Doris Burke on Dale & Keefe: The Cavs have not sustained good defense in 6 months, no reason to believe they will this series

Dale & Keefe
Monday, May 21st
NBA on ESPN & ABC’s Doris Burke joins D&K to discuss how the Cavs have gotten back into the Eastern Conference Finals, how Tristan Thompson was used to neutralize Al Horford in Game 3, and how interviewing NBA coaches between quarters can be difficult. She also speculates about LeBron James’ future, states her confidence in Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics leadership, and talks about Becky Hammon and the process that will lead to the NBA having its first female head coach.

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Celtics and cavaliers play game four tonight at the Q. And at this point Doris Burke from ESPN and ABC is gonna colts me off of the legend convince me that I shouldn't be Brady scared. Well and then you hung up on I did not try I tried to die Latin Eric tried to do is like you know what the hell I can't start you off the ledge. That is look at boy I'm not a lot till later that that's lay out beyond that not happen so it was just lost by thirty so not happen now I I'll play a lot I the only guy I we will get back doors spurt I have not freaking out. Was that a few callers earlier on that is all the sudden and and dale you included that in the series is is completely flips now after one game. About that he would talk on Friday and we're ride the hot on Friday that they hadn't gotten their mother had kicked in game three run too low it's the same team at the same roster and it may be more importantly most importantly it's the same head coaches on both sides thought the point or I was saying Doris Burke is gonna coaxed me off a ledge and convince me I don't have to be panicked is I. Water. Again. Hello arsenal aria. I gentlemen I'm well thank you very. I explained to me why I shouldn't be nervous that I'm a Celtics fan based on what I saw happen Saturday night. Well I would be nervous for this reason I'm ready you. As if it well clearly. In engaged. Teen. On the defensive and the Cleveland Cavaliers have found something that's working for them and that's primarily Tristan Thompson. Does look like switch ability. The ability to attack Al Horford at the point of the celtics' attack right in national and state they run. Dribble handoff as much as any and B eighteen in the week they used alum pick and pop circumstances they used to and that's a plane make. Maker in the open floor and tact that's one of their favorite thing. Things when he can break out the window and get transition create all correctness matches that's problematic for a lot of teens. And Tristan Thompson's very up and down sort of scandal plague season with this team. You know has now transitioned into a place where in the last couple of series he's been. Crucial to to what they tried to do so. They found. I'm curious turn their counters the Celtics can run by to get Al more involved when I spoke to broke the half cash. His very first point to me it was Powell took one shot in the first quarter that is unacceptable and it's on all of us and he. You know what surprised me analyst. And you guys know this and talked about it all year should sort of you know the level. I don't know how to describe it gets equity limited Brad has been all circumstances. Great plays. Com or frustration but for the first time or maybe it was just my vantage point. I actually you know real crush ration on his face and in game three wood on the shot collection which Republica characters so I'm really fascinated by. Financial fascinated to feel the Celtics respond. Now how tricky is it when you're interviewing coaches in between quarters because you can tell late day. They they want to answer your question but they also wanted to get back to their huddle and and talk to their guys the united I don't know what year. You know ESPN and ABC started doing that out but it's got to be. For a fine line there early you'll you have a time for a question or sue but I can't imagine the coaches are always thrilled to do it. Now and if you ever notice I will sometimes just ask one like in the last circumstance I'm only out in one because Brad. It's frustrated the keenness you know started about as poorly as you can. End as long as he is Mia a decent response sometimes I will actually hit a coach hand Colin. Only ask you one in the hopes that they give me a good response. You try to be incredibly respectful these are competitive man trying to do their job you know yes the end doesn't this clearly NT NT. They too also sort of focus groups research and clearly. And maybe not your fans and certainly not one by necessarily hear trial. But what I'm told from my bosses essentially this has value to pummel the viewers and therefore we will continue it until we find something better but yeah. Shirts it's nerve wracking for me sometimes I don't wanna the pain but I'd like to provide that you or with something there. We're talking Doris Burke of ESPN before tonight's Celtics cavaliers game four. Doris why this home court advantage means so much in the NBA more than any other sport. Yeah you know what surprised me as I was trying to dive deeper into. The Celtics travails on the road and I'm thinking okay it's because of the two young women winks Kalin and. And some of the other you know younger players who haven't ventured that the playoff regulars but the reality is unchanged at to discuss the plot ready. The championship team with KG and Paul and rainy. There remember them remember at Atlanta at haven't gained is they were a bit small town of Atlanta. And the fact of the matter is that when Mac championship based on the strength of their for the most part of their home. Or you know playoff performance. I would say this you know we sat with channel brown this morning just getting some sound from tonight's game. And you'll print their I know he's a serious young man anyway but he seemed to me. To be anxious to get back on the floor and sort of make amends for what he believed was a very poor individual performance found. You know we asked him that question in fact that will be my open tonight I hope to be able to lead to some town where he he basically dale says you know I'm not a exactly sure what this is what. And he mentions two richer became you know that's you know you know continuing at. Excuse all the little things to come so naturally when you you know when your car. Optical crowd behind you you wanna get down and a sense of stamps and be on point with all your switching. Watch it or not. Clearly they weren't knocked. Connected defensively. In game three there's no question that I've become so accustomed to the task switching. That thing. And the Celtics to better than any other team in my estimation has on mismatches fortunately down on the post when their guards start to get exposed. You'll see that corner defender or that big crews on another section of floor. Just communicate quickly. And basically. That's and that's not something that happened. A ton I thought it gained three likely on point quick switching communication. So. This is part of the group of this team to look. You know some of the best teams in NBA history or the best route cheese and could. You know walking confidently into that they didn't duplicate efforts. It's a different deal on them I am I'm very curious I really don't because blacks but I'm not asking questions you want to not get nervous still. Yeah the cavaliers haven't sustain it defense over the course of the six month period so are they gonna do what they are they gonna replicate. What they did what when better outlook saying it was great I think either Cleveland Cavaliers defense is great but it was better and they run it I'm I'm confident that. Now the subways and used a bunch of different starting lineups throughout the playoffs do you think maybe tonight is a time to make another change or roll up the same woman have the first three games. Boy that's really interest in question and I don't know what Brad was getting that he actually when we were all of the arena it. It talking to impose scheme that he sort of alluded to the fact that maybe that was in the works and certainly we have achieved. On his willingness to switch IE putting markets worsen the starting lineup there was one substitution I was really curious about make didn't understand it an alternate list to Colin packed your question about what you can and can't ask the coach at the end of the quarter. There yacht apparently. A minute but I I was taken aback and I literally dying to ask my producer to open the mighty. During a time out and stated chuck and mark. It is inappropriate for me to ask this question and that's I think a couple of them that act as. Delta express that questions like it's not. And you know what it was it. Explain to me at practice yesterday that there's yet you know the the Mets for the cavaliers of the front court work it. Ended in the front court until there was this two minute stretch where they thought we need to get Al arrest and yet actually listen you know there's like that I won't say they're an exceptionally deep team that the sport consult to write you think about all they've lost personalized. So there's times where he came in second at. And just. He has some limitations in terms of personnel took six there are questions about the starting lineup and they are also questions about rotations in your questions or trigger that optionally. Thoughts now another interest to aspect and. Without Kai re Irving the Celtics on the road this year seven in ten. Wins fiery Irving they're 22 and eight. I'm do you think and you're tired about the people who all who aren't available you think about what this team would look like woods just that one guy. Correct because what did he give you that others don't I mean you have some actually change and Tatum can create its own Jalen can create his own. But it's interesting I remember hearing a story about Larry Irving and when he was on the base of the cavaliers and you know basically to Ron Lewis hasn't moved the ball or something hands that come about we we get better shots and Turkish response to something like. I can get my shot anytime I want and not look back. Matter like those two young guys are really at that card read into it at any time and so against the best defense is which are loading to ask. All of which are making all the pro preach which is the tablet and not let the system. It doesn't matter because I reassess it's so yeah course condition is no doubt. And only one person knows the answer this right now that he doesn't even know for sure but do you think LeBron James will be back in Cleveland next year. I don't I really don't. Now. The LA or did have a gas yeah you know what I don't. I think what what will be interest and to me. Is what type of team personnel. And track them you know I've heard this talk about Philadelphia. But my immediate thought was well you certainly don't want to take. Paula defense in the can't because when you negate his skills entirely but I hear something yesterday from some somebody who I think is a little bit more plugged into. Cleveland and prom and I am. Default was perhaps LeBron might want to get off the basketball next year. And not have so much you know responsibility. In terms of being that point forward. I had Cyril idea I almost eight his credit and I had zero idea that's true. I don't know it is an interest in opposition to meet up LeBron could be you know short of crashes the boards on the defensive and 1516 feet good luck checking him out. Get it all the window. And picture to to a guard who can make plays so circumstance either Houston or Philadelphia but I think where ever he chooses. You know middle it does does this fascinating aspect is does he want off the ball does she think now it's time for him to to relinquish. Now let's say things go the celtics' way and and we all go we want the Celtics win the next two and in and you know they they went in five games is it a fair question post game Doris for you'd asked LeBron about next year already read the aftermath of losing a series of us. Who we wouldn't. We you know the only place I could ask a question took the post eat Korean because we obviously I will have the responsibility for. You know present in the Eastern Conference championship trophy. And so the only way I could ask that would be on a you know he's going to get to questions. And you know he's going to not answer breast yeah. Doris in Philadelphia they say trust the process is it a more accurate depiction of the Eastern Conference in the NBA. To say the process is here in Boston right now. Well I think you know the contrition I've heard Kevin McHale on the TNT broadcast saying it's. And he's not a person won't be the last he's had basically anti Jewish the best GM in sports he didn't think the NBA said the best GM in professional sports now I I don't. Have a feel for football the way you Pashtun and hockey and all this ends but I will just say I would the. I would have incredible competence and I was appalled and patient leadership. And the fact of the matter is you have access to that talent. Boy yeah I feel really care that I just stick to it got to be such an exciting time your basketball and I have many friends in the actual chief chuck expands. Boy I I just you know I'd like your championship window with next year actually didn't even with all the pieces in place a protection to your right. The your way and now. About the experience that that. Brown in tape and kind of responsibility that has been on their shoulders. The exposure of playing all ready in two on the third week of today I mean this is just so valuable and only has chew. All of what should be incredible expectation to hear from. Now our last question for me do you think Becky Hammond will be a head coach in the NBA next year or in this in seasons upcoming air. I do not think she'll be a head coach in the NBA next year or perhaps not for the next several you know I. Think that there's a process to be played out here obviously and she's starting that process and hopefully more woman become assistance countries and politics do you think about somebody like Tom Thibodeau spent seventeen years on the sideline that. Assistant coach and all of the networks and the decade. I don't know how Long Will. That process plays out or or where they believe. Becky is some thought process but I certainly don't think mixture shall be at coach like I do appreciate the fact that Gregg Popovich nice of this Metallica can't keep. You know when he let Becky Hammond coached at pre season game and I didn't come here it's very rare. Step away from the game but I am a member of the just outside right hook the stock is important techniques and I sat on the telecast. Unappreciated. One pot was willing to try within the purview of his power to push women's forward. It would create pre season game he allowed her coach. And I don't know whether he had to have a conversation changed for wrinkle. Or at pour a torrid penal or it you know any of the men on his staff or. Privately. Capable and pave the used to be head coach in the NBA. I think he is none of such character that they probably do what great intentions were in Mickey Becky head coach that pre season game. So I appreciate. That he's trying to accelerate the process. So apple long winded way action in its. We got you know. A waste to go here at this process of so she's got to continue to learn and put yourself in position and get more and more responsibility you know to wait goats right. It is the way to go stores we we loved watching you work I appreciate you taking the time to spend a few minutes with us today trust me. Boston will be watching tonight. My pleasure always to visit with it now thanks Doris thanks George take care that is not Doris Burke from ESPN. Who's up pretty darn good at what you yes it's and so.