#DORK 21: Game of Thrones Season 7 Preview

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Thursday, July 6th

Rich Keefe & Shark preview Game of Thrones Season 7.  They look back at Season 6 and make predictions for the upcoming year.  Plus This Week in #DORK and Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast.


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If the door to. Martinez. Is the duo to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty manifest if that happens my dorm blonde cash. Thanks to turn into another episode of hash tag door my name is rich teams and arguments roads expert shark will be joining us coming up shortly. This is the only time I think maybe ever I will indeed have to edit in post. I doodle they do a fourth of July scheduling all enough stuff. We. We recorded the other meat of the podcasts and I'm gonna sort of do beginning in the end. After so many games there on season seven a full review addition here. Coming up shortly and so we have a lot to get to Solis is dive right into this week. Are still over a week since our last episodes of hateful things to discuss including we have a go launch dates for Rick and minorities season three on adult swim and they had a little trailer reach weeded out that are podcast is gonna have. Debut on July 30. Tech. Can't wait this is a short don't talk enough about I feel like and it's one that you could shock all the episodes have never seen reckon forty. That's fine maybe don't watch a lot of adult swim. It's it's hilarious worthy shows that's really Smart the minister so I'll win this was what it does the voices are. Tremendous in the in the whole series. I'll go back I think it's all Hulu borrowers who have limits on Hulu. Lords on the man if you go through adult swim there won't have all the episodes both on the show that you know so we need to watch in order. And I think the adult swim website to check that out as well. There's only wanna say when he total episodes or 2.5 whatever it is or two seasons worth. Are hilarious can't wait for season three and again that comes out on July 30. Couple things like ten point four in May always just continue to wait for. Are in humans we discussed this last week on the podcast but the U humans trailer that's cameo on the ball on ABC. You just don't have to let me know how that is and also revealed Cheryl will jump right in you've got some feedback after we we to clean up the trailer. About they had its ups on they ABC. You know agent of shield has gotten good again that's your word not mine I'm Washington's a she'll have so far behind us said. You can't watch everything excited I'll watch. That's. Agent Carter was decent I watched the first season and a half may be of that in Seoul see what in humans pastor brain. We also got a trailer this past week four colts of Chuckie. That's another. Another child's play Miller Chucky movies. Got out on that. As far as all the iconic. Horror villains salaam big strands of I was never child's play guy never never chuck defense. Evan Peters who was in the movie the Lazarus effect which it to the hot garbage more on the boxer podcast. I he confirmed that he'll be back as quicksilver. In X-Men dark Phoenix. But don't. Think anybody's really excited for X-Men dark Venus the quicksilver has been you used pretty good in the in the last couple necks on movies but. I don't know to me and conflicts over there don't forget it is the whole the whole thing. I am always from this we compete we driver is out and apparently it is sick. West from the boxers podcast says it's get a bad things say about it nor was there was an all time talk to about a little that he absolutely. Love baby driver also a sub goof ball from Mac you go on Twitter tweeting about how great it was so. This could be the movie of the year we're well past the halfway point for movies who sells more summer blockbusters. And then there's obviously going to be a bunch of WT Academy Award push as we get the ball winner but. Earlier or loves it Edgar Wright has made a ton of great movies obviously. And though the previews look good at the rod Smith doesn't last check it was like 98 or some as a one what do you do you like I don't like this let's. That's fine but the big driver is fairly awesome it was not awesome. And I'm not sure surprised by this at all as a movie called and got held my wife or check that you know. She saw with a group of her friends. She that is not crystal Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst Dakota Fanning sister. And columns barrels and that the only dude. I don't know that's really all I got out of it I answered it's erected on the Infiniti stone scale and she said. Three. So three in a six sounds like you can you can go ahead and skip that one. Tom Wilson yacht though you also should squeeze. This this all go well both tried anyway and. You know okay. Either man. Yet Dave's not here I wanna hear the intro of of that which are really enjoyed these video gay men and I will say our YouTube channel. I've been not on them all there yet I've been putting out different in humans. In humans idiot injustice to. Super moves so really it doesn't come up there but not all up there yet but solar pretty good the flashes are really good super move. I don't hate green lanterns. As a simple as joint checking out their views go to YouTube dot com slash. Dork podcast TV we'll be back next week where we talked Spiderman brochures you have a whole bunch of stuff to update you with the in the video game world as well as he's got a couple weeks to sit sit there and to save us from the new releases and some of the good stuff going on at. I think now because it's say it's a media episode let's get into the other topic is sure. And soldier here raskin it is the topic of the day and that of course is. Game of drones season seven is just around the corner so we'll look back on season six able look ahead to Laura expect here in season seven. Oh real quick guys wanna point out this the first time we've attempted to do it. Via group will hang out. So hopefully the audio quality isn't terrible. I'm sure psych going to be great. But I'm a gonna hang in there her version was Smart to warn you to be getting mega dose of course I just mentioned at the AM like I'm aware of it. I know the right answer is. As far as that's concerned but. Here's here's the episode anyway let us know later on who probably won't do who nailed again but we might I don't know you you tell me. All right time I thought yeah it's Ron's an integrated marketing expert shark shark or do. Do motorist I'm doing good it's good to have you back for another episode of back and I are proud that that episode. Should something in place forever Butler talked yeah. Oh absolutely. Actually I wrote four or. Do you really potent slumps. I tried once and somebody episodes. And everything widow Audrey bought season. I don't get earlier that some other sure is it ought. This I didn't think could you recap season six so a lot there's. There's a lot near real whole episode terror out of our troopers stopped me with a news this kind of goes in order. Which episodes this season so. We have the red woman crew. Turns out she's significantly older than she let's on it and she looks terrible and she takes up a necklace nine. And she does bring John Snow back from the dead numbers he's just little dead. That's Rudy. Or letting the Redmond we also get the sand snakes they kill them and male leader Warren. In order to open. Yeah I used princes dorm Iowans I was I think it's wrong as boundaries that's. We storyline has no one really knows why that was that. Yes that was so he's dead. Now Ramsey always secret people already know what are called is a big part of this season she murders his father Bruce old. He also murders are ripple if who is she's. There's Arabs sandwiches used gross shouldn't they be noted is also dead. You have a little out of great choice and your honor graduate Burger King you encourage. Out of its economic. The Indiana Jones. British credit yeah. Arm Syrian freeze a couple of dragons. These are your lines Nazi you see I'll recall on. One of the SARS is given to Ramsey. Did salsa and John Snow reunited on the U happy moment an entire season. Yeah out the other another great moment and really you know the first. It was some like the first time you actually hear songs that are Jon and all series and yes yeah. Well these the directors and writers. Out. There. You do your guns are not out to parents. Burns sponsor of the tricks that it could believe in Ireland you Austin fire orange and the whole look the whole the door so the older than you and you notice it. Yeah I did I actually do it there's lots of that. That facility was not only very well Don that is very moving but also I really the storyline. We find out that the children forests where you want to create the white walkers to protect themselves from from men and yes. And Euro money to that I was recently lost in the very first episode policy on. And yeah I forgot that starts win. Law urged though are there any white locker anyway that's that for easy or in the starch or news. Here's necklace. What a pilot Bible great ups and immigrants are our ultimate. It's it's I don't know that I mean as far as pilots I feel like. Lot of times when I go back and look at pilots. Are I would need somewhere and that that probably did too but. That's sucked me in bat yes. Or Deco or if you eat. Remove books in your toll about it and that's that's just south travel agent and you're like okay responsible person so I didn't like I was a big boats usually. And do what it what got me was so we saw the first first up so it blew through sees more on and not like there's no way am waiting. So he's sued the final out so yeah just write another book. No that's your call arm. Joy or more mom is still a great skill. Plus easy and certain first your saliva. It's different we wish we find a second red lady. We hear I don't look real long out of her but she's wearing the same thing around her neck beat. But the OG Bradley. Says and it muted always hug you know each other. I I think imam and it it it's got to be pretty small world look Brett ladies. Yes probably yet are selling well Harley. She and his. Lee inherited visit is whether it's almost hit a terrible. And he takes a slower and leaves. How we see our OG. It often face charges on their own Jamie attempts to rescue Marjorie. This doesn't go very well he did that in a moment. About how this whole episode and last season what are. Didn't act yet you're an edited the episode that you and Ian McShane written it here dramatically and he basically that brought them back. Might as we thought I you don't let her debt. This is what he's before. I don't easier. That was one where. Usually if it's an offscreen. I never believed their. With him. Whereas like yeah you know I actually think yeah. Foolish me. Packets island. Libel and you'll get exactly how we're also introduce this season sue. Little lady more law layer on more mark it and just there in the north she's about a merger unsolved mountain is not here to reduce the season. This really does. Velocity also later this season. Think this is an episode not Ramsey chills rip. Up. No and we talked about this that episode I was lucky shot Errol except your way of chips that run ailing insurer looked terrible. That they had to. Does. People like I. Now that you really feel like okay and anyone should have been yeah boy. Yes like I'm okay with them chilling at Oakmont. Because it's. Wednesday or they can do barely look up. It entities that he's an. I'll sit up so does the battle ambassadors. A lot of action over the world rings movies when there that CO people with them. But ultimately. Ramsey is that beat up jobs so that shouldn't to a zone dogs and saucer got to watch. Three's. They're classic programs now. Are out there are group that still is. Surf city. Let's go OBE. Apollo was a wildfire earlier followed. No one hour. She let's go to anybody kills. Selection is Marjorie chills Boris in days grow chills I Cerro. Joseph Wetzel and my answer endless literally hundreds of urged Iran. And then that also set off common outlook came colleagues just don't say I checked out. And that's the point that they brought up a so so does. This world is it's pretty terrible really be room. When everything goes for Portland for most people even still I mean common it's our only seems. Yeah. Or Eyewitness News item. That you might be the only one. The not only other one I fix. And it's sort of call by almost isn't he. Meester who tried to poison. The red woman most under. And even he knew that he was gonna drink the poison and then gives her entries down that. Nothing happens. All doubt cat yeah. Not really in those. This stepping off that at all or false or that. That was really equals the tornadoes terrible attitude and so but just to enjoy the show will do it is enjoyable and also that aria. She kills bowler Fred. It and I was also went to cart tenement on you remember where she she met. It's. Written or. Edited she almost OJ. But you chills and huge rate parent and didn't. Are you also find out the season at the end as he's Muammar el Rowell. My those are couple families that clearly answers. Men's isn't it Sima. Ran into Israel and now in this season. Use that John is actually disarmed and yes our net sister and radar target area. These rocker. Raise his older brother. Not so. We don't think we'll talk about enough and they know that he's hurt Garrett so priests and essentially did any nephew. We'd announce that he would be oh so dots don't mean. Just no time because I was I was that it entered it and that's required on the books that clay capital John's. Yeah so it's. It's kind of the the mystery I guess they're. Those felt mystery that's at the heart of the books really a handle on it swallows then there'd Bennett I think has all. Everyone kind of expected it did not. No the way it did I think people would have been shocked. It goes I'm expecting it but still it was pretty clever setup piping and really took some. Them. Close reading I think pick up on site I certainly did I hear it tomorrow. I have. On earth not subtle are so yeah that that's. This probably beat me and they are out there. And so that it doesn't grays are baptized every character doesn't really think his. John Starks. The users are Johnson aren't suited as a star. He went in there. Right he is a star in not the way that you think that yeah I Nike actually has start where alleged that anybody else he does he also target area which may be a wry rack and later I guess. Maybe an ice. I Easter Jesus. Well. I heard that area a little more help there are some Internet there's dragons underneath winter well and that's how I. Pipes are so high and almost. Also to Monica. I'm an NC who owns yeah I gain. There is Syrian terrorists. The dragons there all the rich and Andy has season. And also seriously is now on because all it's. Now ready for some putts or. Also owns six. Sean Lewis wa. Had. People while I greatly help now and she's dead she's and then 11 aborted always the last green giant. Notes so that orthodox. He also she's six. I think I heard all this stuff so what part of it was seven questions receive sad and which oh by the way has set an episode. They're they're shortening the season so it's always set an episode sorts when July 16 were never possibly seven question answer. And Nvidia bonus question but seven's out there about 707. So here's the first question I'll ask you. Sort of Aubrey are we there yet but where Lee. Sort of the Big Three and AMP three characters would be an heiress European and John Snow what are they up to right now. Yes Harrison area and aren't as you mentioned eighteen to act left. I think we have all aim is king's landing. But who knows where they're gonna land it looks like trailers they stop. Oh and there's makes her at least temporary thrown dragons. Which was. Held by her family. Was previously held by. I wanna say Stennis. That was one of its. Butt out in the a lot of marketing materials in the trailers not a they're showing the multiple thrown. No one is sir CIA is an iron throne. I'm one as the merits and not in this strike installed. Grown and the others are John Snow working in the gore. And so on so if it's going to be interesting where. He where she makes her first and Edwards who wants to set up shop Castro but. On yeah her interior on their way. To Astros who it is like it is forever I. It's finally happened at a it's almost hard to believe. Look doesn't make sense that it takes forever is also going back to the pilot episode Wendell and user show it and come. In winter well. There are basically what it is it's it collects green monster and better earlier something that's going to make sense that a reverend anywhere. No Angel my other question is. I forget it does. Is Jean me Knoll. Syria and so are. I do not. Believe so. Consider sailor do either one of them later they see humbled that you. Absolute shock. So I don't they don't know if he's alive or. Though they. I didn't think so I decide for acts that harbor. You took off men don't use of terrorists or bad news and an Odyssey. He seemed Dublin's. Got a federal law times EC brother sister. Doubt and so one of the things that I'm really looking forward to in this season is to see that reunion. Particularly between three and when when they last left off. Syria and Jake Jamie basically say Terry by let him out of dungeon and instead it was. Are they on the ship right away escaping it goes up and kills father and then tells Jamie. You know what I killed your son. I am a monster and even though he didn't really. I'm so who knows what Jane. Young or Syrian. There's a lot of obviously got things between them and and but and I'm not convinced that. At the end of the day Jamie is going to picks or see over period. No I don't disagree there that it isn't the theory is that eventually serve cities. Comeuppance will be by Jamie often. Well. Yeah yeah that's the that's a great area one and one that I I didn't. Believe in pretty strong and I think it's pretty cleverly done. The king slayer Rudy queen's letter. True yeah yeah dollar merit it. Can. But not Thursday's search the end and misses in both boats and the show. Serves in when she's a young girl gets her fourth in pole by them would switch and now. The status. Basically your downfall will be at the hands of and there's this term call borrow arsenal. And it translates loosely too little rather. There are. End die. So obviously the the obvious thought is Syrian years older than gay news while so it still that there. And didn't that same which tell her that all merchants adopts order. And that is already country. And see. And she knew everything about like the number is they would have her and Robert so she SoundBite. I would 120 kids and you know three volley not the other. Yeah yeah yeah. That's very. Problem. Quickly Robert I don't know it or enough to not be another bush spinoffs arrogant on affiliate Robert Brad Pitt and Roberts revenge or a social Dolly and for an awesome series. Wholly agree. I heard. George RR Martin does not want to have that be spinoff. Because he wants to ride it which I think is ridiculous he's obviously not right. There is. A let other people don't treated to a show. Everybody wants to what John Snow where is he what does he know. Yeah so jobs now has won the battle bastards. And he's based in now the news in the north. And now I think his decision is. Where like go from like oh act up north. Towards the white lockers and fight that battle or do it does he continues south and try to. Really United Kingdom sort of speak ends it ends things right there. And I think I really have no clue what he's gonna do she. I would have guessed that he would head back north. But maybe he thinks there is being need to re United Kingdom in order. At north and at any type fighting. Yeah I'm curious to see that his relationship saw it seemed angry. One where I. It's really kind of misused those who. It lives. I'm not Powell John about. People here gotten him in his is army of manages a reinforcements he imminent the last minute. I. Really sit today but she knew about them and held back information now knots hamsters. As weird. Are you sure what character or story line are you most looking forward to. You know it's probably half of the Danny coming what strokes. I'll. I'm interested to see how people wrote will receive that I'm also very interest to see what her dragons to a battle. A few. It looks like there's going to be on of its battle watched. You're on really does better than anyone. So it. Probably asked me that it's probably an obvious one but we've been waiting so long distance or set up in serves her. He gets this point we finally have dragons and it and it's you know it I don't want him to any us actually love how they. Rotted out. It is kind of realistic. Yeah I want I could it grow and that they are now. And end. It really. Address various challenges first before they get to his. I think from me I think Ari is and maybe through the first five seasons and there weirder than seasons six there was kind of goal. Don't all Tenet as it Aaron and I know what's going on there the whole thing when there's guys in Edinburgh. Other girl and she ended up selling it yeah. It's an effort to get there may use a good payoff of the drag along. So now that she's kind of like 01 moment assassin and are all she ordered shall want to score dues on our list or an hour and a whole lot of us. So. Who were to see when she's on the same time. Somebody who's on it was Jimmy and his or her. The guy who's a fresh and you end up really like you know and she's so with that and I also. Whose side he's he's really odd he's also teaming up abroad a bit now who's the great character. Those guys together and Jeannie individually. Decency where word yet on this season. Yeah you know it's interesting you mention aria in a while. As someone who's out more of the book reader wrote books I felt like. It actually is arias training well you've been very quickly to me relative to. It's interesting. And we'll open it makes sense it. Because she's gonna turn into the past but he couldn't deal overnight. It got that is so that would make sense when you tell. She's sort of natural again going back pilot zone. She can take him home and home bull's eyed at all a money Jazeera out of me chic so you don't your talent skill. But it just makes you. I don't know what this. Legitimate art and it was a great character and and he kind of turn or me in less. He seems so bad ass and awesome and then I kinda. It's weird to abstracts Moreno and apparently it ought to just go assassinate people. You to do that. The other I kind of rigors either is a bit too much mystery around like what is is and like it does really care about are you being like. No one like are you truly knowingly did he really wants to. They saw I so when the when he sends the the other. Woman go typical when I after her. Like I think he knew aria. Was gonna come out on top Ott and I think I was like her obviously her finally pass. And then it was like okay. You're one of us now no matter what even if you're still artists are. Yeah and I think two. With that guy nothing shall by mistake in the way he'd rescued her a couple of times it. That way and actually he got himself locked up. She would not be locked up ever you don't know reduced McCain's first matter not that's there's no chance it yeah. Exactly a huge question when what was he doing so that. That's one of the main reasons I did a lot of people. Theorized that he is actually serial serial or I'll herb watered dancing teacher. I. That's Alec why he was and then in the neighborhood. Yeah but that was us president arts are a number of story on our questions cedar. Who will you defer significant here church and diocese. And again last season Lou while the list we had. Our roots Fulham. A long bridge or or or Rick Cobb Ramsey archery and Tyrell I aero. Couple answers Tom and all ray Austral one wall. I'll all that. So and somebody like that they're happy you know the tougher for Jerker if somebody grab at any several. Yeah. You know it's given some thought that I think it's going to be. One of those gut punch ones. Where it's someone who I think is probably more that he. Is more popular fans then he is important suit reliant. On so when I was going numb. Up on with the naymick. Hopping on. Noted that yeah they definitely kills. So really popular characters in the past. Him. Overlook Martell comes to mind Oprah what was we need our dealer or arrest. Obviously it rob starting its. I think it look all of we let us seek money. Be sure more ma because they know he's on borrowed time I didn't let it might jump somebody. Or nothing you did you ever turn into a person. You know I mean I don't I think he's gonna die before that I think he's on our eyes so now. But it's. But I think they're gonna drag down a little. Being wrong. Yes so I I would say alright Tuesday. And higher degree of confidence that he's not gonna make it through season but I don't think he's going to be one of the first gulf so I think. Ron is going to be going and. Addiction disorder possibilities just the way it is though is you look at it could take that anybody could know who. Do you want to see. The top one. Him. Yes and and have to go younger and I. Other such Jerusalem I was gonna pay an effort called outreach. Integrate all I was against Sam gives us a Sarah. Our iron I'm witnessing your way. Through. RO. And he's he's O or hardly in the doubles and I'll Lugar law I'd like to include in here but it might be nurture that specially now that column. Marine general what are the girl's name was that you monitor or knowledge geez. Almost sugary usury and follows me. These are on borrowed time. Yeah yeah that's run down. Our number four hurt us or opposite date which surgery. Most confident. Sir I policies. So that not obvious place I would say. I first jumped it would kind of be the Big Three. There's experience and now you know murder. I'm not super confident all three are gonna make it. The universe that we don't be almost silly to pay extra. Yeah so I would say. I am most confident Johnson now he joins me and in the season I. I think. Wallace once he died he came back here. Although slowed over the lot and it did that to Clinton. Oh. We'll be right mentality. Does terror also pointed. Out. No attempt we'll glad I forgot about on Opel glittery beautiful. Say your good. Yours are. And their colors. Are able Brad. That's a really good I think everybody's you should be after all he's gone through. In Sulu where she's going and what you eat him or. And let the way she you can tell stories of him yeah the most surprising depth and yeah you know might be. Is probably my number two in terms of what's storyline in my most excited for. We are excited to Buick the extent of his powers and his influence. So you don't be exit epic. Number fives. So right now cirrus is on the throne but cool on the throw the tendon disease. And then this season. So senate senate episodes. I think some German laundry and our little gonna do it full. Season. Something articles on our imagined by. There's no way can you sir Percy. No okay don't. Now I don't think it. I I think it's gonna be concerns. Figure will be her because. I'm blown out urban commitment next mad. When you. Are a little chastity. Between urged. Yeah he's got to get there as a message. Yes I indefinitely in the last episode. She'll kill it on behavior something and that it oh my god meant it and it's gonna cut and it go to the next season and got to get her out of there or burn all. Oh riady is the point where were sharing why. Aren't yeah. Yeah. This is this question you have is over 600 questioned what really should be paying. Do we expect to happen. Because there's obviously going to let you can't happiness grows up horrible. And I would say. Probably try to think of this year idiots thing that you can think of and it's probably going to be. This about fifty. I did I series US who views that a question that I had on my head over what is that I I don't have an answer. Oh but without question and I have this year Watson is that one of the dragon that's. That is the first engine in my head because I'm terrified that. I was so mad and they were locked up IIIE. And then they got so. It now that they're gonna be like participating in battle. There might be some people that just I don't know how we're gonna do it he seemed pretty extra it'll put it might be helpful if you have enough. Air rose or enough when liberal bulls shouldn't have anything to recognize. Low debt it is worse. Yeah that's that's they're really good on. Yeah and it's it would probably be big foreshadowing. Or. Who's gonna dives into the Danny teary interview on snow. Headed dragon there. That's that's a really get on. Here's one that. Those lines I guess and say. I'm looking forward to hopefully. But could see them using that hope against us is our. Arianna reuniting with her walls. Iberia. Yes and had a great reunion and then the war there and children in front of her. Cedar Point a dire wolf or dragged out and worst of doubts well at all. That's not and there's nothing worse. Than the last the last question as far as these seven questions receives seven. It yeah yeah in normal everyday person living in the world. Where would you let let's just keep it took place that we orange seem. And you for you probably found a list of books but yeah in this show just a different kind of lands. Yeah. You know I would be. That there is is basically a lot should be options I'm launched this. Just terrible an analog comes on personal preference over other thoughts about the back. On so my answer is. I would be iron born I'd be like just a sailor on a crew. On my reasoning is. I like the water it's going to. Have a much more. Meritocracy type system where basically like. But he killing people are doing what to do. You can get respects. And ask. Sort of this. The class system that is throughout what would drive me nuts if you what should he award like. Your your bad shape ominous show. Oh well let let let me get your answer of where do it. I think to Warren. Think they got good the bad ass ladies who aren't assassins and lovers and they also have a different kind of that's essentially ledge. Which increase or where it was don't suppose Buick there'll be certain countries. Yeah I stated that if Tucker there is an example on the water and beaches of looks like. It does seem a little more laid back it basically just like fight trend to have sex. And they're not and I was worried at all that stuff waged. King's landing early took place then it seems like. I don't know but I don't have the best leader and is progressing keep what you wanna. Did you did you did you should be in charge doesn't he died just how to hang out and it wouldn't let me. It does it in that night I I think north agreed and ordered them Bateman on the reviews progress. Now let's get this. Chance to close at that there. At least. Or were the reason that I could not go Doran. And I think you would do well there is the son. We. Need to basics for dorm. It was a good one how are you a lot of there was no way to approach it undoubtedly. Our own. And that the the other place where I would it would mean about would be don't rack he. Did you all the rack is like I say deal like. Much or meritocracy. But I don't know how right or there's a good test. Soon. I always some of that's that much from. The united Arab I would I would slow and I want our laws so questions you guys tuna. We just or are also you know or project that he and other come sooner answers those questions probably all orange and Sears lancer. Eight top ten on screens Gyllenhaal. I'm gonna say now. A lot of films. Like that earthy character. But I'm not even here. He's a pop the top villain of deal with their own. I think Ramsey. For me might be a top and on screen though. Who register and key NATO and want you. Think that is because the way he does stuff just soul. Right but serves the kids. Mint and the way she election. A little more subtle I guess like actors I like her character warm the Ramsey. Rent it got to the point really are not just trying to beat. Like the worst person. Yes I guess and that's what we're talking about somebody maybe it is so you would say. If Ramsey's number one as their number two workers or else. She probably would be so. Guess I have to Parse sound like characters. I. Eats and you think like oh that's a great poem I got into opry was a great poem. Also how Michael. Was telling it like it was more he wasn't necessary really. Devious he wasn't coming up with plans users. There are. Look like. Really easy to relate I don't know. The stuff that we do related young bureau OK let you established it and dog's nose over till we're flicks or he's just like everything she does not call it yeah we do that but then it's not like. The point don't just like shock. Yeah so I I agree would doubt but what they made me me me. Makes Ramsey such a great gone. It is he really need these pleasure like scarring people's house like the whole thing with. Beyond really pretended to save on. And no news is there's like where beer and he leads them right back and under and where where he was a link yeah it's crazy. Point. I'm. Serves but I I really love us or security. She is so. Terrible. But I think in her mind. She thinks she's she's doing it for the right reasons which are are like that's like all. Which now. Yeah. Now. And I think the gloves are off. You know if they work or about. She is just not care who's on her side yeah. Right yeah I use Cheney is our she knows that is. Right Virginia and broad tech worker. And then some mountain. It's really get the clue game all season. I didn't. That we do I wouldn't be surprised that they drew no telmex and but it's it's definitely have to happen. Com predicts it could easily search he's kinda went with a short on the throne and yet some people think. Kind of died from there they're just overrun by a cold and the longest time it finally rid of their own were. We're human rule that nobody recognize you. It's all it and yet it's on me. On various how aligned talked about oh. Little finger saying. You'd be like king of the rule over actions are deputies are but like that's pretty much worse or Sears is like clean and actions. There's a guerrilla. That's true. Also a good place and already it's got the you just mentioned who most fascinating characters out of say a whole. Now. Showing in Boca insurers Paris and little fingers are embarrassed we don't you saw on the the bowl will be cheering and ordinary what you would you expect them from Paris this season. Now. I think we're Barron's. It's going to be critical. And uniting and that's really what he's worked towards is bringing together. True many years and many oh devious plans. Putting someone on the throne who he thinks will be good for the well finally you've been there. I think what's really going to be interesting is when he. Understands the threat to the realm is now the white. How will he react to it's no longer about the thrown out. It's a survival out on site that's that's what I think is all communities in need of one. I know little finger when he finished. Or put them. Little finger I think is gonna be just the ops I think he's going to be. Just focused on getting the throng. Of law so they'll probably. Realize the threat of the white lockers and say. Yes there are threats and everyone but the lines I get to sit on the chair. And do what I can ignore them. Yeah erode erode any final thoughts here on whether to reach out he's sixty he's subs. None of them I think oh much. You never know what twins don't particularly like now there are no bugs on so that's really. You know I did I tell us some brand really excited to seize that potential. Other. Is another big being premier whether it's. Are you honorable suits. Denny with west rose. It's there's who has a job site I can't wait for all. I'll I'll I'll pop records who is the best show probably on TV right now there's a federal budget to loans or just to vote on last episode have wrapped up so low. They'll look for sharks here at no particular podcasts here and loan sharks thanks so much. No prominent priest and. Our thanks to sharp over the audio wasn't too bad and able to law. And all that we got a great email and it was from our body shine time and unfortunately used before the episode. He's as well as much as gentlemen I really hope that Richard shark haven't had an opportunity record this week's episode yet. Because that wanted to throw some things your way and see if you can get some hash tag or analysis of some of the plot points. Coming up this season. On game withdrawn Corsican emails to or podcast that she mil dot com. Breaks down for questions number one I'm curious if you guys think that will find. If look at the fun out of Dario is actually ruling marine at the way Danny wanted him to if baby's gonna Seles of the highest bidder or if they'll even mention it now. And the show writers we'll just try to pretend the marine no longer exists we did not mention this in the episode I believe last year at shark about it. Same there's no way he can actually stayed there is there and he thought maybe he won't he would listen to. The Maris and he would stay there. They have so many characters in usually get durable yet to kill a mom so this might be rare time. When he is just gone to what she says we don't hear from him. But as soon as you forget like completely forget about them that idea when he shows up. The doesn't have the feeling of if somebody actually is gone bad for dinner which it will then maybe he'll show up with his like sickle. See you what does that size our own Douglas Emmett Till. I mentioned just a shark and email I wrote way back when and feel the need to follow up. So the whole grave digger theory was generally accurate and our board how old is alive and well in temperatures of you gentlemen believe we will inevitably. It quite possibly the most anticipated fight of all time AKA could gain bowl Santorum vs grow gore. Yeah we hit on now I think. Yes they've decent enough you know sharks they may we get the following season but. I don't know I think I think now's the time if they dedicated a whole episode to the hound last year I feel like there's going to be a pay off here with a win this I really do. And then this is the last of this is the best this is what made the email here from San time. I users in my street lastly. Amid a bet with some buddies of mine during the fourth of July cookout this weekend mayor and may not have been indulging if you find beverages. I now have a 110 dollars. On the line. It was all about a 110 dollars. And hard about a 110 dollars in the hundreds and dogs on the line that John Snow will end up marrying our area. At some point before the end of the series. I'm curious your thoughts on the fight even have a chance to win this or not. I just feel like the way they've highlighted their closeness. And also made it clear that target area are all about the old incest. And we've been led to believe Danny may never marry again. There's got to be some chance that John Mary's they start curl and there's a 0% chance that silence. Thanks sign time so I hope that every laugh aloud I know I'd I don't think he marries aria. I don't know of art is going to be the marrying type either I think she's going to be a a lifelong assassin McEnroe also may be a short life lived. I think that is what she's going to be doing. An absolute love the passion and I love that give a 110 dollars invested many good luck you two seasons to get that done. I know I hope you win I really don't. I also like to know some of the other bats that you guys did not make it's those that that's the when they did lock down or so villains were thrown out are us at a particular Podcastalley picket at all. You. The podcast Tom couple things warrior one preacher season two is off to a great start to become episode behind a wash the first couple episodes. Already liking it more. Then season one saint of killers and a big part of this season and it just seems like it's a better flow. I did you have accomplished pretty good the actions are great some gross out stuff obviously to its preacher. But I really enjoyed. This season in the starts this season. And it continues at this basement tool to a standalone episode four preacher later on also this is a follow up to one of Davies picks in the podcast from a couple of weeks ago. Was nick rolled jumble Laney have their old polo Broadway special and that is on Netflix right now. So as the guys of course a do that too much tuna that is a part of it but it's also a whole show that they do that to a moment. They worked so well together. And it's hilarious. Out early on the nose is just the two of them talking a little while with a million though the other old curtain they get a whole set image you'll hold that it's an hour twenty minutes or gets it. It's a good chunk it's it's they've. Well worth your time comedy special sewed absolutely give oh hello. Your time today. Next week on the podcast Ryan Davey returns the triumphant return of our Von. Character of all time. In the world accomplish that we Spiderman. Is the sixth Spiderman movie. First in the MC use Spiderman homecoming it feels that we were to see the entire movie based on all the previews and everything has been out there I think I saw I didn't want to today. There's a good trailer or like a feature that we've commentary which is the more you come out like just enough. We're a break that down. I think we'll we ordered to weed out to check out outdoor podcast we ranked all the Spiderman movies to this point. I run all over the map. Some really good couple movies really specifically one dose a couple really good ones and a couple just dumps. Able sewer where this one ranks outside the Spider-Man himself Tom Holland the most on civil war already better. There will we ever saw from total wire or injure Garfield so they can follow that up. May mean maybe have some but not too much Iron Man in the movie let's Spiderman comic Spiderman and up. I think we should we should be in pretty good shape some excited to go see that get my nips ready for all Spiderman homecoming this weekend. And finally you of course can subscribe in rate and review. To hash tag door on the iTunes that helps us out a lot you can streaming episodes. As well WEEI dot com slash work. Now friends and peers don't have iTunes store they've that was to listen to it stitcher Google play at a lot of places that have. Podcast we are all America of course at the door podcast on the Twitter or trying to go to weed out trailers or different things that. That interest us on our YouTube channel is just YouTube dot com. Slash dork podcast we're not also a snapshot lets look Tom of that yet but jump aboard. Look up hashed out a dork podcast on a snapshot still sell T shirts are joined by T shirt the black teacher with the cash sect or global want it you can go onto our. Twitter page it is in there or go to represent dot com. And then just simply search dork and that you'll be warned that that pops up so. Feel free to do that palm course you can follow me at keep when he won the media at our Vaughn. And what's so that'll do it for this week thanks to return it and hopefully the Google mail wasn't too much of a pain in the ass hopefully. You can hear what we're saying we're talking a lot episodes again like that parity energy said that. But it just feels and at another option anyway thanks for listening you'll tucked in next week breaking down a spotter and homecoming radio national indoor.