D&K - Red Sox President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski joins the NESN/WEEI Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd
Dave Dombrowski joins Dale and Rich at Fenway for the second day of the Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon.

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Connection between the Red Sox and the Jimmy Fund goes back to the dates of Ted Williams and it continues justice strong to this day. And you just heard Dustin Pedroia there so many guys Brock Colton David Price here yesterday and will keep Betts was on and Chris Sale will be on later today. And Dave Dombrowski joins us right now it's got us beat kind of cool from your perspective to see this continuation of this great tradition with this organization. Well it is and it's also. Who'll be part because being in baseball for some years coming in the Boston here in the talked throughout the years you always know what's taken place you know but the Jimmy Fund. But then being here and be part of it actually the first day that I was hired three years ago was that day the Jimmy Fund 2015. I was a little busy when they introduce me that they I could not actually come on set up my family came months at that particular date my wife and children so. It's it's very what a great cause of course we're we're so happy to be part of it to contribute are we can't. We feel this from the heart because that's actually what it is what's. Like seeing the players interact with the kids specifically whether it's the spring training visit last week yeah right last great moment of every age you know you see these guys that their baseball players. And you know that's how we seem to put them there's it's clearly another side and that that's going to be pretty special. Well there is another side and you don't see that side a lot because are out on the field they're serious they're working they're doing what they need to do. Maybe it all run people smile that jump up and down but on all you don't see that side but we have a tremendous group staff and players. And so we're in a position that they will do anything they can't help but in the community. But especially when you start talking about children if touches their hearts it's touched all their hearts many of them are parents themselves bothers him. And if not they have friends that aren't you can see that don't do anything they can't help out and act like this that clause so. It's great that other people have that opportunity to see them and that. And that type of atmosphere. It's sincere it's legitimate than anything they can do they well. Last night before the game kids from the Jimmy Fund accompany your players out to their positions on the field. And a little girl during doing cartwheels out within prevent contending in left field and am watching the players with each of these kids. To your point the sincerity. They wanted to talk but these kids and be with these kids. Last night what they do they do and and its its interest here you are in a pennant right right I mean your big games big series. But. That almost takes aside. Steps aside to be in a position start deal with the children clause and that really becomes part that. Very enamored with they're happy to participate to anything they can't. Of course children and they they lighten up you you also is an individual that brings a smile to your face and you can see that way to interact with the players just it's real and so it's it's fun to be part of embassy that part of the action. Now you've been in other markets I don't know if it's the same there at that it is here but for an event like this for the Red Sox are so synonymous with it yet you see the Bruins and the patriots the Celtics all coming together for such a great cause is that unique to Boston or yours that you find that it and other places. Well I don't know for sure because even know him along for him everywhere on the golf course but I don't know what I had to act yet but I hope it doesn't happen but no put traveled throughout the time periods and then being part of conversations that take place I think it's unique to Boston. I don't ever see this interaction. To this type of totality between the different organizations with a specific clause with the Jimmy Fund. And be involved so when you see all the participants from all the different sports. I don't see anywhere else in in anywhere or travel throughout Major League Baseball. Talk about a baseball team from minute you hired Alex Cora with some expectations of what he was gonna bring to the table. As he surprised keeping you as it is the job that he's done with this team so far this year well we are. Anticipated him to do a good job we would hear him hand but I would also say you never expect guys to lead and club to beat him. Fifty games under. So he has. I think. Probably. The biggest surprise would be the quick learning aspect of it. Knew it was a good baseball man very intelligent good communicators felt weekly keep the clubhouse loose knows the game. Leadership capabilities in every respect. But he's also taken in very quickly what's expected job. And even though he and manager winner while much different than managing the Boston Red Sox organization and the bench coach Houston. Significantly different he just adjusted so well to it. Feels comfortable in the role I think makes the players feel comfortable with in two ways just to and so quickly. Maybe it caught us prize. Now your aces on the DL for the second time this month. I'm terrified. I I have freaking out but what what sort of his status and you know what we're what's the update on. Well you never like to see anybody in the Allen your race in particular but I also think you try to keep that in levels. Concern and this one here's. As far as disable Mintz is not a major concern it's easily identified from a doctor perspective Chris knows what it is. We've been able to take care but once already think maybe and nobody really knows but when Chris went out the game a little bit extra time. He was pain free at depth at that time. Maybe we need to get at least a little bit more time it's not as bad as that was the last time. I think we will get him plenty ready for. Late September. And if we were not in this situation we are right now with the with a greatly I think he probably be gone out there pitching. But we're also oppositional we don't wanna do that too much rather have throw like he did Baltimore that particular day coming back that we would him fighting through this continued basis. David Price was in here yesterday with Brock Cole and I got to say. I saw outside of David Price that I haven't seen much of in this town. I was happy to see it by the way it and and and and I enjoyed it. Do you think he's misunderstood by by baseball fans in this town. I think he has. And I am partial. I've known David since 2015. Retreated form. It was enough. Even before elections in 2004 team I've known him for that full season record thirteen traded him fifteen so known for quite a long time. Not only is he forgot about the pitching aspect of it that speaks for itself because he's their talent but he's a fine individual he has a great parties and good family man he's a fantastic teammate. Very involved in the community. But I think that there's so much focus. What takes place on the field. That at times you don't get a chance to see the other side of him and a lot of other players and I think what's happened is he's a little is a little more active in the social media. Maybe got. Stung a little bit in that regard so sometimes you step back and you get a little bit more just that the face. That's you don't do it all too. Everybody you know show yourself but this is a wonderful human being he's got a great art. And it's it's unfortunate but he understands it I mean he understands that that they went when it really comes down to you could have the best art be the best person. But he's paid to win baseball games in the B doesn't participate and do well at a particular time he's gonna get criticized then that's part of the the territory and sometimes it's not easy to accept. But that unfortunately is the way it is but I will tell you some wonderful human being. Think he's changed at all is that his personality from your won here two year three invaded us personnel and it just how he interacts with the with the media members went with fans on social media and things like that and there's been a change there. Why I don't do social media myself so I don't follow that like I was told wisely I think yours ago and not do this. I think from what I have my understanding is he backed off of that as much as it used to say that I think was why isn't as part. I do think he's changed in once sense. Is that I think he's much more guarded. He's got any different in the clubhouse as his teammates love him he's fantastic and but I think he's much more guarded in I think after you go through an officer some of it can be your own fault some of it it. He share in the blame but it's a situation you just become much more guard and I think he's become more like that August 22. You've got to vote for American League MVP vote for I split my vote yes I. Yeah that's what I after I had not that I look at it at such a great dilemma isn't it when lawyer who guys who were legitimate candidate well it is it's great that there's other candidates were seen him across the field right now you see guys went door Ramirez earned tremendous candidate so all of a sudden. Chris Davis in Oakland started put up some big numbers to. But it's it is it's fun to come to the ballpark you know people watch those players play. And I think Natalie fans enjoy it they enjoy the all around abilities the way the way they play the energy level ranked. But it also is just fun to watch baseball perspective because once that account doesn't happen. They have a couple of guys and Chris sales and a contract for next year Judy Martinez and others always opt outs and there are some but he's definitely a contract for next year. Could this offseason via time duo approach those guys internal lock them up or is it a Wii I'm under contract and got a pretty good deals and will trust that later on. Well I it's one I've I've always learned to not speak contractually publicly as he usually is one of those things that. People and come back to you and you really can't. But I will say that you can feel comfortable at those type players in Boston writes for a long. And they're very good players are quality individuals in the club house. Some of the top performers in Major League Baseball and so that is that the guys that Natalie ourselves or fans that auction along. You've been around the game for a long time. Chris Sale said this is the best baseball team that won the plan FFF. Authorities say look at the where do you come down on how your team right now well we have a good club there's no doubt about that it's a lot of on him the chance to winnow I think. Should went over under games we have the chance to set a record for the number winds for Boston writes arts organizations and in existence for a long time. So it's a lot of fun to watch this play. You tackle the regular season because you know that's what's most important and can't even be talking about the post season I'm very careful myself and outs in the staff members. You don't start talking about. The post season planning purposes actually take your business which is trying to win your division which were trying to do I think ultimately. They had cancer and so taken place in the long run it's one's a one world championship right that tiger remember. But I don't want to get to that point yet it like to enjoy the ride but the guys thought their try to win a ballgame tonight against a club and and eventually and I'm glad Chris feels that way and believe me he makes us one of the better quote it's tough to be much better pitcher and use right now. But we're also in the situation there's a lot of good clubs throughout time periods and let's see what happens. But also having enjoying the now we had David Price brought calls on yesterday they said the same thing about you know of the day to day part of it but the more wins you guys. Continued to pile up. You know made a franchise record likely. Doctor expectations then raise and they admitted more pressure come playoff time that hey you know one and done or even to end on May not do it because this team is that good. Well that it's interesting but up a minute. Borrow quote from a guy that I respect a great deal management urgently. And Jim Leyland knows this we had some clubs. And say there's good pressure. And there's bad pressure. And that's the pressure because of yet at the club that brought them play. That's effective pressure you wanna have so if you're going to win are expected to win becomes some expectations with that but that's the pressure via good club we have the capabilities to perform. Meteorologist Dave Dombrowski article in July and we're gonna play tonight our ballpark for sure. About it for sure Dave thank you very much for coming by lending your support this then we preach accurate thanks thanks for that your doing as wells all the fans all everything they can do please keep to thank you it Nebraska joining us live from park this is the W Aniston Jimmy on radio telethon. Presented by the appellate insurance mandate.