#DORK 26: Stephen King Movies

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Tuesday, August 8th

Rich Keefe, Ryan Davey & Uncle Buck (Boston Sports 101) are all in studio to talk movies inspired by Stephen King.  Best, worst, and everything in between.  Plus classic segments like This Week in #DORK and Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the little. Button there which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that there is my dorm bond cash. Thanks a turn into another episode of hash tag or a very special episode of hash tag dork as Ryan Davey is in the studio. How's this for audio sons of bitches really struck. Released on you sound great sound a little bit different even in my own head on so that it. This is exciting now and also. Uncle baucus here uncle buck Dario on on grass or that a suicide belt where it was like nobody observer George sees. The guy Jerry hangs out during the summer is like uh oh the winter meet summer Mays. You know I doubt that I was only one episode fragile Frankie Herman that might have met and whether that fragile Frankie Mervyn for the three of us are in studio very excited to in this one we actually put to a Twitter pulls a Twitter vote. We don't normally do that Stephen King movies or. Non marvel DC comic book films which is also cover wordy title maybe that's why I lost independent comic book movie yes the data. That's another matter. I don't know that it's gonna be a tough titled in Ottawa but the thinking movies has won and were doing this in part because the dark tower is out. And people love it. Not for a nine hour now not true at all help get smoked 19% or what is that 70% last I checked it was me maybe it's gone up. On Ron to mono on autos it's getting well rushed also the it trailer was out of the last speaker socialism Stephen King things. In the news that's where we're gonna get into best worst our favorites. Connections people like shared universe is guys Alex you're universal's. Can actually connect to an anecdote I don't I don't show so you know Richard one of my jobs in college was working at the New Hampshire told the great stated New Hampshire despite what anyone in the media and thing I remember on integrates the I worked at the tollbooth and there was even in a bunch of tokens on time allotted so yes and I will get in that off there because of it can talk about Perry now the term. But there was a nightmare is doing the overnight shifts it was midnight to eight and I was working. In a tollbooth in the U member of the New Hampshire told us what their accidental lose their pretty wide the trucks and so now I'm night. I'm sitting in a meal when out there and this green. Mid ninety's Ford Taurus wagon. Polls so far to the right that the driver actually had to get out of the car and walked towards me. To pay for his for his every thought he paid a hero to all right Amy game it's 10 bill. And he was Steven K so Steve King drove like this all know that with the creeping. Kind of yes the way he knew it wouldn't make eye contact was Connolly squirrelly in my handle it look at a go at it look at him twice but like. And it rain and MI break it Stephen King came to my boat delegate wrote time. And the fact that he knows from knowing and didn't walk that he walked towards you what we're doing here yet selected PX he walked towards you like not and the gals weird going ninth that's fine you know that my. Not to deal a one ups meant to which you walk but we had a super substitute teacher in middle school when a super -- mile delay like it was a private use there every single day would you donut for science for Spanish and speak in Spanish but he was Phillips managed to deliver everywhere. Her husband was from the Maine and and grew up down the street from Stephen king and she said this is no surprise at all but that turn Halloween it was. Balking nuts like you would deepen indigo there it would like everything was was decked out he of the music on and it was just now or show every time we go to trick or treating at the game while he really played it up he would do if it was ironic props royal welcome does not seem that the kind of guy that would like be the guy turns lights outs and nobody there yeah I don't I don't yet like it. But he gets ready for all of you the first segment of the program I am. We'll get a few things because this is going to be very lengthy episode is Stephen King has inspired. Just about a hundred movies action may be more than a hundred movies or get to those speak your movies though the class. If you begin shooting next month that is the sequel if you will to unbreakable is also as we know in the split universe speaking you shared universe is. The move will be out January 2019. Are you got excited for. Last yes and I'll take life because this is the only time if you look at movie history in Samuel Jackson playing villains. Adding this is one of the only times he got it right. If you play Leoville it was a again he's not a he's not a (%expletive) good villain if you if he ms. parents' home for and usual shall ever held cult that movie stunk. Jumper was another went -- it was that was bad anytime you guys is there like a weird color is king's been known as it was kind of the with a lit with a list though why it's like recently -- them people thank god that I may buy dot why did he choose to sell like Mike Tyson and it was great about it like Mike Tyson I was like a president they would merge them like that that are you among us now. I don't know any here's why I love them break yet I felt like everything had said was set and a break I don't. Most prequel movies with a transplant when he got to make these up real nice in the movie and that was great twists that moving. I just don't see and what about it being in the split universe. There could be some sort of crossover there if they. Couldn't pay it could be and does not. Hopes are about them I think I think Shyamalan on a bit of hot streak right now he has assets other than Tales from the Crypt beam that before you got off the ground when we can get a chance the scene elegantly noted that again now. Speaking of sequels super troopers to. Finished its post production and apparently there are awaiting the release date virulent going to be out. This is one of those times where every time there's a comedy that you love. The sequel eventually comes out and you think it's going to be good or you're hoping that's gonna get and it's usually trash company sequels normally not good to begin with. Congress it will take this long for the segment commit it are almost guaranteed even worse and I think. Gimmicky like you just touched on I think enough time has passed with this where people kind of moved on. From Japan which is sad that late Nokia's members again I was. Before I. Before I chose my career path which I'm not gonna mention by saying I'm not tournaments and it did not act announcements and everybody drank David of the classes this I was a double major in criminal justice and physics. That's in that area and I hired help well. That's a lot of work I wanted to do ballistics that that was my thing and and him and now. You have a lot of different jobs that for a lot of jobs. A lot of different jobs at one point you're going to be a dentist yet. You're going to be with the empowering honor something near there yet something else under a prior domestic private yeah Olympia. Yet in this than their others thereof and play again for all the time rifle instructor archery I ran an archery range for a little bit of a question how does this relate to super troopers through. I'm I was a criminal justice major and thinking that like yes this is the reason I wanna be cop because I can do stuff like this I have a spot in Iowa but yet in my twenty year old mine in my this whole areas and then. Now on the it's funny anymore I do like. Rob pharma is such a great character that that might work. Hopefully. Now. I mean it is yet I mean that's come Hulk but the problem is I mean like. What's the best comedy sequel we brought this up before I don't which are gonna say immediately and you think. I probably will they turn to editor called exactly what's yours. Very good next Friday you know that next Friday in every day today data is awesome date it makes that movie data is not in my chances and am moving him was thanks but whether it's Chris Tucker now. And it was great first Atticus secretary of self. That there but you have it there comments about the future analyst Peter Sellers in the pink paint a series of those always yes I'd like more recently they get because we're definitely nice jab at naked gun two. In half a point as pretty good that's there there was not great but. Ice and C anchorman to probably shows because I told reviews but that doesn't mean anything. It had its moments they were they were toys they're gonna make it a musical. Yeah it was really weird I remember hearing that when it was in the pre production and it's gonna be musical. Mean now all. Don't yet but the temperature pursue my neighbors Reagan yeah yeah that's not good bits and pieces that wasn't I missed one or two but. Yeah at least hang or two with really obviously dumb and dumber two was historically. It's it's and I went to his terror going through caddie Shatner in this space ship. Outback so but it's so bad now that it's since then becomes yeah yes that good luck to super troopers through. Other movie news Jessica -- state has been cast in X-Men at dark Phoenix. They don't know who she's gonna play it sounds like it's going to be a villain and a potentially could be princess but just tracts. Will enter. Narrow mommy I just wanna degrees. On veterans day that again that might I be who she is of like one of the guys and says that drafted him yet early you get caught up. I don't know I mean I I love the X and bought. Apocalypse is bad and dark Phoenix very low low low expectations only because it's gonna. That's come roll call dark tower disease where it's so. So much source material that how do you Whittle that down to two hours we'll keep forcing though it were gonna do or into the dark Phoenix saga. Yeah we tried it next in the last and we tried it again and one of the other reboots of excellent aura to it again here it's like you've you missed that. If it's not it's not working. Well what sucks is that the Claremont Brian Iran of that and X-Men is the pinnacles. You know that's the run but this character specifically. She had Jessica's triangle hairdo right and you'll remember from reading it that series words that basically Charles Xavier becomes the pussy Whitman's woman's right and it's just right so it's like yeah had a buddy that was like you know mr. I wanna go out every Saturday now softening its order for who becomes crazy pussy whipped and as a currency just look at Charles differently after this I don't know how to gonna do. And that was recent cues so. And happens that the most yet I was involvement. This is testing and making great actors actresses to be in the text and movies that just a porcelain. They've been pretty badly the last from about. I didn't throw episode four will be out or recorded missile early so we haven't seen it just yet but I assume wherever it on a video recaps to check the YouTube. YouTube dot com slash or podcast. Gave throngs rolls on. In season seven and it has already been released by the way with the HBO pack a about it yet the point technically started and I won't watch I didn't want to refuse I want America to do that now because of anything else that or forget to the next portion of the program will white markers just get the irony of the slow with mother (%expletive) who went for Obama will sign yet of any other rocking in the first scene of absorb one of the pilot episode that was the first thing you saw what was it what locker and the but that the little one of the things aside this is actually pretty sweet is days if you look at the map when they dude thing public issues lead. The wall is like to seize on either side. And the right side is when you look at it it's frozen over. Says it was acting like they're waiting for them against the law but they're actually going around. They're actually coming quicker than they do you think there are. It's never gonna get a little bit of luck I means bill in areas and just covered John Snow and a half related again what's up they don't call me right the white runners that a white walkers at the very good point you know incident that you guys notice the last episode where like. It's there watch it might like and dislike the distinctly drag the sentiment is Cuomo lately half an hour and a it she's like wait a minute it's on get real nervous that it's not original material than the these guys are writing this on on the fly I'm with you last season I didn't really have that feeling this season and I am going there just really speeding arena yet but. Still alternately capital markets some wet weather slowing them down the east. You know. Either man. All right equity guys are a lot this week and this is kind of a sneaky week. For video game at least as you think that the first week in August it wouldn't be a major markets but. There are PlayStation 2 weeks ago on there are four in the desert not displace these exclusive games but. Help blade which is something that you've. We've seen a little bit of on the head of really impressive trailer at. I doubt it might be the sleeper of this week. About other there's three major titles coming up this week one of them is cliff was in skis new game cliff Kaczynski who made. I'm gears of war right bullets normally those gains has a game called lawbreakers. Which is coming out which is supposed to be kind of bomb more multiplayer I think men story driven. But the law they are breaking is gravity. So there's a lot of flying around as allies like reckon it's the economic side by kind of thing but a shooter but a first person shooter like that but the a lot of data marts allies have yet I have let his gravity and watch any of it anything's a lot of breaking his ground and into my counselor the second that we events and that rightly exactly. The other thing Richard you might be very excited about what you know mega mega man legacy collection to M and then a major in that well here's the problem a mega man I love mega man I love. I think recommend to. I'm mr. relevant to the other recommend the mega man X series were I thought those really get a crack the would you agree though the power up and zero pit the other red mega man but the the blonde pony tail. Yeah I thought I don't fire him make him like that unfair elect that's that's coming up this week ends Richard you're gonna be very excited. The telltale Batman series yes this is the trailer the season two is coming out this week yes eyes on that and I'll tell you right now is a video game fan then season passes that is worth it and I think they're all. Twenty bucks each you didn't get it out I bucks yet the whole smear. I would say you know to do that. Those are really I don't think I've never played a bad telltale game. The border lands one I've played kind of boring kind of boring but the tails on the border land area but there was three Emeril we got news for me it was pressure for it yet so it was worth never knew exactly. Our guys are the topic is or what's that rich without the other topic of the day that seems a little bit more forced. I feel like doing it like staring at you on this team to a bit more forced to drop on us now we we can clear all outposts we've come to our Stephen King at movies there all right a lot of them we're gonna go in order which they've come out and we're gonna. Talk as little or as a lot about each one depending on how much rejoice that the and we'll do our top five. Inspired Stephen King movies again dark towers out right now it's getting crushed. And let's go back to beginning or yet some really good ones the start the first movie ever based off a Stephen King novel. 1976. Theory. Let me say this about Carrie. IE before I saw the movie Carrey as the as a youngster I've listened to the Adam Sandler CD they're all gonna laugh at. And tell Kerry wasn't accurate. And those are trying to put as much as a crazy bother. And so watching it. Care urges both of these scary movie scary movie but I see the mother who is who's pretty terrifying and it but she Celtic. And I just I I just wanna go to school and his you know I've got to pack our bag. I was like I'm Kara I humored by it supports it we'll get through on the shining. I saw the Simpson's version of the shining Boris on the movie the sanctions on it it takes a bit but that staying away a little bit yet but carries an all time class it is what you which you become again I was like you I had no idea. The name of that Sandler album was there Hogue last act of the first and I remember listening to that might not getting it like this isn't like the its net none of it's funny now I don't know if you listen an album and sometimes on about the money yes it is you're just an act as a former doable totally alert and I. It was hilarious you know that that was funny out of jail and pays Betsy that's where it lost subsidiary of that was pretty funny pilot like medium pace again. An error on respond. Now but that that that does take away from the movie carry a little bit it was inspired by it is great need yet. John Travolta in the movies via the a seventy million cat. Lived the American hero dad come on the only other vehicle is its all time kind of high school movie to. But if they combine like high school in the audience pairing up from. The big blog thing which has been done so many times in so many movies it's been ripped off time and time again and but you also have. A little bit of the supernatural elements do they've sort of booked her abilities GR. I think now with the 76 Gary especially aids I would that is still more of as the Palma movie. Then yet than necessarily Stephen and I think board a policy as I think about it yet but Don yes this these basic being so like little frail in his tiny and that is he the first scene like right away in the shower like we are for what Iraq as the opponent and you have the hot Nancy Allen had PG Salzburg types of tea missiles does that quite a or kinda thing yeah are loud scream queen necessarily but should probably be in the mix. If it is already like right away one of the best. Stephen King inspired movies are upset if that was a very successful book and the movie. Is still having regarded as one of the best works cities but he's inspired absolutely I think. When you looking at these Wii I'm sitting in front of a list right now that's like saying it's you don't think there's this many Stephen King based movies I can but it's it's ridiculous and I. I would say. Two out of the first three maybe three out of the first four he did some of the best stuff. Yes are out pretty early on now he's the book he wrote was 1974 they came out nineties every six of the quick turn where this is going to be good movie and it was and it probably led to. So much anymore and it also see odds of this is the only ones in the seventies yes yeah I mean he makes like forty movies in the 80s40 rupees in the ninety's you want it on the seventh at the end of the seventies they've through Salem slot matches sales I was a bed tears and he'd be type thing. Don't go there there was one I remember this is this kind of (%expletive) me up as a little kid like I had an older brother. And liked it or we roughly the same age remember that scene in Salem slot like the brother little brother is there an old about the tapping on the window. No elected to like get like his brother elect let a mimic that. Vaccine is scary she they're like field located there are some scary stuff I did he film slots away after the fact though when I went back on back to Watson who posted to stuff that wasn't really my fair Bruce for his take on on their pars and things. 1980 of course is the shining. Which maybe the greatest war movie of all time a kind of famously. Stephen King doesn't love this version of it and they'll later remade it doesn't act like wings that's left he hates it takes the I'd say it's an east he has a great story were Cooper used to column odd hours yet and I guess when Tony called them and you to say you're welcome companies like. You know I'd love this because your story so positive. It's a positive he's like just shows that something afterlife you know. He you know it's going to be look forward to just like this guy's got in his column cut yet he hated it he actually end like there was that story to elect a Kubrick and king hated each other so much so that like in the first scene of the shining in his and that with the document or enemy relievers not there yet so again they talk about it how Steven king like James he drove like this like yellow. Beetle which are ideal and it the car crash they pass this yellow Volkswagen dealer like flipped on organic but that's so that's like. It's an again when you were talking about the commentary I feel like this is more artistic Kubrick apps are. As announced that as a Kubrick but it really is the characters. Made buys Stephen king and the other thing I've heard about it is he didn't like king didn't like the casting of Jack Nicholson which is one of the greatest. Performance I think that the Jack Morris character is awesome but what he didn't like about it was I guess in the book. The idea is the guy you supposed to be very unassuming and almost very night you look at it what I. What a nice guy so that the change later in the movie is so drastic right where is the first time you see Jack Nicholson's movie that he has an upgrade yet I got back I go nuts yeah I didn't like that and then. They redid it. The TV version and I don't know maybe is more to his liking but this movie was was awesome I was considerate. 1 of the best hormones were gonna do that by the top we're gonna be normal is three of us are gonna somehow come up with a top fifty or movies in October. In this Intel is clearly in my in my top five. It's asked to be in anyone's top five I would think because that the got out its its its top five scariest NS top five best but a lot of time I every watchable but yet he said documentary you see how many things. You can be seen you didn't pick up the whole thing from two through when he did a thing but lately the room that shouldn't exist right. Yet it's just glowing light gas and yet it's so crazy and it also goes into my moon landing hoax theory that kind of death. The little the little kid is walking around with the Apollo was 18100 dollar bonus you 37 that's what's gonna miles from earth they energize the LO went like this is this very distinct what are some of the connections to their connections between. Most of these Stephen King books expert not just the dark horse yours to their eight books of some of these other ones they have characters that that overlap. In there as well creep show came on 1982. Though as they age George A. Romero. Movie ever overseeing and look at this the first this is the first horror movie I ever saw really was Asia yet that's almost like a perfect introductory one because it's not that crazy scary but it's definitely creepy and it's definitely. You know it's perfect for its time maybe wanted to see with Ted Danson and in pleasant Nielsen. Yet like playing opposite each other and yet again that was like a Ford cheers right before you know and after airplane yet. Poker show was 8283. Was crude joke one of those the most famous one this was also book the came around eighty once they flip that around pretty quick. Love who Joseph madame big dog person has no idea I'm very dog friendly this movie. I don't know that doesn't do forming not I wouldn't put it probably even in my top fifty or movies I think it's a bit overrated I've been a given this. If you think of crazy dog. Movie miss that greatly basically it's its its its own thing relegated copied from anybody but I don't know I didn't think it was great. It's it's OK I mean it's good I mean and for what it is little needed now it's. I'm sure the best performance being from the kid went on the play the kid from who's the boss. I he's the key interest. Appropriately currently and -- sometimes the stand on my head off for sure the scene in the car yet dog who different but I just I feel like when you think that we it's like wedeman is an hour and a half of that scene that it and it remembers that only the united boxy and it was hot in the Arctic and it's easy reference for every other movie where there's ever a dog that's either rabbit or kind of crazy the callers crude joke and I like people who like me it's clever to name their dog who go -- year receive them movie or read that book like each politician named home something else yet. And 93 also the senior the dead zone. Course Crist are walking in this expired many dead zone films in this weird because again you talking about is great directors that got all the stuff and made it narrow the crowd numbered said frank Herbert right. And it is so much Groenenberg the I pick him before they can activists to aperture and this was also inspired some good Saturday Night Live stuff with Christopher Walken and here's our lives like reading people's minds of things like that as pretty good. And you wanna hear really tasteless joke of course. Is pretty dark. I can't see what's what's the opposite Christopher res. The walkers walked up. Get it I don't like like Lockett is he couldn't walk yet he's dead vets. It has it been deposited into the Internet and it. Like the Olympics that daylight and a guy you gotta keep that going to be activated somebody guy the guy. Personally I forgot my path straight via Christine came out 1983 as well the book came out that year in the mid movie that year. That's the crazy car movie. I'd love I love Christine it's my favorite. If that's another one no it's like I it's a John Carpenter film right I think and I think because I like carpenter so much that the man movies better than it should be but what I love is keeping the -- I keep Gordon in yet it was a back to school on not that got that you don't get a guy like ours alive that I don't get. It's now. You tip the on the dive team and I think he's really good like he's really Christine is is yet. Our children of the corn comes up the very next year. I. That's awful are I don't I don't know walking on the street. What with them what's in terminator Noland an avail the idea he's like ravenous wrote a caller number yeah as a person who grew up around a lot of corn fields like this movie is both care little scary. Skiers what's going on it's it's wildly dated and there's an eight sequel to look that up EC that is movie loses it and it's just first I guess it was originally story penthouse magazine. Yeah and it turned into this and it's just one of these things that. Where. It's pound taken over by kids. After after like app and are easily hold on how they run things yeah it. I know I'll have now like I ever got there is that it is the muscle that it is he's the Braves and the muscle honorable thing. Yeah I don't know I it did lead to one in my first fancy baseball teams was children of the corn corn public anyway. Because of the in the band victim advocate John Davis man yet. They all also not held who's what's held up better the band Korn the movie children of the corn. Oh boy actually good question while they actually this is this is funny is treating story about how corn now feel the is no longer important and I know that out of there. Both understanding deep bass player Robert true do you low from Metallica is twelve year old son is now the bass player for corn moment and it's like of these properties and Alec or an advocate twelve your link and it's always where he got the idea is to go right. A base is bigger than him buyers barricade on 1984 and anything on fire starter. No I don't Drew Barrymore Martin's you know George he's got in this league yet and his two legs back to back right if capsize it yet droop airborne James Woods were in the second of all yours that you're very Morgan's hand them some of these. You also get silver bullet. Or name where wolf joint Korean gory and penalties if you look at any of that of film coroner in died in and better attic in the pot I'm. The but silver bullet is so terrible in the special effects that you all I want you to watch it just it just looks terror and now who's a who's a Gary PCs in this with a duke yesterday Yzerman three head injury Busey. 86 to get maximum overdrive. But I like Lou maximum I like maxim concludes terror in east of this contract advance. Exactly that's good degree got ahead in the front of the gap can ask is that. That's not about that was based on the short story rocks. Maximum overdrive agreement that is the altar at the a's sixth and this is great. This is where you start to find out with Steven king. Known for horror obviously. He's also written some of the great books and short stories including the body which turned in the stand by me. Which is one of the all time certainly delta and eighties movies sort of what the ultimate coming of age stories. And really good still stands up I mean for and it's a sixty yet. River Phoenix to get Corey Feldman a look at exit Terri O'Connell you're Phoenix will Wheaton. Also get will we build we that we will sweeten its first movie ever things that it was supposed to be the next big thing he anywhere he would've. You know if the movie I really liked with River Phoenix and it is sneakers Akers really good he's really good and it. He was supposed to be the guy interviewing Brad Pitt and interviewed for the champ car. Again to guide the Christian Slater got that role yet it is in in the beginning of Indiana Jones of course Rex receive great he was in that. Let's step by means that at all. Yes yes and that's is an all time great to keep that I don't. And how good was keepers are usually he's great at least you were there via I neighborhood yet owes my fat on this and think you know Maclin that chance. This one of the the connections I should make these and earlier about all of this now the so in stand by me I guess the body now I don't know all of this translates into the movie I think it does I have every Watson recently bought. The boy who is dead they're gonna go find their upon a body. They say he's from Chamberlain the township Republican vote mostly girls take with me right to McCain are all made. But it Chamberlain is also the same town that care is from. And I guess are Teddy Corey Feldman character is referenced in Cary. Kerry was written before the body was hitting champ and so because even though it take place or is written. After the fax him I mean is a much older booby it would over the years it's post yes into the fifties and so they reference. Core elements character in Cary saying that he owns a gas station for some reason that reference them really but at the state of I mean carry our guest called to her fortune. I think it should it should be 1987 to creep show too. Okay that's dropped well you know go I'd like Clinton to look again because the story that wracked The Beatles story and that one. Eat well. Oh yeah scary freaky as if you've ever been out swimming with your buddies like awake right or anything like that in people out one of these like asses out yes he does want to get their while swimming. You just think this is like finds it's a weird (%expletive) and here like who the hell knows what's under my feet right now a point in this oil slick and that devouring them all to the point one of these girls like this is Scott trapped with a month is like geek that there. Draft and the thing is he's always the last and so they both like decide to sleep and op I guess in the wake up the next morning hoping that this oil slick is gone. If he starts feeling molesting her right that wraps until the thing kind of starts attacking her and he goes sport. Let me just assure the thing just added that point jumps items yet crap yet and that's like. Here's some weird I don't wanna get into this as any more than this but there's some like weird. Sexual things that go on these movies that like or are very Steven king Ian dentists are. Came real this year and that was it did what have you read a lot of this stuff now I've read it. Enough at a company at about three dangerous yet also but yet he's got a lot of your son right his books I have only read I read the stand I rent it rent a couple of things to like it it. Before they go to face that thing at the end. The girl that group basically has sex with each one of the guys trying to figure. In order to fight this thing and even the players aren't like the gunslinger like peers you know Tom Rowland in the bar with some like. Our war which for electronic music challenge in this town America partly hole for his book party misses him just get down like this prostitute it's far though they use their group showed seemed like the raft because that was actually the only. Part of it that was written by Stephen King the other parts were written just for the moment you can tell indeed thought the best par via that no doubt. A 1987 a little more scifi with the lawnmower man. This is the movie I remember my father really like one more now it does not hold a story Elizabeth armaments and yes it would if it was a group that's. Go to your Gator and what about marvel put out comic reasonable I'm an 82 bizarre ventures like the magazine. And this was a short film called a lot more man that was a college film can and the years later 92 was that Pierce Brosnan. And the audit you due yet that would had nothing to do with Steve linking to the point recent David said he got the name that's got a cat that element of yet another virtual reality they forget the suburban nightmare joke Ethiopia Jones you know you get a return to Salem slot in 1987. The running man accidents let's make it into law and that's what they're moving it's not acting movies and you're awesome it's over at the Italian is the king and Richard Dawson from family feud playing like the game show last is that the best part of that movie that one made one of our degrees guy movies by the beach and we're out of one pocket absolutely fantastic absolutely sure but it's so. The tone of that is so not Stephen king and it's via. That it's almost laughable now and he says the Schwarzenegger is this what we now violated a time period some somewhere between 19171999. Red. Yeah now I'm just tries to 2000 zones in 2000 if you convicted felons on a show. Italy where do I would watch that show you've lost that and you look at some stomach no I would watch that today with the state television being what it is I think so what's the I don't know what I want to lock up. Adjectives don't basic method is not here got to talk rather it's a barrel at that point. Pet cemetery. Is. What are the most well known Stephen King kind of spin off and new movie again I didn't inlet of the I have been rated. Ira members. Honestly this is the first time seeing a movie and being legitimately scared yeah. You know I would that's the I was like. Nine years eight years nine years old when I saw in my brother my Brothers actually bigger our movie fan Miami's little bit older and him just like his idea of horror movies is that what can watch it scared the hell of an idea this was the one and it was it wasn't the scene you think it was the creepy to gauge the creepy kid like that that was fine. The whole coming back from the dead but it was the scene with the wife. And she has that like weird vision of liquor sister in bed yup that's what did it. Yet that its sister only twisted and everything that has Wagoner and running and are temporary and dad that was the third gets burned and your mouse yes a bit. That you don't honestly if I had to tell somebody like you have to give me ones the thinking believe this might be what it all for it again it's become more acting all the really good ones. Art director or Schwarzenegger or doesn't get it that you can kind of point it that's not necessarily pink does what it's. Seems like septa Nat king yeah fight and it's like one of the more popular books and yet and that's. 1990 this is TV movie and again they're edit their remaking it and we've org posted the trailer that's coming out later this year. A B it's where anyone as the clown now I'm dumb definitely very clowns not congress are right away this is already really scary movie for me. So weird like you guys talk growth of the stuff for the in the book but just. RI comes the process. Like the way the kids are and everything it's as if that unsettling. I feel like the whole time I feel like kids in dolls. In clowns like the most like unsettling things in horror movies do you throw like the absolute they are an Indy the TV version of this that they put it into a condensed right EDU watch it like for our beat you to. And it is creepy and good for especially for TV movie time Tim Curry plays that clown he's been past the John readers and yeah right they are our ID card and available. But. One thing I was wondering in the book and in the TV movie the experience all this is kids and later as adults they finally do something about it. Eden did protected the movie trailers are kids at all thinking is that that basically trying to play off the stranger things. Crowd that likes to see you probably don't wanna kids and it Monica's and change things is in India. And wolf hard work is famous you advocated. Today has made necessary Pactiv. And you yet it's not the kid that was gone you know not it's not your boy the human league as a team now in prison like this in during the recent visitor discovers an Indian version. Of this. It's called is called while. Kid's the real thing you can block that you can. They get out of here relaxed and allowed in at night it's yeah I had to pick driven out of luck of the media giants when you see why law. And it didn't see what all. All big Indian well. And a lot of this is what you look for me like an apartment complex tool like menacing as did oddities as that taken out while WO 81. It's while America has got what you are permitted. So all those so it takes place in the dairy Maine which they made uptown went a lot of Stephen King stories take place and it's also the hometown. Of all shelled. Who is James ally and I guess there's a there's a reference there as well. Penny wise there's also. He the character like the clowns referenced in dream catcher insomnia. Eleven point 263. And is also in Vegas is the spoiler for for the dark tower series but one of crimson king servants. Is damped demand LO. And when he's killed turns into a clown. Arguably the that is he's also planning wise he's. And reaching. I didn't hit it a bit of a stretch admittedly. And it's not get tales from the dark side the movie which is one of my my guilty pleasure movies I don't love tales from the dark stuff. It's that is on its like one of those like vigna movies like creep show but the whole thing is like it's not Joey Lawrence but Matthew Lawrence is like kids. And he's reading these stories and dipped Debbie Deborah Harry Blondie is like the woman who's like. And a coComment eat him but he's got to put a minute and he's like distracting her or reading these stories. And the one that Stephen king of the cat from hell yes it's that old guy forget that whose big uncle. The men and in another no from a Christmas vacation. Ability not cut and company know the older guy burns down the tree. Louis on to lose its uncle Louis and Buster Poindexter and Buster Poindexter crack down and he's like he's like plane has hit man music brought to. Nothing uncle Lewis's house. To kill this cat. Wiki is that this old rich guy and he's completed and the cat like the way Buster Poindexter guys in this room I got to see it. Parent and a lot tonight Ida out of my cue yet. Also 9090 graveyard shift. And yet saw that movie it's about by the way it's about a guy who works in a meal with a cotton mill and on the graveyard shift in excess of the oath that he right. That level possible com. The decision like it just giant backpack yet. That's like terrorizing stupid when I was looking up these where we can talk about the limit the movies followed a three category that supernatural which is like the shining the dead zone area maximum overdrive. There's the story of overcoming your writing real life horrors like Cavuto at the apartment rabies arsenic redemption or wrongfully imprisoned is crazy bitch and misery. There's like that. Or outlandish. The realities. Fire starter girl has Erica nieces and that's an actual thing that people have studied see people control fire with the mine it's ridiculous and outlandish but possible short tilted the court gives the over the count down. Probably not that tech. Technically half. Needing a Mal pride in graveyard shift the giant that is annoying like these you know low wage workers gently really goods giant bat Philly doesn't come out of the cave so that lets you footwork gets right is that the same bat from night flyer which we'll get to talk to air it was a dare put these in the same breath as Nightline. All 1990 also the of misery which is one of the one of the best and it's so iconic it's still stand that Kathy Bates has performance and that is Oscar went back again is the best probably will be moved and that's what when you recently did some and so that you need to watch Stephen King movie. I would seem as apple might yet acknowledge I don't know Rob Reiner but yet that went along that Terrell he's a writer and our right yeah right yeah a lot of saves stopped and just. It's those two are what are what are out performances by both. It just hearse you know smashing his ankles that stands up that's been done or homage to so many other movies do well. So yeah misery is is a classy so goddamn good and that she's amazed at anyone with him yes that's the movie that I can probably keep better. She's and so many things but that's the woman that he stands out Asa a couple of years later and accidentally to get the long Mormon and as we references the real one moment although dot. Not really a yeah Stephen King all right sleep walkers all. I've talked a that's like right here and I basically barker I love I love it sold advocates. Yet easy easily blockers that are on the set OK so it's about a mother of excitement and dozens are what they think. I love I love this so okay so. It's on a mother and son. Who are shape shifter is their cat people. They turn in elect Wear caps now we're able select acts they choose to chip should know where that's the only shipped in aware that it acquired and naturally where at the shift in the people to get through with the data day Goran Griffey's the crime but they get home and at a five and now they Canada. So it's a mother and son and the mother and in this son's job is to go. In steel life absences from virgins in the town and that's how he keeps his mother oh how does the right version. The zip to assume marketing smell bodies produce and looking guy he can trigger that now just like suck the life force out of the town's virgins and and help his mother with sustenance of his weird mother not son relationship and and he says there's a oh what's that with the terrible word in -- fueled killings to between your two of them got their hat today at people yeah I have been on the not to be crude yet. But would you say he has the suck the ethnic problem. Is there a specific place he needs to mouth. The not satisfied and think that if they. There's like a whole thing that they're miles a barely touching him is like a blue light Billick goes from like one of the other now I'm sure the special effects are great note though they're not sure that there's a there there is of the art the best death scene in this involves the mother's stabbing a town police officer with the ear of corn. Nelly Nelly if this didn't sell you right and what I've what is the only thing that you think can hurt the cat people. Garlic. Cats gets. They can't stand cats. There have been able or Yahoo! the caps turned they electing mic and hurt them are them are caps Walker's account see it it's almost like laugh laugh that we bet that the Q yeah pet cemetery to. The sequel to pet cemetery and probably the last we've ever heard of it referral. And now he's at he's alive well barely anybody yet. I get some of the corn it's sequel the dark path. This is also a George A. Romero join those that find yeah that was that was the final one now I go back to TV film the Tommy dockers. Which I think is more famous than name honoring remember much about the time authors of the remember Tammy doctors and call the fifth agreed to be completely miss Florida as this political it's maxed shoes so this is elegant that one of the Alex's on this you know this is another one of the the big panic crossovers in a lot of the movies and books is. The shop. If they sicker organization that original retail dealers yet though A if in charge of a lot of different things so this takes control the aliens in Tommy dockers it's responsible for the error it project in the midst and it also. Involved it's in fire starter like that that person a couple of hours was but it from the shop. And they were also mentioned in the ruling the leaders so that to sort of shows like the brawl that it's under but that that jumps out from from Tommy dockers you also get needs full. Things I was kind of disappointed it wasn't because I remember. I read this book and really liked it I thought it was like a really clever idea. You know with Satan being like in this town right giving you spew everything they actually wanted to namely the reduced immediately that's kind of a cool idea it's not a bad short story idea I carry it right right even the book itself wasn't wasn't bad but the movie just kind of stunk. And had maxed on Sino Harley I just kind of getting into play at a terraces and it was right it's fine. It is just didn't for whatever reason it just didn't elect didn't turn the corner in an email like in that was in first year of all time really Doug Collins you know. We get the very next year the shot shank redemption which again proves that it's not just for writing that's the thinking can do in this is one of the greatest movies. All time got robbed by Forrest Gump for best picture didn't it didn't win that but this one stands up every everybody loves us. I've never met a person does not like. And I look at it you can deliver four on our our our guy 100 list yet it it's a great movie it's tremendous and yeah I mean. As a wanna connections actually in this that this is also tied in with a all of the other movies so ADD frame of course. You know Tim Robbins in nests and Jack Eckerd fox a beggar. He apparently knew all. The Nazi war criminal Kirk dust under about you McClellan apt pupil. Our relationship Tenet's legacy gave him stock advice of the buy stocks for a before. He got locked up and also in the the book in the movie eleven to 63 it's certainly the the spin on the that if Gary stuff. There's criminals in the town of dairy and they mentioned other terrified and ending up in Shawshank prison. Again. The best connection I've ever made to that of my favorite connection to this book though is the fact that right before. King wrote this. Over the head of thing was written that the the main villain in this book. Was a baseball player and this is I can't confirm this one the shopping bill and yet that the the character's name is ball hogs. Now and it is because Madden Stephen King having a beef with Wade Boggs and like you didn't like Wade Boggs a big thing references. Jerry tropea on oh and one of the books as well MI just beat him doing play by play but there's there's smaller Red Sox time obvious yet he is that the dire for the Nike like he was it something happily grip for the movie came knows when Boggs like. Left the Red Sox summit which the Yankees essentially he went to summer to elect the Yankees also had a bad second right around there he was gone right yet are you go to the rays personally. That night went to the Yankees and it it to be good night at the box on our support at one guy's gotta gotta gotta editorialists and got the yeah I know he would by a box of finished up 92 we were talking about how he was four years after the scandal mark labs and stayed four more years yet. And the because the Yankees they went to ten days Terry brought the horse he's there for three years with him today as the reason to sell his cap. He is policy right after Shawshank redemption was knows Scott Cooper was eloquent third race. Yet music program there's a weak sales outlook there's obviously a lot of Red Sox connections yet it's like matches haven't the girl who allowed Tom Gordon's one of his short term rates are going on but he had a terrible book he wrote this cycle fateful after the Red Sox won two all. You read that yet crap and operated I'll pirates it was kind of arm and again forgive me if Michael language a bit of a jerk off peace it is probably didn't present king 90% this other guy there who was reduced during the fight the Iraq -- he was that he he admits he was in the driveway playing bass will give up on the game was watching or at least. Democrats like and that's what it is that fight great. I'm the stand comes out the same year as the suspect redemption. Does that stack up to scrutiny because I was reading the standard time as a kid. All lesbians and Ager right NI. At page book I read it hundred pages that it. Series comes out like little. Just lots of ivory get a 200 pages are treated and as a fourteen year old elect him is just in that as well as our Randall flag the villain in the standings is one of the main villains in the dark tower listeners yes that's on the blogs because it is a guy I think yes the whole thing too dark hour ago. It's it's books it's eight books and it's. Basically. America I'm on my expletive basically it all makes sense in the way. OK I can't look at alternate universe what I do right and so like there's some carry over but it's not necessarily all at real world know and I don't wanna I wanna like ruin it. I got where you blow like it makes sense in the end the and it's the predominant reason why the movie doesn't make sense but if we ever do a dark tower thing I'll all of it and I don't know we will the waves getting smoked for a moment after an effort are the man angler come down and five. So I didn't see you but the premises ridiculous that. Laundry press the it kills people and and the like again or plausible. Thing could have. Delores Claiborne in 1995. Actually that's a good with this movie is ours just moved there myself but it's like the most entertaining thing in the world the story of like this hour India the plot is really good. So it's actually one of the better movies even though active thought. Re watchable that the greens will be good enough yet it's Republicans and I am I know being very anecdotal today about my mother was a beastie linking panic at all these books and that's where I read only books and she made the mention she was cleaner house today stamp them this weekend she's like. Make sure you to make you mentioned it Dolores Claiborne is my favorite book in mice papers the thinking they're both really. The fact is Judy bid is her favorite opposed to that point and it involves go wife killing her husband and frogmen well so I don't know what that as and a total eclipse that was like Tenet perfect I don't know if that says anything about my family tie him about his favorite book is killing us and we carried oil analyze that I don't like I just opened my solely as a sorry. It could take place out here with a view to coach in its infancy and. You also threw the senior yet another children records been up and under the TV miniseries the link to Lear's. Which I remember watching this on TV in 1995 and being like. It was so long it was like three hours at a time wasn't an extraordinary week. Yes airplane it is a big event immediately. Like deal stories and yet only koehlke from perfect strangers and that that's I remember he was really weird is like sweaty on the plane is basically. They were all playing together that go all full plane yet. And that those two were a silly idea of what the web queries since it is a slightly these guys are wrong guides them vividly remember that as an eleven year old Andy. Everybody was asleep on the plane. They elect transformed like another dimension where like nobody was but if you're asleep you were now awake and everybody else was gone. Yet or I try to figure whether on an illegally years. They kept they were it actually that these little late balls a hair with teeth that. And they look like come thirds eat that and like the siege yes terrible and I did a policy don't even know what that was back stop motion but it was it was claimed he should. Do I think one of the it was enjoyable but it was legally juniors and reading them it was already bad. I Yale law Mormon and who sequel again that's not Stephen King sometimes they come back again. No idea is another one that come back for more yet. That's one thing you notice is especially in the ninety's state he milked every drop a ball literally with blood out of all of these to you can project all of a code and other children the chorus I was number four that are in 1996. Action kind of like it's not it's only an hour and twenty minutes in but it's the content that bad this is a better city in you know he's getting then you get quite figure it had a and he can meet meet meet. I'm like a wish I had that problem in America aren't a lot about race and a great day yeah. You know that's snubbed prime years ago. 1990 seven's. That night flyer now again I said this at a previous podcast I don't know if this was and when we're on yeah I'd have I mentioned this but as I think last October to walk two hours ago or talk about like on all horror this is on and brought him and one of the eldest resisted. One of the games my friends and basically growing up as we go to blockbuster and try to find the worst horror movie we could find and makes it and watch him it was entertaining for a and this is one of those movies that. Com for whatever reason it just it was so dumb. But the last scene of that movie was so (%expletive) up. There were like we're not doing this anymore like we we really guru exudes through to leadership Blair pleasant plane that was required by plane if I'd just like mine is addicted babies in my in mica Miguel Farrar recipes. Who. Click the main guy that yes it. He's like he lines up there's a twist at the end relate these dead people coming after successfully in an accident and it looks like he they'll vote on the airports. There's like dead beat him like it's really (%expletive) weird I ever did you that you sold or is that there's a vampire who flies the line it's all black and all the windows are blacked out I was nowhere is going I don't and it's like the dumbest look at vampire is it like to AT. One on top one on the bodily I don't like that would mean at the picture while at the idea that bizarre looking vampire yet we get two things in the citing an act meant to him once I'd like your whole one either side your neck like Frankenstein bulls right yes not a good doubles on yet like Dracula that you're right he liked how the process that opens up a snake like that again and yet there all the wondering going in with a good. You get a and other children of the corn is number five. That'd get apt pupil. Obama did not want really like that people will you look council he said it was Brad Renfro Brad Renfro did the sorry I actually bring it up did. That Pacific are all these people dead yet again this is a that's what's that was directed him. Scotsman now mask and has I think and of the guys did X-Men. The right signal suspects Branson right in any heed this is a very singer movie I really enjoy it and it's got good rap. Still I don't it was pretty unanimous time there was the Shawshank redemption sometimes they come back for more. The rage theory sue Coleman lose them celebrity bad autism zVue while ago those not as a right impacts on that there was another children of the corn Alec this. That children of the corn sixth it's a record six things that Isaac return that's clever other green mile here go another time where it's sneaking showing off. Not just Hormuz that he can right the boys very long. But pretty gut bucket and get some really good performances of the green and when it came his books there like cereal they like little novellus ray and Sears elect sixer yes and arm overly that was really accessible late at that time I was you know teenager did lottery but that read all those books just good discipline Josh link and the minister offering there yet directed in and he started Walking Dead yet their boxes that it is great. Our hearts in Atlantis in 2000 once we finally get into the two thousands are all those are 3000. That we as it is insane on another children of the corn will be another man angler movie another fire starter movie dream catcher in 2003. Not great that was enacted now on blacks we rented one of these last night and we look my wife at the island and that. We fortunately was probably a second what you would get a Boston. A good marriage which is pretty actually the casino and now I'm not. It's it's more like Hitchcock into the thing well so obvious post the beam will get into it a little mention in chronological when it. Drops but. Ian the story was as was he based on the bind. Killer in the next day if we get Alia you and so it got a lot of flak for that because it was basically inspired on this and they made it entertaining movie out of this. On but it it's sound you know the white finds out her husband's been killing people with like what you do that would literally do if you have a super happy Lightfoot happy kids you wrote it was like I put miscarriage really trying to manage the situation so that's off because the entire the entire plot of him being the killer she figures out the first five minutes of the movie. So the Tyrus being. Lost is basically what is she going to do. That's. The thing I'll add to the Q. Doesn't force sticker window where it's. It's a great movie you enjoyed it I forgot to adapted that there cartoon character runs but he was good it is John deter its girls great yeah. Definitely definitely it's definitely tied or again it's a writer you don't know what's going on in his mind or how much he's doing is pretty good but Watson's you know once couple times on. Are riding the ball in 2004. The men angler reborn. Often enough. He pressed was reborn its just. They'll get back Anchorage under new management some problems. Note taking a laundry out of that and he gets fourteen await. With John Cusack and him objects ago Jackson deputies and if like five minutes in that hotel or never. Fine coastline there are no bad John Cusick. What it now. Also that same year the mist which I loved the mess I would not knowing I'm like is this the ball the spin off of the followed what is this but I watched the miss. At tyrant others might say something about me. Maybe the greatest ending to a movie of all I completely thinker I was on waving aren't being amazing like it was one ending and it'll be right literally. Threw it. Right now. I. I I can't. I I look that the whole rest of the movie is pretty good it's funny I hated them but then that the ladies of the church so Turkey's accession in Tokyo is it accurately and that in the car. Oh. That your doctor Allen wasn't. Should recognize and act as though it's not but. Are you mentioned frank Derek on ray and if there's a bunch of Walking Dead actors in this great as well. But it's just so well done and ending. I just I explained that to my wife would want the home will just explain to or what happened in the ending she's like that chills. That is insane like. I I had no idea that was coming. It goes me a good movie too in my opinion a great movie just because of estimates are no smoking seven. So well. He had that that's actually act. Cut another one of these. Indian movies but this one's based around deck co winners thanks story that they talked about a one of the things outside. And so that whole premise is that the guys really trying to quit smoking any hires companies basically hurt his family. If people that quit smoking but the things. Stupid it's like they literally are following him around it like keeping an item just in case you want the light up but. No premises is definitely well. Yeah I think that it they'll have dull and Cadillac. Amount children of the hormone on another Kerry. A good merit Leo what the techno and partner mercy. Nazi mercy of the fourteenth are no more reason than sale came down last year the dark tower is in the years now and they are gonna of course make it. Later on this year apparently is going to be yet in others from the Warren. Sometimes you're so those are all of these Stephen King movies are inspired movies which disorder in the court runaway is a sequel to the prequel. It so it's just a remake of the review. If yours sequel to the prequel and now you're the original anyway top five Steven king inspired movies. Together with MLS. Woody. With a bullet I would say my mind is just my favorite are critical. Both my favorite my favorite of my favorite misery is B movie I won yet while yeah I just from. Just from the standpoint that the performance is basically just two people like in that entire app pool is of great and their. Phnom team Connick deputies were phenomenal spot and and like you said if you said if he's someone asked you what's the best Stephen King movie to watch right now the DB one enemy and a one on one misery. Is out. You for the tournament for us Shawshank redemption I think or while it's not a Steven king ish. Movie it's his character is his character but I would say as part of the best movie. On here it's clearly shot there even get the number two were 39 DB of all time movies I think it is and it's a number two I think it's like I've got another and then just. Broad department for read about last week general movies we did. The Sasha into wealth. It's the shining yeah it is that's a no brainer. And then if we're doing personal favorites. I'm going to say. Pet cemetery the which area are light and and you that there and yet of the book what I said and I player is no one else is gonna say and no I'm Eileen give a night fliers do. Oka of the long repressed movie just missed my top Delphi. And as it as a sequel to two I kind of took it like at one pile of this is Steven king used notes you can always and one that was just great movies that not necessarily considered acceptable again yes five for me was carrying. Yeah okay for with the shining because even though he hates it's still so the story is such a Stephen King type of story and such a great movie Christine was three for me because. It is so much fun and it is it is quintessentially came. Pet cemetery was to. And then misery was the best movie that is also a steaming him and the fact he's a writer and it's been just as the best movie and the. And has yet I'm miles of the little different some similarities to carry number five its stand by mean number four the missed all the weapons number three shot shank redemption to. In the shining one. Again shutting production at the best movie other group and the shining is just so incredible amount of dust or movies and I know he's written some great ones but I still associate most people do Stephen King. With war yes and in this tragic especially was kind of just out of my top five because I just don't think of it as the king yet it was like a pop. Had to be questioned on understandably. Possibly other connections that I saw in the Salem slot as the character called father Callahan who also shows up in the dark tower the crimson king is on the main villains he actually appeared in insomnia. You have. So Dick howler and you know they guys they get that gives the media ice cream and all I have a guy that's in the shining apparently he served in more of the wars we is. One of the fathers of one of the kids in its I think you actually referenced bears like that character from the shining it. And it there's that overlap also frank Dodd he's one of the villains in the dads don't he's also referenced in both coo Joseph in it. There's a lot of lot of overlap that are up there I actually found it was is almost impossible to read somebody put together I think it's more based off of the books than it is the movies. But it's this whole charter with all these lines like points to a what was referenced in swat and like how they all over optical posters it is crazy look in and so that's. That's our Stephen King podcaster because they got anything else and see McCain. Any final thoughts on Stephen King. Just you know I'd like to Casilla their book. We have. They're the king her roots its online book the summit the mysterious self also whose do these to get his due you know it was also very attic. Evil writer. Who gets Joseph he'll. Lock and key locking Ali she was easing now another graphic melanoma elsewhere it's real obviously his his first novel is probably one heart shaped box is one of them my favorite. He he also wrote op circled Kate yeah. In about a superpower can't put the kid gets an my Brothers professional comic book illustrator yet and his first thing he ever got published was a pinup in the final issue of the cape really AE made a graphic novels wells and he got us now my Brothers pictures to settle over the kid he'd like flies like deeply doesn't like you like flies up and drops them. Yeah absolutely that's like so edited so the gas electric car from regs up at him and he puts on missile can be he knew it superpowers and executed. And it's at a like the first he thinks he's gonna go presser typically not my window yes we brings our peak it's it's crazy high height and in just drops yet it's so interesting and in the people's crazy. Our let's find out who died this week. If the. You. Our guys if you like to go first the Ohio and in the pot but I like that you know who is gonna die this week to be keep gimme that lip. Q I'm an arm's reach me right now player out there are the thing I don't. No my my pick the podcast this week is actually a movie trailer Tom I don't know if you know brush has been in the news recently Richard. Day they have made it their own avengers esque movie called guardians. Holdsclaw. I know this but it's the trailer for this movie has. Circulated but they just put out a new one and it looks phenomenal wanted their Hulk is a big man who has a bare head. Who slings around a full gatlin gun suns it looks it looks. On the Louisville bull like that I still cannot wait to the Iraq called guardian that it guard. And implemented it the name in Russia Russian as well and this is such a busy and it's like all consonants and check it out that yet but. Yet of a Gatling gun toting group that trailer Errol with your tweet that out analysts. Amazing special effects are shark and it'll ask you what it's still what's that aren't on the audio. I actually going a little opt because this is not anything that specifically capping right now perfect but this is something I'm totally bit into all summer long so. I got to my had to do this giant movie Peter screen in my backyard with a projector in it looked on this right yes so I sort of research or go online are going to watch is gonna do it. And I'm like yeah go big they have played when you can do there like a hundred is across the aisle. 226 inches cry on screw back. So I'm just gonna tell you went out there go online and try to do this project there's actually a web site golden valley tools and tarps that have. You can buy 415 bucks. They'll send it to you it's a huge thing with all the bogeys and everything except for the conduit which you can get for like three dollars for every ten feet over my clothes I'm not. He put anything to give the strap it down. And just this past weekend my kids are watching the Blu-ray version of the original Star Wars before and Lucas started Massa with a. In the backyard. Popcorn drink and beards great as a ms. gives him beer yet now if I had twelve and you know they're almost there and tiger accident that touched on the but it's a it's a super fun kind of project could use a few of the kids will be hit in the neighborhood that's also subject and maybe some for the McGregor Mayweather fight might you we're act Adam and actually break on theirs of you guys work about the ball nice I'll be alive. Big screen. Daniel has anything. I two picks in the podcast one mile ice restaurant out of our I was point aren't yet yes or heart to go check it out in the Cambridge area Nestle cafe eager that you dinners three times a week very good food my wife makes most of it though is the list this. My other pick a podcast I've watched the whole thing yet but ozark is on Netflix are you watching yet. It's ten episodes. They're all hour long Jason Bateman wants the first episode. It's sort of in the breaking bad molds where you have public. Of middle aged opposite the middle aged white guy who's got a regular family you know a's got a he's got his kids and his wife bought instead of making. The drugs in this case he is he sort of like a cleaner like take money cleans it and so the first episode is pretty intense. And on efficiency work also again I don't know the whole thing is going to be great but episode won't. Pretty evident to I totally with on this to alma came out comes out today axed yesterday. Wet hot American summer ten years later is on that play well outside Seoul. In the first in the movie they mentioned they have a seem like a let's get together in ten years and you realize that little scene at the and yes they do so now they're doing dated first day Campanella doing ten years later immigrant and almost everybody back thing except OK so now Adam Scott. Is playing Bradley Cooper about who was about added this is holding review or he like. We had plastic surgery to fix his deviated symptoms of it looks completely different now but everyone else's back and I thought the funny thing about the first day camp with Billick Ehrlich twenty years older. Yet and it's like the thick of people the benefits and Michael Showalter just looks horrible horrible horrible is is that the that was not the if you. What do you what's going body to sit down watch what however if the every little thing what is this area. Next tactic or very special episode Boston comic con uncle buck we'll be there and you're going to be an insanity we're shoot on Sunday but that's our club while they covered head that is obviously coordinated but so would report to our Boston comic on. Episode of other report this week. Are about where the people find you and your podcast we are Boston sports one on one I hear DW EEI podcast radio network and tower. And on Twitter it's uncle buck to be V. So you remember when that we had to force everybody to listen our podcast on the general W yet podcast folder yet that's reap eyeball that's a hell limited. Any solace that I was for so long it's still worth. Do you subscribe to that because you get the Boston sports one on one stuff. Did you work in the folks apologist any any social media are the only indeed mr. are Monty on anything so if you if you just type that in search part. Yeah it's an opponent this red tube yet to. Of course weeks and iTunes you can leave us they a rating you can close subscribed to leave a comment on that stuff helps the podcast we are on Twitter at or podcast you can email us or podcast at gmail.com. The YouTube channel where we're doing game bronze recaps and other nonsense. YouTube dot com slash dork podcast you can buy T shirt for Christ's sake try to god if you thought they were by T shirt we also occasionally snapped. And we figured out it is yeah I whenever but it rocked like. So the whole bush talk like that yet on their get together there have a son I remember we if we set up the snatch that we were together at. Come cod and gone and I it'll like block you through what they actually hooks up for me but. Are ridiculous in this episode of I sect or will talk to you next week.