#DORK 41: Justice League

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, November 21st

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey review Justice League.  How does it compare to the other movies in the DCEU? Was it as bad as the critics are saying?  Where do they go from here?  Plus This Week in #DORK, Davey’s Video Game Minute and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to my hands it to the door to. Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that happens in my dorm blog cash. Thanks Richard under another episode hash tag to work my name is rich chief John once again by Ryan Davey Davey how were you. Do yeah Ryan I would like to say first of foremost happy Thanksgiving it. To everybody that you like this could be a good on your way to Thanksgiving kill some time listen to hash tag dork or letting go on the other on the flip side. If say I hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you're listening to us perhaps on the way home from Thanksgiving sooner than. Lot to move around this week. So yes we're obligated we get big body bigger audience this week. Now are you more they canned cranberry sauce guys or do you like to see the actual cranberries in this offs. Obsolete none of the about you are picky son of the charts and I know I'm not just don't care for the department. Are you a white meat or dark meat guy. I don't make this political but I remote area of more white meat and I was more flavor in the dark meat that to people tell me there's a lot more littler. Walt all I am all about the dark meat so that way we it would cover both bases here in the podcast. And that's why it works helix stuff than. But Brett. Do you like a threat but I don't think we should call that only gonna add that I do like an eggnog or you are you a Yale and eggnog. Yes they have as an after dinner. Kind of thing a duchess teeth. Did much of it digest pieces of the meal unto itself I think it kind of actually kind of blocks yup doesn't collect our best and Korea following its they have like the thickness of an eggnog but. The commitment with the booty milk chick. It is I like Hollywood booze or without food that's my that's my son even amid Avian and actual eggnog shake our role model thrown out. You now are I think we've done enough Thanksgiving tock let's get into the news of the week Shelley. But do. All right Ryan looks like we have the two rationed force Star Wars the last jet out which will be out next month. Apparently it's going to be two hours and thirty minutes that's the longest in the franchise how do you feel about that. That is eight bomb movie and outlook from looking for everything they've been showing us that looks like it's gonna have to be in a lot of questions about the Ellison the first question okay so I'll obviously obviously is that. You know we we have ray in the center of this controversy with the dark and the light does she go gray. I don't know next question now I bet I would say. She might I think Luke Skywalker definitely goes gray. He's something's up there probably in the movie posters they're put positioning him at a place where normally the Sith bar there's some good cook in there. There's something going on with them and I can't wait for my finger on it will stand with the pork. That's ever hear that we all want to know what's going out the pork. What this story what's his backs who will he get his own solo movie that those are my questions. Or a horse story war I'd watch the (%expletive) out of that it would do really report. Or type do you think now. Do you think the poor can fly. And do you think you can swim well. I think he's a swimmer is that you look he's cutting elect little penguins wings you know yeah they keep it up off the ground oppose a bird's eye swelled. But look at dollar Lotto enough it demand that he had little tiny going to be he got up there. Yeah a little ship wings but he could will hold it yeah yeah man. Anyway I'm what is the Obama I'm excited about the two hours and thirty minutes when the movie is really good is not bad once you get into the three hour territory that is good as the first Lord of the Rings is a war that's too much for me in the time I. I I start to get fidgety might share Ryan accurate three hours you don't. I I'm right now the the publishers currently streaming on the Netflix. I am I think as time of record at about five episodes in where were you that. I'm a little bit behind them and armed three so. Also are now bit of a week but you know we're we're there and you all look. Yet I would just just in terms of timing jobs alike but the Eagles double edged. I thought OK good our earnings are an errant I I would say right now and it goes a long way to go to the people listen this have seen it in its entirety already. I like hit I don't love it yet I'm hoping that it it kind of kicks up with a notch. Yeah as some interesting things to happen right now I was to get up only three episodes or so you know. A lot of the word that I feel like we're pushing the ball up the hill and it's just getting to the top. Yeah internally among them and he's and he then thirteen episodes so we got to get some time. Thirteen is a bit of us law against times and even in the other series that album really get our most have been really thirteen little much but. Nine. They kick the rate they kick the balls right off feel that I thought all you need they'd eight season Walden knighted she's two's great. Are so next week. So for those you're there watching the partial like us next week will be our episode on the publishers and try to finish up that you can buy and so you can enjoy the spoiler full. Portion of Bob the publisher. How this news Ryan what my gals. Lizzy Caplan one of my all time favorites you would no Lizzy Caplan from. I mean girls were she actually plays count the ugly girl even those sneaky she's the hottest girl out of all of whom would she thought. In that kind of make up she's also in the masters of sex and did you not watched she was in a season or two of Trueblood actually need to season one that. And you see her get big guys she's gorgeous she's always. Technique he could roll she was gonna show called party down which is on ours which is the public catering company yes yeah which is only area. Yes she's funny too like she's funny. And she's a very pretty lady she Aaliyah apparently is gonna join the gambit movie. As the female lead opposite Channing pago. I know you still believe this movie's gonna be made but if it is she's going to be in the. I'm convinced that this movie of the what business and our other big but it just they just keep it. Keep perpetuating the story there's only been in development for what like eight years it's. Then a YL but you know a lot a lot of good movies they kind of sit there. For her rate. Getting like eight years running so linger about right. So there due for a good DM movie but the cap with a grain. It's expected Netflix or for a second Dave Chappelle. Finally that he released to stand up specials they pay them I believe for three. And they Celek a little teaser for involved you know stranger things and eleven and he was an upper second but I guess on New Year's Eve. Dave Chappelle's next Netflix specialist in. Gonna draw as they say and I I'm a reporter there's a buzz at last to a pretty funny. They're great and merely kind of vintage Chappelle you know and what I like about this is he doing these so quickly but they're all different here. Yeah all right it would use the it's funny like I've seen like comedy specials. Like stay on Comedy Central and Mike. Two months later Auguste it's immediate lie and they're doing like most of the material it's ability. Yeah go out and it happened that I happen to be quite and I won't mention the comic by name. And they're pretty big games. One of the most guidance. I'll ride it for. Manuals marsh. Donna. And me I'm Jordan. They they've been like you take that material they use on comedy specials and recycled. All core ultimately that what they do is they find there their bests sixty demean our material. They've been fine tune it in and they they traveled around the world. Yet but it animated that pressure they should do you like finishing the joke for a vote count him. Do they get for this one. Yet whatever whoever Rami blasting a Mike at her best joke book. That's what the people that I so we'll get into it obviously come up here and in Justice League but. Like Superman shows up Internet to its clapping I'm like yeah you know he's into this like stop it though if the sanctions that. Also other news Ryan fantastic beasts who has the title it's going to be called fantastic beasts the crimes of grumble walled. Who of course is going to be played by our guy Johnny death. And plot depth will be portraying ugly in the wall despite we got we got a we mess and a direct message to our direct messages are open on the Twitter at or podcast. As we herbal thing last week out you know Johnny Depp carries to go way and that may be reinvent himself a little bit later on. And the guys like you know figured he's actually going to be the star of fantastic beats too. I'm like true but it doesn't mean he should go ways though. Even then make it a bad guy like Pete so it's. Yeah it's not the sort of a departure he's not the main guy rate the reasoning now go to any remains is the main guy and then he got elected. He but he is not doing like the cookie into Europe they keep it straight straight he'll in this. Is long as he can Wear some sort I make up that hill least you'll be comfortable they'll be able to go from there. Our local that he spoiler the beat ya nobody seems fantastic piece yet but how do you feel about like white contact one. I did see fantastic piece of shame a shame on you are cards that. White contact lenses. I feel like 1015 years ago work on a ground breaking ballots counting yesterday's papers. It. Put it quite what do you think of weight eye contact you. It is duplicate. It is just got to make up and of the choir members and having my idea how to act yet yet. I think that lead actually the alert not remind those really good at that it was. Because you know BB plus. Sure bet Palmer stones in the four and a half or half stones. Or alternate that I've got to I. I enjoy a it's good Harry Potter movies on and people like those in the Michael wanted but it I'm not like blown away like some heart. What about Harry too water. Gary Waters carried water the sorcerer's bone did you. What is these items in that I had I don't cook. At a favorites with Olivia. The vessel and I literally as you're watching. Mean my wife years our allies. Few years ago going through Netflix and were watching all the Harry potters. Good they're good and it's obviously there is here it's water the sorcerer's ball and they that I have. I I spent way to much time trying to come up with other titles for the otherwise about none of whom were good but I could cause let's. The public that the G isn't there of as you can see up at act out of ask a band is like now that's that. That's not a good club public. The deathly swallows. She's like stop that stop. And by the way lower on the subject you know JK JK Rowling yet classic may. Come on. God I don't doubt that she's obviously very intelligent. Yet all the spelled Latin and a few Uga there. At the fun back you can you can share your Thanksgiving dinner like I don't fire from the classics major on this very intellectual podcast that listen to. Who have who have absolutely true. Last at a news drive for you to your segment which you carry each and every week Incredibles two. Had a trailer this bad boy is going to be out June 15 2008 teens and next summer. Outing of the trailer and are you excited for Incredibles two. Be credible as Mike is my favorite Pixar. Oh really today that the and I was talking to that I know I have to obligatory in it is I was fighting it out of boundless and and we're both kind of shock at the amount of time it was between these two movies yet and everything I'm hearing is that this will be picked up eggs. Right where the last one left off. Look just kinda group which is kinda green in terms of animated movies because it's called state yet it's different point that boy Texas kids right. You know but that means you know the original cap is back and I'm told. That old Kirk aunt Catherine Keener are joining the cast I like both of them. Yeah integrate a little thing that school and Everett I'm really excited for this and I'm excited that my daughter my older daughter who's going to be just like. The right age to take this movie I'll yep absolutely yet she could be almost four but it that it should be like that's right we'll you know oh yeah. But it did he can you do little refresher you watch it at the in the first one at home to crawl excited should we root for on dash X that are we get used to. Okay. Even a man. Aaron blurted out the week. I think it in the spirit of Thanksgiving and people are gonna be on the move Richard what I thought I would do it that would give you to pick this week. For mobile gaming nice because people are on the road people are you know other than move it around. No I figured it would be appropriate indeed have you played well. For the first of which I know you played exactly Hewitt when he mentioned it to me and it finally spent like two hours playing it. Is these stranger things mobile game awesome game. Which is actually get them mixed between Mike and all they'll only game yes your member elect old goodies game. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah now had a put a little bit of mixed with those things could get that elbow looked into it but like you could use him like the teenage mutant ninja turtle thing we can use the different Erica with all the different characters do different things. Yeah yeah the app the Catholics which amount obese start opera's Popper and you just put people fate. You know on Saturday so it's Lucas has it's points a good school yet. Well I will tell you this right now it will eviscerate your battery no major you have some blockages if you're going to be on the road play in this one block or avoiding family members and so on and so forth this. So that's a great pick up in I believe it's free. It is or lose a lot yeah. It was tree so the other thing that's coming out or is out. It's a game if you haven't put the first one out they play the first one but Monument Valley to. Which was this game blew up. A couple of years ago. Because in this ideal touching now but in this second season of house of cards it was a big game that Kevin Spacey is playing on a side. Lose and believe me I don't I don't bit of a touchy subject now by us probably it's one of those games that they it's that greedy kind of like. Big elected MP Asher meaning you know him yesterday got a quick course in my prime prime borrowers are teacher of course like Valencia was right that's right although. So it speculated empty gesture drawing but made it like a double game. And that's kind of what Monument Valley and that it's it's pretty fun like you twist things around in the perspective changes. So. It's one of those games or you're playing it and if you saw the Hubble. You feel really Smart. Even though you know the game kind of helped shuttle this is what I did that sure you'd even like yes like I'm so Smart you know and I mean but. It's in the big games great only. Because the game played on it engaging but the music is actually really get to the sound is really did play with the headphone bond you know not bother him. Anybody and it's just too great way to ignore your family when they start asking about your light and and what you're gonna do with your life even if you don't. Have a concrete answer. In politics in my right. God I can avoid bad Jesus Christ that's going to be the go to that's the plan for for the upcoming weekend are at the good Davies video game and Ron are you ready now the topic usual hour. And I am what does that Richard while the topic of the day and today. It is Justice League the fifth film and the DC extended university clocks and it's two hours. It is currently receiving a 40%. On rotten to motto is that's the critics the audience giving it an 85%. Approval rating. So we begin non spoiler and then we'll get into spoilers if you haven't seen it. We will certainly alert you when it's time for spoilers but first things first Rhine not spoiler. Justice League. Did you like it. I don't know. So it's you that I have yet to prepare. Nobody breaks down movies that we do here at hash tag or it was that it do we not I don't ya think he. That's obligated here on Justice League and I say. Real quick when you look at the rob models. It makes all the sense in the world to meet because this was a movie where. If you were the fewer jobless your album movie critic and look at me like La La like I critique movies and I know what's good at like what's good art and what's bad art and so. You're probably always in this skew towards the side of no because again rotten tomatoes it's just yes or no until 40% of of people said yes 60% clearly said no it's as simple as that the thumbs up or thumbs down it's not infinity stones on a scale of ten. And so. I get why if your critic you might skew more towards no link if I'm gonna give godfathers yes I can't give Justice League yes. Where. Yet is it big quickly conversely if you're an audience member and you're going to be entertained you wanna go in there and enjoy the characters in Jordan story it's much easier to watch it and say yeah. I liked I didn't like that but like that. And that is where I think this classic argument comes in where people say like like I critical standpoint it has clear flaw. In terms of like this story in terms of the strip is clear flaws here and you could say like. Veto characters back doors are summed up in literally at that yes. The movie if you are very casual comic books and Percival. You should give it seems you're probably not you brought it out just bought accuse someone who knows these characters these are. Well established characters in jiggle it you know nothing about them. You're gonna think this movie's bad if you know which are watching. You're gonna take it. I just don't think there's two different arguments there's like did you like the movie and then there's also like did you like. The builds up to this movie or elected they prepare you enough for this movie or simply they did you have a good time. Did you like all the characters together and and was that was that good enough for you. And so wasn't the dork scale of a second but if you were rotten tomato critic and you have to just give it a yea or an eight. I'm I'm going yeah I hear what rodeo. He did tonight it didn't quite get asked that question because it depends on the what but what I'm thinking about when you ask me this questions I would. So I'd be rotten tomatoes is like 60% and up it's fresh right. The I don't know I think so. Yeah I'm like. I'm right on that line I'm like it at 55 to sixty can bring select term depends. Right now I would say that I'm talking about that guy it's worth a watch go to the it up with a caveat elected mr. comic books and it's not for. You know the casual like oh it is what it is here comic book cards that it is it is yet mr. background that they kind of gloss over that you should know. Another another way to do this would be the DC EU which has been beat up not just by house abide by a lot of people. You have made of steel Batman be Superman suicide squad in Wonder Woman. Where does this rank in out of the five. Yes I agree yeah I think. Wonder Woman still the best I think this is a clear cut second. Men of steel like he didn't I I'm not a fan but I understand that people like that one I just I've never like super medically. Loved that movie side of that. Laura my less than of people say a lot better than the other two I don't know the other two had more redeeming qualities just because that characters I liked more you know so. The first three are all kind of crap in my mind in their own way. And you could make an argument for all three of them to be. The worst want it bigger arc an argument for Alford did the the best out of that group but. Yeah I would say Justice League is a clear second so for me. If I'm doing the Yeager of the day Wonder Woman and Justice League get a yes in the other three would get it now and I probably agree oak right now except. What do you think. Embolden more of this in spoilers just kind of comparing it to the MCU a little bit. Buy dot. You mentioned how some of these characters they were at the Ehrlich a line in the house some of their back story I think also. They they took two hours. And they took six. Like Mitt like mega popular characters. And I try to throw what they try to show you a little bit of what they do. Rightly theirs they go about man seen their of the day awkward man seemed like. Right Digi. Did any of those characters jump out to you that you either a really liked or be really didn't like. Or what I really liked to in this idea that a hot take I would really like to buy board. Hot night with I was disappointed. At where they were going with his story and then cut its civil. Yeah they would never get eight they were just getting into some really interesting stuff. With the imminent father you know and then you'd never saw the father again in our about what Tom. And that that was. Disappointing but he was that character is going in the right direction. Right remember we're spoiler for. Yet as I hate what we're. I've met most spoiler the item on dissent. And then I was a little disappointed with the flash. That does not take away I thought it was like to flash a lot more than like the flash character and I like Ezra Miller that he's a really good actor and some of the stuff in the the trailers I thought came across better than the actual movie. Yet and I would say so this was just a rounded out this was a bit of a step forward for both bat man and Superman. I thought it characters yep and it's a huge step backwards for wonder what. Yet this kind of tough because she was so good in her own standalone movie in this was a what you will get into that. Fully and in debt and explain why in just a moment. A William Matt and that awkward man. But it wouldn't augment. Yeah I mean he just kind of like IE big Jason the law is one of the coolest people on earth. And I just it's sucks that he sees kind of wood as an actor united mean yeah. That's just whenever. Our guys so. That we'll get into this the villain and everything else more anonymous spoilers so also a reminder. There is a mid and and and credits scene not something they typically do in the DCU although they've done it before but not always. Effect at the staple in the MCU but stick around for both that I also say they're both worth. Sticking around for. And finally before we get in the sport there's Ryan the hash tag dorks score. Which I feel liquid every movie I probably give a score. And then like four months later or five months later I will take a whole stone away tonight I study recent Dubai as I do you have that but what. What would your score be easier to six. I do we I always forget that the that the we've done how many of these episodes and I always outdated every time we do this do we do have down. Yes there's ace segment of the audience that thinks that is a cop out but I say to you sir ma'am. To bet we are gonna we can't do half stones. I. Yeah. Yeah although it's your time. They already given before knowing that it'll probably come down later. Yeah I I'd be this it's that beat it's this beep beep. Although I'll tell alas the before get the spoilers. It bluntly based off of everything that was surrounding this movie followed by the late they're not releasing the rotten tomatoes score and then. You saw a bunch of headlines are like this is the worst movie ever how ever like the audience deserve better. This is like this movie was so badly it's it's not a suspect comic book movie but it legged it hurts move like that they've the headlines were ridiculous it's. Dead rock if not get that bad a night of tiger have you on. It's a fair warning is now tougher spoilers in Justice League first I think. The the obviously it may not be fair but there's so many comparisons between the DCU in the MC US so first thing first Bryant. The DM CU. Had five. Movies. Prior to the avengers and the vendors and justly if the same thing that they had five films prior they had Iron Man hall. Iron Man two. Four and Captain America so basically. It is though they took four solo characters. And then threw them into the avengers. And combine them with the Hawkeye and black widow to essentially round out here nick fury here in never really Hawkeye black widow did six avengers. Oracle already had a standalone movie in one of the more he had to. Stand alone movies of these characters are pretty well established. Also Hawkeye was in for black widow with an iron in to. So all these characters that already been introduced to you prior to the adventures. Different story in the DCU. You have a Superman movie you have essentially half a Superman half of Batman movie. You have suicide squad which doesn't help you at all and yet Wonder Woman. So. Like two and a half of the six characters that are a bit and there are. Therefore you're introducing it. The flash opera man and cyborg I know I understand they were all in that may be Superman now other icon and you saw them on the screen for like ten seconds that they're technically in the air. But don't you think that that's one of the big. Differences was like Justice League was almost rushed. A little like hey we always care if it writes all his characters you know we're doing a universe but let's get them let's introduce them even in this movie that's fine whereas the MCU even though those more we've all worked great. You at least get a sense of who these characters were before you put together. Yes and I get the sense that it's like this keeping up with the joneses thing like we're just trying to keep pace with marvel and worked wave of hot. Yeah you know I'd establishing you know what they what they've done but I like you said I think it was so. Smart and so clever to kind of believe it even your minor characters you wolf women in such a way where. You know these two's special agent of shield are a part of that. It nobody delegate they are kind of off to decide because there there. Like what it a bit more sense to do a flash. In an awkward man movie before. Justice League. Yep but at the same time like yours you're so far behind you that the economy that you have to that you have to put these people together now. Before elect Arnold is completely blows it out of the water that you have to get it in before. Infinity ward. Yeah. Yeah I that's the other thing and they kind of stole a little bit of infinity war like they see you we've already seen a alien attack the commanders want you at low key. And in we've seen obviously they've been in in space with the war with guardians of mapping but. With what you're gonna have on its way over the ventures band knows that whatever kind of crew he has. Like. Try to like destroy the earth like they just did that here width Steppenwolf. And the mother boxes in all of that stuff and like now that once your team up these guys. Now what the standalone movies are a lot more difficult because the crucible for like a bit largest call your body but if this is such a big deal for you like you have friends. But I got maybe you would have made more sense to. That's Dallas universal little bit more and then. You can have a whole flash story so you don't have the issue -- some of his dad stuff in Justice League you can Havel equipment story here on public figures Mira for a hot second and then and then leave her alone. Right but and I think testament to let you know I was talking to somebody about this you know there are things that the long line of like you know there's no promises here either you know like what it. What you did the document movie before Justice League in that slot. Maybe they don't wanna take that chance because every movie with the exception of one woman bit subjective they David animals and it. Right OC shooter shoot me shooter shoot and by the time they got around to making just asleep they waited a couple of years Ben Affleck would mean being now. How public all the got the of stories that keep popping up now but he's not being him in the next Batman like. Always everyone's breaking this story Richard had a buddy and everybody thinks that they have the upper hand here but hey like I said in a tweet a while ago. Peppered by government. Now we know you what I know who broke that (%expletive) we deal was accurate it would keep the third that's right by the suck on that outside yet. So everybody you're you're on notice also think Arnold came at our state raided that pages that's right. All of our all listeners are very well we're very loyal very well aware of love who had bad news at this point it be a huge upset if Ben Affleck ever was Batman again. What did you think of Babineaux in this movie. I thought it was pretty at one of it the bad Ben Affleck that and that means. With Davy the first team what you have been in this movie. Like that quintessential Batman and agree I thought it was so cool that they brought on Danielle meant to bring back the baton and beam awesome. And they brought dated at Superman theme the old government seem to. The it and it now that John Williams. How was today they actually use those in this movie a loss but the need to hear the original video and that can't be permeated imovie. And to see him swing it around aren't gargoyles in like being just being flawed that. That was pretty cool. Babbitt was due yellow the more about men and offered which is good to get Jim Gordon in this wants their play about one of our current. Yeah for a hot second shore but also there is a Tyler Batman mentions how he's been doing this for like twenty years. Which also makes man a steal the more annoying to me in my excellent but whatever. They didn't even Batman for twenty years. At one point he mentions windup. Exploding penguins which is great that that puts penguin. In this universe there's also a Janice building our if you noticed that once of the jazz building. I did any would get it was so dark in that seat of it was bright green. Right back at the electric Janice and for those wondering that is where black mask works. So they could introduce black masculine this whose it is a great bad guy. And then also on that and is talking to Wonder Woman. One of their scenes were there together and the outlook when cyborg was expiring on him. When they're down by the water he mentioned something about a doomsday clock. And I'll write. A little tip of the cap to doomsday clock which is out this week as yet it can't answer. Eight human human assumed that the doomsday clock as this news but yeah it says. Yeah every month. I thought he was done that once again even about me and he's Superman I like that Affleck as Batman and unfortunately. Ben Affleck doesn't like Ben Affleck as that man. One of the criticisms right that I read everywhere was that it looked like Ben Affleck is being held hostage while making this movie. Did you get to get that sense. Oh at times but it did there are you know what I was gonna say in this bid goes for every character in the movie so I'll say it now and I'll probably bring it up a couple more times. It was so clear to me and everybody watching meant. Where jobs sweetened stated with this whole thing. Like it was so clear to me like there was these. Ridiculous like melancholy. You know over dramatic beings that are social nighter. And then there was like didn't mean it kind of comes out of nowhere that's funny and has heart to it and you're like OK that's we'd. Other hearing it very clearly there's one scene of look at each character going through but that one scene when their. They're fighting him like that electorate to the thing and Wonder Woman falls. Have been like the flash please click on top of her for a second epidemic jobs offer like that they just need to make up them an oddity to give yes they need to give you like some kind of laugh here and there. In a one thing that I really like about this that animist Ben Affleck compare the way he played it with that like. You know. I think a lesser director and writer would have had bad and Mike at the forefront of this whole thing. But it was Smart of them that he didn't he was and thought he never really saw him fight possible. He never really saw him take on more than he can handle right I go to meet and it was just like art I mean to distract everybody you guys go to the real thing like. And then when you know Superman comes back and everyone's cheering in whatever. PX to get hurt. Yeah and maybe you can be like in the territories. It would not like this is now I'm not a went on I mean I recognize. It was a funny line is like some believed that yeah. Thought the definitely gently in the deck if he he flips it on obviously you know do you believe that the bat and a Superman in the in the last movie though the initial call back. How wonder woman in this one and you just mentioned earlier how. Kind of a step backwards for her it seems like. A lot of Steve Trevor mentions the bill really hung up on Steve Trevor who died. Sixty years ago seven years ago eight years what power with 81910. That's right wasn't or it was world and that's what he. It's a 10000 years a hundred (%expletive) years ago. If she's still she's like she won't even allow ourself to be a superhero. Right she's a doing all the stuff like that she's still superhero but she's not doing it to the public can see Ehrlich Superman just not a symbol for the for the conversations as of Batman. So for a hundred (%expletive) years she's hung up on this guy. It's a great story and understand. But then pat and basically lake. They have a one fight bat man's like hey you should you should be in this symbol. And then the next thing you know she is now. And that and that's why I was sole. Hit about this character because he's coming off a high. And not again we don't politicize this but like that this this podcast but like. All of these people in Hollywood at all these people are rooting for delta dot in this character to be like yes and date. You know you could see there was this which you know from the weakness matter where they kind of pushed Europe probably guard you're leading missed payments Superman not here. Like you have in now the whole point of persuade starting that's fight with her right but so that he would you know be and what pissed me off is if you're gonna have this. This character be a champion for women in you know you know equality and all of these things. Why is she hiding over guys for a hundred years. And why did she need the man explaining of Batman and why does she need him to say you should be a leader she should be don't want to be like milk bucket ambulance. She should be the leader and all slow and not that a Matt attic is gaga dot is that it is hot as the deaths as do would say Israeli hot. But did you notice more in this movie like they did a couple of additions were those like tight leather pants they had a couple of like camera shots there were literally just suits the grass. Yet a jail for sue wouldn't say it was the the way it was framed was that your eye was drawn like right. You couldn't go anywhere else again about Matt adamantly she's gorgeous but late again. If she's like this symbol and she should be the leader all the stuff that you kind of look narrative piece of meat I also noticed. Do you think that her costume was basically the same I feel a little bit more risque like I could seal like her underwear. Jail and the other thing too that people were really pissed about if you look at that and has been the amazonian the Amazon yeah. They like the people the ones who were like super like cross it ripped. Who were holding up the gate yet. Remember I've received some onset and on Twitter like they showed their costumes and is basically the bikini top applicants but a school girl skirt. Yeah and the like get cured if you're bad ass warrior the one thing you wanna do is not put. Armor Wear your vital organs are. I'd like would bring to your old script relate everything. Every vital organ in your body is exposed by good plan. The I don't know if you get to the costs and choices were a bit. The bit weird for the for the women I think. You have like they'd definitely kind of show me. The originally all the wanna woman out costumes are a bit revealing bide his I'd rather some different about the salon color. Again I like it but at the same time as I heard of this what you wanna be doing. Now and I think it was like you said it was that the downward. Angle though click right on the look at you know yet that we that we got a lot of so the next hour it was about it was enough that you and I both noticed that. A pocket yet assure everybody that is well the next one my biggest let down of the movie actually was the flash because I thought he was going to be. Really give a body is going to be phony like this actor I think that it has to millers get as they said. The flash character certainly not on my five favorites but I enjoy him I'd like to CW show like the idea of Barry Allan Wally west to every want to be this is Barry Allan. Visiting his dad so they're they're keeping that storyline he's in jail that they said he killed his mom. The debt to not kills mom as we all know so they sort of explain what happened there. I didn't like the special effects with the lightning bolts hit with him like that's a lately even the CW show. Has a better special effects for Barry running superfast. And I didn't think you is that funny they got it for me the lions and I thought one miners didn't. Land at all Tom I think you I don't know if he made me laugh the whole movie. There are some like you sit him like falling on you know Wonder Woman and I'm gonna jump off was I thought it was too much like thing. Yes that's sort of like that but they've made it look like slow because they relate to all the lightning and that he would like slow committee just like disappears didn't really. I don't like quicksilver in the X-Men movies what they did a better job that it cooler stuff with the you know this this was a let down for me. It was a little bit of a letdown delegate said jokes it was more corny and they they mention the fact they go out of their way to mention the fact that he's like this you know I'd genius. Right he never got that at all. No you didn't coup and in two things that really the kind of cute thing that could be up what they have vowed really cool so. Banks. Like what he does like you go to the following the eight Caledonia. I was gay doesn't always Dylan and yet he has a bad ass costumes that that's come aren't aren't the who's helping him make this Costa who got the unbelievable superhero costume. They also showed us in suicide squad. That he clocked. Thought I forget knows that maybe boomerang like you call one of those guys in January. A couple meringue and is like OK it's east of some but that he even admits in this is like jags come around and like push people aren't aren't noted doing. Yes and that's and I thought it was kind of cool that when he says you know what way do you know bad man. And as it goes save it one save one and I was going to be there what do would you McDaniel now they don't know what to do those club out of so the coolest scene with the slash. I thought is when they're all like trying to fight Superman. And he's like art almond like run around him Mike's surprise an eighty seat thanks Superman elect turn his head and out data you know what out of the blow (%expletive) Now IP address or doesn't like Superman I'm with the that might be the best seen as he's holding off three of the guys. And then he's like Moses I that was that was really cool like Superman actually we'll get to him but he was really goodness I'll give you a good. Ballot that ballot the best performance of Superman recent department that was about one I agree. And and I thought he was really good there was one part of it will get to that but. It'll look public Ezra Miller state went like he'd most of them like he's nude is priceless it's what you do obviously Buchan trips and. Trips and falls. But you know what good does it at the very least like setting up the the dad being in feel wrongfully accused. It sets up the potential of the flash point because. Once eagerly figures out its powers he he knows that he can go back. Change time save his mom. But then that's spin everything and Jeffrey dean Morgan who played Thomas Wayne in the flashbacks about maybe Superman could now be brought back as the new Batman yet so if they wanna do that they sort of laid the ground workforce here. And maybe the flashes followed somehow as a freak accident of opponent earned in the document patents that he's played by Billy Crudup. Anyway. My in my mind that explode that. I was an awkward man here where I feel like. We probably. Could've used some more underwater (%expletive) from him. Because he looks authentic they make him like really fast and there any an east wind around it is obviously very powerful but. I wanted to see more of that and I thought his slate. Comic cowboy ish character like the guy that's a good dude like drinking and and like scream and all the time is like Erica met opener but today they wanted to make him. They wanted to make him not super lame like some of the early opera man stuff but pitcher they broad amount may be too much. I think you know he's got that island survive which I really like yeah what does that mean if you followed Jason a law like any social media. He's the (%expletive) coolest guy in the world. Like he's he's very good to meet from the Cosby's show a bit like. Two K did you like rock climb the keys every bit. Bit and that's why I thought the political choice because he's every bit this character. Yet you don't mean like he's super involved in like environmental issues luckiest super involved with the islander people that you know. But in Hawaii make all that stuff which he's super into that stuff he's very outdoors the so like this and this makes perfect that's right but instead it was a little too bro for me you know I mean is that as well. And in legacy that I mean he you know it's called Drobo likely got a bad you don't you don't have to like to say that that things. Don't get is status is yet ammonia and beat him Mike standing next like Ben Affleck. Guide our right. Now and he school buddies goes like yeah. Man yeah we gave little let's roll out more US. Mira Siegel a lot of plays that I think you called this during the casting awhile ago but Mira who I think. Not now but eventually will be awkward man's wife played by amber heard. It's a lot of really good actors or even if you don't like the movie you'd at the very least realize that they cast solid. Actors and actresses. And then here comes amber heard in Mike a mermaid out that. Yet and see it again that was kind of leaked throwaway scene because yeah well yet they have stepped we'll get that mother box or whatever. But the scene with those two together where they're talking inches. Are there are some of that Latvia that you played you know like didn't even need. Like even called him a wanted nothing to do with that seems to be good Velika. That's. Unity I thought that would give them a lot of weight. It it's further the plot a little bit but other map like I thought she was kinda useless but any annual late Ian could have done Mets beat. The record. Didn't have to be married receive an air over the talent issue or she wore her in death are next up cyborg. So they give you his like whole back story his origin story knows data were and its star labs and he's kinda similar to the flash their ball. Like learning their powers that they're both very early on in the figured out how good they can be in this who has. A bit of a surprise I went in assuming he was gonna sock and be the worst lawn. But I actually his camera and intrigue I have my body was he was definitely better buys. And that's what I was talking about before it kind of alluded to in the non spoiler partly due how this battle between he's kind of pasted his father. Very you know he doesn't know. You know what what the hell happened to him he's still trying to figure it out and it is like this weird like Frankenstein. But. Going on right now are to be where he's he doesn't know what he's like a monster or man he doesn't know which part of him is doing the thinking and there's this constant back and forth. Between you know how much of him is still human. Right you know and edit the it's kind of like that Hoch aspect due to which that would. They digital Hulk like the other I hope you know it's like go down part of down this road like connect into the clintonian stuff like I might not come back. You know it's a bit it is internal struggle with him and what it said it men you know he's helping out as father and any you never see his father again like halfway through the movie. And they never kind of bring it up again but this day you know is going on with it. Right you know in which is Timmy was the most interesting. Character points in the move. A diet that as the yet know the idea they cyborg solo movie before this move us like no (%expletive) way but now like now all but it reporters here anyway but now right now I actually have some interest in it. And then the last that the Justice League members is Superman who I'm with you this is this is the best Superman we have seen. And the reason is a couple of things one they actually show off. His powers like he's really. Doing what he can do. Or here's a novel concept he saves people maybe mix and him saving the people and that again that old image kind of expert at action comics like dead perfect that's that's Superman like it. Yet. But there's that whole big climactic scene at the end Steppenwolf and then he stops but what he's doing it you like their civilian. And I don't very that it played but not as command. Don't like there there we go yet and so they doubt it fares this Superman if you are related ballot fifth. It's not like it rooting kinda like. Guy what snout up next Democrats to that yeah you so don't think those yet. In it was interesting the way they brought him back we're like every team member had to do something. Well yeah I would like to you know it was kind of like played a video game relative trying to figure out like what character goes what it's really aren't we need cyborg to do this when. We need plastic it is we need. Commander do built like put him in the lead until there was always like these. The first thing make edited together so that was kind of interesting little thing even if it was kind of on the nose. And also released mark by about vibe that apple are by Bruce Wayne to be in outsmarting everybody in my. So he knew that this could work but he also. The Lois Lane fallback plan like make sure she's there because like he may hate all Aussie we don't know what he's going to be but she can break the word. And that's bat and I think it gives jobs to Knoll five steps they had like. Biscuit AT&T could happen yet in out so that you know we're we get there at the cute with what was that woman did. Judith telecommute objectives of the. And we're. That man has based some of assault that man stopped GAO like everyone in the justice because he has those are the tower now. Yeah that was is a little bit of that so any city do you think like oh I need a big gun dvds gonna bring like that. Kryptonite grenade got to reckon they'll blow it shows. Doubled Lewis got him lane also Superman's mom real quick she could still get it I. Can't get with that built it. Stop. His arms for non built must move back in Nablus when bought the bank remember. Would I which boat off the many big days like this light moment between the two of the Marines like to thank you so much Purdue and at lake how did you get the type that wants. Bought the bank you click the bank. Is that the united yet out of a big ideas that I. Attempted doing that what you think of Steppenwolf. Because here to me was another big let down in the movie the CGI kind of sucked and it was a guy. They eat it I'm not very familiar with step rule and I read his body comics is like Amazon and I think in the comics he's actually dark sides on goal they don't really get into it at all here but he's basically just the stooge for dark side. So you your you know that he's not even the best villain but he's also not interesting. Like some of these other DC villains like I don't know he was just. He was whatever like he serve the purpose because. Are clearly one member of the Justice League couldn't handle him so that's why he would do it but also I wasn't really invested in him at all. Well you know it really ego really killed it you know not want. You know he didn't do or to be wild he didn't say magic carpet ride these all that's a long one right. You know. We don't play like I let minuteman. He Richard what are listed Steppenwolf with a banned from the seventies there and it's. They're from Toronto blah and date yep and they they did two would do it a big hit where uncle magic carpet ride love that and it. Are called up born to be wild. Which which it was on the charts for sometime so called great track so that yeah I'm making a reference to the seventies rock band Steppenwolf and not be lame. TGI bad guys from just. Kind of a dump. Dumb guy I did like they're one of the battles there are showing the Amazon's the Atlanta unions and how about some green lanterns in the act are green and son that green the only entry in the still can't beat Nichols and his buddy going to create interest at that greatly entry. Did you like the big fight scenes like doubt on orbit the final showdown that. Those good. I felt very Lord of the Rings when they did that you know it was a lot of oh. There's a lot of PDI and I have to call them out for this because I thought listening to the back and do podcasts today on this and in because it's Tuesday that two data. It is a Tuesday when I like to do with I don't listen to bears and if we're doing the same topic which is off I don't listen till after the I don't wanna I don't wanna. You know accidentally steel and this year at war. Or anything like that but you listen to it today when it was this. There are like our whole light the light of the call on the lightning guy must've been should bam does that take that. That's like no you dummies that soups from Greek mythology. Is Zeus and Ares revolt the matter. Duke and Ares and there was an Apollo you know it was an air. Female lawyer ought seemingly female pol who has low. I'll tell. Yes he did have very feminine qualities in because he's very pretty man in the ivory. So a lot of cart has brought to you the classics major a lot of guy on guy sex in the in the Greeks. There are some there are some stories often do is turning into an eagle on you know rate being like a little boy lately all lies. It's real weird yet. Yeah used he was the Kevin space the the Greeks in a weird it was called it now. It was nice to provide that context a little bit because they elect Steppenwolf in the deep in the DC universe like comic universe of like not that big of. That's on sale in I didn't let but I but obviously he's planted the seeds for dark side who is the magaw. Villain in in DC but I did like. I did like the green lantern to just having them and also just senate you know let you know that the they exist there are green lanterns now at the end of the movie. Bruce Wayne is talent Alfred. You know he's walking into the old. Wayne manor. Which looks like (%expletive) right now they're gonna clean that up. He's like hey we need we needed big table and here he's talking to Wonder Woman is it would six chairs and then she's like with room for more. So I ask you Ryan I think we can assume green lantern that they've I think it or announce the green lantern movie and we can assume. Should Sam and I Zachary Levi who's going to be out there. Step they're probably gonna be in it. But regardless of what they've announced what they haven't. You need three others that you would like to see joined the Justice League. Martian and honor I agree. Talk spam look at girl a cracked. Justice League members and I know but I understand that's OK and then so hawk men's soccer ball a martian man out there. I don't know you have one you'd. With the yeah we have to guess we would I don't know how many do we need. While we don't need anymore they already have six that's gotta be eight with green lantern teaches them. Marcia manhunt ever be sick Denny Green arrow to be another guy. Rubber man maybe put no elongated man now. Now he wanted me back classic and what about. They'll black you very angrily to be fine have them as a couple or what. Tell me what Robin is available as it is our night weighing in this universe is there a Red Robin is a red hood would we deal with here easily pick him. Dick Grayson nightly oh out of my Grayson ya yeah nightly give me night. A three. Our Iraq let's just so the mid credits scene. Well anything else for it to make president currents. Again I mean I just I didn't write epic quote to circle mold that animal thing it was it was lean to me what I hate. In particular figure what we were talking about before I was must commit suicide squad rehab like these. These characters who are just trying to dominate the world for like seemingly no reason yeah it's kind of land. Click here and I get the idea that the mother boxes to get it's kind of like the Infiniti stone would be eternally combine these things there's one agrees there's a lot of similarities that is a lot of there. But like that not once did anybody be like all Steppenwolf like coming to take over the world heroic life. And meg quietly doing and tell us ever answered them or neighbor even putters like what's the point. Destroyed justices try and I guess sort of make new make it and make it and you know again they can give it a throwaway line in there somewhere but it's not it's not enough that a moderate like. Making it in it like it's making it is playing its image would like that planet that sucks it's Paula to death and destruction Zoellick. Why would why do that at all the prepping at the end what they like defeated militarily like weird. Flowers started blooming. I don't know but the weapon that was that. Yeah and duplicate look at the reply I think elect you know these could be poisonous people don't talk and tell you people all the time. Right that these things out there like it and it is. Scary battle it B yeah this world. Purported enemy credit you know what you do it that way and you know Barry Allen Pinkett helping like these people push in the truck and it looks to his right to me he's Superman. Going to name speed caring bucked him apartment building. Yeah I thought that was pretty good. So that was really bows guess that was great CC two minutes of the mid credits scene is flash first Superman is actually cover I think they did it was super girl as well off flashed super wrote today in the CW universe but it that you operate which comic it is by at flash first Superman in the race to see who really is the fastest man alive. And in this movie and it in this universe right now clearly it's Superman. You think about the flash had a head start on him and then still Superman caught up to moment was like I'd I would them. But but I'm convinced if the flash. Figures issued out the Mike knows just how. His powers really work the flash should be faster than super. Well I have I'm gonna go the other way Richard I'm David Superman will always be faster and I can tell you why. Might have a legitimate reason for that. Kind of listen. Hypocrisy. Really a little more. By the flash has to go over mountains and through like under over things. Yeah and maybe just slide straight line. But he's so goddamn fast I feel like it doesn't matter. Ball doubted he could duplicate. Fraction factor that's gonna blown doubtful that. About the city thrillers I don't think on the Superman's messed around the speed force. Nobody is also you know he he we're talking head went until went here. I think it's still watch. But it could physically. So if they were on a football field running a hundred yards you said the flat for. But if they were running across America you say Superman and win yet but what do Superman. What if what if you made him abroad he couldn't. Debate Superman want if you made to me at run flash went aka. Yeah I mean I got I got him. I know what what do we say Heidi get it it's a short distance as the crow flies in a Superman it as the crow didn't have to worry about. You know going around things are avoiding that. The flash is so fast that he can run over water like he can run up a building like it almost doesn't matter program. But abstain abstain be different that different surfaces are gonna act back on him differently so water he's gonna run slower on water. Well that doesn't have beat back at the ground yet now I will say that do before I forget. The way the the flash ram in slow motion is the least athletic looking thing I've ever seen in my life not great well. Whose arms swing does that when they run they go like a ground as they erotic who does that. But that's the thing is he's not athletic he just happens to have that ability. It looks like he's he's like you know you broke frisbee like over like like your palm down. Yes you know I really keep digging Kelly brook side ambiguous what he's doing that within arm's. And I mean admittedly it's a weird look there's yeah there's no doubt. Very strange wrestling you can eat it you know conserve a little bit of movement there go. Now the end credits scene. Good news bad news here in the end credits god I need you out man. So Lex Luthor has escaped the president which he was and he is now aboard a yacht where he meets death stroke. And play by Joseph mega Melo we knew that this human case this also throws a lot things. Out of whack or in a whack or every wanna say because. Member when Matt Reeves of saying that other Batman might not be in the DC universe they already cast. Death stroke. And he's gonna be the bad guy in the bat man. And now by bringing him in the Justice League it is very clear that death stroke is we've in the DC EU you can't give me any these. Oh thicket else l.s world story the key is. Now squarely. In this universe CK Keegan apple shipped. The the next Batman movies just like a side story. Lex live there is still played by Jesse Eisenberg he has no hair. Aka the death stroke looks great. And then he says. Maybe it's time I think Superman's alive maybe it's time we build our own lead. Which getting a couple of things they're there was the in Justice League there's also a legion of doom. And then teaming up castle Lex Luthor and death stroke. I would assume blackout dome is gonna play about the rock. There are rumors that he may be in suicide squad to a site black data would be involved and we Oreo there's the Joker are Harley Quinn or in this universe that maybe they can be in the mix. I guess as well what do you think an interest in. I thought amid democratic team stole the show I thought that was really good and again it showed some. It was totally Wheaton so you'd know it was just light it was kind of fun and you know one I'd definitely like let that they're being Michael what you want. You are coming who wins the united mean and I thought it was spotty reflect. In a super it was joking around the flash trees like all right if you lose you're out you're out he's. Click the lack of like are right if I win I get to tell everybody music fine. You know and I thought that was that was kind of cheeky kind of fun and I'd dying to know and because this will put this. Debate it and correct that there are threats for awhile the and like you said amid out so side saw this as soon as you saw the boat in east solid distorts. Is awesome are you and then I got up there it ended right there but they carry they carry it forward and Eagles team. Yes and then you see dad smug prick it on the boat got the and it. He's the worst. Piece so that he is such a bad actor or at least a bad actor for this you know it was good to have things that he just slice socks is Lex Luthor aren't so bad yeah. And there was rumors stupid arrogant like he was out and that someone like Denzel Washington was going to be Lex Luthor for awhile. Great boy got it. There are there was going to be he was actually Lex Luthor sign and there are no I do open it looks like there they're all when this guy being. They're Aaland and he's bald now sees that the Lex Luther look he's got Alex. Now Alex Luther junior the other houses. Again these people elect with their story we're stuck with this guy but it go to Joseph mangan L lake. Because I remember reading the menus really bombed out equity hurt like the Ben Affleck is like eating Mel yes. But he did know whether or not explain death stroke sides could defeated you know. But that they'd tell accumulate there's no promises here that were the big epic problems like though none of that happened. Bought that and the beauty of it is you could flashpoint this year and none of that means anything. Right you do that if it. That the DC EU has some release dates all says so next year 2008 team. December. Of 2018 is awkward man. They and April of nineteen nations AM. November of nineteen is Wonder Woman to. April of when he. It which were is ridiculous for him kind of far out here this cyborg. And then July of 2001 me. Is the green lantern corps. Movies now there are others that they could spring an earlier I think the other rumored movies are bat girl. The bat man blacked out on the flash points Justice League Dark Knight weighing it suicide squad to. Dead shot death stroke Harley Quinn and Joker in Justice League to. They want and don't want there was Scotland city sirens was rumored oh yeah I guess you're right I add balance due in copper systems all those. Who. You don't let it and it's it's just what it's just it's just slot that if you could only see one of those which won't would have been. Honestly just asleep dark if if they get the right director in the right cast I will seek justice we dark I think that the normal tomorrow. It goes you have a book or doing that how old he got an up buck a minute now I doubt that would be so good. But it they have like swapping elected good Constantin not a calories I don't like they've talked a little bit more than that but like in any mixed in a bad man in there. Yeah I think that would be pretty good movie. I'm with you I would I would go along to see Justice League dark so that's the state of the IDC EU let us know what you think. Outdoor podcast on the Twitter or podcast at gmail.com. On the emails David gives a three and a half I give it to four. As of now that that could change it's not as bad as the reviews are saying but it's certainly. Not the best Koppel movie of the year. Elevated activity last night and I want to say it again because the best way I can describe it to anybody listening. So say I don't like onions on my cheeseburgers but don't the right but. So this power I would sum up this movie. Pick yourself that at a eight big favorite restaurant like chili's. In his state of the person that's government favorite restaurant that those. At that as a free plug though for utilities. Yet. You say are out like this this bird elect no onions and elect okay. And then Blake. They bring the burger to you if it has onion bonnet in it like. Like he just he kind of bitter that they put the onions on a petite anyway that's not bad Oz doesn't like. That is what is it that feeling you get when you look at it you realize they're like onion nodding like is that going to be pretty good bill like it's not great. Yeah it's now exactly what order and battle that kinda stuff that we get paid big bucks for it that tepid review of like it's not terrible. Now is great when I asked earlier who like the movies that he didn't know that's the stuff. That it. You glad that we use its oddities you text me in my view. Need jerk reaction would you pick in your like I don't know. I guy I got a big about it I think about it L Michael Alec you usually like spotlight their knee jerk reaction your gut reaction usually about 1000 Padilla's I don't ballot Mike Scioscia though I go to Vietnam like so they are likely to the theater economic staring electric steering wheel like what the Al. Yeah I felt like. I don't know part of that that I I have to like spin wicca. And Scott should glass an incident like this less high back leather chair lifts. The death. But outside the one I 24 hours removed a Mike you know what it's fine. They laws it's it's fine and was not sure terrible you know. Suicide squad Batman or Superman would just like dumps like it is better than that it's not as good as Wonder Woman right and hit a little bit better than that and Lisa. The yet there they go there's our reviews. Of Justice League pick of the. It's. Pick in the pod cast Tom Bryant kicker receive. I will receive this week are. So I take a boost period which I am an episode and I know our mom to pull it all on the punish her right now trying to get through that. But what just came out actually today. I believe our who is runaways marbles runaways who which if you don't know the story of this stated sixteens. Find out that their parents are all marble. Villain. And maybe eight don't like that it may band together in May run away and form their own group. So I watched the first. First episode of it and it's actually pretty watchable it's not that. Is this this thing is sunspot one of the characters are now I felt it the day SI. New. Now. But yet homage that now living on the Ronald raises when you're going on that. My pick is you may see Hillary tweeted out at the our podcasts or maybe checked it out on our YouTube. Which just YouTube dot com slash dork podcast a listener of the show Al Nichols who has is owned YouTube channel Al Nichols films. Thirty the other little promo for us so it is dvd and I as Legos. With some special appearances by a dork culture. Characters from movie and TV and video games all that stuff so. If you haven't seen it yet head over to our YouTube channel give battle Watson now let us know what you think Eddie can operate. Ed what you should be pursued Al bomb you know people who do YouTube stuff would they leave their money is made on light and subscribe and any comments so if you go on out all else paged to watch this video. Believe like you subscribe in comment on it and uploaded so make sure you give a model you can get actually. I don't know why he's been so nice to us with this but you get a hold a job that got them though so thank you very much for that. Obsolete next week on hash tag dork it'll be the upon a share thirteen episodes from net flexible. Tight out stacks up to the other Netflix series and where they will potentially go. From there of course. What did I am three episodes in and it's already better than I interest. Oh my god it's for sure but I guess there's no doubt it is better. That iron fist you can pause subscriber rate and review on the ice too that's very much appreciated. Our other places where podcasts are available to beat tell friends that be great there on iTunes that's fine wrong Google play. Once stitcher WEEI dot com you can check us out on there as well that's in the Twitter app to work podcast YouTube. Dot com slash book podcast represent dot com you can buy a T shirt or OT and did you work in the people find you. At our Avandia on any social media my plan on hopefully do a little bit of twitch and nice so what's a little bit after that maybe some enabled it was Sunday night which of you know maybe you'll worms battle legal world is over watch again. In an annual dues like that. I love it a lot of soul once again have a great Thanksgiving or listens after the fact. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving covered covered our bases there at the podcast you can listen to it at your leisure. So we'll talk TU. Next week Karen ashtanga or.