Don Orsillo - Clubhouse Insider with Rob Bradford 06-17-17

Boston Baseball
Saturday, June 17th

Rob Bradford catches up with old friend and former Red Sox television play-by-play man Don Orsillo. Don talks about calling his first Red Sox game since 2015, and how he was greeted upon entering the Red Sox clubhouse before the game.


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A familiar face a familiar voice starter solo is our clubhouse insider tonight Don you just happy to be wrote roaming the streets of Houston and regretted cute said. Pick up on on the our club house and senate though thank you for doing a present that I can be used that often. Like but it Houston's 2013 so it's been a little while but thanks for having Albert zero the reason obviously you're here is to do the fox broadcasting you have been out in San Diego as I don't know if anyone do this by you happen now and San Diego. Tell a little bit about oh how that's going for you how it's different from Boston obviously a lot of differences but how are you doing. A duel well thanks rest. And it it's been a lot of fun out thermos and it is beautiful city and a great place to live in the it's it's been it's been very different going from the American League east with a National League west as a totally different and genre baseball but I've enjoyed very much and the Padres and give me an opportunity do some national games during the course of the season which is great. So I have a chance come to different sounds like this and international games on some weekends soaks. I think they'll produce someone in the near route 1012 during the season like last year and so there will be great but the forego it. When you found out you were doing this game. Besides. The daunting task department go up against our broadcast. Our lowest what was your first reaction was in my you must be pretty excited outlaws you know I mean it anyway you get your schedule take you scheduled some some names Joseph about a two and certainly Boston did as far as schedule goes that in my second half. Based on the way the teams on I will have a few more than is almost important. What in terms of a retired by the differences between the Padres in the Red Sox obviously you have the Padres are building team in the Red Sox who have been part of so many different. Contending teams hasn't zapping challenging when you went through a few. Down year for the Red Sox for not alive well rattle us for years over there it's not there in last place there was a championship mix then they're so little bit different but. Now you're you're right they're very much in building mode. But it's been fun to watch while the young guys about because these guys are all coming up for the first time and especially this year you know it's only young guys coming up to the major leagues and in San Diego that it's been fun to watch those guys progress and they they are progressing there's a lot more to fall they have waves of talent that are coming up. Farm systems very deep. So I'm excited about that can be gotten used to it without a big part of it that's getting used to going to Boston Sinn yeah absolutely. Am used to it and I think. You know it's a little while just even that strategy baseball's totally different. You this having the pitcher it and and that whole thing in double switches and it'll mortality is broadcasters like yourself and you were to become a nationally blessed you'd find that out. There's a lot of things are challenging for me as a broadcaster in America league or National League it really doesn't make a difference on but you walked in the clubhouse today in. Dustin Pedroia greeted view in fine fashion as you shed which is calling you George Hamilton. Outsold by everything west of it looking forward to go along with the obviously broadcasting these games we've seen these guys. Whether it's Dustin whether it's John Farrell Sony's got the you've known for a long time it is your zeal is does it rupee in the and Jack Bradley junior ends at I mean it's it's great students. They're friends of mine that I had for years except yours some was fifteen years are gonna be a lot of relationships and and I was very fortunate to have a lot of them and that's good to see them again and had a chance to Muster in September which was when they came out to do city go to this fund and it's good to see them here today in the it's great that they're doing well. With two is there how many hugs were having it Hudson did a lot of hugging and know that I it'll it was good it was good to be mountains conceals yes but a different area are have a lot of years there where you're nobody was talking yeah there was nobody going on for all those years though. But it's good you have an lead follow all of baseball but you know when it's on the Red Sox are on which is usually. Before games always pay attention and that I know what's going on here it's always an event that's for sure Paul the last thing is is that when you came here obviously is the master of Gibson everything else on Twitter yep the ten gallon hat last February here. But take this it is are you able to beam the dawn are still daughter sell the same guy that everyone like so much in Boston. Are you able to be that guy in India. Yes I think so we've got a lot of fun I don't know of you know my partner very well bookmark branded as a very similar to Jerry's style of doing baseball and it. The baseball's important it's part of what we do but we also do we entertain as well. Which is part of what we do it as baseball's fun and that's where I've always looked at it was that you know I I don't take myself for his her sleeve and I don't think we you know we we take two games it. Are important surge sleep but the rest of the time which gonna have some fun of that you know in the end that's yet so mr. quest long answer. But yes I I would say that you we are having as much fun there is this I have in the past. Well I encourage everyone to turn on the TV turned down the sound just days it daughter solos and analysts into the Red Sox radio broadcast you get the best of all worlds so I thought thanks so much for joining Iraq great thing.