#DORK 38: Stranger Things Season 2

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Wednesday, November 1st

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk Stranger Things Season 2.  How did it compare to Season 1? Was it better? What about the new characters?  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute (with a WWE2K18 Review), and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Marquez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that's my dorm blonde cash. Thanks to turn into another episode of hash tag dark when it was rich keep joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey review. Great B back Richard it's great to have you back Ryan. No I know for a listeners I know it seems like have been on every week but I actually haven't been on an episode for three weeks. It's true that a couple of dorks in the can and we were able to just unveiled those week by week as dork sober is over and cry about the very successful dropped over. I do. I felt strong about now is a very controversial top fifty list and I'll tell you the one that I feel like we got to weeded and emailed the most was kind of a surprise to me that. Didn't make our list that people thought should be on it and that was poltergeist. Yeah I thought about it after it I thought some of those sweet and I think. You know as we say here you're not wrong. If it. I think it's good and I get you know fifty sounds pretty crazy like how did not make the top fifty. So that's one that a lot of people said the strangers people like that want to not maker or less those were probably. Right outside the top fifty I would say. And then there's the debate about Shaun of the dead in whether or not that should be in there a that we addressed it during the episode we all love that movie but we thought it kind of leaned more towards the comedy side effects. Yeah there weren't that way anything scary but I'd peso the mental aspect is zombie movie by both companies so yeah. And IDB holder but that was thanks again for all the tweets and emails during hash tag to October we'll be back next year. Bigger and better than ever will be dorks over three season of the witch. Which he attacks that started it yet people are gonna really like are you ready to what the it's the news that we aren't. Do. Like tag is right on suit torque sober that would be jigsaw. In theaters the latest in the soft franchise. Last check on Ron Mott knows. 40% by the critics but as we know right you don't really look at horror movies on runs of autos be out audience score. About 95%. Like the habitat that's great and I think yeah. There's never been Islam movies that critics have actually love in the first one they've never liked any of. I don't think they liked the first one I think like rotten tomatoes score anywhere that their all in the toilet which I'm surprised that the first to get a lot of points for it originality but I don't think it did. Yeah like these that we eat it did ventured toward the later ones and that wanted to collect torture porn out first yeah I was very much towards appointment and yes so it but I thought the first two were were pretty good solid movies so that this is anywhere near those like yourself pretty good are fleck. I'm gonna have to see this I didn't think residency in the theater but I figured I may have to do that's a lot at the very positive score. For the fans I'm in objects. That's another one if you did see it let us know what our podcast that you know the common. At two or podcast on the Twitter please spoilers don't don't tell you what happened but I would love to know what you thought of jigsaw. How about this death stroke could be getting a solo movie. The DC universe is a bit of a mess right as we've discussed many times in the podcast but I don't today that sucks right now but I do like the idea of a death stroke movie in my crazy. No you're not crazy and I think like you said the all with the the rebirth of they did a rebirth with him some. Yes and he had his own storyline well I think he may have had a new 52 throw a tuba in doubt DC rebirth just a year to maybe a couple of years now. Came out they re lost a lot of things they changed some stuff up and he has his own book and it's the best want a bank like I other people like the other ones that's fine but. Death stroke at the most attention like at the Eisner awards last year that people really liked. The death stroke storyline so if they take some of that and make it into a movie whip. They dairy cast Joseph mega Melo I think of Africa. You pretty good and if if you one of those people who gets death stroke and dead shot mixed up don't worry they're more of you out there than you. Oh my god death stroke dead shot and that of course dead pool who is right there rip off of death stroke. A few years. Which is also in Florida that these out of DC to have another day and I tweeted out of the day it is retreated that. They're waiting to see how Justice League does before they move forward with flash point. I mean so you get it together which means like these people have seen the movie. And again would be that they were people think but how about that. Wouldn't wouldn't flash point wouldn't you only do flashpoint if Justice League Sox. Because now not then can the flat foot allows you to change everything so I think doubles wanna do it. But if people love Justice League and they love the characters they're gonna be pissed if you're like Nash a forget about that well because there's than it is a new time line. Put that thing tonight your first class you're X-Men first class thing double. Right you know DC universe so. It's like it is like there there reset button is the last the baby may look that speaking of DC Zachary Levi's from shock fame. Is going to be the star of the stand alone movie shows AM. Yeah I am. I have a similar feelings you. Oh and a bit about Amare out of marble nugget for a week now did this very controversial this I got a lot of flak for on the Twitter Ryan. So daredevil season three it was announced that king pin will be back. And I did not like kingpin in daredevil season one that. I didn't think it was a great portrayal. As that the character is grades one of the great villains in marble work that you really good villains. But I thought that. I couldn't stand him I couldn't stay in the actor I couldn't stand the performance of it and I got a lot of back flak. Japanese shout. It's got. Shut out or the Baldwin Brothers doctor out well what did you think of of the astle placating them. Well our I always thought that king did and it was going to be you know kind of a oversimplification of it but it was just like a bat Lex Luthor. Ottawa in the marvel universe and you know yet handed everything he's kind of a criminal it would not kind of music criminal mastermind more than just like this. You know big strong guy and it was an interesting take. On came in and the doctor did it would like all the like. Idiosyncrasies about David being mean but like almost like autistic. It I don't know like I thought yet to me it felt more like he's just eating all the scenery. I was like art and do less I want you to do less you're doing more I didn't like the way he talked it character of Mina. Yeah it was it was very much like. You know it became paid in the comics is very. Loquacious. You know you need need a good speed yet Covert any you know he's he's kind of a smooth talker as well he's not just kind of like his. Street tough right is on a rebellion. Now Eliot cities more Lex Luther like he's Morey doesn't always fight but yeah around the fights. One thing that he does do a good job of us say is that the kingpin. In the count book is is very insecure like in front of everybody that this big tough guy he's like he's you know the boss obviously yes but then he does have a lot of insecurities from like the way grew up in Michael's other stuff so. He does do a lot of that but. I don't know I get I found out I was in the minority though most people seem to be in on did not realize. No idea I don't mind I about the scene when he was crushed and guys and the cart court that was awesome thousands perhaps it. We republic first freak out like out but those great but again I mean it's it is the devices they get the odd choice they took with that but. Both we've got to me I love the mid nineties and it would using Jack QB in jail out of Lionel. Am I did I liked him a lot more there are so we'll see hopefully it continues to improve upon itself. How votes of more news here devils read Jack's might be getting a sequel Ryan. I know you're less excited about that now here's a spoiler for doubles rejects spoiler for doubles rejects. My best guess is that the three main characters all die at the very end. So I don't know how sequels gonna work. They area and you'll have an open ended Thelma and Louise can deal at the end I think he died due. You won it few. In ominous data rubbed on the you know it just wipe it. Step out from behind the Cameron play a little Dracula for the kids you know just you know do little. Good song yet this debate about you know do some etiquette belt don't leave the camera work to somebody I have. Living dead girls on my Halloween met Simon. Neighborhood children there were no bailout and they come they get a little treat they get to listen to the Marilyn Manson cover of the a nightmare on Christmas. You heard that. You don't really want I guess you're there would be to do what we want go on with. I don't know if that's current look at development. I got the TV news for Ryan preacher has been picked up for season three it'll be thirteen episodes and it will be 2018. And a commitment. It's getting better and better so I'm happy about that. Now one of our favorite odd deftly shows those old pick of the podcast for new American vandal. It has been picked up free season 20 so we may find out who did the decks who did predict. The way about it early. A lot of awesome our creed two has a release date the obstacle to creed one. We'll be out November 21 20181000. The film. To deflect. And I heard is well aware heard adult wondered is making an appearance. I know I I hope I hope rocky and dollars and stronger thump I hope they don't bite I don't I don't want that I though that that. They righted here Kevin species day. Oh it didn't look like speaking to 19920. Hell why closet no idea yet and inside a year Hollywood. I mean it that has been is one of those things like. And that's the weird thing and I don't wanna get you go to Italy Billick domestic and into Iraq security deputy wrap them with their badges babysitting which is two wonderful movie yeah zealot on this star rent. And a couple of big road trip even than that he was the TA in road trip got. He can doesn't indicate that they commit to move on what he's fourteen years old and I'm Kevin Spacey says well. It's okay because. I was struck. And I've been struggling with my sexuality. And I don't know why did this but if I did have a. How bad a product that's pretty debt if I did and I apologize. By the way I am living as a gay person now you're like why. Thank you hear of kids that ought to let go like I look at this the years he came out as day that what that first part where like you're limited to America. And so that's insane don't know I don't remember doing Matt but it might get I was I was drunk. Now how's the cards is done the poem house of cards. If indeed this part of do you think that now. That's show would get the water anyway I don't anyone is still watch is that chip I've never seen an episode. It's fine that the first due to keep a good guy real weird and see victory yeah but. Leg I don't know I am still watches that have been responding mentally I feel like it's been good dump cold but it Netflix is waived him thank god now we can beat up. We're done or palm clog it so. Yemeni Kevin Spacey takes recognize you now assert or tweet us those ones as well. All we have a very special of the DOT admitted here coming up Brian what are you stand. Okay. Even hand. It's not. All right sir what do you have. I got a lot this week a lot of out of Sony this week that they were the big. The Sony's Paris games week presentation happened. Our recently and so depending on what you're listening to this so it was a lot of new game trailers that it come out. And some of them are pretty huge title. Other wanna kind of talking about the demoted to some good stuff that a lot going on but it they're always Richard there always is isn't there a lock and unlock the so some of the big hitters that happened at the Paris games week. We had. The last of those two are there other trailer which I will tell you that looks dark. That is the guard does it looks pretty clear I don't literally don't know yet. Spiderman was back those Spiderman the 2008 he released is coming back and so they had a lot of people like trailer for that. Which looks great we're giving you deed goes about that game now so it's Peter Parker in his early twenties. So he's been at this Spiderman game as epic game and it's only agitate. He's Hewitt Peter Parker looks like it meth. Yeah yeah the opera not great not great but I think I think this suit looks great. So does out Spider-Man looks great Peter Parker. You know I like the white spider. I think that's a cool look to it at night from any problem and there's several adoration of the suit and might get like if you have a game like this is going to be unlikable suits they have to be. I would definitely right that yet this year. Yet and so that it's by animated the last. You dad let's see the the they remake of shadow of the colossus which is going to be for Kate sixty frames looks really cool yeah so that throw that out there. You know and that some like smaller games like walker merely to. Which VW put the first block melee we played a and it's a collude to door you know had bought one of the public arcade games splat former soccer pounding look at our. Rebecca about it and as you delegate that there's a lot going on in the game world right now so I'm playing simultaneously. Yes they do yes or watch yes. The fractured bottle. He related there I gotta get that got him I have yet again it's funny if you like it didn't turn Pedro played so it's a little lower that you think it would be but the jokes they're definitely there. It's so cool how it looks exactly like South Park again that this same enemy multiple it that's all yet caught a couple of console it doesn't matter like enemies and not that good so. You know it's right there at end of the best part about that is is that it's a two person or comes with a stick to troop as well. Yeah that's a human experts this. Yep and and lastly these news that the Greek origins come out and it's pretty good right now I'm not that aren't replicated youthful recap on that but. I can be adjusted as a very special video game minutes we can get into some else. Yeah again I don't we both have played that is WWV two K eighteen it is out now though with Seth Rollins on the cover of course this is. Whether your Xbox PlayStation whatever it is intend to switch it's all good there. And try that we've been planned wrestling games for a long time and this one it's crazy deceit. The graphics like that's a bad jumps out to me is. The entrances on all these guys it's literally you're just watching TV if you walked into the room. And you didn't know somebody is playing in their like often valor a demon entrance Eddie just watch you like are you watch abroad or comp lab playing W beard now. And now that that's so funny said that you can that's the first thing I did that went like demons and valor and public art on the other book about the the first thing I did. I love the amount characters it's a we did the same thing the amount of characters. Is great and it's one of those things whether you're watching wrestling a lot now or if he watched it more on the ninety's or even earlier their soul. Many residents fact it's the largest roster. The game has ever hatter any dividend in the game has ever had you know seen out Lesnar stone cold the undertaker plus they got the the thing where. Different versions of characters who have been dollars round example but he vin. That is the big boss man always different guys you can get them as they sort of changed their local little bit. Plus of course you can do be my career stuff where you're creating your own wrestler which I know you and I both wanted. And that and yet Qwikster on the party came out he's he's created be back. Quick off mic party of course Brian and I used to be the the party boys type of Mick party outs they get a maybe mix it up and maybe be in the way back boys. And they got red hood and our Von. Yeah I like that I like that now again it was what we love obviously that they be created they create a player thing which in this game is. Super robot you know I my god yeah. Which I've never seen a creative creative player creator wrestlers so in depth as this one. And it's super fun to do I think in game creating a character I think I'm not hitting it took me like forty minutes tied to the snow into like home pound weight you know like. The different fighting styles are different station move and about what did you unlock these big guys ago. So you know if you like your certainty an injury happily unlock it yet the player and knowledge of taxis yet to get your your personal Twitter handle. That's crazy yet which is the fifth it's all it's all good. Yes of the my career is great plus I think the the eight man matches. Is new to it so all the stuff in the you know all the different arena is all the different venues so it's a very completes. Debbie W Wii games so if you are a fan of wrestling games this is this is the villain is the one are gonna wanna jump on enough. Did have a place of your playing let us know you're you're. My career guys Dylan. In the party boys love our our handicap match if you ever wanna get to 11 by the party boys that amount of growth. But I'm just get a if you ever want that. It's that they don't know where don't. Very good writer you're now ready for the topic usual war. I'm dying to know what you think that of course is the topic of the day today it is stranger things season to do. Course they Netflix show they give you one more episode debated in season one supposed a total of nine episodes. Let's start spoiler free as we are want to do during these movie and TV reviews. I will begin by Matthew Ryan did you like it. I. I loved it. I item that. I thought it was going to be very difficult to contend competes rival whatever you want to say season one which is one of my favorite. Recent what no one seasons. Of TV a long time I'd loved it like we had the episode you find in the archives that the united about season one. We both loved it. There's like man it's going to be really tough to contend and they absolutely dead. They did it was great and so. It I would say I did I did like it is basically on par with he's one for me it wasn't better wasn't worse it was kind of right there. But I would say it'll give him a little bit later but. You know it a little bit different. In terms of their own yes you know and I thought they had thirty glad that we were talking about it that it was gonna struggle with the member berries. Yeah like we are talking about like. Summit row on record and there were some hitch and you know I didn't think they were either if you went back and watch it again you'd fire among others that there's that this one wasn't as over the top. I think that. Vick kids are a year older I think that sort of played out in girls reminds me you on the Harry Potter series if you sat down and watched all the Harry Potter movies. Yeah I'd tell as you went along like they butchered like not just the characters like the contents of everything. And I felt even those ones jump they're still in junior high. But that sort of seventh grade eighth grade jump. Like I think they swear a little bit more it's like everything is like turned up just a little bit but just enough but it wasn't that way overboard with a new. They're like they're like indigo girls but it's not like. It's like you would if you were you know 1213 years old you don't know how you're Dylan but like you you know you. Should like girlie girls at all under gross but the same degree of know ideally you don't. In view of the debate over the electro magnet. At which it is not a spoiler we will get to that yeah. It's so I thought the returning characters were all great I think the new characters. That might be where some people either really liked or maybe really disliked I don't think any of the new characters did enough to. Take away I think it's still it's the main cast but they did. They added from all different content whether the classmate or whether it's you know scientist or whether it's love interest they added a handful of characters. And I still think my favorite characters are all of the ridge bunker. Beta yet absolutely. And again we'll get into this more about. If there is I did have some issue with some of the new characters so yes well we'll pick it up in the sport one that. And so I guess are on summer do you I. I've talked to some people that are like oh this is definitely better than season one that's say it. It's deathly bigger than season one I think you can see that they spent more money on it it looks more cinematic. So appeared to like that like to Howard the scope in the landscape all that stuff on it. It's it seems grand third. But I think overall season one I probably like slightly more but the bottom line is I gave season 186 out of six and they are gonna give season to a six out of six as well. And I think it I think guys. Gave people one of 676 adding them to give this one of violence. I think you'd I think they've got five and a half if I remember correctly but either way you know my body my didn't buy it by half a minute it's still five. But that's hostilities Philly great score still you know as far as all the things that are available right now on TV or Netflix this is right there at the top is there. Anything else that we can hit on before we get the spoilers or most of it's just so story oriented. I think I think this bit cold here is what you can't say if you haven't seen an episode yet. Just stop listening right now because there's nuts it's one of those big league invite anyone think it's gonna lead you where it's gonna lead at the data path that we're gonna spoil something so. So come on back after you finish watching yeah I know we. We're lutherans debated on whether or not to have it for this week or wait for next week both bigger we will give an extra today give people chance to watch it plus you can you know download it and come back later so. Without further. So there's a lot of different ways to do this Davy and I figured. Out that we haven't done which I think might look good exercise were given a shot let's go sort of episode by episode at them within that if we sort of jump around well but that's fine but this live Greg sort of you know have structured this way. But I also think the the titles of all of the episodes or chapters is they com are also pretty cool and say a lot about what's going on the story. So without odd chapter one was entitled mad Max and it actually opens with a one of these new characters if it's number eight. It she's using her abilities. To escape the police. What did you think of automatic right away showing you somebody else those clearly in the same program as a Levin and somebody else escape from Hawkins lab. Well it was called repeated there was somebody else that escape from Hawkins Lebanon. Now on of their own and unattended there's nobody kind of watching over yet make a little bit older obviously yeah a little bit older so it was nice it was also cold seated in. You know her abilities are different. There united they've got a little bit of that that the X-Men quality in the manner it. Abilities are crazy by the way an idea whose whose abilities would you rather have. Or elevenths. I find it eleven to be a little bit more useful. Yeah they probably are yeah you know that 88 was cool and aided smoke that's more quick trek it's not really the power elite. Is old David planet you know it is it's almost it's it's like green lantern and a sense that if that's not really agreement can really create whatever it is that Mike if he. It's a trained of the train smash you where she just makes you think you see a train. But the same idea whereas if somebody who's really creative has that power it's probably kickass. But if not better I look at what whatever will be honored by. But data today you know day to day I want some but I can wanna be able to do a mechanical you know yeah. Here now. Its eighth rated Hawkins the the boys or are back together you know will's back if school with them they needed new girl Max. Al to say this right now. Not Panamax. No I'm not a Cinemax or her her brother Billy. Not a fan. Yeah I thought. It was so unbelievable. That they had five kid actors in season want and they were all greats. Like five main cute actors are so there's that side characters here and there but the pit the four boys and eleven or all also what you liked all of whom they were really good actors like in in. You'd never had any problems and I always a problem kid actors. And then the first and you care to the new it is now got another girl the group they bring in Max didn't liquor didn't maker at all really bothered me. And the thing that bothered me in a democratic Joseph talked about. That supplement and kind of jump around that's fine but like this on the one of the things that your immediately introduced her and her brother and they have this really contentious relationship. Any keep telling people latest comment system at amen sister so in. The first like 45 episode I'm thinking like OK like there's going to be this big revealed it going to be this story between the two of them. You know there's going to be you know maybe their part of the experiment to in the unity. But they're not related but they're just like stick together houses oh start Gaza. Has in its is that like there's no parents around. If they've been dubious story here and like oh no wait they're just stepbrother and steps sister. And their parents were out. Right they gonna here's the mom the bombs back in the dad's back known that there. But I believe that lame but with the help that'll lay up waiting to see that with the deal as the B two for 45 episodes acknowledges that are added to step province separate sisters and make it via fairly dynamic kind of weird. Yen and the dad's horrible we get to the dad coming up a bit. Yet yet Billy vs Steve a little bit this with a distinct I don't know if you watch some of the beyond. Stranger things they also on. On Netflix where there's like six or seven episodes where they just sort of talk the public the whole series they've brought in to partner interested to go there they were the point wasn't the the diaper Brothers. We're seeing how they originally had Steve as the stereotypical. Like high school jock kind of you know bullied to catch this guy. But then he became. More well rounded and and more sympathetic to all the stuff by the end of season one the I don't think he totally redeem himself in season one he did hear but but you still you could tell he was making that turn. Where is Jack aren't we need another character like that they brought in Italy and Canada ramp that up so allowed in because he has. He also looks exactly like. The combination I think of rock a young Robert Downey junior and rob blow. I don't believe that you've gone. Yeah like EE meld those together but the Billy Steve robbery. Starts even in this this first chapter now will also he's backe has hallucinations. He goes he gets treatment. Would doctor Owens played by the incomparable Paul Reiser. Joyce and hopper take him what did you think of did this and of Paul Reiser. Again it's nice to get a name there you know but again I've been kind of a character that was kind of flat. Yeah he helped me. I wonder. If you know his role in alien was one of the reasons why they wanted to bring him in here would have had to be right again is holed it. And that that they think you. There are these subtle it's for us that sucker subtle but the people the casual viewers like these these subtle homage is too like aliens and evil dead and Al hunt down you know it never talk about stuff which is. For us to lock that is super cool that. Obviously. Having him in there at the nod to alien. Because you know you know eighties kind of a guy behind the scenes we got behind the guy as you yeah the Italian guy yes. It out without a doubt critical but again I mean. You know how many. Bad scientists are we gonna put an eighty intern out to be that bad of a guy but now you know. Would you figure of gold dragon slayer action. I got back games are. Our socks like it's a love the name dialect on the sweet poster of and everything but the game. Not great frustrating game. Frustrating that it tougher Brothers even talked about how they even made a comic Dustin smack in the thing in taking insane now it just takes their money Billick that's if anybody played dragon slayer that's exactly if you wanted to advance at all in the game he's had to keep these new quarters. And not only that but he it it's just there's no skill it's just memory. You're going to be late sick pressing the button at the right time removing mistake at the right time and if you moved it. Ever so slightly like if you went like right in up a little bit not directly right you would die. Hit the Sox. They also that I guess they use that game in part because it shows you Dustin Lucas early on how they're both competing for. Max just sort of late in the game years here it would be for the the princess there now you also at the end of this first episode you find out that hopper. An alleged in our living together. In a cabin in the woods and this is some of my favorite stop me entire season would yet you know clever they were stuffed in at least they were stuff but what my favorite things was. The dynamic between these two are two of my favorite characters from season one and then matching them up together they have been tense scenes in there but. If it if anybody can handle eleven it would be hopper. Yet only add to be. No one else could really deal with that now. Hopefully not all right chapter two is called trick or treats freak. You get some flashbacks that show you how eleven and steal from season one to miss our sort of disappear and that's eventually gets the hopper thousand cool stuff get in there. Eleven wash your trick or treating. Hoppers not having it they need all the. But it would agree not to eat he. Yeah all right back regular opposite coast and you wouldn't be able to note surge you know. The things you want to know on how would you not let her go to retreating. He utility commission of now this is a big part of the season two is Nancy. Is still upset about bar your girl blurb is at her. She's dead her parents are really no. And so they she wants to be able to explain the birds parents that. Burba is gone but that doesn't really govern while. Sneaky. Sneaky by at least favorite character in this season is BP. Lack gotta I gotta disagree on the island hos well I'm a pig it's. I know you are ideally wanted to populist mode from the amp I would let. You know I did very unlikable Garrity mean like I. Times how much he gets (%expletive) faced drunk in this episode it is now here's the question now we've all sort of been there. If you're kind of feuding with your lady or both happily married now a thing you know wash your back a little bit if you're at a party and the girl that you were win. Is just messed up drunk. And it's like saying everything's (%expletive) that's your (%expletive) that's (%expletive) that's (%expletive) You can't leave the party with outer Kenya. I know that that's bad form that's for you dropped the ball there. Yes and I thought. But Jonathan was gonna screen door given screen door action yes you know you proper open the door in the screen door and let the parents open it. Have fallen. Around that the real double double people he has done that to a couple people might yeah but. Yeah but. Yeah. Yeah I don't know I had to dig out of bed scene for her. You know obviously. What is it going on with the with the parents with write it but their parents. Bit stepfather. Is the most I remember his name being the most useless character at anything etiquette the joke is he system. Obviously I think it'd since it's hysterical account that he is how out of touch he has he has no say they think doesn't really care very thing is so out of out of the loop on on everything. Mobility need if she says you Billy to a video arcade don't live here anymore yeah Bill Clinton anymore. Granted I should deduct an as yet. Now the boys. What about your particles these that it was there at school. And they're all dressed up its ghostbusters. Had. Nobody else is dressed up. It's Halloween nobody is dressed up except for the for them it's unbelievable what's funny is they use that scene. In the trailer. And like the one where there the former rep for they get the school about the bike rack in dust and turning around you think he's looking out like a demo organ. But he's actually just looking at other students were wearing normal clothes that means like why isn't anybody else dressed up. And is there that. Yet to have that conversation where they elect went of this rule when we made this rule like Wright went from last year everyone dressed up now known stressing but we're into the rules here. But it's like it's that's sort of sums up this seem like eighth grade except eighth grade. Terry mills will literally it's just that are caught in between but you're so much older than an elementary school kids spear not at that high school level yet so. Lake certain things are still cool certain things arts like it it's a weird time and I think they do a really good job at sort of exploring all of that what goes on in middle school. Palm now they go trick or treating and have a pretty serious debate here in our nor you stand on this. They ate dust and is the only one of the group that likes three musketeers the other ones don't eye of course and a huge three musketeers span. Where do you stand. I AM and it was going to be the most lukewarm answer I like three musketeers. But they're not my first choice. But I do like three musketeers frozen. Who that's a nice treat yourself that is right you freedom little bit put him in there but you know Tom Tom. Gonna go for Snickers buy it or you know what I really like and it was despite the Arctic what's that I'm a big almond joy guy yeah well like that. But that's fine that's I wouldn't trade via the a part of me like you know I like I like prima I like yelled enjoyed that no one else does and I knew that don't take it from. Jaeger on your only just at all ailment jointly marijuana trade to happen is take him. Error relics it it at. That's true now dust that also find the creature is trash cans and at the end of this episode. Than fittingly chopper three is entitled the Paul the law. Yeah wants to get more flashbacks that eleven and hopper in this now. You also get let's talk about Sean asked that person in your guys. Sean asked him Bob. Or the ball. A process of my wife I'm like there's no (%expletive) way that Wynonna Ryder would be we Bob. In my wife says the main the other key right now is the town crazy. But she's crazy everything she's crazy and now Bob if that lived one of these high school fantasies where he'd love Joyce buyers but she was the hot girl and he was Bob. And so now he has an opportunity comic I guess that makes more so. And bobbled another let down for me and I tell you light so. There are these moments. We're you'd think like there's no way that this guy is that big of a (%expletive) night Geithner like you have to be up to something. But you're always waiting for that that other shoe to fall we feel like. Now he's like he's working for the company year you know he knows some Boehner he's like he's spy radio is an article. Yet that that another obstacle the spy you don't. They referred to the shadow monsters of the spy like throughout the debate I'm wondering if there's going to be a twit where Bob become the spot. Well that's why because Bob in in the Polly log episode he's the one who tells will they need to stand up to his Beers which. I think normally you would be good advice here terrible advice. Terrible advice share a lot of that you should category known them yet it turned download bad Bob is just a team leader. He is a leaner he's just an absolute mug late this guy you know I mean so he's in the house. Yes it is total bill. He's that got him mill house by a nice guy and and yet a kind of a heroic ending. I'll again another thing I think I hire heard from beyond stranger things actually a couple of things one the there one of them thought that maybe bobbled you said maybe he was evil maybe there had to be another of layered Bob there. And that's why he gave will be advice that he did. The other one was that I guess when will who sort of gets possessed by this thing and S and they're sort of like it's not. It's not exactly access this style but it's in that same light. Now there was I guess and one scripts will while he was possessed was actually going to be the one that killed Bob. Now at a darkest fox though they did not go that despite there were tell on the kid the actor. Who plays well there were tell them that that was one of the things like that potentially limited done it here's a site. Yeah. That would kill him in a. Well yes but like you wouldn't look like it's not you doing it abuses like out at it but is nobody ever get a bug me about Bob it was like we used suspicion of public cool and everything you want. Yet and it was pretty quick like when he went in there he saw. What was going I would Joyce is a choice is crazy and any immediate it was like our let's figure this thing out. And anyway and and and went out of a bit into the tunnel when he was just like full go Bellic with a bucket like this is all right like I get it. Yeah he did hit a one wineries like is this wills map committees like are out other gone. Oh yeah. Angelic let's go all the I think our guys just weird demagogues or whatever they call them. Oh by the way before I forget any we're we're thread jump around here before forget. My want to hang up with the with Blake. Again in a science fiction world or in a comic book movie or whatever you sort of the certain things you set to accept. Like the idea of the upside down I'm on board but good Brit we want it we'll play dimension games and with matching games. But when you show me. Will draw at all these pictures and then Joyce connecting all of them so perfectly all over the house I call (%expletive) on that. Well yes and it was kind of a weird month you don't know how long that took but it did look like you as a matter of like minute. Right are CP. Like you piece it all together like he's if you start putting them in the wrong space than now all of us and it's not a map. Mike and how could you connect demolish the all headlines like bats and all you could connect it really any piece together and then you would have been all over the place. And it it just happened like their house was like the right size for that. It knows all indoors like I was I was that hung up on the a Mike so this is the map now of the is that he's the whole thing is that they're gonna like fall this all around. Second threw me for a loop but again as the the going back the auto log episode DOS the names is creature are dark canyon or darts off eleven leaves the cabin this is the one where she sees Mike and Max in the GM it gets kind of jealous that she is certainly know that might just. So pithy right now. And then of course will confront the shadow monster in the open goes down. Since after four will the wise. Willis found out the field. Obviously the shot a monster is as masked the Muppets now living inside them he says no he likes it cold so this is your really start to get like. Regan from the exorcist type vibes here. I he draws look crazy pictures that look like minds. Hopper eleven bigot no huge fight over sneaking out this is pretty intently this is almost. That was to match but he could howry came from because. He had such a deep story in season one where his daughter. Who was sick and then died of heat lost a daughter in this that doubles league got another daughter back in cities are so afraid to. To lose her so he'd just (%expletive) and losses if you order. Which anybody does but it's so funny and they say this and I've only watched one episode of the after show yet. But they were talking about you know merely Bobby Brown who plays eleven who was like I don't know how late. How she's so composed them like switcher actually. Thirteen inches yes yes they are now that are. DC docs in depth about like Howell and David are what the tougher brother about how it's like power vs power like in that scene and how it and how it's like. Two different types of power but they're definitely butting heads and you know it it was a it was cover really cool scene to to watch because you can tell. That all actors just kind of debate with it it's immediate felt scripted one way debate just went at it in it was a really organic. Yeah and in Millie was also talk in my house she has done so many scenes between the two seasons where she's alone like she's films. You know either put under water like those kind of scenes are like her just sitting and watching TV so what she got a chance to be in a scene we have he's David Harbour who plays the hopper like it sort of went all act. And they they say they even had like cut some of the data I told some of it down there is a more intense ones that they did together but they're like are we don't want about what. And that's that's crazy. This at some points of this this episode Nancy and Jonathan we're gonna meet with a dubbed barbs mom. But then they end up at Hawkins latter pocket intercepted it and what's confusing to me. Is. Hawkins lab in season one is that so clearly elect the villain were in season two it's way more ambiguous in the sense that. If people were on to them but their big enough company of the convict is kilometer night for Rome in the upside down your thing like they. They can't hide evidence so easy but they intercept so there there were their tapping phones. The they'd bring Nancy in confident but that they are let ago. They saw how that are that in the eighties and says like what we lied to vote. Bart because sometimes think we need to protect this but it people found out about this. Yeah but why would they let them going to lead he just told them boldly the whole expedition they just told them whole plan. Yet like the villain telling you what their plan was that the military does dealer yeah Whiting you do what you have to show that our lead. It is definitely a sense or like they were killed in the last season won the U they made that deal with hopper enjoys the ballot get to see more like build but they're like hey if you tells were eleven is that go ahead you can go and you can look for will if you want but. Then you gotta you gotta sign all the (%expletive) and operate it makes a point in Popper or Joyce they may rejoice telling Bob was like. We did decide all this stuff so that we couldn't like sue them or whatever else so I guess they try to like talk their way out of that. So they show them what the portal down there. I'm also you're you're certainly see that on dart is growing like starts getting bigger. He and I call that I called that from jump street by the way picnic cut him up on that linked to an epidemic he needs to Austin's cat. But it also now eleven finds out that Terry Ives is her mother she liked by that box underneath all the information. And hopper. Finds the tunnel in the upside down he stigma in the pumpkin patch es that you that you deep. So then they go get this all connects great so chapter five is entitled to dig dug. Which by the way not a not a great game. At the terror at the crack at the crap game but now hopper is stuck in the upside down. Joyce. Has Bob helped figure out wills draw Ariza is going back to what you're saying now. Bob goes in there is a joy he's worried about Joyce but then he's so caught up in trying to solve it. I didn't I didn't mind as much as you I do think he is such a mill house where. Billick hey there like this is the gimmick thing about he brought over all these board games the play. If that will six elect when I was sick now play games and then this essentially became. You know like let's figure out what the hell's going on here. I don't even then Mike if you saw Liggett Devin Gordon would run by you but OK you're you're okay. We're worried hypothetically again Eric I know you you have a very happy marriage and everything it help being going well thank you have a doghouse now on them I'd Heidi I or your wife. Let's not jinx on the say that goes to ship. If you look at our base that's gone all right all right. And you start dating the great related on the block and she's like well might have a situation rule out. And then you find out that she actually has monsters living in her house how do you respond now does she look like Winona Ryder. She looks like riddled Winona Ryder today got Winona Ryder from like 1980. Yeah I am I probably be a little. But in trouble there. Deal would be in trouble ended in you know like to quote somebody wiser than me in this gonna sound pretty crass but you don't put your. In crazy. You know I mean. You said the other podcast before I believe which aren't as they could at least make a T shirt which rigged and don't. It took it to me that's not my island that you don't do I got to back away I know you're saying. You know there's demons from another dimension run into the house you know a good I gotta come to go back on tender Mets dot com or whatever. Which I missed out on all of so Jonathan and it's you speak in about. So murder is the PI that birds parents had hired what did you think of Murray. I like Murray spotlight funniest line of the season came from our. I'd like to I'd like to pull out that was a little funny planet see. Great line many drops his bags. To put that ball with work. Go oops. That the pullout and it is the perfect like Johnson Mike joked his orange juice or ever. Doubt really. Really well done. Let's see Lucas tells Max the truth. But she doesn't believe them so Lucas who is let's be honest Lucas has pussy whipped in this whole season. He made their dockets are Max the whole time that he tells her but she obviously doesn't believe them. That Dustin traps dark in that little like the ball kid like it will locker at the committee's got. What all of this is the best all the fronts are gone so he teams up with Steve. Now I liked hopper and eleven in fact I loved that but dust and and Steve might even be a better com. Stole the show and I was gonna I was way to get to bring this up and I'm glad you did because there was talk about this with with the other Ryan my wife if last night. The beauty of this show is they pair people. Yes the law that the team ops are amazing how to do it and the best of them was was. Speed and dusted that was. Lightning TV it was it was off the. Those guys or so good together our I was like so excited about fact I think I think the pull out line was really good but the other line. Is from the next episode this by chapter six where you get more dust that'd Steve they're in the car together. And Steve says the dust in the if he's so it doesn't explain to Steve what they're looking for and so Steve grows. Well how do you know it's not a lizard in Dustin deadpan that goes because this face opened up and he ate my cat. As these are no merit. There was no way gate gate matter other friend of the podcast that's like he said that TV was not the weirdest guy he Matta come on yeah which. Given the circumstances bit that was I would I took that as a problem. Yes. We've found out that Nancy Johnson banged. As. Ousted and you also get bass Steve Dustin Lucas and Max are all inside the my thing here. Are there. There or they're out there were altogether and I figured you're teaming them up and that what I felt like is. Of the old boss excuse you bet that battle scene where they're from from the Tucker from season one that's of that you know and so season one. They bring you back to that same location. And now Steve is more than just Dustin so it really to me. Felt like Josh Rawlins character from the duties. EL UST doesn't ease that none of Evers brother it just fell at the same thing. Know what your backbone not a done in the deal wasn't done and that was never bought an armored bought involved in Donovan had like yes you bet you right. Drawn parallels here but you know I'm like him that. Bill also with what he's saying he sets up all these soldiers and that's by the name they have those the spy. He also get might ease in the Hawkins lab facility is Joseph you want overdose the buyers so Joyce has him their mics nobody else from spam is there but he's there. And Mike says he's yelling it's attract the other like a few times it's like classic admiral Akbar our chapter seven is called the lost sister. Eleven goes to Chicago to view their sister a tally or also known as number eight. I hated this episode. It's again. Completely. It it'd hand a little bit some of eleven back story but it was a complete one off episode. It's almost like that's no why. It's a sorry to cut you off but it's almost like that's why this season had one extra episode they wanna cut anything else out as the their like are we gonna do this. This time. Really this I think could have been a half episode or maybe not even because they basically just wanted to show you how eleven team like artists are powers. Right and it was the whole thing with the you know you're going to see your mother that's willing good. But then she goes to Chicago and then back to meet it but the good thing about this is his one good thing that came up the came out of this and this doubt was her. Entrance into the house when they're all standing there you know and there you know. Beat debit dogs they're breathing down on the minister around the house and all of a sudden she is a big grand entrance today. All the air for the first time yet hopper that. You're able to get that I think maybe in the next episode but yet the whole idea that she was able to see she's gone. I'll do that you could be and the very end of this remember he opened the door never looked better and that goes black. So other go to the end of eight. I thought this episode was just that he she's on the boss like she's like I'm. Yeah dubbed it but I bet add up exactly. If I practice they spent way too much time and I didn't like in the characters they guys it was sort of an homage to the warriors which I know we both like but still might I don't like eights and a liquor weirdo friends. They were late term it is also showed you elevens. Humans are really she's she wanted to kill lack in the CC that part of it but. Now was a long hour and now the OK come on them this. Yeah I found myself got to look at appeal wrist watch and be in my mind epic a month I divisional lines there's enough going on in this and that if this was like the fourth episode. Out of it like OK that's fine but this is like there's stuff going on like where. At the climax is coming. So again. You know cut to eleven did citizens the hardest. Episode for her to film and that she said even win. You know at the she saw. What's his name doctor Brenner she saw doctor Brenner in their answers like battle scene was like super emotional and all of those top honor. That chapter eight is called the mine flay here. Another they're all trapped inside the lab in this is where you get the opportunity to see Bob. Going out as a hero. And here this was really good. This is great wills brought back into his house. That they go inside that shed been so accused spy out the two great idea but then the phone rings and he figures out what's going on in there. Now this is also where you get. Billy and his parents DC or at least his dad and his step mom and max's mom and step dad you see them for the first time I believe is the first time yet and it's billions. Dad like basic called the fact and then hit so it'd like force them to go find Max you know like she wait so this is the return. And this is some of the darker stuff and you're wondering his art is billing himself a horrible guy or cease strictly just so bad because of his father and helping out dad is is this father. And or Billy racists because. He was so adamant that Macs never hang out Lucas and public specifically Lucas. Yeah eighties he says don't hang out with people like that and that's what he never says Andrea I put it is racism veto. It was a little American history X in that way it is I am not American Beauty America be. Record beauty and the movie it. But it's kind of like that where you're the book is much more racist than the movie is but that's the same kind of idea about the one to sort of an outcast because he's the only black in the town. Right. Yeah but again this isn't good enough explanation. To his character is not a good enough back story be like. Is it out all what was going on public (%expletive) like the other again episode eight 2888 episodes for this payoff. Yeah like that but you could explain that it intended. Right executive to shone like you know can divot got no ego he rips surround sound like track a couple of outlets and get some what all. I did like death scene earlier. Miss it located. Mrs. what did it willow Mike's bumps you up that saint mrs. Wheeler. Bring in the heats at this time around at. See occasional really treat yourself to me read no less little love smut block there. While Leo man asleep on the god gave proud you are no idea notion is no ideologue she also mrs. Wheeler is drinking wine in every scene every scene she's in a look back at he has got a glass along. I did not notice oh look now. So this episode also get you know the Morse code stuff same clothes negate all that stuff and this is actually where he would back again at eleven showing up at the end. Doc kicked in the apps load pass so the series ends chapter nine entitled the gates. Eleven is back. It basically get. The re group they split up to three groups is yours or like the way they sort of pare off or group off its. Pretty gutsy of Mike the Austin Lucas. And Max with Steve who gets Matt pretty Christie might ability in the house. Eleven and hopper are together at that Jonathan Nancy Joyce and will. In all three of home. They do a great job of going from one to the other the other they all have pretty crazy. Like final scenes together. So funny funny story and I failed mention her one more time but now. I just. There was and there what's it like crazy fighting ability and Steve. The story and a lot but it looks like this though our Mac could go overseas like inject him with debt. Anonymous here amid knock people out wherever they held out all right Eddie paired up it looks better at it like kind of like bit tense moment and my wife goes. Beautiful look at door your neck and it after I left. We can we. Agree if you're drew. You're critical to Republican guard you is that I started dying that think like incredible. As really. But those are the this was a he said to it's after he was the best episode reminded habitat to not was a really good job closing it out. And now article it. Gate like like referencing the movie to date birdcage. But Stephen door you're in a movie that's an abatement top fifty or. I've seen a sea in the ninth the Johnny Depp. Although the movie called key with the bears even endorsed first movie who. Which is essentially pay. Emanated body is heavy metal body listened to a record backward to learn how to open a gate to help the guys apparently her away for a weekend. A great deal oh yeah it's awesome so you're check that out that the good eighties horror movie the gate. The pick of the pick of upon now one month later they jump ahead a one month later you have Byrd's funeral. Could turn out their for bird. You now you have Paul Reiser. Who all first of all that they closed down Hawkins lap pretty much because Murray's story goes through there of the tape that Nancy had that you know she recorded all the information or bad. But polarize it gives hopper. A fake eleven birth certificate but then they also say. Hey may be keeper at a school for a year and he's like what the Faulk like I gotta keep broad scope for another year but we finally got to. Davey snowball 84. We edit. You get first kisses you get punch bowls. You get awkward dancing you get Dustin do it is pair thanks to Stephen that tipsy got from Steve are you got everything upon. He let both. That of course you also get the shot a monster is still very much alive in fact he is standing completely over the middle school. Yet so there is and I wonder you know if he'd others gonna be the obviously with all the things you after ramp the mob you know and I wonder what's gonna come backs so raw diet decedent degree and hopefully it's gonna with the like two years from now hours. Crop probably prompt or right. I'd give me water two of the best parts of season two. One we didn't talk about a minute to talk about it in what does this appear fuel the pure fuel guy with a lot of he's a good input book that would deter you. Bet that the yup that was that was solid down out of that now I'm just could start that. There you go through thing I think Lucas his sister who which we didn't match and Erica. Seriously funny did you actually in this season yet to see that Lucas has a family that Dustin has a mom. But lucas' sister like make it fondled for the ghost busters day like make it fun for -- figures going to Milwaukee tock he's usually go. And in the combos that we mentioned like dostum and Steve eleven and opera than mrs. Wheeler ability. At the end aisles like that nobody dressed up for Halloween what are the worst parts. Of seasons do. Our worst part I would say it billion Max that that whole relationship but those two lately biggest step brother and sister don't like each other like that that sucks yeah arm and a big. Bob was a little too much of a mill house for me a cut. And again at episode seven lake. Yeah that's the one that jumps out to be episodes seven and in the perfect map drawings that's still kind of annoys me and Max as by the the trifecta but none of that. None of that made it so I didn't enjoyed the solid obviously. And I would day I get an eight week if you take episode seven out. I give it a five and a half percent but the fact that that episode was just a complete thorough and indicated that up her entrance back that's the team. We're gonna say we're into email address that at all they needed it because then they needed the house that failed to do this and I. They didn't like dating a goblet that. So the opening scene all you have to do is cut that episode cut the opening scene and then cut to hear his voice over where she's like. Used he'll stick it out something that makes you angry which is the closing which is a quote. Be right gig is going to teach you get to that point so urgency with their hand outstretched and that she brings up the other hand. Yeah that explains it's show that doesn't tell the cook and I feel like we're being told. What she's doing which I don't like I agree. Out thoughts for season three. First of all I believe they're going to be in high school that there were eighth grade this year so to be in high schools that's going to be a different dynamic. I don't know. I assume. Nancy and Steven John that are seniors so they may be out although they could fudge it maybe make him juniors I don't know if they're gonna do maybe have all the same school. I've I've three quick questions for one or does will have powers. He might have some residual it it might set up you know maybe a fight between him and eleven. Yet you could. Although you know what's interesting is will is obviously Joyce's kid and Bob is dead and eleven is essentially hop persecuted if there's a great chance that hopper and Joyce finally get together at the hot couple I gotta be hot idea make a lot of sense. And that essentially will at eleven would be brother sister. Which Diego dynamic I like that Summers say yes to powers. Where is doctor Ratner the apparent it's clear that he is alive some more. Yet it that he's alive so he's he's. I'm guessing he's trying to open another gate. Like on his own and very sinister layer somewhere you he'll be back because they quote I want to another would get open they're going to be another way for they had that big comeback it and then by the court. Your beat T speak next season we will meet number nine or number ten. Or I guess even one through seven as we know. One number one the prototype. Yes it approach that good stuff so are we we got a couple of emails and tweets Erica time for just a couple of them here Chris emailed or podcast at gmail.com. I he starts up basically sink or will. Eddie's right will went through the apps that ringer after one hour to mr. bout will. He wasn't in season one a ton they weren't really sure what kind of actor he was in many found out that he can more than hold his own. It was ago he rates and he had some of the most intense scenes at a problem this year. W thing basically. Give this kid activists can break Chris also says I don't think it's safe to continually stabbed your Allison child tranquilizers. That is probably true. And other digital wearing like a red hot poker to the ribs league. Just take it from Nancy yet he got Chris also hated episodes seven and so we we agree there. He goes we needed a scene of Billy shirtless fighting the demagogues and hand to hand combat. Bet but you know that in big as possible for character to outdo Steve from the first six episodes of season one day and still be somewhat likable. Also I think. You would take out at least one demagoguery that do so much testosterone running through him you don't like it. I didn't like about Billy was has paid to music decade. Every time he hit that he could hit the ignition on the car you're like a banner. Billy had to instill a bit of experience. He also asked as did Jonathan buyers get sneaky handsome over the course of the year is that why he finally steals the smooch from Nancy. I think it's just shared trauma is one. Yeah Nancy Johnson together. The night I guess syndrome of that trio and it's called the Netflix survivors syndrome or some like that you have to go through some together and you know that. And he said Steve goes from being McCain. Suit hanging out with thirteen year old who won a life turns. A. It does have electric even you know Billie called about it later you would like to gain my commitment is. Well liked on. I'd move on. Just this great question and I like the answer is yes but Chris asks did might. Have a stick up his ass the whole year leading up the season to. Dedicated indicate talked about it no one episode I watch the beyond anything you like. You know he's got no and impress anymore they've been up and go on on like this you don't mean so he's just like you went from being like the leader of the party to being like. Board export. Now that's one users can violate. Out of it at that point our body west from the boxers podcast he he loved it but. He did have a criticism and he says is only criticism not enough Dustan. Dustin is. Here now Libya. Dot that is great he goes and Mike as being wasted. Or he was wasted being a bitch most of the season Mike is supposed to be the alpha of the party and always doing is crying about eleven being salty about mad Max. And being overly protective of will. Dustin has the consummate our Dustin was the consummate men at arms. Do bringing truth bombs and snacks just felt like he got his girls. An. Actor which by the way I guess he just give up that honors only used and there are lecture you because I do with the shop at notre. Because the other great part about him at liberty to talk he gave the name of the onto the mine player but he's trying to explain. To hopper. Like what a mind slayer is elected this stupid game music go to girl electrode explain it to a musical Heidi beaded. Well you gotta raised arm Bobby because Bobby don't have brains and it into the guy's quick look at out of Munich are at the game. So funny does great. That's at any final thoughts on straighter things and. Well again this is that this is one of the better shows on TV and I know it at its critics saying that you know assistant like. We take for torture porn but it like mr. elder porn not yet united get. Which Borough hall maybe indicate that it. It's more it's. That's the context for its cool to like know that setting and it got to Harken back to that kind of thing and all the movies we left immediate eighties. Right. Strip that away and put it present day it's still a good story there's still good characters like these are some of the finest child actors I've ever seen. Absolutely absolutely. Right they get hot take epic that's just that's back but now let's see what they'll. If you don't like child actors you won't mind that. Right out. I love that I those great look forward to season three so let us know what you think we've both seen and also Erica spoiler at dork podcasts on Twitter or door podcast at gee now. Dot com. In the in the it's. Are around us as quickly also gonna wrap up with a another pick in the podcast of the group tweeted out a few times but our body open the poet who does our intro. Song he had a stranger things season one wrap so we will leave everybody would act. Coming up in just the second book before do that Ryan what is your pick of the podcasts. I'd pick the podcast is simple one this month that we are recording that on November 1 at a party tweeted that out today but I will continue to do so for the rest of the month. Be longest relationship I've ever had in my life outside of my family. Is that I have been for the past nine years I have been associated with the mold member charity. So I will that's kind of my pick it apart after the month feel free I'll be out a link. Two if you wanna donate if you wanna join my team I'm the captain of the teams so please feel free to do that if you wanna raise awareness for mental health this month. Our go to mold ember dot com and sign yourself up and do some good. Well my pick of the pike I should've gone first because this is far less important than that but that would be the show Riverdale. I love Riverdale the exact I watched all season wanna shocker and season one and season two is currently on right now so I really enjoy. Riverdale. Next week on hash tag dork it'll be four wracked Iraq. I can't wait for that hopefully get your tickets. That after that we have a number of episodes already planned Rhode Island comic con. Davey unfortunately won't be there but I will be there and local block will be theirs that you're going to around comic con. Say hello if you CS. Also we have Justice League later on in the publishers awful of that. Are still remaining in 2017 so it should be a doozy. Ryan anything else Aureus at our podcast thirty mentioned YouTube iTunes all that what about yourself sir where. Which are audio and you know host a media. And spay neuter your pets. All right we leave you now with the the Tulsa tones of open the poll. There. We don't need an ointment over and blue cross blue tools and I'm going to lose that when you don't know and what do we even need without any. And the boys and are there any news or what we do it's. It's. And I am. And miss. And I don't really bring that influences it. Giving you the chance that it's at the bit. And ladies don't know. And holding them and the origin who has been through three home runs images and Smith and bring her if we're now. Questions. Won't retire I guess in the and it's very grateful for. And Johnson and Rick we know I'll just. General. Morning right. Many moving too much. Me I'm a much pain signal and you know wanted to know when it came down to the break. What team got a this news. So what Vinny it's. Only just my opinion Maria. I'm assuming the Blake before we made a fool around. I don't rank and this I downloaded. Yeah defendant but that is. Florida and you know parties that. Yeah this Friday everybody wants to be part of it from OK it's all it's wants to know. And who should stay you shouldn't go. Marty we'll far mean. Departing within this is by. Thank you know it's when things didn't. You don't play nice. It's news. When you know she flew from which you can. Do you think it all. They don't sound. Probably don't that would come with his work. Caroline can't and shouldn't control and mr. Wheeler. You can avoid. And then we started conservative. Okay like why would work environment it upside down. We don't. We don't play. We don't play. In the real mix meets. Over and.