D&K - Teresa Connor, 57, lung cancer, Franklin with Diane Lucier, RN, Dana Farber 8-22-18

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 22nd

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Here and we're happy to welcome into a couple of guests Teresa Connor. It's a lung cancer patient. And her nurse Diane is here it's here as well I was telling to recent you're the third person from Franklin we've talked to in the last two days what the heck is going on in Franklin and you know I think. One of those strange things now you'll sell and and Diane works at the yeah at the Milford sound like Dana Farber is that we get treated as well yes it is yes that makes things so much easier for united and wonderful. Quick little ride over and and Diane you've been there what ten years now at. Each meal the Jean Marie actually working. It's receipt of wood in for routine physical race this August ours yes it nearly giving us means there. You know England's move to the thirty years. And I felt comfortable taking it as you go in there and it's not a no big deal you're feeling that you don't mind. And then what two hours later at a phone com. And how to react to that. And pretty damn yeah. I would I love about Iraq if I don't I don't I don't point. Isn't life changing yet. And with and to. Pair me. With Damien. She's been there and England. Today. It's obvious that relationship that is just warm friendship now right at yes yes. Three other talking about a lot more things than just you know what's going about it that. In the in the seventeen years and the one word that is changed the most in the seventeen years is immunotherapy. Witches the rugby now operating under and then that's been the biggest change I think over the years. And it's it's brought about the most. Yes that cats it's really change it just happened that Teresa was on treatment and this new drugs. Came available in January and her oncologist. Doctor Bailey daily. Decided let's go for it because she fit the criteria. And she's been on it since January. Every other week to clear scans. Yeah yeah. That's a reason to celebrate. That was this at this spending your family at all idiot friends with this or once you found out bodies that a year ago I'd I don't know anything about it I'd Adolor. Need to yes there what was that process. And what I'm reading and let it than they and yeah filled in question asking questions. It's like change ensure that this. You while you were a smoker as she gets in before which is why he had the scanned. Are one of those people now. We'll see someone's smoking in and wants the vote shake him by the shoulders and what he's doing yes they do. Because my mom died of lung cancer to end and I I swear when I see someone smoking I wanna walk up to them and say. And maybe you'll be the one person who doesn't get can't just. Exactly for a it and it's that that if you only knew then what you know now right and I clicked by year's four. And still there via that is waiting in there yet. Now your husband here how is he banned throughout the whole process. A lifesaver if he. He really had an actually my my people that work in great. You know great supporters of who wins right behind me on the back to work in February. Want so I'm actually back to doing everything normally X two and exercising biking. Which we encourage the young people just sitting there. Aren't that Carson deal to eat where's the cheerleaders. Is that something that you notice that is when people get diagnosed they think aren't noted everything differently and I can't live my life and I normally would and you get a kind of culture mocked to go back to normal way right. Correct a lot of things that tell people not just the Arab and we're going to be best friends for years and years acts recently had a patient call me. Haven't seen him eight years he's been the area of the six. Months. Reefs are you finding that this immunotherapy is new drugs you're taking. The side effect that I don't see any indication that are sick or taking drugs or anything else. Right now the gold you know not Atlanta and this side effects. I mean that's that in itself as a miracle is than. And that what's the difference between negotiate diagnose there 1520 years ago compared to do you know last year the treatments. Berg much harsher in expecting it now we would go it probably. Two years. I had an uncle many years ago who at diagnosed. In the eighties it was six months to a year. Things. Or especially. There. Well I'm thrilled that you're doing so well in the granddaddy of to have with us today and it's good to have you with us as well. He adds keeping impaled there and I don't know I don't know if this data that's great see you thank you very much for coming by here day you know.