#DORK 25: Christopher Nolan Movies

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Tuesday, August 1st

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk Christopher Nolan movies. The guy behind Memento, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception and now Dunkirk.  Plus all the news you can handle in This Week in #DORK, Pick of the Podcast and much more.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to my task is to go to my chances which cheek if the door. I can asked if that is why don't blogs she. Thanks for turn into another episode of hash tag dork I'm of course your host rich keep Jordan once again by Ryan Davey Davey how Rio. They're too good to be back. It's great to have you back Ryan and we have before I get to the episode which is an exciting episode topic I am looking forward to discussing. We have a big announcements. Rich well I'll tell you what we have been approved to go to Boston comma con in a couple of weeks of the bat boy as comic con will be back. And we're gonna be enjoying Boston comic con here in the middle of August. It I. I think it's going to be pretty swell I think we're a lot of content from there will do an episode the following week. Breaking down all of our stuff what tweets we'll pictures like videos welcomed the nonsense and if you happen also going to. Hash tags are outside Boston comic con keep an eye out for the other hash tag dorks as will be walking around. Mingle with the people and what not to deport. All the all the things are gonna take place there. And yeah. I just I'm just I'm really excited about it I was trying to those Mormeck and up thing but I'm really excited. Some of the people we're going to be there. Operated video camera look at some Bogut and great audio to us some of some real. Real characters probably better than the comic on. Big John David guys walking around again with a jump seating music blasting. He could be the web that I worked for him I would say and think about it goes pretty good. And you know what apply what right now a lot of podcast they might say hey we have a big announcement and then they buried at the end of the episode that make you listen all the the whole episode I said on Twitter at a big announcement what do I do inside the minute I tell me what it is scan that they I have faith. That your Ellison in this whole goddamn thing anyway. Can I give the next debated big news yes please. All right so for all of you audio files out there those people who just can't seem to get enough of good audio. On and you know while our continent its second anonymous podcast Richard I feel as though if we had an Achilles heel it would be the fact that I am on a telephone right now and you're in a multimillion dollar studio. Correct that it. That's. But something we are going to remedied next week and I plan on being in studio lol. Many league for our upcoming podcast with uncle buck I'm told. Yes we said you know what let's make it a three way deals uncle buck will be in studio right Dave will be in studio and I actually I I have. Suit different ideas we've come up with these ideas and I think maybe you'll limited to do what Twitter poll and see what will win out we have to we have to ideas right now talked about it with the local baucus well. One and I believe Marcus came up of one of these ideas including this idea Marcus from the doctors give up the personal movie's idea because he's idea man and he any right up energy. And so he is that's a good ideas. These two upcoming for next week. Either the best there's got to wordy but it's a good topic the best non marble slash DC comic book movies. I know it's kind of a weird topic but there's a lot of good movies we can get into like you know kick ass in sin city and different things like that. And an act also spin off into what other ones would you like to see them. Or the other idea. With the dark tower coming out with the trailer for it coming out we could do Stephen King movies. Yeah we got there are odd million. There are if you we looked at it and there are tons of them now that they're not marvel DC comic book movies. You get. It's a little muddy like you know I guess vertigo vertigo owned by DC so we don't know if that's you know it means that's what everybody waters there but. We can just say that things that aren't can't and think that art in the expanded universe he kind of put it that way. Or we can do we can talk about like not getting like forty Steven king. There's a gala occasion. There's a lot of goddamn Stephen king's but over that could be a good loss they've all put it's of to a poll question on the old what are. And see what's going on their those are big two announcements Boston comma con we will be there. And debut will be in studio. Next week so that is. I don't know how we really how we can top that limit new to sign off right now I don't know. Thank you drag it out this weekend we'll see you next week. Lot of news and notes here this week Ryan and let's start with you Wonder Woman who has a release date will be December 13 2019. In a little long way off to new weight. Anyways yeah. You're gonna have to. And that's two years two years from this coming December all right that is quite a ways away about sore I'd have to happen in those two years Richard. You ever wonder what those popular off the DC EU might be completely shut down double Wonderwall and we'll still still happen by the opt for Wagner rock which comes out in November. It's got to be a hundred minutes long according to some reports which would make it the shortest MC you won't be that good or bad. That's good. The subpoena that big like elect a lot of people I mean I don't think. One I think the director get that. I believe it was takeaway TV it that this got nailed it. And he also gets the fact that like you know not a lot of people are into it or movie even if you put Hulk into it. And let's cut to the chase here you're gonna be like a bit there's going to be it's going to be a lot of action. Not gonna be a lot of talking in a I think that's what authority. You give me a fast paced hundred minutes instead of you know too much story I think. You can also do that when it this is the third. Four movie and then Thor and Hulk have both been in so many movies like me we kind of note characters are at this point they are to vote later more ground work so. I'm excited for that. Another movie news there is a dead pool to poster. That we tweeted out at dork podcast of domino so our first look at domino in the domino. Outfit and she's laying on top of a dead pool. Costume I guess the looks sort of predicted there would be in front of the fire very similar look dead pool did during his marketing campaigns that I get domino. The girl from Atlanta and I think she looks great. There's a lot of dead pool and confused sexuality which seems to be his. Is it you know. It's working reform. We also got this news trial of this. This is pretty hash tag dork although he has a pretty important character. He's he's in a budget the pale comic books you read. He's in the Justice League a lot of times. If it crisis he was a big part of you know a few not to spoil all the way but he and his and his wife. He's that he's DC's mister fantastic but he's more vote. Crime solver like a detective not protective booties. It works now aren't you don't enjoy. It works you longer Medicare to game two will be difficult frequently a. Let me ask you this is elongated man. The worst superhero them. Right up there with the matter eater lad yet and I elect matter either last. Yeah balance sock yet elongated minced tough we're getting a bit he sounds like a mega man villain. Like he's not used it not even like him. Put an active verb like he's he's due Il elongated awhile ago. Right and that they've always elongated and he's stuck that way it is now like strokes then mister fantastic you know I mean you'd like. Is he stuck that way that the extra extra started to go back extra terms for a. And I know what he's good recounts sneaky socks and so I guess who's there mr. fantastic ish. So we'll see how they use senator cools on the CD out of flash TV shows pretty good and that's also got the flash elongated man it worked together a lot fact. Elongated man its first ever appearance. Was in a flash issue like for ever ago I can't. Give throngs is rolling on episode three was this past weekend. We will have in fact but I Tonya listen to this we may already have our recap video up we're gonna record that after we record this so law. We'll have more on that against spoiler full. On the app of the season. I'll say this about it. It's working out the a breakneck. Pace there they are not building things up they're just cutting right to the chase which I think you can look at as as good. But also bad but I think it's a little scary is this has been a kind of a well thought out show it's in the their racing this thing to the end. Yeah and I think would be shortened seasons I know. These next two seasons dispose BC has one kind of one season but they split in two for some reason. But yet they are they are just full out sprint right now. There there cut into the trees and O well well more on that again. Dork pot are gonna YouTube dot com slash dork podcasts he could check out all of that. Reckon more knee season three is here of course they released their. First episode back on April 1 and that they re release of again. This past weekend followed by episode two which have sort of a mad Max VO RT seen it yet but it's his classic or the Marty. No I have not seen it I IE split time this past week as you know I was I was out of town that time. Between my in laws house in Plymouth Massachusetts which does not have cable or Internet old and to a bungalow in Portland South Portland, Maine that did not have a television so. I am I'm a little pocket. Well it's good to have you back in the 21 century I'm. But Rick Moore is goes. Recommend that the South Park season to one in one that. Pushed back a few weeks and is now that a lot kick off on September 13 but they've also said Trey Parker. They're gonna do. More comic classic episodes in the sense where the last few years they've sort of done. More continuity where they used to be that one off episodes and they're going to be doing more of that and less Donald Trump jokes and so they're back to basics without public reported last year was great but I'm looking forward to them going back to appease the. I'm sure they are two I'm and I'm sure like these guys are pretty immediate scene of a it's realistic and as you know of South Park on Iran there operation where they make an episode every week. Com. And now I'll I am guessing at some point beat Donald Trump jokes get a little stale we're done we're done yet I would get bored with that if I was there sure writer so I'm sure. They were supremely bored that I got to. You trailers here before he gets in the video game minute it's had a new trailer out. I don't like clouds obscure clouds this'll probably be scary I don't think Alicea in the theater also of people say about the movie it I also read on line. That it's gonna be two hours and fifteen minutes. In the allotted at the long down movie is that not. What I did belong clown clown movie but also yet to remember that the beer original one wasn't it like gum. It's useless for hours long and it was a two part made for TV movie. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I guess yeah it just seems to look like more movies and over again and to horrible is again for a ball deep in October horrible news but. The blob the best ones are ninety minutes a hundred minutes to hours and fifteen minutes knots. But anyway did you see the trailer for. Our. I did you know Israel and you wrote that in the outline I was I hadn't seen because I'd been gone now I was like oh my god has elected Danzig biopic. And I am acknowledged some weird Darren are not evenly. There are off ski of course requiem for a dream pie. Black Swan the wrestler he's back Jennifer Lawrence Harvey air Javier Bardem and at least Ed Harris. Video really get a whole lot from the trailer like the house. And thousands that was conjuring with the hell's going on here just very off putting. Always a paltry always often yeah. The posters we're just hold my own heart and that battle that's trailers out we have tweet that out as well and the last thing. The vice principals. Season to. The trailer is out. It's that the show will be out September 17. The run a month and a half away. From Danny McBride coming back this show. Very mixed and I felt some weeks are really like to some weeks I'm like this are kind of socks so eluded you see where they go in season two looks like a whodunit. Because spoiler somebody shot dated a pride at the end of season one he still alive but now certified evolution. And it was interesting to me because I remember reading an article on this show first came out they were talking about you know multiple seasons like eastbound and down and stop and he's definitely got David against Jody hill or some like it got right Elvis stuff with yeah. Nominee said he was is basically like a movie so it's supposed to be like a three hour movie but or whatever but it. Once season and it's like one done and out or coming back proceed and do so and truth be told I I do I did not watch vice principal is one but it will probably catch up. And that might have some good moments but. Not radio intolerant you are gonna run around see it are you ready for the next portion of the show. Do. It's time. Oh. Either man. What do you. So I got one thing to guys and this desire spoke fueled by the little bit about this last night and I was. A bit about this idea back and forth between people that there's there's a game that's come up the start and get some speed right now and I would love for people to take to that Twitter verse and and kind of walk we through this epic games. Who is responsible for such things as. Like gears of war. And I think bullets storm or logistical quit with the ski game that he didn't do with epic but. Anybody gears of war and maybe put up this game called for night. Which I'm very interested in Aamodt downloading as we speak. It just came out I think for console. This week or last week. And basically the idea is you have this cast the characters think like over watch but you build sports. Using resources that you collect by killing like. Waves of monsters. Guys and so it's like it's for people or 45 people on a team. All of you know have different role yet your engineers you have here you know you're attacked people your defense people you know so it's. Kind of a team building exercise. If you work so I. If you have any thoughts on this extra strong feelings or wanna play and show me how to play. Check me out on on Twitter or twitch or whatever. Yes go in there. All right they go for it sounds good are let's get on to the topic is Orion. Blake I'm I think that was the first time I did a video game minute word actually under a minute. We'll by the time it is they're very well could be exactly minute. Which again we don't mind if it goes sometimes there's more than a minute back at you yes it does it's very very clear in the in the lyrics of the song. Let's go to the top of George you would. Of course the topic of the day and that is Christopher Nolan movies. Offer a couple reasons one Dunkirk is the number one movie in America right now and Christopher Nolan. Turns 47 on Sunday as a how to for the hospital and not not too bad. Now he started his career early on width. This thing out by the way and many you know this but writer director. And producer does doesn't will and everything he started on with some short films he also did a movie called falling in 1998 which it did not see. Everything else I've seen. With the exception of Don Kirk I know we've we've probably should have seen that forward to this episode but tough marbles I will atomic lest I will see Dunkirk there's no doubt. But once you agree with this you gotta be in the right had space to watch a war movie like I'm not always ready to go to sit down want to warm. Yeah I remember vividly seeing. Saving Private Ryan like in the theater mum. And was not really prepared for at the opening scene the enormity. Yeah deviate scene that was just I just remembered Vick. You know I like a good silence theater you know I don't like people clapping there you know who and aren't as much like you don't you know Burma now and it's. And not really that good of it much of a feel good story nom but it. Stressful but that I was stressed out that that entire movie and I've I've read the story of Dunkirk. Just that from the historical standpoint and I watch the footage of them may exceed helmet on location there and it's just it just looks like two hours of distress. Yet there's no in fact it's less than two hours of doubt surprising it's a buck 45. And for a warm over that's pretty shocking become a three hour war movies have you have your facts though. I again I'm a motive Fort Stewart and he got in let us know offered up a look at things about it act or podcast or two or podcast at gmail.com. Let us know about Dunkirk. But for all the other movies we've seen there's eight other films. We've seen all eight of these we're to discuss them now. We're gonna go in order and at the end we will rank them and maybe throw some of our favorite moments are some of our favorite. Acting performances in them less certain 2000 Brian that is when memento. Came out and not and congress over it yeah I've I've seen following some of the pits Arnold some about all I've seen it so. In this ideal everything I want Al all. It's a bit of a mix between. The usual suspects. And another book plug the book invisible man by chuck lost and those two things at that. Had repeatedly it is what alerted the cut about one of the cool things about this movie is like you said it was Chris were on first movie to actually on Netflix if you wanna watch. Com. The black white bigot you know sixteen millimeter eight millimeters some points films look like kind of epic grainy black and white lark film things on. What kind of you can see. That Christopher Nolan directed this movies today and that you know it's shot out of sequence. You can tell just by the way to main character is. Addressed. At some point there's different and other scenes and so on so forth. But it's kind of like this mystery kind of stated start stop is something. Stupid and kind of morphs into. Something cool emitted and at the end all the pieces get put together you know America's equivalent at a yes yes armed the one cool thing about this is like he shot this and everybody. They shot this on the weekends over the course of the year. Because everybody involved with the movie had day jobs. Editors at like nine to five job Billick they couldn't they only can film it on the weekend for a while he was like nobody got eight. For everything and I was like 28 or Maroney made it. Yes elected it was a it was a cool move if it's a cool movie. In terms of the pantheon of Christopher Nolan movies that they get if you're huge personal and it's definitely were little watched desist C. Where all of this stuff came from and one of the coolest parts obviate eat meat so the main character. Meet this guy that won a quick break in in the people's houses. And one of the houses they break into you see the doors swing open and as a bat man logo on the tour. That history again. There's only equaled it in memento tool gets here there's also a scene where it out of college work shopper what kind of shop it is but they drive by quickly and there's the Batman and the Superman logo. And I got breeze I also like to pretend that their all they shared universe which of those crap but I like to pretend that they are. Is sure exactly itself following sits on Netflix if there also like just over an hour if not for long or short Erica. Are so now I will start with memento which came out 2000 which is also crazy to think that means Christopher Nolan was thirty. When he made the movie and it kind of puts your own life in perspective and you say. I'm pocket on mount to much because summary 33. And did not make memento which is maybe one of the greatest movies. Of all time it's an hour and 53 minutes if he was nominated for an Oscar for best. Original screenplay. You know I am DB does that their top 250 movies based on my daughters it's number 48. And on rotten tomatoes they're getting 92%. It quickly this the other synopsis I guess here a man juggles searching for his wife's murderer and keeping it short term memory loss. From being an obstacle. And of course Guy Pearce plays the main character Leonard who has got to be one on the short list of great characters of all time. Yeah I mean this is one of those movies that I saw. There are a lot of movies that I saw. And it is before. Before the Internet kind of blew up. Yeah I mean though. Your upper Sherman 2008. Yeah boiling a movie for you. Now on I think it was in the theaters and 01 in the United States they released at the Venice Film Festival 2000 and I came on a one. I remember seeing it like I was in college and it was a 002 or three years them like and it was a will be on what we've ever seen it actually would blew my mind. It's it's insane integral to put it like it's crazy like we all like how. By Russians that we all like I like how Quinton Tarantino make some of his movies and there's a good time jumping your inner put an altogether. This takes that. So like a completely different level where. The story telling me. You have half of this is the black and White House than it is in color. And I believe a farm right the black and white part goes. In the correct order whereas when it's in color it's going in reverse order and it's he's just gone back and forth between the two. Yeah and that's where and then and then be handed people the middle. Yeah an IKEA it's not and then look at the little weird color thing to sort of show you that. Yes and it it was not to get a little giving me the plot away if you haven't seen memento like. Mayor Richard manly of you like what the public what the (%expletive) you don't if you haven't seen memento in Atlanta and this X spot on the go watch that go watch that immediately. It's unbelievable it really gets in amid it's an amazing movie. Guy Pearce by the best to oversee Guy Pearce Joseph Joey pants to apparently on how is amazing and it and carry and mosques and has a few other actors here and there but those three. Karen moss has some really intense scenes in this movie and she's. Show us kind of scary until one scene outside or she's in the yet in the car. All my guy like that is why all and it's just yet. I'll I got site yeah I can't recommend this movie enough I don't know. Somebody asked a lot of us are top ten favorite movies I don't think it's a crack my top ten favorites but it's. It's probably knock on the door in a Biden said to stay straight up you know ten best movies that were the best movies you've ever seen this is definitely on the analysts. Absolutely I think did a bid bit the line for me is like a five looking at a wall of dvds. You know and and mementos on the Arabic. Leo it but it's summer vacation wanna watch memento Mike absolutely. Yet or an act like it's never on TV anymore but if you ever like stumbled upon your card now sucked him but I I don't watch this it just blows your mind this is also our number. Through this again came out of one of the dvd probably cannot note to produce are collecting dvds and like 2002. Dozen on. So this is definitely one of the first in my collection before my collection grew to just an obscene levels memento was was in there. And I remember buying this movie that I used to go my big thing that I go to blockbuster in the previous that you dvd racks we elect three for twenty bucks awesome deal yup. It was an awesome deal and I don't know other no wonder they went out of business so I would go in there with forty bucks and about sixty we've got the but I remember. I remember at one time I picked up. This movie. In the boon docks at saint and one trip and I was like just I remember. Being hit with a look at my doing but what we do it's like I watch Fernando and that's what to conduct I think that's why did I ever think it is a good movie. Expect. Botox thing it's a elected and now it's just viewed upon as like the worst movie of all time but. What we watched that we were probably. Six fat 1617 when he wherever like. If you are doing is there anyone anyone yet whenever it was entertaining at its socks spotlight mementos is an all timer. Anything else the momentum again you have to see we don't wanna spoil it army there's those that I mean I guess because the movies now for seventeen years but. For those few view that haven't seen it it's it's that good that I want you to watch it without knowing what happens. It's it's a hash tag dork cannon like if you're gonna want less than any other episode of the show you have. Have to be aware and need to have seen this. Because the one of the reveals to makah say one of the reveals. Where you find out liquor really. Like late in the game you find out and it just kind of blows your mind it's not like. It is not even like the M. Night Shyamalan where like the whole movie is based off of the twist it just happens to be a really big twist is the whole movie is just crazy trying to figure out. What this guy is doing is short term memory only memory loss so like everything you know he's meeting people over and over and over again it's. I can't say enough good things compliment though so we're gonna hit hard push. It's a great care to study when you use peace something like this and elect you know you figure out pretty early on what do character's motivation is one of your character doesn't know what his motivation. What if you don't know what does that look like you know and it's so I don't really and that's one of the a Nolan thing that just these really cool ideas you know I mean that. Yeah an idea of bully what it would it's more of his great ideas the next movie he did. I was not his idea because it's the only one heavily on this list that he did not write that is insomnia it came around 2002. It clocks in at 92%. On rotten tomatoes which I'm shocked by it is one hour and 58 minutes. And the plot to Los Angeles homicide detectives are dispatched to a northern town where the sun doesn't set to investigate the methodical murder. Of a local team. They go to Alaska so I like that that's sort of a different idea where daylight all the time and output chino. Plays the one of the main cops than this this this movie to me was. Fine it was not great and maybe we'll get to the rankings later but maybe the worst movie did. Yeah I I think. And it was just so like at that time ago remember in 2002 member Robin Williams also did one hour photo. Yes Robin Williams and the two start Cupertino Robin Williams just Hilary Swank but yes it probably also did that as Malia. But he did one hour photo the same year so by how much I remember articulate what the hell's going on an arm ever getting the movies confused. So they're both very like darker. Movies starring you know Robin Williams as like a killer well he's the bad guy in this yeah yes and I remember seeing it I've only seen this movie once and I remember seeing it being like a pretty good it's been a lit up like dot. I didn't know you know Christopher Nolan directed this until you know like three years ago was someone brought it up. You know you're old I gotta I gotta laughs at them because that's on the final thing you know excited even in going to be so yeah I remember I did I don't think he wrote it is directed at. Correct yeah I think he made that some of the re write probably on our government is not or the writers this wasn't an original idea. And his and maybe you sort of see that shone out I'm also not a huge Alpa chino fan and people love him but I like whatever. Its approach you know rob Roy is perhaps there's a scene in this. It's literally a foot chase between Al Pacino Robin Williams. And and do. People or did it plays out exactly like you vigilant in Al Pacino Sprint's exactly like you think you spray as is so awkward like you're. Without outlet he notes Jason that rob is. Agnes is terrible that isn't so bad you get Hilary Swank post 90210. But three Million Dollar Baby. We rated. Post doubt this is posts that. Yeah this is it's funny that you say you thought it was discounted it and because as you know watching this movie. There's so many that. Yet all you gotta see this is a great movie or this is crap don't see this. But perhaps also B that that middle ground where this falls into neither category. Like you can immediately feel passionately about this movie one way or the other you watched it fine Iraq and own it how I'd be surprised you put in a collection. Or wanted to sit down watch again but like I wasn't pissed that I spent you know two hours of fun. Our let's jump ahead to 2005. And this are you kick off the Dark Knight trilogy with Batman begins. Is two hours and twenty minutes it ranks 115. On the I am DB top 250. And 84%. On rotten tomatoes. I am DB says after training what is mentor Batman begins his fight to free crime ridden Gotham city from the crops and that's scarecrow. And the league of shadows have cast upon. And I would say first baby odd Joel Schumacher. Really try to kill the franchise try to kill one of the most beloved characters of all time. And then you bring in Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale and they completely save it would this movie. And I would say this is a bit of a bit of heartache I take alert Richard old. This movie and what you what I'd do right now and what. In of this weekly paying and what we talk about every week with the MCU ended peace. CEU and whatever none of that exists were about this movie. Who. And a lot of people forget this movie like twelve years old like this this movie came out three years before Iron Man did a good point. You know I mean so well there were some successes like you know the rabies Spiderman franchise is doing very well at the time but getting kind of god glossy is a word I would use is getting very you know. He had like the the first couple Waxman were good and those were already out here this losing this is on a different level with the different type of movie. And I think this was this was the movie where people well like oh my god that we can do it but we can do. Like it darker. But you know more challenging superhero movie and not have a piece something dumb and not have it be like a cartoon. Well and you have so much good source material it it would these top movies like you don't need to have. To jerk offs that don't even know I think about the character write something on him back I asked my arm at school or the X-Men they can do this lake you can go to and I don't Nolan wrote this. But he talks about some of the other like how he was inspired by the killing joke about some of these other ones I believe very very light. They're they're all out there see you can take stuff from those and bring it into your movie. And so. He does that would this I also what I really follows a great idea. Was they can recycle. Villains from the previous four movies seem really to. To me you're really separating yourself but you eventually once you've got all the goodwill from that movie. You can bring in a new Joker but even at the time you think at all tackles the best Joseph McEnroe do a better joke. They said screwed out when opposite order of Roswell rule to give you a really good origin story. And we're gonna go with scarecrow who was a known villain for all the Batman fans is scary gold for those who don't know home. And he can't compare him to a temper and movie can't compare to a Schumacher movie that all worked out perfect. And Christian Bale proved to be if he does the voice of Terry makes arm for but he proved to be a good Bruce Wayne in Attica about it. And I yeah I think there was. How do you take something so ridiculously guy who flies around it out of the bat. And grounded in something that you like it almost makes that they elect somebody would yeah you know I mean. Com and that was it the best thing that did it for me was that it it was. As real as a superhero movies and again like you see. In opera swing get hurt you know in not just like click the big bad guy hurt them like. Normal people hurt him like you know the first I've read that does he dropped down and start doing pushups yes yeah Mosley on these though like bruised up their you know so it's. Gay get some things themselves so it. In just. Landmark is the wrong word used but an important movie in terms of people stepping back and being like holy (%expletive) what we can actually make real movies with superheroes in the. Yeah I know exactly and you also get Michael Cain in this movie who teams up Christopher Nolan in just about every single movie in America really good Alfred. And you mentioned Iron Man before Batman begins and Iron Man. There aren't they are the two best origin story movies for all is how we've seen a thousand Koppel what was by now. There are some great ones ousted these two are the best I'd really like dead pool too but. As far as origin story is concerned because sometimes users to freighter you're telling too much of a story that people know. But this was this was of sort of a different element that it is a great job of that dot. 2000 sit anymore now. I 2006 the very next year. Christian Bale is back. Michael Cain is back and he goes we have the prestige. Two hours and ten minutes it's number 47. On nine DB's top 250 yet only 76%. Fresh on rotten tomatoes to the stage magicians engage in competitive one upmanship. In an attempt to create the ultimate stage illusion. That's a crime with this one it's the closest thing. You'll ever get to bat and vs Wolverine with Alfred. And teaming up with the black widow as an assistant ever animal. Now paying out is this pillow at Edward Norton no and Jessica Biel. Some of a pitch that one is the illusionist and is not as good. Okay with the what for the volcano that volcano or that not to speak. That is Joseph vs the volcano. No all joking aside but I putted so weird bit. It was so weird that the prestige in the illusionist starring Edward Norton came out within like weeks of each other and right. One yet and and one of them this when it Scarlett Johansson did the illusionist I'm Jessica Biel. Kabila. Now on was not I think that was (%expletive) but this is great I know this Italy Ireland long I love this movie Christian Bale vs Hugh Jackman their poll. Incredible. Yet Matt I love match I'm a sucker for magic act much bad now as you saw me at comic con actor what matters. But red river but pretty YouTube channel that's pretty certainly appreciate that a magic tricks that is a good character development. But I I again one of those movies in what does it say it's like the discrete stages to a magic trick it's paid the pledge the turn and the prestige yes. And does that not Richard it is being procedure does that not become a steam and all of Christopher Nolan movie. Oh it absolutely is. You know and that of a question. Yes I thought this was an interesting. You know take on you know directing and filmmaking in like all of but. That aside. Just a really cool. Concept. And the fact that they bring in you know Thomas Edison and like Nikola Tesla yep article click edit and kind of an apple like Tesla is right you know task was the one who has all the good ideas to get it from the wanted to like steal from mountain. You know and more out of that mirror. The two magicians you know on a game like right by clearly. You know Christian Bale in the movie expert at the characters and the crack open up now with. Like he's the more talented one. Yes he has and it but huge Batman characters just trying to stay with him like the whole time in our enemy because he comes up the district. Will give anyway this will be the spoiler free this episode when you have what goes up and incredibly it's. In out Hugh Jackman trying to elect replicated or do something better than I am. And it's he just can't do it and so we kind of that's something a little unethical. In order to get his tricked out well. Solar array yes so there's some Creighton and then there's another one again I would say the twists rather that are revealed it's pretty surprising. I shall go amaru spoilers here for the procedures that opera let carriers if you don't want it spoiled to skip that the fifteen seconds skip. A few times we will talk to lava just hit that. Right now. I got a couple questions questions for one Hugh Jackman machine that he has where he. Dumps himself down and any transport somewhere else and yum yum. Drowns basically every single time. Yes that's him right like he social yet he dies every time but then be like the topple game wherever that Alec paper carbon copy. Just treat creates a new somewhere else but there's any out all the memories of before. Right so it's just like he is it like a copy of have. But so he's telling the original every time probably every time does the trick once there's two guys skip so basically template and added he gave and that pain. Where he basically like split. You already replicate. You know it all the bats and that that was really cool to show world hats on those that it. We're going yet and then so they just replicate that so the person actually doing the trick. Craig if it's absolutely insane and the other part of course the big reveal which is gray is a Christian bales of twin. And you see that they've laid the seeds early oddly he's talking to is his girl first wife and is that I love you which is like not today. She's likes companies say you mean it and other times you don't which is like which is awesome to go back and watch that again in the re doesn't just talking about and then also went. He gets his finger shot off so that his brother passed to cut his finger off just so they can get the keep the act on. And that's and that's a bit like you said it's not a it's not a it's not a twit like a Shyamalan twist though there were revealed and it's like it's like betray collect you know maybe like would you don't show you. The magic trick and as it all your cards actually right here to like oh my god like of course that is the Garnett mean. Moves great without that it's such a cool. Revealed the prestige as a where was such a cool thing that he's been selling the fact that he's one person for twenty years. Let what that's the gray district of all faith. As amazing though. Aren't they're Brothers the proceeds again I would say it's in my top ten favorite but. I I would consider its effect on I really enjoyed this Mary this upcoming movie is in mind shirts in most people's favorite movies of all time 2008. The Dark Knight. Two hours 32 minutes it's number four. On the IM DB top 250 and it got a 94%. On rotten tomatoes. When the menace known as the Joker emerges from his mysterious past he wreaks Havoc and chaos and people Gotham the Dark Knight must except one of the greatest. Psychological and physical test of the ability to fight in it justice. And again if you go back to 2008 there were a lot of people myself included Stan Heath Ledger. I don't know how this is gonna play out at that hole yeah yeah as an amazing. The original casting was Crispin Glover who we've mentioned this before he actually dropped out to do payroll so they conferred thank you for that you have been done. But I just I cannot. We talk about comic book movies and not a lot we talk about comic book villains we talk about great performances in comic book movies and stuff like that. Like I cannot impress like how much it yielded this is one of might. Personal favorite movies and one of the best movies I've ever seen. Not just comic books not just like. Characters that people like this is one of the tightest movies I've ever seen from the way we shot from the way it was written from the way it was acted like this movie is. But in earth. They really as I was I would say. IE. They could've kept Katie Holmes I thought she was better than Maggie Gyllenhaal. I think baggage OK so if if Katie Holmes had to be emotional range that mega deal and I think Maggie Gyllenhaal the better active in case people don't like her face. There's always do you have a different take all the effort under a you know I mean that it's like it that they would like the hot crazy scale like the ought to girl of the greatest is you know and I mean yeah I very much and it. It stick but it is where my mind let's let's leave that at the door would you believe that has sagged on local mall listeners all CNN. Guess there are there are you know beautiful actresses and I'm sure. You know Maggie have made yet Maggie Gyllenhaal has her fans out there. But just I literally not one of them not got not one of them and I just think that wasn't necessary to him to make that switch but I mean again it's. Not a huge deals on your swap out the main act on your swapping out bat men you know and so it up it was okay. And I but other than that I mean even split but the way she acts in she did her job in this movie. She did fantastically you know she other than you know looking like that turtle you know she's. Like through the dog yet a little bit it and when you know. Or his nephew triple. Visit but the horse on. He alleges performance in this movie is not just. Eight great job in a comic book movie it's one of the best. Ever. It is an all is an absolute all time or I would say. You know that's number one again I go back to Guy Pearce in memento a thousand credible performance Heath Ledger of course won the Oscar. But he used is already dead he won the best supporting. Actor for this movie one knock that I've heard about this movie is. You know the scene basically where they're like testing the ball you know they're they're going through their showing you all the stuff that that Bruce Wayne and now offered are doing to try to get like. Evidence that as the Joker. I understand because that that's it seems like so technical it seems Michael Creighton in a million to one odds almost of the they could find all that until you know how all that but I do you think. That man is the world's greatest detective and he needed to show some detective work so I'm okay with that scene but I think that helps describe would you characterize. And I think. And I I firmly believe this that. The Dark Knight rises. Is its own thing and I I know it's flawed and I know that it's not it's not it was never going to be as good as the dark back. Ever think that Clinton did yeah it's a it's a one around wants Heath Ledger passed away there was no shot that did that Dark Knight rises was ever going to be as good as the dark back. Period and it story. So like I I went in that. Thinking that you know. It that that was the case but you can either clear trajectory that this beast story arc was going up Mikey said that Bruce Wayne becoming a billionaire but also becoming. The world greatest detective. You know any idea where he. And and that would pave the way. And I think if Nolan where you know Heath Ledger was still live less than you know that opens up. You don't goes straight action may be maybe you go to riddler character. Yeah you know I mean or something like that where org a little bit more cerebral. Yeah he could do radler in the could've you could even Dan Payne and what. Also the unfortunate part is that you could have because Heath Ledger or the Joker I should say it was still alive at the end of Dark Knight in a city. You could of treaty could have thrown him and are from asylum. And done more of be like Hannibal Lecter type vibe where patent and goes to arc on the and say the Joker somehow he knows Spain where he knows who the riddler is or ever you say and you keep going back to him and so you don't have to use a guess that to be there as the star villagers and but he could still be included in the universe is even though technically. You're watching Dark Knight rises he'd be thinking while. The jokers up there somewhere but the fact that you never see him they don't really referred all him it's you just you just know that he's gone which is this year. Yet Adam and there's great source material relate you know the the Joker operating from Marcum. And oh yeah it was still pulling strings and that meant having to go there. And Billick you know what the hell in the you don't mean like have that don't have that that interrogation room scene again. You know and they're different now and having a different type of conversation because. You know that up with that the conversation between de Niro and pitino and eat yes this scene where. That man in the Joker in the interrogation room. Is one of my favorite scene in any move via. I don't blame that is incredible affect travel back and forth both guys are Paul and authored they're both so in character. And it's compelling and it's it's yet it's perfect. So did not enough good things there but the Dark Knight obviously and so we whether to cop movie or any movies it's it's one of the best. The next on 2010 so two more years. He comes out with inception. Two hours 28 minutes he received two Oscar nominations best picture and best original screenplay. It is currently ranked number fourteen. On the I'm DB US and it got an 86%. On rotten to motto is a thief who steals corporate secrets through the use. Of dreams sharing technology is given the in the first task of planting an idea into the mind of a CEO. I wanna say something very controversial here right now Ryan yeah I think inception is overrated. IA. Kind of agree. I think part of it for me. I did not see it opening weekend I saw that it not difference on the the year but it was like a few weeks after that but now. And everybody. Told me it was the greatest movie of all time and that alone. It it really have to live up to it and it almost is almost undoubtedly I'm gonna look at it say anti. So. It got built up way too high performance that that's certainly the movies ball that's more to meet thing I guess with people most do but it was like they'll publish the first movie ever I thought it was. It was almost. Confusing. For Ehrlich confusing sake like memento there's a lot going on but you're paying attention you can really following Erica this is this is amazing or thought. Inception is too much of like. You're now you're in a dreams dream and now nobody your history about you better not wake up because then. This happens that she's still in the dream of a dream coming up that's like South Park about it. On that indeed they had a right that are ran out yet. Pages like window you know what you know in the grip in the equip and I think that was the cool thing like you but it plays the bad thing like. You know I like that it would they agree they call it did not knock or some like that over the jewel only they'd push you yeah yeah yeah and it that it wakes you up. But it was actually like a cool idea. That. May or may not have been like fleshed out enough the idea is that three hour movie it would have been but it want to watch and rearm. Now I don't you write the idea is pretty Carla the ideal alone. I think his lies maybe some people like it committee I'm just too simple to really understand what was going knock I know this is a lot of people's favorites like we said they were doing Christopher Nolan movies. And a lot of people like Al exceptions the best deceptions the vessels. I gospels that I can. But the thing is really got IE. I really like inception. I thought it was pretty good. Now. Did IE again it was there are some cool things they're but it didn't blow me away the wait may event that did all the way to dark acted. But it was it was neat I was like oh what a cool concept in late edition will be. It would have likely they'll put it on par like Doctor Strange like you don't simulate some really cool visual things. Oh yeah and maturity and about doctor straighter like it's got it feels like conception. Yes and like there's this. No Olympic bid would attention to detail. That that it's just been and it's like bonkers looks so like you know like that that's downward by. We. Oh god yeah. That's actually. The score. Slowed down. To where they are in like bit. But it dream but it dream yeah I mean it's not really it would click bet that that day. The yeah I mean that it'll be orchestral stuff what people that it marionette that's great. It's unbelievably well thought out and it is if it's it's almost the perfect movie in that sense but jobs and from the my gaff. I don't know what if it was it's. Knew it wasn't my favorite as it is a great cast again a great idea and I under and I trust I understand why people like it but. It may have been a little bit much from. Let's go it was very Aaron yeah that's what does that matter what allows. Like I mean Alec MC usher is much as the next guy but I don't either of two and a half our movie. 2012. He concludes the dark I trilogy with the Dark Knight rises. Two hours and 44 minutes. Winter not summer 64. On nine DB useless and it got an 87%. I'm rod to models to be keeping track is better than Batman begins it is. Berry would be updated its adjusting. And again maybe it's this is the case that you know the Dark Knight being you know. You know almost ten years older. Than. The Dark Knight rises that maybe people at the time didn't really know what to do with Batman begins. Yet it that's an area that you may have been surprised by and this was maybe discuss some of positive attention as the Dark Knight was so good and so this is not eight years after the jokers reign of anarchy that Dark Knight. With the help of the enigmatic Selena is forced from his acts aisle to save Gotham city now on the edge of total annihilation from the brutal guerrilla terrorists. Bain. Now I would say my quick bullet points on Dark Knight rises Bain greats like he yet having sometimes it's criticized. But I loved them I'm fine with the voice I and it I don't like Tom hardy as much as you do on the anybody does but Boehner was great back catwoman was bad. As it should be catwoman amount again happily fan. And I Natalia all ghoul was kind of wasted by house wasn't as it was like a really late reveal I think it would have been a lot better off. I don't know if we if we just knew who she was or if she did more. So three good villains or one coming anti hero like three good characters to use but kind of hit missed some summer between. Yeah okay so there was one I would say to hurt us in her defense in and happily defense there was one great scene with her where you absolutely. Like I get it you know it over the one where she was. There was that big shoot up like in the bar. Yeah but pretending that you put pretended to cried and held bill in the block it out of the bar and then like on a dime she just like turn it off. Yeah let's go back and that was really good here great actor and but her motivation like. There interactions together with woods good I mean that was you know troops to root of that and form ago persuade and Mikhail having this really weird relationship. Like you a vote tally Al cool with a bit under used yes sir in that. There was so much more there and if you didn't killer in the and start spoiler should be died in the end. You know geez you just pave the way for just so much stuff. You know yeah she gives birth to Damian Wayne how much cooler these and I know this was Nolan last movie and it nose in and bail like we're done you know network. Done admitted they'd never wanted to at a Robin they never wanted to do any of that stuff although I mean they sort of in a weird way that was one thing it really hated. Wednesday found that Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character is real name is Robin you know a nominal that's how any of us aren't. Robbins in the mobile mind meld the character of Robin's name is Robyn. No problem like that that's all I probably would never had a problem yes. Now that allows going. Do you think you would have made a good bat man like if they continued the series and they had him actually be bad editing just Portland order under the. I think I think it would have been it would have been. Interest being. Because he's such a different character than Bruce Wayne obviously yeah well. What I would doubt it it would be a and you where we wanted to reveal at the end that he was technically Robin you know any decrease our rip I by the way I read somewhere that this it was a joke between. Nolan and bale and bills like I'm not doing another if you if you put Robin in the movie about doing it. NASA to me that's count. Yeah and really need to do that just for Joseph Datsyuk. Hindsight. What was the can carry McGillis that it name yeah. What he said his name is real name is Terry McGill. If there's a terribly guilty to with a Dick Grayson for all I find like we did that change the backs are little better Jason Todd or Tim Drake he Connecticut found a way around it. I'm comes screwed up badly and beyond name and no we're gonna get to wheat and I'm gonna. They aren't paying him you're doing all right let's go onto that two years later he does interstellar. Two hours and 49 minutes it's number 32. On IDB's list although to stay 71%. On rotten tomatoes. A team of explorers traveled throw war mall in space in an attempt to ensure humanity's survival. I felt like this Ryan not that the movie was way too long it was a slow burn and and and ultimately just the slog. I don't. McConaughey hey goes real MOCON hey in this movie like he's drop and al-Qaeda like he sounds. But my comedy turned up 200. And I don't know I didn't really care that much because the court this is another one cool idea. But I I think ultimately is a bit of a let down. A bit of a let down any in now where people. Internet. Thing now and a member by the way Terry mcginnis not a big deal of against him Terry mcginnis so calm. Yeah I was in full Internet mode here I had I waited a little bit the vehicle that wanted to see like what happened with the reviews and stuff and it would give this one assist if you spot. That in production with abstract like this one was just completely awful. And I'm sure. If backed sat down face to face of Christa and all of that would explain it explain this part to me that doesn't really makes sense to me he would have. And answer legacy straight you can do a guy. Sorely know what's going on but my com had on the bookshelf and all stuff again I freely admit com simple I don't know what if you listen to this. Can probably explain it again he can help us out on me you know the. Anything. Yet. I think Richard I think the issue is that we're not dom effect Christopher Nolan is just so much smarter and enough. Ooh that's a compliment I'll take that I'll take that source that are right he's just he's just really really really Smart. And it's one of those movies were like. I watched it and I am I I'm looking at it like that it was kind of a blog and like all that's kind of a cool little thing that they did there you know I mean. Let's put that I'm like if people would be July economic outlook is good. And good will look would you be looked at the bit and I would turn it on that and be like why did you like it. Yeah I don't know it's the Turkish Kurdish. Couldn't know it does so scifi it is just like what I wanna concept. I would say it's not exactly time trot time travel but you know there you know with warm holes and stuff but as a wants in the movie and they are Mike. I think by the all the time their other shows. Time travel is a mind fox. There's no other way to describe it because the more you think about it the more you feel like there's holes in it. But I think about that autumn wants in the flash to think about that wanna watch other shows San. Wolf this wouldn't happen this way early there'd be more changes or that'd be you know more significant changes or whatever. It's a watch in this with how things play out because not to spoil too much that you go through a worm hole in their war until OK if you stepped down on this. Part of the galaxy were never. Like an hour there is like seven years back at home and it so the argument your mess around that in the and you know ultimately kind of maybe how it's gonna and but as you think about it comic had an off this really. That adds up but generally don't. Can you do when you're doing like math in your head yes as it like yes the movie's going to what you're doing this like weird like conceptual map. Felix so they're there like along you know what I mean and the other thing too is like I would think about time travel on the resist attach our spot more than duplicate critique of the film yes like today I wanted to. Jump here like where I am now so like January Lago wanted to jump 656. Months ahead right. MIA. Is time travel tied to gravity because of the earth isn't going to be in the same spot left. So fight Billick all right do you have to go like the same spot in the same year it seems second. For the fight they like I wanna jump ahead to January in my just like hang announced spaced of that word Islamic the other side of the sun. Yes and like you. How do you know network and like because you would obviously have to live all of those days for you to pop up in that other time so like. You don't have any of those memories so what who knows what you did. Exactly but you can about a complete decade like you are or whatever ago or mid made made promises that you couldn't cash in on. On that time flat there. And and a I'd 2015. Nolan made a movie called way the short film I did not see that you pocket aren't. And at 2017 in theaters right now is Dunkirk one hour 46 minutes it is already number 51. On IDB's topped 250 although I feel like. Early on to get some positive reviews at that number will probably come down with more more people see it but still number 51. In a rotten tomatoes 93%. Allied soldiers from Belgium the British empire in France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in world war two and of course it is a true story. We haven't seen it yet but we're definitely going to. And it's one of those movies would need to people like start to get tested us that they we haven't seen do you Woburn you know having. Plus the way it's shot you really need to see in the theater I get it I've heard that I'd I'd I will now. Do my best. We hear you here you were gonna do it in we're gonna see it and we're gonna tell you probably next week what we thought of it but. I get it again why people are you all about this movie I get that could have this phenomenal story. With a phenomenal director and great the top Marty again. Sure avatar as a like most of these movies are fair. It's pressure but. I I would say when we start breaking these things we take Dunkirk as you know okay. Fine it's probably one minute or two of all his movies and. I'm confident I'll be honest I doubt that it is an and I say that with all due respect because. I hate it fits the best war movie. And maybe it will be I still don't think you'd be one or two like the best war movie to me. Probably platoon. And I don't think I don't I wouldn't have platoon one or two on my list a few added it's all the old. So I mean it must Dunkirk is better than platoon. Then it. An idea what he made it will be added but he added that apparently right. Probably yeah as a credible but a credible incredible. Cry out. Yeah that's a full metal jacket I thought in the first. Apple's great bird that was great that every about it that's got to want to Apocalypse Now is that. Who don't want suck o'clock until ten at this flawed but it not only does like it. Another hot take Richard Apocalypse Now you've gone out record low when the deal a knock argue that at Augusta it's good arms of in terms of direction. Illustrated in terms of the CN NMR directive spine Kubrick would greatest directive back over now now. There was. Some of the day it's doubtful that deck I was Covert I forget the day when I'm not. Apocalypse Now. Overrated. Bob you heard it I did inception was overrated you set Apocalypse Now as overrated. On aerial. Arafat and the directors inside and out. Rank the movies so if you wanna include following you can buy a list I have one through eight if you wanna lob falling in their go one through nine. Rank the Christopher Nolan movies again outside of Dunkirk has been bouncing it. Argo want to rate paid so we have well at the age. I would probably put insomnia. Yeah just because I guess that I hit it there and this is a thing like we did assault but it's a good movie. But in terms of the rest of it on the next all the rest beat move. I think that's a compliment to him because it's only did right and I'm with the jive and number 80 by the way Francis Ford Coppola did apocalypse. Think dom. So yeah it's obviously good movie litigation definitely if you hit it on watch it a good movie. Great yes over seven. Number seven I would put. Following. A net. There were six. Probably. Did you not able to do not come prepare for clouds and no I am I'm toward I would sit in the Dark Knight rises event. After that interstellar. Yup. Where my now. Violently. Took Eric. Erica we've seen them we haven't seen it I don't know her or possibly ranked it. Now but I don't know the Mount Rainier out of my rankings in. Oh. Did you did you just didn't insomnia. Interests are insomnia. Following interstellar that I actually six you're at 66. So I'm gonna go here we. Edited a Dark Knight rises are that some of the recent number 55. That it begins. OK there are four. Inception number three. The prestige. To. Memento. And number one the Dark Knight. Yep I elicits very similar I got insomnia eight interstellar seven. I figure I go Dark Knight rises six you know not a huge inception fan I will put it in the top five. I got to that number five at the prestige for. Batman begins three memento to in the Dark Knight won so please feel free to let us know we just think of all this episode and everything Christopher Nolan you emails tweet us. I'll Holler out of speaking of Twitter Ryan we have a very important question that comes to us via Twitter. It was DM to us because again you can DM must if you want you can direct message as you see fit. At torque podcast that's what comes from John he needs he needs our help. He says at IE says I find myself and a bit of a situation here with my wife or. My eighth. If and I'm not event. Of the year and this brand. Hope. That's them circle is there I. I I found us a little bit of situation or my wife I'm not sure if you can answer on the podcast to people answers to this problem not matter if and I got our son he'll be here in September. It's they got an a baby groups fund co pop vinyl toys. I have always wanted to get a few of these and my wife likes them as well. Well we put the toys out for him but as they start to put the box in the closet Matt if looked at me like I was crazy. To make a long story short I've done dug this funk pop baby grew out of the ball the trashed twice to only annoy her. And put it back in his room. I saw during the game of the loans recap on YouTube channel rich has his toys all the boxes respect you and Ryan has all of them out. A wanna see if you guys usually keep the boxes are I just crazy keep up the great work and (%expletive) chucked heats. So that is interesting because I was no one of the episodes of last episode on our game thrown on YouTube channel. I have like only three Frankel pops but I'm all displayed in the box Davey has taken him all his out of the box what is the right answer. There and I would say there is no right answer I think you'd what's best for you are rated to a bit of a conundrum myself today where I have. I'm working on a school campus site have to reset the keys. Volumes that so it's so how I differentiated in my they have different teaching now. They're all fun Cokie now is that an under married into today rich yes. I got Spiderman homecoming key chain. Right right or Mikey right. On the box. It said. Like homemade costume. Oh yeah it was. But it was clearly. It's stupid stone that Tony Stark gate Peter Parker who so I thought it and I go back like the beanie baby mentality that this is an error. I'll wait a minute okay current. What do I keep it in the box knowing about it this grew up and will be more valuable down the road because at the matchup. Yeah I think when you're talking about the the value of home that's where you really starts. That's not how I fuel and I would say mode the most toys Ehrlich pubic a little. Action figure like a applicable Darth Vader I have like on another desk somewhere. Pop out of the box or through the box why didn't care I liked how it looked like out displayed I'm not worried about the value of it down the road if you're you obviously box and out. Well this young man named John Albert done that John. Out that you are welcoming a child in the world you have bought your child a boy. In if you think. That you are going to keep that employee in a box in a child's room. Good up and locked but he. In a point that's a good that I got a problem and all day you think that they don't even know Winston from over watches they just wanna play with the space monkeys don't want to know anything about it. They just want it out in being able to hold so if you think an apparent that in a boxed goods auction block. And I would say mine are my pops are only in the box that I think the fungal pop actually. Displays really well in the box because they have like a size picture they have like the name and they haven't another little design on it whereas most toys if you volatile Bobble head or if you bought. Again a little action figures I have no use for them to be in the box and I'm not the got a four year old virgin who has everything in pristine condition. I pop that whatever looks best bat that's what I would do the debris that maybe the best point at all if it's a toy for your kid it's only a matter time to the boxes out the boxes gone anyway so yeah. And I again I PV but that's not they don't see the value of keeping it in the talks salaam. And I keep that funk punk goes like. In the box they're great and they're great. From a practical standpoint amid stack them well in the box exact Anemia. And it eons for me in my life is get nominee a little bit because I have a lot of she a lot of different stuff. And she's like well you've got to try to keep somewhat cleaner a mockery downer dusting all the time now like Aaron parents though. It's a lot easier to clean those tours of us just like a little swipe on the top rather than like all the little Kurds he would make him. That's that we don't have an answer this really what everyone's. But that so yeah I mean it's it's prep they get. I see these things is like very temporary you know yeah so you know. So I I take them out of the box and Alec that you've impressed props and you know a real good but welcome to the. It's. And Dario Ryan kick received defend a goal or differ. I. I wanna go live to stay a TV show recommendation I have many still a big fan of MTV's the challenge they had pros vs champs at one point or champs vs prose that is over and there are already back with a new season called the dirty thirty. Where they're competing for a million dollars those lot more of the same. I haven't really enjoy the show you shows the mindless kind of show but I ended so law. Eric when the dirty thirty and on TV what do you. And I I you know I I should probably be watching the challenge because they have a vested interest in the challenge as you know we've discussed that on the show before. My sister in law is dating a page a challenge alumni that's right alumnus so. And I believe his brother Dario is on the air for this one Dario on us on yes and Sonia yet. Yet so. We're all pulling for Dario on this one of course we can't have any detail but no where. Might pick this week in the book that I read I'm amid a book heavy legged have been out of circulation for a little bit no Internet no TV so have been reading a lot. At the book Eric about a year ago. It's called the hard bumps. Hated the book that centers around two lifelong friends. It's it's who'd done it at a murder mystery kind of thing they run they're bouncers but they have like a private security. Outfit that they run. And it takes place there remembering it up we are a Boston based podcasts and it takes place in ten more square is where they're bar is. So does the book it's it's actually cool story but it actually uses a lot of landmarks that if you are from the Boston area. You'll know very well so it's kind of I was thought it was cool to like what I'm reading a story lick I know exactly where they are you know school. So it takes place they have they've they're barred in ten more square and the other main character. Lived and all that so it takes place like it all the actual places around that. They probably listen the WEEI now. Yes there's a lot of Bob mentioned David Wright. Intent Morse that they you know they have a Red Sox crowd command you know they won so crowded dissuade edited so it's a lot of lot of cool cool bought stuff. Nice are there's another pick over the podcast next week on hash tags are very excited right David will be in studio. Uncle buck from Boston sports wanna while also join us and we're gonna do either. A purple polls shortly if there may be up right now but ever listen to this best non DC marvel comic book movies or Stephen King movies. You make the call unique enough balls on Twitter at dork podcast you could emails to our podcast at gmail.com we are on YouTube as well. Course on iTunes you can were great reviews subscribe all that stuff on the actions. We snapshot across while you can buy T shirt at rep for I am sure I got dance teacher to yourself a favor. And nice teacher and a back Nestle have sect or logo. On it David booty got we're going to be befall you. At our Monday on all also comedians to which Twitter to its Twitter. FaceBook whatever it's all good comment I would also say Richard and selling art teacher I would say they are good. If you would be you can take it off if you really hot or you can put it on it you're really cold. Correct it's your choice at that point once he bought the shirt and what that delivers to you. Where it don't Wear it take a picture of you wearing it take a picture of you not wearing it. It's all you'd rather be really hot you can take it off. Yeah I would rather be called put it on. No other way. By the way no how it has to be the other way makes sense of it that way. That could do it for a third aspect are a reminder check out our YouTube channel we're gonna have a a game with groans. Recap we've already recap episode on an episode to an episode three. Your shortly or maybe right now it's the magic time I don't know when you're listening to this so thanks listen to this though now we will talk to you next week.