Does pressure shift to Dombrowski now that Farrell is gone. 10-11-17

Mut at Night
Wednesday, October 11th

Mut is joined by Keefe in the 1st hour and they break down Dave Dombrowski's press conference and how the pressure is now on him. 


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It's. Monday night. We look guys you would ideally like to name somebody as quickly as possible. But not speed up the process and don't make a wise decision. I always keep a list of names for any position that I would be hiring so why have that have a list. And have added names total us from some recommendations from personal. I don't have a specific time frame other than ideally it's quicker than sooner than later we. Well you sure ought I am I and Wheatley and and and doc. That would support more let's. Mark gains on the head about half and I think it's the best thing and can be quite honest they're kind of a pig now. Here's my back nine slug Sports Radio W we. Before our audit type programs and we were being. Bombarded with claims of sexism and rob wrapped with all the picked up for the first that children may have happened four Brad phone. You've missed a little role play at 9 o'clock elicit that call to the Alex your program at night to select call came in about 1:45 AM. Late night how you'll play some of that or earlier on early mornings think of it yesterday you're you're driving around thinking boy here's some hot sports talk of 140 finally talk to this early Wednesday morning yes you call and all brought biopic call in and Paula mud at night show sexist to call Bradford a pagan we were mocked and ridiculed place of that for you later on the show. I'm John Tomas he'll join us at 8 o'clock it's Monday night brought you by Honda north visit them at Honda north dot com a day that many of us believe was a long time coming. Today over Fenway Park with the council by the Boston Red Sox add John Ferrell would not be back as manager followed by a press conference Dave to browse you answered. Very little about what went into the actual decision I don't understand there's probably some sort of planning her idea behind a brows ski being so. A vase him when asked questions about John Ferrell today but didn't do anybody. Very much good I thought today will place over the Dombrowski cuts here to second to just sort of say we fired on one a new culture and that's it because it leads to morons like me speculating. And having theories on why do why John Farrell's not here and it's good eventually to the John Ferrell. On smear campaign bill Kamal the next 2448 hours with the sources say here's why John Farrell's out of a job with the boss it's just very bizarre right away when the brows he is asked pretty point like you know why did you fire a lot what went into the decision. And not even having the canned answer like ready to go responses sent a mocking a time. I'm not gonna get into the fan I know I'm not gonna tell what is that does is just very strange particularly in a case where it is. Let's face it a popular decision amongst the and no vast majority of fans really like this decision so you have to be defensive you don't have to. Have to be super concerned about auditors say the right thing here or there. Instead by not answering any event I thought he looked terrible I'd I'd that is the worst that we've seen Dave Dombrowski in the what three years that he spent you know why it was so disappointing today from Nebraska Lisa rice that won't get your thoughts on it 617779793. Cents. The Brodsky got here that first offseason and he said Rita closer and outfielder like he he was so refreshing to have of our president command. And say and I do and say exactly what he says he gonna do. It was not gonna evaluate it was not here we're gonna look at this it was we get closer will be an outfielder they trader for. Craig Kimbrel they signed Chris Young. Okay John Ferrell there were elated aids through anyway advocates and all things A Condit is like he everything he said he was gonna do we did and I had remembered we had these Red Sox hot stove shows were talked about. How refreshing once and then today very weird he was just it was so nonchalant here we get rid of them I know why. And I'm just not going to tell you this is cut number two banned them right out of the gates asked the question about what factors in the decision to get ready John Farrell. Within a matter of factly that. Well I really I think in those situations iMac and share facts. I mean what are things that I ads for myself talked our baseball officials about. But again you weigh a bunch of different things are basically everything which way and making a decision like this it's it's a major decision. Those are things that. You keep yourself. I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not going to get an articulate situations. That really made it finals. One its particular is dale without grandpa particular for him David brows ski that's just her work number two why Hong. I I would I I I know why we didn't get rid I know why that dreaded John Ferrell but I'm not. Gonna tell you that you have a very public position the manager and also very say public position. I think you can tell the fans and I think it was Buckley that followed up and said you know all due respect yet. Got two point nine million people go through the doors at Fenway Park this year. People care about this if you can't give him such a non answers it was just very bizarre. And I don't know. I don't know why. You'd go in that direction and real I really don't I don't know what Dave Dombrowski. Really stood to gain by playing it's so close the best guy I know the facts come out and tell you let's go Q let's play some more questions and answers maybe Dave gets more specific as the press conference goes on actually at the Fenway Park that. This season that lies you walked in here and we're very happy to announce he's returning to not seventeen. What exactly happened in 2017. That argument it's changed. But let's say that's really something on the keep to myself I'm I'm not gonna get into anything beyond that it. Other than a lot of different factors. At the. Allotted I admire a lot of different than what it is that too much there a lot of different fact I wish is key to things in house doubles I know my secrets here from Dave Dombrowski let everything slip this so easy today this would they should have been so easy we taught John Farrell for four hours yesterday. And the reason was because this is the easy decision. Get rid of John Farrell. And it's even easier today to explain why you could set on the field could say young players and the years they had to issue could talk about communication left it at that we like communication. We could talked about direction that he. I ever think you could have said today. It's. Not giving you anything and it's one lead to I swear to god this is going to happen and you'll know what's going to happen. Sources say it at the answer anyway and is going to be typical Red Sox organization fashion where they sandbags. Farrell instead of and a gunshot wound to the chance excuse the the graphic nature of that now is the knife in the back. He's gonna get the knife in the back here a local leader and that their lesson from because they've got exposed when a capable of that wave their friends you are today rich did they learn their lesson from aliens there words and so how honest in this and can bring their home is they can't keep their mouth shut over there they're going to have to tell well whispered some person I said locally. We all it's gonna happen. It's going to be national they love talking to national guys always the national guys pass and Rosenthal buster. Who break Red Sox were never anyone here locally for the most part so. Nationally. Someone's gonna have this is why John barrels out would you rather have it that way for the Red Sox and you care about John Ferrell and they say they do I guess. Rather have it that way or would you rather Dave Dombrowski today give you some semblance of the true well I wanted to I had the maximum. Anything I wanted to brass document something but I don't feel like this guy even needs to be. Smeared because over the last four years I agree with their hair and dairy you did you let him golf so we are always happy with it and adjust the came off as very strange today. As for a half hour so I'm browsing that's required or. Saying words after questions than answer anything. And I don't know I'd I don't think you're gonna get a big story though next week. With something that we don't know love. But there's not going to be the the equivalent of the only abused pain pill sleep I don't think you're gonna get that letter but it'll it'll be the normal stop exactly this is why it was so dumb because of the things that he did to browse he could have said today yes right trying to not have been. Pain pills or any of that salacious crap but Francona got way out the door. It would have been stuck we go to non ahead. Would come on tonight and played a roster cuts and says see we told you that article to a price communication is price hackers always Nicholas who is you know in game I know of now I'm not gonna tell you. Reardon one. Very very weird credits Steve Buckley who leads as you all off today this is will be an herald I guess tomorrow we begin this thing now in the post the stories like that David balked at the clintons you heard that the press conference unlike some people who were there but she. Who are asking repeat questions the press conference where they're on time I think part of our on time it was but it went in on him pretty early and often and then today your ego. Oh lead for Steve Buckley the day will come when Dave to browse these high force. Is on permanent display the Baseball Hall of Fame right there would babe Ruth's sixtieth home run ball. On our bond log on pain that it is Ted Williams sculpture. And a uniform Hank Aaron was wearing when he hit a seven of the people drawn for the time being. Both of them to browse NSI ports that can't keep cute and I are on a daily. Based dialogue rob all blocked a Bravo because that's what you got high horse to browse airway and where's our sound them browse the end of the northeast and he has never come across this poorly and all the comforts and I agree and I think. Part of it has to be. Aren't his shield is gone rubble like before you can always blame Ferrell for things and all the criticism over the last couple years even in years there winning the division the criticism still landed. At John Farrell. Now it's gonna be Dombrowski this is the more more Dombrowski guys. Right now he's been here this will be his third season you know getting the team ready and and and fit fielding it with guys that. It MITRE before he signed. And if they fall you know whether it's before the playoffs or early in the playoffs again. I think all the odds are going to be added to browse either not gonna blame the rookie manager next year whoever it is it's going to be more on Dombrowski I felt like he was already. Feeling that heat and that criticism you know that has. Happened yet it should have been an easy day for him right. Better but as a lay up how is it going to be if they don't get out to a good start and the manager they hire which we think will be Dombrowski sire young battery makes some mistakes or there's an issue in the clubhouse next year what's going to be firm their niece. He's like David Price in a sense were David Price is complained about. The media attention he's got here in town would if you really look at it heating get the criticism that guys like for example John Lackey got I think the most part the media and the fans have been. Fairly easy on David Price if you look at his performance. Vs his salary and it's not fair to you that a paycheck and saw that leads to. Angry a baseball fans especially anger at Sox fans. The brusque in a similar way I have focus most of my tanks on the manager but the reality is to browse is made some mistakes here. And it hasn't been that hard on until today. So what happens that the temperature does get cranked up next year. You have to look at them both it's absolutely or be on him and he's it's a huge offseason for him not the manager but did the obvious needs of this team has weight and yet you're right you start out by saying in the past when there's been an issue he went out and at least attempted to solve. They price fronts they are preventable yet all those made sense. The bullpen which has been an issue for him. He and it'd actually better this year than that you would imagine especially with the no Thornburgh and and you know for the most part know Carson Smith. But yet now it's going to be the pressure is on the brows ski for Nazis yet. As of who made the decision today. The Red Sox have have at least publicly. Dumbest thing did this last year in the press conferences after the season go back and watch those. Henry and Warner were not part of those they they still others say the least publicly rich they don't wanna be seen as the guys who were still. Pulling the strength of emerald bench Harrington was here they took a lot of crap that one thought he signed hobbled him because Tom Moore won those guys yet. They I think are letting their brows you make and execute a lot of the baseball decisions going for the got into Chris Sale trade with all the browse and David Price I always yeah Dave to browse the I think that today's decision was essentially Dave Dombrowski helping John Henry fought him on it as ever they all agreed. And they'll agree to it but it should've been Dombrowski decision and I'm OK with that I saw some reaction today oh where's the ownership import their last year. And we all know that they okayed it and finally I'd like that the browse he'd been hit the baseball odd decisions let. Well Harry I was OK with me if you president for recent don't hire like this that's got to take over your baseball operations if you're then again metal and it take you know. Hire the managing yourself and in the players I got right in a bench or to never stood a chance and that's also why you're starting to get the general managers do nothing in baseball you get to be the president of of baseball operations that Zach doesn't exist anymore Jim the crackdown GM they're an intern now happen here with Theo is the GI hilarious the president right Ari why not pick it might well I'm not picking my manager I'm not picking you know half of these players so what's the point. As a victim browse he has. Full control which again Ivan you don't agree with every single movies made but that is the right thing you hired a guide and let him do his job. I will say this I said something last night sort of passing I thought was a a known. Incident and in here is of people. Around baseball apparently that this is not as as one moment I've affiliate company this happened this turns bad as it back about. In John Henry and it's about David browser is why I think you're right. John Henry was not crying that David brows ski. Made this decision and my guess is he probably agrees with the decision my guess is those meetings they had yesterday were okay so we're gonna get rid of the manager right yeah. I was told that not only did John Ferrell on apologize and David Price and apologized to Dennis accuracy for the packets and a goal back to that maybe one more time. I was told the during a game at fed went on the exact date of this. That John Henry pulled act off the broadcast Booth. For at least half and adding an up to an inning plus and talked about the incident a very apologetic about it said to him it's not gonna happen again. Kamal the broadcast and I think you'll back and look there was well I think if it was night or day was there sure was date by himself Beagle back and watch that whatever anyone's. That's how much the Red Sox thought of that incident that they thought about the take back earlier in the broadcast for happening Iranian and talked to him and apologize to about it. And the fact that Farrell or delicate to apologize or David prices ever forced really apologize until it became rich a public story. That still it the Red Sox to the very last day that John Ferrell was here and I fully believe it's stating the obvious. That incident had a lot to do with them in their mind saying do you try to move on for the men are Didi he get sick today. He was given a chance to save by Steve Buckley editor Russ and wanna. They didn't deny it didn't say it was we insist that wasn't indeed Don Brownstein as we know by the din chassis article came out a few months ago was the rescues there for. And so he saw and heard everything so it's not like he heard secondhand and you know well it up if he feels like apology is warranted now. He was there. He witnessed the entire thing you saw how the manager handled that or really didn't handle it. And then not just that but the follow up to a or maybe got caught off guard he wasn't prepared for and then later he kind of went back in and set set the record straight. Not the case so I'm sure then that at that point there's got to take a very. Successful post season from even keep mr. and Ken Rosenthal had this thing nailed a week ago Monday when he wrote in the athletic that defeating get to the ALCS two probably gone he's gone today. As manager of the Red Sox are no surprise the X story still came up our courtesy of Steve Buckley over there at that point today. Going back to me. General David Price at this situations. What if any role that leniency in light manager. And will ever any uniform personnel. I'm not gonna get any specific. Quote suddenly. Uniformed personnel I don't know that anybody. Who that would be at this point. I have no idea because really right now. From England who taught my staff perspective on this. Well I've I talked about that situation formula knocking him into the. So so we've moved on. And each door slammed on that line question and violate this will come he's so again. The rusty doing that today here's a promise in the next 244870. To 96 hours. They'll be a story that ties John Ferrell who that incident. Red Sox sources say. That was it hard to prosecute wanna go there today but might someone will go there on or off the record going for us so I agree with that but I. But I don't think that's necessarily a huge. Late smear campaign or surprise rather with a Francona stuff that was different view they are trying to bury the sky and people like most people thought. All right time for him to move on I understand it who's the next island let's go forward. For most people wanna Ferrell gone and nagger bring up an incident that we all know is very document and we spent weeks of Sports Radio discussing it. And so just to go back and say hey that played a big part. Okay that's nothing new but that would you can easily tie that into if you want junior to browse he'd be tied that in to. Communication or the clubhouse and he would even do that so I was very weird it might not be a smear campaign. But again to browse get a chance to address it head on today. And instead it's gonna well it's gonna come out in a in a backwards way why why why couldn't occur including a brown gets that who is who's the guy. Pass and all the more most ultimately local. And then it's not only of the local guys never get the store dead wife and two weeks or three weeks or however however long it takes the hiring a new managers and another press conference their manager of hey you know there. Excited that you're here. And don't browse these and get there by a microphone again it's Amber's about 80 by the way this article is came out there to comment on that we're not here talk about the creator George usually aren't that excited Allen scores the new manageable cigarettes that'll be the press council won't get into. Who the next manager will be who which should be you guys have bought 6177797937. On the phone I've been hammering the Alice core of a drum for. Months if not least a year and council continue to do that or get into the next managers want to be and I houses for tees and this year phone calls. I don't know honestly. At this point how hiding in a row relevant Peter Gammons says while I grew up I grew up on Peter Gammons men this was it you've got your. I would fight my younger brother for the Sunday Boston Globe. To read the Peter Gammons baseball notes there are the most important thing in my life and I I'd saying that truthfully. My I was a loser kid who blob of us sports page every day summit right Gammons what have. The stuff but New Hampshire Chris Carpenter is curve ball what they like in Toronto. Where he is the next Red Sox prospect here which ears which are hearing. I would. I would get up at 515 to wait that's stupid Boston will be shall that's a good Gammons once. Okay it was cut in 2017. I don't know how relevant he is anymore not hiding easy anymore. He wrote a column today on the Gammons daily site. It hasn't been a recount them here 1234567. Eight Red Sox nuggets that I ever read anywhere else. Including one. That makes it clear about them prosecuted Farrell I've not heard anywhere in May give you an idea that John Farrell was ready to leave. The Boston writes room how's that for tees keyed on like I teased will get to that and your phone calls next at 6177797937. Is the phone number. But and keep first pitch for trading WB yeah. It's much that night on Sports Radio. We EI. It's fun night here unfortunately WEEI block Dubai on the north visit them and on the north dot com your phone calls in this segment I promise of six point seven. 77979337. I want to thank god Red Sox stats on Twitter which is one of these. Few Twitter accounts I would say you should have to be following if you're Red Sox fan and I he tweeted this out today I don't read Peter Gammons anymore I don't wanna give Red Sox that's credit I would not seen this. I'll without his tweet today but I went through and made notation on eight different things. At a guard noteworthy if we believe the Peter Gammons is still hiding in locked in I will go it sequential order. From the way this thing goes and ultimately cured second globe or every tweet Red Sox that's first and foremost. Gammons writes in paragraph four here tonight average Farrell's fine was inevitable. Lest they beat the Astros despite three division titles and a World Series in five years I would say this. Most people on the beat were calling an inevitable I added Gammons is writing that really goes a known fact did you get the impression. Unless it was me or you or blew right in her little biased you radioed is different than the guys that are on the TWO inevitable too you know no we don't want to about it and the didn't feel notable nuggets of Gammons writes today it seemed more 5050. We all get it he says the jobs and here's number one. Maybe the stress of having Dave to browse he with a nearly every day of the season at home or road warhead now. I had never heard that knowledge that the brows ski travels every only travels a lot. But when Gammons writes it I read that as John Ferrell is said to Peter Gammons off the record. I wish this F and god just get over my she's all my shoulder reason you sign up to exit this guy is on stop here. That's exactly how that reads I never gotten that instinct that Maryland Nebraska had a strained relationship when you read that. About John Ferrell the job maybe the stress of having Dave to browse with nearly every day of the season hall or road wore him out. That reads like he talked to John Ferrell and John Ferrell is making sure to let people know. It's like I was not he barrel of yeah -- to work with Alex this is not the worst news the world necessarily there you know if he's gone like you know I don't wanna lose your job but pressure that the -- next year is now is that the deal with them number two. A lot of people from the ground to the upstairs boxes felt that John Ferrell was hired. That there was a lack of energy around the team and the clubhouse. So again Dave rusk is a lot of things today it was tired he was eight in a matches before that that he's a cancer survivor physically worn down. But I get had. It's a things a guy I have not heard Ortega inferred to me at all. A lot of people from the ground upstairs boxes felt that he was tired there was a lack of energy around the team in the clubhouse. I'd argue that with Bradford yesterday about their focus peril which is sort of monotone of a flippant towards the meaty it's it weird attitude but it's always tough Ferrell was. Maybe that was part of what this team's personality was that the manager was sort of sluggish in this team at times special base paths you were sluggish a baseball team but I again I'd not heard that. On Brad Ross misty getting in the years name a lot and Gammons is. At least from my can read here I get the feel he's pro lost. One of the Red Sox executives who was in on the interviews after the yield twelve season twelve season while call auspices interview the best he's ever seen. Had Ferrell not gotten free of Toronto. Brat Austin's would have been an. Pro am I ever read that you now that he did that block the that there are they love osment snow number four. David Price things Austin as is the best manager for movies ever played so. That's the reason not forget that that note on these little red eagle eyes nugget these are guys that what that points you. David Price and Tomas is going to be here eight of its problem guy and the team likes this guy's problem child without a rare that bad movies surgeon David Price right do you appease price. So much so that you fire it like he's not abroad James. You're ready to fire the coaches like it hired on that he wants to factor price people like OP pitches well and Opsound next yes a 100%. Number five. On Alec score is X these names gonna be discussed exceptionally Smart play as at a Major League job yet he's managed in winter ball in the World Baseball Classic. It's been a season with a AJ hinge one of the brightest and best and in bay business on corporate energy breeze remarkable ability. I don't Hispanic players he's very close to Pedroia. He's simply wired and everybody and he loved being on the 2007 team. So their retirement mentioned that part is I did not know he was very close the door and beat people knew that but again he went public getting guys to. Some of the people look of us already familiar with. Cora might fill that void of Pedroia is a guy who's going to be a leader here at some point. You won't be it would be nice today let him show that too late that actually concerns I like score before and and you know he could still be fine. But the idea that if he's really close with Pedroia is Zachary is that it allows the dreaded eagle leader or that sorry to say whatever Pedroia does is is good. I don't know that the relationship that Austin has a price and I'm Cora hasn't Pedroia that I don't lessening of the good thing so there are three more will log had blocked I don't know Ortiz is right those are pretty good those are juicy nugget Peter Gammons gallons daily the other three are about the off season. Payroll and specific players wanna save that for a crack at a 7 o'clock hour wanna start on the manager stuff 617779. 7937. The phone number Johnson in six were waiting patiently he's first up on mud at night I Josh. Isn't gentlemen always good just pretty got. Acute economic Kurt one quick Peter Gammons is correct art that moment I don't look for the patriots. Let's just a great read it here you know someone like game and be able to come out went out and nobody else got so they'd do it on him. Beckett then. I don't believe number out at the has earned the white the play the poll ballot Jack. And the largest story of the year once and what date content on a plane. And you fired a manager. And you try import ballot check and say I'm not gonna talk about it but yeah haven't earned don't quite yet. And it checked it's amazing to me that once again. It's a swing and a miss by the Red Sox again. And again. And again and until the fallout what's submitted a product it upon itself. It is trending upward right now. We're going out. And when you sit there and pulled it when you fire a manager he did absolutely. Just mind boggling once again and how apparently direct charge can continually. Roll up. Especially given Josh and thanks for the passion and energy here tonight the heat. Especially because it was an easy one Josh and Josh is right and I saw I think irked me to a similar thought that. He is very Della checking in today without the track record 80 yeah daddy you're not allowed to do that and they're Josh is right incur Oxford that it that's what I came across he didn't he felt above. Some of the questions are asked today and against some you talk to Belichick you know we can sometimes do the he talk around a questions wanna answer it. That's been prosecuted today on some pretty these hard questions these were. Give us a reasoner to what the manager's not here yet there's a one way to act as an easier way to sort of talk around it without even getting into specifics but just completely shutting it down like that was. Come on characteristic to because he had answered things in the in the past and I guess now you never fired a manager before so this whole part of it was new. But yet he did not heated back and it you know. Kennedy credit Arab not give him credit for how he handled south as for the product of the Red Sox they won 93 games that are good regular season. It petered out in the first round again on prepared early in the first round again. I think more so than their product is not improving or not on the uptick. The teams the American League Roche around them. Are getting better in the yankees' turnaround and capitalize Astros and you just. That he'd be right the Yankees a partial let's specifically vary your division you know you that's still your main rival technolust not phallic great buy over the last couple years. Their window is just sort of starting here. You're you know get this and next hour you're in the second year with three or four year window with his car club this could be a major eternal with a Boston rights are not sure where it's gonna happen. But it feels like three or four years given the contracts. The Yankees are just. Getting started their current wrong so I would say the product necessary with a Red Sox isn't so I trending upwards but the other American League teams. I'd definitely are more than you are right now. Peters down on the cape tonight Peter. They diagnosed on that that I. I just want it to war. I didn't disagree with I disagree with the judge you think that what number it was time. Everybody talked about a new sure we found. I think and later doing things don't want well from the here. And I can picture him sitting up. Or in the stands at home and away games. Lapped up Oakland which is what should follow what. Well this virtually. Contracting everything that travel there. Well now he comes in the end he looks at the bottom line and so is this is the reason I don't want I want to get this guy you've got to put some brilliant. Probably one is that. I'll be surprised because. Yeah I wonder who is pat is tightly packed guys would be I guess auspices he brought in the Detroit. Is the close to what you consider pat that the new guy coming in it's gonna have a grasp the numbers seat the new guy coming in is not to be caught flat footed. Putting Mitch Moreland into game against Krista and ski when everyone knows the Christa Hinske. Is 111 against. Lefties late that's it's not going to be so easy to second guess the next guy whether it's also missed or Cora. That guy is going to. Oh to surrender to the numbers but be more technology of the numbers on a day in dale basis that that's a reality. Yeah analytic to be a big part it will not be Jim Leland multiple people of spoke originally ladies as he is I saw on the gas called don't ask you to give up a appeal followed at. If we let the old school rotary phone still rotary eats Ripken threw boxed out to sit around watch and smoke while People's Court like god job done Mac box on screw that. Probably. Have still have malvo tomorrow lights are for publicists no way. 6177797937. The phone number starting with the brows ski in Ferrell today your thoughts he should be the next manager of this team. Get it to somebody this window and their brows ski in the 7 o'clock hour Tomas seat in an aide here on Mott at night's portrait. We capping their. Yeah. What could have been flooded the other side Sports Radio WPI calls all life. Job losses by 8 o'clock he wrote about John Ferrell today we yell about that no other assorted topics. I your phone calls throughout at 617779. 7937. Not online Kieft when he won and it mutt and UTW we yacht on Twitter let's speak with Jonathan main. Automate and AL BS game four I simply means the Red Sox scheme for not the Yankees win in game four hi John. Well hey I gave you know. Just first off love listen you two it's. Is it book sports stocks in this country. Well not just what you see as instinctive with a two guys who mourn evolved into the other stuff and he puts forces layers. But none have yet that is. A nickel Dombrowski as it was eight dating what was all that about you like terrible to greedy little. From the clubhouse is unshaken. To give a crap about well yes Lisa since. I think that actually. They were there for the taking hear it out until to me which has built plays. As such senator Roland how you hit three homers and scored four runs and understand. I was the Red Sox all year no grand slams could hit three run home run see it. So you would I heard Lou do this to me he thought of leaving Chris Sale and was the big Grady Little moment for John fair. Yes I can I mean I'm not at fault them beginning of the game endorsers are doing well I thought they piece together pretty well they'd price great seeing old holy cow awesome. The end of the vote and that's the one thing that you do well. Yet read it needs in kimbo in actual slick west and I'm assuming you're wasn't indecent in there love him but I'm assuming you wouldn't want that pulled a trigger. Not I was jokingly I jokingly John was gonna give these are seen all the credit and out thanks for the kind words if they'd won the game exec but Clara as it binge they they can't show you the shot down the tunnel my guess is Ferrell was walking back and forth and he wanted to tell. On the guys heed of equality run up and talk to what is yell from the the the the tunnel there. I'm assuming that John is right it was John Farrell's decision to keep Chris Allen there he said after the game that Chris Hill was crisp. And still look good there in the seventh inning which is not true I mean it was good goes back to now one of the real disconnect that Ferrell had eat eat. His fans saw things that were there that he didn't see saw buckled suck this up price not pitch well be saw guys not hitting well and Farrell would defend those players rich and as far cell thing goes go to your best guy all year Gordon normally inning guy they base in the seventh inning results I would've gone Addison reed. I can hammer him too much you wanna go down with Corey is a bad move but. I've buddy wanna go down swinging with Chris sales are proud ordered our Kimberlin by the way he pitched so send us an idea yeah what I wanna try that or just see how those first three go and then you can reassess in the ninth you love for the close up the game that maybe you have to to work with somebody else. Based on the match ups are ever in the ninth but. Are that Allison reed warming up now what in the sixth and then sail was still pitching Wellesley and you're kind of greedy knowledge as a pitch the seventh and casino scam that CA. You and I still I go back to. There it goes three days' rest are not gonna stardom but we can from five innings in relief prior to afford two thirds but they've brought about for a fifth inning. And who knows he pitched well there you know how many inning or how many pitchers we have given you so he started that game could be gone in the sixth. And also a lot of a lot of confused fair second guessing Andrew where hand with a fought on the next Red Sox manager or head manager. OK so good joke I've wanted to talk about cap look. Yet. New manager I think we're being in the minor league knows system you know the younger guys are the good competitive. And also why it is much and so they'll awful in game manager. One of the many blame volatility David civil it is offensive. That later this year certainly not. Yeah AEA get to this point now where the pitching coach and do well again I just. I think what's happened is well on. The new management recommend there and pick his own staff they did to prosecute some comment about. All the coaches are under contract for one more year on how the new manager bill recommend those guys or something like that and so I thought he meant. I thought it any recommend those guys for other jobs are body met like that he'll tell the new manager had accused as the pretty good acreage that these guys they they would like thank you. I have my hope Stafford ago we have of him I know it'll be right maybe and I'm also somebody that says. Chili Davis. I don't know I'm not giving him a ton of credit from a few bets last year I'm not gonna take away from moment to criticize them for this year and some of the guys that live up to them by my boiler plate thing as a less it's real extreme this is not high school this is not Babe Ruth in hitting coach pulling gonna do so yeah allows players they get paid millions of dollars in many cases. They she'll apparent themselves forward let's just let's hear that and just to begin on the same page here with that talking about the coaches on the staff a lot of people worried about what's gonna happen Brian Butterfield. I couldn't hear you can hit it a mentality candidate. And out and Holler your quote yeah. With. Well we yes we'll consider minority candidates were gonna. Consider the best person that we can possibly fine for the job but minority candidate to all the coaching staff members this morning. They're all signed for 2000 PT. We're told him as a person what think very highly of them they're good people they're good baseball people. Would recommend. To our new manager. Any of them it's not a problem for me but I do believe that the new manager needs to have his own coaching staff in place. Within approval Abbas and make it true that there's. Proper areas coached with him. The club with them would grant permission to any club to talk to our personnel. Another sign but I don't blogs and in their way of getting a job he said well yeah. Yeah a gun rights so he does say what you said he'd recommend to the new guy. But he also wouldn't stand in the way if you are if you are Dina for example got hired some Morales we love buttery works you have them on. How can I apologize people heard by Yelp in the background here so I'm pretty sure Jon Lester just tick somebody off in his and a BS game Heathrow all of us they sort of first evacuated a pass the first thing he's doing lolly pop I think risen at the tag down Jon Lester can't sort of forgot this pick off a runner in the top of the eighth inning tying run on under the goal right. Now it's our insurance runs from now on base for Washington. Jon Lester who picks off a believable. On a lollipop throw like you'll technical Super Bowl ever Steve Grogan throw. And old pop pass there that's that's what Lester is did he picked off and worked pretty get picked off in the eighth inning used now I Jon Lester. Was he was like oh us. Return Zimmerman was the coach is like all Lester never throw the first likened rundown run them on Jon Lester picked somebody off the coast of for a one nothing in the rain in eight if the one that's hold on here you'll force a game five tomorrow. And it's from its fate he Sheikh is as I was that's thrown over a hill like you're an idiot. Are a part. Of the look out of if a Carol keep an eye on this game you'll go home rich are opening up Markey tomorrow it to 2 o'clock with a deal and B guys are all lined up your phone calls continue. At 6177797937. Candidates here calls we come back. The other three nuggets by Peter Gammons and in his game and Staley Peter Gammons. If you still locked in he dropped eat up some some news here today from Farrell the auspices of brows ski and into the Red Sox offices including. Telling Red Sox and fans to forget. About one big time free agent the Red Sox are likely I thought to be interest in the Gammon says you could forget about it. Get that back in your phone calls coming up it's much at night Sports Radio WB yeah.