#DORK 39: Thor: Ragnarok

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, November 7th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss Thor: Ragnarok, the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Where does it rank?  Was it the funniest? Spoiler-free to start then spoiler-full.  Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast 


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If the door. Martinez. If the door to. Martinez which cheek is the door. Behind. Is that has my dorm blond hair. Thanks for journey into another episode of hash tag to work my name is rich he joined once again by Ryan Davey Davey how are you. Yeah what how how would go what it still. You. How's your week is he doing all right. There are doing all right a little. Little up and down for a lot do you infinity football which was player of absolute rock festival for both of us. It was a crap bag gay or as low scoring out and always feel good about that win this but with this note goes were were prime for playoff positioning though that's really all that matters. Yep now my big Dell mama big dogs are out of their bye weeks so. Now aren't there aren't so we get to the news of the week. Okay it. Carlisle started this way we don't always go through all the different TV shows that we're watching in you know a lot of these episodes are dedicated to one show or a dedicated to one movie or one video game whatever else it is the what are some of the shows right now. That are your must watch shows of the week. Most sources Louisville does what I think you mentioned on the podcast once its the Netflix show up called beat out. Which is done by nick Kroll and John Bellini and the cast of characters but. On it actually really funny and it it's gotten it's got some like to think people are started didn't know about it to start the start to pick up on now. That's one of those on the bomb. It got to pick it up and after stranger things we have been a lull you gonna mean yeah I picked I picked I watch a couple episodes of that and then stranger things came in the ninety was. All over that and then so write back in the big bout now that was pitiful wanna I don't watch it now. Sure. Yeah for me there's you know the Walking Dead I think he's actually gotten better there's been three episodes I'm not telling you to go back to wants all the seasons and catch up I think at least this season has been a pretty good start is volatile. Wars going on a lot of shooting the machine guns and in zombie deaths and people deaths of that so there's activity that usually we lost the Walking Dead. App very episodes over the what happened doing nothing but this is. Actually been pretty good out last man on earth is really good with Will Forte. South Park. I have still dividend aero in the flash but they're kinda lose every once while there's something good in fact one of the up early episodes of the aero. All of her queen referenced Bruce Wayne. So I that's interest thing. Anonymous yes those of the other Shaw's watch and do it I know a lot of people don't watch quite planned but I do that's palm did a show called ethically later. Which you which I find fascinating which is basically this documentary guy goes around and he. Any skateboard that you knew from like the ninety's yes he goes on like catches up with amity that what they're up there now. Laker but elastic or your Bob Burr requests. All that funny imagine that because the very first person that very first episode of the season was. Their march air. Okay how's he doing I'm guessing not great not in a good way no. And this episode three was actually the best there was Spike Jones. Who low kind of you know like the skateboard video he made up it's like being like Arabic Academy Award but he directives are actually really cool show. I was watching a lot of old Howard Stern and her views on YouTube and there's a few with them margin error as buddy Brendan Novak. You gotta be in the right has space to watch some of those that. It's funny because no acted on his way up like he's like a motivational speaker he works with if he's so these are Maryland using her own god gave it tattooed on Hispanic. You sure did yeah he was like there was episode a stern were for like fifteen box he'll like licked some guys paint just like on the show. Nearly c'mon man and then Mike. Band and images like laugh about it they're both you could tell like tunnels are their home over the Felix still drunk from Mike the night before that thing. It is it's got element I love gave Alabama a jackass like galaxy K wide but some of those they take Erica now a little too much without a got to come out on the out by. To get past like 35 it's just that. Yeah it is. That's enough out of course Curb Your Enthusiasm is on Susan want to move the how about all of this news this is big time dork news right here Rhine. Fox may end up selling it to Disney and what does that mean well what that means is right now marble. This sort of split knew of properties would Disney which is your MCU event properties with fox which is your X-Men your fantastic for your dead pool. And so this would bring the two together. And this could open up the doors for all kinds of you could actually get. The real infinity ward lake from the comic he could get avengers vs X-Men two particularly great comic but the idea that you all these characters under won the roof. Would be pretty incredible all below. I think maybe one bit of I saw a good tweeting about this this one in my thoughts as well while everybody's all hot and bothered nobody get a right together as is amazing. You look at what marvel is doing right or what would the MCU was doing a lot of fun movies one we're gonna get two and a few minutes and Thor wracked Iraq. They look at fox fox said some big misses ride but they've also had to Logan in dead pool. Yes select either really high end and the lows elect to pursue. They're such trash but they're so differently the MCU movies summer funnier than others and summer whatever but they're all PG thirteen. The fox lake Logan and dead pool our eight different kind of thing and I don't know if they would would that happen under the Disney umbrella. I don't think so I honestly don't think so I think you're you're gonna get straight PG thirteen at best they he's gonna go for it art art movie Nickelodeon are dead pool I. Don't love that that this happens before dead bolt who are although maybe they're already filming that's a maybe now. I'll be fine but down the road. Not that you needed a sequel below and I don't know but but you know it just fills ideally I really liked those movies as well also on the one and Michael good. They can save the fantastic four like they won't be a ship property anymore like they'll be really good. And I that's one that should be PG thirteen it should be the gov that whatever. But some of these darker ones that they could tell. We may lose that we may we may miss out on that or against go to DC for earlier only dark complex. Oh are you really rollout civil war to. Yes you could which it was not met with as much fanfare and civil war one I would imagine about this Orion your guy Lou Diamond Phillips. He was arrested for do you why. This lesser part of the story after asking police for directions. I don't know but what is dead giveaway if somebody is asking somebody for directions in 2017. They're probably drunk or high or something. Or gathers the other some gone on there if you each employee Conan Google map that. You can Google map that you can't wave is that you don't have a they get GPS I'd navigational device in the car I'm guessing Lou Diamond Phillips. Has some sort of look at what a nice Garmin in business that Norman there. If as you might look at rock in the garment we don't know. So here's the good news that does not create. It's always sunny in Philadelphia one of our favorite shows. Will be leaving Netflix on December 8 and so if you're like me whoever wants a while when nothing's on just sort of pop Bonner gold it's always sunny episode on the afflicts. They're gone on December 8 so if you wanna binge watches it or just watch their favorite episodes between now and then I would recommend you do so. All are what you can do here's some good news Richard all of your iTunes there's records like look at it it does so like you I was very upset about this. Apparently fox sold all the rights to their shows to Hulu so few stream Hulu Hulu all of the fox shows are gonna will. All of a sudden god got something going back I kind of dishonesty Hulu back in the day who now seems like a legit thing. Yes so it's more geared toward Stevie and I don't think they put out a lot of their own stock as much as Netflix no now all the networks up and move over that's right daddy getting fox is going to exclusively to lose all right we'll look out you still watch. Hulu and up then oh other TV news or western world season to. Will premiere in the spring of 2008 team also known as next spring. Right in this got pushed back to beat someone didn't say who was with someone like stop a horse and like ism you really hurt. The only actors and a friend who was there really heard about and nobody actual actor. This show and now this idea bold flavor here Ryan by this show. Sneaky sucked. What do you think now I know him and this fight now what I said when we did the episode. But we did season one of west world. Deep in the archives there and I really liked early as one of those shows where I think the pilot was the best episode. You know it's one of those things where like I really I liked it a lot. But I I would I found myself justifying wire like. It is something that you can is that they use the sad that so that. The what why -- well you know at Adelaide explain like if you know somebody like stranger things you tell somebody like demon from select OK. You know I've if you are right like right I like west world know like how come I'm like well. Must get pretty fit ethnic ethnic privilege I I don't know man just I like it a cab like I like it defied. This is also one. My eyes and I don't watch a Thomas shows together like the ones that I like she has no interest in advice Versa. But this is one that we were were both watching it. And she. Before I did she kind of turned on at first I think a kind of planted the seeds and has elected maybe you're right I agree this is it as it is probably the same thing that you're dealing with where. Among our top west worlds is a wide economic on Arnold it's on and we are. We need Doug don't vote once it happens that I don't care that I I don't within the character select well most of them sucked so. All right but I'm gonna give a regular season to a shot. Mozilla bigot if he did get cowboy Emmitt oil and other ago I. Of course I am of course I am the other thing Ryan this is they comic news now this would be enough for. What what did you wanna call uncle buck comic book. Comical buck it's called comic (%expletive) guys. Will be joining get out Rhode Island compound this weekend but does this would be right up his Alley. Brian Michael Ben this. When you certainly read as well as I have you know Jessica Jones he did. The miles Morales Spiderman run as Brian Michael bend us. I either slow things as well but he is leaving marvel or DC. Which is pretty interest that's a good get by a by DC so we'll see Williams I don't know what properties been assigned to anything like I put them very good jumpin on one of the rebirth things in and go from there. Yes I mean it I mean there hiring and talent out kind of reworked and yet that's pretty good are you ready for the next portion of the program kinda. East all the. Okay. Even hand. It's not. All right now you're kind of maybe not as sold on this bottom I'm curious to hear what you have. Well I had a couple of probably releases that I didn't actually get to talk about last week Wolfenstein and you'll what I came out and that's getting rave reviews but again it's getting great reviews right now supermodel and Super Mario Odyssey. Which I guess is really cool and it's got some you know it at that Nintendo 64 by two which is way more wide open. Which is cool on the cures which person the other topics which news Barack to bring in Mike Hart and games like doom is now on the switch. Cool though it under they yellow gold the more mature that you know we're not the end though that kitty gamespot were started a little blood and gore which is backed. Now but you know week I got last week I kind of got hammered with a video games that I like god I'm playing three games simultaneously right now a dimension on the last one. That's tough for me to do I can't all a better man can do with the denied. Actually four or not treasonous eighteen. South Park fractured but hole. That its creed and did WW region which are still playing blues. I can't even get out of the goddamn create a player screen I got I'm not I I just beat a team might do by walker element tag affixed a and then like I don't like his his strike so I gotta go back and fix those the united means so. It's just it's too much it's just too much yeah. No it's much too much there's there's a lot you can really sink your teeth into there and I've been doing Evans and an XT fights yup mix in some promo of a cut some ill Promos in the ring. You go angrier Ugoh Lex thought I go like the on the you know nobody yet collected data O'Brien like nobody you know. I I I got most counted out you know. I kind of gone full he'll most of the time like this out socks you guys also hot that the figure I gonna (%expletive) on you and Eric. You know visa B you sock back kind of thing. How we spoke to run a successful tag team of bomb bomb going off base here all he'll. Also what needs to have a great right now Rupp we've started as singles competitors and annexed the and then what we're gonna do is where to find each other. And one is gonna have to turn. To whatever more successful the time. Art depending on what the video at the storyline is at the time maybe I can become a good guy maybe you become a bad guy. And then that point that we have a good year to Ron as a heel or face and then we switched every week we keep staying fresh we change our outfits we look a little bit different that people are gonna know ahead with that kind of thing. By go have a golf phase you know we got off. We gonna we gonna absolutely dawson's that I got that kind of under a minute I get it up in a tough week for me video game. I don't or about a year you're you're swamped right now but you're keeping us abreast of all of the of the new video games out there. Let's get on to the topic is your Ryan. When was the topic of the day in today it is the latest film in the MCU. For rag in Iraq. This is the seventeenth. Movie in the marvel cinematic universe discreet and we're gonna begin as we always do spoiler free for a start this bad boy spoiler free. And I ask you run like you're doing every movie in with a every TV show. Did you like it. And itself. I'm also well selected now. This movie is been I haven't looked recently but it was like in the mid ninety's on rotten tomatoes both fan and critic people are loving this movie. And one thing of one of the tag lines that they say you know one of the quotes of one of the pull quotes on there is the funniest marvel movie ever. Do you agree with the acts. Seemed really at guardians still funnier pretty like this how many more. I do get an out but I'll tell you want but. What made you want to get an spoils. And is spoilers okay but for sure. It's it's in the top tune in for for comedy like I laughed a good amount I thought it was really fun to be good job taking these characters were so ridiculous like. Some of them are more grounded and you know even in the MC oh yeah oh yeah of a character like hot guy who is Tuesday a bone marrow guy and then the you have four is a Norse god you have whole who can you just do halt things they're they're on as garb gets so crazy. And I like out you know they they did take the template from guardians the guardians is out there are all these you know made up planet's doing all these different things they got people with green skin keep people with blue skin purple skin. And they made it lightly made it funny and they did the same thing here you know of all the crazy character like corps who will get into. Lake dated a really good job. And we talked about this I think this might be better pick of the podcast from the you. Like a couple years ago was planet Hulk in world war hole. So what they did as the combined a lot of that good stuff. And then gave before the floors the title character but a lot of the best stuff was actually pulled from Hulk comic book. What did you think of the action in this. I want I want it more action. Is that weird that we just say no I think a lot to a more action at times I think there there was but I will. Say hey it maybe I'm wrong but again without giving anything away. So for has had three of his own movies plus he's been in a couple of avengers movies. Didn't you think he had some of the best for moments in this one. Oh absolutely you know cut it you know you actually saw him go like full rated on this one. Yes but yet there's a lot of electricity. Yeah yeah which is ticket giving you saw a lot of Emmys solemn you'll near ridiculous. Spotlight which is yes. And in light of lightning missed that among a lot of lightning if you don't want Hussein. That there was times there was like com. I said but they humor kept it afloat pretty well but there are times like it kind of dragged a little bit McConnell what it's pop you know I mean. Yeah may be like one more act again proved to be any longer I think it was it was fine the guy I was never like comic I was too long by that but. At the same time. Maybe you replace sort of way. But it dialogue scene with a little more actual more sweetie. Or it. Now are terrible I'll save it a token candidate now get back to the overall story though Ryan would be. You know who the villain ended up being I guess we knew the eagle was newest talent going so. Sort of her arc I I'll tell you what we we crap on marble build a lot I really enjoyed Helen Giles about how it was elegant. That Cate Blanchett can care bit in net bodies to. All my god I thank you for saying that I was watching this and I'm like I knew what was Caitlin Chet I am not a huge Cate Blanchett and she's actually. Somebody I don't even have an opinion of but it's very rare to not have an opinion of somebody to keep let's set the deal like here know the hater no linkages that's how I felt poignant. Combination. Of her body suit and her eye make up. I was fully aroused smoky hole the ship bird that was what that occur she was hottest talk in that. Mayor I had the I had to cool off. That was I sit back but I really didn't I never I never would have thought of cape lynch as somebody had wanna steal a smooch from. But may have all lives she popped. She still myopia a second to go more as far as in the MCU anybody I could still smooch from second to go Mora. The guardian issue close. Got to him she close out there for sure but the overall story ride did you how did you think that was like I guess the plot of the movie to. He can basically was to swords again yeah Islamic he's dead and I'm much more enjoyed the planet Hulk. About world war of the planet Hulk side of it that I did the Greg rock side of it. Yes I I agree that too much or seeing me but I do think the really Smart choice because if you if the movie was just one of either one. Again if the if the movie was just rag rock. Then it would have been for the dark world to. But it ended that if it was Jeff although. The planet Hoch they could have done but I think we would have got a hold a board that he needed to load and a ball. It would have been wasn't like I think with planet ultimately. Marvel studios finally decided to let we're never gonna make plans help will be another not gonna get a standalone holt ever again it doesn't seem like yes like. Put that story is too good to not. Right so let's use this now is a good call. Did you now without question it's the best for right at a time debatable. Okay now where does it not Europe to pinpoint the exact number but where does this fall for you. Within the M see you as I mentioned before they're seventeen. And CU movies I feel at the top three or four. For a lot of people are now locked in at the bottom three or four or how locked in the and then you get some good debates say anywhere between five and in 1012. Five. What I've an 880. Let's let's work and let's work in tears delegate states seventeen movies sold makes for Earl makes for people like a love for basically right. And one of five yes I think this land it like the second year. I I think so too it just off the top my head I wrote this down I I don't know what the hell do within the gates I don't know but I would have. Lake it some order everybody could sort of pick their own favorites bullied guardians. One avengers. Civil war. Winner soldier of the first Iron Man but those are probably out everybody's like top five David at the top here they got. Put it I would put it in with like. Guardians to. Column. Spiderman by. Yet like homecoming later it did that in that realm yelling ant man Doctor Strange and again it's above and below are links homecoming like it there yet that the ring. The re seeing kinda standalone and of this is me this is like a trilogy if you will but it's also not late. Late how much should you remember of dark world or how much did you remember from the first thawra did it matter for this. Well that's a picnic date they mentioned things there had gone on in the dark world yet like so much time has passed that they had the last board spent a night out. This is more because again these guys weren't in civil war and you you know why they're doing this but this is basically like. But the sequels all trauma for the v.s to care for these two avengers. So that was pretty good. Dorks score hash tag dorks score one through six. We're dealing with the us. I like a hard five as well. But there's room for brewers at the greatest movie ever put like a four or four and a half we just feel too low when he was more enjoyable than that so let's lock it in as a five. And then. The game Osi front or he's seen this but you're still still hanging on for the spoiler free. But most marvel movies coupled and credit scenes not as many as guardians to but there's a mid credits scene and there's an end and credits scene so strap in for both of those. Are we ready for sport different. So let's go literally go right. Patrick who let everybody know that there's spoilers here so you know if you haven't seen the film. Maybe come back come back live picture of the download come back later you are here go right to basically rag in Iraq is just. The demise of jazz guard Mike gets up but a prophecy that has guard is going to be destroyed. I'll buy that big ass holes he's gonna take it down and that's a bit they've all sort of notable Wragge. One yes and that is it is a large part of be as guardians Norse mythology board. Yes they're just waiting for this thing to happen and how can you how can you avoid it. This obviously how I think the movie. Boils down basically Oden ends up dying. You know it didn't hop in the father of the war in bogey and how well now Helen gets a lot more power. Because Oden has died and now would lead you believe that low key and for also get more power because business. For ends up going to sort car. Where he finds whole. This is after Calgary were introduced to. Sells them there we also find out the Dockery hails from has guarded she's been. Now Alec not a Downey hotter but he basically just like sells these guys to the grand master. She's like cool way. That it junker and missed avid DS is a cooler hipper red. So that the three of them. And that kind of team up with low key they escaped from the grand master they go back to as guard in an attempt to save the people from Opel how law. And that ultimately they turned it. What the hell's the guy forget the guy's name now but they basically create rag Iraq's appellate can deal would that. And they can save all the people from NASCAR because as Oden told them as cars on a place at the people. So that's what we're dealing with here that that's sort of sums it up and as they say cancer puts it up into two movies. But it worked out pretty well what did you think of the Doctor Strange. Rural tee and I nightly cameo he would get a decent roll it. Roll yes they are all night to bring him back I think it was more just get a remember this guy I think. Like tie it into more of the characters I think also has doctor strangers and to plan a bigger part in infinity war what you do here is civil war was such a great movie and it had like fifteen characters in it but it did not have strange whole earth or so throat. Groups them together and it also. It first after the movie is over elected it really even need. Doctor Strange. But it also can't gave you an idea of what he's up to and who like this is also in the of the post credits of Doctor Strange a lot of the scene. A lot of the first like two minutes that it was in I'd I would say like you hit the nail on the head towards god that was not as much. Therefore the plot of this movie but I think what it is it's they've been some exposition time. In infinity war or we don't have to explain now like with Steven Strait has been doing since zone will be. It how good he is slick he's road fishing in his (%expletive) now he can make those gold circles like nobody else can. Speak pretty quick he's quick data and he can move god like low key stress of attack go is a boom you go to Norway. Right so he's like he's opening oral door so it does allow you to do a lot of things and rather than having a four and low key spend. Twenty minutes looking for Oden you know they can just go to Doctor Strange he's like oh here's your dad Bo so it. And it was cool for revenue with a great it was like almost like. If you're paying attention haven't throwaway line where he pores like well how do you go into that well I've been this is what I've been doing a good looking. To see where people are what they're up but yet watch everybody yeah Al absolutely and so good to know that he's he's doing that you know. Right if so he's so doctors ranges is thrown into into that there is gone and we don't we don't see him anymore. A little thing about it wasn't necessary but it was important I liked it yeah I'd I'd I'd definitely did Matt minded and that's what's really helped. Some of these. These moves like a character that that necessarily but there does have a good standalone like this one Mike and in thawra dark rose even worse. But when you combine whole offers so much hole and then you combined in a Doctor Strange for a little bit it definitely helps. What did you make of where it had jumped around here in the what did you make of halt. Staying in the hope for for so long and talking answer his attitude because at first I didn't love it I'll be honest. Yeah I didn't love it to start but then it got the more sought at the better the more content like how it got better. You grew up on you they grew on me because we get really seem that rightly week we'd see him as halt any was non like pretty much non verbal. If you just smash stuff that Scarlett Johansson were not the tellem that you know the sun's UMO but that's all it really seen from hole. Did it like trying to do he have trying to do those hysterical. What are my favor seeing now some of the comedy was in the trailer the one of I want a public remark rough Lola comes to. Eighties where in. Tony Stark's close which is a great little treats him but yeah he's like what happened in the hours ago that we got into a fight he's like who was I did I I want these like death that on right. The guided added testing at the. Tom on the other thing you'll they've applauded me with that though is like he says these notify you if I change in the Hulk like I'm not I'm not Amanda comeback as bad. And then he'd it any changes Specter the Hulk at the end of the movie and then we like OK is it begun being banner we never has she been arrogantly they've ever bring it up again. Now I know like that's one of those tricky things with with a hole put if you wanna use that a sort of plot points forum that are okay then how many more times can he can you do this. But I like I like the idea that the more heat turns into the Hulk though more and kind of slips away. I like that two aisles like the idea that he yet sort of more verbal it's almost like. The more time he's being called 'cause the more time like he's like learning like what's going on seeking action like talk and I understand you a little bit. In May be paved the way for gray in a red Hulk. I think we I mean we know read all his in this universe raise a thunderbolt Ross and allow the comics and that being read home. That'd pretty bad I get a whole whole goddamn movie again but I don't know if they wanna I wanna do that but. Also the one scene where he jumps out of the plainly before Val green knew we was. He jumps out of the plane turns in the hole what he has. Shorts on. Nearly shorts the shorts would agree that it. The ultimate Tony star he was complaining about Tony Stark can't be a tight anyway. Thought I'm not find that a couple of other cameos but besides Doctor Strange like you get the black widow recording from all trauma that was good to see that kind of back on halted the the cool Lou the F awful that. Stanley who's in all these movies he and his role coming stores hair what what authority to get a haircut. I don't know. Because it was weird as they the they took his eye out which there's some versions of the comma worth store. Doesn't have a he's missing tonight so they took that out then they took away like the signature hair smells like what are we doing there. At a really good really matter either way he didn't affect me and. No I did the Specter evening and I think it was just you know. That that would given to look you know to spice up a little bit in other senior Obama spoke. What did you how does it in my zeros than your momma store. How about the young Matt Damon Sam Neill looks Hemsworth stimulus. It was amazing because like I had no idea that this was in the movie I had no clue I'm so I'm looking at low key was like. That person is playing low key in this play a McCain technology like that game. And that sort of like is that this doesn't. And a look at that Michael OK this is like some sort of like inside joke of a polish at that's Matt Damon and I look at DC simulate the out BM Hemsworth are looking at where. Lucas this lucas' the other brother and their brother the shorter brother yeah who was actually in west world by the way what world at a time when we're accurate on the nights. Yes but I thought. That was really clever and you know the story that I've. It was Hemsworth visit Chris Hemsworth was like are my he said that cycle Wikipedia like oh I mean my buddy Matt to complain low key and he's like Matt who. That it is a Matt Damon out of McAuliffe and Gloria are you glad you called he's going to be two days later he was there. Sure known something was up because on an episode where Hemsworth was on the Jimmy Kimmel. Like Matt Damon cal I crashed it might have something to say you buy a video of some batter on him wash abroad just like the headline of it and I know Jimmy Kimmel I'm Matt Damon are really good friends so I was like well maybe that's an above like he thought in the movies about thirty Buick co promote in the movie. And Mary how stupid demise. You number doubt that was pretty good go back to the they did you need to see. Any of the other the day they obviously talk about other movies but this one also. Kinda stands alone which is weird for a movie that is the third and a four series in the seventeenth in the MCU. If you just watch this hypothetically again no no dork who's doing that if this is the only movie. You'd probably enjoy the hell out of it and really. The B a couple of scenes re right look over to like who's talking about or what what what are from but you do at a food stand up on its audibly. And the one that jumps out at me at the one where you see. Black widow project and pop up on the screen and the turned back in their Bruce Banner and elect. If you hadn't seen any good without that he's now right remedy is that it's a gorilla and gorilla good way to keep saying you know what's that you would yeah. I'd love to when they were explaining away that where they've been for two years how Thor was like yeah you know I've been out there looking for infinity stones. I didn't find any can get it like that that's part that's perfect. So this is another thing that jumped out was the the teams that we're sort of assembled seat at four hole low key artery. Kind all played by I just Elba and cord. In the tenth or calls on the road ventures which is great and it's also from the comet or one of the kind of meat and meat which is a great joke at the end. But when we talk about. Extra fight scenes at the could have had maybe get one more. Hi you'd do it though it would you would you want one more sort of gladiator match. Kind of but I wanted to see elect meek elect meeker court. You know go attic you know I mean. I think it would have been fun yet to see how good those guys were now they obviously wanted the big reveal of whole conform but they gave a tear in the trailer like do you think it was a mistake or was that seems so good to that probably helped them get as many people there. Yeah I only get better I think he even if you knew it was coming date there were some wrinkle there that they threw ratchet that you didn't. You know necessarily we you would never see in the trailer now. Did you think that. Dockery joined up with the team a little too easy. A little bit he died and it was just satellite. You know cute like that strong technology supplement you gotta like what does that put the autumn and just came anyway. Yeah it surely is enough the duo of she sold on the way had nothing to do that than low key sort of jog your memory and she saw like the Val curry you know. Fight on as target you know how in hell kill them. And so I mean maybe that was enough but it seemed they get you a hard ass hard especially Carrasco Nutten. All right but anyway I like that team a lot of that they were really good and so it led me to ask this question. Best six person team. Like us or six and a half lead you meek as well. So those six just mentioned in yep the know that yes bore hole but he also low key who could stab in the back literally any second. Yeah Val Greek prime Dell and core. For the guardians of the galaxy. Now did you start lord go more on rocket group tracks. You'll throw on mantis what's the missing somebody thrown mantis to make it six. And then the civil war teams split those peddlers and half the of Captain America winter soldier falcon ant man scarlet witch ad hoc guy. And an iron man's team of him. War machine black panther Spiderman. Vision and black widow. Which. It is yeah we knew we he proposed this idea is right but it depends on what I'm doing okay you're trying to win a fight to the death. Straight up street right. Streets of the airport's fifty or wrote gladiator pit let's say your inaccurate that gladiator pit in though. In the car. Then I'm taken bore hole will keep Dockery I'm dull corps recording because I'm taken now. I think you have to rather just short hole Cologne now vision and scarlet witch can make it interesting you know late. How powerful they are in the what they can do. I love the guardians of the galaxy but they're probably in trouble although if you a full grown grew. You might be in the mix. But Tom and I. I get much chance. Do and and meant it does nothing and let you touch is somebody so cheap market expected and tightly they have that. No probably not. Rockets gonna have to like he's got the cook up some sort know a lot of guns what is it needs. Yeah I. Before whole team might be just impossible. And the possibility fumble and espionage like ongoing Covert black ops mission not taken Captain America went to sort of balcony and its growth which in pocket. I bet that no great oh my god you guys your like you did and now you want some yeah well the heat of yet if I'm going to (%expletive) (%expletive) up and take it star or two more rocket or direct hit it right but if we're in a street fight we're going to include. We're going news team play I'm taken at first it. Oral so and so what's crazy is if they can dump the same page again though in civil war half the team hates half the team right now and it's a bit of a problem. But if all these guys get on the same page but this is like when he five. Bad asses but it's going to be them vs fan ounce and Doctor Strange as he rounds are prohibited next to resign on any of these teams. Which. On and would now maybe not. Ended up missing another character to captain marvel but we don't have a marvel either. Panels is gonna have to. And Rex and ship there but. Those are good Steve Jobs that thorn all just the two of them together like that's why civil war was even somewhat realistic zero if you have one of them would be so much destruction and that it would be. Yes yes. It's just too much just. Aren't so did you and other things I really enjoy the movie I liked what you did I thought it was funny. IE there's a lot of good jokes and their big match they were joke was. Well there's a lot of good ones but Hulk. Hitting like that bridge like at the end like. Full go at all Bruce Banner tonight and all Bruce Kennedy making them like splat sound back on a huge I got a huge left in the theater. You know ego has got a huge pop pew is like any time this was the most Jeff Goldblum Jeff Goldblum has ever been in this like a total of love they could never gave him any direction it is got a game to make up and elected at the there's beat you yeah. But I thought one of those sneaky funniest part sort of like there's no gun on the ship and then doubt creep like I think this looks like a gun and she hit like this button. Though expired or so that it's not. Good for Gillick the actual morality but like I was dying plastic wrap up that was the funniest thing these. Ortiz yeah yeah yeah our Jim was hysterical. Yeah I thought out of the fire propelled off and obviously cord anytime accord that anything. Withdrew his as director of the movie. Tiger what TV either the voice there which was which was tremendous added that it. And the truth self body America so corps is also a character from planet Hulk valid right out of the comics. I love right away either really set the tone for the movie. Was when you have a guy forget that idea guy's name the big huge exceed GI villain yet and he has the war all like changeup. He's explained always gonna do it's on if there's almost CGI guy has never looked great like in Wonder Woman when they did it in I always think. Suicide broad it's hard it's just doesn't look right let's like rocket fire whatever. But he explained dome like I was doing now Wragge rocks and happened. And the or dislike it up Obama I get a YouTube like Hewitt we move the ball that the because it takes them isolated pass that was a way as they have on here this guide are now ready. I got right away like OK this is going to be. They're kind of smiling with you during the during the movie. And if they had thought it was great news or can be cut Alex stiff like I felt like it's like you used to you can't take this. It's ridiculous like BI it's a ridiculous ridiculous so make it ridiculous don't have a beat those periods all the time. But it really evened their vendors which is a great movie music super serious but all the time. Yeah it was ridiculous. It is bad commute I'm into like he's he's pretty funny. Only held it in NATO and court was talking about how we wanted to start a revolution but he's been given a pamphlet out Obama knows. In his mom and her boyfriend showed up we elect the mom's boyfriend. Yeah he's. Tuesday and the joke at the end of I'll meet you though I get what about Megan of mixed dead. I stepped out of I feel so bad for the cure them around there were a big big that theater applauded everywhere literally with a on literary walk that put itself that. And that he wakes up in the and so so meets going to be all right thank god. He's asking me that what you get is like Booth like eggs the the collect eggs. If you look at the mic it's like drilling is it like it's fun to pulls these like. Hit a horrible looking creature. But a nice guy nonetheless. Now did you feel like. To me Italy another day of the way to set things w.s go on the move is going with a preview clip. And then they go they rescue all the as guardians which apparently 200 people have announced guard on. That well I think a lot of them went down hello white a lot of them out on the day in the fight in the first exchange. She did murder of ballot on T it almost almost go to beyond seeing. Oh that was you know you're good point is very similar to that that I buy a point that I didn't hit on spoilers was that makes source first move. But when he kills that big CGI monster like rip the head off in my does is going away in his like slam is hammered down his ticket mass. A like he hasn't done anything that cool in any of the movies I don't think. And so that was bad ass to Selig who is stuff would that would the hammer and and that immediately gives. Hello like credibility when she just crushes the hammer like holy (%expletive) like the sheet you Wear a mask around her yet. So critical new. Yet he's gonna have to you did it wouldn't be cute but what do you gotta ever got to hammers and even I even here it's funny everybody was funny in this. Did he acts my wrong that he get something after hammering in the comics. Well you we'd we broad in the notebook dementia so beta ray bill I have like this weird look and claw it. That he's somehow get. The beta ray bill by the way is that Revver race probably seen him he looks Caroline go horse trailer what is yet is Alex is sort of like the warm course in what was really bad ass was. In that scene. It's a car. Like right near like the gladiator pit there were their building like these statues are monuments of all these great fighters and so they are currently building one of hole because hole could become a this is dynamic fighter. But if you look on that little wall. Beta ray bill was on there. By he's supposed to be in the movie he wanted to put this so. I I prefer this like I didn't. So you you acknowledged that he exists you can let your imagination run wild that he was a gladiator bad ass until of people and he could be out there somewhere. But you didn't need to put him in there for two minutes in and people would have been more pissed about him not being used properly that's I'd feel. And just bring you our casualties we do you have some casual fans here that you wanna throw those little nugget out there. The grand master and the collector are Brothers. That's right. And it's funny at all which is perfect right it would Jeff Goldblum and Benicio del Toro and they have a similar look till late into the good job in the what they're coming into. It makes sense that they are related I think I heard. Was it watch TV or video somebody maybe five he's somebody sand. You know there's there's hopes that they don't know how they're doing yet but they would like them to be in a scene together like that what would be pretty cool. A look at what that he'd seen with the gear on potato or be Goldman. Felt horrible pit road but you'd be exactly like her eat yet who you know we're the other person. So by beast was another character that I like to face he was on there and Aries which is a different areas from a Wonder Woman because. Neither one of them made up Aries the space. It's exactly the same character to life in different yeah. But though it were taken into that you guys would know like Greek and Roman mythology and copyright their (%expletive) apparently so you can do is grab that some in the another character if you don't who it is at door podcaster door podcasted you know. Dot com I actually I liked that idea. Of including those characters so you know that they live within the universe but you'd have to. Waste any time with a right what about the ending like is rose to try to get to was a lot of really good stuff you knew where it was going to be saved Diaz guardians. Then they they got a minute ship in the that's great Holcomb the whole thing low key and whatever. And then they're like aren't all how we gonna stop how are not well. This is an ideal but the call back you know my dad said it's not a place at the people's will save the people tumble on leash rack Iraq on as guard. And then so it seemed like how those about to have a fight in an early and the movies are. And wouldn't you know I I think you know that's. Left open radio for some reason maybe she'll be back maybe the giant dog will be back. We have a huge wolf thing which is also in the common name it's. Gonna forget in my mind and now. But that is one of those things where. It's good because then over the it's like over two hours there's a lot times Jordan can wrap it up nine wrap up an entire. So I never really had that sense I'd I was that you for the first time a long time went the other way and Mike. And that's okay. And prevent a well 88. College professor I had pulled to the best way to end a paper. Is to stop. If that's there well he's not wrong. Many are wrong and if you look at it Eliot there's so many. If you have somebody Lucent to get a tie up sometimes just a bit like cut bait in Buick we're done here instead of like Lord of the Rings to get where you have like six endings. Well and you don't troops it was like OK so if they showed us the hello fight. What does it matter like. All the guys like four and his everybody there as oriented they're leaving and they're gonna start as a guard in Norway but they're going to earth it looks like and that they're gonna start over from there. So what does it really matter at all this it does leave the door open for Helen who by the way very important note here she is constantly calling herself. One of death the mistress the death of the queen of death princess of death. Got to sit down. Lord of data warehouse is death. And in infinity gauntlet. EC fan knows is trying to impress death like ten houses of sudden death. And at either gets married to or he's in love with a or whatever the hell it is but I wouldn't be surprised if we were talking with the firepower that's going to be going up against an ounce. I wouldn't rule out Santos teaming up in some way with how would you. No I would not trying to impress her you know bright he just see her and let's face it we also heard that green suit in the eye make up we said. You know the London. Yes oh did you feel like. Debt in the infinity ward infinity gauntlet is just like a skull in like a black broke the looks like the grim reaper so. It does but it's an ounce gloves there. And it's it's a little. Got a quite yet just debt but so they could tweak it like for this for this case and so his old one. Career. And rear of the wolf. Yeah yeah but so what else wants to impress death by wiping out like everybody is that what what more impressed that the let me creating a ton of it. It's I don't know if that's their doses main motivation here I'm and he wants to get all the jams and he's on a hunt for the jams which we'll get to in the mid credits scene. But he's looking for the jams owed the other thing is we saw. Low key go down to Oden like basement there and pretty much and so. You see the tasks are racked. Which wouldn't you assume bloke you must took that with a now looks out that we know there's a relationship there. And I assume that's why fan houses are gonna be a knock it on on the door there. So I assume he took that they also made reference to the the Infiniti glove like that that power the golf let. They. There're still things that Nintendo glove though there Ers to mobile and honor of this is on purpose or want to that woman almost right hander wounds left handed it so with this one that. Hell even makes a comment like oh that's a fake. It yes he know that that's nice today innings they've they've dispel that of people wanna what goes on that. If it ties in to your point that she could be the debt in the infinity ward because. She would have known at the real one that panel says the real yeah bet. Oh I think she'll be back and I think it's gonna make this movie look even better like you were saying was Doctor Strange is sort of tied up some things there and then what hell introducing a really formidable formidable. Villain or she might be she's right at the top for me as far as villains in in this universe right now. She's really go to our our love to see here and there again. What else we got so mid credits scene. You get the that big ship filled in as guardians they're flying around doing pretty well and then all of sudden you get yourself a (%expletive) huge looking. Why old ship that is significantly larger. And I just get the sense that this is ban else. Deal like oh there's a and very stone on board and I'm gonna take it. Yes and not only that but like we have been seeing battles are well. Will be. Like it eight United Media in an. We see a lot of a lot and credit scenes and things like that we seem a little that we get in the time. I do like set up though I'm okay with a nice slow burn stuff. But he better be forgotten awesome and so also the it could be out by the time to listen to this put the avengers infinity war. Trailer has not been released but your remember when they played that one of the comic cons we solid bootleg versions of it. I did not refute it refuses it will lakers aren't so that I won't tell you what happens but let's just say. If the war happens to be in outer space we already know that he's already announcements right now. And so there's some other things you can you can tired your loosens up will you watch it though you don't want to once it's outrage. Ought to I just refused to Felix election keepers alike can I want he would like. I thought there was a couple of hours and off chance to be released during rag in Iraq I do wonder if they're saving it for Star Wars or maybe they're gonna kick it out somewhere between may be another Monday Night Football type thing I don't know what are. Say that the way things are gonna really get a trailer to announce that the trailer is coming and then now many trailer for the trip. I'm excited for the trailer for the trailer. There's usually they give you some good stuff stick. They give you some real good stuff that's going to be in the trailer. Yes or they just tell you a trailer for when you're gonna future. I love that. But you don't pay as you just you don't always know when the real trailers going to be. Dave because she beat yet seeing it video to tell you in the that video for the videos come. Now post credit scene Ryan is when he did grand master he's conduct let's just say he's SO well. Let's shoot out a lot. Not a good spot now Utah I saw this movie before you did you texted me and he said was the view of the and credit scenes and I said there's a mid and post in my words were. Mid worth watching. Post is up TO. I'm glad I did I mean I thought I buckled what what was funny in this so I wasn't I added that it was kind of useless. He was he was on useless but it was akin to the one and homecoming with. Captain America that America great patriot and rather keep it in for a very plot point original like out out on you know. What. Give a favorite part or at least they are part best worst part. I don't have placed so much of a favorite part I thought of the gladiator fight was really good but Ellis first fight was really good. I like I just like the interaction like the comedy that probably did it was guardians I think was. Surprisingly funny like it's time truce on either college surprise you was very light like that but this was like constantly flooding throughout. I do like guardians. Comedy better by. It's a close second as I wouldn't arguably good luck however I laughed so much harbor leg though they're both really dead. The sound tracking guardians also really kind of helps it make it like a cool movie this movie let with the colors and although the crazy characters of I was like Vonage. Will cool visuals and that thought they used that the Led Zeppelin the immigrant song with ought. I was just gonna ask you of those in my head all weekend long I was gonna say. Did you enjoy the fact that they played it twice. Just to go to capital index now that you know. Off script so true story I used to live it out in Manchester, New Hampshire and one of I would disagree ever got was four of us and two guys who lived in the same room. Was constantly like. You know frank each other public the way he would wait one guy would wake up the other guy every morning was that well. Love it or not the copyright that's has me doing that sound could be an I know you create your computer Robert Plant or you're having a hard time. There was full disclosure that was neat little peek behind the curtain how the podcast works. I did so guardians obviously they would go in like did the the musical is more part of the movie clearly but this one. It was great when they first laid at the beginning and that went into why I thought those like the best the war scenes I still go back to even that opening to him. Kicking ass and then fighting all of those like. Creatures are coming after me neither expert in the hammer their play in the music economic this is going to be greatly right away I am in the and then when they brought the song back again and I was like yes I will double down on the song I liked the song and it and it fit and so. I know fallen quite short again I don't draw I've no problem with that spent money. I would say like the worst part wasn't really any worst part like there was. There was one thing I didn't like Olga what do you. Scourge I did not like tolerant character a body was used was. Oh good point yes the scourge the executioner there. Yeah that was. Those kind of whatever like hello wanted to have a terror to their good news however throw away real. Also why why bring in all of the other I didn't need to do good where were they the other as guardians just to kill like the all exports buddies which. They didn't have a line like he did kill them right away. And Zachary Levi one of those guys. Yeah and Brey. Donovan right. Not great Donovan certificate of Stevens and is it Ray Stevenson guy area biggest killer but he didn't have a lot now they were in and out. And I don't know. Hello men do that is. Well at the anyway shaker Guatemala it yeah I would. I would say so. That's a new video store we hit on whole low key Bowker is about three. I thought hitter missed like certain scenes of like cool like I hope she's a part of the MC going for than others seem to like and I can really do without her. And I was reading all these headlines when a report by the movie I was like you know pass to talk to Mike completely steal the show in this movie disagree. And a lot of things that I think he was so sure roll was this was so over hyped up. That the first ball at any time bulk on the screen you feel macho and import was to court was awesome. Ozzie SA I would have about power ranking the characters for Thor Iraq Iraq I would go. Some four probably wanna miss his movies and the most than usually do 41. How lot to. Hole three and it yeah hole three Korb for. Probably low key five flea Ari I think she's a top five Carriker and the whole movie. I like how awful like that let those get them looking ship is like. They know divided (%expletive) anymore Kelly okay yeah we know you're married Alex split into two enough. Or like calls about ages these costly throwing (%expletive) out of silly to make sure that he's there I saw that as pretty yeah. You know I mean there was did Israel is really enjoyable laughed too in the future will maybe we got. Left on the slate for. MC two is we have black panther which is next years the early next in the February. That avengers infinity war. It men in the lost captain marvel. The unnamed avengers sequel number originally was there to work to really change that. And then they already asked Lee did I you Spiderman sequel any guardians agree. So. They're setting up for that they did a good job sort of you know. Getting you excited for the for the next onto the make credit scenes and in now with Thor Hulk are together in the are on the move so there brought him to join up the avengers. Pretty soon but. I'm excited at the other was a good movie but we'll have to re calm you know get our official rankings later on what you're tier system makes a lot of sense but I think they're really spark some serious debate. Yet it come out there with a headline like it's not even a top ten marvel movie. I think it is very. It is for it is for Chicago. Anything else we both given a five anything else on four rag Iraq Ryan. It's very enjoyable it is not like any it's it's more guardian that it is anything else obvious yes. Wanted to write a note that takes place in the couple XP. It should be I say it's it's worse than guardians one better than guarding him. Yes and it's got that kinda tall it doesn't take itself too seriously which you know all the DC movies are like. Notorious for just being to have these dark that this was not that at all exact opposite so it was we talk about it all committed to re gonna go to the movies like it yeah good point it. It's the fact on movie. This list on your goddamn movie and a little bit everything that he would want. In a movie did you tickets for Justice League yet tonight if not I I wonder if I need to do it because the. It's. All right Ryan time toward the pick of the pod cast into the tickle received. I will recede. The sticking with that they are the team this week I'll apparently was my pick at a podcast. 11 time but keeping on team if you have not read. Neil game in book on Norse mythology it's a really happy really quick read about it does is tell the stories that you've heard like in all explore movies. In video game and kind of style so it's not like he goes into the history of that are whatever he could actually tell the stories mice. Which it actually really cool so you read that the story of how hello went down to. To be that got us a little bored of or missile whatever of the dead and you learn about Federer in there about wracked Iraq and all that stuff so it's actually really and all the stories that nortel's. About locate that he did when they were kids those are actually in the book to. Yeah those are the book and those are also they're they're different comics throughout Liberty's arm like the snakes dolphins some of the other little stories they brought up but those are all nice little throwback to. Different things happen of course that was pretty cool. Probably have a bill yet those actually are from the quality in oh right right. And implement. There's stuff all around my pick of a podcast our Ryan and I both. Are on the most recent episode of the boxer's podcast. They are asking for just a couple of minutes thought on that man be Superman I guess that may be Superman's back in the red box so law. The two of us in view from the McEnroe podcast all weighed in. Spoiler none of us like that there and so we tell you wise to check out the most recent episode. Of the boxer's podcast also we don't have time to get to it. But as well let markets know for Marcus is listening. That he emailed us. Sort of video response to episode seven from stranger things. So I think maybe next week I will read it will do it at the hands of people are still behind a stranger things out of Los Boylan but. He was not a huge fan of episodes seven all suffice cassette. And so he wrote a letter basically to the tougher Brothers but I will read it next week speaking of next week Ryan it is Rhode Island comma con. And it's actually a good news bad news scenario the bad news is Davey cannot go to comic con at the verdict the good news though Ryan. Is I'm gonna interview a bunch of people hopefully. And then when I play the audio next week you won't have heard it so I can I can ask you questions or what you think they may say and you can make predictions have been. I would be so fun and you go on the comic book guy. Comic book guy will be there as well so won't be just walking around you know solo but if you ceemea are everywhere in the hash tag dork T shirts so. I'll come say hello. Plugs Ryan let's plug some stuff forty got. It's plug and stuff like well I got right now let's speak well. Ominous billiard thunder right now instead of buying a goddamn piece shared just by god damn good. We made god damn goodies and I am thinking so the T shirts that we had made it represent dot com. We we got I'm fine leg I they're not the most comfortable T shirt they get the job done like that the print looks go to I'm I'm fine with it. I'll before I make extra T shirts I wanna see if they've changed some of the materials and things like that I think could be fund to make. You know it Davies video game minute shirt a whatever that whatever the (%expletive) we come up was like you know. Or to even tried fits Wear to the gym about that heavyweight caught you know running. Are a bit dry fit there apple will able to come. But do Lewis told me sauber to blame do if you don't like it Agoos at the sweat shirts are pretty goods we made a hash to act door on dorks watcher. So just in time for the winner seasons of buy yourself a goddamn. Dork sweatshirt represent dot com if you just searched door it's you'll see the teacher you'll see that the hoodie on there. As well of course iTunes. You know what after our stranger things episode we jumped back into the top 200 like a hot second and every day and we felt right out and but I. And thank you that's for you guys subscribing that's you guys. Listening to the podcast for writing reviews you've been getting a few more reviews on their since you do that much appreciated for that. That is really cool you can email us or podcast at gmail.com. And you cannot. This up on Twitter at dork podcasts. At our Von. Yeah I haven't been muted much about it because like that have been buried. The slots on an up and up the Mike back in business. It disgusting. That is absolutely disgusting. But Richard I'd always say I want to do I'll leave you little thing yes you tell right now. I'm a little thought right now now does it do they saw earlier. And I I don't have a full blown cold but like this is sicker I get and you know Koo was all over me he was under the weather for really long time now and it is one retaliate you know. To get up in the morning and tell you go right to the coffee as we all do sure have a glass artist get your vitamins could point out that immune system right now on I mean. Take an airborne. Feel great. Like an airborne. Eight and up. Thanks tried so you're you're informed that your big orange juice guys now. It out just you know if you feel a little you know. Peck you feel a lot of weather perhaps. March if your (%expletive) throat is scratchy mix and an orange juice and they didn't know some citrus aren't. Thank you Ryan.