#DORK 30: The Defenders

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Tuesday, September 5th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss the Marvel Netflix series, The Defenders.  How does it compare the stand alone seasons of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist? Plus the #DORK Defenders Questionnaire.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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It's the dual. Martinez. If you do to Martinez which cheek if the door. On June 1 is that. My dorm mom's parents should. Day to turn into another episode of hash tag door my name's rich keep to what the amber right Davey Davey how were you. Had a wonderful but hectic Richard. O hectic general around Alba. While so this episode may be a little bit shorter I don't know will be or not you can already see the time stamp at this point that may be a Mori a lot of permit him telling the truth I don't know. We may have to do pick in the podcast without Bryant still just dive right into before we get to this we can hash tag or proud of you bald. The latest news this just came out this morning. Apparently YouTube is up are asked about a video. And they've removed one of the games bronze recaps because they think it was offensive or something. I've no idea a rope I appealed and appealed the suspension all laws Zito Eliot although I don't wanna be. Lumped in with him necessarily but. Idea appealed it I don't know what I think it was even more than Nicole episodes are in the use you. On the comic you'll we're in this together a deal like this. A also reckon that do you to jails and they're very popular they get hundred of views so people do you think well people who do enjoy it and it might take your views. They get tent it gets tens of views and so anyway that's where we are were were were frightened YouTube now. Comic con you name it we're we're the bad boys and people are quick feet. Took off after that and I don't we Dickie Brennan's level but without further ado let's get into the news of the week. Our Ryan I think to no surprise in humans is. Has been seen by critics and it is currently beginning at zero. Percents are on models. Speaking you speak to keep I tend the people I think they're big IMAX unveiling. Brought the men Michael one point five million dollars. That's insane I was so stupid like this and humans they were talked about before you probably fall that a little bit but it was originally gonna be a move I think part of phase three or four. A via the use it was way out in the future it's or whatever they don't have X men's of their answered introduced in humans and see how that goes. And this this is actually proof. But not everything Marmol does. Is greatly it took a big chance on guardians of the galaxy a few years ago and it was a huge success they've made a solo ant man movie and it was great. Another like Norah good humans and people people are not interested in the humans then apparently. Even those that did see it but it was horrible. Yeah and I think we you know we talk about this so I don't think we talk about that enough on the air but we tell you and I certainly do talk about it but every set of heroes beat the movie. Right dirty meaning we talk about a little bit with like black Adam and others you know rumors that John Fina is playing shoot them. Ice hits a saga nobody needs to beat each. It's fine thank you Sam doesn't need it are they can't figure out bat man and there are like we did the tests is am the general you don't. Like any human Republican niche thing like you know stimulate. Now I'm sure there are people who were like really excited you were big and of of the comic which is fine but like you don't need to make data show. Call me crazy if you really want is to do the humans don't you just in the next avengers movie. You just introduce a couple of those characters and then you find out what kind of response those characters get. And even at school. That does pretty don't want oral whole movie of them would be like or did Mikell the other Rebecca those two were terrible but fine OK to move earlier give my whole screen time it'll jump. All of the IMAX release and that's gonna be on ABC but don't you gotta see it it's really made for the IMAX not a cat (%expletive) off and also this. Here's some good movie news though Ryan but I guess at the TV show biz they movie. One of your favorite kind of sleeper or movies was creep. And creep too is going to be coming out this October or should I say this hash tag or October. Yeah I'd like you said it is sleeper for our fifty greatest horror movie that on my list somewhere in my top. Fifty who nice Ab yeah I think it I think deserves to be that is going to be an endeavor of epic proportions coming up yet. And it. Unsettling. Movie you are absolutely never really get comfortable watching. So it if you haven't been creep one yet please check that out real real freaky yeah. That's on Netflix now that and you'll enjoy that marked applause. From. The Lazarus effect which is a trash movie all the Eagles in the league and even creep usually good in creep couples stranger things. Notes here Ryan first day at a video game style season one recap that came out winning retreated out act or podcast is pretty cool it. We've all seen stranger things but just remember world characters were also the way they did it sort of eighties arcade style. Was pretty dead. That was pretty good pretty sweet I watched it recently is critical. And now the creators of the show have come out they did and I forget who they did the article wither or who interviewed them but they're telling. Viewers for stranger things too which also comes out into or sober. To turn off the true motion or smooth motion on your TV but that's soap opera effect. They say that that's not what they want they say. Although the you know the directors in the the other the camera people would they'd they go to such great likes to shoot at the way they wanted to be seen. And then you end up watching it in these true motion got a base and it just does an outlook but they want to look so cute. Yet and from a technical. From a person who works in this in this arena I can tell you so you don't know what true motion or smooth motion or it's been over scanned solich if you go into it electronics department in. And indeed he does he easily altered for K where it's like almost. You can't really look at it that the hard to look at. Like that's like so it's basically. You know there way of you know making picnic Chris ultra high definition stuff. I would I agree with them turn that off it's probably not the best thing to look at. And I know we're doing like this greedy eighties and it feel to it that you probably shouldn't be watching it and altered for K. I. I TV news here we have. Professor pig is going to be in season four of Gotham now we've already seen the trailer for season four and then a really good look in scarecrow at the end. But apparently the effort at the actor but they cast professor pig so between scarecrow amp Reza piglet Vicki go. At the fox show also Woolsey just how dark they can go to their head unit got to do. Dark path right there. You know I thought when at the arc of serious but it was dark of night that protester takes showed up here in one elected Alex what are the cooler side missions. Now is really cool yeah yeah you really down Oleg basement or whatever it is total operating room and everything. As those three he's he's really good. Bat man's legacy you're Batman film he's never mentioned in the late in the top ten probably but the at this that's how deep the Batman villains are. Speaking of which last week on the podcast we talked about the standalone Joker movie. That's not gonna be in the DCU. Todd Phillips and Martin's score says the are going to be involved. And I know you had the job hot chili hot take last week that Barnes Dorsey is being attached to (%expletive) doesn't matter anymore. And I said beyond it means the Leonardo DiCaprio is probably going to be and it. And in the very next day the big rumor was but they're trying to get there are DiCaprio. To be the Joker what would you think of that casting choice. I ate I know it reading some report after that by the way that breaking news from us by way we have it we had a boring about it. Yep and then. I am hearing that Jarrett let those not pleased about that want to. So I eight. I thought he wanted the Joker anymore with this problem. He does so he's articulated view gobbled city sirens endemic Harley Quinn spin off or something like that and then. He. Is like ready to walk and made visible thing like while there may be there you know this it to Keating Leo just to get. Oh Jerry letter to date you know there's this whole like back and. She's been reported here not we mass recording it. The I mean. But that's that is the same (%expletive) we're dealing with a wooden bat man abilities Batman himself has been really you know of the Joker in the views terribly but. I don't know but wouldn't do you think DiCaprio being good Joker. And. Maybe it depends of which which joke critical. You know I mean I don't think we've seen very literate some iterations of the Joker and you know it depends on what they do it. You think you do hot topic Joker. It probably not you got to do his own thing I think he'd probably be clauses like Jack Nicholson's Joker. Obama didn't like I would go real weird that we do want real like keys from my com. Death of the gambling do yes that would elect cut his face into that he's going to be but it. Like fellow lot. It out nuts so that's that's that event one last bit of news here. We just weeded out the trailer for insidious the last key. Which judge Dan will be these ugly January but debts is set for until dork Tolbert coming up this is. Try to follow along here this is the fourth movie in the franchise. But chronologically it's the second movie. Yes I I saw. I'd thought insidious to buy X those want to get hideous. One incident one is very gut. Yes insidious to. So it's the I think it was insidious foe if I rivers correctly goes insidious. Than a sequel to it and then out to prequel movies. So strap strap in that. Are you ready Bryant for the next portion of the show under. The yeah. Even manage. Things. Aren't dropping on. So. Big news today that we recorded it on Tuesday afternoon the big news today that destiny to it is. Cocked locked and ready to rock you know those people who who downloaded Nader got it today so that's going to be very exciting. And Hutus quickly. Cool so devastating. Over watch season six kicked off we are all back where we need to be I think we can both agree yes Super Bowl put a level what they've I think they've. Leveled out the this scale so be you know we're we're where we need to be Brad started to replace bill Leonard. Good not great. No I don't know what that is still some that a chase another silver for improvement released or not embarrassed by it by you know rock and silver medals so we're doing okay. So the other big too in this system door crossover news you might be interested in love that would be good people of pop rock. Did a member of the game I talked about the fire pro wrestling world yes. Which is if it's a really fun game if you guys added have been beefed it up by what they do it it's really fun. You know professionally you know wrestling entertainment game. You know they weren't the style of the Debbie Debbie he'd be old like run media 2000 gave that we love so dearly yes Obama. Gate created an. And did an eight may in turn amid. Four. But he created team prone to error peers and colleagues and they did it turn meant in the turn of Edward John the night came. Called robo tormented. Science and bitter yet. Cynical game are you stark Gregor click game lean over and Martell all. So I do want to approach to what which took out. We know they're missing but he wasn't in last season as a darn RS should probably be an art. But he wasn't in last season's audible and you know same with Blake bears to sell me having someone argue would be less fighters or Robert porosity of but anyway you're basing it off last season. So they did a terminal one and there's a. The crowned the winner will be final match was between over it Martel in college logo and cultural go to look at one it's. So that's professional wrestling so that's not you know we're not it's Beers a poison so. I do little aura and Martell and he's a very accomplished fighter UPI wire if Purdue wrestling right. Yeah I'll politics idea. Orioles agreed heal because he'd be like such Leo ladies man in demand and added regularly give to ship. Does girls who cares. So Richard I have them. This is gonna rock your world. But even more than that even more than that according to an intent Nintendo's official biography. Mario. Is no longer a while. You know I read this to a very and I had to sit down consider more than what the hell was the. The Twitter verse again it is it loosely translated from. Japanese. It has all around sporty whether it's tennis or baseball soccer or car racing sorry does everything quibble. As a matter offense through those beams you have to work ethic plumber a long time ago. Blunt physical Mario has lost his job as a plumber he's out there I wonder if Luigi is still holding assembly business. Yeah you mean Luigi Mario. Mario Mario Mario Luigi mean Luigi Mario the maybe he is very Summers are work ready to speed up their Rudd bill Carson played tennis. I guess that's what that's what Mario do an ethic he's made enough money and his trade the traded down as we now I don't dogs are. So and others who added that he which is funny period XP the world wide shortage of plumbers. Really keep that data to wall another there's not a. Role model for one I can see why yet execute capital now do you think he was a good boxing referee or a bad boxing robbery. Do you spare. You start down the middle he's done yet government accuses stern care. Yeah well everyone know Rockefeller maybe a Fella maybe a quick count of me honest. The longest line. There was a little bit yeah where you go like 560 yeah he'd really dark about in the town in my car let it breathe a little bit like in its answer to get out front. In. By the way how the hell you plumber would Wear white. Yet while. And yet he's very good at what you do against Agassi not Beckett eluding to very dangerously get out the big statements are also on the amateur thrown to this we can do work. Today marks the 25 anniversary of baton and the animated series. How about that. Worth every watch one of the best animated and it has Europe ever just absolutely incredible art Ryan are you ready now for the topic is you're. That. Right of course that would be the topic of the day and today it is the defenders came out a few weeks back we had some of the things to get to including game with drones season seven recaps are doing the defenders today. There was an eight episode Ron on Netflix of course are carrying over the story from. Daredevil Jessica Jones iron fist Luke cage all of them at their own standalone season daredevil or had to stand alone seasons. And will start out spoiler free for those haven't watched it yet I feel like there's probably Mori had put its console boots quickly what does spoiler free Ryan. Did you like it. I've had some time to scuttle it this percolate a little bit and my aunt drew I'm gonna. Carefully craft this guy I didn't not like it. Now they go by ice ice smell exactly what you're let loose there. That that's a term but I again I'd I don't I notice it and there. Now did you think. All of the characters to the it was really interesting to navy but maybe the wrong approach you for being honest is you have iron fist advocates in particular. You give them thirteen episodes by themselves. And any team Ramallah in the give them eights so. I guess did you think it was the right number of episodes in did you feel it all the characters are with the characters you wanted to see were all gonna appropriate screen time. I think they'll could be you have your primary characters who I think they DB that out nicely. You gonna be the only person I would think got a little too much screen time would beat Sigourney Weaver got a little too much screen time. And she wasn't great like you'll get and that more coming up any more either I'd high expectations for her house like even though of that character is not one. A super Trammell familiar with a or even if it's a real carried a no but. I was looking at her house we will get the actors the Loma have enough clout to become look at a strong villain and I'd I don't features great. Now it didn't it didn't really work that way but I would say. What led the one that they're really did like about this is they knew this show right there ready drew Goddard new. That well like basically what side of bread has butter was not only he knew we need to give screen time and we knew who they're very self aware who was the hierarchy of the care. You know what's amazing though to me is a belief filming for this started. Before. Our iron fist was out selective at the push back for iron just the character had really been known when they're making this and yet they still found a way. To make him not as bad in the allowed all the other characters can make falling home. It's so different. Yet knows that was really good or what the like the action or like the fighting sequences. Which affiliate in the Netflix shows at times of band really strong I mean late. Some of the stuff from daredevil is unbelievable season one and two. Just Jones hasn't pretty good fight sequences that has been smaller. Like to order a big knocks an iron fist as he barely even used Kong flu and so where do you think they stood and in the season. There are some good there's some good in combat rent that will get into a little bit more with spoilers but I thought it was a mixed bag. You know what you know with the fighting. Yeah I think so tiger tiger that now this took place a couple of months after season two of daredevil and it says after after it a month or so. Of wind season one iron fist and did as the question that we got a few times on Twitter. I think. If you didn't want to iron fist like maybe you listen door episode which is trashed it or you just read the reviews from other people and wasn't very good. You can definitely watch this with out seeing iron fist like Derek they're certainly Turkish you'll understand more audits or you'll know him you know calling in weighing a he'll know a little bit more about the hand but he orbit introduced to the hand which serves as one of the primary villains. In the whole series so you could skip iron fist maybe reads like a brief synopsis if you really want to. A hotly daredevil to me. Sees a woman too far more important to have to sort understand what's going on and iron fast. And it's a bit this is a perfect example I will. The defenders is the first period I watched with with my wife a guy code there was a little bit like explaining who people where. But it spoke to this show that they care is that she latched on to do but she hadn't seen daredevil champion get it Joan Jett in the contribute any of that the first things you watched right. And the character that she really liked in wanted to see more of correlated with like that you got to meet so yeah you like she she really likes just to jump that you'd like college or series of like it excellent. We value to our model like it yeah. Army chief right now I really like this kid in my debt or about him meeting like the I don't we don't worry about is serious. FL like he'd get a lot of explaining. Yeah it'll usually have to watch iron to explain also. Well I would say the first two episodes to a really good job. They're a little bit slower right so that does it up the most exciting episodes need to get into certainly episode three on the really didn't like some of the action but the first of those two it really nice job of here are where the characters are now and here's the important information from their seasons and you'll probably need. But did they pay pretty much map it out which is. Com. Art if you had to give a score for season one maltego. Who've. Read out. While down a three the we got to several grating harder to feel like I give I give way to many fours and fives. Yes three and a half probably sounds right that's right that's sweet spot to where. I I'm I'm glad I watched it. And you know I definitely watch it it's a rake. All the seasons but to me iron fist is clearly last in Luke cage is on the next lap and put a big gap there. At a good time blockades but. Those are the worst two. You can probably take. Outlook with the defenders at the you know better than those two but worse then to pull their doubles and just Jones. Yeah. I think you can really. I've heard people say daredevil one as the best of her visit to his investment firm say Jessica Jones the best I've a much short like all three of those to me Connor. Interchangeable I I I really enjoyed all three I might give the slight edge. That season two of daredevil or become such a big punish or Fannie was great. And he was great he like stole the show here. I would say in this as this. I were a wanna make it clear that did not. Mean in negative things against Luke cage I think will case it was it was a very good theories I just some of the characters mainly the villains I just didn't really care a. Other terrible again that's not his fault at all late and that's what. And sneaky really good about Jessica Jones was. They use purple man all that they're in common is until grave and so he was great he was one of the most compelling villains we ever see a real dark. And it is a really strong villain. On top of just good Jones being good his or her supporting characters like Trish. And Hoch Garth I think being a lot better. But are anything else non spoiler. Now it's definitely worth a watch that if you're at it as this negative don't don't not watch it because you think it's going to be got it decent. Yeah Obama favorite but it beat that. Our as the spoilers I imports or a different studio I don't have the the suites spoiler sounder that Marcus from the boxes provided us so just know that is now spoilers going through. Let me ask you this I I feel like I watched this. Watched a couple episodes twice a loss of all once. Is this is this really what happened is there a skeleton of a dragon. Holding up the city of New York. And that the hand needs the bones. Of the dragon skeleton to them become a moral. So I think it has something to do with the bones maybe the marrow maybe they grind them up and make it into a pace to them like that code but so just sort of clear they Dragonball. If dragon holding a New York. I've been holding up all of New York hell's kitchen. I don't know I feel like that might do what it does not like water some excavation under a building where it dragons awful. And they need a guy who own review the dawn of the saw what they need him the bad guys they needed they needed detainee rans iron fist to punch through a certain areas like to have access to. Which was the dumbest (%expletive) ever get some watching that fight in him an electorate and a Mike. Clearly see animal and you're gonna hit the (%expletive) thing like don't even laid it up bro Lee makes it tick. You know console caught on ended the problem with you'd care just. It's stupid. He's dumb as a dumb idiot. Now part of that is are your dumb idiot because art you grew up you're raised by among so it was sort of a different upbringing that may be typical. Booted it into a fight with a lecture and they aborted told you like death they need the iron fists to break through there. In days ago and let it up anyway. What I would have done it but did he ran that Billick won't need the iron fist opened the door I would just like no. Like what you have to regulate noise don't they do not gonna kill me can you still need beat some now on not gonna do. I'm not opening. Yes the vision and do it just me almost forty suited to this series begins with. Iron fist comic are now. Much pleased it's the other characters and they did they up they flew dead. You you also see daredevil early on his back to being a lawyer and he's not their double. You have Luke cage getting out of jail he get some coffee with Claire which is always nice. And then Jessica Jones is like doing her Jessica Jones thing which is like. I'm not taken the case I will I will take the case I don't wanna take the case. Yet I had I don't take a lot of live from anybody. That myself and even then. Not so much that did you get the sense that Colleen weighing in stick whirl like also members of the defenders of folic. At times you know but I if it was nice to the united that one of the good thing is like calling wing in like a later episode and I got pushed. Yeah but you know item which is spot if I don't need anymore her and I I don't stick Billick calling wing. I do but like him. Duet. You know yeah barbecue bugged me particularly don't know pretty good yet but she brought her on New York with a sword in knowing that anything. All irrelevant sort I think you're allowed one personal item. In addition to your carry on the city you can run around the ticket hotline on people who. Well she's very skilled in it. In broad daylight it was a a a if I thought somebody in my account yeah. Running around the streets with just sort yeah I didn't Helen and I go if I go inside a inside yeah. Depleted side you also get the return of misty and foggy and Trish walker in Karen Page and Malcolm there. They're all there it's what are the who's who hope Garth everybody from all four seasons was in this would have those pretty cool Karen get. An all universe together again the Netflix universe god forbid we corporate any of the movie universe into this where we're Spiderman big Mets and Spider-Man despite immense swing through it all they reference then was very kind of spotted in reference. There were two cataclysmic event on the planet and we just. So we've built under. Oh my god where's the spider sense does he have any duties baby swoop in maybe helped mount. Nachman it. Mike god now I do like this when daredevil meets Jessica Jones I think those are very. Embarrassing that from a trailer by the of the great way because she's you know. She's kind of you know plays viral rules and she's got trouble with the law in the digital swoops in the Aaron as like her her lawyers I did like doubt about pretty good. On them and LT Luke cage being introduced to iron fist by Claire is Claire obviously. Current Turk Ehrlich and all the shows and they sort of like connect all the dots. But then finally all forum together in episode three the spree that at the Chinese restaurant that was pretty good stuff. Now the good about it episode when they did their first little battle in. In the in the office building up that was pretty cool. So we sit Sigourney Weaver as Alexandra. Was not great issues like the leader of the hands. And then it sort of built up before because what wasn't an iron fist when they're talking to do now in doubt made some reference about somebody even higher than her. And it broke no actually you're set something up. Then I don't know her whole plan. This is probably why it is a three and a half for a three occur hopefully it was she's gonna resurrect Elektra. And now electors in Munich the greatest fighter of all time buddy but it's not a lecture but she pretty quickly became a lecture again like that Dutch it wore off real fast. And then she just killed Alexandra and then it but doesn't episode the end of episode six just kills her in the if you like yeah I'm I'm leaving us now. Like you or did you want to look what what are you talking about. Like you can't you can't have run this organization collect a thousand years and be that down. Yet late. You'd be sure you have control of this black sky the your meal the comptroller Elizabeth fine. So that was kind of a let down and all the characters in the hand. Aunt you know like it's tenement and like I feel you can do better for accrued accrued and yet the kudos thinks and about now. We're spoiler so alma gaga now. Yeah out so gals sometimes have the before sponsor and other times he doesn't. It's like cheeks. Cheek aka. Iron fist Archie. You know I suppose but I like the villains that that was gonna knock him marble in the Sony do have a good one at the pleasant surprise more often than not it seems like unit haven't kind of a bad bill and would you think of electoral like we I mean we've hit on a little bit like her whole. Which story arc of account used term. So it was kind of a wait 'cause it was like you to give and I I don't like to drop parallels to this that it's completely different a couple of artists alike how Hawkeye which used in the first offenders. Like that kind of local character re right and we'd rather right Kennedy and only to bring back like. If there in the ninth inning to be like oh you know I mean so yeah developing was like pretty much it was a pretty money I don't. Like that (%expletive) either that we see that in the movies all the time or TV shows words like Ford ever reason whether it's a brainwashed or whether it's some thing. And it's like no I really want jerks are knocking it through dorm although it dirge like no you can't like you gotta save itself to the morale. Lake she's still matter in America a better. On troop yeah patrol we sought we've seen is that true open timer to I would say. Why do you think daredevil. Stays down in that hole will Elektra. Because there's I would go to you and I both understand this very well be be Catholic guilt. You know it's he's responsible for all of that speed the deployment letter die and you know so he's got to be the one they behind. But also you know he loves her and he had been you know they've made it again and and I mean this result things we've seen before and other movies another thing you know it's it's that old tired thing that's self sacrifice. Martyred hero like dollar you know it. I did I mean how do you think he's survives that. He. Find himself under. As some dragon bones that are pretty impenetrable economic we cut them. And eat eat survive that way on. These big maybe do anything to dragging glass. Maybe put the hope hopefully. The collectors dead. Oh no of course not of of course. Of course not the end scene there with the nuns and you get the get Maggie that of course is there Knowles mother and highly recommend I mean it's fraud on the picket podcast before but to go back and read. Yes. Yes several do you find it but daredevil born again by Frank Miller is unbelievable in that ending. That's why I think they left on a high note for me it's all right C daredevil. In that bad and like the nuns are nursing them back and they reference Maggie you're like all god they're going they're going to born again to the ended up behind note I'm like that's great. But then I'm what do you go back and look at it and Ole overall and a lower the score I also felt like fair to say. The this is kind of late daredevil season two and a half. Like all the other characters are definitely involved in it and I'm sure and you know impact their stores going forward but it's sort of what got. A one off for some of those characters are really like Luke cage and just give Jones like there. They'll they'll move on. Boards daredevil and it's so significant and it this whole franchise is based off of the success of season one daredevil that he can mind that would too. This is super what you can jump in the season three of daredevil without having seen the defenders. Well no and I I think it's great it's a good thing. He's clearly if you based on screen time whatever the most compelling of the four characters. All the (%expletive) he is he is daredevil sky. And like he does this thing now where I am I remembered doing in the first receive that they're public when he hears something you'd like. How he moves his head at the fast which we haven't done literate guy beat it's be it obvious people like you don't like that like yeah he would. But he does hit and it's Scott Glen new places stick. You're really good job of playing like the it's that. Oh my god it's amazing what you think people were blind or did they do an unbelievable job we really good people on the way to listen to people now. Yup its pretty neat to watch him. Well there's a story out there that Charlie Cox. Was auditioning for something else I forget I forget what laws there's another TV sure of the movie. And he was so used to being daredevil that you like you blew his chances if you like acting kind of like daredevil not blogs like this look at it over here here this is a let's not overlook before. Here a few things that I liked. From the defenders I lights. The idea of sort of Luke cage and iron fists like that partnership forming like there's a lot of scenes of the two roomed together. You location are making fun of iron fisted Mike those guys that some some light moments but. Sort of you don't teasing the team up between those two which are elect. I like that you can get those are the two characters who like you can tell. They immediately like each other yes this night it was nice to see you know there's not a bell like side and people would just get Jones and daredevil or carried out. Located in there and think they'll excise each other up and it was immediately pay. They did have a good fight to get a pretty good fight where like Sarah Lawrence about I'd like iron fist like holy (%expletive) like this guys rock solid and then put them you don't get punched out Barack he punches though the case does pretty good. I also like they're keeping even though right now Luke cage is with the clear temple in the comics he is married to Jessica Jones medicated. And they're sort of keeping map potential issue ship a lot to do that scene in the bar at the in the last episodes ago. And then there is a once he primarily get a fight Mikey was it on top of her and she says like yeah I remember this and Mike. So there's there's some good stuff there attic ultimately they'll they'll be back the other. I I don't. And I'll select all of the other born again notice that references here are some things I didn't like of course the Spiderman note most firemen. Very very very few MC references overall in this one limits in the incident obviously a couple of times. But compared to some of the other seasons you've Michael cage that there was next to nothing. As far as the avengers or anything like that also. There was no publisher at all until the little tees are located that teaser trailer. Afterwards. The final episode but didn't mention numb my gut but they'll maybe Karen would say something about Rome or anything but there's no. Mention of of par should not bother you. A little bit. You know it. And I didn't sound stupid in my head when epic about a public it would have been like alliance summit could well I got a guy for that they defeated yeah yeah right bomb. We need to bomb the ball to split up and that I haven't calling wing. Like rob the police station. Yeah crop called colony. On the partner. I also. I'm not. This might just be me but any time there's a move your TV show now where a building in New York is getting destroyed it's not limit thing. Yeah. I think I mean we can do better than that. Here's the Easter eggs and references Ryan people love these rights and references. Misty night of course loses her arm in the comic books years ago bionic arm Zoellick a set amount up. Let's see. They do referenced Jessica Jones and what you did to kill grave at one point I remember some of the police officers and our element to map. I'll ward mean Jim is brought up when there was an iron fist is in the ran into enterprises in industries are of forgiveness. An hour trip yet we keep you out of those terrible now this idea stretch but again this is some of the good stuff so. The scene in the police. Department when they're trying to keep all their friends like safe and they were up looking at some of the pictures on the wall and Karen Page is in there. M one of the pictures that he could see very clearly references something about heroin. And in born again I got up they'll do this like the network series is dark but this they've not really set up at all and like this reference is definitely a stretch. But Karen Page in that comic. Becomes addicted to Harrell machine just like a ticket drug he. And she gives up daredevil secret identity just froehlich another fix which she's got she's like prostituting herself for heroin. That she tells somebody who then relay that information on the kingpin. That she is or that. Now Murdoch is daredevil. Now I would've said spoiler bit that comics announced in the eighties so that's just that's sorted out there but do you think there's any chance they would do that with campaign aides. May be an independent how you know. Doubt economical that would be if you're a torrid HBO show I'd do it absolutely does. Yes they will. Number one and now don't take into account anything from my account books or anything from you know video games and had it strictly from what we've seen it. In the Netflix series. Who is. The best fighter between daredevil just you Jones Luke cage in iron fist. I agree completely he'd beat the (%expletive) and iron fist. You beat him up he dictate that he kicked the if he's the only one who went like candidate like Ed Edward electorate like Peter. Right exactly yeah Elektra mighty obedience and Alice I still daredevil if it's without a Catholic in this season in particular when he could see him with everybody else. It was so clearly. Him. There was no doubt like the other two were both very strongly Jessica Jones and I didn't highlight her very long at all. He I would tell you this Kristen Ritter is not an athlete. Like if you see her like on screen like thrown a punch Ehrlich running which he has not area. Oh it's really been a death hallway scene which by the way it can't be a season on Netflix on a hallway fight scene or a stairwell pricing but. She yes it's almost like comical he seals guys like. Danny ran okay at it Charlie Cox is great. Other guy it was located solid and then heard to a global Sibley flips and elect not doesn't but doesn't work right but yet in daredevil also has a lot of but Batman in them where. He doesn't have any real special abilities is also so intelligent that if it was a one on one fight between him and decades acute still find a way to win. I guess pretty clear. So on the back of the marvel cards nor back in the day that I didn't bedevil the ratings so. I think it's one through 767. Was the highest you can have. I have what cracks in the front rank every single guy because as say out of all these who would be who will be ranked the highest that's my visas would it. So those four. The highest strength. I. Mean. Yeah I've seen on this will be easy so strength I would say. Located in Jones both probably like six or seven. Daredevil probably look at two worth three in similar interest. Although ours is kind of a wild card because what he's using union postponed much higher. Aid intelligence. There doubled that for the highest intelligence. Under no would be second to be honest. Should appreciate it guesses via energy projection. Now on offense mental powers. Only and Spencer are really haven't met the bar none of them do. All pretty low scale that I saw those nurses those two more on here but. Would you say like so the fantastic four for example like. They have four very different kind of super powers this group they have to. Click here to hand fighters image of two really strong people. Think the good yeah a good two images and to like go body builders the kind of need to diversify maybe. Fighting ability we already said daredevil is clear but theater right column. There double wall on the. Yet. Luke cage you. The biggest blow irrigate and his bullet proof though it would. Yeah. Really put the ability to fight. Probably update daredevil fired it locate chip it. Yup I agree and then speed is the last on. It did it was definitely the blasts. Looted and just huge honorable flow iron this is probably second fastest. All right here's the here's there's the question of religious is important if you could steal a smooch. From. Any of the following Jessica Jones calling wing clear temple Karen Page misty night Trish walker. Electra. Sigourney Weaver's character. Or do now. Who would it be and why. I hate it did for me this is a tossup. I am a huge. Rose Dario dot content. You know I would I like I electoral law also pretty walker who he is piping hot without that this was pretty Acker chick from transformers right. On camera and watch and yes we have Australian Bible by birth. Yes yes. She bit that is they've put that is a powerhouse lineup though there are some really good ones which parent page elector a lot and. Low hum I go truth walker almost solved there. Arturo. Who in the series Ryan would be the most use to the avengers. Great question Richard they give a crap that myself. So the avengers look say they need to recruit one of their upcoming movies that we need we only need one. Or or maybe they have something also may be keep in new account what they have on the on the staff. Eminem I think that's what were running into problems here's we have very different they're Ross's streaky yeah they're loaded. Yet they're pretty deep. The sad reality might be and I hate to say this might. Yes because he's the most different he might have a thing that only lately gamma used the key in this when he could be the key for similar (%expletive) thing. The late daredevil again we we know is the best but. Now they are to have Captain America and they have. And now they're black panther to Montreal it. Iron Man you don't locate like we got a strong dollar we are strong that we hold in store these guys are trashed. And probably aren't for us that Sox. Com best Netflix series' villain. I thought oh great was probably the best I gotta go kilogram as well I'd I would definitely go to grave I would say. You know a lecture had a chance and then also the way potter sure is being used that you sort of he's classical anti hero but it is our super villain it's I think it was definitely pilgrim I agree that. And then here's the last question on my arm the official hatched a dork defenders questionnaire. What not just main character include any re occurring character and all of these series who is the worst character. If you ask me to believe it probably wouldn't that fight also. Yeah it might be he's just such a Boehner he sucks it's a bad actor soon. That's full read you watch out a big deal has gotten worse or did I tell you what he had Brian David peace because I ate. In 878 greatly the biggest kid in mice in in my class. And now I'm just a little (%expletive) person in the same thing bathroom of old agreed yeah remotely cute a monster and the bull. Valuable dirt and Sox. He just sucks. It sucks and dom. And I don't I we've given we've given him enough grief of the six party. Positive fog DOC I affairs I was say. He didn't comebacks and he's only a one off but that ward Beecham was horrible to. He's real bad but for the most unlike most of the characters in this universe and I think they're they're a pretty good so. I would say it would like. I didn't closet with a bullet like till grade which is so creepy so. May not like that stuff yet on us. Are right I know you have the raw and so all the ticket podcast by myself with you of any final words you can you can share them now. Again it's something you should watch some but there's definitely worth your time Thomas not the greatest thing you've ever seen but as you can tell from this podcast we are passionate enough about it. That it it's good not to talk about you know. You know so that's that's my take away. Thank you very much trial clocked in Mexico by the way what is English your next week and it's a good thing about it I wanna do a Friday Night Lights episode TV version sometime in September. I don't know about next week necessarily but we didn't we can think on. Thank. Our Brian thank you thank you. If you can. Okay. Her Barroso the epic a podcast solo here Ryan has the rod scheduling you know sometimes life gets in the way I suppose but my particular pod cast for this week. Is another plug. Yeah a shameless plug I was on Mac can do once again our nose and a couple times in the and a month year. And I was on of course with Mac and do and Marcus from the boxers podcasts he of course of the pick of the pod theme the district and or being the Davies figured he minute team. I we joined together we join forces wanna things smacking dude do is the drafts whether it's. Movie are of sorry episode drafts they've done it we did South Park before. They did and got SNL cast member drafted and they don't want to drafts in the past this week. It is episodes of the office. And yes of course they mean. The American version to me it's the only version that's unfair but whatever I it. It was the office episode draft so each of us living dead twelve episodes so. We discussed close to fifty episodes. 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Movies or the best Hormuz so that's probably be a three part episode just to give us enough time to talk about each one and I told the debut were. Gonna try to do a Friday Night Lights TV show. Episode as well but whether we have some free dates. In September as wells that you have any ideas either to freedom at Tor podcast or hook us up on the email. Dork podcast at Gmail. Dot com so I'll do it this is a little bit shorter episode this week put up things to listen this one and we will talk to you guys. Next week.