#DORK 40: Rhode Island Comic Con

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Wednesday, November 15th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey talk about their trip to Rhode Island Comic Con.  Keefe had the pleasure of interviewing a number of very nice people who were in attendance.  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to my which cheek is the door. Monty. If there is my dorm my cash. Thanks for journey into another episode of hash tag or mining is for Steve joined once again by Ryan David how you. Hello Richard how are you I'm good or you'll sic has gone. Other local no just a little scratching my throat and had a a long weekend in Nashville where I was raising my voice very much so my voice is on its way back. Look at the oil that's good that your I'll say well yeah. Get your weekend. While Claire what happened when they all Obama weekend coming up I want to Rhode Island comma condi just are my favorite episodes to do it better a handful comic cons you meet a lot of great people Ryan and then we we've replay some of those interviews for the listener. We get a lot of positive feedback on these and I feel like this will be no exception this was this was tremendous. River and go strong to quite strong bullet to bullet the listener decide whether or not I will say we did. We actually ran into a handful listeners off fuel more asking about you that are worth rise of rye could make it though it. Well I'd like to meet the elect perhaps next time but it we have it ready people rented a summit with the dork shirt I think that was a dead giveaway and so they said. Wanted to say what's up but. Should go to the next portion of addicts and yet packed episode through muzzle keep things wrong here. It. Our big news of the day trial were recordings on Wednesday night the earlier today the dead pool to Apollo teaser that came out a little little painting action from dead ball with a little bit like a few snippets from a the upcoming movie it released the poster it was late last week over to Thanksgiving dinner type of thing. Dead pool table all the characters from the dead pool will be on both sides of the table he also a little stand Lee. Framed picture in the background but what did you think of the teaser. Those greater anger for the people that Bob brought to the states for letting him use the music and they would be outfit ballot stuff out of those those really funny. And they came out like forgive the pun but guns blaze and that these are above is really funny really good. Really set the tone for the movie I think is going to be so about it actually really tapping the. I'm pumped Stanley for dead pool to us was those prizes and a bigger such a crazy job marketing the first one ever it was everywhere you couldn't go. It was on every billboard it was at every bus stop it was on the commercials nonstop Twitter that is that's a good job on Twitter but Ryan Reynolds is a good follow the so as the dead pool account. It so they're constantly updating stuff but it seems like would this. Jimmy Moore the same for dead pool to which began. And it skated great and let it set him in a bid if it either as anything with the tone of the movie is going to be even dumb. Amal and. Well obviously we're cook and now black panther released the budget character posters. What does what's the this craze by the way they do. We we were always reits we don't we wouldn't and you know post about their their cool summer from a look at that the movie posters one thing. They also a lot of these other movies specially Star Wars and comic book movies they throw like every forget I get a top ten characters in the movie all get their own poster to what are what are responsibilities. Just reduce it to Richard. A gases like our I was so they looked pretty handsome though there to challenge your your really you know looking good that your. Here's alphabet the helmet off those who could see your pretty face of those nice. Where they got my good side which was the date on. Yeah straight on Russell is your good I guess that's the side if you will. Eddie anything you wanna give us on the movie I know you guys are usually pretty tight lipped as it relates to spoilers that kind of thing anything you wanna let us know here early on. We have macondo like to hold onto our secrets which it. Yeah so and often. Is balking going to be in the movie I feel it buck he's going to be in the movie. Bookie bookie is in the book on the right now yeah frozen. Is it which he's predicted Ted Williams. So Williams did just as head right this comes on off. Yes what we do we go opted there was both. You drop ten Williams's had. You're gonna get you're gonna get a letter about that now imagine. Well Hans solo C next film with wealth. The other favorite frozen down at a replica of he escaped. Oh yeah he got out there let's get to know. Murder on the orient express is out Ryan it was the number three movie at the box office this past weekend behind the war in daddy's home to. I was intrigued to see this I don't always go based on wrong to motto scores but it's got a 58%. And that audience scores 61%. So. And that would would Justice League coming out with Star Wars next month this 1 it's probably am gonna miss it in the theater of still somewhat intrigued we got a few listeners that that tweeted us and said. It's very average but it's not good or bad it's just it's a movie so. Think about for now that output out of every team the last of Johnny Depp public doe like a full blown movie star. The heat illegally and he wrote now because I feel like Noah the in his movies. He was just like a music video with Marilyn Manson recently words like very pornographic in Vegas it's I don't have very aggressive on that topic he's he's gone too far to like that of a weirdo Teva thing. Yeah right yeah I think he's done this last happened he needs to be out of the game for like in 69. Years. And then he gave the pop up and make Quinton Tarantino movie in that'll save his career. Or they are real just like Mel Gibson didn't show up amateur public and the company in a. Many of the day you'll play you'll played James Franco's dad in a future movie. And and it and indeed there you have it it. Role of the wolf certainly ensued it there's no doubt about that yet are we saw Saturday at live last week private Tiffany had a issue as the host she is the first black female standup comic. To ever host SNL in the 43 years. It has been on the air I watched I did watch it live I went back and watched argued Tuesday pick us up most of this of the skits there with Judd. She usually funny I I like her. People might know her from. Choosing Keon and no she played high sea and in the movie key on oil and she's written a few other things but are standup as are thing. I've got a pretty get out of his son in the. Not thought bubbles that are stand up and actually really good yet at I just by chance caught she did this special on showtime and as accurately funny. She's kind of like and I know they're friends of the kind of weird comparison but he's kind of like a female Kevin Hart. Yeah he's very like you know I got back kind of lake kinetics standup comedy that like people like you and means you very but she's very funny shows that Larry. Eight. Players that she did the there's a video game I think it's weeded out at dork podcast there's the video games segment on there are. Skit I guess and it was really get what you could at least go back and wants now. Lord of the Rings prequel series coming to Amazon and it might be multiple seasons this seems like a (%expletive) idea. Yeah I mean that there. I don't ever gonna try to do is big push with their with their streaming service and stuff but I don't know I other and sneaky peak like I haven't seen it show on Amazon that's any good. Now I'm out on the I mean Amazon's vice if you want you know go on there did you wanna buy something that I had a good value you know you go on Amazon they have they have. Really it's everything it's a one stop shopping I'm not there for my television but they're from my movies and not know thank you. Thank you and I'm a weather rings I've spent enough time low there in my lifetime. Gary hours I've watched Lord of the Rings the damn good mom all right we. All been there where we're all like 1520 hours in the into the thing and even playing like. Shallow water Orr spoke with Dallas owner I'm doing. I'm out on programs we a couple of release states round and you love release states. Wonder Woman tool. They've bumped that up a month it was gonna be out December of 2019. It does now and November 1 of 2009 team. Gotham by gas light the animated movie is gonna be out February 6 2008 team that just. Saudi got to think that that helps world story we talked about before us before on couple comic book and is trying to all go on to block sadly is not here real com open. Good doomsday clock I think we're all excited about this watchman that overlapping with the all these established DC characters like Superman Batman and the flash. This is going to be there's going to be pretty sweet. Every month for the next year. They're gonna be it would want issue's gonna come out of the twelve issue. I think they're calling Maxi series that the Wilpon on miniseries I believe well that's a real thing that of her go but the call in a Maxi series. So starting next week on November 22 the Wednesday. Doomsday clock issue number one will be released and then they'll be another one in December and then all the way through next year so. This is one where the tibia great collected edition and it's volume or worth owning their but I think I might keep up with the -- what month the month. I think might do in their way into the had to buy Attica Macs ago by the store yeah an exe bodies like every month. And all get spoiled to the LC LC on Twitter by what happened aboard arguably so also killed so also on the count the area set muzzled muzzled watchable. We give you guy's spoiler free reviews of that too is that if that interest you I don't know if it does. If it's it's good once the Maxi series is done maybe we do our our episode on it. I'll I like that very much. About Jason my mullah you're gonna see him as our command coming up he has been cast as the lead in the reboot for the crow. I'm Matt Ryan that you don't hate that I don't hate that he's big he's a big crow. Yeah he's eight Butte he has a good dude. And you go like he's gonna do you think going out wit or is married to Denise from the Cosby Show. Narrator is Mary there now she was with Lenny Kravitz for a long time. Yes it definitely grab it. Stepdaughter. Writes would you say it would let Lenny Kravitz Jason from all have like a similar vibe like she clearly has the a taste. There's like that would bohemian kind of crunch here at the like kind of like it because I think that a lot of here tonight either islander so you know him he. He can pull that off. Raise it to frak yeah I believe. Now ride this is a is we got a huge weekend coming up we have the jump movie and we have the publisher Netflix series are both out. There's been reviews already from both. Justice League mostly negative but that wasn't rockaholic that's in the way in the punish her and actually read mixed on the publisher. No spoilers obviously eerie thing here but some people say it's this the best one they've done others don't like get my guess is depending on how much violence he can handle. Right because it's gonna be veto most violent of all enough with spears appear OK without if you're okay with guns on screen and things like that you're probably gonna love the publisher. Yes and it hurt after a budget things like the first the first thing Everett and every review that Everett every early review. And a jumper and ball is like off that I like him and and they. A lot of people said you know the first time to punish is that on screen where it's actually doing it justice system and the source material justice nice and the only thing that I've heard that was negative was that the first couple episodes kind of drag. A little bit. That's classical Netflix though I mean whether it's the first through the middle to late. All these series there are thirteen episodes should be ten in so I'm not surprised but. Wolf shock and that what war in the doing that in two weeks so if people only Tom good to watch now on. And ask for Justice League might my goal here is just sport to be better than a that may be Superman suicide squad I set a very low bar it just needs to be better than most. Ari Gregory Leary premiere. Prix is still. You know. Either hand. All right morality. So the big artist is big news this weekend this week actually is that under the public games coming up first of all Styron. It's coming out bolt for a minute and a switch and BR. I have you're on the fence about VR I mean this this might be some debate will continue because armed with every game that you play in VR. You know I think I did. And service which is great portable you can take with you. So all the things right yup though the other the other big news is that Star Wars battlefront two is out its rights. Now. Check this. So there's already. People are bitching about that game because what Paulino all flash and no substance and they don't like the typical last battlefield game. Elicited this ship Didier pulled right up there. In order to unlock. Dark debater and a bunch of other bit of the other characters in the in the game you know you would have had to who have played this game for a minimum. Of forty hours a mindless. Oh well people repair facility you know he'd do it these hero fighting all over the last one like you would fight you would like. Pick up well power up and you return into it looks sour turn out to just do whatever it though. There are certain games are you like you can't play them because you don't have a heroes unlocked. So there's that so people on an uproar because either after you've played a game for forty hours or pay extra. Well my amount on the OK so you're still a lot of vehicles at the same thing and then GA it was totaled. They were so inundated with people canceling their pre orders they took the option to cancel the pre order off there website learning new let's call it. A way to get people working OK it's our. So good then they heard all the people relate all of this is (%expletive) like I you have to pay or have to play like forty hours and some would get it out. You can watch all the Star Wars movies. You can watch stores rebels you watch all the electric all the animated series and you still would only unlock three of characters all like god. So DA hears all this is like fight will reduce will reduce the time it takes for you to unlock these things. What Ted Richard who does my forehead. They reduced the the odd the points you get every game by 75%. So there will lower it will lower the time dependent world lower what it takes beetle like level up. But then they'll likely but where all the rewards you get for playing we're gonna lower those 75% would still take you to save a lot of time. That's garbage. A lot and are you get the skin. No actually not enough on the I refuse. To gives EA my money. Now basically complete scumbag organization now go on record saying. In addition to see what the sales and being M what what the feedback is everything else that's gonna wanna watch the yeah add that to the weekend to see it just the publisher and battlefield battlefront to well. They ought to be I think this is gonna flop in April mum about Oakmont today is a month from. The release of his Star Wars movie and I honestly believe that people it's gonna like boycott the. You let your own you know at the right there aren't any else. Are so you're the topic is sore. That of course the topic of the day and today it is Rhode Island comic con 2017. In the beautiful city of Providence. And it was a three day event Friday Saturday and Sunday this past weekend at the dump the dollar senators halls to convention senator one effect. Altered reality entertainment for hooking us up with the press passes. Did he could not go use busy having a fun weekend down south so uncle buck and myself were in attendance buck actually went Friday and Saturday. I just went down on Saturday and had a chance to meet a lot of great people were in Iowa. Relay those interviews on TU. But this is crazy like that Davey would you have been to the last three would meet northeast comic con comma con in Boston comma con. This on felt like out of its true or not Boston probably had more people but it felt like more people. Worry at this long what did Dong was slammed. Like yeah on the concourse it was like you could barely walk. The deep inside they were teams that play was basically just a roped off so people go wait in line and go. You know get autographs or pictures with celebrities then you go into the convention senator. The napping it's just hang out completely. Just like any other these ponds so. There I mean. Arnold they oversold tickets or what they did also I feel bad a lot of people I talked to waited in line outside for like over and power. And it's just whether they have their tickets or not they waited in line for so long because there's really one entrance set up. So if you I feel bad for those who let that waited in line Indians that whatever the money is on the tickets I sort of get Micah. Cheap kind of thing like ex couple line of my past I feel bad for everybody else. It depending on what you're looking for I think it was a good time I did get some feedback of people to spew my okay. The weight the weight how to really sours you you know you're you're you're all excited ago. And then you're just standing in the streets of Providence for an hour as the line slowly moves. Good news though Ryan they serve alcohol inside this time. Oh that's why so that's probably why yep boss remember them draw Boston straws blown down. As bigger cause financials as a more purity in town so that is why he said that. But this was a little bit different throws a lot of fun let's start you off here. I interviewed and a gentleman though the one of the first guys I saw. He was painted completely green he was wearing a green that I tight shirt that she showed off some muscles both real and fake. He had up pain it is based green hit the ponytail tied up yet purple pants on and he was drinking or did this so I said this is. This is probably a guy I should interview so here. Just delicate that the table first catalyst as I have not heard any of that in the this all of you you know. This talk to me though you're gonna get my initial reactions and questions and comments. Here we're gonna look just started off slowly here with the incredible first thoughts are what brought up to the continent. My daughter. So he was standing there next to. His daughter who was wearing sort of look at cookie monster type outfit. And it but she's probably like high school age is my guess. No notion that high school agers so and so he was very if you wanted to go so and so when he went. She wanted to get to experience if the president now so you're telling me this your first time Bernstein. And yet so the people can't see you you're dressed as the whole key of greens face being green arm pain. So this guy had never been to a column come before and was decked out fully in green which is pretty good commitment I would say. Yeah I would think you're gonna go to your first Connie like its full compliment I've been and believe things now that I still not comfortable enough to go in cost him that it not gonna go to first time to make your daughter happy news letter rep. I have good trees. I was Greg does the whole key of greens face being green arm pain. Is it fair to say you are green everywhere I might read anywhere so I get that'll protect that. We I was gonna take that further but again he's next to his daughter. So I didn't wanna go go there completely at that you can what's the best thing you've seen so far. That's just the Constance. Is incredible just incredible now you big fan of the hoax yes I am. Was this a lose lose your choice not your daughter's choice you just along the Hulk is my Jersey and response of the pregnant here and mark group hello and that is so it was kind of a home team today it's rethink it has been the best hole. Like I like the avengers Smart growth slowed latest. So here's something that's on Ryan and we know why. But my life. Hates. Mark Russell. Hates. Can't insist she says she can't stand them she doesn't think he should be in any movie and it's its it's seems irrational to me. Michael why don't you like image is because he's horrible lie Ada and Mike are a good that the guy that most people don't really have much of an opinion about it but maybe you'll like them. But nobody like hates that she hates Mark Russell. No but you don't do those women loved when you say there irrational. You love that she won't listen Google's front. And that's where where we can work world Goodyear oh start we've alienated our third our third and final keynote. That's correct she wrote she's that would do a couple of tweets though see that would a couple of females are tweeted today Alison podcasts. Nice to let it that's pretty good. Other got so called women are excited to quit literal desist Mallon is so two questions were yeah. George who do you think has been the best poll all time. Although not maybe. I mean that it. It's got to be Russell and keeping clip of for a no one public champion it was kind of cool and amend that might be thought a man I think. What I said. You said Russell. Yeah write about it periphery know like Alec deferred Alter that's when I started like you know it. Yeah I think I've and he was there he look at you a great used used jacked to the gills did that very Sany bastard to spill what I want don't get it Edward Norton and militants there were Norton. How can you I. I will go to my grave saying is that Eric bin and Lee Hulk is not a bad movie and I don't know if you're wrong but that's fine it's very it's not that will be think it's great. Okay it's a bad superhero movie but it not a good move. And restart I grew up with a and it's a bad superhero movie and it's not a bad movie you just like Ang Lee. Like Garrett in the third minute and and Jennifer Connelly thank you very much. Yeah you welcome Jennifer Connelly she is better than Liv Tyler is a better Battie. Yes he has my other question would be this so you have young daughters when they grow up and when they say if one of those like hey. Dad I wanna go to one of these comic cons. I know you say sure but and the like I also I'm gonna dress up I want you dress up but you do it. I would. I would only fighter to pick where just up as. Yeah I think of the case of this elements I think that's fair to you that both both you guys are in the running I would say for father of the year. In a lot of competition. But in the running analyst at least or oops. August I have try to figure what I would go out now. Now my head's spinning them like I'll what I would do. Below that is that that is a tough on. Russia. Or Shaq would be great I was asking I asked my wife that Duke's its own about comic con I'm like well what if what if we had a kid they wanted to go to dress up just like yes. She said she admit to go for the game of crohn's cute girls like science or something important for us it's aren't releasing. The Iraq Iran I'm I have not tonight we're going to our enemy know when that's the hope you're gonna as the high gas and saying just that we'll kind of reaction have you gotten walking around and how well it's incredible that that's the strangest everybody itself you know then it's great. It out as the hook like give us. Yes he does. Think that's obviously good news is that they get a little bit better maybe today yeah I had Mormon react to after that long wait outside a long way up their homes. Are probably an hour. Michael thanks so much for taking the time to appreciate your I think he. So they're young they are sitting out there for over now our electric politically caddie. That's OK and Lego that's what they wanted to do there are they go to could they go around comic con than they go to C Thor rag Iraq which we all those really do its though that does seem like a complete day. And OK that's right out of my daughter's favorite thing to do with the issue of an addicted to the movies in just three. So where are that Europe for a person with. At and and I think that she would want you to goes pickle wreck my gas. You. Actually look at a I'd the next it's sort of they too first moment it mainly one personally interview but there are couple. Identified or maybe uncle buck saudis these 21. Gentlemen looks like. Sort of dark favor without the Darth Vader mask and so I think we find out more is more bogus the board and any standing next it was very clearly a princess lay. So I I sort of ping pong asked both of them questions the most of them are directed towards the gentleman and. Lastly just an docks at Florida Doss and mr. Think you are playing Kansas landfill. Now let me ask you some video of any crazy snow serious. So I counseling and rarely get. Out here are going all out no way what do you hear deceit now what are you doing now along with the line I want. These are diehard Star Wars fans I want smoke theories. You gotta smoke theory. Yeah I I. I like the plague Islam but I'm not gonna I'm not married to. Yeah that I'd now on I think would be pretty good but this on atlas it would discuss this verse. This note. While. Plaza good ones are to put on the spot. I've heard. People stayed Mason Hindus he knows certainly dioxide. A mesa wind it. I don't know early to return it to Jack it's that did the exact it's a couple of pretty hard this with the laws these. Hindus or you know turn the dockside. That I think is really interest in theory. I'm not sure how true that could really be good down one. There's one lynching animals. I don't know I. Let's look at that site I put the microphone over by Hershey's out I'd I don't know it's not just that my husband wanted just like this that's my guess I don't think. She wasn't super its youth theorizing bulls going on with the snow Corwin. Now no fifth period not generate any of the books. No she's enough and on that fingerprint Atlanta though that you should not not fine what did you think of the last movie. I thought I was on my favorites yes we'll do the CGI live where you OK with. I was you know CNN I have been laying. Three after he'd pass play when I saw her come on the scene and I certainly it's a patent. Isolation more into it then and I thought. Right start to cry when she saw CGI Atlanta in the last. He generally within rove want it wasn't she wasn't in. Force awakened right. Right. All right on that last movie like a lot out of the last and I came out yet not the way my chronological order but of silent the last movie that came out and she was. She she cried a little bit but the coaches along the a lot of people that as well as emotional. And actually. Yeah to be tough. To think how low rent is gonna kill princess lay in the next room. I actually right. Or did they or say they're not gonna killer I forget there's been a couple reports out there. I don't know because he can keep up the CGI charade now I know she's still on Britney yeah. She felt this movie most of it most and we all know that she is very force sensitive so maybe we see aryan blue. At the end of the movie. We serum you know blue. You know like when and I'll and blew out like that their float ghosts. Yet within Hayden Christiansen dubbed into the the return of the jet I've. Some (%expletive) didn't care for that one bit now. What's your favorite of the entire Star Wars series. OG. There was empire. But then rue one just like when about the from the united at this level and it's going to be decisions you know it's a great fan so. Think it's. I feel like that's overstating think that's going to be some reasons to bias or a real one was good without an empire. You're you're goddamn mind that the media deck guide out of his mind. And I would say that that rogue one was a decent movie in what made it a good movie was the last five minutes. Yeah it all embassy and the other Vator scene the two best scenes were later. I like. So yeah but he's there he's excited about the funding bill picking up his own movie maybe. Oh he should definitely I mean absolutely I would see that yeah. I see it three times and oh yeah. Would you guys think of deep prequel series that came out late nineties early two thousands. Some what do you think they say about the prequel sooners. Adam that's that's that that's where I was kind of go while wanted to see what he's NASA. I would ask you can hit let it detonated a let it is right there you go buddy. Yeah I got a nice guy at all bash Star Wars the c'mon the prequel series that's low hanging fruit I know. Just ahead ticket. I was asked if and a bit. I don't know what people make such a big deal about it and you know. It's an exercise that degree actors go. Wrong wrong that's not I think correct that is improvement incorrect in you know movies that he's it. Hayden Christensen stinks. Any person that you agree actors these guys thought that George Lucas hit really rate. You know. But at that he writes he does have weird. Writing style. Right I think it makes it tough for some actors that the pull off like we're out there on all Harris in for but it gracious and certainly was. I was a fan of it I enjoyed all three movies Christian residents live. It's. A stand so. Good. How low profile with the new to me George Lucas is the god of these I was universal what he says goes you know. Look around and they're big fan of the Sith how do you feel about him. We go where do you think he thinks about Kai lo ran. You know wolf the beauty could be a very wishy washy accelerant. Are you real cool yeah hello is. Attempting throw these Levy in my opinion you know. I think you're ever gonna be worthy of the title. You know just in my opinion. Hates them it titled what dot. Dot. I. The title of the I don't want belted by opinion dobbs. There's like a yes this is this relentless and for the woo let's with a Ric Flair will hear the Benedict and the senate how do you feel about him. Whom tableau. Who blue moon. Is. That's yet to throw in the Levy in my opinion you know yeah. I think you're never gonna be worthy of the title. You know just in my opinion. What about your deal account around. We think she's gonna side. And look at a Clinton really well. I'll take that as the no Nutmeg. He fit that job you see if she gave me a match jobs you just stared at biker vote. And in that line but it just over a line Mike from playing. Yeah I think that it is you know she knows about my size you've never yeah yeah yeah your credit but appears to Mondello looks skywalker now there's some. Theories out there that may be even becomes a bad guy in the film that's coming out next month and keeping the chance and whit what how would you feel about it. We think. Ian on Luke Skywalker are turning to the dark side. Well he's. Now either at big dog though that no chance. Are actually out there to see that. I kind of feel like his character involved late in the first I was we knew little. He and they were screaming the whole kind of blows it could be teenage detective saying. Livelihoods he was more mature. Out of the cities dioxide was with him yeah I think it would really expand the universe out on the floor yeah. Now that they got you but he likes this guy's he's all about the dark sides I think if he can get. Luke Skywalker and aside I think he's he's on board for that. The Olympic I don't think that's correct I don't think so I think we're dealing with a new jet order but that's just mean that just by our take little okay. The great Jenna at the Allianz cleric. Shades of Greg's fifty shades of gray. The preview we saw this new creature that is gonna be in the upcoming movie called pork yeah the little guy that I'm talking about. That's got to split a lot of people some people love it some people hate it where do you stand. This is the question grind this is the money shot right here at the poured it is this guy role or a gore Conner or. He's he's I'll tell you why should be used totally pro port because the people like the prequel and he like charter being too gonna love the pork. All right we'll find out. You biggest he won at Fox News but yeah I quickly got the bad thing bad thing yeah. He walked pot to. Move fifth. You know he walked pot too so he's he is not a fan of the pork. Coveted as a bad thing that the victims he's been booted out of the out of order. Out on pork. Number skywalker being a bad guys yet he loved the prequel he loved the pre equals he hates Iowa ran that he wants looks down locker to change. He thought empire was the best followers believe that now he believes it's rogue one. Told him all over the map you discuss its top Israeli I agree with half of what he's saying I disagree with the that it's all. It's not like you are you decide I disagree you're I would vehemently disagree with the you know I don't like. Got all over the. It is is all of them out as you biggest diva Cox news with the quickly got the bad thing that millions of good stuff I would he has written on four. Parents are what are they waiting in line before they were upstairs the convention center there were different panels going on so wasn't like one the signing him but who is. I'll give you a hint it was a television show that was there any met people from the show I guess talking about it. Fire why. It's. Gotten. Gotham. Attracts a it's got it's. Ladylike the villains this year I think the villains have been really strong. Oh yes oh I want to be bedroom and is seriously and I big Joker fan and of the riddler and penguin. Just great all around so. Oh thanks so much talking and every chip thank you. They go. That fact. Motivated that it I don't know like Laver crack. But it was turbulence issue of a comic artist he'd cast of gossip. Yeah tough pretty Diego Britney did a sit right there. Pretty dale while there should look great by the way flickering so the Trish stratus to look at soon. Yellow must have a lot of wrestler lead interest rate next to each other. Christian from edging Cristian that walks right by me he was gonna go on like for breaker something to the in his own table but he walked right by not that big of a guy at all. Sting was there in full sting make up. Disparate. Parts of this next guy Ryan I'll. Strap. True treasures out now yeah she's great so this next guy uncle buck was in line earlier in the day. I forget who he was going to get an autograph from might have been. Drago I don't know who was here is in line and you know it's a long line understand their in this this kid. Was it ought to probably as Taiwanese he was there in line with the local balk if they struck up a conversation. And talk with think it will also be a pretty good guy for Kieft interview. So he told the guys that Kate. You know my in my buddy's got to podcast he's he's doing interviews who works for radio station he's in becoming here pretty soon. That yet that you loved interview in the dollars a gallon up salute to that these like. Boys are going to be here for a few hours but you know we would love to talk to Bristol around the Gaza blockages. If fall you around until he gets here and ad bucks buck goes all while she's given year your phone number and I'll I'll text you. And then so the kid leaves aren't aware when he's staying he's going all three days. He left and then blockage that plays that was our text mean what Adori coming out I'll come back. So block in the taxing this guy and he came back just for this interview so. Hopefully the boy hopefully it is worth the glitzy. First up what brought you out to the confidence. My love for everything he can't. There ago. Oh there's love for everything. Geek so severely strap it. Do you have a favorite type each sub genre. Aren't the pretty dramatic you're over the anime. Parent let's see what he says. Star Trek Star Wars Battlestar Galactica DC marvel Babylon five star has to want it all the. Well he kind of you kind of went. Bigger umbrella. Ran again through a wider net than just than just enemies there seek this electorate at any yankees do this to a Phillies baseball lingo like Israel today like Israel and Palestine. Let's let's or athlete he's he's all business by the way if you can't tell. By the for answers this gentleman is all. Business so I try to bring it down because this is the first step up any time somebody says they like Star Wars and Star Trek this is where my mind goes now. From my experience that good people have to choose Star Wars or Star Trek is that your experience or no you can love both. You have a favorite. No I love both equally. I think we're dealing with was going to be shorter answers to boost the stale. Yes yes. He's not dead he's not giving any good company. It is with. These are straightforward and mobile will try to will try to see if we get rid of problem did you need any celebrities are. I did MS Johnson breaks Lawrence finer Michael Dorn gates McFadden. The service David that you miss those. I don't know any of those two more. I don't know any of those people armor all it knows he's Spanish ship load of money just to shake the one. Yeah he had to he absolutely had to because. Uncle buck actually had a good idea we may have for the next Connell youthful play the game where. I'll name a celebrity at the celebrities in quotes more often than not not always a salute to people they're too. And then yet to guess how much they're charging for an autograph or for Dexter because it's fantastic game. It's a great game so we'll do that that will do that next next go around those box idea which is so Smart because. Now is staggering to see some of the prices of people or plan. So order status so it did to you dear listeners meat to get a picture with Dayton matter out so costly indicate Dustin from stranger things cost me. Forty dollars. Insane. And I thought below and that's on the low post let's continues. To get nervous at all meeting celebrities of course now I just keep calm and duties to be done. Pretty good advice. Dispute go look at business I don't think this guy that he out of the disguise any. Has any way of being they're showing emotion but that's just they. You feel like he's always columns are sent a billionaire he's become predominant rattle you know enough. Do you go in thinking like guard maybe two years rush and ask him here's my that he shouldn't say you don't want to offend anybody. I just think ahead of an ominous say plan an out and just hope for the best. Now you saw that goes for autographs and go for photos. Of what what do you do what you wanna see I just your photos online. You end up. He had a book get a scratch like one of like the old picture books. Yeah that's a that's a good idea what it's like that you have a film like that the clear plastic oh yeah like yeah absolutely. That's that's the stuff articles about myself on and they go on FaceBook Twitter and its programs you know. So it'll have its its 2017 united people are doing social media game. Yep that got them like he's got like some doll made out here somewhere. That's harsh you get a chance to meet a look at news has eyes so you don't you don't know that for sure war but I don't I don't I know. What kind of response you get when people see up there with a with some of these different people. Big compliment like on some political my god gonzo journalism like. Well. Guys that beer garden have a good time here. Have a good time. Not run that took about feeling. I'm not correct. T have a a great story they of an interaction with the with somebody did a good conversation had. I've actually had mainly just really casual conversation and everyone here around. I do around this one time over in these official starter event. Interior New Jersey 2007000. In the first row of seats Sprint Cup before the stage. And that's it accidentally started yawning write differently generators like I don't. That is the biggest hit on I have ever seen in my entire life finally got three hours of sleep and he's on. Ready to go on other moment really good Shatner right suddenly get all over the place too yes yes you us. Is who is the absolute. People give you a hard time after that. Ruined. What about. What about today any any conversations with the celebrities. I have trouble we'll win the division is now stand. The previous month that. Now you said defense a comic cons before but not an island comic con. Not what I don't comment on the previous to I went to war in Bangor Maine. They'll Bangor Maine comma con we might have to take another trip to Bangor Maine I think we're gonna absolutely have to Wear the carpool now that's about the height. Can I had to spend the night and a bit they keep this state yes. Opted out if or how are those pretty small but very fond Heidi huge compared to this one here this one is colossal prepared for a are coming off three days course. So. What do you plan on doing tomorrow that you weren't able to do today or yesterday. Have a conversation with the Batista they gave us the destroyer. Now he's the guy who did you followed as a wrestler. No I did not so you've only really seen him as drag city guardians that is correct and how did you think he's been great. I think he did a wonderful job do you think he can beat any other role he'd like a leading man and synagogue a romantic comedy. Though. What you did did he pick that Dave Batista. A cage racks to be in a romantic comedy. That you get David David it can do is there anything he wants. That is the really interesting question now we'll have to see what the director juices and feel that it you know go from there. Do you like romantic comedies at all and you look a lot of different genres. Yeah they helix romantic comedies. As long as they have looked really good sick twisted humor. What. Romantic comedy hit particular. Portfolio that is favorite ones is they were one. Emil one romantic comedy and it it would be viewed as long as it has sick and twisted humor. All right. Yeah you're the sick and twisted humor correct what's your favorite movie. That is an impossible question answered that I got so many of them just. And that is that's a loaded question but. You do any idea if you wanna go there but I question I don't blame that on an odd as far as CP at one gives you never know lake. With the guys is Felix ticket with global find out I ask mats that are going to. It's here if you wanted to explain to somebody do your sense of humor when your sick and twisted your words sense of humor. What movie war movies would you sort of say that's that's kind of what I like. Where it is ego here what's what movie. Would just describe his sick and twisted sense of humor. Well first I would like to point out but I like you had to qualify with your words not mine but instead it not me direct. It's a good horror movies like I evil dead is going to be like of them like you know dead alive personally. Last arsenal are off today. About playing at Santa. Did you see the sequels so he goes bad Santa Tomas which is actually is a great movie. It's actually really really movies of that but then this is that so my follow up is did you see the sequel and he says I did I was out. Hilarious. The only hole there is better in the first totally better first. So why wouldn't you said that one. Or would you batter Santa. Or whatever files currently yep that's what I don't know I don't know about I'm not I'm not gonna figure it out either. Class however I'm trying to figure out where to find the unrated version on iTunes. So are you up Saudi movies that is correct. Does that. It is that he putts we have all your move Wheeler Erica back catalog of movies on on iTunes and a wasserman your phone ever they had this small screen. No I want to moment long time. CNN new movies recently I recently saw the war three right arrives in theaters a couple of days ago budgeting. Brilliant absolutely brilliant. Best of DMZ you. Let's not get ahead of ourselves to be definitely bring them anymore. Would you insane. Over the most welcome I'm the best of the NC right now nothing at all time who are we didn't you agreed a movie that's as about yet. Right but pretty historic art as you move here now know he says he's not saying that use these that he was sound. A mock or commit to the actors don't forget infinity warrantless spying even out yet but it. Cars out of the ones that have been released. To this point has been seventeen MCU movies. Which one's your favorite. What's his favorite MCU movie. So. Avengers two intervals on. At. Terrible so it's a terrible choice do that will be sucked up that's not that's not that's too much. That movie is not great doubles is probably not a top ten. And CU. And if it is its tenth like so but that's is that is there. Do you think he's the best villain. One of the best. Lastly what's your favorite episode of Mac can do. Here ago. Questioner for me here we go is that the only guy I believe I asked this to. Salute the suit he says. Lastly what's your favorite episode of Mac can do the flight back and do. Everything that series. Dollars and pods very popular podcast that enough you heard no I haven't haven't listened to and have it. We'll they you very much welcome. So. What about backing group. Let this anger at the lot that aren't on this next guy. So there's one interview after this one that was remaining and a full disclosure is my favorite interview I yeah I try to save the best for last edits my absolute favorite interview. But at those two in the interview I was standing in front of somebody's table. Turns out it was an illustrator from like fifty years ago look at all the schooled dude. It has an interview in this lady you here in the year quietly in the back. Or. Demo. Of the. Oh Larry. And I'm like look around at the odds are really slowly move it up apocalyptic. Sect and there's like nobody over there. And we're standing of part of this table but we weren't taking up the entire table. But we're staying there to click in one of those rows that you go to jail at preschool Raymond out of events I finish the interview. Would this lovely lady. An Indian barker walking around her like you know. We should probably go talk to this guy. So we go to we go to talk to loan and then he starts talking a loss before I can even ask my bike and record it's off the air he's saying something about freedom of speech. So again this guy we treated at a picture of him. I think at one point he says he fought in World War II seek only imagine how old this gentleman must be and through talking about his freedom of speech. And down also I introduce them I'm a move clearly just reading from the big banner behind him that has his name on it. And of this is this is how that went. Come here with a Alan Gelman of course from the golden age of Marvel Comics. Album where you just tell us about your free speech. Well it's not been invited at a local club I don't want to talk comedy golden age of marvel. We're and they learn that I a mighty. Political views and they cancel me I am from World War II I know what's good for this country and what are your political views I am a strong men. They go right. Is when your guys is a trump guy. Stuck. Phyllis. Let's Leo Allan Melvin does and oh by the way I'm trying to like hold the microphone and problem and like you know like go back and forth and every time I put it near him. He takes it out of my hand and hold themselves. So sometimes my follow up question you might appeal to here because I have a hard time getting my voice back in their but it sounds like you're hearing from the church people. The oval with a careful there are. Our. And I say to you and to all of give the man a chance we have not. We cannot Venezuelan. So he's talking about strong fellow at. It did what they had noted we're etc. we heard about Venezuela and there's one big I swear to god is true we are not Venezuela. Give this in my head right now are we Venezuela now help. Now Helm or not. GO foot does nothing. Look at this the wild language in the they did say in a roundtable. Heidi about the veterans from World War II I know what this time period. You'd think betting on trump has made America great again. With the. I think we yelled over to an assay here. But I yet both absolutely. And if you define me enlighten ladies share a bullet though with. Please give them my cellular fold them. Oh there was a lady right next the moment she was wearing a Wonder Woman outfit. Q is younger than him but in the ballpark. Mediate. Tees which are very if the other governments. And keep this he works Amazon is something that I stick with the. He has done so much the bills who also ignorant. Zain what do you do. He's cleaning up gangs he's bringing jobs back it up employment heads up. Let's make America great again and god bless the USA I'm Donald Trump's. What about I know there was the promise of bottled wall you know by the Mexican border it has not been nominated yet you feel like that's gonna happen soon. But he that you says that that. Sorry bill but that is dedicated. But. The. Yes it will have been no demand we'll make it happen. I am not a Democrat and I am not a salaried public and I am an American. That's pretty catchy I don't I can't let it got a teacher that's snappy put that on the hoodie. Sorry I didn't know I didn't go into work. No don't our story about a thousand apps are now a search to apologize to me and buck because he sees that we have like a microphone at a press passes so are you issuing us away any bees like apologizing because he was doing that I don't don't don't don't worry about that the that we we try to continue. Askew I see there's a photo behind you and stand only so that you worked with Stanley before yes I was dead before he was editor. Are you living on the L. T think he gets maybe too much credit. So Hugh predates stand Lee at mark. Which is insanity. In so I asked them if he thinks that standards too much credit so we'll see you Haditha. Sam yeah well in on a hit this to be honest about well the thing is he has we had the charisma. To create. And yeah he's the only one that stands up out of the common stands out of the column for the sales. Staley for you know and I appreciate. What I have my fans to keep you warm. Brands makes it. Thank you so much rooster Derrick Caracter to drop that last question. Who is about this. About it we're tired. And nobody would desperate you adapted. Capped maverick. Question up in America. Makes sense why not why I got to give Joseph Simon thanks Jack curry credit. I have a book coming out cold timely confidential. Kind of movie coming out cold Seattle on Goldman's story. Look meridia neighborhood television set the. Well thread about what I did deliver a television set I love it if everybody has one television that Delhi auto around it yet we'll check it out the Al dominant story will it'll take you very much spears service in world producer and all that we did Benson beta because exhibits and having veterans they. Don't know there's a cup there's a couple more things and equipment thing about Captain America being turned to evil did you like that storyline. He Wilshire able and it's money into this money in the pockets of apologize he's Jewish. Well I. I don't listen there's a lot is it real time I heard it and I was good back a couple of times indeed and buck couldn't believe they were or were could believe army's old is old dude. But I think it's actually more innocent than you think that I was like oh my god like he's the old guys talking about it Jewish people not a food area of what we got to get out of here. But he don't think heat I and I could be wrong and I could just be defending him. I think. Captain America turning into. Let Hydro and Buick and not see I think he was saying like they just wanted to have a storyline I was gonna make money emitted even really care in like the guy doing its Jewish and even he was OK with having a would be. Haider or is that too much of mr. Apple. I don't know the way he says he needed. Julie said that other little venom. And there so bad. People should be able it's money you know if money in the pockets of apologized he's Jewish. It looked up I thank you very much there. God bless you guys. AS brought this forward. I would think it would open its case would be your your period it was even went with the Yiddish. Yeah should be able. Right exactly exactly that's gonna play out there are so this pod it's the podcast is running long for sure this. This is my favorite lady so this was the lady I interviewed right in front of Alan Bellman from the golden age of Marvel Comics. She was dressed up any red dress she was holding a stuffed animal CN snake she appeared to be one note writer from a beetlejuice. And so strap in for this Davey because this I don't know if it's better. Then our our buddy knows the cause plague in the sky where's the year with. You're your member Josh rather. Religion generally my name is Josh rapist. See you can't find a cause we're a nation. You remember him obviously I OK so let's see if this. This lady tin can compete here a year ago. The person walking me just tell let people know what you're dressed up. My name is Lydia and it's Imus founded nine demand standing next to me is the one I want. I'm answering yeah I love that man my name. Oh. We think we wouldn't go boy what do you say 0000. Okay. I didn't I love when these people decide to actually play the character and that is what she's doing she's not to the person and Costin she is a person who is up playing Libyan deets it's he is on board. Sooner red but in Jan. Now do you frequent a lot of comic con yes I do know where does Rhode Island stack up. On his one that I do like to come to every yeah. I'm pizza I've meet some ice clear it's not too hard to get around. Not my friends are here lots of great vendors lots of nice whoever is. It's a good time it's one of the ones that I like to go to what are you holding hands here I am holding ace Sam we're iron. The very convincing him it is I mean you know how he can sometimes I think you know five Emmys starts biting at people and everything. We can tell me. Your head dress here how did you put that together. Also by the way while doing the interview for a couple minutes there during the interview on hold the microphone out and she is literally with one ever hands holding onto my wrists. It though those greats is is very comfortable and so she's got a very great out costume on and so again asking now about the the head the address of the hat. Okay as far as that goes I do a lot of different things with my costumes I commission things like create things might modify things. OK so as far as this particular pet piece knowledge. Roddick who wanted to kind it is made buying a lady in England. Thank those flown specially to you Heidi has flown over here especially for me I had a cost them packed boxes made corny it isn't. God it is a real crow feathers is a real pro stall. Oh yeah she's rocking a close goal. This thing is poppy is a real life gross goal feathers. The whole the whole nine. He is totally in line with what Lydia when Dietz would do because in the low. There's a section where her father is looking at the birds in the as a crowd out there and he's fighting on some key area. So for a crowd it's very got it happily go over the top committee would do this and I'm Lydia so I'm Dillon net. He's into it you gotta gotta appreciate the passion Ryan you do it by it and you know you can't you can't teach passion now. He hasn't seen as a perspectives that's the shore this tremendous what about the dress looking over the drug. Okay the draft and this is why we Rhode Island is so important. Then last year Long Island when I was here I was doing Google you know she came up from dank Enron problem. It would it would depend what do you think of that ice so I had no idea what I was doing junior golf you know scene from dank Enron top. No clue what that was but I would love to so we looked without I did actually we played some of. Interview for key for madness the other day and we the a couple of guys look that up I think she's either anime or from a video games against Japanese like school girl type character. Charlie and a few days you don't see enough from dank Enron popped up I don't know I don't. Though. Yeah okay let's is that some sort keep doing ripped ever read up but it got. And my brand his daughter was doing inner used for college hall project she had to do about these kind of events. We saw the Eagles Jim thought crossed the sidewalk. He found out that we needed interview with him and I got a hold of him and found out that his 'cause then this he made his how to think she does feel. Reenacting. And live car I bought all the Havoc for this all the requirements and she may need this draft on my body. How does that work as an understanding them at them put a process is because you know she's got a measure used to take some mock ups of fat wreck. I'm paid to do a fitting. You figure out how much fabric is needed estimate it and I had a golf for three different getting us. Time and we got it in if you look at this baby you. Did it looks tremendous and Huckabee is not us on the movie okay that's how I'd go I bring I'm gonna do it all the way. Scioscia the business currency gave me in the literally on the card it says quote I bring it. Here it's certainly good sincerity it would give believe it good but again it. Big guy get this thing home and it basically from the movie and then like the fact that they had record and it idiotic can you believe it. I believe it I believe at your cap. (%expletive) she about two dollars a neutral of the neutral smelter notes that whoever brought it all the way now not to be crass but when she's measure you you have you must be standing there are not a whole lot of close where you re comfortable with that. The important question I felt like I'd wanna be crass I put as gently as late as I could write and lawsuits is that. Of course I mean I guess is professional season customer hits you cannot trust this person you do not go to this person. She's a professional. The civil war I mean Jersey is made dresses for many many many years. Unprofessional. And how wonderful woman. Now what you I know it's only one other out costs and use but what do you recycle the YC this again if I see we are you always constantly. Yeah I try to do something they did. But he cheer for something different okay so obviously there's not a years ago I as the would be good data yeah I was doing him hanging like that. Wow wow OK so she's got the V for vendetta logo on her shoulder. To hear tattooed on tour. Trying to get into statues specifically for the Oslo yeah wow now that's maybe the most commitment I've ever seen out you see my home my car. The Pope. She. Is based it has yes over the picture remember Karzai got about dynamite at Toyota now. Hi what about what's a little. The car okay my home my car I got professional hair brush John Dunne you're doing okay. And he he is the V for vendetta sample from the movie black negative and my blood is on fire. Wow you must get a lot of comments about yes I do I used to be like why do you look like yeah it can you see this picture. Do you see. So it's like flames at W Rendell logo on the hole put the car that it looks like it looks like it's on fire as one ordeal while that is incredible. Okay professional hair brushed up now will you ever get into any trouble with the police because of that and AC units in chief must be a bit of a drag racer maybe you know because I have to be behind them you do not see this and us I'm behind you it. Don't think funny behind the plate that's Smart. But could not against them but you know we almost took a little bit of a trip to social commentary that she's she steered it back. I regret that yeah we did that we we speak there made it. Disney is V for vendetta juicy pants that's you that's up from the moving know that is meet. That is incredible I had this custom made for me on my body from a different professional costs humor and it. Once again I had different parts made from different people I find. You can make me about. You can make me real daggers I have real daggers the plastic ones I can tomorrow. OK I didn't leave person that people have been absolutely I have won awards for my performance and I've won awards for performances in this dressed as well. I don't doubt that at all now view her vendetta beetlejuice those must be to your favorite movies you've got it I I'd be driven out of my favorite all time movie I'd love to pieces and beetlejuice I'd love to pieces as well. To my favorite movies I also I do other cost but like I said. I do the Greek goddess you took. Who is the muse music. OK so I go and I play my record. On and I what's sums it up on the recorder. I have a repertoire right now 68 songs. So everybody you can play for you to play all weekend and not repeat a song probably probably. Tonight I also played piano I play digital drums I can keep West African have a constant high viper took home I do ballroom dancing new name. I've been performing I'm not different ways since I was five years old I live for deaths. Feel like she could do everything I there's nothing that she can't do the fair deferred. A lot of stuff in there. There's a lot of stuff stuff guys seed this seed I'm just trying to absorb all of it apparently don't make it. It couldn't get a glider and not only are we silicon admitted years well that is incredible now the last thing is or give any future. Costume ideas are here you can about a few. Yeah I've got my newest slot I actually I do enjoy his well it's hot and taking impress that on my classic. The cons and I am working on the fifth I am going to do things the more you yeah. I'm ancient Egypt my house my precious dogs my car immediately and well what happens flash July gold plate is stop I'm gonna make several block collars. I can make a giant. Crowned the one that is in the in the museum over in Cairo on there and try to make a duplicate of that. I have a dress already I have scandal that I've been embellished with a semi precious stones. And I got to stick to us about this too much of the ancient rattle and judge you name it pick on it yeah I like that I bring it. You're gonna see me and you'll be like. She walked out half a page in history. Why it sounds like quite an endeavor but based cellular cost of guy that's confident that they don't call up our guys you know. I do this because I love it this is where my money guns okay. I you know I'm I don't this what I live for so when I tell you I've spent over 3000 dollars on this ma. That means I don't got to do is I don't have cable I don't do it as I three I dance I learned I teach myself they did is what my life. Kids because really powerful I think you very much just so much. Fearing name. We're back. I'm just I'm just blow it. No cable no doubt you'll note that that I yeah. See. In. The iPad real that's the plastic ones I can tomorrow brings it every time it. Bringing it I think we might have a new leader in the clubhouse Reich has before. I do I think it's safe to say that our guy our consulate guy took to cheat sheet I think anybody in our guys I think that's. That was our guys I think for a walk. No we live in Massachusetts and that's kind of up short in town. Probably the best interview we have done in the four cons we've now bent to it was caused play god yeah. To have problems. Just everything else but stay positive and stay strong. They live and local leader in the clubhouse or name is what he eats. What do you think he ridiculously deep. I think that he deal over I think they would the I would love to get them in a room together that's also well that's Michael but that they think the same exact thing we need a legitimate studio together and Mike have Mike talk about it. And you and I just sit back with a night a couple of cold ones you know and immediately just sedan was. This is this would literally be my goal would be to hear this condition Takahashi. I was doing you'll go you know Sheen off from dank Enron thought. That's my. That's my goal my prized than did those two together. In studio. We get we get you here we get buck here we we have have to Beers and we just we just talk about the history of the consulate. It is likely to capita baggage they can do that. So thank you very much everybody debt that we had a good we have enough some cards to maybe some new guys elicited this thank you so much there's a lot of fond. Think the Hulk think the Sith lord and lay up. The the other gentleman was all business Alan Bellman from the golden age of comics make sure you check your local listings for his movie. And art and related east's. How Bachmann were absolutely. Tremendous now quickly here Ryan we got a email from Joseph he was asking us to rate the cons. And I think it's one of those things where. It depends what you're looking for you know if you're super into the autographs or like the celebrities that are there at that's always gonna change so it depends on who's going. I would say that there are more. Comic book illustrator and things like that at Boston than there was in Rhode Island. I liked the setup of Boston had a little bit more that conventions that are could really hold it like you can get to an area where people or just like on top do you. So I might put Boston won it may be Rhode Island to comic con was fought abroad put up those three. And then northeast comic comic god bless them but I was literally any hollowed out Jessica. Well it ever think you'd like it ticketed event that we are looking for a like I if you go to people watch like north he's got a comic that's in the mix. You ballad like one that was ridiculous. The pointed out but I think like you said it in Boston Wednesday it easier and the whole package but often obviously New York it's at Diego doesn't always ago but. For our money like that you are driving distance of the coolest thing that CO. Boston the money and then I was siding go to Rhode Island so I'm look reported check that out next year. Cyclic comic on that. Second in the northeast Pollack on. And then maybe I'm thinking about maybe trying to see if we get the pax east is coming up in the spring I believe. Yes we get a good that's like I'm going to be electric indicated. You don't lose your mind there so that I do a lot of fun. Our I think that'll do is read it did on the the other pic of the pot. That the. You. Our Brian under the ticker received. Arts I will receive my pick of the podcast is I was doing junior golf you know Sheen off from dank Enron pop up. But bigger podcast is the Netflix series mine hunter. Finally watch my hunter people to weeded out me a bunch because they know that I've I I enjoy learning about serial killers that the thing at other people about we're automatic a lot of people like that. And mine hunter. Is critical to the FBI in the late seventies when Billick first learning about serial killer so. The serial killers that they talk about an interview on the show are real they get the TV show so secure the aren't the good actor playing the serial killer. But it that's all real the FBI agents are not entirely sure if they are real are the images were based off of but the the characters all checked out it was one season I think it's ten episodes on Netflix I highly recommend it what do you. Our ticket out there actually asked about that that some of it been like recommended for meet several times a Netflix and let you go yeah. But given ago. And as always throughout this month them and make it to the in my eight miked at the podcast obviously we're halfway through the month now mope member. My mustache is going strong guys out a picture and a link. On the few guys are into. Operating money tremendous help and there is demand helped. You know mental health and terms of your testicular prostate cancer all of those things obviously. Please do donated candidate not you know start your own page start your own team and raise awareness for the very worthy charity. Good stuff you can check out Davey at our Von. Gmail.com of course on iTunes where you can subscribe. Rate and review also represent dot com you can search to work we have AT shirt and a hoodie both available. A look at some other web sites to possibilities of a Macon some other stuff maybe some more. Comfortable T shirts but I think this watchers are good the teacher are bad I we would both have on there they're not that he can go there for all of that stuff. Next week Ryan will be justice league for good or for bad her breakdown Justice League next week. We're doing it right in the week after that will be the publisher of the full torque weekend ahead at what time to be a dork. So we'll talk to you thanks to listen to this and we'll talk to you next week breaking down the Justice League.