#DORK 35: Top 50 Horror Movies (50-31)

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, October 12th

Rich Keefe, Ryan Davey & Uncle Buck begin the countdown of the Top 50 Horror Movies of All-Time with films 50-31.  Plus reaction to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Justice League trailers in This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and a brand new segment!  Happy #DORKtober!


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If the door to Martinez. Is the door to my email which cheek if the door. Monty. Is that because I don't mind cash. Day to tune into another episode of hash tag dork I'm your host rich Keefe joined by Ryan Davey aunt uncle pockets of three men we've guys' power. Richard area. I'm good buck let my play the canal I don't know some of that dork over here we've been teasing this for awhile and it's gonna be the top. Fifties horror movies as voted on by the three of us today's episode. Fifty through 31 next week we will do thirty or eleven at the that last week the top ten which we are all very excited about. Are you guys were award shows because we have sort of movies to get to today were into a very abbreviated. This week in door is that okay. Part of me I mean I'd Google. The last we hear you'd better get it I walk a walk up. I'd a lot of notes here's how things can. Do you think the photos via postal Bogota before. Thought initially I was thinking of skipping this we can dork altogether however Star Wars the last jet I trailer came up this past Monday. Halftime of that dump of a football game. We all get a chance to see it Davie let's start with you first reaction the last yet I trailer. Completely overwhelmed like you said after being. Bored to death by it the Rita two football game at halftime. IE I absence watched it like a dozen times and done like the frame by frame study evident. Like all Star Wars stroke like all big blockbuster trailers I'm left with more questions that I have answers so. I'm just I'm still unpacking it. Buck yeah for me it was I it was nicer to have that feeling like I seem too much. Yeah you know and I mean if the director was there at first don't watch it I don't wanna be spoiled because although concerned sort of like interpreting what this must mean act an Odyssey to the same thing David Abrams I seem like eight times when your breath but it even that might not want to. But that one picnic and a copy was the scene where the grounds are seeking Luke looks back. And I was like. Oh that's right he's agritech. Come on he admits it is that I. And I know you've made maybe a better voice actors in the actual actor but look for a lot of lookup the poster that came out as well. Everybody was drawing the the Darth Vader masks sort of round everything goes in the in the poster which I was pretty bad. Also we got the up poor we discussed the or got a couple episodes ago he admitted that it annoys. I'm guessing doesn't speak he orgy doesn't speak. English look they get to sort of it Yelp of some sort. I'm still I'm still 5050 on the pork but I know I have. I don't know knuckle on the court. Or not like. Like he's not a and that wanted to bring the point driving range and hit him in the cart your anti war Buick you big like regressing to the phantom menace here with these sellable item is the hat the gold level he's not democratic gun in the looks like more mark wise so I'm I'm. Pro war I guess you guys are a lot of snow okay in this smoke talking to people and where do you stand again David do you want smoke to be somebody we know or do you not care products or or or you prefer that he somebody Neil. No I would prefer his much of them not ultimately became an all you can pull in to this the better. Be that big in my mind I think that's what fans want you know I mean I mean. He we still don't know who ray is that but we know that from the book is that on and led had twins. You know it means so why it. There's that that's out there are so I I like the big bringing in the novel into this like even if it's not even bombed whole story but just characters. That's a bit of Arctic they can pick and choose if they went through that wiped everything out there like none of this well any day now it's just the stuff however we're still gonna probably borrow from some of the real stories I like that we have this universe it's no gigantic that we know who everyone can relate if you are related. That so I wanted to be somebody fresh to I didn't mind that Darth play gets idea because that's sort of the that would actually give the prequel the older more life like there's more reason actually watch the prequel that there was play guess. And I would. That makes sense though that they would do that because everyone like everyone who who's never seen Star Wars before the first thing they days. Just watch for five and six you don't have to watch the prequel. That's exactly by bringing legacy and now you have. I just for that little bug that's like a punishment then because that read you may remember those three vehicles are terrible. A US senate hearings to get out there what about ray bought the care for ray is like. And Obie or would you rather raid the Earl I just wanted to summit collateral and wanted to be skywalker did not count that yeah I'm with you on. And they also malaska trailers or uterine growth. No that's a bit there's way too much we care coverage and is now sort of. Just this week trailer. I believe ever edits to word review for that said (%expletive) sandwich. That's really bad now I think they wrote that that was crap that was garbage can really. Without are nowhere to was that really delicate Saturday afternoon when you know it's funny so is that so and I'll get to this in my comic con men of other had a giant. Also that's why they have a giant Justice League set up. In the middle of comic con that I stood in line Ford do the stupid thing to surrogate free teacher. In the trailer played a million times so our guys like us are so I yeah I didn't really really good all of them effectively drop. Instead of the leader faced the trees are on that was a giant penis. We don't have a big Bachmann sort of alludes to a big debut and actually have some breaking news here. The reader posts to now they asked Ted nor do splash. We're introducing a new segments with a brand new segment retro workshops with a little bit how long is that gonna go. Longer that I remember now. We've and again they guys who. Who issued this little sweet to us Brian as you said last week was not incorrect. When he said we've been focusing more on his words TV and movie factory and we weren't doing as much video games and comics slow. That is why of course via the video game minute which apparently forgot but uncle buck it's here that means Redick get. The uncle block comics minute. But it's. I'm here to talk about Cox it's an. He's mean it's. Yeah. Let's talk. That's right it is the uncle block comics minute or thank markets from the boxers. The boxers podcast with or not the other used that most if not all of our intro so. Without further ado uncle buck with that New York com look on what you have four MM Mac crime but it there I'm just eggs onions superior. That was very very America thank you wonderful. Record attendance this year 200000 people went atomic really which is crazy because first of all how they were up 20000 last year but actionable that. Here that they do our stallion was closed for renovations. So they start all the artists in this like big ballroom area down in the left corner quadrant the thing. So that whole thing was not only hot but it's congested that was an. Matt apple analyst Tom coming right back budget I'll put out. Yet on mart Campbell's Megan 12100 dollars every four people that he's all right god which I was. One of them I'm sixty. I got Michael brokered tear up when I got his in the Simon guardians comic Izod Eric yes. It here. Like so I said though my some my kids really you know they notice me here and apple and or to guardians do in. It like got to handle bothersome store op and I told Henry Henry's words of a serial killer and I can and oh you are there. You're also let me ask you some problems that. But I mean as of the justly trailer was obviously a big thing we talked about it yeah I wish I was there now when has been like things breaking all the stuff about Ben Affleck with that. His situation or right now a great controversy. On but the big thing alleged government gonna go real quick to see marveled independence. The doomsday clock as the huge thing comic. The doomsday panel revealed that where Shaq is alive Democrat he's in prison. Okay. A couple of things were real there was a cover what that means reading Russian external. School is also know we're cool yeah it was really cool Lex Luthor sitting in Ozzie nannies is in his shoulder. That's covered out there amid on the watchman and Geoff Johns did confirm. That during the twelve part series called doomsday clock Superman bullfight document. Well off them I then I have yet though in all that's the that was huge DC's doubt a bar. Had a bit of a tough we should yeah a lot of it'd bring upon mr. they yesterday canceled upon anything based on what happened why and Las Vegas. But very oddly the announced a a partnership with the north or Northrop Grumman. Which is eight arms dealer which is like a space please start tech. Okay yeah and within within like sixteen hours of making this announcement on the first atomic on the canceled. Recently night. Doing it because all so we create is like we're bail we don't have anything do with people and weapons while yet they were trying to tie in like hey marvel is like. Coming up with me is that weapons companies want to work with us as far as making weapons. Very odd stuff yet. Civic. Episode they knew they cancel the punish her because of a very specific reason that you announced a partnership that I thought about. About god you know make a bomb manufacture a bomb on an actor got on blew up a bit and I pop they had. You know they have these retailer breakfast meetings whenever. In one of the things people don't really realize this is a major businesses first retailer to chill up in huge stake in what's going on. They were all pitching a marvel about the direction my last two years they've done a lot of these. On kind of inclusive minorities story lines in which they have now a female Wolverine. Guy you know African American Iron Man female black African American Iron Man in all these different characters and they were all complaining to the sales of shot down. I'm not saying that's the reason but but rats would resign breast. In the arguments actually spelled out in the hallway from that sent me the other interest. As far as images eyebrow when it curtains oblivion song which is next project a craft was given a ways a freebie to it the retailer breakfast and very cool saudis. And within like five hours they would Orleans secondary market trader holy smokes I cracked it's actually his his new thing is supposed to be 3000 people. Were kind of taken out of Philly. And that put an. Some sort alien dimension it's kind of like invincible meets Walking Dead was below to post a bako. At the start of so I think it's probably his first probably the first part of the name. On in this pars in economics when it's out agreed to comics to my side have big bombs last year. Kind of came back to earth this year as far as their boots and their presence comic stride at at a huge hit. Now with sync which we talked about arrests yet which you know all of Alice thank you yeah edit and that's. But that was it and an independent as independent book called opt girl which had a huge presence but doesn't have a distributor yet. The premise of the story. Is that a girl when she has an orgasm and releases a demons from her body in a demon goes crazy. Today a look at her fund. Anyway to pass. That's right. Well while the drive that's like a minute. Thank you of the first count the minute I feel that we could have more powerful minutes now let's get to what the next portion of the program. It's time. Okay. Either demand. What the F four's this week Davey. I would get two games they're coming out this week that it got a big titles that people are are playing in liking so far on first of all the Star Wars battlefront cute. Speedo with this weekend who underwhelmed. They're doing the boxes. Much like over watch which is how you level up now you get like certain Lou which people are not very pleased with and so. No word on negatives it's kind of like an. You know and I mean. Some big other title there coming oh. Middle Earth's shadow war came out I don't know if you played the first one the first no I didn't. It was it was really good mom kind of basically think of like a bat and series game that's that that's the fighting style but in in Miller in more door you know so that. And they haven't really cool class system in its RPG kind of thing you know with Bobbitt and such an out of the beauty I got the bill. Yet the idea so that's what people are playing the other thing queues since we are in dork over the evil with being too. Is now available to play on my plate the first one of these epic extreme get a little bit that you might have you might have been a person watching it. There was not deal with some other lucky viewer the the most that you I was so it was. Very very Japanese very Japanese horror. But kind of a fun place if you had nothing else to do I think you know. But some of the big news rigid that I don't know if if you've been hearing that the Pennsylvania classic. People are going on YouTube and shouldn't you how to hack. Act films that you can get like hundreds of games at a point now that we it's a Mac maxed out here to tell Mac you volley back attacked and got on Sonoma and he was back those other people. Yeah well it's you know that's capitalism and it's fine it really apples the guy though and the other thing too I will mention that I am. Pretty bummed about is that game cup head which is getting a lot of buzz right now you know Tom is not going to be on PlayStation before they announce that and mom died play it and have no way to play it. So concerned. I know that kills me it might help a little bit. At the bottom of that about it or relativity in my am I imply Gary are you done tonight I'd jump on on here at the end I'm never done now. Oh. You're gonna I NBA two K eighteen I I got this game two K sports it's out it's been out for a few weeks now. But it is great but I I have item. Took me a couple of years to get a game are basketball game. This is awesome in this one of those games that there's a mode for everyone if you like to do the my player thing and develop your player from being. You are not in the NBA to being the hall of Famer or if you like to do like the might team stuff we are constantly drafting new players or early in expansion mode. I spent like half hour the other make creating my own courts. But I have all these stupid and people upload images so I have like a picture of a prison Mike from the office like on my basketball court. And it's just like it's ridiculous. They also have all franchise teams all thirty teams have the best players from their franchises on there. So there's a mode for everything it's a PS four Xbox one. I think it in tennis which game as well so. I would recommend NBA two KET. Are you now ready ride for the topic to be sure. Richard with the topic of the day and today it is top fifty horror movies fifty. Through 31 for this week next week we love part two of the three part series so each of us are gonna Galarraga refers to the voting for this. It the three of us. Put together a list of top fifty or movies we ranked them weed and submitted them Davy and I to uncle bock who looked them over and out of each. Each of our lists. Eighteen. Were on all three so they clearly made it and then block after that were the rest of at least on two so yeah the way kind of work. Is that because we just fifty like when we did the hundred greatest and we might podcast hundred you know. Bosses ports one on one that one we only had the thirteen where all five guys ask him which is not. So that 1880s and and yet everything else is either troopers and and we we had cut a couple Orleans where it was singles yeah an and that kind of round and at the end of the day. Louis nix I feel like these bottom once we can had to fight for and so each one of us are gonna sort of present a movie homers gonna go around the war and like that and I have I think this this is restrict or wants to get into the top twenty labeled talk about. How I don't think any of us had certain movies as high as they did but the fact that all three of us put him on the list. Made it. That there's one that still sticks in my mind that we probably all have like in the forties but we got it though it deserves to be on there so these are ones that didn't make it on everybody's list but. Deserve to be in the top fifty. Or movies list uncle bought tickets away number. Number fifty eyed cat app review of an earlier Henry portrait of a serial killer now. The best thing about this movie was it eight. Movies because this thing was so violent and so tough to watch that demeaned at an. And it took like Roger Ebert and these other guys to kind of champion its cause and eventually got a wider release. Michael Rucker. And it's a low budget thing but he was the main character Henry and he kind of a Francisco Otis. And the two of them are going round and they're killing people what Michael is the you know the brains of the operation where is Otis is just kind of in the ninety. Michael's talking to how when you kill people you asked you to it yet I can't do the same time every time it was figured out and you got them in. You can time altogether and Otis is just all I can think about this is the active fiscal killing people so Otis has assists through comes the live with them. Because of course it's like the market like it's like a rocky turn at eleven that your story to earth to space of a true story Ed so it was a little bit different right right right in in in reading some of the those things about this. This was a movie where they didn't have like a cop chasing him it was just literally tortured every serial killing kinda all of this guy around. And it was like you watching it because it was so low budget and Armenia to back at one point they steal a video camera from some and he killed. And they're filming. And murdering yeah yeah like messing with our bodies after they murder the right conclusions and make it women's yeah itself but there you see him sitting there watching it on on the couch. And the fact that they're watching it throw home video camera like any of us might have had added that whenever we hear it makes it brings almost too close to the horror in the terror right. And so that made it so disturbing fact a lot of the stuff is not even that gruesome comparatively speaking of the things in this list. But for the time anyway it was it was pretty horrible stuff on the amazing thing though is. They had the storyline in which the sister Becky kind of but friends and re right and you see this happening like so many Hollywood movies where. Her goodness even though she's in a bad environment and taking away from people on the athletic all right right in so instead what happens the Becky and by the way there's going to be spoiler dollars. And the points are spoiler alerts for these movies and so here's the key which admits it's beginning with this fine. We're all talk about each week for about three minutes two to three minutes for each movies so if we start talking about a movie and you know actors that you don't wanna be spoiled yet at the Google wants it later. I would skip ahead a few minutes because. Some of these moves of an opera one of the amount that. The early eighties early days right so but the incident as as it turns out she's befriending him and you're like oh wow you know this girl's gonna take him out of this and helps and restraint. Yes intimacy gays in the sense that. It in one of the most chilling finish is still horror movie illiteracy it is on. There's another movie came out or recently called man bites dog it's a Belgian documentary style leaves a lot like this in the two documentary that goes around as follows serial killer. As he does is being today which is pretty crazy but. Like TV set and his last video game if you got nothing else going on any example board. Editor this is one naked balmy out though and it's also there's a number of them on this list that have the idea to shower after one area it is definitely one of them at Otis. And wrote today I always liken it to the feeling I got after our watched requiem for a dream where you just like can't did the movie goes to black and you're just. They airing live at the screen for a little while yes. Yeah your enemy fighters that narrative it. Yet as. Focusing in on it and the suitcases. One now that mr. Paterno was you know. All right. Number 49. The devil's rejects this is one that I had to fight for to get on the list it was much higher on my rankings I have it here though or we have a together the 49 as we can not 2005. Actually it's segued nicely because the guy who played Otis in Henry. Torture with serial killer. Was in this movie you'd actually in house of a thousand corpses which rejects is the sequel to but you don't NASA apathy. How's about the corpses that marked much more fantastical. Devil's rejects much more real. The plot is in the murderous back woods firefly in money. Take to the road escaping eventual police force which is not afraid of being as rootless as their target. And so the guy played Otis. In now portraits here killer. He plays this guy George wide now who is killed in house about the corpses and it's his rather play by William Forsythe. In doubles reject is awesome he's the great characters. Because he will certainly bend bend the rules like either share results look at vigilante like he's taken this into its own hands I don't think it's funny bock. Nobody is tremendously I think right he's not afraid to bend the rules are at August he'll do whatever it takes he I think the firefly family is pretty good as well you have rob zombies wife yes it Hague. Playing captain Spaulding. And India oh restrict wood in there as well as those of the old diamond Dallas page shows about yoga instructor and I agree yeah if you yoga it's a year of GDP in the MITRE you know they play these two guys called the on hole lead to the based bounty owners who have the greatest data passes really in history. Of film. Robb's army has not made a lot of I would say great movies but this is a talent in this guy. It was a big orpheum what you obsessed with the war and this is his best movie that is an homage to Texas chainsaw massacre so much as some of those other ones. I think they're pretty good job creating this murderous trio that he should absolutely hate and he tries to humanize them a little bit along the way. Plus I would say this is maybe. One of the best soundtracks like for a guy who has really good he's obviously a musician and he uses free bird in a way like it would hurt revert to many times but he uses that perfectly in this movie at the end. And is other songs he brings in their he has a lot of former. Seventies and eighties horror icons popped in and out there throughout. So if you haven't seen out of a thousand corpses that's fine you can skip it gives you a little bit more background on the characters. But if not I highly highly recommend the devil's rejects. 2000. All right by the the had 2005 our rights number 48 I haven't listed and another one that. With Obama spent this one Bob will be called sinister. That I took the time to write a got a 63% on rotten tomatoes. I liked this movie true for the reason that it's a bit of a hybrid so the movie starts out it Ethan Hawke. Who is a kind of like a true crime author. To investigate all the unsolved mystery and stuff like that actually goes to the town but the movie starts out this super eight movie of the Stanley being hung from a tree. Which is like really unsettling and there's not a lot of super eight film it really like creeps me out with a grain of it. Stop and how it skips around so right off the bat like art it's kind of like a follow up found footage kind of thing. And that's kind of where the movie goes from there so. Unbeknownst to his family and hawk moved them into a house where an unsolved murder has taken place. It's at least try to solve this murder and he goes up in the attic and as this box of like separate bill so he starts to. Unpack all these things and then and stuff like baton. He others there's peace corps troops they got to come in and out of it so you have found footage aspect you have your true crime aspect. You have decayed to that is separate from night terrors and start seeing things in. Are the things real and so and so forth so this is just kind of like one of those movies where it kind of has a nice little pocket. It's it has its flaws obviously. I think it has agreed bad guy. In. And it's he got this in his younger yes I have a desperate for oh yeah. It's it's pretty creepy especially when you involve like kids being taken. In being stolen you know I mean like for whatever reason but you can do as a as a father that deck and a. It was so much harder when anything involving kids you know it's very yeah yes you know what an incredible thing. Get so big ticket it was a guys global pool at some like that. Legal team and all you. Yes scary (%expletive) while this is Scott Erickson to the guy who directs the Doctor Strange directed yeah yet. And yet. Yeah I think it's yet I like the answer then. I guess that what I like about it is that makes you have Metallica a monster movie aspect to it. You haven't found footage aspect to it and then you have just like you straight suspense thriller kind of things so it's it's a nice little melting pot of horror elements that. It's just a great dork over fit. Absolutely this is a creepy movie I've recommended as well number 47 in the candy man. This cannot 1992. I think. And we'll do this at the end we go through way and always movies came out the nineties I mean think you got a great decade. Four or movies but ninth united tooth candy man I think deserves to be on the list. The candy man a murderous soul would they hope for a hand is actually only some into reality by skeptic grad student researching the monsters myth. This is based off of a short story by Clive Barker who that'll get to later on it was tell the forbidden use also producer on the film. Now this candy man is not to be confused with this came this candidate not to be confused with dean coral. Who was sometimes referred to as the candy and within the guy who was a responsible for the Houston mass murderers of the early 1970 different film. Different film altogether different got a comic man. Because he would target young boys knew it blew them with candy. How many would rape and murder them with the assistance of two other young boys. One of which actually killed them because that enough was enough to be found out that he was this guy dean coral. Was gonna kill him. And probably rate the body and that that he says I'm not sure. Get into the art ultimately could you need to act out. Your auto editor as they would I used in the out of the house the gibbon that's it up and do that. This movie has not an elaborately 130 and now things are united just heard on 300. Why unedited and our docket of being being coral view get through this what are we doing. On one of these kicks in that they had reports of the circular Ehrlich back I was on there. And I think it's like it's healthier than a lot of people in this read it obsessed with serial killers. Just me now another shot bonded at this is what that is like databases build these serial killers and there are a lot of similar motive anyway. Now we have Virginia Madsen and it and apparently. A do or search for the for the episode. If it wasn't her she said no they're gonna tasks in trouble with that point a bit of an unknown I think it's instant book with a whole lot of things. They can't man but back to him I think this is a scary villains that Tony Todd. Character with the peas and hook for a hand the whole idea of what that urban legend where you're in the new year and thinking in making making it. I think the out this advocate eerie. Feel to it when you watch it even now it came out 1992. It feels almost like a movie shot 72 again that's if that's ago ago green a year kind of feel to it. I think came at the classic I think he's he's not on the Freddy Jason and leather faced here is clear on that year but that next group down I I think he's on their. He deserves to him yet this there's definitely some horror movies in my opinion that are. Fantastic about halfway through. And then they follow part does what for meeting probably a little to an end is probably the bat better that category beset sees as suspicious. Post she's a skeptic grad students to be consistent with skeptical gets to all the big grads didn't. Got off to travel and the ticket back to Chicago there was held up well you be duplicated. And I are members I remember that two XP in that movie and scare and appears sodomy in the the first like twenty minutes and then like it to this day it's embarrassing to say well how late in life I went without having to have a light on in the bathroom like it's all right and scared the crap out of me it is likely that does it turned and elect a love story yeah I like to. We aired immense boiler at a we are thin at throughout this whole thing and then she becomes the key demand like now they write easy guilty overload professor of whatever you know it's weird and then this spawned a bunch as almost all the movies on the close bond numerous sequels. But this of course the only one worth watch. The. I'd number 46 so I mean this app movie for me is that dawn of the dead. An eight Candace typifies what we had to deal with three of us because of me because for me is like a top fifteen top ten almost. Or movie but here we art 46 it is just the way we kind of broken as though things out. Doctor dead is kind of the sequels the directorial sequel really for George Romero. Who in 1969 brought us that it living dead so in eight years nine years later in 1978 I do my map directly. He comes back after four films including one that was Maarten which is worth viewing about a vampire bastards yeah yeah. With dawn of the dead so whatever social commentary that that are living there was on the Vietnam era and everything that was going on American time. This film is complete social commentary on the Disco shopping mall society that of winning kind of turned into post Vietnam right. Thomas Beattie whose apps amazing the special effects you Asbury and an inning he had done so many had terrific including maniac and I'm scanners with cheese like (%expletive) explosions and right in all the stuff he is warmer guys to point half. Buys on the growth of the work with a Mark Martin with my government debt first thing he ever did with Eddie enacted that Yankee and is always kind of got he's been. I met him a cup we expect he'll be Iraq and shock in Switzerland this weekend really so but I met a couple of years ago he's a very -- dude yeah but so what kind of that was it sing about Thompson Unionist. Was that guy he's a Vietnam vet him when he was in Vietnam you use his camera. And he said it kind of distanced himself from the horror that he sought to take pictures of dead bodies and the best. But it would it would kind of distanced himself from what was actually happening from whichever it was funny because he's using camera to do that whereas in the last will be talked about Henry. The big Ali yeah you know what brought us closer to it right on so not only did this movie you know about zombies and being trapped in a shopping mall. Even though we know some of the effects according to blue zombies are kind dated at a routes and in the even that special effects is that crappy foam and that really read whatever syrup. On is is kind of data in everything else that there's no message and everything else involved in this film is still cannot holds up for its time. I will say that Terri argent so collaborated on this Phil with George Romero of the famous Italian port director. Really interesting that he. That they made a deal he brought the movie over to Italy and into Europe and called zombie. And they kind of change in music cheesy ending slightly affect go online who wants both and exits in inches and the C attitude changed it but. I guess in Europe there's no rules say you can't. Take somebody's property and make a sequel out of it because a complete different production come out cup relay just came out whether company on inaudible got zombie to over in Europe. It was released in the United States as zombie eat Anderson I zombie movie but it to bring us to have my favorite all time zombie movie moments shark or zombie which is great which is the greatest. And then to the scene in which a woman's faces pulled into us like it's as splinter off a door it it goes right through the I've altered at York. You act you know immigrant thing but that was so that was from and I'm not sure I sequel overseas. Based asthma. There anyway so definitely check out John of the dead ends I don't say only new EU is equal to our legacy for the really panic I love that but the remake Zack Snyder and we you know credit him and we've criticized him on the podcast but. That movie I thought was great and not that it's a silly high bar. But I don't think there's a better horror remake because this it's a male or symbols of crap but dawn of the dead 2000 four in the laws. Great cast and it it was like shopper shot remakes they sort of took that movie and it's a approval twist on the Dow is great so you either want I would recommend. It wasn't pump the beanie but it wouldn't be anyplace sex machine and from Bethel Don. He didn't get in Atlanta I got him that one picture office table and I got signed my brother was a bomber has this to get machine gun penis. We're so he can't display of course it's all right David at the next on. I got an excellent and number 42 I was gonna make a joke that it it would Indian point five. 45 start with a final word it doubled. Out good it was too low. That the Indians get heated trailer there the the ballot at the movies so at number 45 admit to the movies that win. Ten years from now when we do this list again I firmly believe that this is gonna crack the top ten and that movie is get out. 99%. On rotten tomatoes directed by George peel. This movie kind of came out of nowhere and I think. When we talk about these these movies and I know we're Doug we reduce spoilers and stuff like that but I honestly believe that the left side say about this movie the better. I can see this movie it came on fears that one of seeing it mullet and a lot state recently a month ago. And I purposely stayed away from nick as people on the how good it wasn't I didn't wanna know anything about it and things like that. But the less I think about this movie you haven't seen it the better. It's kind of like this new horror kind of thing where it's a bit more. Let's jump scare and way more. Like social and like psychological war. That some like ridiculous twit and it. It'd it's one of those things were talk about it later with a not a movie just like there's the idea is being unsettled just being like really uncomfortable. That's really the entire cast. Was just like on executives on edge the entire time because you know that something isn't right. With what's going on in the movies so it did the plot being that. This young couple a black man and his white girlfriend are going beard visiting her parents for the first time. Quite simply out in like the country in new York and once they get there added that this scene is just really awed. The mothers. Hit a therapist in the father's neuroscientist in the Brothers just whack job. But. What happens then from then on is just obnoxious spoiled for Arabia Egypt. But just a phenomenal movie from Jordan deal directorial debut fires if fire call it is that I heard and then Mike Keane deal and all that. Like for a feature film tired of talking about how he usually inspired by step for awhile and as you watch it you'll clearly see why. But yet that's ago. Yet absolutely in. How we end up 44 we are so are only did this list house on haunted hill from 1959. Neatly in my top fifty. Or watched it. Who really admire and I was up ever gets so that's kind of like the qualifiers on the wing candidates and but honestly. Heiress a couple of things that I remembered and it was the things that it's stuck with me that mean the list initially first of all. This is a Vincent Price movie okay and the idea here is that he's offering for some reason. Five people come Statehouse for the night and this is that how renting. To put on a dinner party for his wife although I don't call me eating but they come in for 101000 dollars apiece they can just get through the night. Others like. Classic horror ropes that it band yet done to death that come from this movie right now as one of them you'll idea that you can you stay via a night in the hothouse. I'm so he brings together at test pilot a newspaper columnist the guy who owns the home for some reason whose brother was recently murdered her. Unfair guy to have there yeah likewise you know as he could use the cash he just got the house. Then a psychiatrist and a young girls weapons work from enterprise and she's never met the government. But on there's a lot of cant be haunted house stuff slamming doors and led dripping from the ceiling. And and I'd hate filled with acid like. I mean ask the panel we cleared as a bit outlets house was sold at answering the purchases and sales to go through the acid is that the lady that comes out on like that's what it is Gary's one of honestly that's scary now she's Ayers a highlight a and what's great is that in this is again another or choke it's been done to get parity comedies and everything else. Is that they like later in the movie explained that the butler's wife like just in line like OK well why should in the basement in the dark right of privacy gliding therapy and that is how she's spent Johnny's ordinance wives are sort of core but every movies that sent the ball exactly today so things like that. Then there's that this team with a woman is hanging. And then she's saying outside the window in all these creepy things happened the whole that whole field the movie is really intends creep in and and that portion in you make money if the fact it is great black and white Vincent Price film. In the paint him as the next it's great it's definitely worthy of being tapped yet it aptly Fabio owner art number. 43. Is another one of the newer ones is from 2015. Green room. This is a punk rock band forced the fight for survival after witnessing a murder at a neo Nazi skinhead bar. Now this one that got recommended us ever relaxed year Davey has we'd get the out yup that's Hormuz he'd never seen. At that point either one of us that seed of veterans tell us about it. Thanks so lack with already go see it in a bunch viewers in the green room is great. Are you know there was in theaters to be honest but it was on demanded to prod find it somewhere now. But it's really simple and it's really good yet that need that you of that punk rock band going to displace. Con about the middle of nowhere. They're there to perform at the the next thing you know the ship goes down they wanna leave their told you can't leave. And it's is that the whole thing Anton Yeltsin. Rest in peace he's in the movie Patrick Stewart. Is really go to sort of like the guy in charge. But I would arrive credit for some of the newer one's like get out green room located a whole spoiler thing but I would just highly recommend this pretty simple straightforward and for more movies now. Anything that's not a remake or a sequel I can I give extra points to go and that's why this one is on the list. Yeah and if it's actually a good fit you know a good kind of look. Into like Alec I guess that despite new or think yeah I think the running time and they have it under in twenty minutes or so it's pretty quickly along with ninety tops. Yep as a we ought that we onto to Mike Wilbon in my I'm like number 26 system. All the other 42420. Yeah this let's go a bit. Admit it's funny that these two are back to back because one of the movies that we are mentioned there was meant that we beat. In a disagreement with the political don't breathe. Yeah I love. Which was it's still skirt like Canada or what or is 87%. On rotten tomatoes by the way while. But has great horror elements in place especially in the third act like there's like this weird twist to it. That you you know you just assumed it'd be you know. I dark caper movie were these kids a break and included in this old vets out these blind. You know what he's trying to search and house for them and their kind of trapped inside the house and try to get out. But it's not a straight. Forward arm. Much like green room is like very in your face this is kind of has horror elements to it but it shot in the really incredible way. The the guy who directed it was a Saturday Alvarez I think that I pronounce the name the guy who did big evil dead. Remake yeah what's next and I really enjoyed it wasn't that. And Stephen Lang to guy who he was lobbying real hard to play cable and he was the bad guy in in avatar. Bomb was phenomenal that's kind of like the main villain in this bit the blind guy. But I like it that maybe it just kind of it's it's that Detroit I believe so like everything he's like the only person like in this neighborhood. It's just czar will be handed the way they do like the protagonists of the movie are actually breaking into a guy's house first elect Obama root for these ideas are hassles but then like the way. Account all turns around on itself that it was the ladies that there's that twisted it is well. Yet this is this is really do about it. Yet it's a great debt that's what you should definitely be farthest new or type. They get a new war uncle buck well and I worth mentioning immediately made a really good point earlier saying it. A lot of these movies that we do this again next year will be in that top fifteen when he tapped it means yet. Because I mean let's face it this is a great time for horror movies it has its size home does a lot more freedom forward and nothing says Preston is in horror movies like the 41 to spread its ninth at pronouncement 1931. And it's funny this what actually went not on Utley several times. We kind of like it had to be on there because of the the importance of it historically and them. So it really didn't get that much of a grumble when it landed 41. But this was the first monster movie Dracula was put me on as a director of like swab and coming he's almost like that character a senator ally of the attackers walked and he can't get out of here as only he can at least pick up an elegant hockey game. But but they're pretty decides not he's more like rock and a few so so. And it in the idea that it starts at the yet the warning does that comes out of stages like listen you know anyone who has our initiative has got to get him we want you right in years how would make getting myself into and you got a 31 cents in prize. On the grease movie starts at a grave. I'm really bitter ale by the way this entire movie shot like Venus. This is like classic shooter Russell where you gonna back and you clearly tells like painted scenery which is amazing because just think about the process of film over the last hundred years. And so they they doctor Frankenstein by the way for if you asked. America certainly Arabs I don't think the monsters guys aren't it's not doctor frank. Is there digging up the body with Igor. And it's a freshly dug body and grab a second body from a campaign because they just leave those lines conservative and then of course Igor goes and takes a brain from local college is all I gore by the way it is all army recaptured almost more finally in young brains. But he grabs a brain accidentally drops have been grabbed abnormal rains and got a bad brain that for a two bodies they kind of chocolate together like a deck of cards and boom. You know electricity and here's this monster. The great line though is it's alive it's alive right. It he says in the name of god now I know what it's like to be got. In 1931 how controversial state of Assam is in such a religious society at 1931 would be. Boris Karloff plays what sports at that Cox Heidi consider that. Our job so I can get. Boris Karloff appears thirty minutes of the movie so we're in minutes in Duluth where even makes an appearance on the monsters gave some now. Victor Frankenstein getting married doesn't seem date inject them. The monsters escape he's going to town. In an actually most like horrific the terrible and did you set and as apparent. On to watch Frankenstein come upon this little girl who's playing with flowers look at it and you see this this interaction where is so innocent. Both of them are so innocent and he picks her up and throws in the waters she is a drowning can create. Just heartbreaking terrible and in the scene where the violence tearing her into the village to see above in my answer. You know what every you know Burmeister an aunt and she's in her life was dead body it is it is actually break in in the film ends with that degree scene at the end of the window but of course is a million Frankenstein. Knock offs to the point and eventually meet at a custom. Yeah records are outdated so if you got the review ever watch appears penny dreadful on showtime I'll you up this I heard it and not enough room. And I would just tell you that the two of the best characters in the show are. Frankenstein and his monster yeah any interaction that they have a each other selected it's a really cool story I've actually taught this book before so. It is it dead deadly deserves a place like on this list. Right on the teacher he has been nine he's nearly majored in December break up my data and I'll bet you know. But yet just a really cool. Story and like you said immediate you're gonna watch horror movie immediate you're gonna tell somebody like. We've never seen or movie before I don't know those people existent sure they do not listen to us. That ballot an event but this is that this is definitely a place to start will be aware yeah. I noticed Grady does have that kind of classic horror but on top of it my son's in both my kids see their twelve and ten. I mean it's it's light enough in today's day and age that they can see that but like we talked about earlier there are so many great horror movies and I am glad you guys commits BC number forty yes. My number forty yes our creep. Which was directed at directorial they've debut of Patrick right which he wrote with mark you plot to his bare the two guys in the movie. So that the that fit and then there's that cameo with Kate evil and it was marked classes wife also from the league who is the voice on the phone. That he'll likely keep. And yet that was like and don't you appeared at the board has no idea he divorce and phones so. Visit 96%. On run at Saddam bigot in my round tomatoes course but the that's I think a lot of it most or are we get thrashed most or was crass and so this is yeah that's. That's pretty yeah. And I am one of the big I think the common thread of all the things that I was. I was task of coming up with a little blurb for all the things is these movies are just so. Preakness just. Exactly what it says it is it is just creepy like from the big gecko. So the basis of the story is there's this weird guy who was double woods who's hired this freelance B geography her. To kind of follow him around and the whole time he's telling him like story. And the like story changes from I survived cancer. But it's back. And my wife is pregnant but she left me critics. So there's like all that think this guy but he's dying so he wants to make it's video or is unborn child so we get to know them. And the whole time the relationship between the cameraman and this character. They are marked Platt is just. Awed like it's good I didn't the only way to describe it as it is and and did there's two teams in particular that jumped out at me. The scene in the bathtub where you sit in the back out. Talking about is like relationship with a spotter Mike White inequality on body in the all its. Its market last sitting in a bathtub like those are very strange and then that goes into the scene with. All of this is just the Cutley werewolf mask that my dad used to put on and play with being recalled impeached was. Yeah he's upstairs we're. All Mike got scared that hit. That was a movie. No it was not and it taught Adam the relationship between the two kind of devolved from there as you as you as you guessed that. Beat it it would great about a visit the camera guy actually escapes. And get home and then you think the movie's kind of over. In minutes it's not. You know and it just completely elect if you wanna be unsettled I don't know why you would ever let willingly go to a movie being I just wanna be really creeped out. And out they opt for a movie that I've ever you recommend this last year or the year before ever came out and this is one where for a kind of like hand held camera movie if not it's not jarring though some people get sick like cloverfield or Blair witch count that kind of cuisine like this doesn't do that at all. This Bernal and it's funny conveniently he's supposed to be like freelance like video are prefer elect knows how to handle a camera yet so what do you like you know down. And the good news about this movie is there that people coming. Now this month now creep to the is just a Netflix or is it they get out. Suckered them one of the best endings to mean that that I had that bad debt actually put that thing on my Twitter that one of the it's still images from that and it was so well done such a visual that I think that old yet cripple our group was really good so let's go to number 39 in the is session nine came out 2001. Tensions rise within an asbestos cleaning crew. Date yet on how scared you are of asbestos. Idea ever what should be a little while you're not. It's the silent killer I am and I you usually point that out to a that I I grew even asbestos cleaning crew. As they work in an abandoned mental hospital they horrific past that seems to be coming back. Now this is not expert in. I had David Caruso and there yet been cleaning up with Estes. And because of where they're working. Different things happen maybe there's Goss through goes what what's going on but. The key this whole thing what's the scariest to me is that one of the guys in the cleaning crew stumbles upon a sponsor of tapes and what it was was from the in insane asylum. These different sections that a doctor would have in this happen to be with a particular girl the session nine is is. The title they got from that. But it's this one little girl. And first all I think the doctor I think his voice is kind of creepy like his voice kind of scared me alone. Little on the girl he's talking to had multiple personalities. And but he was 45 different personalities she had and they all had very distinct different voices. It just listening to that. I mean you know creep within the last movie but these were all really creepy like the sign in which is like the one guy because she committed that the horrific act. It's trying to ask her about it and and she keeps change in the characters. That a law like that to me. Is why this movie should be on the list a lot of the other stuff is kinda. All right let's cut to it and that eventually kind of melts the minds of a lot of guys working in there and there's some good interaction. You do have to give it a minute. It's not gonna hit you right out of the gate with some really scary stuff or some stuff he'd never seen before but. Once you get in there a solid ending in some good stuff there in the middle session. That's in that our number 38. For me is frailty. Directed by Bill Paxton pick it apart. Well I. 73% rotten tomatoes this movie kind of cool so great performances by accident and Matt McCraw playing in this movie. What do you like kind of early rolled book ought to have been not. It's should they look good good hormone related goods like suspense thriller. Or movie. Tell the story through flash Muqtada case flashbacks. They payment. Him his father and his brother. In this story of the gods and killers so in real time these police officers to look into the guiding the gods and killer. And Matthew McConaughey is in the police station telling them stories about imminent brother being brought up by their father. Who tells them that they need to rid the world even. Any convincing that all these people are disaster in May have to like kill them basically. And just like they're really cool. Or movie with a great twisted it is right nobody sync equipped you're out you're basically spoiling the movie so. You know I'll just to help blow Isabel long enough you Terry you turn it turns out that you don't mocked Matthew McConaughey is trying to lead. All these cops and his brother who he says is the god painkiller turned out he himself is the killer and then there's your big reveal. But just a really cool in my dark movie. Not you typically see Bill Paxton is kind of like this like hole bomb kind of like you go dirty kind of guy. But real powerhouse and it like really (%expletive) up and weird. The guy is trying to convince this to a preteen son that they need to rid the world of demons. I was a different that Marat bottoms in the united I had no idea what I was getting into but it was great idea that any great. Former spy McConaughey and and I only I made a note here it's like. It's kind of like eight a com. When you see but his character roster and sure detective its title like that a little bit yellow that in my wrong quickly that I will be patient and. As you're saying this I was thinking to myself while this does have a lot of similarities in the way to detect and yet it's not an out different story certainly I think it's it's saying how. Fantastic it is in in the basis of religion being a motivating factor. It's all right great movies which they bring religion or religious society like the wicker man the X and says. Didn't bring that into AD omen that they're bringing an end and make it such a powerful because so people can relate to it on the track to turn to complain another. And and the idea that somebody is beliefs are so far gone right that they couldn't commit these kind of acts crazy. That's on. Our number 37. Is that dissent. Cannot 2005. A caving expedition goes horribly wrong as the explorer become trapped and ultimately pursued by strange breed of creditors. Is that all female cast which are capitalists who was the only one on this entire list back insane that this is the combination of claustrophobia. I would say that's the scariest thing in this in this normally just them in the cave. Getting caught and tight spaces superstar I was more scared when is that it's kind of caught in that it there was kind of a little bit of movement in the rocks yes and I was turned parts for the dealing with and that we've all the pictures were yeah right the creatures are alike back people type weird things like there whatever. This also has this is they it's a throw that that happens a lot is when somebody is nervous somebody's afraid in the trying to protect their house and try to protect. You know wherever they happen to be and then day. Get scared and somebody comes up behind him they think it's the villain and he hit the Villa but it's really like their friend are really like their belly number. There's one of those in this but it's really good because there's they'd they'd do a good job of gave it a story go along with these characters like. One of the women that there she was just in a car accident that she was paying attention or husband or kid died so they're like trying to help her and she's there and but there's some some fighting with the girls and and she takes the top pick acts like drills this one check whether it. But now I think that dissent is is really good became creatures like you said maybe at the scariest thing their other parts this movie that that make you really scared. They're 636. Last house on the left and we're talking about the original all last thousand from 1972 western experts movie. So every watch this one and it is holds up as it is our or icon film. But it's easy to me how you have a situation where Wes Craven was able to present pretty much the worst most disturbing. You could see inhumanity and then also with almost like a baby at least dopey cops eyed plot. Though it was weirdly. Like ago our advertisers plus another music yeah it was a scene in which. There's two girls and Mary and fills. Okay and they wanted to spend the night the city. To go to a concert and they end up coming across this guy crew witnessed three thugs just trying to score some weak right. And and and a pack an apartment to get locked in and they're pretty much sexually assaulted and raped in this apartment you'll see a lot of that you just kind of balance the able so it's yeah. Eyes. And the focus of errors out but then so but there's like a scene where like her parents are very nicely with some very sweet music making like her birthday cake and then it cuts to her being. Her clothes being torn off in this apartment because back then talking about their memories of her growing up that job and go back to her literally being molested by these guys. On dates or they bring aired out of the woods now miraculously happening on the same neighborhood where she grew up in a prayer to the woods. And be go on to make her friend Phyllis pee your pants. They may. They kill fellow state and out of re paying in and killing Mary in a cart crew cart series name and her chest is applied it she gets up of wanders into the water and he ends up just point blank with a gun waterway in the three shots. During action now Mary error Mary gives her and it overturned state to one of thugs. And their car dies or whatever was in the end up wandering over to the house that Mary amazingly. Rapid quick well but what's so amazing but this is again you have. It's easier right now there's no in between these like the nicest in the worst and they get to the house and when the parents find out what has happened is the daughter. Use the ultimate horror. For the parents that they knew seed and turn into the even more deadly aggressors in the fourth but crazy and ate out yet they go and they basically get revenge on the east for criminals. One of this scenario as the mother grabs a guy answers given him a blow job and backyard by just pick up it's crazy I mean it's insane it's one of the great endings and in movie history where the police who have been bumbling around by the way one of them has played a very young since decrease from car riding on a on the bubble era meantime we to a ridiculous penniless soundtrack. And they finally break in and the house. In the AC the father has a chain side and he's a he's now finally appointed the crew cop is screaming that he can't believe what he's seen. And in the backyard the mothers charging it when he had the female assailants in it slashed the throat the pool. And we just one of them may eighth horror finale the unit you can possibly imagine. And then just the kind of let everyone breathe a little bit the credits roll. Was against a very like country music and you see all the actors are fine. It was almost like they say they are adamant that an early say yes it was so it's it's and so upsetting. In so demands it the top five like up and reports are circular that Texas chainsaw massacre and last thousand left are the you need to take a shower after watching all these red river agreement goes all logs the athlete feel horrible. Our number thirty. Five. The mists. Cannot 2007. In the state freak storm unleashes these pieces of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town Ray Small band assistance hole opening supermarket. And fight for their lives of three of us talked about this for a little bit on our Stephen King episode. Frank thereupon directed this who's one of the Gaza brought Walking Dead to AMC there's a lot of Walking Dead actors in this and also. This has. The greatest ending of any horror movie ever. Great. I I had to do and order problem always have this sort of particulars on what to say about the missed the and so they're fighting these creatures there in like this this. Woes at a convenience store in the senate armed superpower aren't. There's supermarket not quite a super target us and our prayers have markets of offense Googlers and stuff going on the area that's all well and good in there's like these big monsters they've seen people die you know that. The the world is over like this is this is it and it's Thomas Jane. His son at an older guy. And a yo woman that they just met there at the four of them are in a car they're leaving their their in the mess they got boats in the car which is amazing not every else to do that. But this is it that we're not gonna survive there's there's there's no chance we haven't gone. It we only have three bullets. So Thomas Jane loads up the gun. They all agree to this that this is the only way out. He shoots the old guy he shoots the woman he shoots his son. And then it. If you as soon as that happens all of a sudden the military comes flying planes that missed comic clears tanks rolling in. They figured out they're gonna their legs for these monsters and everybody is gonna be fine right after he'd locking it feels it's kid. On and believe like that this. RH shocks in in in the history movies for me and that was that was absolutely wild though that that's the only reason for me why put it on my top fifty and that's why we have here. At number 35. Davy and I think one of the one of the only movie I have ever yelled that. The greens like I was watching the patriots. Yet another inning that ugly it it just freaked me out I could stomach all the best of XT and chaotic as we've talked about before. Don't miss movies this will be fine and that it was that bad ending so. Yeah a great ending. Braden in the next movie number 34 I have insidious and directed by James wants. 66% on rotten tomatoes so a decent horror movie. James won by the way it had the weirdest. Directing credits ever you know he directed. Yet he directed saw. He directed dead silent leader wrecked the aid. Let's be insidious the conjuring insidious chapter two. That is infuriating DeVon and now he's directing our what man right exactly. What what do they want on yes. But yet just kind of a cool goat story. Kind of aspect to it to. Starring with the guys they've. Patrick. Wilson. And your girl Rose Byrne is hop another weird thing it. In the end if only insidious films that we've we've seen any detector or a bit is that third. Technically chronologically this is that directly into the Google does create a secondary glaucoma and yet. So it tells the story of the Stanley who their son inexplicably goes new coma. And it turns out that he's not in a coma he is in his body has entered an actual plane and all of these ghosts that resides there are trying to get out through him. But just kind of really cool ghost story and told bikers of flashbacks. I guess beat. Actual plane at some runs in the family because Patrick will went Carriker also has. Some flashbacks of the old lady that haunted him when he was a boy. Musical ghost story just a lot of jump scares a lot of you know people coming out of nowhere and just adjusted decent horror movie. You know and again we run into that issue where this made I think two wireless. Yeah this is on the line I liked it. I like there's some irony well gaga yeah I don't they don't deserve to be atop when he but I think enough audience but it's that it deserves to be no. It's definitely worth a watch if you're into like that you know possession kind of goes story poltergeist kind of thing you know that. That's where this movie channel and that didn't. The deceit or animal from the Muppets is behind them I was line. Oh my god does terrified at the scary image I I was I was scared by that big time. As said he was from a dream states and things like it was ghosts what everyone's like it was. It was scary it like oh like. That it's haunted houses that there's also people who put me on to act the breast thing that hurt a movie like this or sinister. Or I was there when that contrary conjuring is that they all kind of came out the same time periods and I think they get mixed around a little bit and James right at all. It's alternate name actors. Is some overlap actors to elect Patrick Williams an insidious and conquering and to try to separate the two. But the great stuff. Are some numbers 33. This one's probably the most fun of mine tireless was re animator now if you are history buff as far as Tory and knowing when it's B Bob Kraft has got to be your guy. You know mister Rhode Island ally of the fact that we Cortes I am is that Wikipedia page is still met mentions my town of Bolton which he. He Eric you know it was like a thriving city and some of the stories that bull Massachusetts. And it is also on what you can Trace things like arkan asylum. Back to a mile grass you can a lot of Stephen king's work Spock that John carpenter's the thing alien. A lot of Allen more stories in the game and stories and originally had a routes from HP laughter. In his story of weird tales are right there on. So in this story madman doctor west and his fellow grad student and Cain. Work on a formula to re enemy dead tissue rate. This has its amazing special effects and but a lot of like this it's almost like a dark how many times do we have to grad students dealing with like the dopey professor who is. You know thinks he's bigger than he has you know he's hitting and all the college and everything out including king's girlfriend. To the point where. When he's killed and he's decapitated. He this year ms. put into owned by the by doctor west. The madman and his head and body come to life where he's able to somehow control. He is body even though it's been in dismembered from his head in get it to do things I do his bidding for a and another doctor's gone nuts that they bring his car for their and that this is funny because as much as Henry sports or mr. Taylor has those nude scenes. Which is really inappropriate stuff people are dead the girls knocked up you still feel just is awkward watching. This yet they strip are pregnant nude on the and they. You know morgues lab. And dad are they backed the headless bodies killing her opposite idea on out of it does seem to have at least buddy grabbed the head. It starts moving her hands and head down her body as sexual waging he'd like to give mrs. all gonna work out. It's just like screen and then like is the classic scene like where it's at its he's getting in between your guys' bags every busted a rumor like gore believes all of us an avid wires this I know but. What's great is that there's all this. These great fight to the end it's almost like com boom will be the way they have to deal with these related out. I'm dead you know attackers and at the very end Dan and his girlfriend trying to escape danced her friends that you know good kids are dying. And everyone kind of leaves sir nick leaves him the kind of you know assays final goodbyes and what does he do he takes the last bit of serum injected into her neck as of course is dead date for some reason they get a permission he's the Psycho act on its effect. But they also a number 33 David number thirty still. Number 32 would be orphanage. Not directed by. But produced. By Guillermo del Toro and his are very very much in the year Eric del Toro feel that this movie. I believe it's 888 Spanish movie. And again just cut ever really cool ghost story woman breaks are fairly back to her childhood home. Where she was brought up in this orphanage massive chemical grown they're gonna open it and make it home for children with disabilities. And that it turned out that the house has some secrets. Low. Some think of the macabre look at that. And again it says along with for. Along with insidious it's just you know a bit of a ghost story. Dealing with with the kids. You know run around this orphanage and you know beta climactic scene obviously and in a basement. We're all of these terrible things that have gone I have I haven't seen this movie and some time today data is burned in my brain to the movies that are really really enjoyed. If you if you can't get through this subtitles that is a note that it rigidity you who doesn't like the subtitled. IA don't mind have been horror movies like that think there's so much imaging that's going on in their season on a ton of dialogue so I've no prominent enough it's personal or movies like out that the vanishing without that made this list. Yet eyes. Thank you original version which was the foreign movie. Subtitles whatever it was still so suspenseful and so scares on umpire. Well what they are great about horror is that the international horror sometimes some of your best stuff is so it's very forgiving when it comes to RK had to sit through. These are zealots are vital that definitely are with them that a subtitles so yeah that it's on me. And I loved the yet the finale erected was was really. Heartbreaking an amazing. The way it unfolded in and you really realized that this woman's pain or cleaning ladies there on the base of the salt. And it there are the last one for this episode part one of our three part top fifty or movies number 31. Saw. Cannot 2004. Debut and went through James wants directorial. Credits which he has a lot of them but. Sought to me already a classic. Despite command 20042 strangers awaken a room. Which no recollection of how they got there or why and soon discover their ponds and a deadly game. Perpetrated by notorious serial killer. I think. Jigsaw the character. They did a pretty good job of creating were these kind of horror icons and this response so many movies on jigsaw action is the name of the movie that'll be out later this month as the eighth in the series. Which it feel like the last. Episode Euro last. Part of this series was soft 3-D the final chapter which sort of a double don't know what he thought it budget broke a 3-D and or series. That's probably crap lies a final chapter I did see a comic con yet comic con is comic con New York comic con how to connect. I'm they had these giant trailers out on the in the front of the building. Where they were literally aids for jigsaw which is yeah oh yeah generations. They were literally had people in line to lock them up in east tenacity is scare them and all sorts of crazy crap that I was the people where I'm like Steve locked the door. Because like my first thought is that we have this answered alien invasion those people out other dead yet that is the year first ballot alien invasion. Happen if there was a fire some of these people at him and it does little people product helps I think it was this hot movies a little people a stature like people aren't with the people look at the thought movies as like the torture porn. It's kind of true ice I think more possible and really this loss equals more as that this is definitely gory but the first law. Much more about the story line woody woody considered the two main characters in the sum will be. Their like. Yeah they're locked up pilot there lags and mate the two of them are trying to discuss how they're gonna get out there they're not necessarily in the Venus fly trap or reverse bear trap brought. Which I don't a couple of those are in that movie but they get way more gore Ehrlich they turned out one up themselves. This action against a pretty straightforward story. And they it's I think it's pretty good are also like a million dollars to make edit or in the me at like 56 to the one of the most profitable or was ever made. And the other thing too that people forget is in 2004 when this movie came out like horror the horror genre was like nowhere. It was dead it's a great point it was dead at that point in this came out and they pumped about it was so successful. That they pumped about like every Halloween every October for multiple years ever college goers Felix opts out through suffering of a lot this reminds me a lot of the way scream hit the hit the M pop culture world yes it kind of brought the genre back and Kerry always is amazing. And and in this has a twist to it the media being I normally so immediately and we are so make in this list of the Assad and I lazy you know what the original thought is a great. Dana Glover also. Very good as the and I agreed on. Only as pregnancies. Top fifty or movies 5331. Quickly going thrown from fifteen to 31 had reports are a circular the devil's rejects sinister. Candy man. Dawn of the dead get out. House on haunted hill green room don't read. Frankenstein now top forty creep session nine frailty the dissent last south laughed at that missed insidious re animator the orphanage. And saw the next week will have number thirty through eleven and the week after that we'll get to our top ten. Any final words Davey. No idea this is this is a lot of fun and I'm I'm looking forward to we got another little wrinkle or we're gonna throw budget next episode as well. I'd IQ which revealed that buck any final thoughts and just enjoyed my zone. It. I enjoyed his armpit about it the boy aren't you look like on. Because I loved my song put that (%expletive) awesome. You guys both have great songs okay lines longer than if he admitted that it had not I got out of an alert and we gonna turbulent. They exit in the markets from the boxes podcast for all all those teams they've been terrific. Thanks listen this checkers out at the work podcast at all are on the app on the block WB EI. And we will talk to you next week.