#DORK 22: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, July 11th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review Spider-Man: Homecoming.  Spoiler free to start before a spoiler full breakdown.  How does it compare to the rest of the MCU films and the other Spider-Man movies?  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that's my dorm blonde cash. Banks are turning into another episode of hash tag Thorpe my name is rich Steve and I'm joined. By Ryan Davey Davey is back how are you serve. Back rich great to have you back to eighty per is coming to us via Google hang out this week. Now I'm not ship bastard but is let me start out by thing. Here now I had a little bit of the meltdown and there's a couple of well I don't wanna relive all that you go to Guam YouTube dot com. Slashed or podcast that will be appropriate but last week. Many of you listen the episode and thank you for doing so we had a little bit of a scheduling snafu. The only way we could do it was via Google hanging out of that town Monday Tuesday Wednesday wasn't in the studio could record there for shark and I did via Google hang out that I voted in on Thursday. And that the connection wasn't great wasn't studio quality. And people. There's isn't great but that we got one. Filthy powered on iTunes. Move opposite to start review. Now Brian I think a lot of pride in this podcast and you do is well. And to see it seems to our view is really hurt and it pays off one episode we've got over a hundred episodes. In this brick season one that they can pick it sounded great. And he made some snide comment about how I got like a reporter the dual book report of my friend and this guy is famous shock seats and put his name out there it's shot. Keeps the gives it to star review and you can't take it down it's up there forever and I actually get a screwed with the old. I feel like it needed to and IE. Bobby to grant I'd rather review. Black tea there was very upset. Oh really bad so much so he didn't even wanna read at the united united going to be here you take. You know Rebecca wood and just keep them. That I eat out you craven. You absolute. Twitter egg. Anonymous coward is what you are yet show yourself. Present yourself to awestruck he eats too darn it if it was this year. Sandwich why what why wouldn't be one Starr at that it. That's good that night twister in our community that like it makes you think about it. Like I got beat by the like you know where five let's just solar cells where five books you know it's like it's a web. Which is six that there response yet but that iTunes doesn't we've been released on that stars want to cry but I think we're. Forest like you guys are good but here's what you should work on. Talk you know we already got one of those two by the act as a don't know yet three your your average here and averaged podcast. The people they were average that's fine you know one Buick you guys suck it like one vote should give right. One is the worst via what are you. Well you put lucky yourself yeah she needs. We have a growing list the rivals by the way chuck heats match job. The lady from comic con. And everybody out hey we've got some positive feedback since there are a lot of people are anti chuck heats now's the banks are rallying behind us. Although that is a blemish that cannot be. On Don and so we're not the live without or the Wear that two star review maybe we should be back. We should make some sort of shirt that says the summit about to our review. Did you go to public since like two out of five stars and then put it quote to monogamy or just keep. Chuck teeth and here without one of bastards though we'll try to do better. Not at all of the equipment sounds that are not are at the studio by the way this thing and have great quality but regardless let's let's move on from that. Are you ready to start I'm I'm excited about the show this week does. I'm so excited don't go do it. Portrait at the Spiderman here and a second that crime mystic and the work about since the last time we talked very next. DC animated movie or personal the next one is gonna be bat man and Harley could win that is out August the 29. But there is word that the next one after that might be that man off film by gas light. Exciting misses if you ever wrote this one mrs. Much better picked up the podcast a while ago this is in Tulsa world story where TC. They're do some of these stories where it doesn't take place and the continuity is it's not you know new 52 or prior to that a rebirth or anything like this. This takes place in the eighteen. Hundreds but wait eight in hundreds bat man vs Jack the Ripper. It's cool it's it's a good times out recommend off them by gas. And written by held boys Mike we know who. Know a nice nugget that the medical market. That is a good night and how about this stranger thing is the season to initially we thought it was going to be out on Halloween. Turns out gonna be out a few days earlier October 2 point seven. They also have a new poster that came out today or was there were recording this and that helped an ominous I would say. It stormed comment did you notice that creature sort of inside the storm clouds. Oh look at it now so we Twitter about bad boy out at the our podcasts or check us out there it looks like one of the creatures from the missed. And it looks nasty. Out of the kids are all their bikes and during often. In Som I can't wait for that. Or leaving you know depending no way I look at you know and it has. There you come and you don't count. But chuck slugged. Him on our chuck seats soulless bastard. All right. Nelson Ellis that's the bad news here in the sweet indoor what I'm doing. You know last time you talk to us you had a death in the thick of the podcast that I thought was odd. I am putting a death in this week you have to ignore its news Ryan that would be Nelson Alice the guy who played Lafayette in Trueblood who. But the great characters of all time I know that's kind of hyperbole. But I loved that character I really liked that show it a little slack beat by the end yeah but I like that show he was a really good character. Yet heart complications died at the eight to 39 which is really young. Yeah I don't yet know via alcohol related violence told brought a lot you have to go there. Because it's important for our younger viewers out there to know that there not invincible Richard that these things happen to real people you know and Amy. In this big dork brought by I don't think you're plays her. And at best at just lastly. I'm glad I went on only now meet Gloria up yet column. Yeah real that it another whoa whoa whoa what we're doing death poke on our development ms. mrs. Joan Lee also left. That's right this week I like spindly. That's right at it if you had 93 she wasn't 39 to mature and older are also there were saying alcohol related. And a mod cute actually had a re doing a good designer drugs. Will will mean all of our own story will help clear up where they were it'll blow or it'll pollute the right I have a cup. Video game news the nuggets but you might know what mine are are those included in in year video game minute. I viewed it as a bit of it dovetails so you you mention it and then we'll hit it in the hole yet we'll build a more and. Are a couple of things first there's going to be a new character in over watch or available on the PC called do this it's going to be offensive character guy it's only really big fist. Thank iron fist but hopefully better than that. Category shown some of the game play looks pretty sweet out west from a boxer and tell me he looks kind of like. He now runs through the map Connolly and you know way but that has like this huge bumping fists. And also speaking of over watch news out Robert craft among the many investors into an over watch leak. Which is pretty bad ass and a game that's been out for over a year and I feel like I'm playing it. Maybe more now that I've that I've ever became just keeps on keeps on given. And I would just like the data that a mister Kraft who was being we are available. Has as freeagent. But we are a bit of a package deal so. We got to the got to grow up with a bit of a crew right now as we technically have six we've ever played all six together that might be a bit of an issue but. We will we'll figured out are you ready are you ready for your minute now. It's time. Okay. Either man. All right give it to us. I would it would took just debris so doing fisted that is kind of the big news and I was bad and I want around last week view. When this news broke to put it on the podcast and were kind of but weekly with this maybe apple we. It in eighty right. So it's kind of a big debate this is a character you know we've gotten a written so we've done somber we've gotten characters that are that have been. 3-D LC as they promised but do pit of the one that has always been rumored and we've been waiting for this one or. That the game came out basically have been talking about do it though for bombs being diminished a game played out of planned and thought some tutorials on stuff and it looks like. D.s gonna be pretty popular furloughed for awhile. So if period to over watch. That is something you shoot aptly checked out and you probably will. Get a gig came out last week was the capital mania. TV I noticed that the video game minute but the way to the video game cool I haven't seen it yet that he wants. I watched the first few episodes of the first season only four episodes per. It's the first two episodes just set up so it's like you know what the hell we do you know and I'll really know yet but all of our favorite. There half hour. So they've already renewed it for another eight episode well night. So that's what that's the good news is that this one might feel like come on you know I mean Vietnam. So so that's great it's written by Warren Ellis who's played you've ever read any of his books he's. He would just kind of it's I read one of his novels or crooked little lame is pulling off the law. So at him writing mrs. is is a good move for them good news for you Richard went up Goodman. Today. As of today. Sub zero is a a playable character in in justice do nice. The sub zero avenue just the Q and are rumors that they they tweeted this stuff out before. They talk about more combat injustice and illegitimate they put it to a poll suggest we want this. They asked if they wanted. If the fans wanted. Watchman characters in India. Always know in the rumor is that the very first one of those will be doctor Manhattan will be playable character in in injustice. While that's the that's the that's news that's bad. You know. And the last thing I just wanted to mention good government we give this. This console enough love on the podcast that mattered. The biggest baddest biggest CD. Be Nintendo's which is strong. Right now yes and they released dust would soon too is coming aide Peter came out I don't have a switch obviously. But what due to his coming out to be huge game but they have this game it's getting traction. It's called arms. Oakmont which is basically think of like punch out. And with two limbo like you have like these expand the expendable like punching arms. And it's getting like a lot of traction in the way over watch it where it's a very simple game. But it has this inherent depth. That make it like ridiculously fun and playable those so if you have a switch that you haven't picked up arms yet this is something in the gaming community that actually getting legs. And Nintendo. It is. Continuing to put out strong showing black thing elements that was supposed to mention as the couple Pena who they show runner for apple mania is next he want his next project to be. A dark Detroit here like. Problem though. I don't know about that either but you know this guy at this speed you've seen this guy you believe these kind of weird look at. Well it missile moderate not a job you don't. I'm going back I've always said are ready ready for the topic is your. Richard that's the topic of the day Iran. Couldn't go accurately this exciting so sputter and the homecoming at. And of course when every movie and TV shows that we review we do more with greet the beginning. And they'll look at the spoiler all those spoiler free for the first several minutes here Ryan. Spotter and homecoming I ask you and all these films. Simply. Did you like it. I absolutely. It. That is great to hear it out for you also like that a couple of people in the theater with me as a packed house or going on. Saturday attitude opening night but I want Saturday and aside. Completely full theater Alexei for the last couple years specially through Purdue in the podcast. Although comic book movies all Star Wars movies IC on the first movie and I see you know where that the whole theaters bowl. And so this is the same scenario but never ever. I had two people as annoying as I had in here one was in a row in front of me like I say it's the right and one person was way behind me. And you mentioned how stand means op or wife passed away recently. You know there this isn't a spoiler but Stanley's obviously in the season every goddamn movie there was a theme with Stanley unit. And there's got to quiet he yells like at Peter Parker whatever the person like two rows behind me those. Then he. They had nothing to do with the character or the or the role that he was playing grows more yeah we're all aware that his wife just past the way and you had to moan about it. Now we know that this this was shot like a year ago so. Yeah like OK we see him and he he can't hear your your moan or your grown or ever was. And that with a guy in front of me the most lap several topics something that he liked you to clap. Brought a wild. Geithner you don't. It's not happening for fox say it's not the end of the movie which I also think it's stupid to do but even that air carrier clap or not sure why that play but York opera now before. But during that term it got campaign and he was like. Hit like a laugh that you thought was fake. But you know you know it unity and accused trying to like get a get a rise out of other people I don't know that I anyway I also like the movie but there. Love of the movie start to make me dislike the movie a little bit about that that's a mean problem that's. That's not anything else so I guess I probably answer this ride but. More than knocked I had going into this was that there there's so many trailers I I well like I saw. Everything in the movie if you really just mash mash it all your head you would have seen everything did you feel like there was enough. Other stuff from the trailers in this movie. Yeah oh absolutely I mean there there were some things in the movie that you think you've seen the whole thing image don't. You know there's there's enough for wrinkles as we would call it meant football you know rethink your you know the played there's like one thing that's different and a technical thing off the ground that are. Yes so there's there's a wrinkle. Anytime you regard know it's coming there's something there. For. Which I thought was one of brilliant part of this movie. Yeah and I think some of the stuff like it didn't. Like the real important plot points to me war. Spoiled in the movie but there are some cool stuff in the movie but he didn't realize that they weren't spoiled the trailers I mean. Where even though yeah you saw some of the big action sequences you sort of saw them in there. But. I I did it didn't ruin it for me I I thought that it might it and it definitely didn't how would you say the overall fight in action sequences where there. Motto again I'd it's very tricky when we do this part of the podcast cute to not give too much away. But there are certain things I liked about the fighting and the action sequences. That as a Spiderman fan you can lifelong Spiderman fan like you needed deceive those they. And where some of the other movies fail. You know and I mean. You know so they're good at they're really fun to watch and they are back. Yet that they do a great job win. The Spiderman Carriker got so important when you have a character. That's why I thought like Logan was so good Posey you knew it was an agent wolverines beat also knew he was capable of and they they really they really shot that well. And it some of the Batman movies like the good bad and movies are our best Batman don't Batman stuff. And this was the same way like Spiderman. Do the way he was some sort of move the way they would do the special effects like the web slinging and everything else there was it was on point. And one of the cool things that that when. In this business spoiler obviously but when he's jumping around and he's really being Spiderman. Based seamlessly wove in watching him move and then make they would throw in a couple shots of the first person. Yeah you're actually he would eat these and it it's not distracting it's more it's very it's a team which I found really impressive. Yeah it's really get and he of course we've already gotten a taste of hand in civil war so he. We are you have an idea of what Tom Holland Spiderman what's that wasn't brand new wasn't like Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield for the first time. And you know could he carry a whole movie and you obviously could make this is over two hours. And he was a great Spider-Man and a great Peter Parker which is sort of one of those balances. When all those guys like I think it's a good person waivers a ship that man or vice Versa or you know Clark can't Superman is the same thing I give a high school aid. Also being a superhero. Any. I'll get more to a spoilers so what did you think of the main villain. I think Michael Keaton was great. And I I typically like villains to. Maybe at one point in the movie you actually root for I agree that. We're like yeah you know what like. But Tony Stark you're immediately be in and you get it like I like. You know where and we have this big gripe and I don't bring this will be able suicide squad you basically had a villain who was just the villain for the sake of wanted to go over the world as for the victory over the world. That's very well thought out to the what are you gonna do with it. The guy ready I hate that story. And I think the strongest that the one of I was so happy with their treatment of villains in this movie. It is a great job of that because. They they opened the door to so many other things yes. This movie this so the inevitable sequels to this can go in any direction. They really set themselves up nicely yeah and I have also what was great is. We've already seen the Spider-Man. Five times while five standalone movies the forget civil war within five movies and they've thrown a ton of villains in Spiderman. Has probably the best. Villain or rogues gallery. Of any marvel care. Right like pat answer better but Spiderman is only one that can even be in the conversation. And we've already seen some it would seem to green got what we saw I don't really bad Sam managed unique venom we saw a doc rock was actually go to. And on down the wild Brian how quickly these electoral. We that we haven't seen the lizard Benson the vulture and he's like one of the class or even to the second villain in the comic that he ever comes across. And to finally get to him it was like perfect if they were able to still have them where you're not comparing him to any other vulture like your period you're. You can make it is known in any definite yet. And it. But see this is going to be this we can do spoiler spree. A very good give you quick rundown of all the movies in the MCU and you have to save Spider-Man is better or worse that can you do that. So let's start from or go in order and I probably will agree with the view on most of them and but won't find out so. Is this movie better or worse than iron. Which. The bush. Bush. Wow I might have it I might have a worse but I can definitely hear the argument for are the incredible Hulk. Obviously are meant to better or. Better Captain America. Avengers. I love that this got him the. I Port Authority and at first it was great I think I think it's a little worse than avengers iron in three. What are the work to. What are your here's a real tough one winners the better. I I. Push. I think when a soldier is better but similar to Iron Man and I can hear the argument or I would say winners holder is a better movie. I enjoyed the Spiderman Morton. Guardians of the galaxy. I report like first guarding legalities alzheimer's yet. Amanda I agree that. The might the thing on our Doctor Strange. And he's been a doctor and it meant. The eggs some of these are at a word from thinking about it and Doug guardians to. You know what I think about it and our institute so yes you think it's basically. Well we've had all tried I didn't I don't know why wouldn't do pinch hit list yet instead it altar on it's what else like the civil war. Like rice that it even when you go home or business what you're watching movies do you watch these movies. I've I've read a lot about them allied and I disagree or yes civil war so okay. Forget that forget all I dissent which movies. Do you think are definitely better that Spiderman homecoming that this roiled an easier because I do it better definitely definitely better than Spiderman homecoming. Guardian on. This that it. Maybe. It renders the edit your guardians and vendors I would say guardians avengers winter soldier in the first Iron Man so I would still have it in the top five though I think it's definitely better than strange and aunt and two movies are very good. And that's even may be a better compare aboard the the all the origin stories. Some would you better than those so let's go infinity stone scale. Brian you can give zero stones or you could get six stones we also allow half stones. Our throughout at five and half. Yeah I think I would give up five so we are we are seeing pretty I'd die here on spotted it near five and a half I'll be honest. I think it even has more weight to it because Spiderman your favorite character vault them. And what we did it spoil result pocket link them. About why why that is. One important to the plant has indeed as a IE ID shattered his status on on air but as a person with a Spiderman tattoo I tell you they've biscuits might stamp of approval. Well god I'd Spiderman trips they have over approval. The fifth reference I was gonna say where it was pretty kind of get a one out there and the also again most of you were listening with a or seen a book because it is spoiler free I will largest. Let you know that there is a myth credits scene and a post credit scene and we'll describe both of them coming up here but just as a reminder. We're back in the marvel movies so are much Wonder Woman there is made in post currency. Pretty good Oilers that are. Editing a. I don't think about this we you're dead we should get either. Coup or or somebody or markets to do like a spoiler you gotta have a park our original we should do like a roller roller more than Adler. Not not like the heart garbage thing words like. I Kayla that would add on on that by the way I just was the most recent boxes and I would do like I don't like that our coverage alarm these strikes. It is it's. Pretty aggressively Lao at you think that's the point but it is it stings the years. It is jarring when they do it on its pressure turn noted that are so. A spoiler alert spoiler spoiler spoiler and opera Spiderman homecoming if you if you have a say in the movie you've gone too far aren't. Let's let's start out there's a lot to get through here and a mobile very excited about it. And the movie begins you have Bob Michael Keaton and his salvage company is cleaning up after the events in the avengers so when the aliens attacking our stuff the one that's referenced. Really a lot like it it's a focal point. Border the other movies and TV shows that it's not run all the time. It's our love dialogue that connection to it right away C take this movie and it is bomb right in that exact same universe right now MCU. This is what's in your enemy though only about. It it and I think this is an important step for marvel an important step for this movie in that. You album is like global scale roll like attack and all that stuff but they'd never an civil war touched on this a little bit and but I think the what happens to like a normal person. Who'd just witnessed this app that yeah out of the world move on from this. The rest of the world I mean you see the vendors though adore I was great big victory. Hundredth out of hundreds of thousand people died but like a good job well done. Worse yet exactly. It go ice every man you see what other guys are are left to do with the Michael Keaton and his crew. That's that's the that's really the focus here at at at the beginning. But my question is. Michael Keaton queen stuff Bob and then all of a sudden it jumps that says eight years later. And you get to the civil war footage. And there's another two month jump and then that Spiderman homecoming so my question. The ventures. Came out 2012. Now as the year that movie was released. The current year now is 2017. That's not eight years so was avengers. Really have is they came out 2012. But. The move all the events took place in 2009. Or even at the end our at the beginning of 2010. And so I was trying to find answers to this and in the old read it stream that it tries to make sense of the time line. And it puts it like in 2010. And I'm there was not seven years about his confusing because a walk like eight years but why don't vendors that come out no nine but it. Yet that was I IA gave the vet that gave them the benefit of the doubt but I Mike. That's deemed it a lot like that movie didn't seem metal. No coat so anyway that's weird and ask the township that that I get hung up on like I. I love most connections I love all these Easter I fell all the stuff but just make it make sense the commission's time line. Makes sense that we all care about so much that you figured they would. As well the some things about point out my become a gripes but bottom line is I get a five day gave him five and a half we we absolutely love this movie. I what are the other things was. Damage control damage control was what came in the and took over like Tony Stark owns damage control in this Burt the universe. And they took over the cleaning company. Dipped Droid number it would at a at a short comic book Ron I think as the issues line around by my dearest and there that they withdraw may actually were born to do. The TV show called damage control is going to be ABC showed even I think it ordered a pilot for. But then I think they wanted to include it in the movie and so it's either been shelved or gotten burnout but damage control is gonna be something even bigger. Yeah I mean it could be some delegates she'll but now you've been introduced to damage control and in my totality you know and that it will be a cool joke they just like mention all these people like. They'll show up to a site and they go get a whole site here you don't think like they know it's going to be. I do I do what I love about this too is how the vulture is created. Off of what happened in avengers and what Tony Stark did and so. Here's a character that's been around in the comics in the early sixties. And yet they found a new way to show his origin story. After those pretty sick also. This is basically. Another villain that Tony Stark directly created right. So all I got to give billions like all Tron iron monger. Whiplash. I guess the Manchurian. Or if Manchurian. And now. Bergen vulture and maybe more are missing like those are all solely because of iron. Right and I think it's because he's he's the MCU's answer to that man right yet he's this completely flawed. Character who added the argument is made and that meant all the time at these villains would exist if you didn't exist yup you know I mean. And I think in Tony Stark being the first. A bit of law technically Captain America the first event but. If the person who that the forefront of the offenders. In the first respect about say like yeah I admired you know it so he's responsible he's the one who came on did this so he's responsible Earl. Anymore so now you know post civil war but he's the guy he's he's the guy the base now might what concerns too was. If you saw the trailers if you saw the movie posters. Really what is this Iron Man for like this is gonna it's gonna be also more Iron Man if you think we got too much too little or just enough. I think it was just enough I think it did the purpose of there is a reason. For Tony Stark to be in this movie other than just the fact that he's tired. I mean you see this relationship between these two and obviously Peter doesn't have a male figure in his life anymore. So entered Tony Stark is supposed to be ended is that scene where there on the very. Where Peter says there and it's been really cool scene where you know Tony Stark accommodating that if you cared you'd be here. Yet any steps any steps out of the duties that like I am here you know I mean does he showed up once and he wasn't actually in the suit. Yeah like he's got right to argue right without that's forgive militants were I would say both. Tony and happy played by John bout grows back once again they both are like father figures now for Peter. Yeah and at what was cool about that means is that. He gave you the reason why Tony Stark is in this movie and and then he ticket business scene where like. This is very like fatherly thinking that well what if somebody dies. And many Selig is look on Peter's basically what any says what do you guys yet Alia you go to meet and like in and Tony said that it that's on me. Right because it about a new guy look at look at the civil war like you're taking a fifteen year old kid and you have if faith in that role in the back. Op which is which is pretty cool and also you see it's almost like a civil war prequel like for a moment because. It didn't spend a lot tower I thought it was perfect where they destroy you as like the home floated to the movie star the diploma Peter Parker and it's and it's showing you. Howell he got recruited. How Leo happy brought him over there Williams on a plane to go what the hell's going on he's videotaping himself in that airport scene which is still one of the great MCU scenes of all time. And it may be also explains why he was talking so much because I think is reporting the whole bowl bid over so they'll be updated such a good job of that but it may also. Wisely. You know he was saying how. You know he's an ass fight with all those guys in Iron Man says something storm along the lines of well Captain America really wanted to like hurt you like he put. What Navarro county grounded it suit or a barrel the kid is fifteen he has really been spider Manning too much and end up until that day. Even wearing a like sweat pants and like and a ski mask he had even really been Spiderman and until that that moment. And I think this is why an amateur status right now palm on as the best vitamin ever put out so are I not a close yeah outside of and the reason is because of the way this was written. And by the way big shout out to John Francis Daley that name doesn't mean anything to you but it means a whole deal to me one other writers of this movie. Was actually damn we hear from freaks and geeks. Oh really that was yet he wrote that they are one writer that so. One of the things that they in jail and you you kind of alluded to a just now but one of the things I love about this movie. And working with adolescent males I can tell you that this version of Spiderman in the Tom on plays. Behave exactly the way any adolescent teens right now would act. If he became Spiderman and immediately. That's right off you know you don't really get in in the comic it's always been you know Peters kind of like this never skated in lake. Is there recluse that he doesn't he doesn't want this. You know but you don't mean like he gets bitten by this spider in his first reactive but I don't want that I don't I never wanted this. This Peters like yes absolutely I'm gonna put it on film and having a really hard time not telling anybody here staying up social media. You know but this exactly how he would be a good male. Yet you know I never thought that told the wire or injure our guard Gilbert that. The until you watch this one like after after it watts this either from civil war like you're an idea of in those guys really worry the more we'll mess. But the new watch this whole movie and I think. The amazing Spiderman was on TV the other day and I watched like a chunk of it Mike. Mean I think he was that bad the first hour watch that but. They both look way older than high school kids their public mope be sheeting high school students where Tom Holland. It did you would know you better than I would like he hits on all those easily create a perfect Peter Parker. And then the become a quick one liners as Spider-Man come off perfectly Ed Bert do in real life. I think he turned to when he wanted to couple months ago he actually can pull like thirteen maybe a little young but like the least he pulls off. What a high school sophomore wherever he supposedly. It's odd I think that that works out the do you think that the suits the one that. Iron Man gave them enormity war we'll get to the iron spider later on the one that he gave them any war. Was it too high tech because there was almost. Obviously is made by Iron Man but at the infield was hired Mintz who we elect our it does bringing everything Eric are all on board with. The technology but it seems like it was old name and it'll be a little much. Yeah it is it is much it is a little bit much but like it's basically. You know it debt and that there is what keeps Tony connected to him. You know and I mean what he's not Eric he's happy connected to him. Yep a bit like it or it's like old idea of like 500 my 87 differently web slinging combinations like for crisis. But bailout mean think about it like Pitt would would you give like I have I have hit that I think about that day that like I give them their first iPhone. Yeah what are they gonna do what it. They're gonna do everything I law I don't want them to do with it immediately apparent rode out the way kids guard and that's the whole they would like the training wheels. Programs that he pretty good baby monitor. Like that. Billick bit that's what kids do you're going to mean Mike and I think Tony's idea of giving him that and things like it's yours would be like this is to keep each day. Room you know I mean you're if you're running around in pajamas and goggles which you're gonna get hurt like this as a way for me to keep you safe for them not there. Yes and then they can track down a spike if you're watching the movie and it seems like. Jon Farrell's character really doesn't care it is not answering all those calls is like whatever but then every time. Either happy or Tony have a conversation with Peter Parker they know everything about. They're like you stop doing bands like a two months ago or I didn't do you think they they keep track of him everywhere like he's going on the field trip Bowman get the call that where you don't like you're not you're going to DC so that you think you think it's crazy that. Peter Parker almost too much is that why I can be ready for the vendors IB raised it enters and they don't give to show it's about a more that really couldn't be further from the truth. And that's what a typical teenage sediment they have a good because we don't care about me you know operating mean you know. I can do all these things and at and again I think this suit that Tony gives them is more for Tony at happy that it is for him. Yeah I went to private. Yes I think you're right also I think it is pretty clear but not making this an origin movie. Really really helps it that you want to waste any time but it was. They do the awesome thing at the beginning I thought would sort of that civil war footage you get too caught up to where he is. But uncle Ben doesn't die yet again we don't see the spider that bites them. And again if you made this movie twenty years ago buying or even if if there was no I know not the same universe that there was no. Sam rain mean or no amazing Spiderman then. Maybe you have to do it but like you know your audience isn't dumb but you know they are aware of how it works it would forty see him in action so why. Waste properly as the few origin stories. Where he Spiderman and the entire time but it even dead pool. Yeah a.s that put the beginning but then make out are they they play with a timeline and they show you how it becomes dead pool. This is one of the view that not Eric he's he's the guy what you do you very young but he's always got the powers. Yes and I think this is one of the things that. And again I don't like the pit them against each other too often delicate thing that piece of that marvel is getting right the DC in it it's not and that is marvel at learning from mistakes. But if you look at Batman or Superman one of the biggest gripes that we had about that movie is like do we need the bad and origin story again. I've seen this we don't. We don't and now and that's I think so that they make these subtle mention to it where they don't even mention then Parker's name but Peters says at one point. After all made been through yet what they can't tell that like definitely need. Are perfect line but yet it got sets it up we know she's living by herself we know that that is a conflict with the hope that we we get it. And so that that is a you're a good cause that the perfect line. And that's that's sort of sums up the whole thing are. Nobody talks really stuck it in bed and he's like yeah. Yes see that's what spider bit do you think yet in the book despite the despite her debt and I just want. Yeah right exactly so you get a little bit more of the back story with that as well. Obligated like I get more of the plot points as we go through. Some of the characters and from the Easter eggs from things like that but it did jump to the ending took a couple of parts at the end. You get. You know after you you know the culture of the goal detail in your equipment lock him up but. He's finally. Invited. To join the avengers amid officially moved out of their New York City location and there are now what upstate New York. Where you know we saw the scene and man you see and they saw a lot of civil war. We're finally. There he's he's he's asked to be apart of the avengers. It forgot he was desperate but. I mean I wouldn't say too much but it was to the point where he was almost like ups upset or it was obsessed with becoming an avenger. And then he turns it down. Where you. Reid surprised about that don't like that it's not like that what do you feel. I like it on the it is it showed a little bit of growth and that character which is great. And it showed. Well first at all get a group later that welcoming back pepper pot into the fold. Copper Bakken pots are no we thought. Ball without an impact look. Not a cute. Now meaning there you have great. He's a great pepper Potts that death that they get like I I Laker in this role model record any other movie ever. But she's she's good in this one she was not in civil war. You know they kind of make reference to her but she's she's not there and then here she is for two minutes like very very strange but. It makes cents or three dozen to a there now the very end before he gets that make current post credits is on May. Finally mean. Season feces she looks in the room and sees that he's Peter Parker perceive that he Spiderman. I guess the question is now going forward she got to know or he'd be he gonna come up with some sort of elaborate. You know oddest on the spot with them or they don't mind wiper but what's what's gonna happen here. I mean and that is what I said before the same thing with the villain who would you could take this in any number of directions and or makes sense that you know he could feel like all well you know IE. You know IE founded Ehrlich is I just made this you know it's not the actual who you know you do there's ways to get out of that. And there's also a way to lean into it and they like. You know how orders may react to the. I want our I want her to know I love birth he's a great aunt today. And did you see. A buddy Mac from backing you need to be that a while ago about the business in the evolution of aunt Mae. You know yeah you ridiculous they go from having big guy tales from the craft's. If the first one. Out of a cougar and that is that posters that on many if Sally Field in the middle. And I'm like yeah but she's great I think about the tip fifteen. What makes sense correct everybody spammers are different but it would make sense there ought to be eighty years old and if not great on would be but. Your regular on one piece of this. Make that I want her to go by I like her maybe you know she could flirt with the iron and a little more even though pepper Potts is back but I I hope. That he doesn't lie to word is like folic you know actually I'm friends with Spiderman and gives us some sort of portion of the like the Internet already knows that Iran now. And it's too big to get Marisa Tomei is 52 years old that's need. Yes you see no spring chicken white rock and MM high and they don't smoke bomb it is rock in the open highway speed and it throughout the whole movie. Their color their pay out of band theory that she is actually. Her character from the wrestler with a steal her. Like. If the amount. And it over there aren't enough. All right let. Birth I guess before it's the character breakdown. How would you say this movie. They say you were to the Spiderman fan. Can this be a very small percentage of the audience you're you're just the Spiderman band. And he'd you have only kept up put DMZ you maybe have even seen those other movies. What would this be a great standalone movie still. Absolutely and and I think in terms of the MCU. In the grand scheme of things it's it's like in this little box. And I was gonna mention it earlier but I'm glad you brought it up is that they re in this movie works is it's small in scope yes. You know there are times we're like the might one of my favorite scenes because people have this gripe about Spiderman all the time that like. What if he wasn't around any help build it how could he do and misery he held out there. It nobody would do in this run like he's running toward collective explosion and needed only. And Mike. It's public it's wide open golf course yet it is the wrong. If they cannot give it any have to run it and they got dammit but you know we neglect run and that's what. A Spiderman band like OK like even when he's not around buildings would it be completely ineffective. And being a serious yet which is now I have to run pretty much economy. Yeah he did that affect our and eight it is that once you need to read my shoots out his webbing like as far as they can go it's like Adam but again cinema or seared into. So here's our biggest gripe with the entire movie in that if you have one let me know that this is my biggest gripe and I don't think it's the it's like the director's fault an account by no means do I blame Tom Holland or any actor that was in this. But we all love shared universe right where and one for Christ sakes with Mac do in the boxers we we love a shared universe. This MC you might do better than the than anybody else now maybe the Tarantino overs which we hope we covered an earlier episode of hash tag dork. But what drives me up what god damn wall. Is the Netflix marble shows daredevil Jessica Jones Luke cage iron missed all of home reference. The movie marvel movies are the most of them the moral bullies in the they talk about the incident in New York the talk about the big green guy to talk about the guy with a hammer like they go they give you all these little nods the route. And all of those shows on Netflix take place in New York near like Ari if the adventures don't mention them. Find their deals that the guardian still mention him no ship elements and anybody if some of these other like Doctor Strange I get it why why woody. But this movie takes place. With the exception of a little bit Washington DC entirely in new York and they even covered from the time the avengers land to after and they never mention. Any of the defenders. And I think that's (%expletive) I think it. Does you can tell us you can't pick you watch these Netflix shows that there in the universe and they'll referenced them but then nobody else has ever heard of like there's a court there were the perfect time for Michael Keaton the vulture. To make a small referenced when he was saying you're talking with guys he's that we gotta keep a low profile we got to stay away from the avengers and damage control. And if he'd just said and the defenders or be just that and you know the devil on hell's kitchen and war but the ball proof guy or just made one other. Comment I would lofted a perfect world that we know that they live in this universe but it's like the movies completely nor the media hate. Yes it is especially since there were runs. Where daredevil and Spider-Man are constantly around each other. Absolutely and like all the events that have taken place in your stand. Well the reason why I love Spiderman is because it's the smaller scale and that's another reason why we love the network shows and they have to at least overlap somehow they'll all be in the same scene together a bounty a mall like hang out. But they need to reference them like they're big enough she it. With kingpin and and with the stuff those going all the Luke cage like that would that would at least be on the news that boost on the map. And if Michael Keaton has been the vulture. Or eight years worse before led to believe I think those other guys put a sniffed and are they were referenced the vulture or or something. And so. That box. Clearly that but again I'm not predictable and take that away from the movie because maybe that was it that hey don't don't mention them or not gonna bring them men or. No one thing I've heard. Is still way more people obviously watch the movies of the shows that we wanted to throw any random shouldn't but that's not a crap because. There's all kind of weird ran an Easter eggs that people either joy or they'll go over their head as I lieutenant. Take you know the Moby Dick oh there's there's a girl who as super strength. Okay fine greats like doubt doubt the would have made a lot of sense to put him. And what a great way to get people watch the goddamn show yet that don't have. Yeah it to have like Spiderman on a rooftop in like you can crossed paths with Matt Murdoch an ambulance like now people tell you dealing in going to be. It be perfect and you pick at this point to get Iron Man specifically. If Spider-Man was on his radar. He should know all those other guys like about it won't want Peter Parker doing. Force for a got a stopping like people but to the bicycle the employers doing like that that's. He was helping old ladies like it'll montage of like the stuff that he was doing on that scale and he finally gets the stop the bank robbers whereas. Like the where how shoot outs and and rooftops shootouts and all that like that daredevil season to with a undershirt was easy (%expletive) going on. It was pathetic iron there should be aware of of those guys as well and hope that you wanna recruit one of them are pleased this throw an invite their way. Out. Maybe aren't a lot of weight just I think by elements from Jackson Heights which is in Queens I think proper Cranston. But I just did a quick Google. Jackson Heights to hell's kitchen you know six and six and a half miles I mean I think there be a little overlap there it would give it gonna run into each other thump. Our affiliate there at that night the all about I think they might run into each other but I right out. I'll put that to decide for now are quick character breakdown of the queries that a lot about both Spiderman and Michael Keaton. Our the vulture Adrian tubes he was great. I love that it that he wore like the Jacqui we didn't overdo it witnessed hostility wanna make him look two ridiculous like the one account book he's got like feathers and wings and all kinds. But out of the detectives that jacket with the firm you know brought in there what did you think of the reveal. Of him being listens dad. That I mean that's what I'm sorry about the wrinkle like that that's a little wrinkle that you had that you didn't you wouldn't expect him. You know maybe it's my racial that the bill Meehan my white privilege but I would never I didn't even like put that together that that would even be at bank. I like that although the other girl who played. Michelle Jones and is and I. This is great because one of the like that before the moon became now one of the fans theories was Michael Keaton is going to be her father. It's so if you went if you had heard that her vows on your mind at all vows that extra little swerve I didn't put it together at all until he was out the door. Immigrant before you open the door a much of this with how the whole thing together this would really this would make the movie hole and then in an area once under the house pretty go to. My mind the whole problem watching the character of live I'm like. Or. Liz doomed I guess and how are they gonna get rid of her. Yeah right if they have to make weight work has bedie Brandt is in this movie. Eddie gran that Italy direct does a great rounds drag season there during the school new. Obviously MJ was rooted in his second is in this movie as well so how do you get her away. Andy Young reverend really do. That's not going to be a lot of interest I wouldn't think so she gets the way she moves out with their mom I don't wanna be in town for the funeral. That was kind of a dog like that storyline kind of was hot and then it seemed like they had a really good connection and at the end she's like. By Peter were leaving it up well. But if that's him there and count abruptly. Yes so maybe that would quote go and Oregon to my mom says it's nice there when you move that quickly. It's happened how would you are a housing market that there are no regular dot com ever got the money so you know now that's. That's true. I'm so their beds and Dyer who played M today. So there's Los speculation that while there are telling us but she's going to be Mary Jane Watson she wasn't choose Michelle Jones at the very end she's that my friends coming MJ. What Akron is (%expletive) yeah. Because this little and is leading up to this movie this was the worst kept secret in the entire thing. In the fact that she's there like your playing Mary Jane it to the dog not a play cared to name Michelle editor of the idea OK you know enemy might dump. You didn't have to do yet. Now things yet and I agree the other those crap. Anything else and Iron Man or happy Hogan of the they're both really good. I think it's a really. It. No I really like Robert get a guy like Robert Downey junior and everything. But happy was a bit of comic relief as he usually is. If you he was go out they I again Torre said this I thought there's going to be too much Iron Man and there wasn't that there was no there were the right amount Iron Man. And some really important conversation between the two and one from the trailer about if you're nothing without the Sudanese shouldn't have to simply that. That's good stuff that's also him kind of looking at himself. Do good. You do it. Hey didn't you tidbit that. More connection this is a great one Donald Glover was in this ever used to ask the in this. Because remember he was or the guys up for the amazing spider meetings we thought we could get dog lovers and he's cast as Aaron Davis. Who makes reference to his nephew doesn't say is nephew by name but we all those nephew was miles morale posts back and opens the door to. Maybe Tom Holland who signed on for three Spiderman movies in three other movies with Lou Rawls tumor civil war infinity war in the sequel to have been war. Maybe if you you still want post Ottoman stories maybe it'll be miles Morales after that. Exactly the innate and there are great. Com book runs where Peter Parker and miles into the motorcade miles played under his wing you know I'd like they they crossed over and you know so but that's that's a really cool may have missed some really cool Spiderman. Literature that will back this yes absolutely miles morality and budgeted different dimension and Peter Parker but yet they are they aren't so there is sourced material there. Figured out I I profits and at that now appoint special marvel still involved if Sony takes it on completely on their own that I have a little bit more concerned but. If they're part of it what about anything else on Marisa Tomei is aunt may Parker or when a cultural upon. No I think indeed you have some. Strong female leadership in this in this movie in you know that's that's really important especially these days you know to get. To get that in there we eat with MJ with. Liz with you know pepper pot and immerse them and that's not really that are really that are really good things to happen it. It is kind of round the characters out in a way economy. It does it as sort of that's shows you Robert then suitors like. Maturity I guess you know like if he's actually doing a guy who knows little old ladies man but he's going to be committed just the pepper Potts that shows that a different side of him. What about Ned and now playing that the best friend role here used that the guy the chair a spot at that is pretty Gotti idiots of the comedy to where in the soup was funny we thought that met the trailer but those but he got. Yeah I love it the idea of the guy in the chair like keep again I wanna be your guy in the chair and that was really funny armed oracle. Yes which is something that somebody would say yeah I mean. Now he also says at one point he asks Peter a couple of questions he got past their peak in. Like communicate with a an army of spiders were to throw it aunt and tip it out he also asked if he can spit venom which you can't say the words that amid a spotter handled without people sort of like. You know look at now. Yet but yeah but net overall was with a good Carriker and for awhile the only guy news BB identity are the only you know non avenger who knew. And I think it was important at this movie because you know and Spiderman in the historically becomes Spiderman and whatever generation there's like this. It's pretty heavy you know I mean they keep us fair. And Ned brought kind of like this levity like this like it. Energy to you know and I mean where Peter really was on the fence about whether or not this was a good paying him and you had net telling them how cool was you should do this and asking him. You know so it kind of brought about a little bit so I doubt could. They had their conversations also reminds you like high school he conversations that put their look book and girls together or they're like the net but then they go from that to building like a Lego death star you're enemies as the gonna get very gap there between the through. It accurately they were like yeah rocket but you know. Chris Evans pop up a few times as Captain America those PSA is sort of those great that there's the line and with Hannibal Burress right via comedian. Who as allies like Arab preachers like a war criminal but whatever it's so that he's reminds you that this after civil war. But they're still running those app that America PSAs. You know. And now it that was great you exactly sneaky good in this movie. And Wilbur he was I I enjoyed them all Spiderman movies that Gillick always. Bring in Mike. Actors or actresses that here like for small roles but I obviously don't lover was one hell Brussels on. They had the girl from baskets was the lady in the Washington monument running the yet elevator. Yes elect but when I read that my wife started hitting me you like oh my god emperor of semantics Sharon has some like a partner yeah. Yeah that's been particularly good game boy put the same. Say that's our man that is out as what she brings the table. He did you have any problem all of no Mary Jane what a real Mary Jane Watson an aura Gwen Stacy. No I don't but I I think again this is the MJ thing was. I don't think you needed to do that you know and I mean at I like. I have no problem with the and I played Mary Jane scholar Mary Jane they didn't have to color Michelle Jones. Yet that is very strange to me I don't I don't really I don't really get that part of it. Also yet a couple of different actors play Oz the shocker the shocker is in this universe. You know the great switched because I was wondering does okay it would bind. Is in the I Mike there's no way could he have legit actor right but he wouldn't rate it was awesome and ray. And like I was like oh what do you just so much known named bug it's a seven different shocker switcheroo. It is like Tiger Woods thing or iron a shocker you know and it goes like that could make up. And I didn't mean meter guy who didn't matter. No it didn't so that yes that was good and then also you know a look ahead. I guess well we can get that media of the mid credits scene two when what what future villains. We could see so other Easter eggs and stuff that we get to again I'm still pissed about the the no mention of the defenders about this Kobe accords. Which were taught in class this quick turnaround is good two months after civil war. And more of the times that you see Peter Parker in class the teacher is talking about this movie accords. Which are buddy who still is convinced that. Our Tony Stark wrote that make this happen it said that he wrote that yet. I don't know I don't know how you feel about that. Yeah I don't think that it. Let's see you get that also would they're moving out is these are just either some of these are more obvious than others but when they're moving out of the avengers tower they're going to their upstate facility. They reference a new Captain America shield. Then a bunch Iron Man stuff including a whole buster suit in vivid new belt for the for those are all predictable references. We find there's an ultra on head in form at one point. Feel that stuff. Yeah about would bolt is going to the plane I was like looking around. The plane that he what I what was actually in there good over the last stop. There are great at. It oh what are both kind of claim was they were clearly doing like affairs dealers they office like like. Homage or rip off what everyone to call it but that they literally showed spears whose Mike that's a little on the nose. I was the most funny load body of it while that was happening like this looks like the motors dealer. And then base guy and and it showed it to Mike all even have to show it like we all got its line yet we all about it I mean well. Most of that most of the it one of the things that IE IE it's funny that they put in their spew Libya that I'm watching this movie and I'm watching Peters interaction with people. And the music was all eighties there was. If baguette to the homecoming with a in eighty dance split throughout the movie the complain blitzkrieg bop their planned sooner or later. And make. Where it struck me is like this is kind elected John Hughes movie with super here it's kind of like I was I was. You know which. I love other big John use spam which we'll get to an is that it's more alert alert over these direct spoiler alert for the spoiler alert well mentioned something on the outline I'll bring up John Hughes again. That vacant. Are there is a couple of characters that we didn't mention but flash Thompson. I did not do a bus stops than those I guess he's more of like your 2017. Bully their knee you know Joseph Mac you know oh by the way was in the plane death stroke and was. You know that where will drew blood he was flash thousand the first one and the second one flash Thompson was. Just in throws stepson in the leftovers so like you go from like those kind of more timid intimidating. Don't high school bullies to this guy was like a real kind of loser. He visited in this is where I thought. It would work is because. 2017. Bullies. Are not. Punch you in the states call you when mirrored push you in the hallway kind of -- they're not like that I can people sue people now sneaking up right by you don't punch each other anymore you don't need advocates fight anymore but there indicated that your school we wanted to absolutely (%expletive) kill. Who just keeps cone you pianist Parker. Yeah like all right now that's going to be and. Diets like that type of bullying verses like the physical type the bully it's more mental it's more emotional you know at a media room that's in the terms like. And most of the kids who do that a look at EU people whatever it may. Saw chalk bucket seats again and chuck. People you know I mean it's hockey value in the street you wouldn't say to your face knowing where to go on either gonna go on iTunes and they've got about you know and I mean. Who stars that you can't I think it's awesome that the person who like. Peters nemesis and school this last Thompson like he ate (%expletive) now is going to be an let's throw Peter could literally ripped him and half because you know I mean. That's good point David mentioned Betty Brandt before she's on the school news she of course was Elizabeth Banks is character. From the first trilogy of Spiderman and the collar books she were expert Jay John Jamison though makes sense having her ball to the media there a little bit. Another obvious that east correct thing was the bank robbers Wear in the mass halt the work Iron Man Captain America. Eight Peter mentioned it's nice to meet the board hole because obviously didn't see them in the civil war and also he. When he got his like web wraparound one of them he makes the war college poll which is kind of cool because Roy and a lot of that I'm an up or wracked Iraq. Tom this is that this isn't to me like an Easter at this is more to the embargo. Is when some of the high school kids are talking about Spiderman and I don't really know. What's underneath don't quote you are the notes underneath his suit or he is vastly could be all burned. It's a dead pool reference but it's you know it's not new universe very. Despite this slight tip of the cap that the economy the slight dip in again. There are you know those Internet people who are going crazy for it Spiderman dead pool movie will be part that you know then again there is plenty of source material for that. Yes the other is also a school Jennifer Conley. Was the voice probably picked up Bob should the voice of Caron inside the Spiderman suit answers on because her real life. Husband is Paul Bettany who was the voice of Jarvis then became division so to me it's like when. Wade Tony Stark is put together these these ai eight suits and the voices the appointment of Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly with him. And I was so here comes John Hughes reference number two now so. When I was a kid. And I saw elaborate for the first time I think I was like. Six or seven. I thought Jennifer Connelly was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen smiling it's the might be she still might be flash forward to when I was ten years old. In business very unknown. Not unknown but like un under appreciated John Hughes Peter and directed but he wrote the movie called career opportunities and start frank Whaley who you'll gnome accusing him. And Jennifer Connelly frank Whaley played big the bad cop in. Well that might have been just detail line out there. It was a new conflict. We're located at the white guy with the weird hair and play tonight you idea yet that's frank Whaley and Jennifer Connelly. Greatest movie and I will tell you right now there is. The hottest girl you've ever seen in your life is 199121. Years old Jennifer comedy career opportunities. This scene where she's riding like what the quarter and like of course yes thank you on the believable. She is Google it if you were to blow the crown miner number eleven big she is a big he is smoking hot. And then there's also the scene at the end of our requiem for a dream which you can not on C. Cannot unseat a I cried I was all right big she is a wonderful wonderful lady and just just real talent. I was watching that movie one time it's over I'd nor do it is about requiem for a dream and people were coming over at the movie was so I was watching it. And he had seen my mom comes walking through and he's an onslaught to that what is this like I do it. That's but the but stuff that's what it. They oh a lot of money in their ticket to Brooks. Our Internet and now do you do you like me the first time we saw that movie did did likely go to ball fade to black it you're just like staring at this screen yeah well yeah. They didn't know what to do it like meaningless. Yeah outside what so then my college roommate. I had I owned it for some reason a little while requiem for a dream to be pleased to take it from me but I all requiem for a dream and wanna buy my college roommate I think sophomore year had never seen it I'm not. I don't wanna watch it again just Keck I know I don't have I generally don't watch and it and that after the Aaron Boone game when that when the Red Sox lost don't read the Yankees. I was so miserable Obama exit there is that Watson he wasn't a Red Sox or yankees densities just like use you know he felt bad for me I look our own Mike. We don't want to recommend perjury now let's go to would opt pitted and outlets that the earth that might. Yet that it's it's over our mic credits scene Ryan this is the this sort of spit in your head possibly as our man homecoming to couple parts here you see. Michael Keaton as Adrian tunes is and jail is imprisoned or prison now and he's he's walking down any seeds Mac Gargan. Or not Joseph from better coleslaw. And who we know what's gonna be the scorpion that's these the scorpion in the Spiderman comic and if you didn't know that get a scorpion tattoo wanna snack sized. Was really hampered audio like some. Some mechanical stuff on his arm. When he was in prison yet but for us real Spiderman band that we knew it was him when they were on the ferry and they did the facial recognition and they said we gotta hit of this guy it's Mac guard that we had with the use so they mention him by name on the ferry knows like that back. At LA and people got elected me of them like. You don't worry about it. No it don't look it up later now so here's my question to you why do you think. Michael Keaton. Hold the scorpion that he didn't know Peter Parker's identity. If you want them. You can view a video also saved if he saved the altar in a way. So maybe it was so that they give it or do we do running tally. In the car team with Michael Keaton and Peter Parker. You know he said you know use saved my you'd save my daughter's life so I owed that one now gonna save your life. By not killing you right now yet been Peter pulled them out of the fire. Saving his life right. About EO is so you could be like either want to kill or you like I noted. A knock around you do it you know that's Korea and I wonder if there's a chance that we'll get ever get a sinister six because again in the history of the comics that's all that's. Although whole number of guys I guess you don't asked out of the six to make it work right but I don't apply. I love. But I've said in the beginning I love the treatment of the villain in this because they kill any of them. Don't you cut while yeah yeah you saw not a shocker he got the vulture you got scorpion they're at their limbs and bring home repairs and now you need a goblins you need. And how about this what all people are saying like gonna get a venom right you're gonna get a venom. Carnage maybe bring back into the dark dark to put a carnage keep people well they are all night were cravin a craven the hunter an honor to be. Awesome ministerial we haven't seen yet like this pundit guy or is the problem. You know I mean like it it's it's wide open and that that was the best part of this movie like it's that it's that the table for the entire thing and you know. Wont yet is any kind of crossover with the Netflix guys because. Spiderman publisher about some great stuff in fact publishers. Debut. Came in a Spiderman com. So are about the secrets he knows pretty sweet now you waited about fifteen more minutes to get the post credit scene. And that was Captain America given UA PSA about patients and I know for a fact. At the text in with you that you were not a fan of snow had spent. Both currency. Well I would let operative where. When he be on the box is broadcast said it was the best and credits scene he's ever seen. Now they're telling me where I said it was for me back but it wasn't for me. So. In my mind I'm like OK so I'm. Mike. I had so I I upped your game a little bit. Not to not to step on your flavor but the likely candidate get rid of the pit the Mitt. Great people about the abrasion that spurred the universal time I brought in some rom and added it to my IC. How I would how is that off. You don't do that connect that grip the movie you're you're doing yourself producer well maybe this weekend or a war and but I drank it was so delicious that I drank a huge IC so butt hole from from like. The Washington DD seen on I had to Pete like I had to get hired. That's like telling a guy and yeah yeah little. But like I gotta get through the credit and credit to pretty long productive person like that's great but but west that the next one bought them so I gotta get getting into it and my wife at the peak use public were. Like properly at this point. GAAP defeated. And then back (%expletive) happens and I'm like you gotta be (%expletive) kidding. You have balance out autos Bonnie invite. Because they all don't have to mean something in the debate credits scene to me was great that spur of the story that further what's going on at the preview for the next on. And then this one was just. It was getting to that we're gonna get a couple more moving like that they apply it time to set up infinity world eerie kind of have so anyway I'd. And a big big big wreck Iraq is gonna do that obviously Mike Bibby knocking it do at the racked up. Debt wracked Iraq well now let me ask I know you're a huge Spider-Man two fan you had said before that is the best that the previous Spiderman films I would tend to agree I I do agree with that leading into this one but did this top that. I read. It's it's kind of to me it'd be displayed apples and oranges. You know I see them I see them. On their own merit I I don't wired against new. Right really compare to that one but I. Yes I'm with the understand though there they are different. But they're all that good but I would stated their bowl. And they have their pluses and minuses but Pickett I would pay cable though but I think Tom all under the better Spiderman band. Toby McGuire yeah. I think. What doctor are really doing it and I doubted that it Alfred Molina dark dark dark dark the book with a little bit better than the culture. You know what's what's great debt like it's unfair for Sam Arabian total choir those guys but they. They don't have that Iron Man wrinkle like they don't have that bigger part of bigger universe already established great character like they don't have. They don't they can't bring that's the tables that might be where homecoming for at least for me gives it the gives the nod I think it's the best bud. I pay yeah I think Tom's Holland is the best Spiderman yeah. Right yeah whether I I again I would have to digested the little bit I thought yesterday's summit appetite just a little bit to know whether or not it's about Spiderman movie. Could have I don't have enough time removed from a yet you know. Understandable any final thoughts on Spiderman homecoming before we get to the pick of the podcast. I think this visit this is. Again. A landmark movie for marvel its grip they took a step back from the hole like global. Catastrophe Spain just made a movie that. Fit into their universe but also. Was great on its own. It's a great depiction of what it's like to be a kid these days I think. And it it was just two very very well done and kudos to all those those people who made it because the. It's. The podcast now time. Now it's time now Ryan and it might monster energy drink is wearing off I will would you like to kick received the from the bowl the super. This week over our received this week a guy when he got. So I got to this week's so one of the things we mentioned on Twitter and and things like that it you guys are big and over watch we started using this all up thirty using this app called over sumo. Yeah that wouldn't. It's a free app and one of the cool things it doesn't Richie rich and I really like this we've been really down on our competitive score recent public eye on the numbers and emotionally yes. But what it does is it breaks down how you play by character. So while I. Do you play because the the regular numbers. And I'm not and bears say but I may silver it's not great but I mean we all well west the west is gold but we're we're also over. But what it and so that is so waited on it's almost entirely waited on wins and losses whereas this over sumo app. It's waited on your performance so it makes you feel a lot better. It'd based on characters so like I found out that I'm Micah. Grandmaster diva yeah you'd open but like the McCree that I used the use all the title Micah silver we have not that great with a mean right. Exactly and you're also noticed. Is that it. Ranks each day. So like if I let a couple of gold days and advocates over day and then Mike and bowl day and indeed a look at your week in an ego within each day. And look at your character so like last night of the ocean and I was really do look like Lucille last night or ever I guess that's that is pretty good. And it the other thing Iowa just to make this as Spiderman episode fully if you like Spiderman homecoming one of the things that I will. Big you to pick up if you really like this movie. They have an ultimate Spiderman. All you -- collects like issues one through thirteen. And I look stated the reason I'm saying this by the way written by Brian Michael Bennett and night. One of it. People say it's Spiderman circle that ultimate. Ultimate Spiderman number thirteen is one of the best Spiderman standalone comics Everett. And I would say it's been drawn by Mark Bagley who. You have you'd ever meet is suitors Spiderman prolonged time Todd McFarland who is another heavy hitter with Spiderman the creators on. Also created venom I didn't know that. It's embarrassing but blunted our Carlin did yet. But Mark Bagley is in the conversation for one of the greatest Spiderman artists of all time. Well his name was in the credits on there about sent out but his name yet though the book. I is moving and they independently that the mark Beck we think that's what it is trademark thing the big guys that move that's bull. Yet so he's. And suit probably you know they'd they took a lot of that from its appeal like homecoming. Read ultimate Spiderman volume one which is episode which is comics one for thirteen and it's phenomenal so thick that very. I might pick the podcast I've too as well ball we've mentioned on the podcast before bots. A little more information I mentioned lock and key the graphic novel series. That was written by Joseph hill the son of Stephen King bird out there like there's no superheroes are negated so it's its own story edit it deals with kind of guess sort of magic it's. It's cool delegates at the wheel out their little weird you know that going into it it's a lot of fonts I I'd finally finished the series so I think it's six collected editions. I recommend locked in he that a show I know you've been watching baby aren't finished or not but on Netflix. Low with a Alison great. And it could be yet but it good. I really like it and I bought episodes. Three. 34 maybe your stomach probably the show is and has got to get the first two I really liked them the green for a populate my wife heroic and the shells hit a little worse than a pick right back out and it's good. It's ten total episodes and they're all. Either just over just under half hour so let you fly through it's not ten hours worth of stuff it's five and sigh I recommend. Blah. Next week I hash tag dork I believe we have an opening there we don't know what rent talk about yet a note two weeks from now. Will be able to look back at San Diego comic con we always do comic con episode every year yet there's nobody covers India O'Connell comes from New England like ash back door. I agree that two weeks next week maybe have a 98 it hit us up on Twitter at or podcast you can email us. Dork podcasts at gmail.com. Courts you can rate review and subscribe on iTunes. And please I don't think my heart can take another two star review so just just don't do that the. We are worried about the fact that we keep mentioning that these are all people are gonna do it like try to be funny. Not to trust its not funny it's it's it's a serious with serious problem. We're also on YouTube you can check out my rant actually that's the most recent video go to YouTube dot com slash brought podcasts were also on snap chat you can buy a T shirt at represent dot com. And to search out dork. You can buy this week dork shirt. David Workman people all you'll. That are gonna be on any social media the UK gear and not just gave crummy fall. They all are on the end at door podcast video front. No I I would David bit that I have a lot of emotional at this was a fun episode been a lot of emotional investment here so who's thank you for indulging me it might. Deep you know with Spiderman. Well until next week thanks you all for listening to have to dark.