#DORK 18: ComiCONN

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Tuesday, June 13th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk about their experience at ComiCONN and play several interviews with cosplayers and others in attendance.  Plus Black Panther on the Black Panther poster and trailer, a look at E3 in Davey’s Video Game Minute and much, much more.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to. Martinez. Is the door to my email which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens my dorm bond cash. All right thanks tune into another episode of hash tags or my name is rich he's joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey how Rio. It. Cause great week here I've huge weekend the weekend of all weekend as we were at comic con find the months in the making. We rest fox with the comic con. And we have a lot of footage first thing's first we already have a YouTube trailer we are new to YouTube but there's a hash tag or podcast channel on YouTube you can check out. Just search that for now just type in hash tag or podcast. They'll come up Davies or to put together a comma con trailers that never seen it hired you as soon as this episode has done it to go check out some good footage get there really see. Yeah the who's who there at the at pecan and I thought it was a very welcome Ryan. Thank you much. And I also wanna say I apologize for all the notification that you're getting a ton of go to vacations. They're all. Or perhaps I darkest thirty new episodes not true what happened was. WEEI. Got a brand new web sites again and the website that there are new layout and everything in the trying to figure out some new things to do with audio on demand. Hence all the iTunes channels that's sort of reset so maybe if you follow. Dale and Holley with keys or any other podcasts. Are you noticing a lot of notifications. I think it will be better in the long run should be good they may more episodes will be available Lotta time. Good WEEI dot com slash dork there's a new look and lay out there's that's a Dallas that's the confusion was but we should be good you don't do anything else that you're subscribed your good ago. Let everybody know I got all the notification to the biggest subscriber to my own podcast and when we needed to followers I subscribe. Bill bill but. The. There's no shape Brian and subscribing to your own podcast there's no jail like. Yep I YouTube that's rather what is this what does this nonsense. That we actually have due to weeds it was good because that means people you know actually listen to a all right now let's get to all of the programs our. Well we're start off this week and hash tag door may very special guest somebody who has actually join the podcast on a handful of occasions that would be none other. Then black panther who just had his first movie poster. And trailer released since our last episodes of black panther the chalk thanks much for joining us here. Morning the morning first off let me ask you about the poster and had a very demons drones. Type feel to it what would it were what are we supposed to be seeing there. Well I know that all of the way people. Who are going you know we have probably big fans of game of phones. No way. It seems congress and that's that was that's for the bold the whites. I support so oh man that's not what outside. How could look Richard you really do you appeal the go to regal Beagle out there like you're like my new soup and a lot of the suit is that all is not all but bring him. Our eighties and it is they've lived by opinion but if you book my favorite pop. Other little kitty cat pose on the bottom. Kitty cat knows you do not see them no I guess that in look close enough but I mean your own assets a wild cat. And that's sort of panther is that a big cat. Yes I had to keep Gerald Schumacher from putting people on it. Joel Schumacher was gonna. Viet I think that was the sounded I think the seat does look really good we actually saw a gentleman at comic con who. Was dressed up a zero if I did very good job himself full speak to him. A little bit later on let me ask about the action in the trailer seems like all locked going on it seems like we're gonna really get a good look out will conduct. And what's going on there in in your native country. Yes did you did you happen to see. Michael B Jordan. Yes I was here he's a bad guy in this looks like. Yes he would. It looks similar to Gary Oldman in the fifth element. Eight Dolly did I'm a little scary old and the film and five tool so you just don't see you guys don't really get along there. No we don't but he is a very lovely person and realize. Other let's get to know I also saw my shown from the Walking Dead series looks like she's in there and looks like you guys are on the same side. Yes she is one of my loyal subjects. Oh okay are also there was the guy a who was in captain America's civil war Martin Freeman feels and Borg notably deals put doable taggants in the heart the series. He could not believe bill O yes Martin Freeman yes they were too. There were two of sort of settings people and that there. Otherwise there you end of that series I am a big fan of Betsy good Lord of the Rings of course that I quoted at a vertical load of anything. I'll have more warlords dog town that movie was terrible isn't it like that. Oh is that what about you want to watch dog down and he boys yeah documentary that is away better than bill lord of dog down. What about the singer songwriter lord I like very much yeah. I could see that EO speaker that video music in your trailer was off the charts do you did you pick that. I did pick that. Not only that but that song is now organizing in the billboard charts after being out for next six months while now are still welcome. Eric do you see our typical rivalry with some of the other council movies to BC a Blanche initially Kasikov appointed Reilly do you wanna be better than Spider-Man better than Wonder Woman better than you know guardians of the galaxy. I don't have to Walt would be better than anybody I thought it AM. Aaron do you think you are you the best fighter in the marvel universe. I would just tell you that none of what you saw that there was TGI. Wait what's l.'s all you. So immediately. Our budget black leather for the security of any final thoughts here if they I think we all wanna see the movie and they were all pretty jazzed up about as anything else like that. I would like it is human movie but if you don't want to see it I don't need the money so. No I could tell her you're doing pretty well there. While I almost look at part of the coming to America sequel it's an earlier part of. Yes I am again I would be in Queens. With Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. Deadline and and of course don't they very much but rather your. Big others to Chela who weighs in from time to time out there what they read the trailer. Was. Pretty dim go to came on a Friday night there in the NBA finals and Dow's one of the best things I saw that entire ice about that was they had tremendous so trailer. It was a good little trail and out say what rich one of the things that made it good and black deputy a human black habitats while I was just taken a backseat and that conference call. Be rubbed a dual track that's on there. It's phenomenal if you guys don't listen to jail like any hip hop music that are credit. It period elect he'd give pop music pumps you up in that stuff that you really like please check out run the jewels is there one of the best back in the world right now. Yes also what it said in in our YouTube clip to plug them again this every once in awhile you get a head fake by a trailer that just had ought to music and it. Yeah lose and that's the only thing I worry about with mr. I had that's true but you've also seen it the other way like the Logan trailer had Johnny Cash. And gun on his amazing then the film actually was also amazing sleet and a you can get balls. Yet anyway it was lit. As the kids while they would call let Gil pharmacology was lit yet it was what it was earlier that I really like it. Yeah I think it's a sick comes out February and that's really just around the corner spurs he's. Here's the here's the only issue I have with the with the trailer well in the beginning you have Martin Freeman and you have any circus. Wall across from each other. There is there was cloth from. Ultra yeah. Yet and he's asking him what you know about conduct. And the guy says you know march debuted it basically like plated down and blah blah is right. And he's like yet Eddie's baby doll front but in civil war. Date say that what Conde is one of the most technologically advanced countries because of the stores by brilliance of this happened before civil war. On all this contradictory that it based based on yeah allowing this guy has no idea what Condit isn't like what are you talking about like we just had this conversation. I think it has to be after civil war though because there isn't Bucky got to be frozen there and drive they have. Doesn't it doesn't it seem weird that the guy who's like the big monkey mock. But taken down the of the avengers. And you'll legislation as no ideal car. Amid you'll find other that was like early that way earlier you know like they could time jump like I could be a pre conversation because that's the trouble all these movies I mean it's it's both a blessing and a curse when your within a universe because you want your movie be solid standalone but then you also need to sit within the universe like. Just worried about that little continuity issue there yeah you see that I see Allison sooner than. Things and you know yeah but I digress I look good MI am glad that black Panthers very excited about. So he is he's on the mall on Sheryl I'm on the show again between now and the release of black panther in February. Did you see the reviews for Tom cruises the mummy. They're not straw. Not strong but I was listening to I rarely rarely listen to Howard Stern but I thought my way back from summer this morning and I just happen to have been news on. And they were talking about this and Robin from Howard Stern actually made good point you don't need Tom Cruise in good movies. You need Tom Cruise to sell bad movies. As a very good point eight get we do and everywhere there yeah it is people weren't gonna see the mummy I think well. Welcomed that universal monsters I understand why you'd want a remake that universe is those movies actually came out. Like forever ago but the prince treasure one BI MO BO. Bell go see and Boris Karloff if you are relives that that makes more sense. Then remaking every like eighties horror movie which thirty doing these territories in the thirties and forties. Right and I think that was the confusing thing I think people wanna saw the mommy they were assuming that they were remaking the Brendan Fraser movies that's not it there may remaking the old classic. Horror movies from a keep that from like two days of York so they have they called the dark universe and it's slated to be like every but the wolfman track. I have the list are those of Narnia because that's what they're supposed to do it first of all having the mommy be the first on is a (%expletive) idea. As I and it's of the mommy is already out into doesn't nineteen bride of Frankenstein. And creature from the black lagoon. Then into 181 he'd be invisible man. And then these are all on title films that are TBA. Which are probably gonna be deal away. With. It and it's the officers we have an untitled Sam hell's think film. Wolfman. Frankenstein. Dracula Phantom of the Opera and hunchback of Notre Dame palm name. That's a lot of movies and I don't know how many were MC read people like people like remakes I guess. That's all they seem to do and by the people I mean producers and directors and Hollywood. What a brutal start many of that is the worst Tom Cruise movie ever and that's the guy who's been in a lot of films. It's been a lot of movies but again. I think it. People are going to this movie when they do go to see this movie first of all be internationally if you're looking at the home box office right now would be domestic box opposite not doing really well. But it's killing it. Worldwide internationally it's killing. Yeah I think it was a China that is yeah it was a goma a monster in a way nobody top. Which goes just like people won't go see this movie because Tom cruises and you know and and beauty that's a real stinker Jack creature. One interview. We're real bombs. And you know other things like that but I think you know they'd is that is is star is waiting a little bit. And and not to mention like people didn't really Russell Crowe's in this movie to not get Russell Crowe to the movie do. A plays doctor Jekyll and mr. hi there. So Mary out I don't know I I like the idea ladies' draw creatures everybody as some sort of connection to know whether you watch a grown up or just such a big part of pop culture or whatever else but at the ceiling is off to a real. Real tough star all of Gaza be metallic BDC universe where you start out a couple of dumped films in his pro and Wonder Woman and maybe maybe turn the open around so. Maybe we get a good Walt men out of it. Maybe we get a good wolf spent there and that's what we could take away from the dark universe. Sad news off from this past week Ryan as Adam West the original bat man. Dead at the age of 88 and not to make it about us but it is a podcast that we host. It's federal. Really we're crazy timing because. The last talk pond that we once it was northeast comma con stuff few months ago and Adam West is actually better for that. And then a couple of days before comma con. He passes away he was 88 and obviously. Way ahead of his time does that whole show at him and in the popularity of comic books and comic book movies. And TV shows now compared to what he was doing then pretty crowded ease in the past a door calls and no no doubt about. Have absolutely is and and I did when I heard the news. The very first thought I had was that UN guy at the New England comic on debating whether or not we should. Stick around and talk to Adam West. And ultimately decide like Natalie we don't wanna wait in line or whatever and then you know couple of months later he passed away so we had an opportunity talked a minute it's I don't know why that it is part of that they've been excited bit. Yeah I know that we have that opportunity and we Lola and a couple of Jack asses now. There was a huge weekend not just because the comic con at Davie the right at your rally was eased three in their continues to be new trailers and do. Announcements coming up from the weekend trying to cover everything from. Davies video game minute and. Okay. Either man. Lot to get through I know David Ward you wanna begin. All right so the best way to jump into this I think is if we break it down by consoles and in some game houses that you know are of note we think yeah that's. Okay so the first episode in and that is kind of eat breathe always look at pick your poison kind of thing where you're in Q. Talk whenever a second to first of all. Microsoft came out and they came out. And actually showed people what has been dubbed project scorpio for some time right and that it be Xbox one acts. Xbox one X. Is touted to be the most powerful. Not at home console ever produced. So it's powerful to be like them on the black panther would want I'm guessing. Yes I mean audit easy tablet for you so what makes the most powerful. Oddly. Pre dated two Tera flop again if you wanna know their debris I asked brilliant today you don't you don't argue just thought about ultra high key. IE. Four K. Graphics faster process there and Richard if you're into it. A hefty. Hefty price tag of 500 dollar loan no I'm not that I honorable governor Paul oh. It looks great but in L opt out Ferrari is probably a great carpet do you need one I don't. You don't so and for that price semi people people are already saying over the Internet like for an effort like I can build my own computer. And white a white beat. You know to Microsoft to packages forming and so to me about it at all yet. Fungal pops like you get 500 dollars. I do you access to do that quick map. App right now but I don't wanna want to. Thought the ST against the jets like 250. Well depending on age there's there on the board dollar been like there were comic con. The via depends anyway at the end. The other big news that a Microsoft is that there in the coming months they will have backward compatibility for almost all of their game. So that Google update with that so that's pretty cool but. Which looks great Palm Pre as far as racing games go it looks really greatest missy will on begin Xbox one acts. Eight they had a trailer for crackdown re. Which I've played the first two cracked down to their bottom but. Not really showstopper there. Now on the at a game called anthem yeah this which you so it's really good looks really cool SP with the graphics and everything like that I mean it looked like. You're basically Tony Stark on like alien plan. Right I got married and live footage they showed you could yet this suit you can slide it in public dive underwater annually deal lose any speed. You know that section pretty sweet. Again I had been I haven't seen enough of it to know whether it's gonna be good or not yet been you know you know how strongly they said. They are made a big deal out of the fact that they're gonna have a four K mine craft game. Which I don't know why you need to might crack before K now that are there. Everyone blocks so I don't are really now so if you're into more hardware I would say Microsoft did did did a pretty good job. If you're ensued downloadable contents. Nintendo came out today and they were saying about. You know how to gonna help all it deal the couple are. Breathable wild they're gonna have this new Mario game called Mario ought to be which is basically like. From what I've seen on the hand nonstop it's Mario 64 bit you can play at different characters. A medical. That's fine it looks pretty sweet. Security games though. Let me tell you about PlayStation and there. Coming out of PlayStation can't first and foremost being god of war. Which has now completely master and I've been to re imagining of it not create those. The ghost of Sparta is now moved on and it looks like he's dealing with Norse god now. Both Scott. Scotty or Scotty might actually make an appearance in this one you never know with risky theater chain mail it's hard. But they went a little bit like lack of a route where they have like the father it's like a father son dynamic. Where there's like two people. And you play as both of them from what I saw. I'm ready to Credo and place your. It Oden and as god because he killed my father right. God that Scottie Scottie. I'm just as Scotty we're sky we focus our continued. Yep yep so that's the other thing that. Indeed gone which it looks like assault a solid Bobby's arrival game meets. What that show. Look at some of anarchy oh yeah yea you basically at a biker gang here aka owner you know that it visits out of lobbies around. So you're basically playing as Norman readers for what exactly the rumor has acted. Yep so there's a new uncharted game coming out public lust legacy Claudia Black if you play all of the uncharted games. It was harder for like one of the best games in the last five years. Oh unbelievable unbelievable but you played as Claudia Black is kind of like a secondary character. I which beverage you've played they'll roast recent contract she the wanted to have a all the mercenaries to kind of like a bad guy character. He plays are up in Detroit game. Almost human they're becoming human Detroit the what I told about last time. They had a bigger kind of game flavors Nevada I'm not release shall it's one of those like tutor other pitcher like their choices determine the outcome of the game kind of thing. Like the tell tale stuff. Not like that the more alike column. I Vera. Of that and I don't. It's like you're confronted if you like kill the person generally do not saying you can give him a stern talking to attitude and he directed it currently worded email that's pretty you wanted to whatever in this thing any second pretty impact that is pretty pactel. Sony actually was the first person first person. The first company to. Show more of destiny to and they promised exclusive content for PlayStation. Which then again goes to show these strained relationship between bungee. And Microsoft. Yeah. Bundy who are Ridley middle halo games jumped ship made destiny. And now they're giving explicit content to PlayStation. So well I don't know about that and the big one there are two big ones. Who we saw that very first hands on game play of despite of the exclusive Spiderman title which is coming out which looked phenomenal. This pirate games have been pretty hit or miss in the past. This looks pretty slick like visit delta element to it. Which is pretty sweet there's like different take down that the fighting mechanics would really fluid. Physical Palin mr. negative which you've read Spiderman comic books before you know physical story that they'd debuted AM but there was a budget Easter eggs too like. Flying around the city. You know there's. Osbourne for mayor signs yet. Will insist make an appearance in the play yet so it. It's pretty sweet so there and edited there's a big Easter egg at the end of which if you haven't seen it I've weeded out actually by accident I was very excited about it that there is a young man I could say about the other part CNET. There's the young man taking photos of what. You just did. And his friend grabbed him by the shoulder and said they miles monitor overlooked ago and crowded at mile route. The Dallas though he might he might be playable character we don't know. Well but my favorite part of the they re mastering and re release the shadow of the colossus which a lot of in a lot of people did not know that was gonna happen. So that's kind of a big deal that I wanted to most of under it. It's not under rated as ever to play their game loved it but it's one of the most like under the radar great game that ever played. Is Seattle the colossus a cart and are having a PlayStation four remastered of that and looks amazing. There that aren't 202 left they don't touch on a little bit to the topic is York. Ubisoft. Kinda killed that bit of this. Which has a special place in my heart if you have based bank for hire you could actually have a dog. Come and help you might have a dog name is boomer I had a dog named Ballmer wants so that yet. So there on the line yep they have a game called skull and bones which is basically. Black flag without all the assassin's creed stops you just get to be a pirate and Salem as these and just take people out there was the best part of that game. There with a game called that was announced in 2008. He's. Called beyond be able to. Which big guy who has been head writer in Canada project front and think came out introduced the game and started crying. On days like very bit if it was announced in Putin the first of these games came on 2000. Hillary. That equaled announced in 2008 they just showed the first cinematic trailer Ford guy came out like losses my. Crime people reported artful and there's things that have been. He had better be good looks amazing. And then because big title obviously is assassin's creed origins. Which you saw some game play up the east and ancient Egypt. And get this Richard yes they haven't 800 dollar collector's edition coming out of a pass probably. I would pass on that he probably could happen down payment on a car. That probably. In kind of a big disappointment for me and it will be delicate video game twenty minutes is. Bethesda didn't really do much. This cease three page views a lot of PR there's a lot of PR I will say this conference are doomed VR which. I've been waiting for since I was like nine years old Yasser Saddam. Yep there is a I don't know QB keep it up experiments fallout knowledge stuff but the big thing with KP dated mod but motto now. Like web and to make all the stuff. Oh yeah I got him. If they have recreation club for sky Raymond follow which is going to be like this big men you know online thing where you could just modest about everything. Forget there is going to be dishonor to DLC which big game was really good. The evil within two. Is coming out and the mayor wrote something here. From Bethesda. That I can't read. So that people who have mysterious rebel. Yeah I'll always wolf opened back to what to expect it out there. Yet so now we're back baby. The elephant's side back which is which is great I love the fact that doom Wolfenstein attitude started dollar under the same umbrella now and they keep turning out these games that look pretty sweet. I also thought in my eyes on up. Also Star Wars battlefront to we tweeted all right the trailer for that they had yet evo which is now more of the same Madden whether it's using like its new store mode which looks. And over the top dislike. Billy Dee I've heard mixed things about it. Yeah I'm I'm. Probably in no on Napa Diego there's a whole lot there to make sense it was easy to read the same weekend as comic con so there's Davies video game minute even though. It may last more than two minutes which certainly it is my apology earlier find let's move onto the topic to George dollar. Yes what is the topic of the day but. We have that. Yeah it's comic con and once again. Another mosque that remind their. Is that. We are hard at work at our hash tag dork podcast YouTube channel debuts already created a trailer. And you can go unchecked that bad boy out with the could see some of the people that we talked to really get to those interviews year coming up very shortly. But personally overall thoughts comic con where we say it that way because that was in Connecticut may put the extra and on it isn't all about. Apple Basel on it was in. Foxwoods it was a huge. Ballroom. And it was packed and there wasn't there there is every place it was full of stuff when there was count books or uncle pops or. Celebrities. With some of those celebrities in quotes others not in quotes and just a lot cause players people like you mean walk around talk to people. It was. I would say significantly larger than the northeast comma con and no disrespect no disrespect game to hollowed out JC Penney's in the Hanover Massachusetts small. But Foxwoods Resort Casino in the ballroom there ate a little bit. Nicer place to hold a con. Right and I think mile my first overall impressionable think and act beat Texas a dispute. We were walking around in you know we were trying to get some people in the news right at the beginning to block Dan and I felt like I need to try to stop for a second and just kind of get my bearings. If it was like sensory overload in oh. Don't know where we have fun with this but you and I don't go to the big we've just recently started going to these things members of the press right so I don't know. Let one out walk into yet. If I need there are clearly people who know where they're going north they're going no living you have to talk it would have to talk to and we don't. This. You know Chucky cheese cheese is gonna like stand there and do it what the hell of going on. What do you want me to do with all that's and that's. I might they had jumped out is that we or you mentioned now Adam last per ward Mick Foley and a few others were at the northeast come Condit. Whereas this one would put into the trailer may be herded a couple of episodes ago where just ripped off put a bunch of names that were there. This one had. Read like fifty or more like. People that have but the blue fin and Beckett ranged from you know an actor or actress to. A powerful writer to. Our old wrestlers like there's there's there's all kinds of people there signing autographs this growth say about it in this is no disrespect anybody was there. This is this is until if you agree or this or not the pick the people who were there. For them most of them together might be some high end ones they've Samoan ones but for the people who are there. They're famous enough to be invited in to go and to have their own table. But they are not famous enough to and oftentimes charge forty dollars for an autograph 120 dollars for a self. Well. I was looking actually people had to pay to get in anyways you're already paying a ticket that once you're in there. And an ought surging have to wait in line beat I think it was the price the good a lot of people there. But if you say you had twenty bucks and you wanted to take yourself he was anybody was there you would wait. At Max ten minutes that's for the most famous people get into but for many others you can literally walk right up. And we did that whip their people just literally sitting at a boot. They can I saw and I don't think they're on our list so I can talk about them now that that he boys. Is the Barbara beat Jake. They were just sitting down eating fast food the entire time we were there. I think I let's hope it's not considered. What and the you have some footage that I do put the actual deal on our you to ditch the other to death yes there that the nasty boys. Ric Flair. Brutus the barber beef cake in Lido where wrestlers that were there Scott hall Kevin Nash were scheduled to be there. Bought and warrants I don't know the story was there they just know showed or they called at a time or what the deal was. But there was a lot of people why are people that I was excited to see when I saw her name on the docket Ryan was tonic attain. You love you some chronic pain. And who doesn't tiger tea of course from the white snake video. And the white snake video no shoes also in which poured. Which is a horrible that my wife like from 1986. She was married to chuck Finley for a while former Indians and angels pitcher. And eat she'd be right. I believe so yes yes. Oh no that's OK I told the story. To you at the at the con but I was driving up my wife went with me she's used as gambling at fox and she was not in there was all the all the creatures but she will just gambling commission was just different creatures against the new go to these casinos. But I know I said. Topic today is going to be there I'm well our last night attain if she has a Rome at the foxwoods resort in May be wrangle back I'm gonna better. And I was a young guy gives you. And then. I'm talking arrive we're trying to we're trying to I think at that point regroup and figure out what we wanted to do next so I'm I'm facing new away from some of the tables behind me. And Ryan since it. I stop you you're talking to me about bumping and I stopped you. And they're like hey not and then. And then to an end and you say. Tonic attain it just go to wheelchair to buy you. I had. Is I I'd turn around and there was his I think we had walk by before conflict. That they're on Sunday the convention was like 10 AM to 5 PM to the famous people or again quote there's people all have. Probably three or four hour blocks they're not all they're the whole time they were we knew it tonic attain theirs to sign up trying to think it's over posters were up but she wasn't there at the time so. We're talking about whatever else in the literally. Reeled her in on they wheelchair. She gets up I didn't see her get out of the chair like that they help or Renault. No look I kind of gave Ehrlich. And she can elect is grabbed him which he stood up on her own under our power. And then she was like putting makeup on any kind of feel bad for these people and liked what is in the Arab like your selves forty dollar autograph. That wants. And so. Some people or talking to are here and there but again if we wanted to go right up to and that here's the thing I don't know what the protocol is like for us if we're going to when we elect a recording equipment Davies walked around a video camera islet gave the audio recorder. These people are there to make money and so I don't wanna pay them to talk so I don't know if they would be annoyed if we did so we can you go to tonic and like I know. And I had a kind of felt that by also gone back to the story about me doubting her. I like my chances even more now. I like it hasn't even won out duke and in the question is he would do it justice they you'd get it that it is true for me look at. I don't think you wanna do that tonic it's now. And the U get this say that that that's a feathered your capital rescued days. What do you know what it comes out to their Mike hey guess what guys. And someone dead to kiss and tell what I stole smooch from Tommy detain. There is say yeah what year. I doubt that. I'll leave. It that's about seventy people with the other seventy she's gonna wheelchair behind me. And I said now's the time anyway it's a tonic attain she's 55 years old by the way. It's a weathered 55 admittedly loosened aren't comic art and art that the pirates they're now on the side. We talked to an actress that was there. Joey Lauren Adams now I made about her a couple of times and she liked those two weeks so. Right now she's now a friend of hash tag dork and you can never say anything bad about Joey Lauren Adams she is for those who are trying to picture who she is. The main character from chasing Amy. She was in mall rats Susan day's big wins all his way tomorrow ushers and dazed the confused she's in though a lot of the Kevin Smith movies actually and a great up. She was in the break out and she's she's probably more known for her unique voice than anything else. And so we went up to her she was sit there by herself. And so we just pop up there are the head of big big fan and she set up thanks and that's eyes are and ask her some questions Mike is so it's like the favorite movie that you worked on. And she said DC confused and Jason any. And just that she also a lot of fun on bio dome which tells like oh my god in my eighth grade me watch the (%expletive) out of bio bill. And I was about political what kind of fun because of that that was played out prepaid. Stephen Baldwin and Pauly Shore yet you know they got down there now like it's actually been noted there was a party. August nonstop for your bio. And then I was Asner who was the biggest Dick candidates who worked rent and she says first of all should look finish out of it a microphone in my hand it was like I was holding it down just a recording. Feels like now that are on not. And that should tell us insurers met a summer I'm gonna I wanna say who she said. Harvey Keitel. Clearly a need one surprise not only deaths that's pretty good now The Who really nice deeply worked with the she said Adam Sandler. And John Travolta is very hard John Travolta. And yet she also knew Jason leave from before he's even actor to those schools the big decently fed announcement yet to issue. Salmon at the skate boarder and I'm. So I'd we have known each other for awhile but he did do. She disagreed she really was so sweet nanos have five minute interaction which is really nice it really pretty in person wakes up like she probably looks even better. Then in the movies when she would like to point your leg. Hurt her past moves are probably in the ninety's but six she still and stuff. You'll see your popping up on things here and and. That like it enemy was only five minutes but that's like five minutes long time like talk to somebody area and it was like. You know you can't. It's very easy Gillick dump on Blix quote unquote celebrity's it's somebody that's deliveries I would consider a celebrity to I would tonight by Iraqi yeah. And she was just like. Really like you've got to not question bush yes liquid word you know all that stuff. If I was just a gala event especially should my hands the rose thinks like a severe and Ehrlich allow okay. Gap which is like super engaging and Mike we absurd question that she wasn't dodgy about that she wasn't like. You know she just answered them I think it was almost like she was genuinely fuel liking the interaction we're having a fair I think I get enough good things Obama I mean. But she was just look at cool like you know I've I've never met celebrity who has been that. Brightly through the at the likes speed it's how's that I'm here three or four hours of Brothers talked to somebody and she. We'll leg and Brooke are all like there are nice to meet you that we walked away but it wasn't like that her sister channels like our (%expletive) off rather we couldn't talk or brought water to. Again no offense to her but those autographs and self resort in high demand there was like a lot of people trying to of yet you know cut us a minor thing don't you also you had a chance to speak with the dust in the kids from stranger things. Yet gate matter other actually went. Be at my sister and visibility have paid for the entire time I was there. Because my sister is. Huge fans of this skit he actually got me I have eight double been funk though that I didn't bring with me. Only look at a time now little. But. He was just like it is just a normal kid I I you know again no line. Yeah you know I just walked right the right up on. But that would topical mug if you we are huge fan of the show probable we're all about. We're talking a little bit about like a cat but merely weirdos today. And like these again you probably would do most normal person I've talked. Well thank you and I know it might Beckham might have liked it but fatal. Oh now not there and now that was cool it's a news tip your by one of the bigger names that you could tell what they had some of the people I think they expected lines the B were on the outside the whereas others were sort of in the middle there or they might have been the try to next to. Just people song comic books are people so posters or whoever else but he was he added I don't count then as stated Ron Perlman. We got hell boy. And sons have been I would say eat it was probably the most famous person there I think so too agree yes and now we took a lunch break at a place called juniors. And this lady. It draws our waitress is human about managing editor of the manager's shoes came up to us and I think she is most and known we were there and earn trust opera and we we had pressed her David -- was and she was just asking us about the house going down their belts normal. Which is a guy at a bunch of Madonna's like a one to she knows there's a guy. You create an endowment drawn that oh yeah or yeah Ron Perlman. He was down here on the guy that Ebbers at the bar and she is like day was is trying to get three drinks. Spiked. He does your free drinks the celebrity should know he's like but but he was certainly triangles ago while significantly. They're really blame for the. Like I would have loved to have been at the bar when Ron Perlman step down and destroyed like scammed free drinks. And out of juniors and foxwoods casino. But it can afford a couple of drinks there. Or on your help boy and hell boy two how could you not. Now another kid that we saw not a famous person but. This guy blew my mind there's a kid. Who was a magician you sixteen years old. You see him in the video there already in the trailer that we're gonna do another one where you see him even more. He did a couple of card tricks for me and Davey if you know anything about me is that I love card tricks I'm mesmerized by card tricks I can watch it for. Weeks on end. In this kid get a couple of really good ones he had won the that was just off the charts that's that I've been thinking about it or cents. And I'm gonna put it on YouTube. Just say and it's not even so much you can see the card trick it's your reaction to protect. And not a lot I love it it's gonna be like your own video. And for those who haven't seen the kid yet they knew how would you describe what this character look like. I would say picture a kid who's sixteen years old and really into closeup magic and card tricks. That's what he looked. And the lawn area of the pop at the very wispy mustache and braces. Yeah amateur back Cardin is like top. It. Great here now so those are a lot of characters that we Renta also interviewed a bunch of characters and what's given that fact is there's there's a lot here on earning an overdue it's everything but we had. The first person we saw Ryan was a girl wearing a scifi. Speed dating sign and holding a sign. And she. Rant at you. Actually like I was getting electric stuff out of my bag I try to get the wireless Mike to work and she's just like woo over to you. Can you blame a guy. No later this looks like a guy who who would want to speed. In aside I really capacity to guide about bidding. In. A public is Connie enemy there if times gonna be at the speed data meant so here she is busy at every stop assert this and any time but hears us talking with besides my speed dating girl. I use this for our podcasts. Yes such is it. From. She was very enamored with her bought we will probably hear about all my god it does actually mention his name's Ryan and every time she said the name writer I would get really wide. Yeah there's a there's a story there. There had back story there for share. Yes we'll reluctantly. We'll. See it again Massa and ran the. About yet that this kid that you did in Budapest were left to right first. I don't think she tent is spike issue is going around I think she was talking to people trying to get people to go to this this speed dating me in right away. Our tires picked and we were or this for our podcasts. I gonna stick with the jet I've master Ryan. And I'm not gain any kind of it I'll talk to Ryan after this now you're. I did not talk to run after this as a critic quick update never met Ryan Block leader I did talk to Ryan Davey that is that is a good point. I'm jaded in any time that I'll talk to Ryan after this now you're walking around the side that says side by speed dating what looking tells of those. I thank mediating aids speed dating right at common time you go on about thirty to read many many days. Whitney goes out there and you get me on some people and that matches means and a. Reserve board out Richard Matsch is now banned them. I'm excited they were a lot of lonely heart that this convention mosque at that of an idea. Back now that is the golden ticket idea. What is what makes it's scifi about the speeded things. He didn't mediating may have come on I'm not that separates it from the other game mediating that you may have died in the path. Dog do you have to be dressed up to be a part of it now you know does that help yeah. It really liked Ryan. It's on them as public. A variety is awesome. Ryan do that's the I think which he said no you don't she actually gave you a good double bigger guns still Alia that Merida. Like yeah I like you can you can show up like this Ryan will be there Ryan he's awesome. It really like that Brian. Is on that he has put it over 200 practice ordered me. But they've come out right essence balled up with a he's been married to her time but that's better. They like he's married a few hundred people get caught by. That's what it as a credible it's on them hasn't looked over 200 practice 200 marriages from side by speed dating yet. What's the best story you've ever seen between two people getting together with a love connection that you suffer stands. Tom. O'Brien actually match his iPad might be getting. Really know who's in charge of it. It's heat it's his company like he created the concept and so in the and he met his wife now through that yet. Well I'm very excited what time do you guys get going I passing today that 3 o'clock. Visit for it. You want to talk to him at the I'll talk to a Booth thank you very much okay thinking am I need to. Why don't we have to talk to Ryan and know whether or not it's free but lately. But that's a good very say yes or no question. There was a lot there's a lot of Ryan. Discussion there's now. Leading up to give her name but I am convinced that this young lady knows where Ryan's wife is at all time all my god yeah. I mean there's no doubt. She stocks surge should probably try to dress like area Arabian yet. It's a launcher if so that was the one of the first people we talked to also early on as we get a broken up we do go to an early morning session we broke for lunch we talked about manager about Ron Perlman then we came back for a later session. This is another want mightily the first session. Where there's a guy couldn't really tell what exactly he was but he was wearing. Full warmer head that tell armor. But the red armor which are discussed with him and he also add like light Saber swords so I didn't really know what he was but this guy. A baby should I say I should save him for later but he might be my favorite guy that we talked to knew he was just so happy was he not happy. He recites. That if someone was talking to him about his dear. He was he was great and I also love his voice so here we got it first of its OK at least this for the podcast Cuba. Right there as soon as he says that a litmus there's going to be perfect I lie I love you already there. Looking tells Boyer or Acosta. Well this is that is in the marine caller about the fifteen years ago is knowing who are on loan and on the back to have. So it's good to remember all my Brothers that. And make it there's this chain mail what does this scale. Does scale. Look at this so they go is like god and grabbed it and it if that's actually in the trailer video you can see me touch in this guy's armor is showing me the armor. Well it's it's heavy duty armor plate that area that's impressive these cause players. It's not like let me find the good sheep costume though it looks like the real deal like. They Wear crazy stuff that is like this thing and when asked about it's the books handy in its its probably to stop the ball. While the weight to it a little that it about thirty pounds they're pretty good shape not that that. What's so what about the they're like Salt Lake burst into. So are you part jet card tonight from the future upon wrinkle up on the pass. What about the president. His book the president and that's where I come your way around today. Back credible it is there. Appreciate about the crowd yeah your has moved the present it to Hague earlier. This belly laugh mud only you know Buddhist talking about late living in the present moment and probably. I say but. However the future from the kids share upon wrinkle up on the pass Paul what about the president. His book the president and that's where I count on just play around today that is that is pretty interesting handling that there yet look in the blood blackjack. Really want all the way they need what Doug character from either comic books or movies you think would be the best at black Jack. Iron Man. A slow that's the only guns and. Did you take PK 21 all the way baby yesterday that would be that. They're really little blame baby yeah. And that it gives me good guys pitted giving called blackjack he had called on 21 I won the dog played anyone yet because you know. And then now we know it sounds like what he has an orgasm. I'm in half. I want to sit and I don't mean can think for us you know he can do the odds really quick I think both on the flash perhaps. Body double for answers in changed the advertise real quick known instance it's good let's check every time they have to let me ask you something now on some of their eco black. Jack there. Every time maybe. Still won the five others the estimate there are questions weren't. Quite easily the best questions maybe of the day coming in there and let me ask you something now on still won the five. Fighting ability for you would be well before. Intelligence. Or the ability to banter well with super villains. No well. Did you hesitate on the fighting abilities that for you puff is slightly on intelligence but also gives himself a war. And the ability to banter well super villains because he did does that give a number that's not well at all. Yeah because just hockey gear right now you can bet they appreciate. The. Who had been beaten down at the you don't wanna talk and well you know you can count than turn 1015 minutes. But why they always do the same thing anyway it taught me is they play. The idea that you talked to a super villain for 1015 minutes but. After that are dead it just about out of that though things. Like they're going to be nights and it is on the sympathy just fed off this blackened from the beginning. Texas on your point now let me ask you know would you work well in a team or you more of a solid guy that doesn't look well a team those hand sewn. In your back you know are you here where anybody today you know with my aunt cousin my uncle. On. Did you think they may have taken off possibly. That it. Could not got any better there were others in yes it's always great to submit your back are you here right yourself and allow local company here. Or are they I don't know. God their god out. The I love that guy knows there's a sweet man thank you so much for for talk analysts keep roll your vision of Blanche of these we got you next talked with. The. Wonder Woman and also. Formal pat memorably as we referred to insult those we have black red and black tie down insults do some it's right here I'm here with our newest. I Wonder Woman or. I should go look at wonderful mother went. Pretty good conflict and a wig that we equip a little suspect but. If you look at it. It cost cost him is very yes for sure. Hello hi I began to aggressively recent success I know it's a bit earlier but good to see go out at me. And I would seems like. I'll bet man but Bruce Wayne for got the rest of his outfit is that we're known for here at stuff all the time that. Formal attire bet yet yet somewhere you're gonna activists now we're gonna go to the gala this black tie black tie event did your retirement from. He's run a red tie he's religious Sergey. Let me you know about that but Speights Greg a bad man towel which is like that. Probably a pretty decent one of the better ones that scene he's got big boat grease paint like black eyes and he looks actually like that man. From the neck up from the neck down he's wearing. A tuxedo. With a red leather that bow tie. Actually it's a kind of think Lego about man what he's Bruce Wayne and east nowhere in the hat the had. But pretty much that's it doesn't he's the only that apparently has. And all and if you look at the video I am just towering over these people don't let you know I'm five foot nine and a half. Yeah they have let the Republican head taller than both of these people. Yet the wonder what was probably a foot shorter than Gil did not. Outset that's well done that's well done. Now this is this our first time at comic con where we're at Boston based podcast I absolutely you know. If need be WEEI load ain't exactly a Boston based myself so the kid could tell from the accent that yet. So is this your first time here. Here at the scene. But not. Okay yeah attack OK so yeah this is the first year as the de force comic con but they're not out of box with enforcement at the there burnt. Alicia keep go to the fox was that the good weekend. Absolutely absolutely but we're new to this group which we are. I mean it's just something that we are missing that we needed absolutely go C. News the F. Here I don't miss anything its own mini three I. I've read even vendors have me thinking he'd like pumping mind mapping. Should Pokemon McEnroe owns. The bank held a Pokemon macaroni and by the way we walked around like three more laps I didn't see it one thing we could eat. We see anything you could eat there. She nearly all of Bogeyman. Knocked around I haven't I haven't seen food yet and to be honest a young men bit on sensory overload right now I don't know what I'm where I'm gonna what I'm doing. So you know if you'd point me in the right direction some cool by the US a Joker around here to if you wanna. He looks pretty scared you wanted to take him out for me out to about tonight back dark room with the I'm a little frightened you know so so I've but you know thank you guys for your time and you ought to do we need you look great thank you look great yet. Thanks very much. Diego Wonder Woman and red tie about it and turn on. Now just I'll I'll plug them to Wasilla ballot that the end of my interview he'd then went to like kind of like grabbed me. And then. Started telling me about all their charitable work that they do at Mass. General public now which is really cool but it display yet that that we didn't we will debut at the time but. If you need a bat man and Wonder Woman to show up in and get a party. Yeah also offered me. A bail out Dell business cards everybody is a business cards displays Israel or my favorite guys here's a guy dressed up as Johns Sina he's where in the Johns CNN hat the wrist bands the Johnson and a shirt. It orange shorts. And what quicktime gives him get a loan the extra mile Ryan is. He had the what is stereos system on him and he was playing the Johns CN theme song on little. If you couldn't figure out who he was by all of the literally head to toe and John CNET dot. I think you could have like John Venus talks I looked at one. It was full Johns Siena and Ole John really nice did meet via all all of it and I think he and again he played she's gonna stay in the interview coming up. That he played the song just it just in case people didn't know who he was. We don't like I guess that that'll work this guy's really nice here's the Johnson got. You're walking around you it's in Johnson and figure out I also notice you're listening to the Johnston music and even do rocking out all day. Pretty much I mean it. I think it'd be easier that way desperate people recognize. Who I am and also says they'll build upon all the Johnson and means and everything that I. Much thanks to the Internet. For like the last couple years now so your big Johnson fanned. I'm honestly it's kind of been watching. It ever watch him communities and fight. Like the early two thousands. And you know once it came out those like such a big deal you know I know a guy from. From New England it's. It's that hot to touch the success he's you know up to this point winning sixteen WW titles it's like. Know all the things he goes outside of the WW with a charity work and it's like. You know like that we regard he's got a hard got up through for what about his girlfriend Nikki bellowed the term. Well I'm not sure why I gotta say I am I delightful Nikki and agree to that being called book about two incidents like. And let them fight you know like them. But you know I mean big political that he's lucky to have John and you know the whole marriage proposal they didn't wrestle mania this you. Incredible and you know I know it. Republican voters see what happens we both of them. Through two years to come. You know there is a huge scene a stand when you ask you about his fiancee who's smoking hot eighty drops that she's lucky to have him line. Crowds aren't out yet she's lucky to have him they like Gary are right. Are gonna give this second you you've stopped asking him a question and put the microphone in his face you made this kid's year if it was walking around. And. Go about it yes and he stuff sixteenth I'm and it. You don't signals. Don't see us more my favorite part though I was gonna say it was right of a tip my tongue. When you're like both like if you played it John data music and out gonna be like well he can't PM. Is it BM yeah hit the. I I got it I got. Maybe a future seeing nothing we could maybe does does seem a kid being in the wrestling business Netanyahu knows. You've been old school wrestling. And there and there are like so Rick players here Brutus the barber beef cake this year on the NASA was or have you had a chance to talk many of them. I have not I actually haven't seen any of them. So far this weekend. But obviously I have an old I think I don't want more about flare because you know he's been he's been a recurring. Person to come back to let it be known here and there so I've I've got a chance you know. I would I've got like Rick you know I've respected him and everything he's done you know and obviously his sixteen championships have been big. Hey you know I mean. No you absolutely don't read it and others who got respect and out of nothing else is if Johnson Russell look there grieving would win. Struck back. They are getting our get into the. You know outcome and by the way he has no idea who were players. He's lead open favorite player is. Those sixty samples pretty good now you know look at the opposite yeah you know at sixteen that can mean you know are the other thing too is like. While I haven't seen them bit beer and I wanna do it right there are quite content right there late they've been sitting at temple opened leader is right. Literally right behind. Yeah that's that's weird is the guy dressed up as they wrestler derelict five professional wrestlers there in the dads and it got him but it won five feet from. But the question is video Russell Baer we're gonna find out and brought to bear it was violent spoiler alert you're nobody could affect idea. It's audio the audience ugly out out yeah exactly. If Johnson Russell look there grieving would win. Bad bad. That's right it doesn't look tough fight gone on. I think they'd like I think sedan older and he did so over the cage match and a grizzly bear. And I I think you feel totally completed your beats who bears. I'll vote 21. Has one's easy enough to. That's saying something like that it could be the biggest threats. You know it's hard to say I don't think so much for your time yeah I appreciated. Let me do that by the way about two dollars and not. Beat a bear let alone. Be a stretch of the imagination for him to beat Purdue. Yeah I'd be pretty surprised by that the presumed take down to room. Our jobs are won on home alone to a lot of you know it all grown greatly but I like is confident that his guys here's the port is dive under a problem that and Russell Baer it's a good it was hard for me to say with a straight face. What about two bears and I did as straight as I did I smiles are what it nudity but to better. And he's like oh man. Oh well I don't know. Cards and there's no bit is no we can't. An athlete but he they're now. This is one a lot of people waiting for we already were joined by black panther earlier in the in the podcast now black. Camp there had a chance to speak with somebody dressed up as black panther I would say Davey a very convincing the black panther cost. Bodies of those pretty good so let's see and what you see here is black pit there interviewing black paint their and it turns into a black pair that are. Sound like contest early on your. How long was the threat from a convent. That's laughable I don't know about ten hours. Right out of the gate. I feel like the interviewer black can't they're better than the interviewee black panther however interview we looks just like a interviewer not as much. Yep I like stood behind him the entire time we might add I think. Mineta thank you now. How long was the threat from a combat. That's laughable I don't know about ten dollars. Do you believe that this. Cutting integration of the black man that is a good representation of the Connecticut. I've been part of that will peek behind the curtain you ask them a couple of questions. Not using a black pair at the voice both forehand and he answered it in his regular voice and then as soon as you started using electric the ways he tried using a black yet there I. What would that would put the funniest thing that guy's gonna lock it up it would try to set it up and he had the black aftermath congress look really cool music and all leave it on for the video they can't you came here and I came here huge gain immediately. Is there anything any mitigating the I would have asked anyone to play a better me than anything else. I'm glad to give. And I was gonna go be coming to America cannot be good enough to do it may do it. But you percent dressing up as as black panther you do this. Pretty. I've been costly for bumping and a half years. It's actually my second house plan. I've redone it over and over and over again and I'm not gonna help me it's in the civil war black entertainment. I like it you know you're excited for the movie obviously doing yeah yeah deep midnight release in full cost and that's what I'm gonna do. All right and your Kuwait where you from. I'm from here New Haven, Connecticut you're from David Wright yet so I was gonna say a mighty job but he you're gonna be damage over that theater but there yet. Yep so why any big deal do you do you have an idea where you if you were directing black panther where would you see this movie gone. I would direct in the black community I would see it going. The direction where he's assembly after this movie UV assembly you know into the floor and all of the things. But you know I'm not Kenneth Mike even people at fox so you have to work that out where he's got to play upon taking. Carmelo thank you very much who's good doctor Ian banks are put up a mix of rum man. That have gone fantastic four on them they don't follow Saudia the sky here or you yet what those are pretty good job black panther. Got elected a big help black paint it black panther. You absolutely did special podcast on a video less so but on the plus jazzed. I don't I don't I don't pass the iPad and has black epic. Now we also a chance to speak with the villain from the and CU exact from avengers age of all drawn the main villain all Tron. Was walking around. Actually saw him kind of in the same places black panther and we made sure to get an interview with him also a very convincing Costa they're both very good actually. And as I was gonna say as we relieving. They were at the bat caused players were outside. I don't know what they were doing up an outside the ball not outside outside but they're outside the hall room and they were. They must have been together or at least knew each other deserves a lot of the rumor of the Spider-Man kid in there was. Spider Glenn and they're somebody else there'll come a walk around together so here's dad. By the way we did beat hipster bar again who the goddamn liar because people dead that you gonna go to elect and he goes to different invention that he does different custom. Same Boston same guy in college and they about it it's just sort same goddamn thing our here's our own by himself he's gonna do you try to get hips are located by himself. There is a liar is what he is yet here's all Tron. Do you think you are the best marvel villain and I look back. I need ultimate. High in the mold that you're here in particular thought but marvel universe. Yes his suit comes in the voice thing. It's via the the voice thank the it can't pick on that he was very intense. Oh yeah you can make out on this he had he was like didn't touch me but his hands were very close to my face and chest. At different times and he's like going out there really closely out there today. The bit much well. What happened you and avengers too. Are real hard. Do you still have the mind stone. I had at all. You'll all the stones. And that. Secret. That you mere human. If not hundreds. Is intense. I think we did we get it and we kind of did you all the Saudi analysts but nearly all those those this does their part the Sparta. So the whole time to begin you don't background held off the violate. The whole time he was just blocker out what to say anything to anybody did on the floor like in the ballroom floor now it's ultimately get a picture that you get a picture. An eviction if needed data that you just expand they were people and they knew they would say oh thanks so much ego. Well call her war. And l.s like all he could talk to someone can't talk early set to take headsets off for whatever. And l.s like do under and everywhere it is yes. It. Merit and that he asked Ricard to other days it is news card to. Card like I'm down in. Are this last as the last when we have this is a dude and act I've actually let's play it always there's a guy at the beginning and again David and I are sort of camp now in the middle during a bunch interviews wired to a few more. Or sort can't doubt in the middle just looking around. I usually go to boards be caused players but then how Sanyo but we don't have to ago. With a cost whether other people are there at they would like to talk to us about different things and so we identified this gentleman. Actually take it back eat yet he identified us and I left the apartment here that you know it. Yes that's true. I guess you don't. You're good. What's up here what I mean it's like. Having been home ground. You guys they're from Putnam from Putnam protected. What Putnam. Putnam. Is laugh at them etiquette Nokia. Well I think I don't so I don't know what that was but at that point like will discuss our yet we got gonna talk to this guy who wants. Some days are gone yeah Leonard and all of DA XI but the as the will be closer to being the number of they divided we interviewed for our podcast glad to help break. Be glad you know it's like body number ask that of course don't talk to you guys I first also what's your name and Helmand bed now we're right up to the confident. That gave David frank and often gas that I know and celebrities Alter reality the but on the convention. I'd go every year the Oregon convention. It's always an awesome time and I heard they're coming Apocalypse Now like I had to come as this one yet to come yes there's a sort of. Thought I was terrible joke by me about the U got it or cared who's the the way he said it I default when that it was. There was operate in as little sophomore to be honest. It's not always an awesome time and I heard they're coming Apocalypse Now like had to come. Is this one yet to come yes there's a one better than the wanna Rhode Island. I think they're on the same par. Any kind I would highly recommend it for a first timer. I came because it's really local thing. And decided I simulate Power Rangers yes did you see the new movie yes what did you think love that he really got. Yes. The heat. It's at the bad interviewer who can't get more out of the interview we as he had a lot yes or Wal-Mart yet. I appreciate him under steer or are being passionate about as did you know supporting his Power Rangers Osgood for a little bit more like Johns CNN guy you can ask them one thing it just gives you had a tendency to cut off almost. Whereas whereas this guy shortened sleep very much to the point. How to compare to some of the older traditional original Power Rangers it was different I like hit. The cast of amazing I thought the blue ranger the whole cast was phenomenal. But the avengers who like the avengers yes if the avengers off the Power Rangers I know would never happen but if they did who'd you think would win. The pay awards season he's hit for power both on the sixteenth two seasons. Which was the strongest season for Power Rangers. Like the team I mean. It Japan it's called go cry to where they can any power ranger in America they called to the metaphors. So the best super mega force verses the adventures from the current movies you're Robert Downey junior those guys. If they fought each other in a civil war style battle. Who would reign supreme. Super mega force. Really quickly close. It would be a very interesting battle. What's your favorite comic book movie. I would have to say currently. Civil war. Your relentless civil war you think his. I brought that out a message that he's brought that up by big big you kind of trip about we went you got no veto power a power greater power Aventis yet and then. It is out of emotional Power Rangers series I want aren't going disarmament. Can tell you don't know tolerated rich wasn't. Peter grown man that's correct the point. You know and it was. If their character within the marvel universe. I would say Iron Man. Now it's because. The soups is that because of the personality why do you say Iron Man attack. Like attack. Yes but. Out of all the super villains who do you think presents the most difficult challenge for our own moral stuff. I would say what we're not I'm a Power Rangers bro I don't know and we don't probably aren't at the upward Dunbar it is a move that with ninety. Carnage. Which of the greatest or by the way carnage you don't you'd never your carnage. Yes he says and Spiderman movie. Of course I do theater on opening night. Possibly do you ever dress up and cost plus I'm costly and right now. I have forgive me well what are you I'm not civilian paddy Power Rangers civilian. So now stuff out of the top one because so he's dressed up. As I think as how he your ire you would dress. And tonight's show explained to us how he is power ranger in civilian moat. And so he may be listening to this William RR card so just an a shout outs he usurped being very creative where would this costume I was just I was surprised by. They took that's kind of cheating now. It could literally all of the costs by that that's fair but could you make the case that every day you go was a towering entrance of going close now. Just that I guess what sitting him right now though they get something out of Ghana it's either frank was a nice guy he's awesome. Do you have any recommendations for us we've been here about a half hour so we've made the made the rounds around here we talk to the majestic people like yourself. Anything that we need to do before release yes. Then establishing Comex. At Booth to fifteen. Justine here over year. And I'm Bret Swanson Byrd picked up and tedious. Do you listen that it podcasts. Not a wild what the last podcast measles and it was one the ones and elected. Really good to stick around certain teller was a great honor. Egan it's it's Penn Jillette gate I. The on the big yarder for you so and that. It I don't Vicky don't bit late now. Tell it doesn't talk on a thinks those that went right after the guys that out by. At about a terrible jokes all the along. We did it become the did teller who wanted to teller don't like death just. Out of millions get tired and I don't know what it was but there you go there are a lot of similar to those are some of the characters that we we spoke with the from the Khan did you pay it's called go cry to or they care any carry care. In America they called super metaphors now. Yup. I did I from the case share upon wrinkle up with a pass love that guy. Should. Love them here's what the brother of so raw thanks everybody at that comic con and alt reality for that now let us go or that you're the press passes box supposedly got a great host for it is a lot of fond from people that we talked dual fuel we shot in the in the video you can check out the YouTube video right now there's a trailer right now or are you more stuff coming out. Cash sect or podcast on the YouTube. Any final thoughts Davie on come upon. Now that a lot of fun hopefully at some point we get big in big in Davis an up reading go to somebody actual big time once. I just that they Diego I'd just. In our. A request for the Boston comic con so we'll see civil suit again it's an August Wilson Pickett. Or. Real quick data exec got a jet we have pick of the podcast time and kick receive. Defend the gold defer uniform tossing would you like to do. I would like to receive when he got. So I guess we could be a quick one wicket came out on Netflix today it's Tuesday it was nativist now but. All of a low on Broadway it was dead crawl a so I in double AB I am probably gonna watch that tonight. So what's gonna. And kinda last year two years ago I saw that you to put it it kind of from crawls show and it just like punched in the face and how funny it was summer on diet at cedars. This with a huge hit on Broadway. There's a limited run on they just put it on Netflix today so imagine what that night that epic the. Awesome great I have two little blogs both podcasts blogs first the boxers podcast markets of course of the bunch of our intro songs and for for the different. Segments that we have. I was on the just like Davey was a few weeks ago they have a say Michael Hough garbage where you just rants about a terrible movie. So I'm on the most recent episode the boxers podcast complaining about it a film. And also a shout out to uncle balk who that a co host here. Several podcast or some episodes ago. He of course of the Boston sports 101 podcast that group which appeared on WEEI podcasts after many you listen to. This podcast on that channel. But they are doing the top 100 guy movies and they're splitting that up over five episodes and three of a more authority outs. That you're into that you're here who they have is there as their guy movies of choice. Give those guys Alyssa so that'll do it for us op on the things the plug here we have. What are at dork podcast you can email us door podcast at gmail.com. Now on YouTube to search hash tag. Dork podcast for a press tries snap Jett on I suck at it Davies better than I am or try that. Odd door podcast they're beat him by T shirt but represent dot com. And then just search out to work or go to court to order profile and there's a link right there to wanna buy a shirt the shirt I'm wearing it. In the video that is out there right now and Davey we're gonna all you. That are on the on everything twitch Twitter YouTube and I'll be on please you got cavities here's an email we always respond to emails. If you got have any ideas for any video content that you wanna see we'd be more than willing to do shell that out even if it's Alex them on box things. If you want a tour of my in my Dojo. Might mighty rig which have played video games and enter email but people up that you don't need to. Nice absolutely Sus sounds good and of course iTunes you can subscribe if you haven't already can leave us a review of you have already you can rate us. If you haven't already we appreciate that on the iTunes. Hash tag dork so what an episode of the mega episode here for comic con. Next week on the podcast TPD that is another thing that you can email it tweet us about what he wants to do or next week. On the podcast soul with thanks again for listening and we'll talk to them.