#DORK 34: Batman: The Long Halloween

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Tuesday, October 3rd

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey kick off #DORKtober with a breakdown of Batman: The Long Halloween.  Plus other picks for Horror Comics and Davey’s Scariest Video Games ever!  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that because I don't mind cash. Thanks for journey into another episode of hash tag dork I almost didn't host Rick Steve joined by Ryan Davey Davey how are you. And I am once again Ryan Davey. Yes you always are or I was listening to him acting grew on the way in here today in its of course. Hash tag or October happy door over everybody or fearless and over there Cabrera and cool. And they referred to us as rich create and rotten Davey. It not a bad little you know Simpson's sort of treehouse or is nicknamed their assault I'll take that as we're gonna begin to give you dork over. Contents all month long with the top fifty or movies later on that's going to be a three part series. Which I'm excited for this week we're really doing Batman in the long Halloween but also give you some. Or comics and Davies and a whole bunch of war video games in store of forward to that Ryan. Any. Child actors that we may have missed from a week ago I know we missed a bunch of get the emails we got them my tweets about it any that you wanna love bring out here now. I think we've mentioned him on unlike as a sidekick to another one that I think Sean Aston belongs on the list. John asked since one I think. Yes ago Brooke Shields of the box without us that was that we want we should have mentioned. He didn't mention their receivers she's a terrible actress. He yes he was let Alison we douse the rough is pretty. And Brad Renfro are rusted piece on the client was really done. On hold your husband isn't pretty young in that I would imagine. About Jonathan Brad is speaking recipes. Yeah now this sort of wood Johnson branded as some proposals some like this he was in the movie it. And he was also in seaquest and a number of other things. Bug but Rodney Dangerfield list and let's not forget. Now I believe Friday correct me if I'm wrong on this one he. Ended his own life in part of the reason was his career wasn't as good as he got older as it was when he was younger. Correct no but I know that the that it that the top story. That's hard that's a real hardware it is. Begin a podcasts. Well it'd been macabre. Lot of good stuff here there Ryan how about this little nugget Michelle Williams. Is in talks to star in the venom movie with Tom hardy met to put those two together. I don't know. I don't know the answer that. Spider Gwen I don't know I don't know. I think like I think Eddie brock's love interest so who knows how big of a role she would have put Europe and acts like that's a beautiful five minutes. I don't know about geeks think is we're we're Brothers of what. Universe that is in maybe you can get yourself a good veteran's story again if you disorders in the event a movie. I think probably not be very good but once you say Tom parties in in Michelle Williams is may be in that sounds a lot better. Yeah I would I am I'm on board that means it. You know she's ready a script that he's read the script and they said both civilian it has to be pretty strong. Got it I would I would really hope so yes. Some of those not strong was the television show the missed it ran on spike for a season and it has since been canceled. This isn't yet complete lack of interest. But nobody yet. Nobody is in on the list so that is done something that people are in on their worry and on and will forever be in on his Ricky Moore the and season three is in the books Ryan and I dare say season three the best season of American morning. Definitely the most consistent it has been agreed that what I found is that like there were some definitely you know things. I think in one and two years the meat beat mr. Kuby bubble ditch with speed mean these are all things that you talk about the first two seasons. Some kind of kind of up and down yeah. This goes this would just consistent the entire time is consistently good the entire. Hand it ridiculously good episodes this is a show that if you ever wants this wouldn't take you to wanted to watch a market there half hour or even the last. We take up the commercial episodes. And just hilarious like it's it's really get one of those shows is so over the top of and it's also so Smart they care the main characters you'll really love. I couldn't recommend market or enough. I think. We could maybe do a standalone episode and west is want us to do for awhile with the baby down the road do that or even just do. So what adult cartoons. But not just the adult swim shows by. It. I think there's a lot and yeah right I agree with the South Park and both Jack horsemen and we're good morning there's a little to go around there pretty. Speaking of adult programs trying to Curb Your Enthusiasm is back. Did you see after the season premiere. I did not I was I was unavoidably detained but I'm hearing good things and Larry David has not been to step. Now it's it's specifically picked up or were left office it was rude and I I enjoy the heck out of that also. And it just they just put a camera on him and just be like let it let ago. You have to meet and. Yeah I've heard from people that are talked to a market in real life that. There's that's exactly what he's like a district that's there's no delusional at all character results they're wrong here are a threat the star Alex that's exactly who he is. Last man on earth. Were turned Kristen Wiig playing a big role at least in the first episode I love the show this is a good fox show last manner a couple of other shows did you see it. It I did not we knew it. I've got to yeah after after the in humans debacle might might get a couple episodes doubt and at some still here. I heard good things specific continue to hear good things that might jump in on that but. Not yet well not there yet. You can't watch everything Ryan. And so we gifted I've not seen are more likely to see that the humans I was gonna watch that particular elvis'. Good for the show who you talk about eve of it's crap I think it's two hours the pilot. Much what do we do what on earth are we doing here. You know is very strong it's not our list Speedo is very strong it was a Saturday at last came back this week it was quite strong. Ryan Gosling Jay-Z. Yes quite strong episode yeah really. They had some really funny stuff and it's really weird stuff. I didn't see the Los like has. Our law got there was a deep fried chicken and it was just. You've got to go out now they went back so one of my favorite characters ever but it wasn't as good this time around where. Keep it CNN. Plays the the lady that was abducted by aliens. Netflix the first woman ever did was I lie as hard as I laughed at NASA now not forever but. Now they bring it back as it's not as deadly it's funny but that's the tricky part about recurring characters as account aren't complaining about. Now here's a little bit of news ride Judy Greer you know Judy Greer is. Everybody listen you do know Judy Greer she's in whatever you just watch he was in that. And also drastic worlds he played the sister of Bryce Dallas Howard actually looks a guy like price dolls hour. Right and Freddie always studied and she's steady McCue. He's in that Susan jaw breaker our belief is that a lot of things anyway. She might he cast the play Jamie Lee Curtis or worries shrouds its roads. Daughter in the next Halloween movie which I think what I'm tremendously because they're really good. Testing news and you love casting is right. Jerry let go. Is gonna play Hugh Hefner. And a biopic directed by Brett Ratner. Yeah I was intrigued into these the name Brett Ratner. Of about. Are filled on Leno anymore. You yeah. Why didn't himself to play the role of and played on the new blade runner of the c'mon man and that things like. The whole thing within as the Joker like sending used condoms the cast mates military. Like yet it is meant they've been and there's like. But you said you believe I believe he summed it up perfectly between did you play pretend like prolific. If leopards and and I got I got you have an awesome job that's that's a credible Sony people loved it make movies or TV shows are being an actor that's awesome. C'mon man. Knew he didn't think you're you're an artist and you're dedicated you're craft relates. Like all my but I don't go out and Mike you know whatever the. Yet try to refer right after Daniel Day-Lewis is zoned in on the character that he plays but he's not being an ass hole everybody. On the grounds where you sort of himself. It's unfair equity could do and I was at my left foot summit delicate and a broken ribs sitting in a wheelchair. Norma activists. Our Marilyn Manson are removed it feels his roots so we could service themselves. I don't relate that would sit pointed out the other daily to remember what that rumor was going around and people just accepted it I guess that makes sense don't you give thought to question it. In that area wise that's crazy in my. Surprised I probably think of that lake once a year or late sense that came out and does the wife all of that I've I've body were really. Something will come up a Marilyn Manson or something will come up with you know some. Weirdo story you know like it did did they say they're honest and remove ribs. Q you were to happen to him recently about the way he's he's got a new album he went out and toward any. He was crushed by his own set on stayed in the hospital. Yet. It wasn't. His biggest Stonehenge. No it was not it was telephone Stonehenge those that itself was going to be crushed by dwarf. He was crushed by his own development. I am a Marilyn Manson fan. We're we still via the one day episode will go through our high schools CD collections. That was ripped through those I think a good way to do it too is which. Artists that you have multiple CDs you think maybe everybody makes a mistake or released or truck outs for Iowa sort of this of that big maybe this'll be good. But the ones if you have slick multiple somebody's catalog figure it you know you are you were hooked by them. Yeah I think I last check I think I have like six in Cuban TV. Yes ocelot I could take them out tomorrow. More than. Belt but you know I did do admit that might be a little bit of hot take I listen to front to back at the behest of my boy a the fridge from the the good Brothers podcast. He said you listen to three dollar bill yelled my Limp Bizkit front to back can you tell me that the battle. No I won't I love it. I did I did those who do it it's actually pretty good. It's great. It's ever is the best one I could listen to the relish it wants probably. I have no problem doing that as recently the still I went down another one of these warm holes also wants a lot Insane Clown Posse interviews on Howard Stern. Argue there on the other de Jesus Christ. What they really. The men's side of Mike's I dug up my CDs which are still have amazingly enough and so fumbles Greg molecule drug and around. A I have I have people over his front and it's like them for a clowns but ironically enough I enjoy the music. I haven't juggle normally goes their best album had like three or fours that's another band of guys you were or everyone at home. They have at their own page in my CE book anyway art that's that's for that's for another time right after today. And others in response Osama you're probably thinking you're saying look at these guys. They're going back to a comic book in the gone back to video games because they recently got called out via Twitter that door podcast. Some guy said that. Well listener so thank you for for emailing or treating us said that. We used to talk about a lot of different or things and now he thinks it's just I believe these are his words. TV and movie thought curry. I believe is the direct quote is what he said. And now I know what you think in the the reaction as the that you guys you guys agree your. Powering so to one critic out there we were gonna do this anyway we wanted to this anyway I understand we've done a lot of movie and TV stuff but. Frankly that's. That's the that's the hottest thing in the streets right now. Let's let's just let's just pulled the great to be a great revenue style and that's bank by our. However I will say they've added that does not mean that he was wrong. Lou good very very well. And I think if you doubled my students are not incorrect. Yes so we're gonna get to about men long Halloween which is my favorite. Outlook of all time number it's other horror comics but this is I think going to be jam packed forget one minute this is going to be multiple minutes. And we even have some other stuff. What about this let's play the intro song Ryan then so come out as would any kind of videogame news you may or may not have and then get into. Horror video games house that's. It's. Either man. All right let's let's enjoy some video games. Aren't subject to get to the getaway first the big news out of the video game world the day is that blizzard released today that they do and another over watched Halloween special wish. We are all onboard for because it was junk and ducked out of time before person thing we just happen to have four people. On our needs so we're all on board yeah Brit. The trailer be extended trailer for red dead redemption. And two came out which you know I'm very excited for red dead redemption is probably in my top five games ever played in my life. We get itself back on a little bit for whatever reason he hated the first red dead revolver and and decided not to. They spelled out what was a great game right. But it looks amazing there's co op. There's going to be an online component to it so I've heard of this game is going to be. Phenomenal yes another game that we saw this week that would be released another trailer and has been in game played footage and Dave. Said they're gonna release of beta for its Star Wars battlefield battlefront to. Now features is story mode which seems really cool you're part of your actually an imperial tie fighter. Person. Connected to difficulty infertile squad. Which is really cool it. There was lacking that you think the first games are not like. Absolutely in people where they were pissed that there was no story mode and it appears that there were no. Like. Plane flight in space. Getting both of them. Which is great and so that was pretty sour by all my game the outer I have a fraction of the catalog that you have but looking at all ma on you know maximize system look at early games I have I clearly put the least amount of time. In the battlefront added flavor. And it was because you know there wasn't what she got out of he would develop he wore off it was not very. On the does that game but picketed the big splash this week is a game called cup head. Which you may not have heard of its it's a bit of a platform are kind of old school game but that'd weird thing about the game its hand drawn. I don't like these old like forties and fifties cartoon style but these the two people who made it exceed took me years. To make exe and rue the game and people are going nuts about it that it pelican ninety on meta critic right now. But the bad news Richard is Iguodala played on peace the back or I'll wet and I play it on PlayStation. Tablet they have to deal with steam and with Microsoft that its system exclusive best of the one. Rare occasion. That Microsoft beats that are the best that now. Com that this is going to be wait longer than a minute visit one eight pitches idiot original purpose would be really cool idea. Going with the worked over I wanted to give you at least five maybe more. My five favorite horror. Video games that are definitely worth playing the should check out if you're into or movies and you wanted to be involved in one here's some you to check out you know that. I have very much into that fact so much so that I was thinking back to us about my experiences there's a lot of games. Where if you shut off all lights and you play by herself at night there's a lot of video games that are sneaky real scary. And here are some villages stared at his body right or I. First one with a bullet I'm gonna say do it any of the dead space here. And I mention this because it was a great scifi horror game. A lot of you don't jump scares a lot Alex scary (%expletive) happens in the game play and I mentioned it because I would say one of the most highly regarded. Or video games of all time in the game item from alien theory alien isolation. Which is really good but I think dead space in this series is just a little bit better it will be meteors three of them you can play them and they're they're phenomenal. So definitely check that one out stared at his body back Attica. The next one I'll mention in this what got a cool. Outlast the original outlast. Which I thought it was just just almost a masterpiece. Of a that your play as well. I'm not so no I don't think Soto. Pictures here and investigative journalists. Your figures that into investigate this hospital the list to which it stated there. Practices are a bit suspect. And what you have you are armed with not think the only thing you have is an old. Came quarter which has made by the Paris Hilton night vision. Well who. And that's the only thing you can use to in the dark and fight Egypt Iran. Side note she was very underwhelming you know put their kids and just. Just to. Feed worked out worse. There. So spoiler alert about halfway through the great effort is to game the screen on the video camera crack he can't really see. All know. Use it but it's. One thing. Eight. Yeah that is that is one where. He has receiver so woes that the system it was a four. Visit PlayStation Xbox. Now that yet there so these ones that they started to get pretty good and there's a few that fault that category where you're looking through something in night vision and if that. Adds a lot of creep factor to a pressure. Yet and that's definitely one with Dave they encourage you to play with headphones did you hear things like ride I knew. Is gonna go in there and I got scared ship. The other one it's kind of an interesting twist I don't know if you've played this but I on until dawn which I think you can get slick dirt cheap right now we have networker Xbox whatsoever. Amazing game Peter storm areas in it the guy who's like crede Russian and everything. You the big guy in Fargo and he's been. You don't talk to people at the double and Constantin you don't act that got us. He is like this. Psychiatrists and he's got to guiding you through this in at the review your own adventure. But likely. Are you talking like one thing about it but the it took a second so. It's delegates to your own adventure horror game late choices you make effect. But it's like the butterfly effect the video game and regard. But there's two outstanding performances by well notable three group storm bears you have him. And that you have already Malick from mister robot character and it and it. And unfortunately Richard is one of the best performances in the game is from Hayden Panettiere was actually in the being there. Goodness gracious while she's okay as she's better as an adult. Yes she's she's a full blown adult but the new. Though it's kind of an interesting take on the or survival game which is which is nice. But you get to you know pick Tuesday who guys who is all the choices QB you know one of those cool thing you know and check out until on. And that's what I'm gonna give you a list of like four. Like old school one or exhibited say the last of our perspective an old school game could do it on PlayStation 3. Yeah that's a good when they're scary moments than. But just in of a zombie at the bit is just flat out one of the best games I've ever played rather distant organs and that's why Italy and Allen. So. Silent hill two in my mind. You you've played it on with this new deal console was probably. The best of that kind of game. Alec Resident Evil and silent hill where you're kind of like that it's like third person indeed big the camera changes program and stuff. The game opens up that you just like in August. It got our Cuban replace silent hill. I absolutely really I was I was I was waiting for you just say the songs I was gonna ask about it the slums that hysteria. We open up and you're just like in fog and you little and going all you know if the music of a golf. We hear to hear stuff in America this is the first time ever Olympian Mike. That was really well written Hopkins as a big and David big big reveal at the end which is really good in all give away too much. The eternal light on the way I played out there to put this down and walk away and. The old school game that I played that I remembered the first semi right through the headphones off of the come down with a game called steel frame to. Who. Which you play a U a Japanese girl who. Does not run very fast by the way it gets very Japanese kind of games she can elect shuffle would devote little shuffle I basically just Alec. She goes from walking to elect a brisk walk. In don't really run and there's. You're in this abandoned haunted village in your looking for your sister and the only way you can see that enemies is by raising a camera. And taking a a picture of them look like they camera giro wherever they call it. And you like walking along and you'd like to hear something and you get hit by something and also do you predict it goes from third person the first person. And evict some public write your face it's very Japanese ghost story kind of things so. It'll and do. Yes very scary and that I have to honorable mentions Richard. And we'll get to the topic dealer Alan wake. Is you know way the year and novelist figured investigating this town and all that stuff so I don't get too much it would you're never gonna play I don't think it exists. The backward compatible anymore but it figured. But there's one that just does that look heard you say that I was like yes I love that big. Alan wake they came off of and then there's one it's the best horror game that never was bigger PP. Those silent hill and he booted. There you re booted a dip podium those gonna reboot but here it is going to be first person and it came out this state. Age didn't know what it was it was just called PT and you could download the demo. And PT stood for label trailer. Mean per game called silent hill which Norman read it was booked before the Walking Dead silent mules. Ill. Yes they do going to reboot. And the ditch it was probably the scariest thing I've ever played ever and then. Quote it was the project. That you remember you equate to an army like famously helix epic but this locked away from economic. To back gain die. He was like the game was done and he just like scrap it. So it never was released. It was never released and not only that when he quit cannot meet they pull this thing off he can't play anymore while. I mean if you want to YouTube clip you can watch somebody play it it is you're in a house. In Nigeria aid kit but its first person and it's the scariest goddamn thing ever played. And it ended there's only like if you do it but don't like speed run it'll probably like 2030 minutes a game played. But it's ridiculous but ridiculously scary and that game is never gonna get made and they'll have a way. But it's it's become legendary and I will mention that I do recognize that Resident Evil does exist they were decent games. But not ever my paper. I would throw in. From my trip to the David busters that dark escape for the game of. Check out there and would act out of it to be out cited listening to use all the ice. Grieving I'm surprised that at least it like come in there I think was OK I was losing my mind. Would you consider doom of horror game. Of hum and the original doom and I was that this split them it was the scariest game I've ever played. If so that's well I got like the last of us would have mentioned it but it's not like the scariest game ever played the united mean whereas they would Resident Evil and those are great gains were dead Demeter not very. In the pants outfit do make this wasn't super scary but the PC game that you played in high school Alice. Was. A sort of fantasy game but it's I thought kind of what horror elements to the F of those play it's like Alice. But sort of in the real world where she comes back from wonderland. Tells people what she saw nobody believes there she like that turns. With the drugs he tries to kill herself events yet of having to go back and then. Now wonderland is all messed up its fiesta like make it right again it's a crazy game. It's not that is not but I remember you like. You feel like you're gonna play my gal plays that are cool they knew Cuba police Caroline. I like ugly I usually like to play video games but Dow's more like the watches and the other thing is speaking on Marilyn Manson he was that one time. Connected to a movie that was going to be like that sort of based off of that era make it into a movie. Yeah and we need to do would you like the mad hatter or summit was. And then elected Cheshire cat is going to be crazy ever ever read negative like that got in there it. Yeah that was before the Burke the Tim Burton wants that they made that's I think that's definitely on the shelf without the good dark. Allison wanted to let it is pretty cool so. And I am I'm hearing that American McGee the guy who made that game is like begging people public let him like give him money to the. Into thing. It. School I was overly fond of the details good games there are there some. The best the scariest. Video games before we get into the topic restore Ryan. In addition to that men along Halloween there are plenty of other good choices. If you're looking for comic books that might give you a little bit scares over the rights this month. I think one that. It would certainly both speak to his American vampire which is true then this is young and read it. You should read it anyway but if you're just looking for something that that's that's talked over American vampire right up there at the top. If you if you already read it I'd say read it again that's that good. Are they really get his right and that's the Scott Snyder who did that he's written a lot about him properties as well. He did book called which is a while ago and Nielsen book called severed. Severed. I think both good I think neither one of home stacked up to American vampire sort if you haven't read any of of its clearly go with the American vampire but if you're interested. It Scott Snyder books those are worth checking out. You know maybe your library or maybe your friend has an eyewitness really go in and pay top dollar for those but. Those were those are pretty good read that it I didn't mind our if you read either one of those that there are decent. I heard first MO which is out there could be data up. And enhancements and does yeah that's why I was determined to. That's not bad lock and key I've mentioned on a number of times. I guess that probably loosely fits in the horror genre it's only more against fantasy and some of the outlandish stuff but there isn't that a scary. Kind of element to it's logical locking especially with the with the show likely come and Hulu soon. Another Batman book would be the Markham asylum book by Grant Morrison was ridiculous. It was ridiculous they've probably some of the best are. I've ever seen in a graphic novel America would be even a covers has not. It's so weirdly at it might turn you off like because you're you're looking at it and especially if you go from reading that you know. The long Halloween or year one or Dark Knight returns Italy's classic ones and the new jump into Marcum asylum good. Each page looks like a crazy painting. Then I know watercolor kind of weird pain abstract main. Very Everett's you clicks Kuwait and nearly is that hair like his brother Phil and apparently it's it's different but it's definitely worth the read kind of scary. Then the other two just were out there is. Who has read the Hellblazer John constancy in the whole thing was you know. At Justice League dark stuff has them or ailments and of course the Walking Dead. Aware I think the comic book over the graphic novel worth checking out whether you like to TVs or not I think they've been the graphic novels you know. And the only thing I would I would add this list that I have liked. For so hell boy it is just mandatory reading for anybody yes which isn't really horror but it's or element yeah and the supernatural and things like that. Thirty days of night. Definitely check out the movies decent but they graphic novel accurately and sister really cool idea to think of like there are places in the world like in Alaska word it's night for a month low orbit aren't you gravitate there. I didn't really. Newer one I've started reading is to evict comic called Q. And Europe as I have not. So basically they told the story of AD. Food and Drug Administration agent named John Q I believe his name again John Q Tony Q. Com and he solves mysteries by a eating. He takes a bite out of animals and he's like that's how he as a psychic abilities so if he nibbles on stage like a dead body he can figure out how they died. Sort are zombie is yet I zombie expect a little bit more. The and very very group that any other what I mentioned a couple times and it showed up moonshine. By Brian has a real low and watery so so. Prohibition era where wolf's. We're also bootleggers so that's that a. Nice through on the topic is or our Ryan. That of course through the topic of the day and today it is bat man the long Halloween this is an idea pitched by Davey saying outdoor over really is a long Halloween. And that's what we got here this is. Without a doubt my favorite comic book of all time or graphic novel collector's edition however you wanna say this in my favor one. It was a thirteen. Issue are that they've put together in one collected a distant it was written originally an accident 697. In the Jeff globe and Tim sale here probably for account books and they're familiar with those names they worked together a lot they did the they did some other Batman and stuff like haunted night which you know before this the mid dark victory which is the sequel which was the they also did the color series of marvel. Like your us Spider-Man blue hole ran a daredevil yellow and Captain America white that we both are the ones that they did together. So it's got the artwork is really good this story is really good at this is also one run that. Christopher Nolan sites. A great deal inspiration for the Dark Knight. Trilogy but the whole thing about Indians in the dark right specifically the first two movies. And when you watch over them to go back and read this you can definitely tell why they pick up a ton of stuff that that they use for the movies. And it yet it's amazing. That this second you pick up the spoke to open up the first page. One of the first lines. In the Bible close Lou one of the first one in the book is like I believe and are we debt. It. So it like you know right up about it like oh there it is in others the dark meat of wreck there there's and so. It in my mind I think Nolan took from three I think he took from. This. And he took from year one any tip from a dark night returns but I think those elected three books that he used is. Kind of jumping off point for his Dark Knight trilogy. Which makes a ton of sense because those are Big Three for Batman graphic novels. And this. It will correct me if I'm wrong but the long Halloween was spoke to be an extension of Miller's spamming your one. Absolutely still pretty young baton and and what's great and Davy and I talked about this a ton on the podcast witnesses. The idea that that man himself. He's the one who inspired all of these freaks like all these crazy villains and it moves away his year one I guess spoiler for your one that's been around forever. Year one of the villains all our. Crime bosses you're talking about you know organized crime and a young bat man in him trying to clean up golf them. Whereas the long Halloween is the perfect lands of crime bosses you know Maroney and foul it off I'll call a foul coney. Talk Tony so Maroney felt -- the crime bosses mixed with. The whole rogues gallery that is. The Batman villains and there's even references in there. Where yet they these guys didn't exist until you did that man like these guys are all here about Mazar always trying to hear that. I believe they refer to them they refer to him as the free. Yanks afflicts yeah I think Christopher is a bond jewel that level of votes are looking at the spoilers because for the summit here I haven't read it I would. Recommend wholeheartedly that you read this this is the one ever wants while we'll get tweets and emails that say. How are a lot of graphic novels. What do you guys recommend in this is always the first thought put out there now the truth is you probably should read year one before this but. Even without it you yet you still really enjoy you can sink your teeth and duke is one that would you want if your big Batman fan and you're used to playing the video games in new used to watch in the movies. Year one that you might be saying you know where's the Joker or where's the riddler where where these other guys whereas in long Halloween Davey you get. Like all of them there they're all. Yeah all of them and they show up at like appropriate time but there wolf and that's the great thing about it and Alex forced in they're just kind of woven into the story and then open now. Yeah though it really it's seamless which is which is really good. It really is it is perfect I think he's a Asian group out there against the young bound man there's also a lot of Bruce Wayne. And it's so sort of meld those two together get a decent Alfred in there and yeah let's just jumping diving I guess. If you haven't already I would stop now and and you know jump in later on because as far as the the story goes it's broke down it's well it's a whodunit. Which is everybody loves a whodunit it's also. Like the god father meets that it. Because so much of it revolves around the crime family in the main crime family is the felt coney family in the off film. As sort of what's going on there the thing opens up Carmine felt only throwing a wedding for his nephew Johnny's VD. Since there's really a big wedding scene you immediately go to godfather one and that's it they can about. But now it's that man in there and you're right you have Bob Bruce Wayne talent Selena Kyle that he believes in Harvey dent. In this weather and they're like dating rules and Selena are dating that they don't know that each others that meant wore out. We're just from what I read take but one of my favorite catwoman. Suit. I think it's nice that. I think it's the best Kalamazoo what are our games had a that's remarkable with the and it's also one of my favorite. But the relationship between bowl Batman Selena and catwoman in Batman it's maybe the best ever on on not on the page. It so in the very first chapters the first chapter is called crime ridden in the split up thirteen issues. And they go through the entire year so as the long Halloween but what it is as if an entire year chapter one is entitled crime but it really starts around. Halloween and it's speeds up a couple of months because then after that chapter two. Is Thanksgiving and you have Christmas New Year's Eve Valentine's Day Saint Patrick's Day April Fool's Day Mother's Day Father's Day. Independence Day you know what's called Roman Holiday which is. While Tony's birthday that those sort of get away with August but they go to Labor Day than the last chapter. Wrap that up it's called punishment but it's really Halloween. And then they sort of give you overlook an apple long after that they play out the first. Few months after that as well. And just wanna throw up there by the way. That the first chapter is crime the last known as punishment that the economy. Newton nice. And also you mentioned the I believe Harvey dent but how about just the triumvirate that is. Bat man Jim Gordon and Harvey dent which is played out. It's a huge part of the Dark Knight that is very much sort of the whole crux of this entire book. That's Logan assess those dying to mention with that is for me you mean the idea of this. You think badly among Halloween you think about scarecrow involved video of the little bit but. What this is a borrow it would be basically the rise and fall apart again. Is what basically what this book you know Harvey dent becoming Tuesday and how'd that happen. And that's kind of the idea of this entire thing which you like you said if you watched the Dark Knight which we regard as the greatest superhero movie ever made. That's a lot of what that is about is party then relationship with bad men and Jim Gordon and how that. Oh and yeah are absolutely at the end and there's a lot of things they are one point Jim Gordon says that he thought. RB depth at one point was Batman and there's a reference and in the Nolan movies to it where they don't know how. I think they've Q what it's done I think actually when they're sitting at dinner right isn't it. And personally and yeah that's like Michael ago you know Harvey dent of the white night the wrong with it. Now at the end of the first chapter. There's a a bomb and explode the packets and explodes. At the dance house in great then are you thinking are well this is very turns into things that by this this month really this is that how they're gonna do it but it's not. Yeah I ended nick connected to what the character two face and been around forever so like that people just kind of assume at the end of this issue did that. I'll look this is this is going to be their take on but it isn't and so the other thing I love is. The all the characters of the in this separates for me anyway while long Halloween is better than your water or even darker returns. Is because the Batman villains are so strong and they use. Just about all here's a quick run besides off all Colonia and Moroni. And you know catwoman out there's more anti hero. But they have believe this is the order that museum you get Solomon grundy the Joker. Calendar man. Poison ivy the riddler scarecrow. The mad hatter. And then. Even penguins shows up at the end and then of course the transformational from Harvey dent two face. That's insane egg and as you said to they're all used very well like this this is the best calendar man has ever been used. Ever like did they basically turned him into Hannibal Lecter. He was locked up and Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon would go talk to him and try to figure out who was this new killer that's a great thing about this book is they invented the they created their own new killer like they created holiday which is awesome. In which you know. Another care to kind of spin off so that is Alberto thought crony who's like. Decree he's likely with the character in the godfather who from the get murdered. Prado we've Prado play you know the dumb son who like Miller really like. Wright is like now part of the days out are the the family business and so he uses that as a slight and what's also result. The holiday killings and ever you know they're much publicized a they use it wanted to pistol they as they may be bought a bottle nipple silence their. The handles always tape on the go on the cereals with filed off and then they leave like a holiday trinket. So you know whatever might be something that's associated with the holiday what's also great about this is out of all the days. The only time somebody doesn't die is April Fool's Day. Which is the nestled kind of oil homage to that although technically New Year's Eve nobody dies because while you're reading it you think Alberto felt coney. Is killed turns out he's not he comes back later on and admits in confesses to being the holiday killer. But the more you read you realize Ari that he was the holiday killer resort only one of three holiday killers like he wasn't the only one it's it's early classic. Real life serial killers when they get arrested in the may take credit for all these other ones because they wanna be looked at as I the past or craziest serial killer. And that big yeah and then that character. And Alberto start saying that label and now. You know it. I'm more powerful than any v.s villains in the mob combined. That's why he takes it out he did admit there doesn't admit it Vietnamese Vietnam. The whole thing. He's Allen now all yet because his dad sees and he's like hey if you just say you only fields. I forget which one named Moroni and one of the BC just kill them what you figured out is that now he takes credit for all of and then you find other that's not the case oh yes there really liked about it is calendar man. Hates holiday because calendar may now is his thing calendar man would kill people based off of dates that like certain dates of the year. Than the Joker also. Was hunting for holiday as the Joker didn't toys that we can't have too crazy psychopath out there with only have one of us are gonna find him so. The other villains also didn't like. Holiday it was a those pretty. That was pretty good and a shift gears a little bit the other thing that I really liked about this to them affirmative forget that there would say it now one of the great things about this was like how much. Gordon. And and and that man kind of like bent the rules. Their own rules play can see this group. Yeah did you find even a more aggressive like that and still not killing anybody but he's looking so. Really beat the shenanigans like he wants the cross that line. Again not killing people but he wants that really Massimo. What you figured there was is that I think it was with felt coney and that man they had this exchange where he's like you didn't care. When they were just killing mob people. I think you've been isolated Beatty say that like you're guilty you're just as guilty as anybody because like you didn't stop it. But you didn't care when they were killing like mob like they killed like all of irishman. In writing care you know all of a sudden they're going after normal people and you care what you can't do that. Yeah those who don't do that and then there was thick thick gray area with a three and you know I mean so where they say they're gonna bend the rules and outbreak you know. Well that has a distinctive is that one point you know Harvey dent is finding out information that. Bruce Wayne who again they don't know is that man but the eighties know that about as close to them whenever wherever you know he says. But they think they know that he is. Connected with the thought coney family and then you find out that Thomas Wayne before he had died. He saved Carmichael ponies of life but they came to his house. He's obviously a surgeon and they broad zone and then he saved his life and density not to think about it you know how different everything would have been had he not had enough on the. Which we did just think they they played and that helped build period the first series of that too there was the whole. Connection with the wing cam in the book Cody Stanley which kind of bites persuaded yet. Right. Right exactly column. Then again get the crime bosses this is early on through the they blame that man for all the lunatics and stays there whether it's freaks are lunatics that they're constantly bringing that up. Which I think is a a great idea. And that is something that like this TV show off limits on right now it bugs me because I think it's better the other way around. Like right now golf that is like creating all these different weird though killers like and they're they're getting a much of the villains which is that you ultimately lost the villains. But when there's no real bad man does make a lot of sense. This takes over once. All of a sudden you're the hero dressing up as always guys sort of took you know Republica. We'll dress up so. You also a good scarecrow mad hatter team up which makes sense that if you wanna read more on those guys. Defense account haunted night which came up before with these guys. It was that pain Maroney. On the stand. It's rained Dan where is acid and that is what turns Harvey dent into two face in this story which I think they're pretty good or in store for them. Correct and we wanted to probably the most famous I would say. Yeah I don't know like implement through app that is anecdote the first time mr. Now it's crazy about this is again which are about how holiday ends up being multiple people I think Alberto felt coney. Is most likely the warned that if you had to say somebody was the holly killer output that mantle on him however. The first three killings. Gil good dance. Par redemption wise confesses to. Not to anybody but there's that scene at the end of the I think it's of the punishment. Issue. Where she's now on the basements is that burning evidence or average is talking about how she wanted to start a family Harvey Harvey is always working also stuffed. And so was that too much of a stretch to you that. His wife would then say I wanna go try to clean up these mob bosses and go kill Jonny Deedee she confesses to the V killing. The Irish guys which he gunned down five of the other guy in the Irish on Thanksgiving it. And the the guy on not Christmas 200 details until all of them. Indeed she's cute Alberto book on the boat and she shooed him pretty fake that I forget I am I glad that it again when I vote is coming. I forget how about when all played out I think I think Alberto money at something do because I think after pill you know it wasn't until the after. She saw Alberto go down and she assumed it was hardly that did that. Because Harvey came home and his hair was wet he's like yeah because of Wear and had the some weird happened there. So issues like Oca that he's a ticket up so basically she killed a bunch of people. That seems okay with Harvey palatable to people so guilt is just as crazy as any. Yeah and that's and that's the com. The crazy thing about that was I like that aspect of the story maybe it's a little into the stretch election he had Harvey's case file she news that you could use of BB. Bottle nipple views and how how appropriate is that that they would use the baby bottle nipple he uses violence there went. Her motivation is that like Harvey's overworked it's. He doesn't wanna bring a baby into this world because it's too dangerous and especially Gotham city's so she's trying to clean up the street to our own. If she had access to all files and so on so forth so. That was kind of a clever thing and I believe the last line of the entire thing is she says like I still believe in party debt he believes that. If she does this for him like he can be redeemed some that he can come back heels you know expecting comeback in that believe the last one of the entire series is I believe and. And Harvey dent as two face it is it's really as well but things really well written and he ends up killing it. Off Falcone you so you see how coney of Maroney gets killed. As well so it's like you you're. Their cleaning up like he's just straight up mob boss guys but to face kills spoke only right in front of Batman. And also that last as we get more of the greatest links or images. Is all of these freaks if you will or all together. In south cronies like penthouse they're like looking for. There more than they're trying to like you know fine holiday or to see what's going on and they're all there. Including catwoman who kind of salvage the McNabb as I'm sure what side he's on but she's always on the side. In a way. It is great another great the Dark Knight does another great not a that would be even mentioned that like. That it offered mention to persuasion like they did you know you put them that far that they had to seek. Demo yes you know they were hiring these freaks to common control that situation because bat and took it that far. Yeah and that's the other thing too is that the guys underneath fell coney are like so annoyed because he hired. Like everybody like he had a one point hired the riddler to try to figure out who Holliday was the hired poison ivy go to mass of Bruce Wayne like he hired all of these. Weird though characters which is wood off the so. You're right it does not a better comic book as far as answer we've seeing all these different characters so. To Wear make cents and to sort of way you can see just how big Gotham news. And you know kind of they all have like their motivations or they're all make sense Alec like I would do that figure doesn't like and I've. This stands among them the best another another book. That probably has a good job of multiple multiple characters would be harsh. Our look hard to electors. Cautious tops I think I will one day we should bitter YouTube video to look at top five or top ten baton and comics because it just goes a long view of some of the best things though. Anything else on the holiday killings. Or the bad man along Halloween right. No I mean this is close to him into we never do you know we mentioned it in jet to sometime from time to time but in terms of like required reading. I mean this is something that like if you're into this if you're lifting duster and it if you haven't read it you need to read from. There are some that some graphic novels especially badly want that I enjoy a little bit more that this is like definitely. You can RB had an argument could be made that would listen to with a bit of the best Batman graphic color I would bet I would listen to that and you know I would refuted so that you're not incorrect. If there's probably like five. That you can make the argument for after that as a bit of a stretch you know it you're just you're just trying to be different if you think it's a different one you know what it's Dark Knight returns. Or harsh or Lauren. Killing you know killing joke. Your wall and on the family which is another really good ones death of this illness alone even. Even the black Mir is a really really good on which is actually Dick Grayson is that man. Yet which is yet it in like on the right and it's likely that that the Google we do you get to a court evolved the bucolic Los meat but. Yeah it is really good that was the best of the new 52 stuff but it wasn't at the heart a heart to stack up with the with the greats. That is the about them on Halloween noodles alone so art that is very good stuff and again hit us up at or podcast on Twitter. You emails or podcast that gmail.com if you have any. Comments questions concerns. About this book are you ready for the next portion of the program run. It. It's. Nick of the podcast now Ryan widget to kick receiver with on the goal. Or deferred fuel to for I'll go first I have a couple ball on Netflix. One I watched Gerald scheme. On. Last weekend Carlo grew geno this and yeah. Yea you recognize there's a here's what I say about Gerald game it's a Stephen King. You just short story or book. And it's got some misery kind of tone so basically this is the spoiler this is in the trailer of the spoiler I'm sorry but this is what I knew going in. A husband and wife. Go to like a place you know kind of a secluded type of place on the water somewhere. I don't know what they're into or what they're not ensue but he handcuffs or to the bed. And then he liked passes out. And Mikey so now she's handcuffed to that stuff how to see. Yeah he's old George to stand at this point. So this is not the greatest movie of all time but I would say if you really like her. She's in. I think she's in every scene and so if you get through 1015 minutes or others intriguing and stick with it. They do get their sentiments feel like I don't know I like this that he probably go. Let's assess the solid change its settings like what you're if you're there that are out. So Gerald game and nothing else on I I saw on the list was the deft comedy jam when he fifth anniversary celebration. With what Jack which is very big. I watched the first ten minutes of that and I can tell who the woman was not stated cannot call with. It was news. Stated in its arsenal are rude and Sheryl Underwood so Steve Harvey was so annoyed. With Sheryl Underwood views wouldn't shut up the entire. He talked a lot yeah but there's some good days of health stuff than there and they it's it's they've reported recently to them they show a lot of old clips that's funny seeing guys. Elected not like seeing. Like Eddie Griffin from Mike the ninety's or. Steve Harvey or you know Bernie Mac autism are Smart and they're the host of the bill Bellamy was there goes it was quite a show was brilliant. If that's good stuff spent. Mine is also a Netflix show which is unfortunate. But fortunate because now told one place you at one stop shop and I Dalai I don't know edited a Netflix show last week with American bad. Oh I started watching that I've not finished that yet I watched the first couple episodes but I meant I like you want a host who don't like it yeah. Yet armed the other one ought to get Kroll and John Bellini a look across joke but like there's a budget good comedian did it including Tom lady. Just decline in my Rudolph Fred Armisen there in this show called big mouth. Which is an animated series. About it that basically bankroll and John Bellini going through puberty. As cable. Now not all of us otherwise the ice on a whole thing on Twitter about them. Would you know pictures of them from when they're little puberty pictures and stuff. You Burmese saw that's where it's from I. So that he really funny and both. Although boys and girls have their own hormone demons. Which are which are super funny one is nick Kroll the other one is my Rudolph. So David sexier really really funny. Got to grow. The volume on the but gross kinda kinda depiction of puberty but the best character in the show by far right now is that gym teacher also played by nick to crawl. That the by voices of Joseph. But the gym teacher. O'Leary. That he if you check out big mouth I highly recommend it. And the gulf we have Netflix this week because there's a lot of it is as though it. I ever ever wants Obama I gather really need to spend ten bucks a month on this and then. You don't come out like three or four things I need to watts well I mean gets stranger things at the end of the month day. There's got publisher later I'll make all the bad stuff yeah. Not only is very many movies and if it is a movie thing and that's what's original a solid there didn't have a great catalog albums and movies. It comes and goes what they're so it until it if you can pick and shoot like there's. Like if they one good one comes on the ticked you off. Yeah that's true put TV shows that hopefully now front and headlights is now off of Netflix but hopefully you're able to shock and a bunch episodes like your buddy Mac. They did real well at these finisher. I I actually did was absolutely true story and I hope back it was negatives because it is that which historic I woke up the other day from a dead sleep. It was like 3 o'clock this morning I'm not kidding and it sat straight up in bed wondering if Mac finished Friday night like. Gold hit an 80 my god but it could I in my head in my go to October 2 attic that up in bed like oh my god to Mac Finnish president light. I love that we like live we need to show that has been off the air force of twenty years and he did you wouldn't even put like. You know pass tag next Friday Night Lights lives to me is it's like random thoughts like so you and I knew exactly what he's talking about it but everybody else is the one who's tyra what he said. But yet when the lovers like tyra weight too tall to be wired (%expletive) A lot Lola ray yeah. It comity all the different tyra haircuts for each season you that it tyra fan which I think makes cents at the Saudi. The announcements until next week grind to October rolls on in a big way we are doing a three part endeavor top. They eat. Or movies now it was voted on by me Davey and uncle balk so it's the realists. And uncle buck to the leg work we all sent him a list of fifty movies. And he mashed it together and now we have one group of fifty. I feel that we're gonna this is going to be pretty intense because. There's there's obviously wants that we left off and also the rankings to me Erica and all over the map this from like first glance at it. Because I think I think is that eighteen. Out of the fifty movies all three of us had on the west. Which is pretty good. And then those then de facto are the top eighteen believes that we'll explain this would do it later on but day they'll those in the being the top eighteen meaning. Let's say you had a movie that you put it 45 I had wanted to fifty an uncle buck added 47. So none of us think it's the top when he movie but because it's on our list if ranked that high. That it's. Did we. Any any of the if there's any move that we all three agreed upon and I don't like it to all of us said it was a man you want other kind of ranked ballots and we had to decide reed kicked some out at the end which is unfortunate. It was it was tough it's only fifty order a best horror movies and so next week we'll kick that off with fifteen through 31. They're holding a third the through eleven animals banned more time on those top ten. But it's a pretty good list I think there's a a lot of different types and a lot of different years so we have some I came out you know this year when summer came out. Like a hundred years ago so I think it's of the ridiculous. Yet and I'm sorry I'm sorry to public visit as a bit of a spoiler tonight flyer did not. The Dow was we've on the list are Ryan. That's true again you falls on Twitter you can email us on iTunes you can leave as a review that's always very nice this to wake up to and as iTunes review or rating. You could subscribe there or so you know all the episodes are coming out we're also on YouTube as well try to get some more videos up there soon it's gonna YouTube dot com. Slash or podcast we snapped chat occasionally you can buy T shirt. Represent dot com but I hash tags or we even make some new T shirts maybe if we didn't do get some new. Fresh gear out there we're gonna be befall you Ryan. But it would involve me at our bond deal on any major social media outlet that would be great thank you. A kind of heard a Twitter follower. Yeah would you ride to order follows a particularly to do that's valmont which he wants and you know play some of these video games it would it would. He's got money not tapes and it'd be a nice thing to do on your part. Ride you like that usually leave us I think especially in dork so we're where things get a little little scary. You like to usually leave us with some sort of safety tip or precaution we should be taken. You don't scare the hell out of me in the fall Richard. Dick. You don't want IE you know I live in kind of a rural slash suburban area I got a dog a ticket dog out you know we have a good time this baby go he'll look for. He's great not bright but great. We take Obama would we throw the ball around he has a fun time you don't pay Tom Hanks entail wagon is what you don't wanna do. You gotta wanna check your dog checked himself protects deer ticks are out there they are scary little mother (%expletive) you know the guy you know what you don't want the Lyme Disease. No god I look at Soriano. So we gotta do is gonna come home theater check yourself check your furry friend maybe jump in the shower after you go outside. Just make sure these things are attached via and if you get a little bit of a bite that looks like a bullseye. Don't wanna get better. Don't let me ask you this for a what we let you go now if you were to dispose of the tick what are the best methods. I've heard several methods. One of them is leave it and and taking good beard nears healthcare provider no I've heard one yet smother it in battling it actually breed out of Iraq. The few government battling back themselves up. Here's another one yeah the old school one of my mother used to do you take a lit match it was thick. You can pick it subtitle that match and I think Miley the putback development. Here's what he's. Of one who we need to call now you can. I agree. Here's what you do you need to repair pliers you need to get in there you have pulled out pulled out straight don't go on an angle. You need to pull out straight if you get one of them bastards leg stuck in yet they could still cause the damage so I. Pulled a whole sum bitch out. Then when I like to do I could drop it in the sink and then highlighted on fire. You later Pryor only daylight over there indestructible you can't just zone switches. He later on fire neighbor down the garbage disposal run that soccer. But these things are almost indestructible so what you're gonna wanna do is really take care of business get out the blowtorch. And too slowly and painfully again. Well that we have to move their ticket and our noted.