D&K - Willie McGinest made his first appearance of the football season and discussed the Patriots defense, Malcolm Butler, and the Kaepernick-Nike deal

Dale and Keefe
Tuesday, September 4th
Willie McGinest made his first appearance of the football season. Willie discussed the Patriots defense, Malcolm Butler, and the Kaepernick-Nike deal among other topics. 

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We are very excited that throughout the course of the football season and regular weekly guest for this program will be patriots hall of Famer. NFL network analyst Willie McGinest Willie is sponsored by ring central and he joins us right now good morning Willie how Oreo. Totally. Well aching or really. I'll put on hold guys now while I was very excited for one brief shining moment you word. And aviation event that is the ability come down there. Slow your roll dale. Hold on a second. So it's going to be a nuts who think yes for Monday guests Tuesday's sodas do this even though we're calling this a pitcher's mound at what's confusing to people have a counter. He is gonna be on Tuesday as the gold Tuesdays at each week regardless of patriots Mondays Fridays that's not matter he's locked in on Tuesday. So do we know exactly what happened there he is on the line use online I talked doom we taught for a moment and see something happen just doctors guys and calls up. Fair enough will be happy to have. Happy to talk to a long hole too long amnesty as there with a group that's based there on the side yet when he's looking at like two minutes left most on Long Island yesterday. And that's happen to me from my big radio appearances and other stations as it and he'll hang up on the non. The addition indignity did that sort of demands respect the next. Ran got a message that you know that you're probably right wing guys are ready to rock out ready to go with. They're their second and wait too soon and then that because of the problem I understand things that you have to worry about let's try this again. Patriots hall of Famer Willie mcinnis is on like good morning Willie. There's a guy does all the great Italian. I'm great Tressel ball was here week one and on this that it got on the abortion are already rejecting scroll. Can't wait the season starts Thursday night patriots of course play Sunday against the Houston Texans. As you watch the patriots through the pre season what's your assessment of the kind of weaponry that Tom Brady has to work which this year. That we always talk about right cut acute. I think last week doesn't it and and that altered state farm weighs in goggles that well but I know settlement won't beat their work in our got a lot of confidence in the running backs you know they're on the used utilized what are run the ball in the car and gave the card and in Barack you're the whole game and I think you know for the torture but I have rolled it and the other players in players that haven't played a lot. Got to have an opportunity and we always say what are these receivers come on the new England and they come out of nowhere near Derry to commit to the system where certain local well. On bill have an opportunity in and Josh is got to come up with game player skiing. Want to give the ball out of Greece has switched as an effective and and make plays off or for brown not reward spotted a speaker and our receiver no question about it. What are being that an opportunity for somebody that ought to step up then and heard about there are the role. All of assault ships. What are they give the defense obviously in the Super Bowl last year it it let them down but they had some injuries and also one out made some additions in the off season so going into the year what what are your expectations for the defense. Are being healthy being held the big game guy like rivers. Out there are certain your player with great like a lot ours is a player as Columbia record showed he can play it honestly. You know on. It is it it's for the people talk about you know in the troubled forward and things that happened. Home. I don't know if one player. What has changed the entire game but ignored her picture to their Super Bowl. The way. The sort of their vehicles will play a lot of water you're not a lot of ever recorded for what team does and the success that they. A home boy you know here you can go back report but I think the way they've played it was our first full regardless of Marco was out there at La. Arm bad that Alter you know orbit stopped and the way they were player so. I'm under put that out there for you know say network Bancorp for other speaker apparently a lot of young players. My Bentley got a coveted player right now rivers got minutes in. You know you can count back. For me and respect and come back out there at a certain level high powered you know you could tell you the guy who understand the system where they need to do. I'm excited you know about a new offer squirming defense coordinator Brian flowers or god. Who is probably gonna do things a little bit different sort of what this week on the defense but I think grimace but he. Consistent. Where he changes every single week recording or would your plane tickets. But I think he put physical labor on all things are excited to see you don't know about pyramid would you know what he brings secretary also. Our home we'll be prepared. Dramatically they'll be ready to grow. And I think a mark you got some optimistic about what actually what happens when you know a world record here. Now will you mentioned welcome Butler in there if you're on the team with with that have to be something that you wouldn't have gotten an answer for real whether it was after the game and you found out that while why did this guy play would you have. Reached out to coach spell checked they get an answer on that app. You know on a source later you know the rules and things that I have been and other organizations are very consistent. For over a decade. You know they got after it do you go to church area where there are ready to all Wear certain level. Are you gotta practice. To play. Grosso who you are. And you've got to give them the confidence in practice. You're ready to go stress within bigger scale coast are gonna go away. Somebody who's very consistent leader consistently playing at a certain level. And somebody who they froze ready to go whether it's two or three days before the day important day of the case. They've made their decision and you know there are consistent what would restrict or two years of players understand that you've got to respect it. Home. I don't think he's gonna have to give better answers are being ordered there or who's. We're in a situation like bad or whether it's your trading a player or not playing nuclear. You tutors reason you're restricting. Our home. You tell you why this is where it works best for the kings. Are home what I figured the miss of getting ready for game and you gotta make last. Minute they're Citizens United or break all seem more input you're sort of occurred you know you try to talk to the character and about it. And you move forward. We're talking with patriots hall of Famer NFL network analyst Willie McGinest. Matt Patricia leaves the patriots becomes the head coach of the Detroit Lions Brian Flores takes over without the title in effect the defensive play calling duties. This is still bill Belichick's team do you expect much difference in the defense with Flores calling the signals as opposed to Patricia. On the I think they've though awaiting a winning are great ingredient of other do things there. I don't think you can just flip and turn the system upside down in the years burst and when you have a lot of restraint players. That players certain way and you draft in caucus create is to play in that system. I think Brian will have this is urgent and ordered a little bit wobbly and new mark saying you know. Well it sort understand. Bella sir or probably played a factor in the defense like you always you know played a factor new defense. Hum here the great peace of mind not just football but these sorts of mothers were also. I think he'll play a factor in that you'll be there you know assisting indoor living there working together on the offense shot the ball as well we're just mcdaniels. Helping him be a breakdown defense of their how to attack so a total team effort when it comes to the coaches are covered we gave player that was below what irks. Or you know a lot of people watched appreciate those we're always sought as speakers bureau little more wrestles. He's got to be more grip should get their quarterback what they find ways according that was their plane tickets. To do certain things and I think. You know they'll continue to do that. In your experiences Bill Belichick pretty good at delegating in other words. He says to Joshua the offensive coordinator your making the calls here occasionally he'll step in but does he let those guys run their end of the football. I think you have to you know are you gotta you gotta be confident in your coordinators in the Gaza search Braganza. I think it makes you know portrait things better for. Or could there are. A great parents can do about our great. Echoed. Over here and yeah it or implement game and get your opinion. And changed being critical situation and give by peers and make adjustments that we are and that's what all great. Hey coach should do that and that's what war Belmont with bear surged. What do you think of Nike making Colin cap predict the face of all or of their new ads that just came out yesterday. All you know are being heard a greater last that's what they wanted to do. I don't really have an opinion on on that. It not been about a mile in our luck I'll believe what they do. I believe the required. Air being ridiculous when you're talking about on the late at night each two at all lack. Strip of mystery and so what match was what told me. Campaign sport are. I don't think anybody that scored against you know military or people in the military. And if you listen to the man talk another player like curse all earmark into a lot of where lockyer wrote should bring awareness that are being that a court all. And try and help. They love the military a lot of how badly in the military. There is very broad support for America over here where they're you know they're out of their their class war. Server and beat her the Specter orchestrate. An earlier order out on time. Delegated a lot of money in the dark hour or two players and try the great. Being there they were urged it outside oh all of so. Bump. That just optical. Do you think Phil Knight gave Roger Goodell the heads up that they were gonna do this. I'm sure you know where to blow up great great. State he would. But it deftly deal they want it you're right they got everybody talk. Well we appreciate the time looking forward talking to you all season long and I have have a great rest of the week. You Mercury Arctic air it that is former patriots linebacker patriots hole Famer Willie McGinest.