These guys these guys on your yen and he wants get better and you know I've told stuffed in many people before that I feel like guys here. Actually. Worked on and grind on and actually you know apply it and I give them all the credit I don't say I'll take any credit for non it's ultimately things in my life it. I'll listen to men. Everybody has a lot of first you helped cut that would their swings and things that you've seen on tape or whatever else so you have been doing that. Earlier in your career it just didn't take it well taken mr. Yeah I don't know I think kind of when policy stuff early in my career guys and said whatever way he does it. Believe me as much. At 330 with fifty to they listen now these guys kind of leave me here they you know trust me and they. Go with it. You've got a Red Sox teacher com and on the back of your teachers in big letters it says family. I get the feeling that the the relationship. In that clubhouse among you when your teammates. It's a big factor in how this team playing here higher percent percent you know everybody. My friends of Sammy asked mile it was a differences teams but that honestly no egos. There really isn't everybody's pushing for each other. On going that clubhouse you don't owe. You wouldn't know Chris sells. The best pitcher in baseball you know I mean you talk to McKee you wouldn't think he's the best player in baseball. You know he's that humble humble people talked with Davis the same thing it supports you guys are referred children want to Benson. It's but he gets almost as exciting as some awesome moment when they do win when they don't run so it's it's fun it's fun to be around. I think that's exactly right plan. When you signed with the team what was your expectations. This team on the division to street years obviously a lot of great players that you just named below what what did you think was gonna happen here. On. On non CFO meter team. And it's at but talent now. And it decade. Where hungry that they had. You know one of these things wears special special time right now. And I think based votes tracker. Is the two phases. And they're in their face right now word they have. Chances the connector for. Africa we years now. So that was really my expectations coming to minor league team and it's. Hope I can help real sound of known as one what did you think when you knew you played Bentley park obviously what did you think about the left field wall. When you signed here because you really don't go that way much do yet. Now mom you are ready tonight it. The things like enough is enough for each story is that it's. To me I mean I understand why it's it. You know all of a field. The same time it's it is what it is you know I'm yes Baghdad and notes. It's easy and I felt it throughout the year sometimes you know think about it I think about it like if I catch Barcelona out front. And now. And autos and try to catch up front and a and a Spybot and that the senator accidentally equipment. You know stay with your last year with what got you here in two you do that. So you know at times the years it's. Dimon had a couple times. I think I've it is really challenges and forget that things just colors when. Obama goes he goes and he played for a few different managers of course your career what does Al score. He's great mom I think he's better league feel for the club house. He's that are league communication. With each player individually. Mom knows utterly opposite the leaders you know. With this day when not to say India com. He's players you know his players' manager he he played the game he knows not easy. He knows it's hard he knows what's going on games he little things happen if he points out to us. You know. We know he's aware of it which is which is huge. Your first year with the team I don't know how much he knew about the Jimmy Fund when you arrive. But I saw the footage last night of you with your little Jimmy Fund patient without on the field of view and everybody had a a kid outlive them. It looked like you guys were into it with me ha ha. It's really cool man Macy's is their faces when they're out there their taxes. Lit up which way it's almost like they're scared they're such I Ares it's overwhelmed. Dan. I just remember obviously nerve in their situation with the subject to go through I members eat it and scene you know these baseball players that was the pedestal in unity owns few light snows and while world. And it's just unease is you know one of those things where. Our age and I'm mad it's late. Attached to it the granite now oh. Publish lines world in no easy it's like that it on the region that out like there's more important things in life changes. Going out there in its ninth trying to figure out a way to beat the pitcher in he can make one Tuesday. Caught entries its that's. That's that's that's victory that's. Were adamant and just fingers. On out there that I. Just laugh about it it is there goes on with something. Well we really appreciate you taking the time and taken the time out of your game preparation. Down here and join excellent voice. And support. It's been fun watching you play this year and I hope we keep watching your plate for along time before this thing and to. It is Davey appreciate it thank you JD Martinez joining us live from Fenway Park.