Does Warren Sapp know what sexual harassment actually is?

Mut at Night
Wednesday, December 13th

Mut, Keefe, and Tomase start things out by talking about the comments made by Warren Sapp in response to the allegations brought against him as a result of his time with the NFL Network, and Warren says some things that will leave you scratching your head.


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It's. Monday night. He goes unfilled out to lure the sexual harassment and room. Well according I don't know I don't know either you have as he read that you do the loose and that's actual rest excellent salary for me to decide I don't know. Your personal thing you do have a look on I don't know when you read his use those social rest with my. Ali showed off its dirty pillow talk to give you X rated and I'm not comfortable doing that I can barely function that Obama himself. When you're out of her income I included these words pop on the going to be more under pressure and and and more terrible. It at that. Now here's Mike at night on Sports Radio W we. Talk a kind of breaking down. We have war. Trades the off season it's all part about it night portrait you WEEI Johnson while he's here for a couple hours Johnny yeah. Does your life shattered every time you go down and in these. I didn't know where that was yeah I don't know why I'm here I was gonna go line she doesn't listen. I felt nice but I was more wondering no. Even if she's not listening does she still could she sensed the disturbance in the force problems this shutter not now I would assume I don't think she has any idea on the radio relational and go that's the way she knows that she asked to put the two kids to bed every night like that's what she knows she has no idea who won a year which doesn't like you and our richer follow on with you were rob Bradford she had no idea she well it's a must know rob Bradford it's you must come home some night I don't care. Caught nah there's a bit of a few out there react you don't take that home with a well the only the only thing she knows is that on the morning show on Friday is too shall listen for ten minutes on a ride and Nationalists and those guys operating since you don't have a guy that night and sometimes I help I can not make dinner that night rats which she notes visit. Just know when I'm commenting on how bad payment that bush as a Nelson isn't as that are talked about it and she watched me play trumbull was like but now with. What is your problem is that does Serena says she sort of aware job. I'm happy that way who who's to say this Lenny megs and it's all the time. His wife didn't like sports really if you come home from a gamer come home from two and that the shows here. And he would just go back into his life and it wouldn't be how is the show or how it's a sport he'd like to have that separate like sports but. We don't get into a lot of WEEI stuff that's healthy which is score they bring not only wanna get you wanna go home and talk about or what goes I'd jerks in the morning. We are in there tomorrow I'm gonna bring out my third gathered AME around and around ten here's what here's what Kirk said today. Until it plans to aid it sets out to be very big show tomorrow Kirk calendar will get to that as the night goes well we'll get to our guest next hour Colin Dunlap martini from Pittsburgh Entercom. As the morning show host out there who was comparing Tom Brady in Barry Bonds is cheaters today on social media would McConnell state. On that you'll joins it's often go loss. Catherine Coulter wrote yes absolutely. One guy as a and at the cost you 200 dollars a year right now the the other guys my guess is that they are not out of that idea I've not sign up for and I haven't got the the health on all the Sino us. Yes meeting gas how much I thought it would be a month that I am an estimated now and some like well. It's gonna be overpriced because that's just sort of a circle that radio operates and wrecked them like a normal one of those things have been like on nine and substance I'll say five. And I at a club 91999. A month or 200 dollars for the year for some personalized exercise and backed Karzai more than Netflix yeah. Yes much more even the HD version now please Forte you know it out like fourteen bucks if you're going to I don't know assault as well if you get nowadays doctors overbought around and woo ho hey hey shortly before K I guess it does and he had a part of audio compact US six K now. I've got seven or eight uniqueness. Of the initiative. It's auto I've not coupled via yet will get the Brady Brady part of show your tonight Ollie Colin Dunlap so tweets about him but. I don't Johnny's it's on the late show last night about Brady drop which wanna circle back to but I have to start with. What you guys rich talked about this afternoon and at what point you said that I was gonna open with Hispanic man and I quote I think in my backtracked off this off what. When you said early on the 5 o'clock hour. That. Makes Warren Sapp look better than the other accused years in the NFL network as case. That he spoke and again you heard solely had Jared more of it I Iran and back off that I'm backing off of that but the first couple clips that we says and just the idea that he talked and he denied getting it. Her the the vibrator and he denied peeing and firmer which were all part or all claims in there so he denied all of these things and if you just take it at that to me. He does look more innocent because he's who is telling his side of the story he's denying that wears everybody else has just been quiet not even a tweet that says and the truth will come out or are they all said nothing. And so bad I think looks worse for them however you hear more more of the interview. And you're like okay this isn't really helping your cause you election maybe making it a little bit worse in cases but. If a 100% innocent I still feel that you should get get out there and say something about it I honestly feel like he wouldn't even know. He would sex S total to what extent he wanted to taste of his comments he definitely would bet. Like guys showed her pictures in my girls she's wearing that yellow Ireland he kept focusing and it was yeah definitely memorable yellow denied steroid that was about but it is like flotsam is like fly slate saying man but they clearly is admitting to showing her pictures of his girl for many guys and you cannot let what am I supposed to do not show people naked half naked pictures that yes. Yes Loren is one of the accused here the five or six if you include. You know one Edberg one other guy and their five or six people. When I heard Davis publicly as a baseball player in this two you're confused and opens another degree corner right now. Warren Sapp is list and find what page have warrants out on just to remind people where. He is pointed out by Jamie can't or in this case. Warren Sapp came into the restroom where Jamie Kantor's preparing closed urinating in front of her play to screen to get out mr. sample laughed and pulled plants sorry mama. But your office shouldn't be our. What guys called that one right rapper yes the the dirty version of acted jobs. I'll play to complain of the NFL but nothing was done it to the plate of cold the NFL. She would then have to work in the hallway mr. Sapp also in the planet sex toys as they Christmas gift three years in a row. Showed the plane a nude pictures of the numerous women he claimed to have had slept with. Openly talked about his sex life in front of the plaintiff and other NFL please including supervisors. On what's crazy is. Everybody else in the story. Worse than war I was gonna say once saps the while we read it yeah I care and doctors lawyers say at all hours and that's right. I don't know and so he comes out and and some of the stuff that he said I didn't think. Made him look much worse when he says stuff Americans as down wherever. But then he also puts his foot in his mouth we'll get through his rebuttal it's it's a lot I can't play all that but he immediately got out of it said basing this is not. A need to situation compared himself to Matt hour and others in his interview he did today with W I NC in mind before. It's going to move on from here these allegations though. You would agree. Pretty serious. Homework pour. On all parts including Europe's. Known on on on the minds aren't true I can pull mine out and you're learning from it and if I won't do the bear from which you you would walk in the any human beings all afford walk out. And if I was having a conversation with you because I told you about six even if I was having this conversation with you you look in. Environment that I was having this conversation if you move on comfortable would you turn it won't call. Not excusing anything that anybody else in this. Old old addressing them on just addressing war that is not me too. I don't sexual graphic here. Though Lou. Believe this woman know we'll be back vowed reboot he. Mold amok and none of them you know without worrying not a bit. Don't don't don't don't don't. I met a lot of a wise thing none of it. I know shall we treat angle wardrobe trick would be another day. I was in their place I did my job makes good TV and I left. Stock of the youth. It fired and I just so it won't Wear iron muted TV show is all about the mentioned recently second chances. I never got a second chance the NFL network he may have made good TV I would argue with that as anywhere of NFL network. On Medicare. But he. He was fired there because of his arrest for prostitution I'm not that I thought it was a little brother and soliciting prostitution and assault and we'll get to this is why he does not deserve. The benefit we call a edited tape made and so he he goes on SA it's A says there I I was eight I although cut number six your patio because. He does this thing where. He admits half a what she's accusing him of but not the bad parts so when the bathroom thing came up this is cut number six patios of Warren says. If I'm a low fares are one have you put the thing I do want to battle but I did not urine in front of oil at no time she left out who she says about all of the sudden the door after equals. As it. So okay well I I let the bathroom but I mean I couldn't repeated farmer like does anyone believe that it's half true at this point I I certainly don't under the what work. Until proven innocent and is upon the wrong way to look at it. These guys are all guilty given what we see the track record of the accused so far cases like yeah I mean my only hesitation this brings me back to demanding thing a little bit we talked about this last night. When people went crazy over that Shaun king thing where it was. One sided you know it was the woman accusing him it was her version of things. It was not it was portrayed as if it were you know determine and a court of lot of this is what happened no that is one person's side. This is also one person's side this is someone who is bringing you know a suit a lawsuit in so this is her sights we've not heard both sides yet. That's sad and when Warren Sapp comes out and says things like you know. We basically says I didn't do my business in Freiburg that in the next threat he says. And if you watch it with me you to leave like as you'd be so threatened you if you didn't leave that's on you and many follows that up by saying well I did wacky and but she left vs IRA you it's your credibility is not hiring out soccer and the NFL network as a bit of an issue on their hands if you're the playa her office in the bathroom euros or workstation and the men's bathroom. While there they are severely at and not a great culture at the NFL though he signs any another report today by former or an on air news personal and interviewed at the NFL network and some comments. That she got so he says in that first big clip we played I'd insanity pictures while I talk sex while woody do that. He then later there he says well I may have shorter some pictures of my girl you really want including a giant posted that I ever in my walk. She also claims that you showed her nude pictures that of numerous women that you have claimed that. Too I've slept with a walker where where does that point come from is that true. OK you can just look at my Twitter for all the years that I post. Has been. The young ladies their dues and it visionary much on the you know little dental floss on the Beijing where in professional Jupiter's bachelor show. What do you want and show you purchased one new. Them expulsion if I mean. You do want to only. Left some like this looks like you'll go to some yours that's how today. Oh look I like it like judicial issue reminds you of some like that right that that's when you look. Never shall this woman thing in my phone the noon. Someone got mired in Beijing she actually about budget bill that I have opposed to a mark rule of the she dropped. Wardrobe while we might all feel as though they're from places like that I haven't had a big picture of my girl Obama faring so. She got about a new Daschle pajama gold medal at the time. All by ago. We welcome William Obey the fusion put only a little whatever if I showed anything it was somebody an abatement shuttled them in the white in a naked home and Lee for. What does that do. John to your point about he wouldn't even ya know if you sexually harassed and summary the harbor sunrise because he's I want. The goal maybe a short picture that is what your Butler if click oh don't us real well about I don't know that are within harassment by show that. To secure but if I showed any female you forget it was an integral part of life for anything as a one a a coworker a producer on air person that all. This woman here her asked looks like yours. I think they chart the next day and isn't that textbook sexual harassment Imus and so I think you know he falls into the disaster on that out there as a hypothetical. He wasn't salmon that's who you did when I liked is the whole tone of you get this all the time someone gets caught doing something narrow like they're trying to find the logical flaw you know what they did some light. Why would I A you know whatever you know if you're Tom Brady why would I deflate these footballs while I whenever. And it's why would I need to show you have picked pictures of someone Newt low. And did you well yeah I mean they're showing about a great defense though and and you're admitting you showing pictures of somebody in a very skimpy big suits you're already there majority like this I'll show you that. But that would no clue that's and saying yeah I want what I lost there instead of blossom fiction why would I go beyond that yellow bathing suit though. He clearly doesn't understand the severity of the soul that on there and really the way you would talk about it even if you're a 100% guilty and you're lying about it. You would say it differently or if you're a 100% innocent you would still find a way to talk about moved well he also went on I don't piece of this in the everybody know he tweeted about it today. The vibrant part of the you know he's a very strong stance an effort to open play I did not say any big black fibers to anybody that's for what he suggests is they were different types survivors he talked about this today patio. Did you ever give her sex toys is she going. Milk now does such toes all the little vibrates that you know and I have pitched one man makes its criminal doubtful. Remarkably. On your. Cindy underneath. We can sit there and wrap Christmas time birthday you know their regular look Christians you bring a little holiday joy for everybody from crippling blow Christmas so. My man every little move novelty thing McCown looked like. Mascara thing that a light lit the camera eye liner and different things that a little torch lake. So a modified in his little Arnold saw the series relays it's. President guys I think I got back he just has no idea number doesn't doesn't know this is not harassment of him he just doesn't know. He sent without a real blog there for his buddies of active violence the womanizer to go US labor charge of one that's what he sent them disagree Ron Oden. It is list city it's its information has or that did the bio for the vibrator he sent these women. But apparently not her other honor other makeup lady miserably but not her okay the wardrobe it is waterproof for a lot of fun. And the website boasts such features as six levels of intensity today that can be equal easily adjust at the click of a button increasing the united the other you know I don't actually had contact with stimulation party I'm just pointing out how he's NATO he's saying it's a eight using as a toy were clearly if anyone looked at the box you would go on yet that's exactly yeah that's a vibrant auto guy yell at the got it so it's double Tron. It states that transform our I thought these idea as to what he's not waterproof Kanye. In the Anthony's are feeling pain. Now we have to talk about that house it. Who signed a negative thing yeah. That's because RFK. Gave them these things and they loved them they love their respective Twitter picture these all over Twitter is nonstop and we have twenty people. Are you thinking about sex now. Like that but that's it. Is that it's now all. What his level sexual harassment is if you give someone that doesn't immediately make them think about sex and it's not harassment in the mind of warrants app yeah this is. And in the call I honestly it wasn't. It was the callers to your show. Where people are giving Warren Sapp this A hole the benefit of the doubt the guy who pleaded guilty up pleading guilty. Two years ago on the domestic violence can actually look for that began at the end resort in Las Vegas is accused of assaulting his girlfriend of five years. By pulling arm biting her finger throwing her on the floor and stepping on her and according to court documents three charges against the former can be bought in Oakland raider player offer battery constituting domestic violence are filed in June. They dropped to those charges he ended up paying 83000 dollar fine underwent six months of a domestic violence counseling. 48 hours commute of forty hours community service excuse me and ordered to have no contact with. Is girlfriend a five year she'll least more so this guy in this is one of a couple different issues he's had. Unfortunately that this guy here who was okay allegedly appalling on the arm biting her finger and Verlander on the war but stepping up ahead of his former girlfriend. That guy gets the benefit of the doubt no way no way and I wondered listening to you guys sedate you more than one call people say sore well this this really sees the issue. Is this what's gonna happen now more more athletes. Are painted as. Harassment. Harassment. I'm send their assets. Harasser is slow especially when apparently that people actually like it like Warren Sapp they're defending on the way let's say a Boston athlete that that it's going to be in the news it's a matter time. I mean it. Hollywood and now in NFL network with a number of former players like this gonna continue and there's got to be somebody that people like the only imagine. The counted the fencer put and that offense they have always willing to go on their talk about the guys the job right now. So I'm sure his lawyer is not ethics codes that Michael think that. Basically you know your lawyer would tell you not to talk if you are a 100% innocent though wouldn't you say something now without her now yeah if you're a lawyer ultimately stock you don't have a hard time sit under authority it would be railroad are yet to be brutal but you do you softly look at today. Let's say he's innocent like let's just say. Zach somehow some way that olive everything he said is true and it all exonerates him. He did that help his case today today Cokie didn't help with kids I think others might be able to help their case more than he will not they're guilty and that's not our. My whole point is if you are a 100% innocent. What it the U that you would not have any proof. That I sensual picture on every took a picture or video or anything like that that's what's in the news right now and your suspended from your job. I don't know at the very least I feel like I put out a tweet that's like none of this is true global figured out soon while I I I guess. I would also say if these guys who work in the NFL network would their. Remember this tied into the NFL to the NFL this is the NFL network my guess is they are being super guarded especially. With the guys who still work there wide berg doesn't work there anymore but Heath Evans Marshall Faulk. I'm who's the other guy there's one for a third guy Taylor I tailored to you guys still work on other U and so. I'm not sure they can say anything right now and hear all sides are advertisements and nothing out there if there. If they're innocent that's too bad for them but that's just you know that's. The environment we're in right now you just you don't you said last night John that you looked at this and you had some questions about the way it went I think. We we all have questions about it. But right now the track record of all those who have been accused Woody's been details like this. Nobody's come out as people leads Annika so Warren Sapp. Once that says things like all the lighting give the big black I sex with I gave them. Lipstick looking sex toys away ID ID I what I do in Europe I was in the bathroom but he your earnings front like he's. Easily always when it's trying to convince himself that no way can it on the east and I didn't ask what she said. But it eagle eyed I don't think he thinks that name's Rhonda began. Yeah they did I didn't think anything even if every word of that of her complaint is true. He votes that bans click here that line needed to take a leak in January and you know I. I don't think he thinks any. I wanna start there because I know people have strong opinions about what they've heard so far about the story Heath Evans a major player tied into this obviously. And for the first time in these cases have been hearing COPEL calls of people bolt of all people call the afternoon show and sort of question this woman and defend these players is astounding what happens with all athletes because we're so tied in to them because you'll root for them you'll like the player. Where you don't wanna give these victims alleged victims the benefit of the doubt because. He got a connection to these players I I images right Warren Sapp nobody got to connect yeah I mean this is that might just thing is this is these allegations. And lawsuit like nothing has been proven in court yet yeah I'm I'm like I just wanna hear more I'm not saying she's lying I'm not saying. It's a 100% true I'm saying we don't have enough information. Right now. Outside of this one legal document that's been filed like if if they go to discovery and she's got. Pictures and she's got text messages she's a business okay right there you ago. But until that it is important Serb member I know we're not living in that time at the moment by. There are two sides innocent till proven guilty all the mossy rich Keith and not with you guys 6177797937. The phone double come back get right to your phone calls top of the hour 7 o'clock. Our teammates from Pittsburgh Sports Radio who equates Tom Brady's cheating. The cheating of Barry Bonds if the back in your calls money at night Sports Radio WEP. Ultimately we're hopeful. Show who Putin who. Was that do. That than give me enough room. But don't keep you know should be greeted with the game here we go. But I know more with the Baghdad in the UK it's a moment ago at the bottom of that's right at the bottom of it read down India oh yeah war indeed it. No no you're not tag in there your play fifty. Your head of McNabb your head Heath Evans your head a Marc watts. And I'll see you labeled the bad guy because he's got history doing a bad stuff. Yeah I think accidentally listener. I'd say look at I would say so look at the details of what happened in Las Vegas so we start their tonight with one of the accused in the NFL network. Sexual harassment case taking two radio and I would say about helping his case and I would say if you are gonna speaking you are innocent as rich said. Had your lawyer present or do it three lawyer not the way. Warren Sapp dated today. A 61777979237. Is your phone numbered days indicate is first up on what it night's Sports Radio WE yeah I dig it evening. Guys yet again exactly I mean sex lawyer must be Sydney asked it yes they do you like Paul is scared of it and it came forty till. You would Margaret not award I was set I believe to this case goes to court. Well he's still tweet about it saw I'm not see eye. David he won't go as far as it did today why wouldn't you keep going at this point. What did. You may be the most generous one but you are not employed in these plays again until stuff comes out in the went against it. The depositions then you'll find out if she gets to exit the snap on. Committee's athlete you never know want to lock it in the locker room mentality is probably yeah probably a lot of nice welcome women working on an NFL network. We'll see imagine a locker room mentality and that's something that I think John brought up last group was in the or her offices in the bathroom so yeah I would say so it's a weird set up so Lindsay McCormick who is an anchor for he or she is now she interviewed at the end of the NFL network is she's me a couple of years ago. And in the interview process she was asked by. She didn't name the person but two hours in the hiring at that point. Are eager to get knocked up like the rest of a massage get hired. Like that's just something that sounds like something you would say with a bunch of guys sit around not he would say to a potential female employee you can't say that that's the. That's that let's speak to that locker Mittal are always talking about hat's off. Honestly you know it and it's another terrible look for the NFL liquid sort of glossed over that because where focusing on the specific guys in the specific allegations but. You know a league that we obviously know about the CTE stuff we know about. You know that the deflate gate stuff we know about the kneeling there of this than that there's so many things that are chipping away. At the league's credibility and here is yet another it's like in hospitable to women we have you know you and I talked last year about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wrote a great comment was totally original idea I am still right there are gonna say I'm tired and I know Elena oh right I did not steal from you but just the idea. You know that they pay lip service to how they feel about other players treat women and within their own building. NFL network it's in the name they can't dated they don't know it's gone I'll talk to market a car market up laugh about it night's Sports Radio WEE outside mark. They always say what a mark. Art. You know the street does typically I would be politically a little more ally Mark Russell Osce. To prosecute drug it'll create a especially majority to win here. Well so Cedric would operate I could credit that it must help get us out of orbit guilty. All this court itself since all of that out or muscle would start. First guy a guy at that early in the media or heard say that it's just shot thing and you know. Ought. A ought to wreckage last drug urged action to yell and yell across. Sure yeah. As duke. I had ansari had Dick did do due across players who were accused of Ray Ozzie of those kids get a real answer is yes. My ought to Google and obviously what I mean by that is accusations. That it and basically people are saying it kind of alluded to last what was. You know. For you so this is sure about socket ship Robert budget it's easy in easy a second she and her doctors say the driving are trying to. Part or out but that I want to out. You know I know where it occurred I've got a car after a few tricks and decisions that. However urged what is art are not critical at these guys what you did. Patient I'll actually caught them guilty before anything also should be on the radio all the. Not all polo a one I did not call him guilty ever there it's all alleged right now and number two I'm saying. You tell me you heard Warren Sapp today mark that he helped or hurt his cause or the cause of those who are accused in this case by speaking out there on the radio that's fine. I would say Warren Sapp didn't didn't help himself today. August decorated talk yourself must buy it was at work. Very doubt these guys and probably not gonna get a chance radio lucky sevens. Let's talk so last night. I think that's hypocritical considering what you do it again I don't are. I honestly don't us I don't see how the two relate because he took his medicine they now. Mark mark I mark mark mark up a whole mark I'm aware but I'm not saying they should not get jobs if they are innocent when I said it's going to be tough if they're guilty they sold rehire some. What I'm not that I'd get on the air it's our dynamite just about a put it based on what you read in this deposition he's thirty pages. Will the NFL network if they're found guilty bring them back. Yes let that that was that the conversation last night thanks for the call and and I again I don't. They they're not guilty John is right. My surprise was you know last night. With some of the response and more so today on the of the dale holly key program. Where people wanna give the past but the via the harass her or the alleged harasser is in this case the benefit of now I've not heard much of that when guys had been a called the car whether it's been Weinstein or Spacey. There's evidence presented and everyone's like okay that's been an app. Avalanche of evidence that yeah differences is one accuser. And it could be completely credible and we may discover it's like let it play out you know let it play out. But we may discover that everything is completely true and she's right in these guys are gonna get hammered they're gonna deserve it. The other things are different because Kevin Spacey dudes huge investigation how Weinstein there's a new story every day you guys are tired us out my X thing which was. Are hard to read and you know it's hard to read. I'm the things that he did to her and so this is not. Back yet at least it's not yet on crystal McKay crusher on WEEI. Data right first and call this late in the day but I totally agree with cheap here and I think our stock or about this but. At stake to remain silent but all the big mistake come out like that it. You got to do if you're gonna and you gotta get to vote Hillary got to prepare they got to come out strong and hard. Light the lawn he remained silent. All the public opinion against you it's gonna just solidified more and more. If I would and that sent personnel wanted to out of my lawyer Parker statement. My side and why these allegations are inaccurate. The out with a note nobody else can that ever everybody else to say they just shut up adult standing because the key is. They can use what you say against you later on but that's only he sees in the really stupid that's only if you. Put your foot near mile played it warrants out for going on they don't really understand. How serious this is if you do prepare a statement that's a surprise some of these guys. That there I think they're all on Twitter like how do you not just have a simple. Very prepared statement of all of your innocence by saying nothing at all. To me it's a worst luck but I get maybe legally it'll it'll help these guys in the long run. But if you if if you are in fact a 100% innocent I don't know why don't issue at least something that the other part of her right if they know there are some truth to what they are reading here in and that's my and that's where that's been reeks of to me if you if you just sit back and went. There's also a gray area of when they knew right and it was reading something today that said when she filed the initial thing today after the hungry Weinstein case. There was just about the NFL network and a grievance and that on Monday. Is when all these deet tails came out that's why. It's almost suggested how did people just get a wind this is an offer couple months. There was one report today that said may these detail yes she amend or not made available all these new things were put in a and she could she won the time to go through and make sure I guess I covered ducks in a row which you put this man. EN I don't know if you guys read Michael McCants thing on SI dot com or he goes through all this but one of things he said was. You know what does it say that the NFL and settlements because from October and now. They knew that she held the threat I'm gonna name names. But if we settle this now than you do what you know Weinsteins accuses a lot of people have done over the years. He set all it never becomes public the names don't become public everybody moves out their lives so the fact that that didn't happen. How do you read that in a one possible interpretations NFL thinks her claims have no merit and that they'll prevail in court. But even that one's tough because. Once the names are out there you can't undo that even if even if the NFL wins even if Heath Evans and all these guys we ended their names are already out there and RD tainted in a way. That damages the NFL Branson it's a little surprising to me that they wouldn't have tried to settle this before became public in this or I raise an eyebrow John. It's only been out for was couple days now basically but if if the NFL network had had that evidence right. What they had not already to one of their league friendly media guys. Leaked out and all that's that's a bad way to go right out and they would find out I victims shaming and waited this long you're right though what what's the point of waiting this long is that just let it play I mean what could may yet maybe they couldn't come to an agreement may be an even try to come to an agreement and who knows but that's just. That's certainly question mark basket 6177797937. The phone number Warren Sapp is speaking out we'll get to more that as the night progresses we'll get to after 7 o'clock. A radio host in Pittsburg as we get set for a deep Steelers and the patriots who is suggesting that. Tom Brady and Barry Bonds are similar in their cheating we'll talk about that -- talk to him just after 7 o'clock you're WB yeah. A lot of nice Sports Radio WE yeah I agree are. We just. And council hot Scotia which people are already buzzing about rob Bradford is in Orlando he had a lengthy sit down and Dave Dombrowski was to play guys. Off the top here tonight the hot stove show and react the Red Sox continued you absolutely positively nothing. At these winter meetings so far there winner meetings have consisted of a tweet that said rivalry. Firearm OG fire mode you firearm OG it was signing Sam Adams the beer not the player. As the official beer sponsor the Boston Red Sox it was the Isiah Thomas IMO she's today it got people walks like all something's coming but he got turns out alt. It's the Red Sox they've given where if you follow them yet so and they get to a gift including Evan relic who set up like a Sam Adams to them and they sent packing a gift of the San Adams guy with seven drugs. Very hard wearing very at bats are rodeo so grad asking for beat writer that happens the Red Sox beat John. Crazy I did read somewhere on the Twitter that. They may be interest in Mark Reynolds. Those excited about that says Brian Russell is way Mark Reynolds. So I'll just we'll just have a little baseball it's gotten are thirty sector got a 130 Israelis have a thirty seconds. I.s so Mark Reynolds like I I understand we need home runs if you're the Red Sox but. Do you need a guy who only gets on runs in literally do anything else apparent they're looking for it Chris Davis to same kind of thing like. How about we get some he's a little more around that's not just like let's watch forty homers in the line up and get nothing otherwise. It seems so black and white like the the Red Sox for awhile were considered one of the really Smart forward thinking organizations in baseball. I feel like we are back in 1988 with Dave to browse all we need a power guy. Mark Reynolds only a closer now but does it out and I gonna sign. He's been really good doesn't it change things if they science I don't know yet honor you know it it definitely does but right now the Red Sox battle it. This I can't sit around saying well you know evaluate it when they and a path when in a doing right now they've had a bad offseason a day winter meetings it's already almost over. I'm Brooke we we said this the first hot stove show there's two parts the offseason there's the baseball part of it and there's the bus part I truly believe that there had to be some sort of buzz heading into. Next spring. It's balanced court and nothing so they fail that part of it and explain political panic people are litter from our lurking around on Damon has what's happening and I know we posted JD Martinez started a website. It gets rattled watts I think people do who re just not wrote that last Judy Martinez story. Which you shot -- have been might have been me check it out to be yet to come on we're every joint coming up after the top of the hour by Colin Dunlap to which maybe you're saying who was Colin Dunlap so we'll give you an idea Colin Dunlap as a radio host in Pittsburgh. This is not one of those in mobile I'm sure we'll talks on a couple of poll asked one or two question about patriots and it was this weekend. This about Colin Dunlap on Twitter today. Who took a couple of shots of Tom Brady and this is becoming a pretty big thing here national we're Brady is under fire Tom Brady is taken the shots from. Guys like rob Parker he's taken the shots are Max Kellerman. People all over Brady right now because he had the one bad game. The cheating part of Brady I've not heard a while the column don't last credit. I've not heard this one and while these are back to back tweet earlier today from the morning show both armpits Burke are Entercom team. The fact it some don't see Tom Brady in the same light as bonds. McGwire. Rose stories. Armstrong. Ben Johnson except for a is mind blowing to me. Guy is a cheater a proven one of such a stain should never go away. He follows it up what I don't understand why can't be bowl for me is Tom Brady's great apps incredible talent. He's also a cheater to the point where Richard tarnish his legacy greatly. So he would have you put in the same category is guy Barry Bonds who is detailed very. Strongly in the game of shadows book but the two ESPN guys. Of someone who so offended. By you not a home runs in the amount of buzz Mark McGwire others were getting that he said screw it I don't care about the rules. Get me the clear get to the cream I'm getting a backer amid all but I don't care that I'm cheating. He quakes back I and that's Dana bonds can keep out all fame. To the stain of I guess deflate gate and spiky. And Tom Brady and to me that's exciting it's unrelated to agree waste any of us like him he's he's putting it in there of their subsequent tweets today. Will will talk of this with Colin coming up where he points to spy gate is being on Brady's lap as well off. Not only to flee which again as somebody's here to defend the loss he can with and Iran and Tim hell mutt you're no interest in defending the wall this one. We'll see you you talked about Brady before our grocery bags then yeah Rosemary Italy's. You're looking at just what it would do this when he rich axle work that he was holiday cavalcade that by that's rich keep for the dale holing keep organ back tomorrow at 2 o'clock here on W week yeah I will talk to Colin Dunlap of on sports talk radio in Pittsburg in fact the fan 93 point seven who public that. Same eyes ID 37 I haven't senators have a comment to come that the fan we're WEEI. We will talk Brady and the patriots and Steelers acts.