#DORK 32: Friday Night Lights

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Tuesday, September 19th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss one of the greatest television shows of all-time, Friday Night Lights.  They breakdown each season and the important characters of the series.  Who would you start a college football team with?  What were the best moments of the show?  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the little. Button there which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens I don't mind cash. Thanks in June and another episode of hash tags or primus Retief and look who's back it's right Davey Davey how are you. Look who's back it's going to be home. It's great to have you back Ryan you were off last week at zug who and I discuss the movie it's which continues to make a ton of money at the box office. Just Killen in Lahore Gail I also wanna say this I think things are really picking up for hash tag to work. Not once not twice but the rice. Or the last couple weeks I was recognized in public for specifically hash tag dork. I was at Fenway Park outside of there were parts of acumen to means above the podcast I was at wegmans somebody told me I love the podcast. And I was at idle hands which is obvious who the Mormon from the environment out hope there'd be people there yet. Like the podcast goes to sit there at the bar a buddy Josh steering was get me of a fresh beer and the guy next to me looks overs like. Rich keep. A love nest egg sorts of things things are happening forest maybe this is a good sign. We're moving to shake it let me tell you little storage at one time when I was do in the karaoke circuit said the New Hampshire remember those are surgeon your burger advertise with but with my good friend Brian. No equality under the fridge. On this podcasts yet. We went by the name to bright right carry out your view and a walk into a Burger King. In Nashua, New Hampshire and the girl behind the counter said all my god are you Brian or Ryan. Perfect excuse me you know when you get another. Is that from karaoke yes so I kind of know where you we've feel like there well it's so that feeling. This is that Austria and so so this is celebrating that that the two of us on the podcast they're really enjoyed podcasts. So that is good news. Thank you so much for the whoever said hello to Richard and match in the pocket yeah. Continue to say what's up and say it jury has sect or the thanks for listening. This is an action Perez is a long time common we've wanted to do this episode. For a while it is finally here and even know how it's gonna work. There's just so much going on but we'll still start off for people aren't maybe as interested in what is a great topic let's get him all the news Bryant show it. It. Well out this past weekend was. Danzig all as he came out his own movie called mother with Jennifer Lawrence Harvey are barred them Michelle Pfeiffer it's a deer are off he will be limits operate there do you enjoyed Darren are off ski movies. Not as much as I enjoy Glenn Danzig yeah that's probably true if it was a movie of Glenn Danzig just like screaming at the camera I would have seen it but. I think they got mr. aired out skewed to love the smell to them for a little bit could have a running there was. I'll address over the autumn was. But you know blacks one acted in a parity you. Just I liked the ladies or and it's so I saw about but it wasn't great. Requiem perjury would discuss the podcast that's just the mentally and it's if Toledo. An excellent movie pie and early holes of the pie and but anyway mother is out mixed reviews this at least 68%. On rotten tomorrow's. 42%. Though is the is the audience score so again audience that not a huge fan. Yet I think it's one of those things like what is it. You don't regulate I don't know is it horrible big people say that's not horror movie but it is the horror movie you know and of itself. It's unaudited Q I don't know what it's getting into it it seems like it's being pitched almost as a horrible re a probably check it out once it's free democracy one in the weirder. This week at the box office Ryan king's men at the golden circle so the seat in India. And I'm excited and are you live on that because you have you took a little while to see the first. It took me awhile I really enjoyed it I don't know if that's they feared her movie for a though I'm not sure I'm definitely in the I wanna see it bought. I don't know it's tough now there's a reason why September movies or exit do all that well yeah football is back and you know you really hit ago car about two hours to half hour to go to the theater. I'll probably just wait. Would at least that I want for Justice League Star Wars the rest of the calendar years though are useful it really is I think I'm out movie wise or theater wise what volume. Yeah I think amount on this one theater wise if if I can fight it out some illegal site and watch it they're probably do it sewer come out on video you know your legacy you know that's not a record by the way. No and I'll I'll let down obviously in post anyway. Now did you watch the Emmys. I would. This is this is you first boarding school brats I was on tour of duties so it's kind of poking in and out. Yeah and as my wife as you note here at my house fire on putter. She enjoys award shows you yes she does I thought this was one where. I don't know at least seen a lot of the shows I had not seen a hand maid's tale of my wife really like that big little lies my wife also really liked. Yeah all the ball movies that are all the shells that I saw it in the wind ship of the closer to things like the monitoring of the hour I watched a better call solve that very. It left over at left orbital bone. Yet Tom Fargo loan. Carrie calmed ask rude over hard for epic for a she got nominated for the role as you'd actually worse that'd with the main cents. Movies that but Bob master of none with the season started they want like a writing Emmy. Command. Woman he's he writes with I called it when I watched that episode Mike that's gonna win an Emmy like that episode. Can I can I say this without you know try to go a whole lot of backlash going. I yet masters of none is overrated. It's you know what it's some it's one of those like quirky kind of shows that he doesn't really. Fit into cutting any box but I I don't know I just enjoy it but I enjoy watching. That's fine. Not you know out of first isolated Oliver fight here I just I watched I don't know how many seasons are I watched one season nominal like there's two. Up from. Martina what year you're completely just and I I get it's one of those things would you watch it is again why people wouldn't like it. Right right you're like OK understandable. Also on Netflix there was a yacht teaser. For the publisher and it looks like the punish her mixed with Blair witch project come out and amid jump on a barrel falls in degrade your order was great I am looking forward to this that. Later on this year. It's like a mix between Blair witch in Mike's first blood. Like the first Rambo. Yeah so what more do you want for cuts yes. I have a on our IP to give out here Ryan I don't wanna steal your pick of the pod but it. Bobby the brain keen in the greatest wrestling manager of all time. One of the greatest announcers of all time. It is also arrest sort of way away before my time. But Bobby the brain heated was hysterical. If you can go pull off some of the old clips gimmick role monsoon working together. This guy he probably could have been in. Like comedy movies like you was that you is that sharpen he was really really funny and so even battling throat cancer for awhile so Bobby the brain you in the passed away this week that shout out that him and especially. It's very sad but you know like like you said I mean if you watched any Google promo would basically given Ric Flair like invented. The wrestling problem they kill. Yeah you don't mean and those students absolutely nailed it and it was the public's some really cool stuff from him IE I didn't do exactly where you'd better weather today found that out I went on YouTube and watch flexible little promo stuff affect I was off. Holy absolutely no winners are you not ready for the next portion of the program. He's happy. You know. Even my hand. Robert. I got a lot of supplement speed through it because I'm so excited about the the topic do you ordered it is that a big topic or ours on. So in due to greater easier for the trailer came out today to visit to either. For the trailer which comes out tomorrow. Starting early civic hander who is an ex smock you know which is an awesome movie. She's played a young Lara Croft is basically following the story of rise of the Tomb Raider. Which of the game the most re not the second most recent game yup that the altitude but it looks really cool little gritty so calm amid that. Joker town Richard your hometown is on Saturday I'll now hear Barbara I'll than an album that that bullet. Yep so so that's good so new map on over watch if you wanna play docket count. That it'd be really cool breeze sports nuts out there NBA and NHL eighteen both dropped. NHL it's Friday. NBA two K today those are out. Marvel vs cap com incident in February fighting game person. Come out today in this indicate that the geeky but I might actually check it out a divot I guess that story is really cool it's big enough for mega man meets up with. Opting out so who'll. Yes that's a good bad. Looks looks pretty good. And then destiny to adopt them if you wanna play destiny do eight everything that was wrong with destiny wanted fix it the little lighter. Not a serious. It's day it's it's a good time so check. And yet they go on action packed the eighties video game minute this week this is a very exciting time this of course the BB topic if you're Ryan. Did you. Other to the topic of the day and today it is one that we sort of kicked around a few times. That really wanted to save it for football season. And that is Friday Night Lights. The television series so of course there's part of that lets the book there's part it's the movie based off of the book ball of those based off beat true story. This was sort of spark off inspired by I think is what you would probably call this. This was a show that ran for five seasons a total of 76 episodes the first two seasons it was on NBC. And then the final three seasons. It moved to the one on one network which Liggett DirecTV only. Property or channel. That could not help the economic help that also the show which we'll get into. With kind of hit pretty hard by the writers' strike. In case this show ran from 2006 the 2011. So season one was a full 22 episodes. I was at my favorite season out of the five. Which you agree. Hi ya ya I like that one I also like these and three. Threes three is really strong. One though again as the only won a full point two episodes season to. Was supposed to be 22 they ran it fifteen. And then they pulled the plug in the writing is a little screwy. It sees there's like. We'll get an open season two has some really great moments at the just trash moments. They bought I would say yeah yes I would say if you're gonna watch Friday Night Lights if you're gonna elected gonna watch this after hearing are compelling argument for it. Skipped these in due entirely. No no no no don't you there there's there's there's enough good so that does get through season three. Four and five. Are all just thirteen episodes each that they're able to get up to 76 I would say most people arrive for the show especially which has been out for a long time. I've already seen it. And they've they've. They want a reasonable we have say about a buck for those few that just listen to beginning of this and maybe wanna watch this let's just do it a couple seconds spoiler free. Just to sort of describe the show could this happens to be. One of my favorite television shows. All of all time and outdoor of these people that did not watch it live again came out 06 I just graduated college I was not. Probably watching a lot of weekly shows then. And I shotgun the whole thing may be a couple of years he goes on Netflix went one through 76 is one after another like a lot like just ate it up. You had told me it was great like Sharkey it's only as great public half. I don't know I read the book I saw the movie that was fine they're both good. But I didn't know how good this is going to be and it was incredible so I love it I highly highly highly recommend washing. And for me I was the same way like well I'd seen the movie I'd read the book you know and I was like OK like I get it and and there was a large part of it became the colors of the team. But I thought it was is gonna be like some like cheesy rip off of the day and I had no interest in it when it first came out and only made up here are there they made up this. They've made up a school they dates earlier a nice homage. You know they still of the. Let me tell you this if you want if you are we are I am guessing that our audience is predominately male correct correct. Did they show that if you want. To sit down and watch it with your significant other this is be perfect show to do it because it out enough. Football it to keep many adjusted but it also like that the soap opera aspect of it it's so well written and so good. And dare I say Richard and I'm gonna save it and this is the last series tournament at say it'd be best depiction of a successful marriage ever put on TV. Yes. Yes it is that's absolutely true I was gonna say he had low ball. Despite all hyperbole but let's just let's just go down that broke for second this is without question. The best show television show. Senator around sports. So right away on the in our audience most of our audience is is this the best and they're been some other good ones spotlight coach. Whatever there's there's both the good ones. This is incredible this is also. I think the best high school show. Of all time and I know I get some push back from my sister who would say Beverly Hills not a two win though and you know. People love what does it Gossip Girl there's a lot of very popular. I. Got out and freaks and geeks is very good. This had so much more staying power though this has sort of more episodes. That I and I think this tells the story of you know it's mostly jocks but it also gets into it a lot of the ladies involved there and then they do a good job with some of the the door your characters. Idol I love the in Iraq it's it's sport it's a soap opera which you have to you have to be in on the on the host Tampa shows. But in the characters are really by the gamble will rank our favorite characters but there are so many to choose from. And again the ensemble cast is very that are strong and agree. So I'll another little thing I really liked about it as you know you and I both played high school football and so many other. Shows or movies that particular. That two football more than any the other sports they don't look right in the uniform they give an actor who probably doesn't know what they're doing and they just like here we hear the pads that you're supposed to Wear here's the Jersey here's your helmet. Now where if you look at like my god that doesn't look right and it's frustrating as distracted. Where these guys weren't so far the other way but you're watching him and elect yet baca that looks exactly like a high school claret booklet the pads fits. The you know the uniform pits like Reagan had like the the like he's got the tombstone thing like the cowboy collar but it's also got like the license plate on his back and he's got to the spattered up cleats like dictate their ankles and it's exactly what you would do it in real life. And so that and in the game play. It's pretty. Legit too like it's not so it's not so cartoonish as the varsity blues or some of the other movies that you. Are now all you out but that it but they even even like. Coral quote good. Football movies it's a little silly now at the ending in some of the games I was there aren't like terrible knots but the actual. Like watching the action scenes I think that stacks up pretty gets. It all right let's get answers so that's about it B were real real full court press that this is one of the great movies are great television series of all time let's start with season one right season one. Is. Really that the main point of this season is that Dillon Panthers have a new coach Eric Taylor. New coach comes in there and the reason why he hires the coaches because their quarterback Jason street. Is a senior and he was his quarterbacks coach he coached him and pop Warner and David that he coached him in TV. It's always the new coach now. Jason street is supposed to be the best high school player in the state of Texas maybe in the country he was gonna go to Notre Dame. He had been upgraded BP could it be you've got to go to Notre Dame right to cut it out. Atop the chart eight so they also made reference that he had a 72%. Completion. Percentage I guess like the season before. And the there's a C over the Notre Dame scout is talking to Jason streets parents saying and all the years he's recruit he's the best player he's ever seen. So that's pretty and that obviously in game one tonight. So almost too good to be true right which Jason Streep best player ever on this team like the the favorite to win the state he's going out with the hottest girl you'll ever see on camera. Is his girlfriend they think it would lie would dare to be the hottest girl of all time. It's gas column. Yes I yes one of chewed up there so he has won it what it knowing bing bookmark people. And then he gets paralyzed in the first game he throws a pick trusts me to tackle paralyzed supple and that's one whole story on so now it's really. Eric Taylor the head coach. He's trying to right the ship with a team this year Jason street is. Learning how to deal with being paralyzed the team is is conflicted by the whole thing it. The other main characters of course to be Tim riggins who is. If why Garrity is the hottest character ever on screen that reagans may also be the hottest character ever put on screen but. I would put him in there top five favorite character from any television show. He's got them and I'll tell you this I bought my wife. Eight Dillon Panthers put the bill and football 33 teacher that's incredible Buick big and I know you would think I've bought her like a Tiffany's. Diamond like these see where that all the time. He's learning a Yoshi like the phrase all time ago like women wanna sleep without a McMahon wannabe America that is brilliant. Tim brigades is the greatest he has he has incredible. So he's admit maps air sooner was the backup quarterback of the star quarterback. He is he's got a relationship go long would the coach. Is daughter Julie is also new to the the eyes what this is a lock on on the throw a lot of smash Williams he's a star running back you look at the kind of shoulder the load from there. And a lot of very compelling characters say and as the series goes on. Very well developed characters like not a single one of them I got out of all those guys that I just named. Would you say that all of that stereotype Maxima that's all he is our all he has the speed they do a great up Washington mall out. Yet amid this is kind of like the setting the table to get introduced all the characters but the depth of each character that. Is actually pretty remarkable how well written each character. So I went through each game in season one. So gives of the games that they show you and I this is one of the but they slight issue I have with the show but it's find that the television show. So game one Jason street goes down with the injury they bring in maps there are cynic who would be sort of it guy certainly did not expect to play as a sophomore. Behind Jason street he ends up throwing a hail Mary at the buzzer to win the game. Remember remember remember the phrase at the buzzer. Again right between the two of us we have probable played. I don't know 200 football game I've put a hundred games that we've but I. Yes whatever whatever whatever was for me it was five to many for me. How we think that's. How many games. Did it team did you win or lose. As like the final seconds were ticking off the clock. One or do you exactly I think in college who might had one game where we hide it. Let with under ten seconds ago to force overtime and like that's part of the closest. As the go walk off a basketball that a part of at a few buzzer beaters. That that's way more common but football. Miss that's one buzzer beater. On the game two Matt Stairs and now the starting quarterback. They're down thirteen to seven. He gets he scrambles out gets tackled at the one yard line at the buzzer so they lose that game but again it comes down to. The buzzer not to games in the season there one and one. So you know what that means buddy Garrity who is while his father runs the car dealership and as a big booster for the team. He says they need to bring in ray voodoo Tate. Re routed Tatum is a kid who was a great quarterback in New Orleans but. Because the Hurricane Katrina he got displaced it's about all these teams in Texas attorney yet. And so he Dave eventually bring in voodoo militaries that he's not all that thrilled to be in Texas. Now all that thrilled to be in Texas there are some racist things that are going on there yes Tuesday but. Just hell of an athlete and an option quarterback would be well suited to any college style. You know really would be at so voodoo. Initially is not going to be the starter but then. Reluctantly. Coach Taylor put an X eriksson's not really ready for this sort of goes to boot who doesn't wanna do it Bhutto plays half. And let's just say it's not very cold trouble. He cast snaps that at Taylor he doesn't listen to only runs his own play is even though we have success running set plays. It's a he gets benched at the end of the first half a mom. But what ends up happening is. There's a recruiting scandal there and even those kind of (%expletive) the of voodoo. Claims that yet and they did these things illegally so they beat Arnett mead who by the way Arnett need is the the their biggest rival in the gorilla that school is so they complain. And so now they lose that the entity technically be Arnett mean that your. But they get they get it revoked if another one and two. These are on par. At about that well right so then they know the other a lot we know they actually won that game up the. Double Alabama and the other an immigrant law capped at about Reverend Wright rare very rare. Right it was actually it was Tim Brigham score a touchdown at the buzzer. And then that top than they were down one and then they went for two and smashed on it and they won the metaphor. Game did next game they won reagans at three touchdowns the game after that smash scores a touchdown at the buzzer. They if they win six the two. There's another game they win big smash a three touchdowns and other game. Sayers and it gets benched. Remember his dad was there what did you think of the relationship without mats Hairston and his father who is back from Iraq. I absolutely hated it's water used that and I know I didn't know that not good these is that you know he's dealing with a don't stresses. But then he like doesn't have to realist but he does. Just like get the hell away from it be awful family situation yet he's he's been through this kid yeah he's. Left him there with. The fathers mothers of math errors in grammar he takes care and she's like slipping ended dementia. And he lives there at home pictures you take your medicine. He comes home the father and he's a message that just wants to go back to war. Says there's an effort to really that album they get into a huge argument in a parking lot that's one of those big scenes. But basically threw out you could sell pretty early on. Search and Eric Taylor like his coach is basically like his father but it more than moral Boller to Hamdan is data was correct so then. Let's he's asserting expensive Mac game but it comes back the next game you've been watching a lot of tape. And he knew the play depicted Rhonda. And smash Williams is suspended for this game is smash the steroids this season. Because he needs to get bigger faster stronger. This is kind of atypical. Sports movie or sports TV show throw like the old. Hey I'm not fast that you don't really good as I heard steroids and the smashed a steroids that was the story alive I probably could have them though. Yet not great not great and I carried it. Very out of character for him. Yes yeah absolutely and yeah yeah you're right you're like. You're so cocky thought he was so great but he is obsessed with being on one of those doubts like big boards again go to top auto prospects. And yet allegory need to be stronger and answering he turns the steroids. So that they go to the playoffs. And smashes backe plays in this game you actually at the rose touchdown pass the Mets Hairston which is beyond little foreshadowing there Thurston may be could be a wide receiver. I. About that also that before it between the up first and second round of the playoffs a lot happens here ride you have. Via the power puff game. Those girls football and the two coaches one is timber against the others math there are sent in this. This is some of the best stuff goal because Reagan if that's miracle screaming at the girls he's like failure is not an option is that we will not lose AZ is going nuts. With the girls in the affronts. I would say. You have alerted Ira and yeah Miley Garrity don't have that there might be. And they're both pit stop but what what's going on because. A that's nothing with it there's a lot here so I don't want the best Purdue is like season my season or character by character but at least in season one. Riggans. As great as the is he did sleep with his best spreads girlfriend at his best round was paralyzed. Yes that's not a good look. Look harder to root for you know. That's bad although Jason street overall. Is kind. He's dealing with a lot but there's no doubt he has. And like he's kind of like there are times where he's talking to be but he could tell he's eased somewhat charming but. I don't know I'm not a huge amount to Jason street fan. Jose and in Lila you know developing like the whole first season when he was paralyzed and you know he's gone to the whole thing and every word out of T seen T seen deep in but I could act as it could taker that is the first people watch. Lot has the voice of an Angel. What are out of here it's no I'm not it's what a Disney princess sounds like is what Lyles she and her voice is. It it's. I don't know how Austin's. Earlier it lyrical. It's it's lovely it's beautiful down like bird chirping on a Sunday morning. Which you so I already said Lyle was the hottest that may be not a every recruit that I would also make this statement which it standby. The combination of lilac Garrity and tyra Collette. There's not a high school ever. Ever shown. On television or it and movie that out eight duo as hot as the Austin. And our play of it so you eat you pick your poison here journey means so I think. That lilac Garrity I'm and a dominant use them semantics here is that it is the best looking. Unrest popularity is about order superlatives later on but yet you know did I or anybody looking yes. Tyra Collette. Yes he might be it she also you like Hewitt and I want you can't you know and she's got like like more attitude. Her facial expressions like she's got some snaps tour. I like her great deal also you get after the powder puff game which was hilarious you get the they go the Mac McGill. Being maybe not all that sneaky or racists story line he's the offensive coordinator he makes comments about. How smash Williams is more likely to be like a running back in maps or some more likely to be a quarterback and the reporters got to push in America. This is something that. I like this story alive again at times it was a little bit uncomfortable but this made more sense to me like you're in Texas. Eleven it is in Boston we do assault on here but. Admit now it was better to me than the steroids storyline but this on the guys and stuff here. In it was a good nod to the book because remember the book if there's a lot of racial undertone of talks yet. Though so that kind of I like that because it it it kind of called back to that you are to Munich now the big part of the book. My one issue I would have win that was smash Williams initially if you remember. Was not all that pissed. About what Al coach McGill said and that people are talking on whether it was his girlfriend or whether it was the audience there are some when there were desperate shoppers again and don'ts when he's become aware about don't sweat it. But that his girlfriend really started pushing them it was really sort of saying I get in his a year doing all this is awful this is awful and then the next thing you know. He's the one that who leads a wrong vault and they all leave practice together and they're threatening not to play in the game during the playoffs. So one of those things are like. Art if you are just pissed the whole time that I get it. But for you do have to be talked into it by your girlfriend and I was that was not a great look at the percent. Now it's not a good look but you would say you know we've been there in high school where you know our girlfriends pockets and doing things that we didn't necessarily want to do because you know we. You know there's there's what are my had to get out of that you know to meet a public room we've been there that the high school kid thing to do I understand. It that's probably true it's that they're next game is when they get into that huge brawl on the field and then they called the game. It's a days they were winning so big got the win but that was sort of a strange way to and the game. But yeah there may move on to other than go in the quarterfinals they win that game 26 that's when he won the now there in the semifinals. In this was the game in the cow pasture. If only they had all this damage there's a tornado or not tornado there was all kind of damage gone through. So they had to play basically. The vivid episode actions mud bowl. So they've they've played a mud bowl smash has a touchdown catch Steris and ends up what they walk off touchdown run if you can believe it. And that what hole what they got that up to me in this as though it was that ever it was a downpour and everybody is all Marty and then after the game. A lot of the scenes everybody looks very dry but very dry yet pavlik on the but it won't. That's another on the state and they. Go to Dallas Cowboys Stadium for state and they're taking on west can embryo which ball behold that's where voodoo goes. Some of a bitch and there were down 26 nothing. At the half. And they came back the one that's on the bench two point seven point six you guessed that at the buzzer. Played a great. Falcons look played a three lead. That's right west can't happen west hit real bullets won it six nothing lead on what can we we have to make sure we should Wes camber or blue it's worth the topic we. That your smash Williams at three mark mark mark mark get to do it and I declared bankruptcy. Smash had three touchdowns in the game he also this is something that you can relate to dislocated his shoulder and again. I was just more of a separation guy's not a bid told dislocation duplication you can put Beckett. Yesterday popped up I'll be back here and there appearing on I hope in the latter there are some to Reagan's that Riggans tossed that the smashed. And they won there so season about season one Davey is a Dillon Panthers state. Championship. And all's right in the world but oh by the way. Right before the championship game the team learns that coach Taylor is leaving it. He got hired by TM you. It's a fictional school Texas Methodist university there. How you feel about coach turns back on the on the team. You know society you know as as somebody who has move from institution to institution to take my talents to other places it is fairly it's always a family decision it has nothing to do with. It's you know. As as Bob sugar Jerry Maguire said it's not show French Open at this. That's a great point. That really is a guy who's gonna become an indication body shiver a conversation Apatow. Now his daughter Juli and his wife Tammy not just thrilled. And they ultimately decide to stay. In Dillon and he's gonna go to Austin so fairly split. And a lot of these conversations they had this the way where you said this is the best. On screen. Marriage of all time or just sort of shown the highs and lows of merit but staying together that kind of thing. A lot of their they're tested here pretty good notes that. Yet and I would say I'll let me let me first go on record as my wife would kill me if I didn't say this as well Tim riggins is one of her favorite characters. On television all time she would definitely steals smooch from timber again I will tell you that. Jimmy Taylor is your favorite television character ever. She's amazing she really is generally is a clip. If they and did the show after four seasons I would definitely agree weather but in the fifth season should start to Wear on me a little bit whether yeah. That her wanted to go to Philadelphia all stuff that I first I understand. Her wanted to do something for her vote like I don't know I assert get a little tired over but just. Made an error relevant voice in the accident. It's it's very good so that's season one area we get to some of the other stuff as we go through the characters than a minute but. Season two is the one that Davis is you could potentially. Skip it's clearly it would go back in watts in funny I knew watching it that the writers strike was going on here like I had this is clear so this is. He's back at Dillon so he starts the year coach Taylor does at CMU and there's a new coach's name is bill Macgregor. He does not get along with the reagans or really anybody's do when she in his own way. And CME Taylor really is getting pulled between the two and oh by the way they have a a new baby. Right he knocks up as it Tami that's him his new baby girl named Gracie. Great great for our take yeah I really hot day let's hear uglier baby ever put out felt. Yeah it can't doubt Julie even makes the common developed wiser headlight. She did an ugly baby have ever seen him put it in front of a camera I'm not advocating that I know that mean and I'll bet it is probably elect what 789 now. Yep look. Really maybe even ten. That I was season two was the camera and be ten listened to best feeling really badly. You're an ugly baby a large Greek seatbelt you were an ugly game. So the team now is led all really once again I should say. By smash Williams by Tim riggins and Matt Stairs and they are all back to defend their title. Coach Taylor ends up coming back after two games so they go one and won their first two games of the season smash is. Even more of an astle this season like his Eagles off the charts. This is his senior year it's a they're going nuts are going on and on about smash Williams and they end up going to the playoffs crime but they end up losing. But this one of those weird things to work. The season the way we shot they didn't line up I didn't get the full season in in your in unity so you watched season to. And when he watched the finale or. The at a last episode this season to unity really know how the season and selection at the bland in the season three it's not really ideal. Meal one. Let's see I think they've finished eight and two by my IMAP or maybe Taylor is eight to the team itself was nine and three union part of that you find out in season three. Stairs and smashed really don't like each other for awhile smash one of the big story lines also. Gets suspended three games. Right at the end of the season. Because he was at the movies with a sister and there are some races in the theater and he beat the (%expletive) out of one of the kids so he got suspended. But they're able to make it through and also the other big things that jumped out to be the season was. Number they had to share. Their practice facility wind. The team from layer beat because they got into it there's like a tornado that ripped through. Yeah and that coach. Physical lunatic and they're like doing pranks and stuff the whole time back for at the coach during the game. Tackled reagans as Riggans is about to win the game that's right at the buzzer tackle the elect is not. Every day than it in the I guess his wife was dying city was not doing very well with. What was going on there but also it's easy to some highs Ryan and some blows. To me the lowest. That last point of this the lowest point of this show happen in these and do what was at least they are partisans. Policy. About Landry Clark who advocate tertiary care there. You know he's like Matt Harrison's friend music and artists like in a band you know like he's not interested in football at all first of all followed up with tyra Collette. And may murdered somebody. Now aren't so look back story and that. Late entry very important character I think now is he comic relief but for season one. He's the only male characters that's in the show. That's not a football player. Rather it was good to get that perception and or perspective I mean and you know. Dealing with all the Panthers on what's going on there he's not football player he loves tyrant he loves tariffs from the Gekko which are really like. It's a tyra. Was almost raped in season 1000 the predicts storyline for a little bit now was pretty crazy and then lay injury. And that Buick you need to tell somebody and that's issues matter to him that you forgave him Bobble. So season two and 2000 season wanted delinquencies once decent threw back guys Paris stalking tyra. And Landry. He hit some of the ranch in the head NATO. In an internal audit of the crop right yes correct yeah that was that was terrible here but I would say it was really good in season do. Tim riggins is getting bounced around you know he obviously all of his living situations he at one point is then living with the taylors. Couple things going on there one Tammy sister. Thinks he's like so hot which that it was great because malaria at her like wanna AM and at Tammy Buick. Are you kidding me that you think you guys. Well it's just heroic chuckles and they're always flirting like he calls or shells easily they're always Florida but what I loved actually was Reagan's. And Julie. There's like a brother at a Big Brother relationship. And they keep heat protects surgery like a tornado when they're like out and she was out at a party she was hammered drunk and a guy I was basically you know like. Was willingly paper paper essentially. And Riggans major that didn't happen that he brought her home and that's what coach sponsor like trying to like this them. And 33 greens out of the house which socks he's on the ballot this fall and then he later finds out you know Julie eventually is like this is all my fault. A coach like really couldn't believe that Reagan's. Now it did all that but then he wouldn't even say a bad word about the daughter CEO lot of respect for Reagan's. One of my complaints was that ever really went back to that I doubt I wanted more. Reagans as like the Big Brother protector of Julie. But for like two episodes that are those really. It you know she yes she was make NBC news web soft porn out she'd make in my Google wise Adam you know and who wouldn't. You know I would I would batted battle action tenure in sourcing but yeah right. And I am complete I'm completely comfortable who I am 2008 on the east he should be the city and yeah I mean now what kind of a cool like they did see him you know can you get that bad boy thing but he knew he doesn't. Is an article. Do you really does and you could see it with you know that kid bow. You know his neighbor who it is smoking hot neighbor we dollars a barrel though but usually do with kids and he was Utica is a good guy. Terrible far away I believe adore adore column. Door crossover here dad taught neighbor you're talking about us with Nikki in swingers that you result of the cheerleader in the replacement. Things are coming together. That I would ever Nicki like. Edit it make you leave a mess idea that there. Our. Season three. Was the year that JD McCoy shows up on the scene through off freshman. Just a dink like. Ed so David I want to prep school in Davie now teaches at a prep school sure we do we run across some JD mccoys in Ireland votes that we have. Maybe not as good at football but we've definitely run across people that that acts like team McCoy in her parents salinity accord. Do you want to tell the story Richard or should you may tells soared. So forget the young man may be divided remember I wouldn't say I actually remember it now but no I'm not gonna say it on there. He. With a quarterback with a team a slight fellow bit of you know not a pocket guy you know elect to move around a little bit right and we had some issues on the offensive line com so being the full back I was left the block maybe three or four people at once. And yet we are offensive line was below average. Yet. So I'm just hurl myself at the first person to come across the line. And now this young man decides to take me to task in the huddle and call me India are hard car he obviously did not quite he called me away comedy called me retard. You know we got our car. Not a hard partied like the other one but yet the economy retard or other I didn't particularly care for. When. It's a wrapped its wrapped up the steep movement. Cable and though. On the next play I decided to show them what how big of retard it was and just didn't block anybody. Correct that afternoon. I hated not played the rest of that game. Of the next game lightly. Now though that articles please cite India may be just don't block for this time though the other we are down we were down Baker's dozen in the first quarter I think deposits. Several points there is a by the filters are nice bounce back season. I after season two and you don't they also did they kind of punted on a lot of the story lines like. Lila Garrity was super religious in season two. That no matter what did that and so they only made slight kind of acknowledgment that back in early in the that was done and like she was with Reagan's. Most the season three you know like artwork though without like Landry killing the guy we're not deal without season three and there are some other. I love what they just went away like that make they never brought up again. There's a guy at school and and BD incidents rolled through. They end up making it all the way to the state finals are stated Richard game JD of course is our quarterbacks Hairston has been moved now to watt receiver. But that McCoy. Status past our halftime to the bench jumps there are some goes in the what they actually fall short so they do not win the state title that year and now we have three years. At Dillon for coach Taylor state championship. A runner up and a loss at believe in the second round of the playoffs. That's arugula there. However. JD McCoy and his dad's dad becoming a big booster. If they don't like Taylor because Taylor. Doesn't just give JD McCoy are that he wants so they basically oust him. They're like you're done son it's and they move on from Taylor they bring in Katie accords all QB coach wade eight men in the dink to. They shot him in there and they vote him out so Taylor finds out he actually coach Taylor finds out that he has been hand from Dillon. While he's at Billy riggins is wedding. Which is quite a scene as well. We had a touchdown Billy Ray into the doubt we are not chemical. Billy riggins. And his wife which was tyrants. Sister. And they got married she of course works at the landing strip. And indeed does and though they they got there there but they also found out that hey they're splitting Dylan now that's NBA east Dillon any west deal. And he's been off the job at east Dillon which is essentially the bad news payers I guess is correct not ready to roll so season for. He is now the head coach at east Dillon and it's sort of a favorite things the beginnings any bad team if you airplay at pop Warner or not a big a bad JV team. This is perfect because he's going through that meat in the players are like getting fitted for equipment and he asked each kid across the board what position your ticket lost the flag. Everyone knows the quarterback took a look at it like all right I guess we got our quarterback. That was good. Are my peers like coach JV football. In college indicated told me that he wanted to play defense at linebacker. And I bet that that as opposed to offensive line backer and he didn't get. At all. That was my ear right wasn't that when he came back and ocean by the new year. That sums up our team pretty much did wanna play defense the linebacker. Yeah the Oregon so east Dillon they win two games that year but including. They beat west on Thanksgiving. Huge game lay injury is actually kicker now and he kicks H 46 yard field goal wait for it at the buzzer. A oh also the season. He quit. Coach to acquitted have to on their guard 45 and opening game one and he pulled the plugs of the team was really mad at him for awhile. You know Vince Howard who once appeared in the star of the team. For a couple of years dipping going back and re watching this I forgot that since initially was actually a running back even have a play quarterback at first. But they switch them out there run on the wildcat canyon to throw it is equipment you can throw as a that he moved them. Two you're a sophomore at the time that it moved the quarterback I'll look at pretty also big part of the season was that Tammy was still a principal. At. West and then their limits how Liza realizable captains are the best players in west actually should be playing in east. So bit bank's situation there but it at a bank situation and the cap pretty well we'll get fined him one thing I did like about him was that he played both ways which is more of what we're used to appear in the nor DC where a lot of guys gonna have to play are bad football. Whereas down there they only focused on offensive players throughout the entire Ceres it was like quarterbacks and running backs and how is it. And finally Caffrey bewildered defense I was. Good to see. It's season five Ryan is obviously a huge year for east they go thirteen and one. On their way to a state championship Vince Howard is now the talk of the town. And then that season ends waited oh we're now gonna go back to one school. So it's gonna be just Dylan again. And Vince Howard's not a replying for Dillon they offer Eric Taylor the job there but he leaves and his wife to. Philadelphia so. There's a lot in there five years in the books five years the head coach for Eric Taylor. By my math I have him Ryan at 47. And fifteen. And that includes that includes a forfeited loss. Tow Arnett need to a state championships. And a second place finish. And to know vs west deal which is pretty dead so he owe it to run that's that's that's a serious got their run their by coach Taylor. And now we see him act. Bremerton high in Philly the threes that. Aren't you wanted to character breakdown or 200 favorite scenes moments. I would acuity bold W Woodward's first. I would do it do characters. I care to break down let's start win of coach. Eric Taylor how did you think first logistic it's just his on field coaching what did you make his coach. I think it solid coach you know our ballots ballots attack you gotta run yet stuffed bear any got a little trickery Il gravel that yes which you need. You are immediately primarily offensive coach like that not a lot of defense happening. No he again quarterback coach you kind of nowhere without the ball he's focused on the they always had good offenses. And I used and I thought there were times. Out of Illinois Adam where he'd really a little too hard on May be Riggans or youth freak out at cirrus then. It'd come out like he yelled that as a as a player on our need to be chewed out so sometimes that's not always the best of to break through your players but. Ultimately he did get the most out of them but there are times were. I was frustrate them. It's the I'm the other way like if I get yelled at like I perform better target yelled that right. Which you know and I and I think it was always. The big hand strikes and present the flower kinda thing like he would get part of that he'd been I would. Certainly you can avoid a liberal I'm not a and yet our weapons those that I got to go back and lots. What I thought by doing that. He would go part of a player and then he would explain to them after do you understand why I did that you're gonna get to that yet as a as a coach now I understand. Yes and that's and that's the other cool thing about the due out approach. If you're watching this to be you know he could it pit but he never like raises voice too badly and when he does know Michael which it. Yeah yeah. I use he was. Obviously the coach of the of the record. Speaks ports up and there are also times where. He would allow likes airs that would come to him with a play and you know during practice he's kind of a dink to oddities like air whatever I I don't doesn't prevent game time rolls around he would like to frost and his guys. And they would run some sort of crazy plays but he cannot with rows based on those guys that without pretty eager. Also like. I wouldn't say he was the funniest Eddie probably wasn't in the top three but he got a lot of moments like his reaction. To people. Or like the way his wife would talk to him and then you'd just be left Alec both fought all the new eternally keep property could do it. He actually provided a decent not a comedy. It was so it was great to see they can be so sure of himself on the football field never got home and deal with. Three women yes (%expletive) clueless and let poll maybe that's political too close to on give up an ideal but I do you. Right there and so what's got to happen Leo is you're gonna end up welcoming in the gets him Reagan's tight because when he did that youth and it's Amy's like. Or like even up the teams the voltage power or on the fifty merely that he had two daughters and that is sister while also staying over he was. Very outnumbered. Let's go to Tami Taylor. Guidance counselor early on that then and that being coming a principal event and the show as the dean of admissions at. Blu-ray Moore college they'd be fictional college. My remark yeah yeah. But she she gets some good stuff one of the things that number in season one. She sees. There are some buying condoms and so like she's always got a freaking out about Juli is she sees all the girls do if you heard about. One of the girls or office was saying. You know one of the Panthers lost to a three way and I'm not really into it does she like freaking out even market she's knows what what's going on high school. Yet and that's and that's great and I would say that they're greatest scene with. The two of them with these the Taylor's is when he broke they have the cook out at the house. And he tells her it's only going to be like twenty people. Oh my god it's like 150. An interaction data out phenomenal. When their underneath the tables so Gracie yeah Michael up there I'll be all smile I'll give you the smile that you need the down here I'm not doing it that it gimmick path you know as. Now's got also with the so that one of the real world things too that that she dealt with the was. Rigorous season four with Becky Sproles. Where she basically is talking or Becky gets out knocked up by the cap pretty. And Becky ends up getting an abortion and that it all comes back on Tammy which. All the only gets or cans like she was gonna have to issue it got an apology which she didn't wanna have to do and then so that led her to leaving west going east but. Now as one of those topics where. Again freight brace soap opera football show you know they also deal with racism and all abortion in some other big time issues as well. Yes it probably one of my least favorite characters on the show Becky role. You use on a pitch to get back. I thought Becky Sproles lover. Security chief that issue and knowing she's a beauty queen she's got. He's got a saw a guy a song bird voice she thought you sang the anthem at the first ever east Dillon game. She did she loves timber against. She's always there's. Get out of camper right these secret one main camp. She's always wearing skirts or short skirts with cowboy boots. Under Shiite holy mackerel. Two I like that look I was can get in the work today while some of these episodes but definitely. Anyway. That's that David Taylor awesome character credible character great my. Armed by the way while I don't burst your bubble you're Dexter guy right now. You see you'd see out pick Sproles topless in and Dexter. Why I got a pod I'll be out of I'm on a good tonight aren't now let's the opportunity for it to Julie. Odd note to our to a Taylor so. Also about the show very interesting how they do this Brian how. The years. Are very ambiguous so season one there's all ET. It's new characters I believe that they time stamp for you Jason street is a senior. And smash Williams is a junior. Everybody else is just sort up for grabs you know Julie's fifteen. They record or she's either a freshman our sophomore. Oh and Sarah sadly they also say as a sophomore. But Tim Reagan's big don't tell you Lila Garrity they don't tell you tyra Collette they don't tell you later Clark they don't tell you. But you would assume. If Tim Higgins is best friend all his life is Jason. You're kind of assuming the same year may not be but your kind of assuming that they might be. Any help. That so that's there. But if he was held back in high school he would run at a eligibility. Yea Q place six year high school Opel trust men trapped. How many years did you play. Yep but you at least one from you went to a prep school I think that's differently do you like Riggans couldn't play six years ad deal. That's something. And then also like he was that like Lila. Talks about all these years that she's been cheering and you don't Jason for so long and yet. As the series plays out she's clearly not a senior. Could do any of that bother you that. That they've clearly didn't. I guess contradict themselves it's it's crazy how they never mentioned it and they sort of they they allowed the door open. And that they could have done it any way like other punish shows like ignore stuff they do at a rock continuity issue but they never once that Reagan's. What you're in in year one avenue as the captain and like all these things clearly pointed to him being a senior but they didn't say. And they allowed him to play in season 12 inquiry. Yes which which is fine by me. You know keep Timmy there'll. You are now I think lake. You win you couldn't replace him and like any kind of tried like I guess. Cap pretty Condo was like a Riggans type in my he sucked compared them so. You my thought trotted out there but I wonder if that was like a conscious decision they're like hey if this series lasts we're gonna want reagans and stairs then and or Lila and tyra they can they all definitely seemed very temperature we did a Nazi like soft you. But anyway it's highly. Sought more quick yet Clinton. So Julie is fifteen in season wore on and that ultimately finest is a freshman he just played out. I did like there is that scene where she was talking to tyra about potentially losing your virginity it she says something along in the long lines of yeah I wanna deal to get the information we gather the data. Could talk reflect one wonders. But. What else Julie's so that often on the map obviously an NC area up. Yasser to merrier at the end a ship that affair like a fling with the TA. Which is kind of another. That happens and everything Dawson's Creek like all that ship date they do that all those shelves. Yet paid in by the end. Julie Taylor kind of worn her welcome out would be I was I was haven't done there yeah that's a bit of good bit of a little. Kind of a I don't use sprawling Ibaka is going to be a better view audio but it you know what you know to be sure was asleep when west birth coach web he beat paperwork. If you listen to our twitch stream you would know exactly what she wasn't. Use a lot of this word he does a little bit odd Jason street queries that a lot of it is treason or go to Notre Dame where do our top five. Prospects are ranked the prospects later and I've a feeling he could be right up there towards the top. Did you feel like. You've got to be independent look at a program to turn around you know. Now that's true but it very accurate passer here's here's a question and on Jason street. Too much storyline with him in the wheelchair not enough with him in the wheelchair or just enough. I like how he kind of went away came back. Yeah me too I thought it was a bit like all the wheelchair rugby stuff and all the scenes with her work. How sand on okay play out not as excited to see this. I do throw like the the arc that he had I'm glad he remained a part of the story is he should. But I personally and others too much. I'd I got maybe it would that we if you got to remember that movie murder ball came out in like 20080 yeah yeah. Which are like huge like that so that unbelievable document or you haven't seen at about the actual wheelchair rugby players right at least some of the players are actually in. Front of it yes I believe your current and and it was a cute movie at the time there's like the darling of like Sundance it was really cool documentary. They kind of blow that and think maybe that's the thing he'd do it as we look at these still very competitive race still an athlete yes you know so good for him but he said. Kirk with a little too much for me at times it really fit the the formula of the show you know I mean. He had some good moments you know just stuff like talon. Euro. It's street needed somebody. To sort of let him know what his life was going to be like but how late it wasn't over and like there are still things you can do. But I just thought as to monthly if you wanted to trim episodes or or shorten up episodes of return to shock on all these on a fast for some stuff you can fast forward. Some of the street things. But Matt Stairs and one of the main characters obviously throughout sophomore and they definitely make a time stamp of that he is a sophomore. In year one. I take service grandmothers we know this is one of the great things well the first time he went over to visit or to date Julie. And I've coach Taylor obviously opens the door at least in there who's gonna awkward he's weren't like a but the health the members only jacket Atlanta picked up form. Event that tailers like. Paid you wanna be here ends years ago nom driving it is like you know I was kidding you idiot if you look at sixteen and you're driving a girlfriend her my daughter. Odd that so he thought about sex to a one point. Who end. Ray ease up a conversation with Greg and reads like. You remember your first time driver of the car that there's only guy crashed migrant was cardinal into dress and around the regular good luck that it. Both the letter. Up big time emotional there's a lot of emotional scenes Ryan in this series including. Season two. Where. There are had been dating like the the nurse the in the in house nurse that is Grammer had been she left. And that he's just freaking out you like used rocket practice after losing note Riggans. And that scene that coach asked to like Rome in the shower at assertions like crying if they aren't everybody leaves me like that was pretty intense. Yeah I mean he's inept but I think that it is by outward as summarized this character he's like the week. Show your immunity agreement it deals with that like every now like the cartoon he like murder. You know. Like dark stuff but he is like heavy. Emotional it you know I mean you really like so yeah they don't give exist you know so that was good you know have that. You know any. Affluent Tyree makes a point like early on lately. That's not good football player yet that he's an alligators dared to go football player like just and there's also a crazy scene when the you know Julie's not sure if she likes him or not. And that she sees him like literally here's a sophomore in high school. Having to take care of his grandmother my Coker meals and like you make sure she takes a medicine and and they do not all by itself. Go to work they its gonna work at the Alamo freeze. That is mom comes back at season. Or seasons at. For three or four. Yeah shows up later on she's now fear the Walking Dead the only guys play his mother and health and cirrus and. Now I think Liggett said in the news. You did Weiner but you guys you get the I like them I that I like him you know but he you know it's if Eddie too heavy stuff. There really was our less heavy although actually have a still would be ten Americans the skirts hammer against. Everybody's favorite character from the show there's there's just no doubt. Immunity. In Rancho exactly yeah you're not paying attention close about the county's. He's one of the best football players he is one of the funniest he's definitely the best looking and he's just. He's crazy like he's like a few good but really your high school with a lot of people want to relive their high school. But I re watching it I forgot. Just how much he and smash. Hated each other early on. Like they got over but they they hate each other for awhile. And it was because they were just complete opposite. You know yeah nobody audition but they were just complete opposite people yeah. Yeah exactly word answer he was with the yeah houses issues with tyra. Early on. Than they break up at many EU policies cheats with the was. Lila. The hot neighbor actually Dutch open season one Jackie the wonder talk about from swingers. Also I love so I think this is one of the last that was of the season wanted to roast. And the girl told jokes like the players like buddy Garrity coach Taylor and Tammy goes up they're tame raises more poignant and everything else. But Reagan's the only line they show you from Reagan's going up there as well that the the Megaupload because how about Sarah since sleep with the coach's daughter. Ed thank him dropped like nobody reactor and they just leave that he's he's done. Great also early season to this when Lila like it's found god and he's like watching house or is it what's going on Garrity and she's like. Like our gum no I joined this church her that what what have you been doing music all I had a three way over the Stratton sisters she thought it. That's all stories are mentioned in the you wanna make some memories tonight which is Republica a goat to Riggans line. I yell surfers the Lyle was the best he's ever had which I would not doubt. Although tiger he's a tyrant as well. Yeah but. You know it paid states the hunt Richard it's not it's not detail what. How about how about when he got its own radio show at the Christian radio station. Is part of sports. Does that your own rigs and there really Taka girls is that they want like a couple of with them easily like they got the other. That's the classic season two story line like the Christian radio. Which injury rate for girls all know how does that mean every every day. So then it's a riggins is clearly it looking back on you as a sophomore year one at a junior that's the season three he was seen year. He's now the starting tailback is smash is gone to get the ball a lot more in this when he really fuel con about the prospect when he made a lot of replace the first two seasons but now season three. He's the guy. You might be a better. The earth a better running back and snatched. You know more straight more downhill runner unity let's more north south west east west. But he adds up at San Antonio states to both fictional. Place he quickly dropped out of college though rise and he's on him now it clearly with an opera and he then lives. In a trailer. Right acts that Becky Sproles who's the great character now. Riggans rigs is that created Reagan's rigs off the name of this football team now but riggins regs. Turns into a Chop Shop. And then season or now this is supports that and those the (%expletive) jail. He takes full responsibility to they're gonna get him and Billy ability. Recently married in just dedicated so reagans this big thing is I'm gonna give that did something that I've ever had not the father somewhere and take the rap for Billy. And so he goes to jail what did you think of the decision. To send the most beloved character of the series to prison. Early adult film John Carter right now about the whole thing that makes sense if he's only in I think five of the thirteen episodes in season five. Yeah and I think he went and filmed John Carter we don't know how that worked Sox. He really all quick to season five all the sudden he looked a lot different they did the previous seasons yet our little you know little little ball here you know. So this is odd to me what did you make of this so he was. He took the rap for Billy and he told Billy that I'm gonna do this on what this all my idea I'm go to jail. And then he goes to jail but then he's like constantly gives Billy should Ford and it's like well it's. You came up with us but I don't yet you at the wrong end of a deal but. I don't know I wouldn't take it out on Billy would like the way that he did. Now. Acute. I they'd steal it will be dealing with family you know to meet Mikey yeah about the never really goes away you know I mean that's and it it if you're stuck. You know you you let you have it you have siblings you know it's easier stuck somewhere and you Wallach really expect it to them you bring up the mulch it. That's for joining me SE can he does have that overcome the India a couple of things like about wriggle everything out about Reagan's but the end. There of the way the series ends he's back talk with tyra. And there are looking out on what where Tim is going to be making his house the other spot some landings enemy's enemy house. And what they're setting it up for which is great. Says when he wants all of the episodes. Is that potentially. See him and tyra. Down the road could be Eric and Tami. Right like you could get a coach she wants to work with kids really help like after all what she's been through although what Tim's been through. It's like daddy pretty bad ass like that academic success and like so even though he didn't play college football doubts they'll be like a happy ending for him. Yes and the use he them they're sitting in my those crappy lawn chairs like looking out yet but like the pro they're gonna prairie or whatever just haven't appear wreck in. You know debt sunset lake bed that don't really cool beat. Also a a fumble late Easter I guess is what he is helping out tailor his coaching east Dillon Andy comes back and he and bill are like practicing. I'll Riggans is wearing one of those under armour all American jerseys. Just do it everybody everybody and also it shows you that that that was not shown. But that this goes to show you just how highly recruited and how highly. Sought after he was which is that it quirky thing but like I love that. Tell them my favorite teams and given Billy suited up and we're play in the big east Dillon kids don't just like it is what real football players. Here it is beating pass our. Let's go Landry Clark who oil one of the running gags in the show's Eric Taylor was welcome Lance which is hilarious I laugh every time. He also was in a band called proves that the Taurus. And to his credit he wears the T shirt he wears his own Chris victorious feature a lot. I like that. He felt. He also tutors reagans at one point eight tutors tyra and there's a whole release of guitar that we already he talked about this was a quote he had season to weigh into it. He goes Riggans probably slept with half the girls at Dillon including some of their moms and sisters. The basket. That he does try out for football season to. They also he starts a lunch for brawl against layer V when they were like staying there. And just to go back to one of the conversations do when I had with the it episode there was a food fight there and yes in fact somebody yelled food. He has yet you yet just have to. People around you can't just. It happened we got to know and now we are now under the the jurisdiction of the food by. That's an ideal some Landry he ends up at rice all the other thing with the with the so no time stamp on Landry. But. If you played out he was a freshman just like Julie was. Is our season one and he had the graduating from east is out season for Eagles the rice in season five. However. He was driving everybody around season. That can add up. Like well there are you know you could be right. That's gonna smash Williams the other star running back a junior in season wore on that a senior. He is like obsessed with getting a scholarship for the longest time was recruited by bam it's here and new Miami southern in Oklahoma spec even as they verbal commitment to tee and you. He is that that's then holed that repeats of those races. So many ends up he's gonna go to Whitmore which of muggles of all black schools. But Denny is the knee injury and so they're like Wear around. And then coach Taylor works is ass off. With him ADM the gored at Texas seeing them as a walk on the that he ends up playing as a few scenes later on where different characters are watching smash. On TV plan for NM that's pretty legit. Yeah I would really cool immediately and then and now a political intermediate that's realistic immune. They are like period dispatch in a plan brain damage scored a touchdown. Yeah I love that allows those pretty yet tyra Collette also one of the more. Like three dimensional characters. In the whole show. Just again all the characters for the most part of terrible parents and you know she is not a father art and her mom was kind of a mass and so she asked. Kind of work were on our of one thing. Again why you would think tyra was like a senior or at least a junior is in season one. Tammy is like all over about. You know your record deal to graduate your risk of not graduating into the or may be up that my ged and Mike would you be doing this as a sophomore. If you've yet to be yeah at a gas. Com sits in different boyfriends along the way including a cowboy cash that it really like that storyline about now dom very much I was not a fan shelf at a different hairstyle to a every season. But it worked out each one worker he worked part lilac Garrity. What they are really jumps out about Lila was just how positive she was early on win Jason. Like maybe too much and other kind kind of granted you're here to change the others is another one. We're gonna walk again and he gonna want it shut up. So if you look back she also was a sophomore select Lila tire. Reagans it's Hairston were all sophomores if you look back at me which is insane and also. Buddy Garrity. You know if he doesn't want her to be with Jason street is he's a walking alike is that going to be for her so heat her father sets her up. Would a college guy. What would father in the right mind would set up their sophomore year in high school daughter of a college. It. Troll here. But he geared now with the enemy with the reports there are great yeah I like a buddy Garrity a lasting last fun facts about here she was number two a class answer originally it was gonna follow Reagan's to Santonio statements in the corner event. Bloody gears of money them car dealer booster. What's great scenes at the when he cheated on his wife. He went and we're Irish mob Rick yes with Ireland he goes to Eric Taylor. Andy goes I strayed outside that merits an error like no I'm not do and that's what it I don't oil at the office. But he gum. He was done I really liked body and he was there throughout and he was. He really helped turn the east they'll program along too because at west Dylan. They didn't put up with a over the elected given the access that he wanted that he went in really. Helped out Eric turn things are they admitted she had everything. For awhile and then he. You have the best one of the best he pled the new coach after. Taylor goes that the EMU. The dialogue about a practice really freaked out. Yes they practiced rate. That's the wheels got perk queries for talk about Kirk food oh. Buddha one thing I've ever Bhutto's see you refer Utah tells coach tailers like you and you are arranged marriage. And it did not work out though in this case. He had that in the quarterback Wes can embryos and they lose he also tells smashed he's trying to convince matched to transfer to west embryo. For the next year. You had JD McCoy in the duke. This is that end. He was Dave Campbell's high school quarterback of the year. Leave Oregon bench in the state championship game his freshman year. He was the high school quarterback of the year so like that that's insane. You don't award master so he was out west village for two years and then he leaves west and and I think it's believed they might have gone to Hudgens which is the team that Vince Howard beat in the state final freestyle and speaking of which Vince Howard. Another character aware. You know deal with data just go to prison. Dies mom who's you know as are good days and bad we'll both. But Vince is pretty good I was a play about Michael B Jordan. And a couple of big characters from season 45 Becky Sproles who I am a big fan of Ryan at you out of. I'm back I'm not into it she's she's cute cute cute gal but that's not very cute. We're not not a not a good character and. Look at pretty odd not dropped but then. There was aborted. He was. One of the sort losses lack Caffrey was he's recruited by TM you open has really just so Vince would go. And it turns out he really only got like. So there's which is an acre deck it was a decade and held play early employer I don't. The undersized maybe for a linebacker but they'll play. Anything else on Billy Reagan's or grandma's they're sick or all the terrible parents including our Riggans Dallas tanker was a good characters lineman for east Dillon he was a good characters well anybody else who wanna spotlight. No. That's and that's a lot of people. Men Vince is girlfriend or forget her name she was she was significant. Yet. The bigger father on the barbecue place. All I guess just matter whether. Yes shoot Tuesday Carriker into the foreign policy became the the what the manager of the team to write. Let's see. Let's get to the superlatives Shalit the high school showed it would yeah it got out superlatives Ryan so. Best player and all the players we went through who do you think the best player was and that if you want we need to look at top five power ranking prospect. So we after we get regulator recruit system anatomy to the debate but I think the best I think the best football player in the bunch have to be gay and street. Yes I agree that and that I don't know I'm talking about a projection ability. You know yeah absolutely after stability right at their peak in high school with who would be ranked the highest that there were all there together outages and street number one. And out of that is where it's pretty tough to beyond. Because. How would say. I would go Reagan's two. You were wondering. I love Riggans maybe it is like him too much go Riggans to Vince Howard three. Smash Williams four and JD record five. You leave it out the I would go our Ares I adjacent street. Then I would go food Tatum. You have voodoo bastard probably commencement and and smashed there. OK so Howard maybe depending on how we can doubt they'd the father would be be red flag for me but maybe JD McCoy yeah. Yeah. Yeah I'm a doctor giving us a lot of program. And I got you all can be really high it was the Gatling linebacker junior so verio who is friends that he was a beast. So yeah that's that's pretty good now best looking. Got a deadline a lot of Lara and and Reagan's. Here's here's a Taylor out of all the yet to be named Taylor at a all of the different relationships that we saw who is the best Koppel. Past couple. I mean it by if if we're going to based on a bad couple beat you know. KB and Eric Taylor. Tammy air probably at. Riggans and Lyle when they were together like that was. Though this on my favorite thing I like them together but I also like Reagan's and tyra like they began and ended the series with those two together. Which is great. As I like both of those. Who would you say was the funniest character. Either buddy Garrity or I would say leader had his moments he's pretty funny. Yeah the only injury a little reagans the yacht race had some really good to. But the way you would talk to people in the lake view's count knots but is there a sarcastic through. They act like Reagan's. Who has the most overrated character. Most overrated character. In terms of football player or just in terms of no just a television series character Julie Taylor. I'd had enough of her abided by the end of it. Yeah I think that's a good one I was at Juli or smash now I don't know how highly either one of armor raided by. I didn't love either one on the nose like super pumped about either one. I just you know if Julie was just an apple or parents who are both great people. Yes she was kind of catapulted back there and toward the end yes you heard it means does is like you know what kids. Yet ego or great people around you and you just decide your vehicle Whiting will ship. Now that is that is probably true most underrated character. Underrated character. I think Michael buddy Garrity here that I've talked to a lot of people who are not big fans and they always are surprised how much like body. I am a big Billy riggins. All that it is definitely underrated because he he had highs and lows notes that. I don't like it that this team would did Riggans Brothers is suiting up as Billy at this point is a grown ass man. Yes yes you like married in my dedicated yes suiting up with high school hit the correct. I think that's hilarious. That is amazing it's for men. Top five characters that's a really difficult show to do that for similar like the wire in that sense where. You know if you agree favorite characters and breaking bad in a while there's only like five Rick real ones whereas. This I think. I think you and I did not effort but number one spot is not even a question though about just who's dude everyone else splinter sect. Org notes probably do is top five Friday that lake characters not named to emirates. Not named in the epic. Other big tyra and yes I'm tired definitely be a molest. I like it very deep drilling bill they're look at. I like me. I like Landry other than the murder thing injury. Was defending a lady though so I was pretty this time com. Well I blew the other thing out upstairs in my top. Yeah I just yeah I mean in terms of act. Acting jobs like dude did that he did dictator. You don't it would Buick oldest of all the kids do public of people Plavix students. Yeah I would not doubt that all edit my age. I'm very. That he was. Yeah com. That's for yet for so Leah meant. I like now I know you don't like about how I love street allegations that market while. You like he'd just meet in the united aren't out probably have Sarah's sin. Them Iger out of Tyre a lot of London Becky and a ball in there public but and then either can on either it's Hillary or body. Avic dot Dominic dictate that you don't put it to him in the area. Again a lot of people have coach Taylor and their top three he's not my top three but I think journals just speaks out with the show. Aria you know that's that's more where where that are anything else what are we missing anything else. So I would say the five star recruited if you had to start a football program today. Edit. Mom my first for crew would be. That ought to death some config I'm again either Vince. Or street it be one of those to build the reason I wouldn't be Vudu is I think he's such a Dick head that doubt affect how good how good you'd you'd be. They've been here in order to Jewish where players so good but it doesn't matter yet does but I don't think it that's applies to voodoo. It's really done. It but yeah I'll probably go more of those quarterbacks I guess as much as I love Reagan's. And then McCoy is also too much of the team and any of the deal does dad like now right geeky it now thanks. You know street comes from a good family yeah art kids. All American kind of boy you know I don't at. Argue that the patriots would take a shot at Sarah send in the slot to replace settlement. They might yeah might it's the mold. Candidates at the mall all they do like their receiving running back there's this match is gonna show they'll smash could be in there. The third down like receiving back yeah Kevin Faulk. But it Kevin Faulk type package yet I can see that. Would you watch a Friday Night Lights spin off if they'd just based it off of Arnett mead. That's the school ballot that they. But they couldn't be just compelling. Now I think I would be met I don't wanna watch and he'd been Buick. Rondo. Yeah whatever they. What about there's been a lot of rumors now they've been years ago now I think it's pretty much died. But you pick a movie would make sense based public aware are they now with like the main characters. Com or that just be doom that would that be it wouldn't be able to live up to the hype. Click I feel like there are certain characters that I would really like to see that what they're Dylan right now and then there's like that 5050 you have like some you really wanna see what's going on. 50% like you you can well. That's not the via the movie so what you would have to do it I think you'd have to have. Out reagans. And tyra and assuming it assuming they're together there's two Eric and Tami. Julian Matt so those are three couples and then you checked in on like Vince Howard and Jason street and and that there's remotely. I've lost the (%expletive) out of them. Yeah but like I don't you know as you grow Becky really care which I won't act pretty I don't know how ignorant. McCafferty either would you listen to a radio show. If by Slammin' Sammy meet. Yeah I would guess he gave particular hot taken. He had some good stuff he was he was really president really paints a picture down there for for Dillon Texas. And he was like coming out people like on the radio like right after the game do it either on air I guess they're driving out apart too much at mount. People like all the like you seasons in a soccer and capture coded area that bull (%expletive) so young yet to respect the guy that can do that. But in this business you know sand. What else trying to anything. I think it did in the boosters big you know problem money they thought of that program begun to bottom of their locker. Economy. The locker room was not great the uniforms are very sound the under armour was yet was pretty damn good. Under armour would like no they were like nowhere at that point. You know put it up and comer to cell push them over the top of the expert says yes well clear eyes full hearts. Thank you at Texas for a anticipates forever and let's make some memories the picket the. It's. You. And has been a long one dry out it's can I simply say in my particular pod is Friday Night Lights just to go back and watch it here's one note on it. When I started re watching episodes on Netflix a little message popped up that they're gonna be getting yanked. By Netflix on October 1. So you only have a couple. Yadier a couple of weeks a shocker on some episodes I don't know what the plan is the one it'll come backer if they'll come back. But at the end of the month is gonna be gone. So if you weren't interest in going back and watching episodes after this episode in May be more inclined to do so knowing that it'll be gone and a few weeks. And speaking Quebec that Netflix Richard might pick of the podcast will be Gerri before Steinfeld which is Jerry but both stand up special on that but it came up today. Likes I watched about twenty minutes of it and dated watchable. Like the sound of that. I will give that a watch you can follow us on Twitter at or podcast you can rate subscribe. And review the yeah podcast on iTunes they're really helps us out and makes us feel good about ourselves if you leave a review there. Are hashed act or on iTunes probably we're listening to this but you also as those WEEI dot com. Slash dork. Are plenty of other places where podcasts are available. 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