#DORK 36: Top 50 Horror Movies (30-11)

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, October 17th

Rich Keefe, Ryan Davey & Uncle Buck continue their countdown of the Top 50 Horror Movies of All-Time with 30-11.  What made the cut?  Do you agree with the rankings?  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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It's the door. Martinez. Is the door to my chances which cheek if the door to. Monty manifest is that it's my dorm blonde cash. They have to turn into another episode of hash tag or. My name is rich he fares special episode joined by of course right Davie it's a dorks over miracle. You tired to hear a phone call a spooky how macabre and now we now in studio as its own pockets that remain and we've once again we're back. On lemons and that's how we we just need proton packs and Angola Sears dealer thing. And makes no I think I think it's really good now while last week if you haven't heard it yet go back and check the archives top. Fifty or movies we did 5031. They're pretty a smooth listen if I do say so myself he can go back we'll recap those in just the moment. The guys we argue that very brief. This week indoors there's a couple bit of mud dork news and notes that we need to get cute though. Let's kick off now. I think really fits in with the hash tag dork over very well did you see the new mutants trailer they did. And I tweeted out the league fairy. Not. Not on his on kind a little bit of them. And it Diego I was telling you before we did this that I think the problem. I'm having with a is that these range properties that marvel is like pushing now like in humans and the gifted and now and you mute them. I'm very. We hear you of these I don't know how I feel about them in this one like you said it looks like hormone. Comic book yet actually was more optimistic in the idea of going to the direction really diplomacy X-Men first class again which is kind of what I thought they were present with that with the new means movie so. I'm more hopeful than I was a fight scenes on the looked more like that idea I'd like this that I'm with the added that sped Germans you know they guardians of the galaxy and never without would have been awesome. Legion I never would have Butler have been awesome and or different studios but just the idea of characters that are X-Men avengers. Spiderman right that if they haven't outside that you're your take a bit of a leap. A different kind of vibe to it though and aria stark as that and Jonathan buyers from stranger things though could be pretty interesting cast and it looks like. We've never seen that. Like a flushed out or asylum in movies yet in this have a good arc with alum field to the yeah like these come into the walls. Though crying need that right that doesn't look like yours yours. Run of the mill days off loading washing machine and dryer right. That the other bit of news as it relates to distort marble in general. Is the DM. Movie gambit starring Channing Tatum as a release date Valentine's Day 2019. Yeah. Do you believe writes yeah. Half (%expletive) I'm gonna losses we've heard this for what I'm not advocating here five years years yeah five years have been teasing release dates for the year and not. We're not gonna again. And now I guide I will heartache. We will not the game it movie Dave Davies hot chili hot take this week is no animal no game that movie and you know shame on them for having us believe that there was going to be one at that dream boats off what can he not a New Orleans native if I'm current dollar. Well would would make sense it would make sense it would to me and you know what he's gotten he's going to be pushing forty right. Sure yeah. Probably in the ball game I was in lake kind of on the older side of the people around for awhile like that again before this government spokesman bucked it being the thieves guild if they gambit should have his own that movie I think I think of Fox's looking at this go on really what else can we pick out of this in gambit makes a lot of sense because you set yourself party was galaxy. That was a complete nothing property to them into a monster so gambit party has a following up that means an accent the trying to. What did you think of Taylor kitsch is performance as gambit in X-Men origins Wolverine. I think he. Terrible Tim riggins Tim Raines is not a great actor. Here you I just say it but I body wanna an enemy. In order now nine close the nominee. What about when it was raining. And your legacy or cry but it is raining and it is out there those sleeves yet and he was out there in the mud is nothing good act. On and it's always good when the hairs in his face you are asked yeah. You know real way. Yet and but. Gambit though not great I think he was only in the movies what it fifteen minutes yet not long. And he was better than dead pool. Obviously not right route we've we've later scene but so that there's the news notes a new mutants and gambit as a senator abbreviated edition of this pregnant or get back for the second consecutive week you're never gonna believe this. But yeah. But it's. I'm here to talk about comics. Speed mean it's. Steven yeah. Let's talk. I had to go change mature since he sink putts though I'm like you guys had a comic ID bots and he'd quit you know in ads on schools and there but there was a as the summit in your name putts Seymour bots. There isn't but still funny. Now that as the comic minute theme song which I have to admit. Is longer than any other open that we have agreement Harlem and weak as water demagogue and show. And Allie definitely. You can't people listening to its vehicle we were all alone stone group an event like Bob and and my eyes closed and that those that is not patriot markets from the boxers podcast but what are you got the lead on give them. ITunes. There's some. Back Mac last year on the DC front a lot of people upset with the mr. eyes storyline has threatened Superman. Turn a spoiler alert it is Dorell Superman spotted alive. That one's on out. A lot of people were expecting to be Andy has that made sense that it's going on right so DC getting flak there over the marble side and slot is still doing amazing Spider-Man I'm still waiting for him stop. He's doing its 2008 he did it ever since. Nine years but his latest run as they're gonna re enters this legacy line. It is who appears that this. You know. Peter Parker's meals money here whenever he's built the likes the Arctic that vampire. It looks like it's starting and burned down so hopefully that will Natalie means it will get Peter actually used to be depends. On. The hottest book written on the planet despite in sixteen the one and fifteen Dave Johnson Berrian. Ascetic and burn selling 18100 dollars in the what is going on all all of a suddenly being a lifelong Spiderman. In an. Literally out of nowhere like spider win burst onto the scene and now people aren't doing them more than any of its property. In mark what is with that yes no I I think gamble for a slight decline as the with them real fans are happy with the dance like take me despite being numbers east peace roof. Now they're way way down. But this variant is yes it's kind of taken it one by storm it's him it's not even vary but. Right now you can get them on eBay for around thirteen dollars if you spend 150. On its feet and new mutants are just gotta be worth mentioning since there is movie news trailers now. You know they that he key books of first meet a new mutants for effort listeners out there obviously did the marvel graphic novel number 482 with the first appearance. Books go on for about 600 dollars. Our latest Elba a week ago and you meant 600 dollars which is actually down from earlier news. When I was 78 dollars some people argue amazing hero sixteen was effort appears. There was a legion or the parents and she 26. Issue 87 cables are the parents cables the gold strong that books tales that year five dollars. On dead pulls for spears is obviously the biggest name means book is she 98 that's on for 700 in new element which is crazy because they produce many of them. But again it's men verses like the 96 and in the final issue is she 100 was first X force so that's when Ford economic ups. That you buck the is there any. Appearance or reference to dead pool in the new mutant movie. It's a fox properties the question right. You could. An inexpensive new mutants rate in the navy that sort of lead a blended sort exports movies and that's what I was thinking select with with dead pulled to with him being with domino and with cable. Debase our we're gonna basically Rick Horrow recruit our own team and we've new mutants into next forced. Yeah so why not it's like so nestled dovetailed so so that's just the two days and so new mutants debuted dead pool legion in cable came out. Ron plug now that's only a hundred issues yeah still but now he has a new mutants known for that they also had some really dark covers to stunt a science finds those meted out mid range books in high grade is difficult a lot of collectors really there aren't that. We should get a grifter movie who's basically dead pool better air yet. Yeah like after yet in that you've got an interesting story yet these and wildcats rate for an image and then there'd been DC's that will play. We don't want an Christian right don't like character ethic and they and the new 52 lost the game is on book. I don't think it's sold well it's quiet which to back as he always all this is the story image they would have these amazing covers it and you greeted at a stars yet. What happened there they would see the cover. Rob like films lot of pockets. But it just adding key argument and I am with the gambit news X-Men 266 where Zach on price it's still in the mid to low 300 for an 98 and it was up over 400 last year when you know there was other news going on with that. Potential game that's that's the comic book minute that as a great power apartment and let's get on the top the real story here is the topic to store which I'm dying to know what you would you think that is that is the topic of the day and of course today it is top fifty horror movies. Thirty. A lab in. Quick recap again urgent yep let's do it yet go back last week it was 5331. How would also say is as we get higher up on the list and particularly next week's episode to be top ten. You probably know which movies are gonna be you just don't know what you terrorists whereas 5331. I did a lot of room for debate there's a lot of room for oil water what movies these guys like enough the to crack the list so. Here's just real quick recap on number fifteen Henry portrait of circular. 49 the devil's rejects 48 sinister 47 candy man 46 dawn of the dead the original although shout out to the remake. 45 get out 44 house on on a hill. Original 43 green room 42 don't read 41 of Frankenstein forty creep 39 session nine. 38 frailty 37 the defense. 36 last house on the left original 35 the missed 34 insidious 33 re animator. 32 at the orphanage and 31 saw. And it tick us off right now number thirty. Is right it's a number thirty number thirty. Because that's pretty good right instead I could do it over the phone in studio out get out there I was really my favorite part the good part spot in the top 100 movies I've they're part might have been different ways you guys say that it's given him professional voice actors that help in this heated up I feel like Ryan was right next reminds whoever that's fantastic. On on a spotlight almost at some analog the only non professional wonder. All right but it you know professional kind of a new kid on the block with something that I saw and definitely enjoyed. The of the duke is I call him the Bobbitt took the the Bob duke in Australian film. Centering around a mother and her young child and her. These circumstances which they live the mother is severely depressed after the death the death of her husband on the night her son was born. They were in a car accident and then. The child is exhibiting some odd behavior as children or want to do you horror movies in the mother's not exactly dealing with a in very constructive way. Now that but the still dealing with the death has been so what you have as a movie that is essentially an allegory for grief. And I found myself more than any other horror movies giving people my explanation of what the ending of the movie means. Geezer I'd make people watch this may see in the holy (%expletive) that's really scary. Creature itself the Bob duke yet is comes in the form of a book children's book which again is another or movie stroke that. That they somehow do creatively and it kind of works here as the book and it shows up out of nowhere. A bomb on the itself. So it's just a really cool movie may suggest that the big metaphors like how you deal with grief and at the end they seem to have kept this monster debate but lo and behold it's living in the basement. And they have to bring it worms and dirt to feed it to sustain it. Basically like any wild animal that you keep you you if you keep it said it won't be that bad so. The idea being that grief you have to pay attention to it a couple of don't ignore it don't pretend it's not there. And it won't get out of control so that's and it and it's a very. Kind of a cool way of showing. I like the way it ended because I felt like it it resolved the film resolve itself in a better way than just the simple that rate of its red bank or in some sort of hint that maybe it's still out there you know these people are gonna have to deal with the Smith personalized. And I like the way it was the storybook really creepy story book and just the tyrant whose films. It was really really nice fresh take on. Excellent. A base over number 29 another kind of new work fresher take and our 2014 it follows if I lose. On this this a movie takes place in Detroit which are noticing that Detroit's benefits of hard times at an end and so Detroit. Is a good backdrop of this because. On UC eighteen early. And she goes out with the guy she's been dating and an apparent sex in the back of his car. Either enemy he chloroform search which. You know him under you and the fact that she's basically now being kidnapped but it turns out he's doing this because. He has to keeper it's stop her and talked to her about what she's about to go through he and ties are at the tournament and bending building and explains the heard he's basically. Contracted her whip you know to metaphor for an STD right. But the remote tells you you know what you should do what creamed should use afterwards. I'm but he was nice and at the Davis and basically explains that something will be following you and it will no one else will be able to see it except for somebody else was contracted this. And it is going to trying Killy. And little Michael Myers type follow it exactly like increase already worse clotting like it's not ironing out from blitzes. Oh which and do you wanna go to do the it is local pop caring it is nice that the and I think though that she couldn't help it I just want to work in the words Avant. You did tournaments yet perfectly perfectly. So the creature can sharpen is this somebody you know some people at random it's not always the greatest at being able to Wear clothes like at one point and standing in a roof. A little off putting alone right editors are exactly that that's out today yet so. So I. But why you watch this immediately it's ranked you're able how ideal at this like Al flight exact other side of the country and then in op kind of thing on the balance the ticket that you think as you want ms. -- to defeat this by. It was a very unique I defeated. Ortiz. That happened to be confused Rivera would avoided ago what is thirty when you go straight to like orgy cat house and in mountain and Nevada just you know process immediately and and she's gonna have a guide two hours later problems off and don't think they try to do that in the movie well so she ends up trying to give it to it because. Her friends are seeing how it works its he has. And she gives it to a friend and then he ends up getting murdered within like five minutes he sees that does it's hypothetically you played this though where you were whiny people removed. Right and that being kills number one. Petticoat the ninety eventually won't ask that laying that you end up going back are still very back panel like you know I'd expected to be used correctly can revert back the previous day. So that's that the big struggle here is that this can only passes it along. But he keeps keeps kind of coming back dom and that now people are getting murdered horrible or ways that definitely entertaining. New original tempore. In one of the worst who were. I was the only promise had this movie was the scene where there there this big climactic scene we're really gonna kill this thing. And they do that by having the girl. It's abandoned pools somehow chlorinated full. And mr. clean mess to clean which spotlights underneath the actress is working and elect I'll we're gonna predicated admit to throw a toaster in there with it like I watched it with the commentary and the director is like yet it's supposed to be stupid. They are supposed to be it was like these kids have no idea what they're doing introduce it into acting dumb is that gonna them of course it's it's supposed to be a threat that article of course it is there was planned and news that of course they did. This is one where. I like the idea a lot more maybe that he and execution. I thought it was. Not super scary I guess it's the top fifty or not that's a topic he skiers movies column but this is another one of those ones where just so original yeah we think that the biggest debacles part of it for me as some reason a lot of horror movies is that when. I was costly what's in the entire screen. To see somebody walking in the distance backpack coming yeah that's evil just kept your eyes open the entire. Which is great. As we've mentioned before the last episode as a reminder spoilers for all of this for a spent each. And it's who we probably only three minutes or so so if there's a movie that you about the wanna go back in the fast forward a little bit so number one number 28. We have is at a movie that I saw recently again. Is seven. Now this morning it skirts a little bit whether or not this is a hormone or at its psychological thriller horror movie but there are definite or elements in. Some jump scares and things like that but I think the people at the table agree with me right now in terms of movies. On this list not. Or movies but this is one of the best movies on the list I love this movie and it qualifies in the a lot of different John I do consider or more Leo because of how scares them apart our news this villain that their. Particular I guess villain and I these balls are and it's it's crazy to me like I watched it in his movies but one measles. At this point which is crazy to think about it still seems like a relatively new movie might hit point two and it ages really welcomes you could see this taking place now and it haven't you have to remake this movie that. Now Hollywood you don't have to because they will use it well but like. Young Brad Pitt is great. In this movie Gwyneth Paltrow I think was like when he when she made this movie review and Leo unknown at the time really and miraculously more than that. Morgan Freeman looks the same meets today if he did he mean he was when he made all week here's retiring every day or advocating Glover of this move on to gamble yet put it. A movie that is like feature directed I think it's like off the charts and round tomatoes like separatist. How good this movie is in terms story in terms of payoff at the end now ever makes jokes about it now believe when you first saw it. Like I remember seeing it being like. Fourteen and being like holds what's in the and I let what is it it's all what is because you see yet. Morgan Freeman is so calm the entire movie and then he like freaks out when he sees he shock yet though. Kevin Spacey everybody reflective area also available and that when you watch it multiple viewing leave you pick up on some of the stuff that was left there for that you could've seen and it's. It's a great. Crime. Story a detective story this believable detective right at this is not today. Kind of a whodunit but then of the motives behind it and what he's doing in the in the type of killer is given the idea of the seven deadly sins is what you can write these guys one guy eats himself to death and this is just type I knew he's been doing this for. Probably hear a lot lyrics are wrong so I guess the thought process behind the serial killers what I think makes this one of the better series killer or parliament on number 27. Audition. This movie came out 1999. A way to work takes the offers scream girls they special addition a range for him my friend define him and wife. The one he is not that he appears to be after all. This is legendary Japanese director catch you might who has though a lot of issues like that. Is that a lot of these are crazy or movies for my money. This is the best. Japanese horror movie there's a lot of on you know people might say the ring do with a dormant inspired the ring but I think this on audition apps league is. I think I think that's one of the ones the AB that we did last year for hormones that you made out of senior once you may have met yet and I've played a cut from Rob Zombie. Our he was talking about this movie there it is creepy about a secret doubt Rob Zombie Ed. I just love it because it's definitely not think it's going to be you have these guys. You know they're doing this audition. And they're they're get ago woman and Asia tock these women reluctant to do it parties he sat there watching Tammy you're thinking okay he's gonna take advantage of these girls are gonna Paul Harvey Weinstein on oddly it's going to be something like that optical. Japanese want to carry you're watching them and they're having public he just needs it seems like two buddies to run to take advantage of the money as the I don't know I just Akamai Akamai that we we bring them in this girl. Comes across as a soul in this news that though the stuff that she ends up pulling off. This is free hostel it's free the saw movies it's pre all that stuff put that the torture porn stuff. How does that we don't have a lot of email villains on this list or even good female villains anywhere. And she is just off the charts like these that's what's worth watching this movie is just deceived though lead character and. Just what she's capable yet the scene where she's sitting in the apartment. By the phone. Wading in just kind of waiting. And then it kind of and stack NEC eggs duffel bag pan back in the bag moves you jump all guy yeah that is he knew because you realize is a split second. This girl just took matters into her head yes this it's a subtitles of course but. It's fine in this movie you want you to be one really knows so. At some point 926. This is afraid of thirteen the original formula 1980. This is the first guy can't slasher flick Affleck flick or flick it is you know camp crystal lake. You know the story goes a legend of a boy named Jason drowned in lake. And you know as a opened camp these counselors keep getting kind of knocked out one by one and spoiler alert. It turns out to beat the mother of Jason that's been taking them out. And you find out about this later as she does the whole monologue about how nobody and they were too busy having sex that why yeah boy that's why he drowned. On the final scare in this movie is one of the greats in all of movies that he would horror movies because it is so shocking and so scary so I don't know where. When you see Jason come up out of the you know it's the only scene he's in the entire movie comes out of the water grab the girl pulls her down in the the way music plays in any Yeltsin. It's chess capsule terrify him and egos of the girl she's in hospital and where's the the boy Jason whenever they're reasonably decent enough yes. So well done. At that point however I think the reason why it only made number twenty sixes is twofold first of all. It's it's a long it's like two hours and it's kind of slow and boring and there are points towards him we're the mean female character who's being chased around by mrs. Myers. And mrs. Myers that mrs. worries on. Is that she escapes her and then like she's like takes a breath and that's where he's got a comes up and talks are again as he gets like that along kind of to go through the motions. And the second thing is that really what you think about Friday the thirteenth. It's almost all about everything happen after this movie to instantly makes the one small parents he doesn't have hockey mask it's a legendary until part three. On and so for that reason I thought I don't think he can be ranked as high as some of the classics. Did Torre. And it may be also did some of the similar things. But it definitely worthy of being in the top 6 PM personally speaking I think what you said which use which you're talking about two I think. What takes me away from Friday the thirteenth is a little bit of the over saturation of the market out of like nine of these Smart twelve while the dump agreement if you count three different adversity. Yet so. For me I mean three I think it's widely agreed to three is the best. Out of all of these millions would be called final chapter but what's lo and behold there is with that nine movies after that 13. Well I don't know those low with Tommy Jarvis and court felt they didn't want it was three he was great and they did that in the final chapter will be. Was it for five I that's the thing that is instantly at the credit they all the guys and I still might be the best movie but it doesn't have the best character from the hole for exactly so it's so confusing. I think Campbell or he's though is a good villain. But it pop culture summaries this Friday the thirteenth cute they immediately think teeth all night night in the movie. They do get a young Kevin Bacon young guys in his debut there but I think he deserves to be on their part of the thirteenth it is so synonymous and it is one of the Big Three or bill would Michael pretty injuries and I imagine Kevin Bacon so it actually he was an analyst two years earlier all right right Chris is but but what was funny was I in legend goes that he was like. Just around sat in the was like Audi guys up to and they put him in the movie tournament so you talk about a six degrees of Kevin Bacon like this is one that you know and then gives anyone else did it. The Pamela or he's the famous thing at the actress who was older actors out at the time student wanted to use that as stupid but she needed money to buy new car is again I'll lose to admit she's like an insult our next united (%expletive) else again that today liquor most popular role. Our number 25. Or top five or Mosul time this is shockingly low today. This is a new baby my favorite or movie I have and number two mylan that is scream. So one of these sons of bitches that put this idealist I don't know what I don't need you know laws but a very upset the eighties it was a puppet president. I'm like I think I have never ever thought I I loved loved this movie that is my when my ten favorite movies of all time regardless of Johns so for me. This particular on 1996. So I was well. I did not see in the the year I was scared she with the everything in the -- not what's normally I would wake caught up like high school college you're I want to Hormuz but this is the one that. I would they really introduced me. The war broke back in the day. Yet like DirecTV all the paper view channels you can watch the first five minutes of the movie and I don't black out the beta. It was like a free if you ever they watch it. Those scream with the perfect movie that's. Out watched the first five minutes all over and over again and I think once I'm on bombs some arguments that. If you get the sickness at the movie of exotic though I eventually did. And I I loved it like to me at like winning back and watch it maybe it's not the scariest movie in the world but it balances. Humor wit or. It also. References zillion. Horror movies which then you say about speak to that I would go back ought to all the movies that it reference let's raise its Wes Craven so he did not find himself and everything that he's come before him. Any so smartly does that put you into a at the time modern can't attack on our and I think that was my issue with it it was it wasn't so much that scream was good it's at all those other movies were good there is that like that and I called the member Barry's factor scream was also on the idea of the multiple killers I think is is genius they found a way to create a mask which is not easy -- -- it was a dumb mask that movie's about this mass was good. The idea that the biggest name actress in the movie would die in the first ten minutes I thought was genius that there's a lot of things that they'd data. A yo high school to with a they'll all that high school movies all. All of these kids all. Older at a rest older but rose and a gown MM movies like will Rodman now and I figure that are ours through there or is also a high school in Skeet Ulrich completely like you have all the right guys look at but regardless I thought there were enough scares and everything you it was just a really good bush and erasing its agreement now even mine that the am sequels 23 and four but this was. This was the one this was the it's as the a on the formally I saw it there are some scares there's the moments. Where work indefinitely freak yelled at by state misses because again. Yet there's a lot of whodunit aspect and sprinklers in it and at one point at a pretty easy and I'll let everybody follows everything David Arquette think human anatomy you're right it is it's a great guy as you're watching court try to try to figure out who it is and then. It's great to look at they really want to think that it's Billy. Ability rumors about you or they really want to think it is. And most of the movies are they wanted negatives are not accustomed to it it is him and it's front and and that's and I think I think the other thing to use I have like this irrational hatred for Matthew Weller. At a lower comes from if he's listening a sergeant Titus is doing it comes from but it just that the back and and I just that point. Well I've given into the summer Katz accused the worst athlete ever. Real bad he should not have cancer and for tall skinny guy wanted out of touch and go with first base reached you belong. There. 144 is the others. This of yeah Davey said before about seven being one of the best movies the others I think as one of the best stories artery every top ten list of shocking twist at the end. It is from 2001 Nicole Kidman their two kids are living and home in the islanders' Jersey just off the British coast. Grace's husband is believed to have been killed more work to. You know kind of detail and forward to it but it communications tough to get the alum is huge and fog that surrounds the house. And that he has some very odd rules for her own house right each of the fifty doors must be locked before another can be opened the curtains must always be drawn. The as he explains that her kids are allergic to sunlight and if they're exposed to it too long we can die on. It is a thing that is a thing I looked it up the after Abu after I saw that movie there's like scientific proof like it's a very small percentage of people but like that's an actual open. Now pays their blood and that makes it scary too but the the idea that. They're living in the such an odd way inside this home with very little communication even for post world war two and. Around or over to Europe but then ping creepy things are happening to which they start believing it house may be haunted. They've got these odd servants that they suddenly brought in that are doing things around the house and then again this is and doesn't wants a spoiler alert. They desert sands at the end and you find out that the the kids and the moderate the ones that are actually there goes their accident one's dead. The seance is by people trying to buy a house could try it out to try and you know the trying to figure out big East Coast adding years to make and sell the property. So that list that the entire time we've seen from the goes perspective which is so originally unique in medical commences enemies actress and she wants the what you want to that is so all those gaps so that she pulls it off so well this takes teamwork has been completely re re emerges through the fog and he comes home. It's just so well done. On to yet definitely enjoyed others when recommended its agreements agree 24 I would even maybe. I think that's new and if you don't like Yelp blood and gore like that kind of horror is not for you this is always jumps out the top that are before doing that these episodes. I want to get the perspective of bodies fielder did the the generation before us less apparent that it was your favorite normally. And it's always been the answer for my mom she'd love that she's not gonna sit there and watch. Song or nine art on Streep she loved the other like that with I think I watched it weather for the first comic that twist. Or I've through both through the holy (%expletive) it was happening so the others is tried and true and is justly. Now I wonder that didn't get as much attention because the sixth sense of the six cents came out maybe a year to earlier yeah and then it never goes away was shot was it the same look at with similar and that the big reveal like to me it was still very compact ball. But because they had done it kind of before I feel like it doesn't get the recognition it deserves no people don't cleric like crazy twist endings are all Night Shyamalan morals of the (%expletive) You ought not enough people thought what the others. You know I agree and I think that them. I was a re reading some views on this and a lot of people product and nights I'm on and some of the things that he'd done. With the six cents. But I think what the other things helped to first time I saw this is that I expected nothing out of it. No I must have been completely bored because of the Neiman necessarily appeal to me it looks like to be boring kind of drama. And so any but it definitely check out the others. Absolutely. Our number 23. The Blair witch project. 19981999. Found footage movie. 86 and rotten tomatoes six point 4 on I am DB. This movie. Like like rich I was very skittish of horror movies now's a flat yeah not from. And then when I got to high school I got a little bit more into it you know through you know friends and they like that and so the Blair witch project. Burst on the scene is. Keep in mind this is a simpler time where Internet existed but it wasn't used for like research so we came out that this was like a found footage yeah movie. And my. I'm not kidding nick until I saw the movie. But I believe that but in my mind them like this is this is re like I was going to see exact real ghost story yeah. Bomb plot is that these three people there are scouring these woods Pennsylvania woods looking for the player which they're making a documentary that students. Daddy daddy gotta things go horribly wrong native. And the last scene of the movie that the depth is the one where the guy is standing in the corner. Rory yet and and the girls like running and it's all at this first person thinks so. A lot of people complaining of a motion sickness rightfully so because I wanted some there is no 55 axis stabilization and any of these cameras it's just shaking all over the Placido little motion sick. And then the last shot she looks she's in this basement she looks and she sees the here friend Mike standing in the corner and also new here that the tank and she falls and the camera falls and it kind of fizzles they've set it up throughout the movie through vote away and you meet the which short ever get what she does to you in and the kids early in the corner like that so I am have an awesome story to tell about this when I saw some thousand high school and my best friend grownup brownie and I. Went to my brother and his girlfriend. At the time so week we've Boston's James Brown eyes to it Browning yeah well Daniel brown Dan Brown a cauldron. So we don't see this movie ends. My parents haven't finished basement is pretty dark at a finished basement something that's so we also is down there. And so proud and I go in the basement and got a marvelous reference name's Alexis we're gonna get Alexis is going to be off and get. So Bradley doesn't stand in the corner and we have a track lighting like in here seeking with a dimmer switch we dim the lights is like Lowe's we can get him but he can still Seaman standing in the corner. She walks down the stairs. It's still. Up and bruised foot ceilings authorities. Funny he's just stating that he sold really well I jumped up and grab there mr. pants sixty pissed at him my brother my brother was (%expletive) At a steep broke up there immediately he's mad at me you know I'm yet received like that but I grab like bear hug from behind it she legitimately mr. that's the that's where I would collar piece yeah I think that's. OK number 2.0 there's that it'll get all that I thought about it but I did not arrive at odds with number 22 of old school that Dracula. Frankenstein medalist last episode today it is Dracula 1931. Of course the ancient vampire Count Dracula rising England and B if the prey upon the virtuous young Mina. Now Lon Chaney was originally going to be Dracula. He's a cast for Dracula dyed it and so they went with the guy who was performing Dracula on stage. All of both the in this sort of made his entire career. And it's just it's Dracula in its. Vampires that anything you watch that vampires today which is I guess that sort of phased out but it was everything for the longest time like you don't get any of that. Without Dracula in just the idea that that's another one. In the thirties so it's a slower berm and it's not eight to wrecked. Bram Stoker's Dracula it's not that story. This is actually more like the one I guess they would run on the stage back then and that's why I think. 99 to Francis Ford Coppola did Bram Stoker's Dracula with Gary Oldman you know reason in the crew but this is just such an iconic thing and very smoothly in the care propelled goes the and that's scary ass man it's just the way that he talks to people marvel. Vampire thing so this this had to be on the list. I'm not there it's the most pre watchable the world but you'd you'd need to see it and it deserves to be well in his classic we creepy as well. I'm in should be mentioned we have put knows rot too on our discussion list we did and and as much is that the imagery from that film is so fantastic and so Erie so perfect. It is still that was very watchable just in the in the creep factor is on its results very quick. But I mean day it was also silent movies so whatever you're watching it on the web they're playing in suspense and added music for whoever is putting out now. On but no front it was actually Dracula story these can give the rights the book. So they've created this other character. On Dracula from this. Time period especially that scene down in the crypt he first comes out of it that costs and and you can easily get a peacock and this bizarre weird stuff going on that scene yet. That it eight aid deal gives you chills right. And I Allen goes he's fantastic I mean it really goes only better plan nine bed. But but yet now this would definitely worth and it's also good introduction like I love showing to my kids because it's an introduction to horror. There are not like it's not you can't show and obviously everything that bad bad apple app off camera yet hitters it's it's imply autumn while obviously we might as well talk about Stewart's nose proxies in the shadow of the vampire with Willem Dafoe plays that creatures. In them and he does. It's Malcolm mich in in on the flow it's too slick super creepy eats alone and it's it's like have speaks making of notes for us to idea house lets companies turn to acts on the premises that he was a vampire. Because I guess the actor Max schreck who is also the guy that guy and Batman returns yet they name him after that but that. That actor never really did very much before or after this on the premise of that movies that I was it was a real and it was nine years I remember correctly before Dracula. They must present it to silent man. All right number. One. Two when he won rose Mary's baby now I'm rumble and he's a lot of things in this one he created absolute masterpiece. From 1968 on this that is the heavy in the aaron's 6311 drugs along with a or what's going on in Vietnam right. On but he creates this masterpiece where Mia Farrow are struggling husband actor. Totally struggling apple being and an actor you have to that if I'd giant has reddy's is always great. He makes a deal with like the satanic cult. To allow Satan himself to impregnate his wife Rosemary in exchange for like fame and fortune is as an actor as nice neighbors you know the naysayers creepy neighbors. On and she ends up being drugs in this. Rear ritualistic readings seen Agassi could say and you see it through rose Mary's like Lee's dream like eyes. And he wakes up as it kind of or comes to a little bit as it's happening is is pieces on top movers and C saying. You know this is not a dream this is really happening in its. It's horrific is as far as when you think about what's actually going on as poor girl. But the end of the film when she's kind of made up their mind that she's gonna cast it's gonna save humanity by killing us offspring of Satan here. And she confronts the bassinet but instead of yet taking the child's life she. The motherly instincts kick in and she realized she could possibly kill her own being inaccurate so just this incredible ending to this film so well done on. And stately as just a film on top of being a fantastic core now what. What you think via pharaoh would say would be worse having sex with Satan or Woody Allen. Bush push at this point it probably the one of the same dinner as you think she said this is really happening if you doesn't affect properly the lakers are really really happy and doing my best at what is. But also with Frank Sinatra. And once again around I think and it. Species he did but that movie was was greats who are surrounded by the way I think she lives in the Farmington valley if there. Let's get nor topped one team now topped when he. In 1980s that lived seven. This movie also would be on the very short list of best films and it also. Kind of skirts the line of horror or not I considered or is on my list. That's silence of the lambs and I don't some people believe is the only or movie ever. To sweep the Oscars you know to get past best film best actor best actors I think best director supporting actor. That's supporting. Hopkins was your seat no he used as a leader the other effect in Jerusalem conflict twelve minutes yet with the that was Highlander really noticing an aside I out other check out. So sounds of the lambs. I guess everybody is or is in this movie by now but. The Hannibal Lecter character is the one that gets. Obviously a lot of the attention has been sequels or else he's a great character he absolutely is but he's not as scary as the buffalo Bill Maher and bill is what's terrifying movie. Would she agree big strip her from her fourteenth. That you know. They get that done it. I can do this all day as you showed that and then just her and also playing the song I don't CD we dance I don't think it's or not. That yet tuck it back that would pose a great joke you can tuck it and and that jump out there's two ways you can do argued Buffalo Bill. Or stole this from Chris the mayor's maybe Wednesday Haiti policy where deer Britney that nuclear path that. Reveal that he talked your junk underneath yeah the great joke that their bowl winners but this movie is legitimately scary I mean you know Jodie Foster. Trying to get Buffalo Bill would night vision. It is horrifying the scene with the goggles is so Alter on why he's reached almost scary in light and we talk with a lot of video games do that now you only see through night vision in this as they were in the back in 1991. Up also the Hannibal Lecter stuff is Billick just today the mental aspect. Of him talking with Jodie Foster. Him talking with some of the other guards at scene where he's eating the face off those guys he's getting out of there there's the great movies that now. In the one that gets me is when he's when he's in the cage in the middle room and they give ms. dinner and they need. He takes outback card yet and the way he's swinging the bat on it please it's like he's conducting exactly this so creepy now don't face this. Our lists again the three of us all of the other top fifty list that we've blooded them together. The top eight team. Were unanimous only eighteen or on all three of or less so we'll get to those eighteen coming up or at least half of that eighteen. So that means somebody didn't put sounds of the lambs on here. It I think it was me all the don't go to the war I don't I would not considerate of our. And I think that's the only reason why I didn't write and of course the regular reason not to obviously it's a great movie I think yeah I consider Hannibal Lecter. In that horror icon. Kind of area but I think he's a great villains of that but I 88 if in particular to like and it is Celek protects the Mike. If if you put that in the top ten for best horror movies of all I would disagree with you yeah right but I just I knew him personally I would consider it it's a little bit. More than arm. On academics and that's on Garrett on the left of that garage is gonna same yet the fact that he is a serial killer would be that kind of defines it puts it in music yet from your day or don't sincere Tillerson though the last movie that was not unanimous comes in the ninth nineteen which is American werewolf in London. Which was on my list. Ninety and I'm still. I think that my nineteen or Canada says that it gives you may have a less Sosa Clement which is Kerr was just crazy because if you look at how this movie was made was directed by John Landis in 1981 who. His two previous movies were The Blues Brothers and animal house you know in any makes American werewolf in London select obviously. One of the best parts about this movie and I didn't realize until I was. Old enough to get it but it's it's pretty funny. It's not funny it's hilarious and yes so so fun. They expect on the hormone by putting any horror movie justice roared and the Los editing items from all by myself they were obvious so you're. Scream or my screen is your world yeah yes and I think one of the most iconic scenes obviously is when David is. He transforms for the first time like in the living room and that is. Was it acres dedicated production and I remember seeing resolute located and has been like that's the scariest thing ever seek is in my mind but no seats yet it looks so real. And it just looks so any one of Duma the thriller thing it baker in the throughout Landis directed them as well right so it was just. Mind blowing to watch that. Happened in front of you can usually at units in the shadow and all the incumbents and that that policy see the hair come out and probably it was they pulled her backers of these random video back demeanor are amazing it's like it's a film class it is special effects and it certainly think. Alex mouth and everything that it was just the creepiest scene ever put just. That's fun move and Uga you see you agree that just a fun movie to watch it if you're doing a study on board and how chlorine humor kind of like. We even now the oh absolutely but also in any kind of touch is limited to from movie blow we talked about with last arsenal left you can. Almost had had these Neitzel at these moments of levity to get you through that horrible things that are going on. Now this is obviously done very differently but the idea what you just said to have horror and comedy you know that make it America and all my balloons. On that but but then Landis said he wanted to create something. Yet in horror that never been done before in by doing the scene in the light of the rule yet where he's being created is no darkness hiding you know Watson all right have a great party. And that's what makes a huge win and we had AdAware will move on there we can't have a list of top of it and it is to power to pick one is to Wear wolf movies that I stand by mrs. this is ghetto the other Alia there. The number eight team box and again these are all unanimous now this before you get to this movie I fourth day. I was shocked how high this rank but I understand the ranking system again all three of us haven't blown their two top down nineteen movies. But this I'm guessing we all had low forties that's item number fifty movie so I think he deserves to be on here I've no problem being on here. But it just feels shockingly it it does evil eyes specially after. Re watch but 1987 hell raiser. It's certainly deserves an analyst it was it was very unique is is pars that the S and am chains and gore and vary. Violent Lee looking monsters like pinhead the imam alone is that kind of what I think this movie is writing oh absolutely calm and somebody ski dark about a three man weave the story line here. Is that you have a guy who is. As sexual deviant and he goes out basically. From an Asian market buys is Cuba it's a puzzle Q when he goes home into his house and he's ready to get freaky. And he does the puzzle Cubans boasted taken to a dimension where. SNI am is like he'd give me the ultimate sexual pleasure yeah right so. But what ends up happening is he takes into a dimension he's expected to go where it's about two women and it goes to a place where these demons who basically you're -- torture him for the rest of his life for eternity SATA bites are all CIA asset abides right so they get he gets torn apart by chains and Mike Cox and then so he dies in the and his brother in his brother's wife the wife who he's he'd been having fairway right she opened the house and then. Am they threw a freak accident find out that little bit of blood it will help revive this guy out of that attic floor. And so the ex girlfriend. You know that he was the sister in law. Is now charged with going out fining guys bring them back and murdering them up and things of this guy can be recreated. On sister is a little convoluted but. The whole idea of this demonic. A dimension where these sit abides common in the they'll tear you apart they supposedly they're supposed to have. Gotten so far in two pleasure through says as an and that they don't know. The difference anymore right that's nice what's expected. My alive on Soviets that they they do. Have just a visual different types are especially for its time. So that's why this ended up kind of on and on all of our lists but maybe not necessarily should be meeting spot. Maybe cut however seven hours 78 I think we can we can all agree the conjuring. Again kind of a new kid on the block but a movie that. Just had a really good job with you know possession and like those stories and that the two people dead. That that equals in and a firm for meg form Anglia where affirming army via. The toot their actual people. They're real people my sister. That guy forget his name from Connecticut passed yet so this is actually ban to a couple of the pox can that the husband is dot the wife is still alive until going to be certain things. And my sisters talk Ehrlich a few times that says she's like the nicely in the world. But has that these incredible story Yemen possibly beat like. This is based overtures or conjuring two with pace and crazies it is you can look it up that's also based upon the Connecticut also one of their. I probably was the limit on everything amputated consulted with them on like the needle or a big and so like these these people are off the embraces its its agree. Or slash league ghosts last supernatural story. Involving you know a family who moves into the house and its they're gonna make it their dream house and it's that role or movie thing again but then. You know you come to find out that previous inhabitants where up to no good. You know it is really were they were about to wrestles and so they bring in this couple to come in in and check the place out from a for me supernatural standpoint and yes the ship it's too early fan. And you get. Your introduction Annabel. In the apps install yes Tom who is their own movies as there on the betrays the cabinet as that was part of the like. The crazies they about the movie to yes on the theater's great jump scares at one point my wife. My wife went. There's like this big jumps here in the movie and Hewitt dead silent management wealth. Like every returning better and ousted. We have Bradley reviewed routes and it's really as the editor rich people following the theater like Dennis I was movement of always good parents have a that until we get in there and doing the edges like us. Yet does make them so it great great I just a straight up horror movie yet great performances by the cast. And that he should definitely check out in if you I don't see in about. Skip I donated it and I didn't hate the first day about all of us on effect on not yet. The at the conjuring universe are calling it is like advocates closely the billion dollars a way it is our highest grossing movie franchise of all time. I think I'm I'm not I'd be hitting our wars bro I'm not. Arbor MIT a straight revenue like move money. Monies they've mead from the move actual paper dollar coupon for profit outlook on Google it later the next out team that's all the reports him want. Yet is great our number sixteen. I would have this movie in the top three or four as far as scariest is concerned but ranked top sixteen. Or movies the ring. Came out in 20028. Journalists and lots must investigate a mysterious videotape. Which seems the cause the death anyone in the week of viewing it. In this obviously was inspired by. A ring you you Japanese movie I think the premise alone sounds kinda stupid. But would you watch the movie that the team. Terrify you literally made. The phone ringing scary. Because you watch this movie Watson's case you pop and VHS tape. You watch this kind of very real a lot of we hear imaging cut on settling stuff going on there. And that within seven days you get a call or I get a call right after it says seven days and at seven days from there you die again sounds kinda want the but there's something about it. That is terrified little girl the well as it's the borrow currently in Narnia like that is scary ship to me in this comes at the TV again. It's talking about it makes it sound less scary than everybody does but I was there I want us all iris this thoughts on the theater and I was just. For weeks of the phone would ring. And it's also you are number. 2002 there was caller ID everywhere he still a lot of house on the on how the idea that Clinton's senate gallery in the earth that. But though the ring was really really scared and Whitney it would be used audiences. Against the opponent in seven day if it gets equity and it made it real go to lawyer knows yet I will I will correct myself two NC like I was. Did wrong about that at the highest grossing horror franchise Batman or yet. All the Republican Mike dot evidence that it's like you know. The marvel cinematic universe is Michael from nine trillion dollars because area and are well. Friday that it would still be yet is that I don't think people saw those in theaters I figured I was like a video thing in yet and also if you don't account for inflation like just these moves along the confidence of hundred million dollars at its national. Friday movies so this is the number fifteen grown rate yes. Is let the right one in and I would say when this all on our list but it was like kind of in that in the middle for me I think I put it up among the top five. Just an a vampire movie set mean I think is that Norway and Finland Africa against him with us detonating Scandinavian country. Where it's dark all the times you have like that thirty days of night aspect to it. Young outcast. Becomes friends with a new inhabited of his apartment complex this young young girl. Who turns out to be a vampire mom. Andy and they have a little adventure together and that but. It's better than that it's obvious way better than how I'm describing it because there are certain themes nearly the girl vampire is clearly way older. Right and she let's on she has this toward the sky protector and gets her food and blunt. If it. Human. He. In order to save her sacrifices himself so that the the young boy and becomes the new partner to to this vampire and it's it's so wonderful story that deals with beams of light you know. Depression and Mike abusive relationships and abandonment and make all these things but wraps into like the in isolation but wrapped intellect vampire story. In the best vampire movie ever. I got you so argument but absolutely it absolutely has to be up there and again one of the great things about it is like most of the violence happens. Off screen. There are there are disturbing images but the actual. Biting of the neck of the vamp she doesn't ever she does that a couple times a towards the end but in the beginning you never see her attack anybody. And then there's that horrible scene at the end with big kid they're trying to drown. The kid the boys are trying to drown it in and he still under the water and you can see. Like always kids like it and dragged around them ripped apart and that's just like. That's (%expletive) scared and now I loved this movie and I even a story really enjoyed deed that remade the American yeah which is good let any and let. Ambien Jeremy Lloyd or it was yet or ruts it's tremendous that yet and not as good as. The originality original is definitely better in this case but either one that you watch and you didn't. And poignant that make it kodi Smit McPhee years and who's to stick repute and give me. The that the father from stepfather says he's the yes he's the guy he's he's the guy who's yet. Are blocked number fourteen. Number fourteen this is. The capital woods another movie and that we talked a little bit about it last Tuesday and got a lot of inspiration HP love Kraft. This is 2011 Josh Sweden and that drew Goddard project. A budget teens. Mainly Chris Hemsworth and his stuff now friends Kristen Connolly and and a Hutchinson. Are out and doing the typical cabin in the woods horror movie where they're gonna go it slaughtered on the middle woods. What makes this so unique in so terrific is the twist that everything's being orchestrated by basically corporation. And you see guys in this office pool making side bets on what's gonna happen and how things are gonna play out and and they start manipulating the odds by real you know the great see where they're like. I would that's all in. You know let's split up for it's going out of nobody nuts let's all stick together and they like released this gasping on them who should split up yeah except it's is and it's it has has a little bit of evil dead in the with the whole basement thing as opposed. Shaq looked exactly yeah exactly so and it's got all these. Or trolls in and including the proportion later in the movie where does that the two people that have survived and up. Kind of invading the corporation and you see all of these. Chambers where all these creatures are apart amid volleys are. Bummed me out about that was that you felt like it was your typical we don't have the rights treaties characters we can't X include them but. Imagine had they battle generic version I would do it there yet there was a grocery store generic version of I don't know lightning. Tonight doctors found that crap that's so so but then you if you end up finding out that Sigourney Weaver's who's who's like the boss turned to make sure this goes through you don't want have to deal with the ones that we don't have the sacrifices. On and then again years you kind of it's almost like a rose Mary's baby thing at the end do you decide to off yourself to save humanity or you gonna. So you know in in become the sacrifice of Nate they decide instead they're going to you know not because it rises in the ending the need to ones in the kind of winning at the end in that coming coming back the like Ian. I did and I did 'cause like he's intimate scene in the office when (%expletive) hits the fan and make all these monsters everywhere and elect Aronson up again I thought that was awesome but. The best thing about this movie is like you know with Sweden and drew Goddard. Who Greg wrote the movie in three days. And then drew Goddard got ago elected directed that we produced it whenever. They wanted to like revitalized liked it doubles slasher movie thing and what a cool way to do it to like. It's almost like a satire of the thing that you need to get every slasher movie is the idiot friend is that the Stoner in the modern green yet welcome back it's about added a wave is because there. There are living in a war that's the north at about screamed it was the first movie. That recognized other or movies. You'd like that has not happened before that you really use the Euro bubble I'd never seen Freddie had never seen Jason it's a capital was at the same thing where there are all aware of the troll you yet they fall right in the eye and I caught I caught myself thinking. You like while their likes. With Bradley whit for the guy in the control room and Alec. How cool would it be like work for that company in public option I wanna see cameramen what do you America Daniel utterly awful and he guided by cameramen well and that's it now. Bradley whit for Ernie and Richard Jennings again it was against that fathers and separatist. Right on the ball is is. They make it so much fun but then there's also this level. When things argued series where they get all nervous Israel and it makes you get nervous because you're like wait. This would these crystals are the kind of comic relief of this what is in them they had Sigourney Weaver show up that he didn't advertisers in the movie at all and I want to run and I just it's just brought. Yes we got real. Now do you consider this a comedy horror or comedy Ortiz coming out on there because none of us are. Actions anonymous but Shaun of the dead for example it yet spoiler did not make a list at all so it's not in the top. What about what that's that's a comedy horror I agree that so we all agree on that yeah that's fine this this is more or that it it's yes that's what I'd like 6040. Where it's I don't sound of the dead is like 46 in eggs out or maybe even seventy there yet you know it made me more so I know we might get them my tweets and emails about. Shaun of the dead but that is on the cabin in the woods is now we don't and number thirteen. The think from 1980 to research facility in Antarctica comes across an alien force. That can become anything it touches with 1% accuracy. The members must now find out who's human and who's not before it's too late as the John Carpenter moved in the carper even himself that this is this favorite movie. That he directed which is great because he's on Halloween. But this is one that. Sort of it took awhile for people are really like it. This came out the same day as blade runner which I think also did not do particularly well early on critics wise. And it came out of the weeks after ET. Which is obviously different spin on it they got them back Gore's argument this throughout. An alien movie comes out now another alien who comes out well look at a people also thought it was too gore got over the big knocks against that a person votes to gore. A lot of the other re watching it the other night. And we're just so desensitized to it not ironic thought that query at all but obviously those scenes where the ale is becoming the dog like the face skin peeled back and there's some weird images like that but. I don't think it's gory probably shaking tentacles off a lot of stuff like that now the movie opens up where a plane yet there and Antarctica there's a plane. Flying you know. Maybe a hundred feet off the ground. And they're trying to shoot a dog out there now Spock like notre that dog recorded in the treasured this this husky dog. It's survives but that later on in the movie where you realized what those guys were doing comedy was in the dog and so. Just another twist I happen like this movie more than we know that might be sacrilege but I don't it's likely the best alien. Movie I think it's cool it's experts Antarctica greatest Kurt Kurt Russell's awesome and Roddy Roddy Piper. Now that that's it lives yet. They never held that I'm embarrassed myself I'm embarrassed well I didn't bring all that out votes so she gets what about though did you see that that the prequel thing. It just came out in a few years ago. It leads up this is enough you have to watch that because what happens on this thing. With the 2011 and yet give it appears so but it's a prequel movie it's also called the thing. But it leads up to that very seemed with the wolf so the move and solid deploying a lot and in the movie goes currents now this might be the best remake of all time considering. The thing from another world. About 1951. And it sort of based on that although about it and took place in the Arctic this is Antarctica. But also called in Antarctica it peaking is at the the other if you look through there's a lot of you can go down this Internet worm hole. Like aliens and Antarctica yet but there's a lot there like I don't think it's random that they chose this or not random while it Italy and beat writer took place in Antarctica but there's some there's some different things that this anarchy is the only place in the world with only in north coast. Rally around what rapid manner. So the thing. The Naia members well. On number twelve so this is Kerry and we talked a lot about this on our episode with Steven king so we know one though too much it is. But I'm it is in 1976 Brian DePalma is masterpiece. Based on the Stephen King novel you know they're all Olathe used it was a big part of of the and the movie in the can the the reaction afterwards Sissy Spacek John Travolta Nancy Allen William cat from the great American hero PJ soles are all in this it's a great like. It's almost like AM. Breakfast clubs squad of of talent from that time period. And god it's it's really sad and in terrible story about his work girl carries very frail little. She's becoming a woman's edible we start forgetting your period. In the teens are basically tricking her into being the prom queen without knowing she's got these connect powers that will ultimately kill them all. Om my favorite thing about Carrey still is that finale that that final shock at the end. You know we need so many great ones and it happened that this one pitch you really left guard the weight as when his film. It's owed Apollo like. And to have that jump scare. And happens happens so like smoothly. It is with the with the way the music kind of immediately wraps off the sock like you know dreamlike music it's going on and you wicked she's screaming like in the hospitals and mental decision. Just fantastic. Hair care nine yet not enough can be said about them agree movies but number eleven on. 28 days later pot take best zombie movie Jeremy. On sale right now Yahoo! user and we've like. I was there and because I think I don't hate apple I'm just we may have one of the top ten but god got. Yet you know we definitely deal but but I don't I don't take this tape I don't want this to any other reason is because Heidi you. You have stumbled upon it has got Heidi it doesn't brought on and Heidi amiga zombies scarier. You make them (%expletive) fast kimono urine into that building early zombies like in like. Net return to living better at dawn of the dead like. You can like look at his zombie and it couldn't read or watch the way annual what's in a while you watch like they don't yet you dislike him you'll notice your breath lost a farm you've got. These are like they call it the rage virus is not even elected dead but it's like this virus that is going through Britain which is an island in the try to contain it so there's like that. The military aspect of it but you know you have two Q and Murphy who's waking up when he -- later from a coma realizing that this virus is spread. And it took 28 days for this virus to complete infect Britain. And it's just the earlier zombie or survival movie but. Jesus fast zombie to me like just scary and error read the blood. Rate for all that stuff especially the scene in the tunnel. Oh fantastic the gas delivery to stand Stephen king's the stand has seen that he's going to Lincoln Tunnel. This was the closest thing that I guessing they did do very on the miniseries that horrifying but what about the scene where the that then the father the older the beard up and down he's he looks up in that drop of blood yet. Lands right is I yeah and you've got us. I'd ever like that guy had a on the important example he stole the entire premise of the comic and TV show from the states with sacks it. Have elected again and then you find out at the end of this movie that the of the scariest people. Left alive garlic though army guys gap like we're not worried about Bobby where authorities debt that was like it was a friend group you know. Yeah secretaries extradited to in my mind and now who's the guy who plays like that head. Them. The army guy. Forget the reason Sargent slaughter in god and it's the guy for colonel pushed. He he is the the wood worker in two Donna sixty seconds and he's the bad guy or the dark world. You know I'm talking Scots guards on our figured Ahmad America I don't want don't don't leave me yet. Our let me recap the last while you look them up there. Thirty through eleven out of thirty about the duke 29 it follows when he seven. Twice that an audition point six Friday the thirteenth to 25. Comically low. Scream. When he for the others point three the Blair witch project point two Dracula. What they want to rose Mary's baby when he found the lambs. Nineteen in America where will the London eighteen hell raiser seventeen the conjuring sixteen in the ring. Fifteen but the right one in fourteen in the cabin in the woods thirteen the thing. Twelve Cary eleven. 28 days later and the main Christopher Nichols then. Who you would know him Richard from a show called the left overs he played Matt Jamison. In the leftovers are yeah yeah. You know him I'd others. Guys that do it for this episode. We're gonna people follow these guys on Twitter they wanna complain about your lists uncle buck to be the guy. And don't plug and what we're working on our next episode of about Boston sports wanna one BS wanna wanted this one's going to be 2003 patriots full season I've kind of starting actually at the end of the 2001 championship. What happened a little bit and 2002 and then always chooses to dozens are the WEEI podcasts that folder there is where you can fund bosses or once again and if you wanna follow me and say nice things to me on Twitter only nice thing all the niceties lead. Are on the and if you if you have a problem with that list tonight cordially invite you'd be vice coming out later this week to go and ask yourself. You could say that here with all right so the I'll send out any night of formal invitation if you go (%expletive) yourself aka. 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