Do the Red Sox need to make a move at the deadline?

Boston Baseball
Monday, July 17th

John Ryder takes you through Red Sox Review by starting out with talk on a great 3-0 win in the night cap of the double header with the Yankees.  Price pitched great and JBJ made a spectacular grab to help the Sox pick up the win, but does this team have a major flaw?  John and the callers discuss the possibility of moves at the deadline to boost the offensive power.


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Police east Red Sox review Red Sox review is brought you my town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Look at Clinton and a point. The. He's a recap of the Red Sox and the Yankees. It's just want to. Okay. And it. Dial 6177797937. Can't stand up then. Red Sox revealed on Sports Radio WEEI. John rattling US action cue up until two way yes that's true in the morning after it. You know it just the how many hours of baseball pact in which is fifteen and a half hours this time a game fifteen and a half hours this was just shy of three which is amazing for Sunday night baseball game. Between the Red Sox and the Yankees had their way nationally televised on. ESPN for it to go under three but these guys have to be gassed. The this has to be a ten hour of sleep tonight for the Red Sox players exciting finish after. Released couple front in the sixteen anyone yesterday and and getting blanked. By CC sabathia and three relievers earlier but. They do take the nightcap much needed waited a much needed great start from David Price. John Ryder within like I mentioned red sash we can give us called 61777979. B 37. Broomfield the fall guys who've had plenty of text messages. As 37937. And as this text her socks group 33 as your Twitter. And have a mentioning that the red sex the first team to show that the Yankees this season here that is they are. And what's that for the Red Sox now as well I'm. Hero my a game notes in terms of shut ads this season. For the red sex or believe it's their fourth. Shut out China got a team a lot of them look at that look that over but anyway let's get to the phone calls here's quint in Connecticut a Quinn. John Gloria and give men a real. Guided a great penetration and able to go aided and kind of salvage the bullpen yeah they've got to be a little to attack each year. The main reason I called was in regards to hearts here a lot. Rumors were swirling around contrary here we come to the reflects not a dictionary dot trader. I mean he's got two great tower he really that hitter that's kind of guy though yeah averages two jerking. You straight sort of bunched. I would hope I never seem to happen overt call early August which it did in 2013. And not. She with the kids got in the plan against lefties against right decent. Well which he's been into it on a terrible then as the fire but no Q I happen here but. As far as any trade deadline moves in addition of that and that he'd be able to pull an arm. Oh joking earlier this hamstring injury with the cardinals and that's what tree monkeys that it's not a serious. Now. Barnes. Looks great when nine. And he loses control. Other games. So yeah I mean get a ball and armed besides that I mean. I think we're pretty pretty upset here. He has ended up I would agree and thanks for the call quench appreciated. You know as for Todd Frazier is probably not gonna cost you much I am not like had a huge Todd Frazier guy he had he had a two men a couple of years go with Cincinnati Pitt have put up huge numbers hit forty home runs. That season was an all star which does Cincinnati. But he probably got and not have to give up too much although you know who knows this back and forth between the White Sox in the Red Sox and Dave Dombrowski. What will happen here because they know that the rest assured a market for third baseman and he's the most prominent name out here. On the for base market in terms of I mean it looks like Mike whose stock is will probably be staying put would Kansas City you have to give up too much. He's a free agent after this is the Todd Frazier. As well he's a free agent after the season he's a two month rentals are you probably don't have that. Give up too much in return you wouldn't think. Probably a middling prospect. For Frazier at this point and then you know paves the way for devers after the season they do need more punch. In this lineup we know that some more up and to me is a dollar note again I've Frazier is sixteen home runs this season 44 runs batted. I've Quinn was actually generous deserved parisians stats here to ten. And eighty games he is durable has been heard too much in his career he's made just one error at third base the dead and that can be misleading at times because she definitely doesn't have that much range he just turned at 31 he's a Jersey guy. 47 watched seventy strikeouts. In eighty games and I do have his numbers are jotted established and there were beat time what Todd Frazier look to my blogs have. During the game with the joint him. As Fenway this year area Fenway in his career 6023. At bats are not a huge sample size to seventeen with two more runs. And now five active missiles struck out ten times in those 23 at bats or not a big sample size but he definitely good news over that. A monster and they do need some more home runs I'd like to see a couple of guys. Obviously Bogart's comes to mind. As a guy that you know he'd like zero bit more power for right now I mean there's no word of an injury or anything he's just shrug it right now at the plate just six home runs. It's like to see or hope. He gets up to about. I don't know sixteen at least before it's all said and done. You got debts with a two run shot tonight his seventies where hubbub this where is Mitch Moreland is powered on and always you know he's dealt with the a foot injury. But he doesn't hit a home run I was supposed to give us tonight it looked it up. Isn't it a home run since June 6 Mitch Moreland so it's it's been a little while it's been. Over a month. He's been sitting on twelve for awhile is candid dipped a little bit out there Redd I start piling up all those doubles. Hanley Ramirez who's had the ball better and he's actually the one guy on this team it's crushed the Yankees this season he's really at the Yankees well. This season incredible numbers mean heading into. Today. Five home runs in any game stretch over the Yankees. This season so. He's actually or that's actually. Is six home runs in his last thirteen games against the Yankees five home runs in his last eight games against the except Fenway Park is dating back but still he's hit him at a good clip. This season. Ramirez and you know he still has potential I think to get up in the high twenties. This season. That's right I mean Jackie Bradley junior with twelve other man. In the red sex so for a nanny for home runs they've surrendered a 109. This season so it's I still could use some more punch. Will be the worst they've funny thing I suffer my Scott whopper of a. ESPN. And fraud Frazier had a tweet out here. That he has some bodies say Vegas bunch of friends that are actual Red Sox fans they keep sending them text messages. And but about you know him getting dealt the year and you know hoping that he gets dealt to the reds side so it seems to be a foregone conclusion as some of the other names of her that are out through Jed Lowrie you're familiar with him. Is to play more sec with a Oakley dated his tenth home run seemed like he was just. Perennially hurt when he was with the Red Sox just never never could get out there anything that was aliens. And an Oakland is team that selling they sold out some pieces today Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson they traded to the national some of the net double the net and talk about team needed bullpen help. The national Syria RA was over five as the ball Peña distorted that sizable first place lead on Atlanta. But the red says could use another bullpen arm him to John Kerry Joseph Kelly going down. And Matt Barnes has been terrific at Fenway but on the road not so much. They could really use and other peace out here as well and it's kind of amazing in some sense. Dick has a blade board urges when on the DL journeyman guy has pitched pretty well. Maimed in spots Francisco a body and he tambourine as well. But how long can you count on some of these guys may maybe they bullpen is a weird new tricky thing you never exactly know branded Workman. Maybe is a guy that could emerge we Surma couple years back he was a promising prospect. At one point. And maybe he could be a part of that bullpen. Doug Fister plans to be part of this ball and they're gonna have to make a move as well. He's scheduled to start on Tuesday against Toronto won't be making this start after he pitched in the game on Saturday. So they'll probably have to make a move it to John Ferrell was mentioning either Briere Brian Johnson. Or Hector Velasquez at the pit Michael Johnson Mora who came out the deals somewhat recently. Probably have a better Brad Johnson pitched another gem and gets it down to Pawtucket again and add that it could likely apple whatever he ends up doing there. So Fister will be part of this ball that is either lying meander as a veteran presence that's not a bad piece. I know people around his case over yesterday but these teams and I'm guessing fans as well and I and I know a lot of people have to work early in the morning but. This was guess fifteen hours fifteen and half hours of baseball crammed into three days perfect game I was naked tube. How much effect that had on the red psych psych key that's sixteen inning one yesterday and a lack of offense for Jews. Or overall. You know kind of there confidence anyway if I was shattered a little bit I know that might be a little bit too far and you know the old Sega baseball is momentum is as good as the next day's starting pitcher but. You know you have that one nothing lead. They don't give my job has won nothing sailors used breezing. Goes seven and two thirds I still don't mind the decision there to bring Kimberly and for the four out save don't ever problem would that. And and he gets married judge there Matt Holliday right away leading up the ninth sitting on a fastball hammers at the minute no doubters. To try that one up and one. And I was starting to because Kimbrel an escrow was thirty for authority in save opportunities. At Fenway it's just stunning anytime that. And Ewing gets an extra base hitter hit for that matter. Off of Kimbrel it just is and at a stunning. And especially if there were were resistant automatic. In three for thirty like I mentioned so holiday with a home run and it's just I mean that has to take the wind out of your sails he had. As for the first time this season. When trailing after eight innings they finally get a win a dramatic and to run in the ninth off one of the better closers in baseball and rolled his job and I know we has been the same. Lights out guy that he was with the reds. Who's used quite a bit by the cubs last season but still one of the more dominant closers in the game to caddick and bring it over a hundred miles Broward. Was definitely erratic. It was there any question there in that situation and who's gonna watch Penn and Andy I had no doubt in my mind that that's going to be ball for. That's the debris in the game winning run after the intentional walk to. Hanley Ramirez to set all of that out. And incredibly an attendee with a patients as well and it's funny would batted Denny's has since any kids so we grew up watching Chapman pitch for the reds which is candy interest and so. Credit penetrated every you have that unbelievable comeback win over the rival yankees. You're thinking are you gonna put the clamps on the Yankees you can take three out of four this weekend. Now all of a sudden there's like a while they're gonna get the first Joseph I mean sale just breezing dominant views obviously. You know once again raw not of run support be it a bugaboo. And it goes sixteen days guys are gassed both teams have to use the bullpen. And the red size produce flat today against CC sabathia I'm still surprised CC sabathia is pitching as well he's CA as well all the mileage on that arm. Over the years there was that one year with the brewers patch is pages get asked him to make it into the playoffs and pitched him all the time Chris pitched on with a Cleveland. As well and he says some injuries said knee problem this season. They paid pretty well today and worked on some gym Red Sox again runners and swarmed position is just incredible. The numbers against the Yankees. It would runners and scoring position or was it it was like tool for 52 were some that so far this is something crazy like that. Heading into the the nineteen. News just it I mean that's that's like tossed it that's hard to do. When you have that many opportunities. Not to cash and they finally got one in the night game. Which they did ruling it would Dustin Pedroia there. Bringing in the run the RBI single in the sixth inning to pad the lead. And so the red sex offense. Which has been real trick or treat so for the season which is Ken -- eight. There's times I receive a pile up ten runs nine runs ten runs when our and then there's other times you stood stymied. In a lucky to get Iran. Agenda rhetoric is 6177797937. You can text us as well as 37. Nanny 37 texture here says writer what did you say about linen medics winners here for awhile right. The question more. No he's being optioned down. They had to make a couple of moves because Brock called to stay with the team so they had to be. And wind still has options remaining he's been a revelation here. Just a side as well you can sprays Lynn. Was given number five. No more sold number. There who's up in the seventies and it became number five also weird since his seed David Price of 24. Dwight evans' old number I don't know if accurate numbers. Anyway that the there again retired due east number but to. They could lead to anyway. No Lin is being sent down I'll have to check withers to Portland her two or Pawtucket. I'll have to what he's going to tripling the Tripoli the Stan that would make sense so. Who gets to my LB back I mean at some point when there's some little minor injury or something he'll be back of the Red Sox likeable lot. And he can play multiple positions but they've got Brock cold right now we'll see what he can do leave me first start since April tonight. For holt. And batting seventh over three with a couple of strikeouts it's and I just get back in it with a Red Sox but David Price was lights out tonight IE I guess. In some respects. Lagged because well with a time and so much baseball bud. Why can't complain about except for applaud when it comes to David Price and his performance tonight. How much I mean he was just great it was also good seemed. With some emotion there and how could you not you have to be a zombie or something not to have a motion after that Jackie Bradley junior catch. Deer in the triangle to rob Aaron judge also considering. The player that he robbed a judge. Has been the bell baseball. Misses it I'm I'm. Happy to see the Yankees have it is superstar and although it re yankees Red Sox rivalry but. I don't know and as a Mears is a little bit too much. Indeed the all star passivity served centering around Mary judge in the home run derby I mean those are some principal runs but. Former derby and and we've seen that before McGwire and Sosa and some other guys as well into Josh Hamilton at Yankee Stadium. But to. So judge gets robbed right sides with the just a really nice solid clean wind. Which we haven't seen it a couple of days were recently or since the all star break and and it really. Took some starch out of the Red Sox the way that they are going to anyway not the all star break but before they were rolling in the air. And it didn't and you know they sweep Toronto. Play well I Texas and then they'd lose three out afforded the rays in Tampa Bay so that Japan has some staying out of the way that they Roland and the break idea that. Unbelievable win. And it was so much news there's nothing in there. Is his typically the case kind of a dead zone during the all star break. And all of a sudden Pablo said of August release also we can get into an ad as well there really wouldn't get into what everyone here at 1220 in terms of that. There's some other sports notes as well. Kendrick Perkins was telling the globe today that he wants to make a comeback in the NBA. You might be surprised she's always 32 years old. Feels like to be older McNabb but of course got into the NBA had AJT missed his last his arms around a little bit of course it's. Boston couple other things we get into. Outside the Red Sox the witty up until 2 in the morning 61777979. B 37 you can text us as well. 37937. Red sex. Get a split of the four game series against with a doubleheader they returned the favor of the Yankees they shed about the for a stand this season to it'd. A three nothing victory would David Price is dominant tonight to a Red Sox pitching. Especially at least over the last three games here that to a today ES report so the starting pitching. Very good for the Red Sox here. Over I mean this is what you wanted to see even Oprah sell it takes a lot spent. I mean if they get that type of pitching that they expect at all tab that. He pretty much two for sale anyway but. Sale import sell and they wanna earned run over six against the a team like the Yankees that can have rivaling that. And obviously price when they needed him big time tonight. All right 61777979837. You can text is 37937. John Ryder would you read sector view up until 2 AM. Red Sox revue with John Ryder after the game on WEEI. She. Right when you read sacks to reveal taking up until 2 in the morning to rail. At 617 sevenths of a 97. Now 837. Get to more of these tax point of mobsters 37937. After the Red Sox blanked the Yankees threaded up to guide David Price who saw this coming while he has an NM. And he's been pitching well of late. Is so it the fastball command I think was his best of the season mixed almost pitch one out and scattered seven hits overeat squirrels would know why arts and eight strikeouts and let's get to back to the cause a reserve call up there is rich in Providence in rich. Good morning John morning. You know ranking holdovers as saying bring him mopped. I'm just thinking so well at long term in a way not too long term but short term the long term. Now there's a guy below him Michael changes some of thinking is. I don't think they gonna bring back Mitch Moreland and have to this year. I would be surprised if they try to put rap field peppers because they fit defensively he doesn't have like a lot of experience. Or if not all that great it is the third base and so on I think it maybe that they could put him that first. Debtors. And then like you know as if achieve this keeps. Progress saying that perhaps like next year he could like. You know go to. A triple play and it may be like at some point come up and be a third baseman if he's just as good if that has. You know. Power production wise better than our bid devers. Are better third baseman defensively. What he thinks is. Yeah I mean there's possibilities for that and it's only a one year deal formation Morley is kind of faded as of late. Boy you know Miami's okay he's he's too good glove over there and he can hit for some power as we know and he's a professional but. You know we'll see about that if he's going to be back next season there is. And I've heard the same rage as well. Amid questions about devers with his glove the moving over to first base on and that could be Ed. And coach Davis is tearing up Portland and you'd think once devers. Makes the jump then and chambers is gonna go to Pawtucket. So I mean I wouldn't be surprised if that was. Accommodation like dead down the line at some point I mean as you know you are forward as well not this season but. Down the road a little bit. Here is that there's potentially if you know it's going to be interesting you never know made double A as if a guy committed double A at least that used to be old adage Shea you know he could and appeared in the major meet double ways. We see some really good prospects and at times it AAA although it just doesn't seem to be the case is much anymore. And they used to be a lot more maturity mid down at the AAA level in Major League Baseball I mean there's still some yeah he's still see some decent pitching now mean the pitching is just. May all around in baseball I know people complain about the long games in the time we games in and I understand that led. And the talent is still with pretty impressive now with guys throwing. You know it seems like everyone. Has the it all just about ever won but there's so many 9697. Mile per hour fastballs guys that are 6465. Come out of the bullpen. Mean every starting pitchers seemingly these days. Looks like he could be a power forward a lot of a Mickey lay were or at least that height. Anyhow and you know guys have been looking Kimbrel coming on the course he's one of calamities stabbed but opera ninety mile per hour. You know curve ball the change the media is just. I'll speed stopped it's it's incredible. Some of these guys nowadays but to. Yeah I mean down the road I mean who knows but I did that I mean by all accounts it was a devers is the real deal. He via. What kind of the size deceiving is the hope and the Red Sox we've we've seen the Yankees. You know being able to get some. It'll really you know big guys scoop or 66. Judges like 6768. But really opened the Red Sox will be able to work. Drafts of guys. Like. Power hitters are I mean look more you know yeah it's amazing book advance at his size and at the ball the way he has said devers is six feet they list him as six feet which means probably 511 but are listed as 6195. And he's just twenty. To turn 21 to late October. I hope that we can do a better job. Getting guy yeah I mean I don't hear I understand that in judges a revelation is one of the biggest. Out there army has to go all the way back to the days in terms of power hitter this before my time but have seen tweets about I do know the name Leo Frank Howard. Way back when Danielle McGuire was a monster and we've seen some here but I mean 67. Chinese even bigger than John Carlos Stanton. You know I don't cure but you know a guy sat I mean I just wanna see some power Amir you know laden. No matter who it is attitude together it has to have some Smart sound there. You know Ben attendees got a huge guy and embeds the boy and a great players some in you know it's amazing to me that's the great thing about baseball as a richer one of the great things we have a guy like. Was jailed Tuesday about five foot six. That can power it out theory got a guy like judges 67. That empower and out there you know I I think is interest to do that judge in his background. I mean he he played football his background he played basketball. Now a stick it's good I know nowadays are so many of these guys that do just focused on one saying and it's the way it is I think that. You know. You know as pleasant when these guys play multiple things they don't tire of just one thing is to just focused on one thing typically see this so much. They just can't get burnt out from. Yep the what I'm just getting and is I think you know my mindset is that like. The bigger obviously you are the more power you should happen I think you'll like Big Papi I didn't realize. That are big populate cleats on and all the plex six foot. Ben Ali he's and have stood Dexter a maniac he's. Is definitely I mean he's he's he's a big. Dude yeah. Big guy and so I'm just hoping that we can get did draft guys like he says. And it away not that it makes all that picket the difference as long as they have power but abuse say in the bigger they are that you'd think the more power. Well yeah I mean that's natural I mean that's why Samantha does the courage appreciated him and that's why it's always amazing when guys like. You know while to a they've had a double digit home runs or even beds for that matter with the seventeenth. Tonight. The best looks like a center compared to that this compared to well to break here's pollen Westfield DePaul. Peggy in January of any. I got a question whether argument as well. Via you know how the trial out at a rock remember to be picky and the picture is snapped when it took double rotation. And a doubleheader yeah the governor surcharge on this is that the question of when may not come back with the objections. You can manipulate the roster and then on schedule which it's true that factor in the late it is. Equal and it's still available all of which and so I was she wouldn't quote cross court everybody. I don't think of it is cheating I mean it is a rule and Eveready instituted now have a problem with that I mean like you said every team can do a double headers so. Why is sifted I haven't seen some Al cry or anything about that. What are your votes enough to do because they can manipulate and a huge and it's equal for everybody. Who Hussein news or who's truly baseball in treatment while at a roster member. But they did they do when these doubleheader situation. Dedication set also. Is one player I think you could choose whichever if you wanna use it for at another pitcher or position player. Open. I was under the impression they have refused to say that it would be used manipulated became too much. There was another guy at a slower tonight. We're talking about a drew the broadcast. I inherited. I think it impacted and writers yes I am beyond go on late night like snooped I would say till 2 in the morning. I and recognition at question why it matter portraits. That are. On any confusing me is something I'm kind of McGregor norms. And who was the John your wish to library interest like to slow the arc. That is sort of not even and is trying to say he's gonna broadcaster ball. Thanks for the call appreciate it. We he'd get into this whole condom McGregor Floyd Mayweather think to a new act it's you know who've been here for awhile and whatever you really wanna talk about it is something and would Japanese she's more phone calls led appearance get to a meters. Wayne in North Andover he weighed. I want to thank you book blasts in the capital opt not sit well yes. That's quite a wait I love I love you'll be ordinaries now I'm not. That we eighties are not ninety's. Yeah he was in that was widely around mediators something like dead did it based encyclopedia. Lap I in the book that's right that's right. And it's amazing because those even exist anymore those days Pollack's everything's online at our local art from a really convenient ties to court and they're out there. It's good that taxes on corporate accounting. That would object being. When he heard a sole let you read it to the right field wall. He really got really hurt but he got up and indeed it pays a price that you Elkhart couple games NAFTA because you get ready for the playoffs a couple of the didn't get ready. I you know I thought it was against Toronto but I have some insane it's White Sox one text or White Sox as a get well. Will have to look this up I mean the Internet scenario is he and I'm sure we are apparently. Big server while we saw the White Sox want. It was not burial was kitchen that light that was in the bleachers in right. Why has was wet that the you. It was before game. And could it brewer baseball. Cool cool who is did you for the Lisa who's in the burials. I was right or what are you. Alcohol rehab remember him and I seem to remember every pitcher actually which year was that it will. Caught that had to be 80820 yeah you know I remember. Familiarity and I was a kid and I used to just like Reid and consume everything baseball. I was just a young kid in the eighties and I used to be you know nuts about you know everything in. In terms of baseball or go to a Tanzi who does a games have their way of course I was Baghdad and you could. You know my dad W get tickets fairly easily Baghdad but. The good old days. Tickets from the police is one it seemed all. In the end and it's old time baseball type I'll give your lap windows that and all of this I was amused by it anyway. Was the one I was working at ESPN last night and you get. You know and there it is studio it is about fifteen TV's. A yet any game I mean anything really for the most part. But I was distracted. Because of the the brewers before their game were honoring the 35 year anniversary of now we're boring everyone except for. Myself a new way to I would hope but death their. There are honoring the 82 borrowers. World Series team and it was interesting to see it's always age and to me anyway and quality agency in the names of what these guys look like now but. You know when they. When different teams outside the Red Sox do celebrations to honor these teams and the red sex goal. You know above NBI you've never I mean is nothing like it and it was. The sold out the game was sold out the Burris but it was interesting seeing like. Rob any on they. There EO Bernie brewer's driving some of these guys out of golf tournament on the seems like AAA compared to the way you know the pomp and circumstance the Red Sox to a point. And you're Robin you count it was fight his theories down to his shoulders. He's got this. People Djokovic. Looks like you know and texture and obviously McCormack to. You know like they could be Ruiz for motor handers on the instill. You know made it or put it would aid group that was Cecil Cooper is still look like he was of players ship I mean I enormous price board but it was. It's always humorous I think to see some of these things with a with a other teams because. The way the red size to it is just ever so grandiose not to knock the brewers started there was just if it was kind of funny. Yet but what did a quick hit of the game. The six oh game and not absurd Campbell get up that hole and I do that we're gonna loose. Yeah well let me add that it's essentially sort of we're. I haven't seen after the ninth inning they are all it was board who watched. It that was agonizing. In the united it was just all real lucky that it. Just go to gates and a cure what how much of a die hard to into baseball I mean I can't imagine anyone who has he had to. I sit through that our infield pop up times since he it was it was brutal. Whose brutal awful well lane I like the blast from the past with the eighty's last ninety's though. Oh what they're about what I'm not a I'm pretty happy he won't play at the Milwaukee a couple of years after we dumped some. And they poll people to a strike by him. That was like that to the last out of the gate. They smoked that it didn't get much curveball it was like caught it too big to bottle curb while in he'd adapt. Well this. While way to some good memories must have been here. Yeah. Would sit at least Smith was that the trade. There was a least it wasn't at least Smith to the cardinals for Briscoe was that the deal. Yeah I. Know was at that point are. These half of it. At least bad dude taking an Abby Lee Smith was a dominant closer board thanks for galway and really appreciate that was fun. But Lee Smith was real dominant closer borderline all seem yet really. But he slept is take naps and a bit in the bullpen. Tides that naps a gritz. Who seek hit let's get to Mike North Providence before the break they might. I John yeah I am tiger and that it somebody like Frazier. I'm not like animals that eat this sort of person that. Is gonna get it at home run against that pension. And ultimately this team is going to be a playoff game and you're not gonna want pakistanis and the an automatic I guess they're pitching in the playoffs. That's IE CB a major candidate to be exactly that. Nine he is a candidate to that but he's also got experts you know I'm not against it might because. If he struggles woody as always you don't have to give up much and how did you deal and if devers starts tearing it up or or is. We bring a mom I mean this you know it's. Even if deeds have a pinch hit situation here look at for the three run homer it is Frazier struggled somewhat. One and that they now I would rather just. Roll was brought Cole roll with Marie oh Marrero. Yeah I mean I like them defensively but I just I mean we don't know about Holton hopefully well first Wallace's hole. Sure I know whoever is agree that you know he's fine health wise you know concussions vertigo that's all scary. And here I love the super utility aspect of Brock call of the defense from dev Marie Errol he seems like a gamer. In your way. Su Wei Ling and no one saw this coming obviously Mike but some haven't experienced third base with some pop in his bat I'm not against it. Oh against egg from eight I burger and I'd just rather roll those guys and then as. And papers and actually ready bring a mop you you become app anyway September call. But the key thing is EC here at the year. You know young players. Being brought up and September had played major roles a lot of world since some victories including art scene you know Ellsbury back and I was seven. Bogart and thirteen I remember that Marlins like you know maybe he Cabrera chill and up and who would know one of the editors. In baseball history is suddenly plopped right on their. If Francisco Rodriguez comes to mind he was one of the first it popped in my mind with the angels the clothes packed. You know and other into its price. Suddenly turn into David Price which is huge. And you know honestly port so is back detention like he did last year too and people I don't think you or. Are kind of in June that last year Hewlett and all the while what he was that he would extraordinarily consistent egregious seventh and eighth inning he get up to a three runs. And just at that time and time again NH Corcoran and yeah. One squirted Todd and his placement of pitches was better. Amid nothing really changed from the velocity is fiddle even it too much over the heart of the plate this season mean to many notable pitches the first cities kill them alive but. But he has gotten around and warm up yeah yeah. Eight it's almost like he's like opera for our last year he got the most once support it he's got to be in the bottom side everyone this year it's it's absurd. It's so it's weird I don't think that it's such an anomaly in such an oddity. That he leads the majors would twelve losses. But he's got that string of mount even I know it's in the double digits in terms of starts going at least six innings if you don't see that too often. Yeah and and that paying me he is it spotlight quality starts. And just you know being consistently kind of giving you giving you a chance he's been there are you you know. Pitchers in baseball history have a very poor record when their teams what they are on. Yeah yeah yeah years ago member of the of the team. But and actually started but when the team could they want Corning aren't shellac and in this it just seemed to happen to certain. What it what an odd Red Sox career for John Lackey in I was thinking of just decide we'd get into some of the all time bad contracts for the red sex but you know when Pablo. Whenever censure reversal there I mean he was just. And he signed a pretty big deal with a Red Sox those first few years boy he was just a mass and then all of a sudden 2013. Season. Yeah leads to ruin. Well it. It you know at. At bank of course it turned valid lax each case that he was our. Yeah so is that was a big big boys are going to be here Fiat didn't really make people feel any better about them but still. It was. You know I see that guy. You know what I think it. The playoffs make everything better around here and you produce trust in the play out and he was brought here and the whole thing wasn't I got a great. Cart career postseason ERA. And that is that. Yeah I was signed yeah I mean I was on the night that'll price sectors sleeping came out. And you know all this stuff would they embrace whatever it is Twitter. Or you know thin skinned. It's. You know those fans will look enemy a different way if it now plays gonna go eight shut out innings all the time against the Yankees but. He pitches well against the Yankees more poorly pitched well against Weber beat the Yankees or whoever in the post season. Am you'll be easier to see him standing ovations and no it hear about it and it's. It is he and sales goal like you know Schilling and Randy Johnson back at 2001. Just slight roll into the post season and believe me. They'll be you know building statute of the guys and so it has. Yeah we know it all right Mike appreciate the call really late for break 6177797937. Europe Red Sox played the Yankees three to nothing more red section BU a WEI up next. Red Sox revue with John Ryder after the game on WEEI. You know. Yeah. Let's I'm. My. It's. It. It was there was no question about that we've had played text messages about the great red size catches of all time and I can confirm. I'll I'll I did was Google during the break numbered in ski catch and just days. Came up in another techsters six point seven white sags Deanna I was here in 1990 was the White Sox. Back and 1990 the British but tonight was spectacular unbelievable as Tim Everett. With a call it Euro WEEI about Jackie Bradley junior robbing -- judge. Of that though homer 411 feet I mean attack email look easy he actually made that looked easy. I mean that guy gets the best read. And the best jump on a ball I think I've ever seen from now to me is just about had stated something I know there's some damn good. Center fielders and outfielders out here in Major League Baseball these days and obviously through the history of Major League Baseball Mitt Willie Mays who now oppose. Naked wary breadth. Yeah I mean Mike Trout. Two with the angels that did Jackie Bradley junior should win a gold glove and I was gold glove when I was just. The sensational play I do like the thing with the sole judge thing. How the some of those fans there that it in the Bronx with a powdered wigs. Always you know the powdered wigs will be brought that back in the court system here in America or or actually like the barrister is as they call him. Over there and Great Britain. Wearing the powdered wigs would that be something that he sees some of these high profile. You tell it's 1255. AM and 45 seconds on a Sunday night when we're talking about this or at least I am anyway but. You know I'd I'd these one of these high profile. Wake. You know OJ's gonna be in court in a couple of days and it's going to be aired on. ESPN. You know in the so. What if you know of these high profile. You know good judges are warriors you know all of a sudden parted wigs are back. Anyway six point 77 cent. 979370. Red Sox. Beat Aaron judge of those powdered wigs the Yankees three did nothing tonight at Fenway David Price. It was just tremendous that we'll hear a little bit later we're 202 AM. When he had to say after his story tonight. Craig Kimbrel picking up the save. And it Jackie Bradley junior course that highly played. Of the year highlight defensive played no doubt of the years so four and going back to. You know well I mean this has to be in the annals go over a couple of Tex I haven't got to any good Texas about any two pretty much sure. Give us cause six point 777979. B 37. A lot of the British ski thing because there's debate who was an against. On this guy from 910. Area codes had Ellis Burks climate garage door for his Milwaukee. Game two of a Sunday doubleheader made the globe sports front page photo the next day. The I do vaguely remember that actually. The a lot it'd you know people obviously would it is to see a bit and understandably so I mean did Jackie Bradley junior catch to nine. Another one of the year ahead if I can find it. Was mentioning Diaz has soared earlier Diaz Billy roar yeah back in 67. Who wasn't around for that. Was alive for that but you have heard about that one before. Someone's asking if Erin judges. Nickname is the big mob but I haven't heard that but Libya would be great nickname if that was the case. 6177797. 937. He would text us as well at 37937. I know most in some. Herb pro baseball now while probably a lot of people asleep at this point haven't you know worked in the late eight hours. Heard most of the world anyway or most of buddy East Coast here but the Red Sox play the Yankees three know that much needed went after that. Crews that used agonizing sixty Nader with Chris Sale made a waste an unbelievable story in ways good pitching like that the Red Sox have done that a number of times this season. That has to be the highlight the one wall light of her Red Sox fan of it. Yesterday was that sailed dominant performance. I Wear begins to break open four lines 6177797937. A Texas as well 3793 civil give and some other things as well. Along with a red sex and baseball but some other things also didn't get to it the other night. You know the hole after CN evolve and we talked about it I was urine Friday night talked about. You know San evolve but never really getting some of the worst all time Red Sox contracts we can get into anatomy where it is probable rank in terms of that. To a gated that a little bit. Since didn't get to a the other night but we'll take a break out game is a training now the other numbers six point 77797937. Red Sox and David Price shutting out the Yankees three to nothing tonight at Fenway will have more coming up next. Run a red center view a WEI.