D&K - Saila Hanninen, 36, non-small cell lung cancer, Lahti, Finland, with Dr. Pasi Janne), Director, Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology 8-21-18

Saila was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer in June 2017.  After her diagnosis at another hospital, she transferred to Dana-Farber for treatment. Saila’s treatment currently includes a clinical trial of alternating Tagrisso and Iressa.

In her spare time, Saila is an athlete. Whether she is running for miles, competing in triathlons, or practicing yoga, Saila loves to work out. She also finds her happy place when cooking, drinking wine, and spending time with her friends and family.

Throughout her diagnosis, Saila has been supported by her mother, Arja, father, Markku, and younger brother, Jesse.

Saila originally chose to be treated at Dana-Farber because she likes that its sole mission is cancer research and treatment. She was also driven to Dana-Farber because of Dr. Pasi Janne and his research in the field. Saila started a foundation, JAKSAA, to raise awareness and support fundraising for Dr. Janne’s research efforts. Over the last year, Saila has raised about $100,000 for the organization.

Dr. Pasi Janne is the director of the Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology and the Scientific Director of the Belfer Center for Applied Cancer Science. His main research interests include studying the therapeutic relevance of oncogenic alterations in lung cancer.

He was one of the co-discoverers of epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations and has led the development of therapeutic strategies for patients with EGFR mutant lung cancer.

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We get to visit with old friends doctor posse Yani has been witness before. I did just now accuse him of actually importing patients from Finland now just you know feel like he's back home again silent Hannan and joins us as well it's great to see both of you. Think they happen Siler tell me how you ended up because you're from Finland tell me how you ended up with Dana Farber. Actually ended it in our parents diagnose one year ago back in June. We eat our news cancer. And I'm from Atlanta actually was. Previously and operates and now being converted quickly terror attack and I Mike tonight would be good bye Elway got and yet. I promise him that yet. But I see I reached out to some friends that work with the Braves have actually done quite a lot of work with the Red Sox and Kennedy very graciously helped. Introduce me to leave Nadler news at Dana his tucking money list my eyes and we. Coincidentally both from them I'm not let Alison actually hear it again. Part of the reason it now had you known anything about lung cancer had anybody your family had anything like that or it's all brand new to you all totally him. That's out of that process that won't once you were diagnosed sort that setting in and and then dealing with a how to that'll take place. I was doing a lot of I've always been a long distance runner so I was doing a lot of marathon running and triathlon so lung cancer it's definitely not on the radar as. You know possible issues to come across so I was definitely incredibly shocking at first and I had just finished a hot Iron Man about a month and a half prior to being diagnosed so it was it was certainly a shocked by it. Any kind of take it on like anything else and learn as quickly as you can probably some of the things that you. We're glad you hadn't had to learn. Prior and it's you know we. We did as much research and I think they're also kind of trusted and and doctor Anita to guide me the right way in to help me make the right decisions. Get better stuff it's possible. Doctor Yani I'd mention that we visited before here in at least we've had a chance to talk with each other. I'm always interested in how things are different how things have changed the advances that continue continually. Are made over at the Dana Farber. Well I think Silas a perfect example of that she says taking and medications to treat her lung cancer she's in fact taking two pills medications that we used to treat the disease. And in a clinical trial that she's participating in and it's happening at act great results as you can he concedes he can tell you about what she's been able to do it. Really something we we strive for all of our patients that were able to find a therapy that's tailored to their cancer. That they're able to live their lives and do normal things he had minimal side effects from the treatment. Now we're raising a lot of money today and in tomorrow's well you raised a ton of money totals about your foundation. We started a foundation and all of this kind of started a year ago there is an outpouring of of love and support at an incredible support system. It's really difficult to try to find. A direction when people say you know how can I help it's really hard to to actually know how they can help so. I quickly realized that the best thing we can do to helpless. Help drive more fundraising. And more fundraising efforts specifically to doctor in the work that he's doing because it's directly impacting me along with thousands of millions of others. We started a foundation at Clark yaks not actually means strength or the strength to endure and finish. And it was. It's actually also a word they use an endurance racing so the fins chance as you. Are out there are struggling trying to get through that day and it just kind of cutting dockside now. You don't show and cried out but it got as far as I want to help out of the yes. It can't let it be telling me started on it in them. Kind of with name. And that's not oriented date we are your reading on one market nation to compare it that's significant firm. And it was just recently. In Colorado on makers are haute and where actually important business partner. Well and factor. That's. A very. Amazing doctor Yoni obviously Siler is sending an incredibly fit person meant it to be the long distance runner and tri athlete that she is Iron Man and Iron Man. Does that make a huge difference in a treatment modality when you've got somebody is physically fit as silent is. I do think it helps her patience war well fits and and healthier do you think that they're able to tolerate that the treatments and in and also has the potential side effects that can come with that. There's two main types of lung cancers are correct but at one of what I to the main types are that the big one is non small cell lung cancer which is about 85% colon cancer small cell lung cancer which is roughly 15%. And that that type that Tyler has non small cell lung cancer. And I'm curious silent when it when. Doctor Yoni. Tells you this is what we're gonna are you one of those people want to know. You tell me everything I knew I wanted to every detail our is it like had just do what you gotta do and leave it alone. Now I can't fall somewhere between half a lot of questions but all good questions. Hopefully it questions you know I'd like to Libyans invested and really understand what we're doing I think overall my goal would be to understand so it. Kind of the trial and the thing that or doing that I am participating and ultimately help in the long run for others of you don't understand. The process and you don't understand the medication and kind of what the goal is that the trial. It's very difficult to feel like your participating in the resurgence and driving there's also I'd like to know. More information but as far as the decisions go. Now to. I I don't want to him I don't watch it dumbed down for me OK not for silent but for my say. Because you were one of the co discovers. Of something called EGFR. Which is at the thermal growth factor or sept here. In stupid terms that dale can understand what does that mean and wise Adam why it's so important. Well basically it was that at discovery that helped understand. Why. Some lung cancers grow and that they happen abnormal form of this that protein. That makes them that makes them that grow. I continuously sort of thinking like that the gas pedal is continuously on you have no way of putting the brake on the gas pedal is continuously on. And that helped us also figure out the medicines that can be effective for this and these are the medicines that silence on. That medicines that really directly go against this a protein turn it off it's very critical to the growth of the cancers like gas pedal being on. And when he put the break on car stops moving cancer shrinks. I like that part especially so to you I'm sure asylum. Finally sends a friend of mine till how to you know Sam. And as spam through the braids so your a couple of gentlemen that you stood decent mark up with the brains out of government here is now with the Braves. But at a bunch of work with the Red Sox back in the day and let me in touch with him in that animal no root of retailing. Him put me in touch with Lee Nadler and on it on doctor kindest I think two days later so to good friend to have yet. When it and we can make a quick call and he can make it quick call in you can get the best treatment in the world. His sister I did say I've said this earlier to other people who we've had in years nobody wants to have to go through which are going through nobody wants to have to fight this fight. But if you do have to fight this fight this is the best place on the planet to fight again. This is the place to be that the best care the best doctors if you've got to do it this is where you want now. You know I totally agree I flight from Denver I was in new York at that time that I am in Denver now and have planted. Boston every 56 days months typically mom comes with me from Atlanta my dad will come from Helsinki. Every couple Texans. You know when happening I. It's great it's great to see you guys thank you both very much for coming by doctor young. Pots in posse Johnny joining us come back next time and tell me some other term that I won't understand the round. Absolutely I think you guys I let me good luck today Anke summit and finally got a few more hours if that Red Sox fan them in place the first pitch is seven hours from now. That is the guys thanks Sinai Hannan and joining us and doctor posse on a with us as well.