Do the Celtics stand a chance against the 76ers? The hardest question Keefe has ever been asked.

Monday, April 30th
Rich Keefe and Producer Jason Rossi  preview the Celtics vs 76ers & who are the most watch players. A look around the NBA playoffs and who has been the most impressive teams thus far. This podcast gains its name as “Mostly C’s” because of the twists and turn on this journey of a podcast  Rossi asks Keefe’s the most challenging question of his life.

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He's mostly seen so mostly it's podcast the podcast about the Celtics from red to Russell brown took bird and I. Parish to pierce everything seemed. Mostly seeks let's get to switch scheme ever post season podcast. They executed another episode of the mostly c.'s podcasts. My name is received joined as always our producer. Slash co host Jason Roth and Jason are you guys really sad when that's my tabloid they both know I appreciated it's like what's going on with here dated daylight it's like we have you in doubt. And yes the last person well that's another person in their almost four out of five times and make it difficult the hole that was just here it's really you know. But this podcast is not dead and a lot of people thought this podcast is dead just because Michael left in total years of covering the NBA and and took that to wherever he decided to go doesn't it rocket keep him in the podcast they've been few and far between that's why told you to subscribe because you're just not gonna -- back and refresh this thing every day they subscribe to get a little reminder that says hey isn't it mostly sees where. They do a great job talking mostly cities mostly mostly sees today's though all about avengers and finish more now. Please don't actually sell ideas and ideas and out and you know I'm hot on its yes eighteen movies in ten years of Spanish yes so I finally got the last three knots. Forty hours of them so that's more of a hash tag or commerce as you can join us over there on the it's on the iTunes in the WEEI family podcast is well I think this happens at sponsored by past and it I'm glad you mentioned that hash that door is a great podcast that's weekly EC that a little more often this is more like the snow leopard of podcasts very rare there's a lot of them but Celtics I'm sorry we've delayed this long to begin. For basketball talk playoffs or into round two in the NBA. And much to my surprise. The Celtics are in round two and a lot of listening predicted the Celtics to win which have a lot of callers and they'll keep its head and the Celtics are a better coached team. Milwaukee's been up and down all year long even though they the better player. A lot of guys believed in the Celtics I thought it was going to be the box and 6 so I am happy to say that I was wrong. The sub which were up too low and I immediately changed my pick because Jason you're allowed to change a tennis in the playoffs wants up until the once again to us get through it bodyguard who wants a clusters. One pick before the series and that if you want to like game three or four you can change it again that's funny that's a good benchmark for this podcast we'll get we'll get a prediction today yes and then maybe you'll be out idol definitely change it and two days. But today. They looked good. At home that's really what it came down through bull bowl teams looked good. At home and it just reminds me of the Celtics in 2008. And eventually there'll to win on the road and it was in the conference finals of that in the NBA finals but. When they were at home the Atlanta Hawks that team won 66 games ended up winning the title couldn't beat the hawks in Atlanta. But that was in Saba the NBA we've seen it time to time again work. Home court matters and global the Celtics have home court once again we're recording this the day of game one of should be up to garden Celtics and 76ers. But double quick thoughts finishing thoughts on Celtics box. They got contributions from. And now guys are like their bench is not very deep they have you know rosier play well particularly at home. Jalen brown Jason Tatum Al Horford maybe the most consistent throughout Marcus Morris given a mobile you know good minutes in scoring. And then Bret Stephens sort of deciding where and it makes changes and goes semi goes away and and make him a guy that's gonna guard you on us a little bit just get rebounds accounts stay out of the way. He took what what he had and he really they get the most that an end I think we talked with us off there once. Anytime the ball was this and usually hands he was and he never looked at. I think the only time to take shots when it was once and it's a public that a few threes I think he made one barriers like no don't do that on to that. And they get Marcus mark back late in the series who was a great boost again offensively. Struggles are our great shooting but. Made a bunch of plays and that at home the way he liked the energy that he inspires in his teammates then the crowd everybody that it's the it's the perfect fit. And so that is one thing that you have going form against the sixers is they have home court. Boat they don't have. Agassi can make the same argument would Milwaukee is they don't have the best Blair answers. I don't think they have the best two players in the series. I think Joseph and beat it again they're both try to will look at asterisk because Joseph impede. Has played through bunch injuries at the mask on news or play a ton of minutes but when he's right he's awesome he spat out to athletes I seem like a black. Matt yes. And that is a Google wallet. In the past it okay this is is out there had to be clear is that retiree at one point public black mask the grammys which was the one that one Gainey had any sold in the Canty was also sponsors a scenario. You know carrier strength he has the best of the mass because you -- what would happen with the cats is like. Yeah I couldn't see out of aside solid issue is that I would path that it already but it was thrown here I'm up at 35 point they were our but. Ben Simmons. And it is way has been awesome this year and he was awesome in this last series. They beat the heat in five games. Oh and by the way ever rodeo before the Celtics boxers artists announced the worst possible matchup we could play the heat they could play the wizards and neither one of those teams were as tough or even as talent that I don't think. As Milwaukee boxes the sixers caught a break big at the Miami Heat even though they lost game two at home. They came back in May they rolled Mets series Simmons averaged eighteen points ten and a half rebounds and nine assists. It's amazing in today's NBA a guy that doesn't shoot threes is that the free throw line to be as dominant as he is it's. It's a much taller. Rondo would get a third Rondo in the O nine and Rondo now I actually probably in the NBA in assists and what is the strangest thing government but I think. Sublease Vince have a different kind of thought Roz on Rondo but if you look at like 09 Rondo. And he made him at 69610. That's kind of looked and Simmons zoomed in you don't want to shoot threes tick all the playoff phones that are at war they just gonna pass over you he still has the better score than Rondo was but that playoff run Rondo double put together he practically have to triple double. So it's kind of support that but it's it's an a year one for this guy he's been ridiculous. And they about bands and it's like I'm a more casual or hardcore. Andy. Monica in my humble opinion making a premiere just like casual viewer I'll watch some of the games that week but he's one of those guys have to match yet all we had his idea when things in the current ideas like James aren't you can score from anywhere you know and play it'll be very song hot and like really bent Simmons is a player that you like you said when it's beyond the three point line you see the players backing off. Yet there's and as well liked around a comparison for meat at least it's funny because they're like five feet off them and it. Way to create a guy who can't shoot him mile dominate in the Celtics just played a guy that does the same thing you know honest. Actually shoot more threes invent some of the very few people should less threes and incidents but yeah honest and Simmons artsy guys that are. You don't rank them wherever you want but they're both on the way up. Wood and in this NBA it's surprising that they don't have an outside shot to be honest is better than sentiment right now he has yet right right the second he route rank him higher. But emptied is better than middle in you know JJ Redick is about any kind of better out here the awesome in the playoffs. Belinelli Italy is so vote they've gotten some good pieces on the team. Brett brown people look at him because he's a part of bunch of their tank teams and things about coach but he's not if he was an assistant Popovich for so long so he's a gaga. Stevens might have the coaching advantage but it's not like Stevens vs Joseph Conti now that was. I'm believe the good of a mismatch. He's a bad coach yeah how is hot he's not a coaches and from coaches and longtime assistant he's going to be back in the assists there was somebody next year. They fired Jason Kidd they they rolled him they got to the playoffs but he won't be back now it was. That's where it makes a doubles help teens aren't but he's good coach you know sometimes they like you know what makes you a good coach we use our there was a fee and then some and that's a thing too is watching seven straight box games being like. Does he even know who he has on his roster like look at who he's putting in a certain time or keeping out LA your. So after after the first two games like those bomb maker hurt. No he just didn't play him and on and did it plant them and it is very confusing when he'd it's I don't the year have that same mistake. With the 76ers. There they're just rolling you know I think again there are sort of Big Three now with a beat back of Simmons and beat out out probably even include JJ Redick I think it's going to be really difficult. Particularly with the Celtics. On the sure Jalen brown will play you know Angeles of this right now maybe your of the answer but. Didn't Celek Stephens this morning when he talked with all that surely he's going to be. Is that the more fresher than any young guy with a hamstrung. I'd I'd really just don't even understand and it's like. We'd like Jozy Altidore who knew they soccer needs I definitely think it's exactly like I was thinking of of the imperfect analogy you just saw right out of bed at night but honestly a bad hamstring it was 21 years old yet. And it's like you're in the I I just this about his bond is getting and I pretending like crossing UK I've pulled my answering God's slope a softball last year and it's the real deal I'd never out of a night game I never have elected and accountable under the lights the other big Australia external Rhonda first base which is just trying to rent yeah actually after wall outlets aren't doesn't that nose -- when I was I don't I sum up their act. I don't know you don't want gonna take a walk on the outside to so don't. I don't they are walked or struck out last year so it but that the about ego less what it's like users' ages and flout the laughter and that's kind of what I do or this case I grounded to short. And like an idiot tried beat it out just halfway up the line ripped it just so that yelled real bad. And that I dollar forget some complaining like I was due to my wife Mike Hodges I shattered my hands. If you look at she goes this is the night out I I TV and lame data hurts about. It's you look at every like few things that make up he goes well I've heard that people bureau. Blow their hamstrings they get like black and blow in the ad at that time of them black album like I don't really hurts the liberals rise the next day. Hold back my leg like black like purple behind my knee although it down flick my ankle but my calf was fine but all bruised because. And like anybody listening who has ripped there hamstring you do you feel the crunch the Clinton nodded thing. Couldn't bend it. As horrible so the next issue that's OK if you do that you are now I'm not a runner. Long walker. While Parker now walker that is that's OK Reynolds we Jalen brown recovers organ and so we are saying is if you watch the games check for a bruising him play the next inning at first base shouldn't. As that I am a Iran. Of them. Continue to heard it for much longer than that but all I say all that said yes I think Seve sixers won five plus high fives however. Feel good about this listener I was dead wrong about Celtics bucks so six for the box that six eyes I don't know Jill Brown's gonna play. Did you say follow us on TNT. Neither you is that you watch a compound I'm always I'm not you know I tiger and I go back and forth idea that the national thing you know I just. Did eighty plus games of the home broadcast and Barbara has gone into the slot on the. It was like we were never thought. Look at your back I'm back just wanna say if you listening to non parcel recently. I got a phone call from a gentleman that they'd been poked out for some reason really yet gotten off site meeting and you go grab as much. Happens you grab someone flaunts it. What's your job title tags to be honest I don't remember I think producer Apache producer got sent that at all and we greatly. I would say producer of the afternoon show of dealing keep right occasionally. Podcast producer right they do the show. Along with zero pucks in and which LES my drop and Ito was too right now with Marc Savard. Quote that marks the idol so I say Evernote WE I like there's a lot of reputation out there but never had a moment he also pick up food. Oh yes that you update you link and I should you know include that Lee pitches. You intern at the agent. To be honest I think. Mean option to buy back the Celtics well maybe our agreement on a result. They think you picked this the sixers and fox. I've got to take in the sixers up five I think the Jalen brown injury is a is a big part of it also the sixers. Will probably be most impressive Eastern Conference team in the first round. You know the cavs I was had to go to seven with the pacers and also about the Bronx he's so tired now. Raptors even had to go six against the wizards though. The sixers were the most impressive team to this point they even have a beer and give beetle with three of the five games most of president east. Yet both present in the east at and so Paula gone on the western conference's is pretty while deftly as but the sixers this could be their team I think you can Bill Simmons. We've got a while goes a bit of the few examples of teams that. Going into the playoffs he thought there were two young in the 95 Orlando Magic one of those teams and led the team that beat the Celtics in the first round and mining limited and nobody than 95. The the last game of the garden I think that I told Boston aren't they being anemic. Yet only had they they took it to eliminate that went all the way they went all the way the finals they got smacked in the finals but they were. They were. Really young little penny was Shaq and like Anderson and Dennis Dodd and they made it to the violent though you look at the Easter conference this year to one which out of we're going back door got shut out. The album was it nick Anderson I was just a black that's on the low behind the whole thing but when they're playing Oakland yes I just not funny you were talking about it it was a nick Anderson was uncle that before Orlando who was the I'm comfortably in the spring and gimme and 92 player on the warriors 92 when your gonna believe he then went to that Orlando Magic. Odds. I'm completely bought this at this is where Chris Gatling. Any carry out literally sent a team because. I wherever you are so used on the warriors before he was on I thought it was argument and it's basically I was maybe some Asia and America plant was nick Anderson on the wars before. I don't know. Man and I dug up these bodies and engage him. He show us he also battling a free throws in the finals and and couldn't shoot for there's over again. That's it was I chuckle out of pocket watch yet on Arafat really it is. But I sacrament. Now that I've got a mail us that's a good backs your point about how bad Simmons is must must watch I agree I think he is I think impede is as well. And that's one great thing I think would put the NBA has with thirty teams and it. Almost every team has somebody. That you need to watch and the playoffs is obviously as you look at the sixteen teams it's like every team. There's a player or two that you're very intrigued by. And the Celtics they have two guys that hurts but I think did other guys that sort of emerged that way I think around the lead. You've probably say hey Jason Tatum they're a rookie you know Jalen brown is only in year two with all these guys you wanna you wanna see play more. Where the TV continuing conversation this luncheon it's what my problem here if I'd. Oh oh. This is so basically what happened how are I don't I al-Qaeda idea because I certainly got to get the abdomen and a fifteen minutes before Russia or stroke which can be gone downstairs. And there was no no no Marie this is our intern Jon has become semi and it keeps. A while. Not a he called and I called me to say he did have some outside sits in that order is alleged that he got at the fool. I would check Joe's office if there's a bag of their league don't but it's not it's good announcers just check the outside plaza seat that car. It is just out of a government road. So to something mostly Tutsis. Didn't get food downstairs there's little we are already ordered anybody be any columns off site. Guess that you know haven't watched that. I don't think that's our I I've gone many a day without one sentence order said munch. And waited for lunch at them makes you gotta run but guess what let's say ordered lunch at that I had to leave. Yes I would be I would make arrangements that might launch. I was out cancel shorter but if desired party on on its. You can still call them good at that time app market and what he's hungry after. Gillick after. There's Doctor Who has there's a at a bar in buffalo with what is is very important mariners made it does arrive I needed a week David we've. I should that the W I'd like to respond to rising to just like a recap your products competition and humility not here but the new do we block it out it's sped off yeah it's like the guys to more board games and we we talk about you talk about the and bring it into like oh we price recorded in my Smart and buffalo but more and I should we need to we need more -- we do a live mostly seized on I'm sure we began precisely to people will be. Pretty tight is that they have lives corals are you go insult if you own sixers I have to 66006. Yeah because an accidental and that its Europe and more diligent honest I'm more of like this is what my hunch as I I have a feeling they're gonna stale game. I think the Celtics in game and it doesn't really think that a home crowd are they decode the sixers but offer little bit the only reason I go with the sixers because like you said you have three players scored any moment for the sixes where. Mikey to the box when he kind of that it quieted when I honest shot and he gets a bag ready that was the Celtics did. You go back to coach norv. Middleton scored but these guys like JJ Redick just in the corner just has not knock him down. Simmons and so and means. I mean they'll probably throw a lot of different guys at him you know whether Spain take them out I just take them take him right now as you are you an idea of poke in the guy. Navy gets it definitely has amassed since Saturday guys a good I like and I think what this fight them you'd fight the time. I actually had a dream where Aaron beans and fist fight and it was really I was just like when I was like an op mysteries or it's like you know that means that's another basketball team. At the down low budget movies and OnStar. Kind of months ago a month SARS aids yeah. Yeah I guess the instrument. A little eighties he's appease the burger. With that and he loves burgers. I'm a bird you know that as I do an event at regular burger he was there. So those products are not love burgers on shipments why did you feel the need to mention that they are being that the money and nobody I don't know anything about him watts yeah Hamburg and we talked about his Erica address enough it's kind of I don't tell you much. I care what it looks like I he's always mess. There were times at the free throw line or he's like wait a rebound which is right on it and he's he's always like it's taken an output in the back in like. I urged it why you have good intention or more in marquee group. Ricky Rubio movement of those tensions there the keys advocates it's such a little bond it's like a dog bun I call those yet alone Rouse his growth. Baylor doesn't seem growth but forgot that has so little bit like it's to shave all the way around then that is significantly longed always messing with it -- He does it invites and he could be could be one of those guys on Tuesday the food delivered I got to dot. Sound as takes over folks out there if you ever if you are higher than anybody else workplace just you know a lot to clean up on this episode I'm not playing. But I want to. Let's take this up for us and that's who the fans the people here are mostly c.'s who are the best fans. In the world. Not. The great they're great we appreciate it pulled W yet what's radio network that we loved on the podcast. We love it that we're doing right now so I got the sixers sadly over the Celtics begin have been wrong before I think. I think political raptors over cavs. And the reason is better LeBron does so tired he just had said and it never plays seven but the rest of his team stinks and the raptors. Worked as impressive in the first round as I hoped so I don't have a lot of confidence in the tech. But I'm still gonna say Toronto 'cause they have home court. I think they find a way to beat LeBron if they don't be LeBron to honor just blow it every other team additionally they should get credit. Yeah the raptors I want the raptors and now wizards somehow come together on the super team opens the. Raptors are to me ever supports in the blazers just the raptors have had the fortune of being in the Eastern Conference. And so the raptors and they've done a little longer amid a carrier ring DeMar DeRozan the blazers have Damian Miller and CJ McCollum and it. Hit those are great back courts. What are you gonna win what are you you do anything with a like I like all four of those guys but it's. I gotta be some sort of shake up they exit the raptors like they they actually they improved their team because they used to be. Here's our starters in this is that and now they actually a really good bench and so that's help them now. But. This this has to be their yearly every team. Has to think that in the Eastern Conference again that a throws go back to how awful the timing is a carrier Irving's injury to this could've been the Celtics year. Well maybe when routers in it what it it would would be when you're playing. They're easily going at least the Eastern Conference probably would Mugabe or the finals of and there are competing against Tina do like those. India rockets in the and the warriors yeah. Looking really bad against LeBron and I say yes they raptors but no you can't use this year. If LeBron makes the finals there is no reason for me to believe it's his team is at its beat the referees want to sign on Mac guy dies but I believe it I guess is yeah it was getting me a little I was kennels they're still hot I want there's some back calls him to just president having ulcers yet. Westar covers the pretty while the rockets are they advanced past the T wolves jazz over the thunder loved it I know you're a big thunder sucked I just it's not just the thunder suck it just shows that sometimes power TR. Whenever you want a column yesterday you common every one super teams I hate I like super team did what we're not a super super team usually is victorious a little doubt that out now as an anti supports the had a cluster to vigilantes in basically. So here's a break so here's the thing with the with the thunder and it should have been better than this mortgage should not have been a first round exit. To the jazz gave the jazz credit Donna Mitchell awesome T he is awesome he's fun to watch and they I know that some idiots in the paper Beulah Gordon Hayward who would all the all the nonsense but. Guess what they're one of the few teams that have lost a star player to free agency or occasionally like betrayed because you have to trade him away. And have done better or they are there a better team after that and moat and a huge part of as Donovan Mitchell. But the thunder. Eight kind of reminds you of or reminds me of the lakers team with Steve Nash no one after yet the Baltimore police they made the finals. Would Malone and Gary Payton and Shaq and Colby or did they may lost Detroit. That night finals on that and but the team after it was Steve Nash and Dwight Howard and Colby in people is gonna be out and that was one of the year I think the Miami Heat targets of like. That is the bronze first or second year Miami they're like this what the Metafiles are going to be in the they barely if at PayPal results or events though. So they barely made the final are they barely made the playoffs and there are just a bad teams though. This team was having a little better simmers all you lose the first round Paul George gonna assigned somewhere else maybe with the lakers and LeBron don't we agree semantics on last week in medics and saying. He did I don't think he's out of super confident he didn't have any like real you know sourcing on at but he thinks lakers. For LeBron James want to ask this question why does branch into saint Cleveland in Georgia's. Other Alter all they've. I look at their salary cap again another day ahead of that on trade I don't think it might just he just he'll sign a Max deal Paul George won't go their policy sounds Luke Max guys love. Yeah drawn yep that's. Yeah it's true or governments they're back contracts that stroke. That's a frustrates me as an Andes and Paul George fronts on the brought along Oakley of course you don't want to go to Cleveland but you know rock profit. But aside from that there's nothing like I get but it is that why go to LA when you do the same think we'd probably do viewers just lesbian movies. You can only be in moves through that's and that's a good movie the brawl was also in the movie with Amy Schumer yeah he was fine details now. In many credit would you market does it all of course he knows better than bill hater of an open right I caught by you on a wreck conversation. Oh god. I can't answer I got tired of it it to pick what if not a movie with either one collegiate. Amy Schumer Brian they both the star. You whatever you wanna put your head of the star of the lake there or cokes and their names and this is the hardest question about urban announcement Ireland. It who went that route what movie were otherwise and Amy Schumer movie or LeBron James threw me. Whom god. I I'd this is embarrassed I think LeBron now. Syria Doolittle what we should not only outs you would have so I feel pretty your ideal I want it appeared as I feel I don't know I'm gonna do I feel pretty I'm not gonna go see it but I will see if LeBron in the space jam too I guess I have to see that. I want wanted to I had the pretzel grow up to the eighteen nation is Gail she stinks. Pelicans were impressive for the Nazis and pelicans without my god the Marcus cousins they swept the blazers get the most impressive an effort yet spent a week off in between games they just hate they're the only sweep of the first round. Raj on Rondo is leading the playoffs in assist Jrue Holiday. They're unstoppable it natives at the Davis of tokens move on but there are lost game one of the warriors who. Beat the spurs without coli lettered so. Rockets jazz pelicans warriors some fun series in the west right. I mean it's got to be rockets warriors the conference finals that I think if you know Curry's back from the warriors on the west. I guess reluctantly looked under way ahead we're gonna get another point to point to the last wealthy these guys. Where we have this matter time collecting food and getting that everybody needs that and off and promoting the dork podcasts that Ernie Els but as a vehicle to yes to promote apart as it to him you have to figure out that the editing of could be do you have to get out here and I got nothing else I literally I just wanna see of Utah Jazz. Are fun too much and yes and it Wear different Jersey every night and I was just gonna evaporate six Jersey so far and those dumb. Yellow green blue what is the orange one I'd doubt what. That must just not that you projects Pakistan that are that's gonna do it for us thanks so much what they are glad you made it through. You can gradually yourself if you remember when it's time stamp if you take a screen shot estimated at actually threw an adjacent DE Rossi at a time. Let us in the pulpit. It's always hard to. Days it's always hard Ross these fatty off. Thank you so if you're listening to it we will be doing more of these throughout the playoffs on both pieces by Monday's.